shaping time


Time shapes us, by allowing our decisions to become a part of our identity/ that is different than time shares with us the fate we choose, as determined by the foundations of truth, and its predetermined consequences.

We do earn our identity, it is the “visual”: or more distinctly spiritual effect of what heart means to us. The shape of “real (not time life) life”, is: defined by love. Or, altered by hate.

So the question begins: what is the difference between real life/ and life governed by time? The answer: real life assembles into the identity of your decisions. Governed by desire, the soul enters in; as our participation in this Creation on earth. The purpose of heart is then: to clarify the disciplines and express the passion of what is real, and valued: in you. The human alive inside.

In contrast a life governed only by time: exists in want, as the decision to participate in nature, to achieve whatever can be gained in this “the games we play”. Until death. There is no Creation; because all of life inside, is as: “an animal; predator or prey; some believe, other”. But all simply touched by human, on the outside, as reference and recognition of what could be instead.

We then see in the difference: that life and its living, are either formed from the inside where thought exists/ or on the outside, where animal exists. The question is: who are you?

Referencing me: I would never have guessed, I would be standing where I am today. It is completely without recognition to the life I use to live. Although critical recognition of the very extensive education I have received still exists/ the concept of male is being lost. NOT by any reference to an individual decision; but by the spiritual elevation of life beyond time/ where the most important value in my life: was to find an answer beyond male; where this world could survive. A ten year search within “strictly male”; proved it could not be done; by men/ the world would die, simple as that. So I opened the door to the spiritual realm of female, and became trapped. Even though “I just wanted to ask a question”/ nothing more than that.

The shape of life, by our decisions: is a destiny (we participate) or a fate (we endure, as best we can; and may or may not survive). A destiny separate from male, for me/ and NOT even “essentially” female: is unrecognized or unable to be referenced by me. “its just life, lost control”. Complicated; you would not understand. But neither do I: “it was just a question”. No clue how it ends, or where it goes from here.

Nonetheless, the purpose here is to understand shapes of how we construct our lives, to determine either a destiny called eternal/ or a fate, with consequences. The critical and distinct crossroads: is how you interpret “the body of life”. Evolution (the predominant fool) says: “human animal is the best you can ever be”. While religion offers: with GOD THE CREATOR OF MIRACLES; we can inherit an eternal life. With Christianity: we are guaranteed, that GOD did not simply create, and then abandon us; but cares if we live into eternity, or not. These shapes of our decision; are the elemental footpaths of where we have been/ and where we are going; for all of human life.

The question begins: WHY, should we choose either? The answer is many do not; because they believe as an animal does, that nothing matters but me, and what I want: end of the story/ simple as that.

The question begins: WHY, would anyone choose evolution? The answer is: when looking for an escape route, to take from all concerns regarding “the eternal consequences of religion”. The simple answer is: “you don’t even need a brain/ just say NO”. PROBLEM SOLVED.

The question begins: WHY do people choose to search for life beyond the grave, if in fact that is their purpose or desire? Answer: there are many different versions of religion/ because there are many different demands for “what I want”. As belief the most prevalent decision is simplified to be: “I want, what I want/ and I don’t want, what I don’t want: and I want to pay, what I want; and not pay, what I don’t want to pay”. Thereby many different religions exist. That however does not make any of them true to life itself. Want does not rule life or GOD or eternity/ it simply rules over animal.

We then return to the question: WHY do people choose to search for life? If you remove belief/ then you appear at the edge of miracles, and must decide for yourself: what is true? Did this, or did this not; construct “a miracle”? Miracle means: something which is obviously so complex, sufficient, and utterly thought out to prove it is “near perfection”/ and totally beyond anything humanity or anything else on earth can do. Every body of life: proves it is a miracle/ humanity uses their decisions to shape lies. But those who achieve a soul: I know miracles are from “our CREATOR”/ learn to shape truth, into the respect required to journey beyond time, into the disciplines of law, that form our lives. That is called faith, because it relies upon truth/ and discards all belief: except for, the real world evidence presented, which we cannot explain. Those constructed realities, which remain unproven by truth or lie/ are simply set aside to wait for more information/ or accepted, as something which “could someday participate” in our decisions, when truth allows. Less distinct disciplines allow for acceptance until proven otherwise; if you so choose.

