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Time shares fate with us/ the realities of how we shape the future, by the decisions we make; and the consequences they create.

By determining the truth of our own decisions, we can create a clear view of what the future will become: if we do not lie, cheat, or betray ourselves by refusing to accept every truth has its own consequence. Every discipline shapes the response. And without order there is only chaos. Therefore the balance of what we need to sustain our lives/ versus the realities of what must die, in order to let life survive as the majority, which can. Is a constant of global justice/ or war.

The puke and vomit of “university knows”; is a tragedy in nearly every conception, and must be reviewed in every scenario, to determine what must be changed in order for life to survive, while nature and the environment are allowed to heal. Because the parasitic infection of “the university is god/ never question this”/ is a global pandemic: that guides you into HELL. Since reality knows: NONE of us desire that to happen; it is virtually impossible to accept anything a university diploma says. ONLY the evidence matters, ONLY the decisions that are based upon truth (NOT university assumptions, fantasies, delusions, theories, or imagination), ONLY, the distinct constructions that will survive, “this life with time, by humanity”/ NOT the assertions of “how great it would be if we could be this or that”. You are not “this or that”/ you are only what you are; and if change actually occurs with value; over the decades or centuries to come, perhaps things can change and shape a new future for life on earth. That however, in this day: is an impossible request.

So the first thing we learn is: that with so many billion people on earth, our options are limited and few. Your only other choice is male: WE CAN WAR/ I HAVE A GUN! So, take a good look at Syria, and more; revive the realities of both world wars/ and UNDERSTAND, not only will EVERYTHING be destroyed, with NO resources to rebuild. BUT YOU WILL USE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, and end all life on earth; if a tiny handful of people decide to do it/ and they will. It is guaranteed.

Therefore our first element of society rebuilt: is to remove all weapons of mass destruction; by creating world law/ governed by world courts over leaders/ enforced by world policing by “the best of the best, from every nation contributing”; for a very specific amount of time. SO THAT NONE, can use this force as power over the world. LAW, is like a child: it begins with what does life need/ it survives by cherishing the potential of what that child can become/ and it grows, as we learn to achieve the disciplines, order, and boundaries that will become an asset to every life, and every living thing; as we test our own resolve to survive the cost of what has already been done. LAW ONCE DONE CORRECTLY, does not need to be redone; it is finished: a 5,000 plus, lesson: provided by the ten commandments, which are still understood in this day. Therefore: SHORT, TO REMEMBER; AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, SO AS NOT TO BE MISINTERPRETED; AND DEALING ONLY WITH WHAT IS TRULY NECESSARY, FOR US ALL TO DECIDE.

World law governs leaders, and protects the environment for our future by all nations. World courts bring leaders to justice, and determines if this leader must be removed/ punished/ or allowed to return with changes in place. To achieve that fact; military might, AND ITS WEAPONS:l shall be reduced to a level that is consistent with reality: and world policing shall include the necessary support, to insure critical stability. The enforcement of law on leaders, requires: those who break our law as a world; SHALL be brought into court. Simple solutions will be known: break that law, and this is what you get. More complex solutions, for less drastic actions or reactions; will be moderated according to the people of their nation; and what they decide: within the boundaries of world law demands. Enforcement will either include, “surrender/ let the people surrender them/ let a reward be given/ or with a time line set, there shall be a decision: made by the law (not the court)/ to go get the offender, or if that fails; then go ahead and kill the offender, by means that limit collateral damage if possible. Within that demand is: ANYONE, found or suspected of producing biological warfare, in any degree of concept. SHALL be hung in full public view. ANYONE RELEASING biological warfare, will be tortured until dead/ revived if possible, and tortured again; as slow as is humanly possible. So none need imagine: why they should not do this. Same is true for atomic bombs, etc. This world shall NOT be threatened with such again: insure that becomes true/ as best we can. A footnote is: a very few NUCLEAR WEAPONS, shall be locked in international control, separating parts, and protected from theft. Because if we do have a large asteroid or similar found heading for our planet: “like a bat and a ball”/ the explosion sent properly into space, can redirect the collision.

