stepping stones


The question of moments, is a value shaped by time. Therefore the direction of your life, is by the decisions that you have made/ while the realities of your decision, have then become the essence of why, you are you.

Purpose means: without this, I have no direction to my living, my relationship with time and body, as it is the transportation of my home (body of life), into the world that lives by my own desire. Desire then means: life is worth living, because I chose to participate in the Creation of what does time mean to me? An identity revealed by truth. But every truth has a consequence, which does range from “good to bad”/ and every consequence has a cost or reward to life itself, as the future is then changed either for or against the values which you chose.

In this world, our relationship with life and living; has been adjusted to whatever the universities chose. But unfortunately, the majority of their decisions, as is consistent with the majority; is a disease, with consequences that destroy the future of life, even the planet itself. Because want is an enemy; there is no concern for others, “only me (greed and selfishness first)”. While pride is a delusion: that you can win something valuable (look at me/ listen to me)/ by making the rest lose (judged worthless next to me). The tragedy that is power, forms the need for fear/ because power cannot control the others, without fear (therefore violence “to insist”). So the world dies, because the universities cult (the leader); wants to win control over life itself. Nothing is less, “intellectually correct” than is this.


to achieve ANY hope for a future of life on this planet; we must all then conceive of what real value, of and to both life and living; means as, or for a world. Because without the construction of value, all that is left is want/ pride/ and power; as is the cost of your decisions in this day.

The universities or hate; has no purpose here/ and will not be tolerated; because it is a price that destroys life and world. Delusions, deceit, fantasies & failure, imagination without truth; equal a graveyard filled: Far sooner than you think. The universities say “just one thing is all you need to succeed”. Life says, all the trillions of realities which shape our world, life, and living are fundamentally valued and valuable, because we know not; what is truly needed to keep this world alive. Rather what we do know is: wherever chaos reigns/ there will be no life, because it literally means “nothing complex is left”.

The question is then: WHAT IS VALUED IN, or about YOUR LIFE? A purpose called “humanity”.

The answer is yours alone; but there are conceptions, consistent with all who value love. A reality that surfaces in the understanding: there are only two real choices in life, “to love/ or to hate”; because everything else is merely survival (not a true choice/ life or death of a physical home). Given that, then all we really need to know is: what has or has not love, in the grace and beauty of your life and world?

We can agree: the grace and beauty of every body of life, not mutilated by the cost of what humanity did do/ is beyond measure; a gift of love/ a miracle of truths beyond our own grasp. Because it is true. Can you build an eye/ create hearing, touch, “or a billion other gifts, given to you in your own body of life”? No, you cannot/ and you know it.

We then look to truth as the substance of our own value; because without truth, only lies are left/ and we all know, that a lie, cannot construct a life. Instead it blinds the truth with disguises hidden in want, pride, or power.

We then ask, WHY: is humanity so fundamentally woven together by want, pride, and power; that it barely knows what real love is? Reality suggests: one lie shapes another, and another, and another; and the end result is: the road ahead is filled with traps, and constructs of tragedy, and signs which lie, and temptations which hide the truth/ realities consistent with “a coiled snake”. That fact isolates, we all must fight to survive the cost of what has been done; instead of, to love as life was meant to be.

We must then ask: WHY did the masses of humanity participate in such a valueless game, as is this/ trying to deceive each other, trying to gain “winner” over each other, trying to establish fear, claiming revenge: “so you, pay attention to me”. Answer: because you turned away from truth decides, “not you or me”. Simple as that!

Therefore we know, the three elements of living: are truth, love, and miracles. But they are limited, without the essence of life itself: hope, respect, values, courage, discipline, order, balance, acceptance of GOD . The discovery of “being alive” in JOY.

IT IS the essence of hope, to participate in happiness, with the courage to understand what is true. Only truth protects love. Only love establishes respect. Without true respect, there is no relationship that matters. As a consequence to that, lies exist; to establish or control a relationship by disguise. Hate needs love to attack/ or it dies, “without substance”; because hate has no value. But humanity turns to hate constantly: because fear needs an enemy it can defeat/ even if it is an enemy created, so to look aside from the truth of what you believe cannot be defeated. Humanity turns to hate, to avoid the circle of death, that is a brain which continually returns to the same path; forcing you to make a decision, you did not want to make. Because in that decision is a direction, your identity is then changed/ unless you let truth decide for you. We all start with truth inside; we all are confronted with lies, want, power, and pride; to determine what does have real value, to you. The consequence being: to find YOUR truth. Therefore we understand the elevation of hope is: to ascend the stepping stones of what we value most; if love. Love lifts us, beyond the gates of time; to open a spiritual door into self. Or more distinctly: Creation is not limited by body alone/ your life has opportunities beyond the limits of time.