The shape of chaos is death. The shape of order, distinctly disciplined truth formed by law, balanced for survival and adaption to insure that is so, created by the construction of thought identified within the boundaries that keep us all as living organisms safe; and more: is the alternative to death/ which is life eternal. These are opposites, and can never journey the same. As a consequence the middle ground so famous for “the vast majority of human choice; wants here”/ is left behind. What is true in you is then separated from lie in the spiritual world: if you survive as love/ then you live. If not, then you are either dissipated into nothing/ or die in hate by the terrors you chose to deliver to life; and more. It is not a hard concept.

So we then ask the question: HOW, do we prove what is true; in a reality beyond time/ which allows extremely few, to return from? Witnessed History suggests only two; and they are from the bible. But oddly enough, I seem to have entered the spiritual world: “between eternity and time”/ and returned, but “with help”. As predicted by Revelation 12. I am not a witness to religion/ simply a reality that exists; “oddly enough”. The critical element: I did seem to have learned lessons, from what is beyond time/ as my testimony to you; that something distinctly unusual did occur to me. Your decision not mine; I search, and let truth decide. I live, but let life decide. My life has gone from “a beautiful sense of freedom”/ to now controlled by the spiritual woman inside. Its complicated, but it has never been boring. No clue how it ends; but all signs point to female in charge, “maybe forever”. Not my decision to make. So shapes are “funny”/ they can be changed abruptly, by the decisions we make. Even if: it is a complete surprise.

Love cannot be easily changed/ but anger can, if it is not submerged in hate.

We then turn to the elements of life in time, as created by the shapes of our own decisions. Or more distinctly: people hang on to their triumphs (pride) and their costs(I don’t want this) of living human/ as if, there is nothing more important to life. To play games, is just to play games; and like toys this is not the real world of living/ it is just an amusement to avoid boredom. In contrast to that are the cost of making someone else play your game/ be your toy/ used or abused because of your actions or reactions/ the failure of judgment/ or the tragedy of arrogance and the violence it creates.

As a measure of conception: when I was 6 years old, roughly 8 boys were playing “keep away” from another child/ that went on for 5-10 minutes, and I decided to intervene. Since they could play keep away with me too; I chose to “call for the prize” in order to stop the game that way. I got one/ but the adult stopped the game before I got the other; and the child who was crying focused on me. Because I was playing the game/ but for an entirely different purpose. Point of the story: that child clearly never forgave me, for that moment “for fifty years of time”. Or more distinctly: I have seen numerous instances, of how a single few moments in time, have shaped a lifetime. I have also seen how repeating offenses, have eventually turned into: the cost to someone else, in their lifetime. Violence is particularly cruel in that way, and can change the people themselves; rather than just relationship realities. Proving without doubt: we have a far greater impact upon each other, both in small things, and through anger or hate; in shaping the future of another life; MORE, than it seems possible to do.

We then begin to assess the critical elements that cause this to be. Assembling the discipline, by creating the balance, and then allowing order to rebuild life. It is “I, want”, that causes endless trouble/ want, is the evidence of an animal; while I asserts a possession or an ownership. Together they frame the animal as either predator or prey. Prey animals fight for food, “the things they want”/ by competing with focus on the other weaker animals, to take everything they can get (winner)! They can be interrupted, usually without real trouble. Losers: Those who cannot compete must survive on what they can get. It is a very simple minded process of living. The predator however lives primarily as a pack animal; and he or she is devoted to finding a weakness to exploit/ once the attack begins, their focus cannot be easily deterred from a killing purpose. If successful, they experience an entirely different “feeling of, WE win”/ that is clearly different, than a prey animal; but then must fight for the prize as well. The human element alters these concepts of animal slightly, by allowing a choice: you can become either predator or prey/ weak or strong by the choices you make/ human or animal by the values you set as the disciplines you accept. The human animal sees sex as a toy, because of the chemicals it will create inside of you. Without discipline, or as a child that refuses to grow up; those chemicals can take control, and the animal forgets another life is involved: “human gone”. With discipline, you get duty, desire instead of want, a purpose beyond the simple concepts of “I”, and the order of creating a life, rather than falling into a behavior. To balance discipline, and order with life; you must achieve a value that is beyond what chemicals can do. If you do not, the chemicals will rule, and using another body as is lust will reign over you/ abuse then forms as reality proves you are a curse, to someone else. Violence follows, when the decision is made: “this is all your fault”. Which is the intent to escape, from self. That will not happen, unless the decision to change, is true: there is no escape from self. There is only changing self/ or not; as is the essence of every decision.