We then examine our reality, beyond the insanity of: the answer of men. And review the alternate measures of what can or could keep us alive, without destroying our world, or endless lives with war. The very first measure here is: TO LEARN, that the foundation of war is: we have overpopulated this area/ destroyed its resources that were easy to get/ and now face “someone has to die, so the rest of us can live” OR, we force someone out, to immigrate elsewhere. A reality that no longer exists: because you crossed the line of population and reality/ and nobody survives unless you match: when one dies/ then another can be born, IF that is allowed. This earth is full of humans/ and everything we all need to survive will be lost: IF YOU REFUSE to control your population. “nobody dies/ nobody lives”; take your pick. NOT a war on life or child: A DECISION, and a reality to be enforced: even if you hate the truth of it. Want is no longer in charge, or our world dies/ and we become extinct. To achieve the necessary possibilities of time: YOU WILL, establish all human death “will be ground into fish food”/ primarily to feed the seas: SO THEY CAN THEN FEED US. As you have destroyed foundations of what keeps the oceans alive/ “it is the very least” you can do. Because sea life is on the edge of collapse: if you lose them/ you lose you. Because war is then inevitable, and extinction cannot be deterred. SO CARE/ or die. Commit to reality, and accept want is irrelevant: you failed/and returned nothing to life. Payment is due.


The curse of university knows: is an endless disgrace, a vile mix of stupidity, disrespect, destruction, delusions, deceit, arrogance, horrors, betrayal, and terrorism. The cost of it, is tremendous; and the resurgence needed to survive the tragedy of their ways: is way beyond anything you want to pay. But want is irrelevant/ and reality says: EITHER YOU WILL PAY IT, TO RETURN TO LIFE/ OR YOU WILL DIE AS A WORLD THAT LIVES NO MORE. Because that, is where you are.

Using this USA as the basis for an example: to conceive of living into the future.

We begin with rebuilding life: by assessing

the elements of society. WE NEED:

RESOURCES TO SURVIVE, including world law/ without resources life is “like living in a desert: unfriendly at best”.

AN ENVIRONMENT THAT IS NOT DISABLED/ if the planet warms more, all life begins to die; and that will only increase; because you turned on your air conditioning, and more. IT IS, the amount of heat you release!

A NATURE AS “GOD” INTENDED IT TO BE/ we are alive entirely because of nature. Every miracle of life and living proves; THIS IS SACRED, AND NOT to be touched by anything so vile as a university diploma; which has proven to be HORRIFYINGLY STUPID, ARROGANT, DECEITFUL, WRONG, AND CURSED.

A SUSTAINABLE FOOD SOURCE; NO MORE, WE POISON ANYTHING WE WANT/ while reality will prove no immediate change is possible. We must move to a reality of humans being involved rather than chemicals controlling. Trillions of tons of poison; is no small matter. You will do what life needs; NOT what you want, or we war as water, dirt, life sources are lost.

WATER TO DRINK/ without water, the cost of war is horrendous, because you have very little time to find or take more; and everybody knows it. So they won’t surrender to your threats/ and you cannot surrender to their guns: because somebody is going to die. “the dust bowl” will soon return. The source for water for millions can be lost in an instant; because of what has been done; and more.

SOCIETY GOVERNED FOR PEOPLE AND LIFE; not power or pride or want/ by constructing a foundation of “one hundred or so; one page: this is the law” we made for ourselves and there is no other. WE INHERIT that law as our own. Because we know what it says, what it does, and why we made it to be so. Discarding the lawyers to fight for ourselves.

TRUE NEWS SOURCES/ we own the air waves, communication is ours. Thereby the reporter is his or her own boss; and what gets released into the general public shall be paid for at rates that are realistic to the value of the news. In order to achieve this: all forms of “machinery” to display or distribute the news shall be owned by the public: EACH AREA to its own version of what that has to be. So as the widest range of competition: to inform as best we can exists. So as we: Can be established as our own society knows; as best we can.