Respect is: the dignity owed to the work, and its worker/ the realities of truth and law/ order and discipline/ balance and justice for all, as was needed to produce the end result of value to life and living and earth. As recognized by MIRACLES; that is a respect due to GOD . As is a respect owed to JESUS for granting a reprieve from evil (hatred unleashed): the identity of love is reviewed “ever since”. The reality of miracles, a decision that includes “the human touch”, is alive.

Respect lives or dies in you, dependent upon truth. Therefore truth decides if you have respect or not. The consequence being; even the liar has his or her disguise removed/ if you let truth decide for you. There is no relationship without respect/ it is only want or pride or power that invades. None of these are a purpose with value to you. Respect knows: “just because you can is not sufficient to make that decision”. As is found in: just because you can kill/ just because you can mutilate/ just because you can poison this earth/ just because you can be greedy and selfish/ just because the universities say so: does not mean LIFE nor LIVING; is served by what you do. RESPECT REQUIRES A BRAIN; not a belief. Because you literally can belief whatever you want to believe; but that does not make it true. Which puts belief directly under hate; as a failure to life itself. Respect requires truth to decide, and truth never fails to respect what has value to life or living or world.

Values assemble “the why we live”; into a construction of stability is formed by this/ anchored into this. The crisis of a human life is incurred, when what we believe to be “stable or anchored or dependable” thereby trusted as our own ability to make a decision which can be valued. Is then submerged into doubt, when those decisions fail us. Trusting society, trusting universities, trusting love, trusting religion; and a long line of other realities we use in our decision making; confronts us directly, when things go wrong. Some go into depressions (I can’t want anymore)/ some find doubt and anger in all things/ some blame GOD, or their god/ some refuse to trust in love again/ some betray the others, bite, steal, even kill; because they wanted, what they wanted, to believe. And it failed. Which means IF YOU DON’T REBUILD, from the truth up: then you will surrender to one of the costs of being human as seen above.

Value is then, the critical truth of what the evidence itself will prove is a law that cannot be destroyed. A value to living, that will not fail; because it is truth, and truth never lies. Thereby the value of our own decision/ consequently our future as dependent upon ourselves, is then dependent upon the elemental values of our truth, the law which is the anchor to our world of life inside of us.

Value constructs the living world “beyond self”; as a reality formed by the quest each is on to achieve their own desires. The foundation of living within those desires is a purpose upon which decisions are made, to inhabit the values we have chosen for our self. What is me: constructs a boundary line, where discipline decides who will cross. To be alive requires the purity of truth, that is not tainted with lies. To be living in this world, which does mean to share and care for others; requires us to be confronted with want, pride, and power, as a constant form of expression and the experiences of our own society/ the realities induced upon our world, by those who hate. Value shapes our dimension, “the boundaries we have formed”/ by accepting only truth has a right, to live with me. Love then participates, where an identity is true.

Courage is the elemental acceptance: that I am alive without the knowledge or truth assigned by why. Therefore it is fair to accept, that I will die, without the knowledge or truth assigned by why. The comprehension of these things form an essential binding to trust; and it is trust that will determine what and who can be courage or not. Courage is the price: to be who truth inside of you/ demands that you must be, as is the identity you chose. If you fail/ you must try again, or surrender and fall into a lie (to shape your world/ yourself, with a disguise).

Discipline is a definition of truth, a quest to understand and know the value of a decision, by letting the consequences of that fact become known, by the reality of the evidence now set into motion, shall decide. Discipline determines your ability to participate in law, by adhering to the values of truth, as they are accepted. Discipline determines who will rape/ who will be an addict/ who will murder/ cheat/ steal/ etc. Because without discipline with honor/ there is discipline without: (temptation/ jealousy/ marketing/ fraud/ ridicule/ pride/ the lies of want/ power used to enforce fear: and all that uses a decision to identify and set a trap, or as a, cause to take). Discipline sets into motion, the value of your heart. OR, it is used as a predator, to steal your soul. Do you see the conflict? The critical course is heart. The critical definition of heart is: by this choice, I have begun to earn, “I shared, because I cared”; I lived, because I Loved; I chose respect, because I will not judge “it is not called, mine/ only the law justified by truth” is allowed to judge.

