I, live in this USA; “a place drowning in the cost of “university is god”/ a reality of traitors, liars, thieves, failures, fools, and terrorists in charge of conspiring to bring down the nation and this world: by producing the army of a cult, and the collusion of media, and the courts; to destroy the whole. The politicians failed, along with policing. The people failed, due to their fears: their belief “the university is god/ and as a cult, they cannot question their god, who leads them into hell.

That is the curse, of America; and yet the people immigrate; to their shame: because they hope to join in the “everything is free/ I won’t pay; let the children be damned to cannibalism and more”. Trash the world is a constant shout; because they know the price of bringing back life to this nation or this world is more than they want to pay. So they hide, and fully intend to blame the universities, or politicians, or media, or policing, or military; OR ANYONE but themselves. As is the price of a coward (I cannot fight/ the grave terrorizes me: even though, we all know it is coming for every last one). As we all know: then eternity begins, “as whatever that is to be”. And the children join, each generation as it arrives; because they want what they want too/ and quickly they realize the cost of returning to life: claiming “not in my lifetime as well”/ or, they cannot stop it, so why try. America is not alone in this; as every nation knows, and every immigrant does prove.

The critical question: is do you want to face extinction in your lifetime? A reality of absolute terror, surrounding you with flames/ sucking the oxygen from your lungs, and forcing you into caves just to remain in time for a little while longer. As reality becomes HELL on earth/ an eternity, shaped by your own contribution to destroying this living world, and all its life forever.

And the people divide: the vast majority to run and hide in “the universities are our god, and they would NEVER gamble our lives; they are savior, buddy, pal, friend, leader, everything including religion, when you wipe away the disguises.” but alas: they are arrogant, and without shame for the things they do; because of the masses who NEVER question the price of being wrong. Or the reality of pure fantasy and delusion/ deceit and theft/ lies and shame.

While those who are left to face reality, all contend “NOT in my lifetime/ let the children die; we don’t care”. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; be damned to the rest.

So, as the decades past by: I drug a few people out of their beliefs, to face the truth of reality by the evidence. But a few moments later, they would all race back inside their prison of beliefs; where they felt safe. But reality had invaded, and they no longer felt safe/ so they turned to hate me instead. To fight with you, is to recognize: your only response is to fight back, and never listen to why. Which means no war could save you; you have no brain/ only wants. The animal does not think, it wants what it wants, and learns to fear anything that could interfere, or take life away; as is the cost of learning, this world will die without change in humanity itself.

We are now “days/ months/ or perhaps even a year or two at best” from nuclear ignition; as is being done under universities direction: to bring the same energy source here, as is on the sun. www.iter.org is the biggest of these/ and most likely to ignite a nuclear fire (burning the bond in atoms). Whereas the fire we know here on earth is burning the molecular bond between elements: an expected instantaneous 4 million times more expansion; once the fire ignites. With radiation that will instantly explode any living thing within a thousand miles. But you don’t care: because the universities are your god/ and even though they lied to you about fusion (proven not to exist at lawrence livermore lab in San Francisco 2012)/ a lie to you about expansion, hiding the theoretical expectations of expansion; in the marketing strategy of “only ten percent more or so” (safe)/ the endless delusion of “we know”/ when in fact their entire explanation of the sun is built around an element that cannot be proven to exist; along with “its magic” is all they got. Yet humanity doesn’t care to question the facts; because the cult insists “the universities are our god”/ and so it is true. You can’t stop the circus of blind believers; because the truth does not matter; once the prison door locks shut. As is the purpose of all belief: to lock out “ANYTHING” but what I want to believe. Period, no truth/ no reality/ no consequences/ no questioning/ just believe; what I want, is true. As seen above: even when forced beyond the gate; fear drives them back. So what we are truly talking is the power of fear, and the realities of people who drive their fear out, by turning to belief/ arrogance/ and accepting failure as the only price they cannot avoid. Not even the end of the world can change them: because belief protects the liar; from his or her own truth.

So, in the decades past: I searched in the money you worshiped as god as well. To find thieves, liars, fools, failure, traitors, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, felonies and more: but fear was all you knew, and when pushed “not in my lifetime” was your answer.

So, the realities of resource devastation: the end of life for every child/ even cannibalism as is certain, along with weapons of mass destruction will be used. NOT enough to move a single soul to help me communicate that truth. Not even among the children; because as they get older, “they want what they want/ and they don’t want to pay the price their elders refused to pay”. So fear drives them away; into extinction.

So, I tried the law, and took time to learn; so as not to be defeated. But the law only protects the powerful/ and pride refuses the rest: because want rules this earth. The law is only useful, to those who enforce it/ and all the people want to be rich; so they don’t want the law or democracy to be enforced; unless they have nothing. Even then: the vast majority who have not simply given up: still expect to be rich some day/ and don’t want their chance to “prove YES I CAN:” to be taken away by reality. Because the reality of one and all is: this world cannot die/ that won’t happen.

But alas: by the evidence of what has been done already: this world will die. Same fire as on the sun/ same result: all death/ no mercy/ no second chances/ no humanity left. Mutilating all of nature, as is currently going on right now: Armageddon. Poisoning the water supplies as is current, and reality: the Apocalypse (the war for water). