It is, necessary to examine the various aspects of animal disguise used by humans in their decisions, to be subversive to the rest. While it is consistent with nature to declare all creatures as either predator or prey, the reality is some are different in that they make neither “good” predators (can survive without killing) or prey (taste bad). The same is true of people.

Prey means: the others convert those actions into their own benefits. Predator means; always seeking another meal, with only short amounts of time to be lazy or unconcerned. Prey commonly take whatever they can find, claiming “MINE/ MINE/ MINE”. While predators are constantly disguised in one form or another, waiting for their prey to make a mistake. It is largely mistakes that make a meal occur. In-between those two descriptions; are the traitors. Those who are prey who want to be left alone, so they bargain: we/I, will give you these for food, by leading them where they would not go; if you don’t touch me. The predator says “sure”/ but sometimes they lie. Just a fact of life in time. The predators who want an easy prey, or have been damaged; will make a bargain as well: you go lead the others too me, and I will give you remove your competition, so you can eat well.

As we examine this date in America: we find an enormous amount of traitors on both sides of the line. Those who throw away the future, for an easy meal today. Those who throw away a world, because fear controls their lives. Those who throw away all of nature, because the cult worshiper cannot question their leader/ that is “suicide”. Media which leads the sheep into the slaughter houses. Media which gathers the money for the predator university is god; by claiming a pandemic, and selling the lies. Politicians who sell out a nation (counterfeiting/ hidden inflation which media refuses to report), because without money to spend/ there is only trouble and cost; nobody wants that; even though it means world war comes later, with all weapons of mass destruction. The traitors who claim weapons of mass destruction are “our saviors”. Traitors who refuse the evidence of global warming/ and deny the loss of ice will be catastrophic; ending habitation on two thirds of the planet within thirty years. Traitors who refuse population control, and deny its cost of refusal which is cannibalism. Traitors who ransack resources, “I got mine”/ but every child will die. Traitors who kill a world with pollution, poisons, plastics, and more; without the slightest care for the extinction of life they did cause. Traitors “in a thousand plus more ways”; all of which are disguised to be: “no, don’t worry/ just be happy; the universities will save us”. Traitors in the universities; whose only true purpose is greed, and selfishness/ an arrogance over you, and even all life and earth.

So the crime of an entire human existence, greater than all human deception throughout the entire history of man on earth. Is you sold the future OF LIFE ITSELF, just to shout: MINE/ MINE/ MINE. While you built mountains of garbage, just so you didn’t drown in the chaos of resource destruction: let the children die/ let the children pay/ let the world itself be destroyed/ let nature be ruined, crucified by mutilation/ let the universities play god. Let even the same energy source as on the sun: be released here on earth. While their cost of being wrong, to life is: HELL ON EARTH/ a nuclear fire released. Traitors, failures, fools, liars, thieves, whores, terrorists, hatred, and even “satan”; the biblical prophecy “destroyer of a world”. And humanity shouts: WE ARE PROUD/ you cannot charge us with that, WE ARE WINNERS. But alas, I do not: the evidence of your truth alone, stands to convict you/ not me. And the people say: I JUST WANTED WHAT I WANTED/ AND THEY GAVE IT TO ME; SO THIS AIN’T MY FAULT. I DID WHAT I WANTED TO DO/ AS IS MY RIGHT. So you can’t stop me & you can’t blame me; because I am free to take what I can get/ just like the rest, who all played the same game as did I.

That is of course true: you are free not to care, about life/ world/ nature/ child/ future/ eternity/ or anything else that needs love, respect, sharing, or hope to survive. Not your job to be anything other than selfish; is that not right? Of course it is, so you cannot be blamed; for being an animal; after all NATURE MADE YOU an animal; and if you are an animal, then you have no blame at all for what nature made you do: right?

But let’s review:

the destruction of a world, extinction of all life, forced chaos on everything as we descend into realities none of us will survive. EVEN the crucifixion of life itself, by mutilating genetics to derive the truth: boundaries are now crossed, order is discarded, disciplines no longer exist, and balance is dead. The universities proved they were god: “its called SATAN”. Because destruction of a world can be said as, an extreme power released. But an animal doesn’t need to care, right? After all, you just need to die. But wait: is there no humanity (more than animal) in any? Why yes there is: people who have not been fully consumed by hate/ so have a limited reality of truth inside. Truth demands you are a miracle of life/ and you know that is true. Which places you above an animal; by thought/ even if you refuse instruction; you know. As a miracle with choices: the excuse for an animal dies/ you made your decision to kill a world/ and cult worship “the universities, as your god”. Therefore the direct verdict of life lost/ a planet destroyed: is we failed our own humanity. The cost of that is a world gone/ even if some individuals shall find eternal love: the rest shall go to “HELL”. As is the truth of what they chose.

There is an entirely different class of traitors; that are unaware they are traitors because they believe in what they do is right. Or the righteous, cannot conceive of being wrong/ and as a result, there is only one side to their conclusions of what life should be. One such traitor: are the people who believe that diversity is wrong/ therefore all groups should intermix, until no distinguishing characteristics are left. Another is: the people who believe “we should all be friends”/ even though history proves, if you do not defend yourselves; it won’t be long before another group comes to take it all away, and make you slaves or dead. Another group is generally the religious, who believe no people should need to starve or in any way be told to curb their population growth: but that leads only to genocide/ because every habitat is limited, and that does mean. HELP MUST be tied to strict and true, population controls/ or it cannot be given. Another group believes: we don’t need no damn guns; but as history proves, without “equal weapons”/ genocide is certain; because people want all they can get: to hell with you. Another group shouts compromise, where compromise is the wrong decision; because some truths are sacred, as is: leave NATURE alone/ no mutilation. Another group demands “a big army”; because we want what we want/ but that always translates into war; as history does prove. Another group screams: the police are not fair/ but alas neither are the people they are employed to deal with: a bill of rights, so everyone knows the rules of engagement shall be met/ as we the people decide is fair, not fear. Another groups shouts “indoctrinate all the children in our religious beliefs; as is the current method in America” where evolution, the cult of the damned and dead brain; continues its surge into “life is to be sewage”. There are many.

We then turn to the biggest groups of all: traitor being, to direct or redirect with lies, for the purpose of hiding the truth; thereby to change what would otherwise be, because you want too. People lie to themselves most of all; claiming to be what reality and truth prove they are not. People lie to others, which is betrayal. People lie about others, because it is easier to “create an enemy”; than to face your own truth, your own reality, or the fact this must be changed, or we are in trouble; even dead. The trouble with a brain is: it will circle back, to a question you refuse to answer/ returning with everything you saw on tv; heard someone else say; expect from religion; or other. UNTIL you do find your answer; and many are those who declare “this is all your fault”/ even when it is not. As is population overcrowding is the fault of parents and leaders; not the child/ even though it is the child now competing; same as you (born without a say). Traitors look to war as their solution, because they know how to use a gun/ and many are those who cannot defeat someone else (traitors) with words; as is the essence of a court. Traitors cause a war to be considered, because greed and selfishness are constant; throughout society, including university. The worst traitors to life and world, are those who use delusion as if it were truth/ imagination as if it were reality/ fantasies as if they could magically play god/ and deceit: to steal all they can steal, by blinding you with pride (the universities are god). NOT true, even though the propaganda teams (news) make it their business to see the cult of university worshipers are not disturbed. The courts are corrupt/ leaders lost and without a clue (at best)/ and our world is dying, and will soon be extinct; because the masses just don’t care; traitors one and all. When asked why? “I can’t change anything anyway”; so I just don’t care/ the constant excuse. Or as religion says: GOD will do everything, so I DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING: period, leave us alone: we are OWED. But reality says: IF LIFE, SOCIETY, AND WORLD ARE NOT CHANGED; every living thing on this planet will soon be extinct! The evidence does prove that true. So the truth is: you cannot know what you can change, until you do the best you can do. Even without a reward; life for a world, cannot be measured/ but death can, and it will be horrific; NO going back.