CRITICAL ECONOMIC REALITIES, BY FAIR PLAY FOR ALL/ we owe each other a job; and the reality of work and life on earth today is: that fifty percent of us or so, are not needed to sustain life. That means we will share the cost and quantity of work with each other/ or tragedies as history proves are inevitable; and will cost the rich their lives as well; because this earth cannot sustain your grief (they killed it all/ so we die too_).

A SUSTAINABLE WORLD/ does not exist because you want something. It exists because you chose to let the truth decide; as best we can. Searching for better ways, supporting for better ways, finding the best we can do: is all we can do. May it be enough.

THE LAWS GOVERNING OCEANS, NOT JUST SHORES/ the foundations for life in the ocean are not different than those for land. Your aquaculture is a foundation of disaster and disease for the entire “life sea” that exists. Instead you will build barges that are towed out to sea, either to drift if its shallow, or anchor changing locations periodically. Far enough out to sea, that small boats cannot get there; and larger ships can be identified so they are stopped. The barge will automatically feed fish and creatures; you will aid this with additions to that barge/ and then send trawlers or other out to collect the excess as that becomes apparent for you to do.

THE FUTURE DECIDES, NOT JUST YOU/ every child needs a future, that is NOT your trash, pollution, failures, arrogance, etcetera. YOU OWE THEM their lives; it ain’t no game. Or ETERNITY remembers you for hate.

TRANSPORTATION REALITIES, AND CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE CHANGES/ no more driving to work; as much as possible people shall work close to where they live. As much as possible realistic community based transportation with values shall arise. By establishing an EVERY BUSINESS DISPLAYS: “everything sold here” is under this percentage increase; as is consistent for business to sustain itself. The realities of advertising, stop: and small business begins again in all locations: so as to limit driving as much as possible. No you don’t get more by driving! More will be done.

HABITAT; EVERY CHAIN OF LIFE; and sustainability FOR LIFE BEYOND HUMAN/ one of the elemental realities of that is, INSECTS are a base food group, upon which a wide variety of life depends. Or another: without sea ice, a major food source that begins life in the oceans; dies/ and cannot be replenished: stop the massacre. Particularly NO MORE chemicals for lawns, golf courses, etc. You will share this earth with life.

CRITICAL REDEVELOPMENT TO KEEP THE ATMOSPHERE TIED TO THIS PLANET/ an endless amount of replanting trees must be done; as this is the primary element which keeps our planet from being overrun with wind.

REUSE, RECYCLE, RECOVER, REBUILD; STOP THE FACTORIES as reality allows/ there is no future without resources. Which means the factories that exist only to exchange “resources for trash”; to be put in the garbage pit. SHALL be stopped. All those factories with limited value, shall be reviewed to determine if this is necessary.

EDUCATION FOR LIFE, NOT CULTS/ nothing is more vile than a university; nothing is more valuable than love rather than hate. AN ENDLESS redevelopment of education is required: with all construction to be aimed at: where justice and peace reside, there will be happiness for all. What is hate, from that moment on: is removed.

FOUNDATIONS OF WORK, AS IS LIMITED CAPITALISM/ by our vote we will determine the limits of what we the people allow for wealth or poverty; among all who will work. Because all who will shall find a job, that is acceptable. By establishing NO MORE BILLIONAIRES, AT A MINIMUM. We make room for ourselves, as is the intent for democracy itself. Bear in mind; you shall not reduce the difference between minimum income and maximum income by more than 3 times.

FOUNDATIONS FOR LIVING; NO MORE “LET THE RICH MAN DECIDE”/ to achieve value in living, we must be able to “build our own communities”. To achieve that we must have the legal right to construct access to resources, based upon what the future will allow for us to take. That means: not only income shall be limited by capitalism for all/ but so shall property ownership, based upon location.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR LEGALLY SANCTIONED CHANGE, DISCUSSION OF FACTS; AS IS CONSTITUTIONAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ the critical safeguard for democracy itself is. That we OWN this nation, and do have an inalienable right to protect it as a value to ourselves. Nothing is more critical to that purpose than is the right to call together the public; and demand a hearing of the evidence in and by public courtroom control: so that we the people can decide if our democracy is being served by our employees. OR we need to take control for ourselves, by vote.

PUBLIC SUPERVISION OF COURTS: FAIL US, AND WE REMOVE YOU, OR MORE/ nothing is more important to society than justice and fair play, or it all falls apart. Therefore every courtroom is: employed for the people/ and they shall decide if you belong in their services or not.

BILL OF RIGHTS, FOR POLICING, MILITARY, SCHOOLING, HEALTHCARE, MORE/ every police officer and more, do need to know EXACTLY what is expected of them/ what their duty is/ what their anchor in the law allows/ what the public duty is/ what their anchor in the law shall be, and so on. KEEP IT SIMPLE, DIRECT, AND YES WE DO understand; that this is fair.

REVIEW OF ALL PUNISHMENT BY A COURT: WHAT IS JUSTICE, & WHO DECIDES. The prisons shall be aided and abetted by a new form of investigator; as is one of the jobs which shall be provided to those who need work. People who do not deserve their punishment shall be found. People who failed life and society, and no longer need to live among us; because they discarded that right for hate/ can be “removed”. None know better who should be given a second chance than the prisoners themselves. Therefore they are the judge of that, as percentages go; and if they are wrong: food, heat, showers, etc shall reflect their decisions. For good OR for bad. The list is long.

NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY: WE DECIDE BY VOTE/ AFTER REDRESS TO ASSESS THE EVIDENCE FOR OURSELVES. We this America have been plundered by universities claim to be gods, and have controlled the currency ever sense Reagan needed their assistance, and the assistance of media: NOT to reveal how he sold all the gold that fort knox controlled. To supply “his recovery”. We must begin again. We must choose for ourselves in redress court; by examining the evidence for ourselves, without deceit or fraud of any kind. We must choose the future, and build again; because we have been invaded, ravaged, plundered, betrayed, and deceived by “university is god”.

WE RETURN TO “RULES FOR ENTERTAINMENT/ ADVERTISING”: NO MANIPULATION, CONTROL, TEMPTATION, DECEIT WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES, INTENTIONAL FEAR MODELING, PROPAGATING CULT WORSHIP, ETCETERA/ we are not your game to be played. Nor are we your toys to be manipulated. We shall not be lied too/ nor shall we be sold to traitors and fools. Truth in all things; no more fantasy; unless and until society returns to we the people own this democracy, because reality now decides. NOT a universities led curse or fool.

POLITICAL CHANGE; AS IS “we hire investigators to insure what we decide is done/ NOT lawmakers, who keep changing the rules”. We DON’T need lawmakers! We need proven laws that work for us, protected from the chaos of the rich/ protected from the insanity of the poor/ protected from the majority who want everything for themselves/ and protected for the future, so we live instead of die.

healthcare sustained as a percentage of income; for all. “nobody dies of little things/ everybody dies of big”. CHOOSE, but remember this: NO MORE “LET THE CHILDREN PAY EXISTS”! NO PENSIONS/ NONE: beyond “social security as a percentage of GDP”. Same for all, period. The children shall NOT pay anymore/ PAY YOUR OWN DEBTS, as reality demands.

RELIGIOUS CONSTRUCTIONS OF TRUTH, as best they can: no more “just believe”. The basis of fraud, just like evolution/ it is failure. DO BETTER. By letting evolution in: you threw GOD out. And for what, a damn chart claiming “this looks like that”! SHAME ON YOU.

NO EXPERIMENTATION THAT GAMBLES WITH OUR LIVES, WORLD, REALITIES WE NEED, OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT WE THE PEOPLE: by understanding the cost of being wrong: WILL CHOOSE for ourselves. The universities shall be overthrown; and will submit to only we decide/ by our own choices: YOU have lost your throne. NEVER to get it back. More damage has been caused for this planet than it is possible to measure/ and it may not be possible to survive. But we must try; because it is our only choice other than extinction. That fact looks to where did it all go wrong? And the answer to that returns to “university first/ male second/ the cost of reproduction which is now; female in charge/ and the insatiable demand that is human want; an abyss. There is never an end to want; unless you end it within yourself. Without an end to want: there is no future for life on earth. MAKE YOUR DECISION.

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