As we look to the realities of this day: we find particularly in America, that no foundation exists in the currency being used. Not one fundamental of truth is applied because of the counterfeiting that has been done; by hiding inflation in the claim of asset increase/ by media denial of the obvious; and its continual lies; so as not to divulge the truth; IT IS all a lie. And the people say: WE WANT THE LIE/ SHUT THE FUCK UP. Because their foundation is; “nothing bad in my lifetime/ LET THE CHILDREN PAY”. THEY don’t want to be broke either; and it is a bankrupt nation and world; which could only mean war.

So then we look to why is this nation and this world bankrupt? Answer: the universities created an atomic bomb/ and the military of this USA, defiled the world with it, threatening every nation. Until the soviet union built a bomb too; and then all the money went to playing that game/ because the alternative was world law, and no great military power. Generals never choose that/ nor do leaders. Specific to the american threat was JFK: who did have plans to war against the USSR, putting missiles on their border/ used propaganda to claim going to the moon was more than just a disguise to build bigger rockets/ and went to Vietnam for the purpose of training, and preparing the troops, with bloodshed (60’s). Then came Reagan (70’s-80’s): who had no answers, until he sold all US gold in Fort Knox; and the media remained silent through it all/ even though they knew. He paid no debts/ and to keep the universities quiet, he gave them the keys to the currency, and they all gave themselves a million dollar raise. Which then became the public scream: WE FOUND THE MONEY/ go to college.

But alas: no realities in the currency (numbers beyond measure or truth) means, as always: the future pays, when counterfeiting occurs. Or more simply “let the children pay” as always; a constant refrain of the last fifty years plus. And the children who grow older all say: “not in our lifetime/ WE WON’T give up nothing, to pay all their debts”. And so it continues until a complete collapse, and subsequent world war; because that is all you have left to do. With resources ransacked, raped, and destroyed. Not far off!

So the reality of history is: that leaders are liars, the military is a failure, the universities are criminals who set up the world for blackmail, and the people never want to pay for what has been done. Especially if they believe “we didn’t do it”/ as is the constant of “let the children pay”; as is the reality of most in history. Carter tried to pay it down: but the public would not let him: they decided inflation would make them rich, and dove in/ which ended in the downfall of many; and a then futile attempt by Carter.

Today we see quadrillions of numbers in US currency claims; a fact with no realities attached EXCEPT: SOMEBODY IS SPENDING THIS MONEY, by their own decisions, not ours. They give to whomever they please, bringing immigrants/ and take from whomever they wish; because you cannot compete with those who “simply add more numbers to their bank account”: no reality exists. As the universities took control originally/ they are without doubt remaining in control today; and can buy any election or media group to control the communication; they wish. Simple as that.

Power is corrupting; it leads to conspiracies against us; coercion to deny us access to our own nation, the intent to destroy all the competition by creating an invasion of “covid” SHUT THE NATION/ WORLD DOWN; so we can legally now: take trillions, and bankrupt the rest, so they cannot say to us: NO. and the people say: “can’t be too safe”/ but the reality is: traitors destroy this nation and give it away to others; because you let them with your fear. As media produces on purpose, to manipulate/ control/ tempt/ and destroy the very freedoms which make democracy alive. Therefore we know, that power is the enemy/ pride is an army invading/ wants ignore the truth, to explain their lives with lies/ and fear, makes you a fool.

Consequently these are the things which must be defeated; because they are unlike any other time in history, the basis of your extinction: when tied directly to “the universities playing god with life, nation, world, and earth”. All of which functionally prove “Satan (destroyer of this world) in our midst”. You cannot survive another world war; too many people/ too many weapons of mass destruction. You cannot survive the universities as they are: fighting to create biological weapons they can release on their own/ to obtain “pay us for this vaccine”; as they have already proven they will do. With extreme payment to the criminal, the vile vomit that is “a university diploma” without ANY respect for life or world.