The biggest liars of all; are geneticists, claiming as with “their vaccine”; that they know all they need to know, in order to play god with life. They know little to nothing, as truth proves in the numbers.

The reality of genetics are complex; and these numbers do not reflect the truth of it at all. because the chromosomes communicate with each other, through RNA which adds another entire dimension, that has been completely overlooked. the realities of behavior, thought, and more are also elements of knowledge that is missing in their claim of “we can play god”.  fools believe/ liars deceive/ but traitors “we don’t care about you or anything”; is worst of all. More simply:  The dead play games, an epidemic of failure, “without a brain”.

None are a greater traitor to life, than the university geneticist, and all those who support them; none are a greater liar, than media propagation of the same; the marketing of genocide as “your great savior”; a prostitute diseased to curse you. Politicians and courts a plague.

There truly is nothing that we value, as all life on earth: that is not “NATURE MADE”. People who deliberately gamble with that are beyond insane, and construct the term “Satan on earth”. There is truly nothing more important to life, than this planet. People who deliberately gamble with that are beyond insane, and construct the term “Satan on earth”. CULT WORSHIPERS; who gamble with “the universities are our god”; in search of a “.0001 percent from perfect ouch y”/ or believe gambling with all life is worth trying to find them “one more day”; are a pandemic of sewage. Because all life, IS SO FAR BEYOND YOUR LIFE; that you don’t count. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN LOSE/ AS THE COST OF ONE TINY CHANGE: CAN DESTROY LIFE ITSELF. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN LOSE: WHEN A NUCLEAR FIRE, CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED: AS IS OUR PLANET BECOMES A SUN; because the sun does burn atoms for fuel. “it ain’t magic, nor is it elements that don’t exist”.

None are a greater traitor to planet and life; than the university physicist, who believes they can play with the same fire here, as is on the sun. lying, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, traitor and more; “the university is god”; and all its fans who cannot and will not think for themselves, what the worms will eat; as sun fire takes control over this earth. Because ignition is the end; a nuclear fire will not be extinguished, nor will it extinguish itself. That day comes soon; and yet humanity does not care. Because as all cults do: they worship their god of university, as savior and friend. Even though the reality of their decisions are “the true enemies of life”; with their disguises removed.

Every cult has a few “trophies” to call their own; so the followers surrender their mind, to say “we will be rich, and safe; by following these, to let them make the decisions for us. So we cannot be blamed! But as always, the herd is wrong; and the reality is: YOU CHOSE, YOU PARTICIPATED, AND YOU MADE IT POSSIBLE TO UNIVERSITY, TO DESTROY LIFE ON EARTH; whether you continue to hide in religion or not. The reality is: YOUR god, along with your cult called a university; is evolution/ and evolution is the sign of Satan.

YOUR EXISTENCE: DEPENDS UPON HOPE; because without hope, people commit suicide. Kill the body with mutilation/ kill the food/ kill the water/ kill the resources/ kill the earth/ KILL THE FUTURE.

YOUR EXISTENCE: DEPENDS UPON NATURE AND THIS EARTH; because without them as they are; your life/ your world/ your child dies forever, as is extinction.

YOUR EXISTENCE: depends upon love, because without love there is only hate. Therefore share and care about each other; and GET YOUR DAMN FACE OUT OF YOUR PHONE; wake up to life itself, rather than wants. FIND YOUR WORLD BACK, not your hate.

and all the people say, “not in my lifetime”/ which literally means, “for an eternity then”. Because what gave you life/ can remain past your time; as your life occurred prior to when your time began. The difference is: time is a distance/ but life, is a miracle.


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