So the shape of life, is either human (desire formed from thought, the acceptance of miracles)/ OR, it is “I want”; and all the behavior of an animal, follows. Because the chemicals are enough “for you”/ to hell with caring or sharing, “I want to win”. Or, I want revenge because I lost. Or, I want to hide, because nobody respects me.

The elemental proof of animal (I,I,I,,,,,,WANT,WANT,WANT,,,,,)/ OR choose to live as human, is fundamentally shaped by whether you care or share or respect, the value of truth, life, love, and hope! Sex further defines animal or human: by whether the chemicals/ the act; is more important, or the human is more important to you. This is functional respect, and without true respect, there is no relationship. But even so, sex is a more definitive act than it appears. Because even though love can exist, the chemicals can take control: no true discipline. Even though the physical sharing is limited, love exists as a desire to care. Both of these show respect. Simple lust (the animal wants) does not. The shape of respect, is truth before self. The shape of human is caring and sharing, in the values of discipline as order and balance will allow us, to be equals.

We then turn to predator sex/ or, just plain predator: the disguised search for prey. The question begins: is this human/ or is this predator without being human. Because the difference is: a predator can be killed without serious, thereby eternal decisions being made. The question is: is it judgment to condemn an animal for killing or harming a life/ or is it humanity defending itself? The answer relies upon: does any human live inside/ or is there only hate? I leave the decision, to society. Regardless, the critical question is the disguise: because if revealed, or found out/ then the predator can be turned away, because they do protect themselves. Victims are generally “without the ability to trust, or follow instruction, or able to play with others; because that is how the trap was laid.”

WHAT then is the disguise of a predator? The answer to that is quite varied, but there are clues. There is a descent “of stairs”/ used between the decision, that is: animal or human. Stop the descent in time, and you may or may not save the human. The first descent (the child wants its toy) is: I JUST WANT SEX/ and I cannot get what I want/ so I will take it, or steal it; from the vulnerable ones, who cannot fight back (primary victim is a young child). The primary disguise is someone who never grew up, refuses to accept responsibilities as their own, is commonly lazy as in “I don’t have to do nothing”.

Hate then understands: this one now has information, that can harm ME/ because you chose to do that. Violence may ensue/ threats may occur/ people may run away/ or hatred itself (I judge you, a threat to ME: why then should I not kill you, or make you fear). Brooding/ hiding/ angry/ hateful/ abusive.

One of the secondary motives here is: my life has been ruined (locked in debt/ never going to get that chance back/ took a wrong turn; etcetera)/ which then turns into “all I got is sex to relieve my unhappiness; and I cannot get that”. So I took it; predator thief ( primary victim is a young teenager). The primary disguise is: ANGER INSIDE, which is rarely seen, but the anger is commonly directed to, or focused upon; only one young teenager. The cost of failure, I WILL USE YOU; is an increasing lust; as reality begins to prove: NOW, you know, you threw away everything/ and it is all your own fault. Reality shifts; they become “lost on the inside”. Victims are generally fearful, unable to sleep if attacked within the home, unable to leave the house if attacked “outside”, unable to respond with simple ways (everything is complicated/ because I don’t know where the trap is).

The third descent is hunting the prey, rather than the possibility of temptation; sits “right here”.