They cannot be defeated without bankruptcy, as they are too well defended by endless numbers of currency to buy fools.

Bankruptcy is the only way possible; and it CANNOT be left to those who lead us/ in this nation or any other. Because power corrupts, and fools always want more. Therefore we must control it by our own vote; without listening to media propaganda; which WILL attempt and intend to take the realities away. Bankruptcy means: WE ALL START OVER. Simple as that. But with limited capitalism: we have the option to decide for ourselves exactly what that will mean: BY GOING TO COURT, UNDER THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CALLED REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. The US version of: we are protected from civil war/ by the legal right to take our grievances to court/ where we judge as the owners here/ and then by deciding for ourselves, what will change by our vote. Power never accepts the law that takes away power; so it will be a fight/ and many will argue “I WANT TO BE RICH”; to hell with anything and anyone else. But by vote and the rule of laws that matter, and are justified: we do take control, UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL RESTRAINTS. Or the herd will only think of itself.

Beyond the cost of bankruptcy: which is a re-division of wealth and property/ by investigating: WHERE DID your money come from; if its all a fraud/ then you have nothing. A percentage ownership of property based upon what you owe/ a decision NO YOU CAN’T own property here if not a citizen. A complete destruction of the stock market and more: so as to rebuild with truth and reality/ not playtime, lies, and games. Or more distinctly: back to the truth decides/ not your wants. With a future for this earth and all the life we can save. Because if you don’t/ then nothing will be left; including you. And the people scream I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I WANT ALL MY NUMBERS! SO let them have all their numbers: and establish what exactly can you buy within the reality of who owes what to each child as their future too. And where will all these resources come from: because WITHOUT RESOURCES, no work is done/ so the future is dead; and all that is left will be war/ and that means cannibalism.

NOBODY SURVIVES THE UNIVERSITIES EXPERIMENTING WITH NATURE AND ENERGY/ ALL OF IT ENDS. ALL OF IT IS SUBJECT TO A MORATORIUM: till the day we the people decide by redress: they can or cannot go one with any matter that threatens life or world.

As to all other matters: the truth of money is, “it is your promise to pay someone else, for what they did for you”. Capitalism is the distribution of resources, by the reality of remaining tied to the supply that is available to us. Limited capitalism is by the vote: we refuse to allow ANYONE “great wealth over us”. No more billionaires, and less; by our vote we make room, and resources for ourselves.

In business the foundation is: if you don’t have a customer/ then you are not in business. So the fundamental of all business is “can you sell the product or service”? Beyond that, it is staying within the lines/ and keeping the customers you have. Simple as that; but it is not necessarily easy; competition exists. And then there are the liars, cheaters, traitors, thieves, failures, criminals, government employees, universities diploma, manipulation by media, control by fools playing god, temptations, ignorance, and more. Including employees who do not give a damn, and a long list of that along with employers who want it all.

So the end result of it is: that we need new ways to participate with each other/ new methods of interacting with each other/ set your damn phone down methods of communicating with each other/ control over the courts to rebuild democracy itself; and more. Which does include the review of industry and every natural resource/ along with all the damage that has been done. To assemble a true picture of what the future will be. NO MORE MEDIA/ UNIVERSITY CLAIMS: we will assemble the evidence, define the results with honesty as best we can/ and imprison anyone who deliberately tries to evade or avoid the truth: for the rest of their lives. NO BETRAYAL: ONLY TRUTH.

There are no solutions to anything without population control/ the world is dead; or you will find it in your hearts to accomplish that fact. Zero population growth or less from this moment forward; or we will be extinct. This is a fact of women create children: their body/ their job/ their choice; let the men pay appropriately. A vasectomy is not the answer; as reality proves true. Find another way; remembering even one man can make a multitude of women pregnant: the answer is not with men.