Order constructs the ascension of life beyond the basic elements of what can be used to build. If you have no use for order/ then you cannot build a life, because you do not accept truth has a discipline needed, in order to achieve law. Order, is the law of structure, and it begins with the truth of what each elemental participant can do. Without order life is lost; as is the consequence of universities betrayal to life and world, by injecting chaos, failure, fantasy, lies, tragedy, terrorism, hate, violence, the sewage of a brain lost to evolution; and all the rest of what they do.

NONETHELESS, order builds from the foundation of what becomes the truth of your own identity. Without an identity, you have no basis to survive a future. Therefore identity and order are fundamentally inescapable to life eternal. Truth is the element of our identity/ truth cannot be changed, therefore whatsoever is your truth, is your eternal identity/ time allows for change. Death does not: it is whatever it is, that you chose. Purity develops the structure of your soul, and without a soul, there is no eternity for you. Soul is: your participation in thought, as you conceive of miracles, and then search for Creation and its CREATOR in your own realm of thought. The place inside, where only you can touch what is your truth. True love can add another participant/ but if it is not true love, what you chose to give away, is now their own. Because love is a gift/ and a gift is now owned by those you chose to give your love to. Let go, YOU chose! Begin again, and choose better: that truth alone shall decide/ no more want.

Balance is, the value of honesty, the purity of thought, and the dignity of work because we choose to participate as “a child of GOD” . Balance then comes to mean: I have learned in the lesson of miracles, to accept myself as a value/ a reality so fundamentally superior “as a reality of being ALIVE”/ indifferent, to the constant human claims of pride, want, or power; that their attempts to control, will have no effect upon me. To be balanced, is to achieve the intensity of life over death. Or more simply: to understand, as is the essence assigned by every miracle of Creation; that being human is balanced by the fact my CREATOR loves even me. To balance the consequence of living in time, I have constructed the disciplines, order, truth, and decisions that lift my life into thought; where I am born into eternity.

Accepting GOD; is not a decision/ it is a destiny shaped by thought, into the path of what must become “my own truth”. It is not a belief, which allows for anything you want it to be. But a reality, that is functionally and fundamentally a refusal to “focus on just one little thing (the opposite of universities)”. INSTEAD LIFE is a reality of incalculable measurements all combining into the miracles of our existence, the consequence of time and truth by the laws which created us all; as thought would allow. Brains (trains the body good) are only good for measurements/ as such discarded (not body but life). The difference is, that while body of time, constructs the physical forms/ it is thought itself, which identifies and creates the body of life. Life is not identified by body/ but is constructed by the laws of your own individual truth. The difference is: time allows you the opportunity to change your mind; until dead. While life itself uses the body as an introduction to what an action or reaction will do/ the cost of truth and consequences/ or the realities clearly identified in love or hate.

We do not “know GOD” as religion suggests/ although we may know considerable about JESUS, as biblical text offers for study. Rather what we do know about GOD is the results of “miracles and realities and the love so clearly evidenced in our world: OUTSIDE of human indifference or hate or behaviors that are vile. If you can find a spot left untouched by humanity/ you can find in that nature, a diversity that “knows almost, no bounds”. A reality of balance, that offers both freedom and dignity to those who survive/ while protecting the future from “over population of any specific kind”. A planet that was profound in its balance, and created for life; now being overrun, by those who cannot conceive of life: beyond want. GOD in human terms is as simple as: MIRACLES CANNOT be constructed in any other way, than by a CREATOR; JESUS being the guarantor, we were not left, and abandoned. Which is why hate tries so hard to propagate its lies, evolution taking its place on top of that list; and then take control; so they can “destroy you too”/ as their own gift back to life itself. A reality the universities satan will soon accomplish/ unless stopped. Which to your shame, You show, no intent to do. EXTINCTION IS FOREVER/ NO GOING BACK. DONE IS DONE. CHOOSE BETTER!

TO BE, “alive in JOY” is a creation of living, within the love, of being accepted; as valued by GOD. Not “worthy”/ as none are pure or perfect, or fundamentally true, or anything resembling “a miracle we created within ourselves”. Rather simply being invited to try, to assemble from the spiritual world, the desire to move beyond time, in the expressions of love and life which will survive. That cannot be done “with lies”/ therefore the spiritual world exists to remove those lies/ and whatever truth remains, is the identity of you. Mercy allows we can be less, where love is alive. GOD IS GOD , and will decide. However you should know: that you know EVERYTHING “that is you”/ and no possibility of escaping your own truth exists. What is true, is true/ and that can only be hidden if allowed; by the things you did do, for life and love in the grace of GOD shown by you, to the rest of humanity. “that, is your gift back”.


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