Hunting means: an active role is selection, as humanity itself has ceased to exist in the framework other than “these are my prey”. Which one, shall it be? Little humanity is left here. But there is an exception: “you are the only thing valued by my life”. Which then becomes “I can’t, just be me”. It is failure identified by lust. But it is not determined by lust, because the primary motive is self: as in you owe me! Not love, but an attempt to rise above the cost of being an animal. Discipline shapes life; it is not a game/ but respect for the decision itself.

Without the attempt to rise; human may or may not be dead inside/ may or may not be resurrected with time and punishment to learn order. Lets assume dead(even want, no longer matters/ only fear); for this discussion. So the question is: WHY fear? The answer is: if I am the cause of fear, as in fear me/ then I need not be afraid; if you fear me instead. The cost of eternity has risen in their view, and the reality of violence now shapes their future. Which causes them to be violent. The predator animal caught, in a cage: on the inside.

The primary disguise is then “like the zoo; some are opportunists, while others clearly rage inside. The primary victim can then be anyone they want it to be; without regard for why.

We then turn to the value of discipline: the critical search, that is to determine what is “right or wrong”/ as defined by life and its truth; or self and its want. They are different.

Self and want are animal characteristics; determined by the herd of prey/ or pack of predators, as is consistent with behaviors that either can or cannot be changed; because “yes I can/ or no you can’t; is the choice”.

Life and truth see existence VERY differently than an animal: the discovery of life, aids and abets the foundations called miracle, and we see in the mirror the cause to be orderly and defined by life itself. To assist in this quest for value, the essence of truth hears the question: how, did these miracles come to exist/ where is my life itself, from? In the elegant passage from respect and value, into the framework and structure of love; the decision is to form an identity by which we will be known for whom truth has conceived for us to be. Do you see the difference?

The vast majority do: but turn to “I want both: to hear life as love/ and to live as want will direct; after all, we are animals/ until dead”; and then its whatever we believe will be true. RIGHT! Yep, we agree, so it must be true/ cause we can’t all be wrong; RIGHT?

The cause and cost of being a victim: is animal. The cost of being human is, I choose not to be animal/ but life defined on the inside, as miracles allow. Predator and prey are not “truly violent”/ they are what they are, because nature made them without the conception of thought. So they construct and measure, whatever their brain can accept as behaviors we will or must do. Thought, the ability to conceive of miracles and where they could or would lead us into creation itself: with questions that live or die in truth. Is a very different reality of existence. The people who choose to be animals; become so; but it is their own decision, as other options are available to all.

The people who enter Creation, within the disciplines of thought/ are not intellectuals (I build traps/ or find them). Instead their search is for life, not games or power. LIFE enters through the door of our existence as a body expressed. THOUGHT returns to request entry through that door, back into the essence of life itself/ that we may understand the basis or purpose of our experience in this time called human. That desire forms the passage, and love unlocks the door into heart and soul.

Therefore we find in desire, the secret tunnel back toward our Creator, and this life as is HIS CREATION. Consequently desire comes first in the ascent beyond animal. Desire shapes our purpose, and defines our passion, as the decision to participate beyond the confinement of time. To enter here, you must accept the element of heart, and identify the purpose of respect; or soul will be denied. Which means not every human has a soul/ because they failed to accept the dignity and value of heart. Heart is: where we leave animal and its want behind. To achieve heart, your life must turn into the question of love itself. To understand we have the option, to be more than the others choose to be/ and that is evident by the truth called love. Without the honesty of love, you have failed this test: of time or eternity. If you build love inside yourself, through the decisions that identify you as a participant in the essence of our truth: “life is a gift/ and I wish to repay, at least by a little”. Then your journey will be extended in soul: the battleground between human or animal. Before soul, it is only a choice/ a game to some. After soul arrives, it is life or death in you. Because there is a choice: to let only truth decide/ or to run and hide from reality. Animals want, they cannot let truth decide; because it is not the relationship they share in a brain. People on the fence: “I don’t want truth to decide/ I want what I want or don’t want; to decide”. People who choose truth, understand that the essence of life is truth; and by choosing truth decides for me: the destiny shaped is GOD ; when life beyond time occurs. But the war only then begins. Because the spiritual world is designed to remove EVERYTHING but truth. Since YOU know, what your truth is: no one can run or hide from that reality; the consequence is war within yourself. The final reality is judgment or mercy.

Which then brings us, “to the victim”: and whether or not, you let whatever happens here on earth shape your truth, and identify your life/ instead of you chose. As is they chose; regardless of their punishment: the realities of your choice/ are your choices. Just as the reality of their choices/ are in fact their own choices. NO excuses are accepted: your choice, is your choice: simple as that, let go/ let the law decide/ do the best you can/ begin again/ seek help/ use religion, but do not live there “it is a mothers milk {start over}” so to speak/ search for GOD ! “faith seeks truth/ belief wants religion” ! Because rules are easier than life. Mercy decides the rest! Or there is judgment, and that descends from life into hate or dissolution.

Which brings us to: what shapes, the decisions that we make?

There are only TWO REAL decisions in life as a human being alive on earth: either we choose for love, in the basic fundamentals of what we do, for justice and fair play within survival/ accepting the cost: heart reveals life, to become living “alive”. Or we choose for hate, in the basic realities in what you do, regardless of survival. While survival angers hate/ it does not control hate: you do. There is a cost to each.

Hate surfaces when they recognize “someone is alive/ NOT like me; UNFAIR”. The consequence is: most hide their choice, and fail heart as the translation of their participation in Creation itself. The degree of violence/ or the depression of hiding what could become your truth; shapes your future. Love requires us to accept the price of love; which varies from all forms of anger/ to all possibilities of love and joy. You cannot experience the extremes, without enduring the truth. Hate in contrast knows only, “they are more alive than me/ that is a burning ember, threatening to flame up”. If it does, even more life, inside of hate; will be consumed. Fear and terrors will then threaten, and violence will rise. The cost of an eternity you cannot escape: will be the realities of damage you did do.

The decision for love begins and ends with desire. Therefore what is desire shares the essence of love, to become its passion. While purpose proves to care, by showing the honesty of respect. You cannot have love without all three. But love is constructed as a foundation by desire/ built as an environment of choice with respect/ and is defined by the elegant expressions of sharing because you chose to care. So the question is: are all three not the same, as simply saying “I love”? The answer is no: because love is a stepping stone stairs, that ascends with each level of compassion you choose. Each of the three is an individual step. Each of the three stand alone; to achieve the distinction that is an identity. Therefore the decision is: “to ascend”. While the reality of life in time is to also survive, the lessons we must accept; in order to prove we will survive into eternity. Same lesson you know here: “I don’t wish to cry/ because you died”. Therefore you earn, what you learn; and distinguish yourself as a treasure. Because the boundaries of law, as is the result of truth; cannot be broken/ without death (never again), even in eternity. Energy is a truth, that does not contain mercy. But it is also the framework for life, “because we can”.

My own life was shaped for years, by being WRONG: “love is not enough”/ more is needed to survive the elements of pride, power, fear, and want. Even after the living was rebuilt, and a fundamental only truth will decide now; was returned too. The cost of dating in particular; proved to be too much to ask. I could not simply “find a soulmate”/ because sex was required. Love shapes a response, and the heart does not know how to say no, without harm. Desire knows what it lives for. That made all things other than “I accept you forever (without getting to know someone truly: I cannot)”/ a price in tears beyond what I would spend. My life, was given to only one thing; with only very little interruption: this world shall not die, without a fight. I could not do that, beyond what I chose. Although I never believed it would take “my whole lifetime”; until it did. Therefore the lesson is: you do have to choose/ if not for self, then for what you truly do value most.

While very few would have accepted my “life choices”/ as is evident by our reality. The foundation remains: this world shall NOT SURVIVE, the choices that have already been made/ IF YOU do not stop the insane; from being WRONG. While I have been faulted many times for “not being same/ not choosing what I need too/ etc”. The reality is simple: “without an earth, or its nature, or its resources, as Creation provided”/ there is no room for love either, or even life itself. And that does include you, and yours. EVERYTHING.