That leaves us with dividing the work. UNLIKE THE TRAITORS OF UNIVERSITIES RULE; as seen in America over these last fifty years: whose entire contribution to the nation itself was “we want every toy we can get”. End of their story, as is throw the rest away/ end all small business, and create kings; and their nobility. The constant of history.

Dividing the work means: as many people as possible must have access to machines, tools, resources, opportunities, education, and so on/ to create a small business of their own. Or work for a small business so they can feed themselves. To accomplish this: it is again necessary to implement a percentage based shopping. Or more simply: no matter where you go, the percentage clearly labeled on the business and seen as a display so everybody knows. Establishes how much they will add to any form of shopping you will do. Services that use people shall be displayed as to cost as well. Advertising shall be limited to local only; no more franchises/ no more monopolies/ no more marketing anything that is not functionally and literally proven to be a fact that is an acceptable use of resource and money for the public. Contracts shall all be governed by society to benefit both sides, or it is declared null and void: the property in question sold or as a valid FAIR PLAY decides.

Dividing the wage means: the young and others MUST LEARN HOW to do the work; before they are entitled to collect the same wage as the rest: let society decide not leaders/ by your vote. The rest under limited capitalism: are governed by how much money can the business make/ you cannot take what is not there. But if the business is creating a full income for the year; with the employees having a say in what will or will not be bought/ changes to be made, etc. A mediator provided by society if necessary. And a secured location: because you cannot sell out to another location/ you can only sell the business itself; with stipulations NO competition here for “fifty miles” if you do. Then you can establish: the wage of a workman, employed in this field of value; shall be “this”. Instead of working up to that wage, as is the discretion of others. We will work down from this wage, as is the result of a decision by the employees one vote/ boss one vote/ customers one vote. Combined if you do not do well/ you will not receive the full amount; until you do. Based upon 3 month averages/ after the first year; at whatever level is allowed. If the business falls beneath the “full income limited capitalism allows”/ then so do the wages of everyone; as a percentage of failed. This grants to the workman; YOU decide when you get paid the maximum available here/ it grants to the employees you decide how much can be paid to each; because if you fail yourselves and the business loses money; it comes out of your pay; and the owner gets the freedom of a workforce that is consistent with helping me succeed.


healthcare is a percentage of wealth/ and you will decide what constitutes “too much for us to pay” for you/ same for all. Pensions are limited to social security [a percentage of GDP]: let the people decide for themselves; same for all per each group. People who want more money; EITHER REDUCE their wages/ prices; or go bankrupt: because when reality rules. There is only so much, and if you don’t take it/ someone else will.

Education will be reviewed: no more babysitting/ or indoctrination to the cult of universities is god. “college” shall be paid for by a percentage of income, after you find a job that is within the construction of what you went to school for. If you do not get that job within ten years; you owe little/ and it will be a much smaller percentage of income that will be paid, for less than four years; if that. YOU PROVIDED NOTHING, if your purpose was to prepare someone for a job that does not exist. YOUR PAY, shall reflect that fact.

WE DO, need to communicate with each other: a fair and deliberate report shares the evidence with us/ NOT entertainment or manipulation or anything that is currently “The news” or propaganda to decide for you. Criminal law shall be upgraded to: the failure to provide REAL LIFE NEWS OF INTEREST AND TRUTH, THAT SOCIETY NEEDS: is a crime. But manipulation of that news, or entertainment to produce a change in society, not based on a foundation of democracy; or is a propagation of your decisions to hide or betray what society needs to know: is a felony that will have prison time included: we look directly at the owners for this/ as they hire and control the editor who decides, along with their spokesperson. One such felony is: the refusal to identify, “OUR WORLD IS THREATENED WITH BECOMING A SUN”/ BY THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO IGNITE THAT SAME FIRE HERE; as is on the sun; which burns our skin in summer from 94 million miles away. Another is: “no inflation here”/ when that is clearly NOT TRUE. They merely hide it in asset fraud.

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