Nothing proves that more than those who are trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. doesn’t matter what they call it: LOOK AT THE SUN/ and imagine what goes wrong, if they cannot control that energy source released here on this planet: WITH YOU. ONE TIME, is all you get! “take a look at the sun”/ and prove me wrong.

At the opposite end of truth, is university fantasies; the people that refuse, there are, or can be: HORRIFYING consequences/ to their yes we can. The cost of being wrong/ is not always as obvious as your face in a mirror. Smoking is one such detail of merit. But like babies, the university cannot resist shitting in its diapers.

Religion is also; a cost of being wrong/ because they believe whatever they want to believe; shouting the book says, instead of truth knows. The difference is fundamentally how evolution took control/ over the foundation of miracles as is CREATION PROVEN TRUE. Only a fool believes evolution; and the evidence is so certain of that, it cannot be wrong.

The herd of humanity is wrong: relying on “we can’t all be wrong/ we stick together like an army; to shove you out”. The cost of predators the same. But reality knows: where truth is a foundation, thought will rise, and realities will follow. Evidence of that is JESUS ; as the difference between a man who proved what love is/ also proved what hate was. But even more so: identified eternity as a value we could find, in GOD . Unfortunately humanity prefers to claim “I didn’t get what I wanted/ or I loved and I suffered/ or I lost my most precious treasure in time to death.” As a consequence “shout I am angry”. But that assumes “GOD, is in charge of everything you do/ clearly not so; as freedom governs everything you do, by your own choices. Freedom has a price”/ as does choice, and life itself in time. It is not “for free”/ as religions sometimes promise.

As to me; the statement “I am a messenger”/ proves true only in the message, and its foundation of reality. The message “change or die”: is not wrong; and few do not know that is true! Religion and more however all want me to be “someone that is god”/ so they can say: SEE WE TOLD YOU/ we cannot be wrong now! Obviously I am not god, or anything close; nor are you: just a messenger, given a job to do. It is clear after all these decades: very few wanted the job/ and want is not enough, so for unknown reasons I did receive the job. “not a clue”! As to the spiritual woman inside: I cannot truly say, “why”? Although she was absolutely essential to the work, for these last fifteen years: so I would accept “no issue left”; she was needed! As to why she is in control now; no clue. However it certainly proves at least to me: I cannot be compared to JESUS by anyone/ as that would be ridiculous. Female removes that entirely; “its complicated”/ really no clue. I just did the work, that I promised to do: NOT for a reward of any kind. Because my life is surely worth the work/ and this world which gave me time is surely worth the effort. Love is a truly valuable treasure, “you should know”! The difference between me and the vast majority is: I never accepted, “we can wait”/ but honored the singular truth, “one second too late, and this world becomes dead”. Because what is being done; cannot be reversed past the point of no return. Which we may or may not, have already past; on truth of life realities. Making the question of this date: “what will be left”/ IF, we can save anything at all?  AS media continues its crusade: to make university god! So the question is: WHO, really is “satan”; the people claiming to be god, mutilating nature, using extreme experiments to say (you can’t; but we can)/ or the people hiding behind those they claim is god; while taking control over life and planet as is media.  are they media zealots: blindly distributing religious indoctrination to the cult of “university is god”? Or are they hiding in the maze created; to deliberately deny truth to life?  In America they are both; because it is not “news” that is reported (we present to you the evidence, without bias, proving the decision is yours; as is constitutional intent)/ rather, it is the claim of news (the evidence is) they use to propagate to manipulate, change, and control society, as is consistent with guiding the sheep into the slaughter house. BLIND BELIEF: is your own failure: wake up or die.  TRUTH MATTERS, NOT WANT OR PRIDE!

And religions say: WE WANT/ WE WANT/ WE WANT; and we DON’T WANT you/ because you are not one of us. And we don’t want to do ANYTHING, but remain greedy and selfish. Because the universities are “our god”; but alas, truth says; you are merely a cult. The evidence has nothing to do with me: [I shouted DON’T; for forty years]. It is the evidence which convicts this earth of coming soon: extinction. Because YOU didn’t care; enough to prove the evidence was wrong/ even though you know: THE REALITY of the message I bring is justified and true. Which brings us to the last days of earth; unless humanity will change. That includes religion; even if your book was wrong/ or misinterpreted by you. NO going back: life or death by the choices you will make. For our world! Even the animals can understand that as true. Because the evidence is so plain!

JESUS came with the treasure of life, which is love, GOD, respect, eternity, courage, hope, and more; as is a very different life to be lived on earth/ than what did exist by the evidence of the day. That was not engaged or encouraged by the Jewish nation: they wanted power, pride and money. But HIS value was extrapolated through the other nations who gave HIM his due (called Christianity); in the value of his life. But people want what they want and religion shifts to provide what people want.

The message I bring is different: it is the power to change this world/ rather than the love to save human life and provide the hope for eternity. Nonetheless, if you do not save this world: the love and hope given to this world will end. Just as the truth of your extinction will not be denied.

It is a choice. IT IS YOUR CHOICE! Because if you do not save this earth from chaos, as presented by the universities and enabled by human greed and selfishness: you will, lose it all! So says the evidence of your truth. So again I say to you: GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE.

Again, nothing proves that more true: than the universities attempt to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun” here on earth. They will argue “its not a nuclear fire”/ and pretend gravity will extinguish the fire once ignited. But reality says it is a nuclear fire, as a source of energy: we KNOW that can exist; by simply looking at the sun. On the other side of truth, where the lies exist: their “smoke and mirrors of delusion” claiming the sun works this way. CANNOT be proven at all. NO SECOND CHANCES: ONE IGNITION IS ALL YOU GET/ and the machines are running.

SHARE THE WORK; DO WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO: FOR LIFE, or you choose to throw this earth away.

And what does the universities DO, for the cult worshipers; who fight with the insurgency against this nation? Answer, at least in America: as the last decades prove, the universities remove all access to work (keeping it all for themselves; by invading and creating WE ALONE “with a diploma” decide who can be hired). Removing every option to find work; beyond the welfare (damn few earn a penny of their salary) of a university diploma: so they confiscate your job, to embellish and protect their own. The nation called America is more than bankrupt; because a university diploma made it so/ by taking all they could/ by building every toy they could think of/ by destroying the nation itself, and using media to insure “your brain is dead; eyes blind; ears deaf; and religious fervor (they are the enemy) increased by pitting you against each other”. By enslaving: get your diploma here, “and it will only cost the majority a lifetime of debt, few are able to repay. By destroying: “hell” we don’t need no damn business or industry here/ so lets trade it, to the foreigners; so they can come back and buy our nation to evict us, “with no place to go”. By religious indoctrination: send your child to school, where lies are born, and the disease “HELL NO”: YOU cannot question leadership/ MEMORIZE and believe. By invading the nation to remove ALL the opposition/ take away their right to participate: MAKE THEM BANKRUPT, and homeless. By extortion: hurry/ hurry/ fear/ fear; only the doctor can save you, and it will only cost your lifetime of work, your home, your future, your family; because after all, “they applied a bandage” so they deserve everything you have. Don’t you worry though, it is the universities that built weapons of mass destruction; to be released if you get out of line, and want your own life back. Soon the biological weapons will find a “vaccine”/ so the universities can kill, without damaging themselves. Won’t that be great? Don’t worry: just because under the direction of universities, they poisoned the water supplies/ mutilated nature in its every home/ committed anarchy in every government/ surge against you with propaganda in every communication made/ discard respect/ deny value to life/ curse the earth with every form of pollution possible/ and fully intend to ignite the same fire here as on the sun: with the very same result; because they cannot believe “they AREN’T gods”. Arrogance is the sewage of a university, the graduate gown they wear. Few in history, are more prejudicial: than a university: “its all ours/ its all about us/ YOU are nothing, unless you worship the universities as our cult of slaves”.


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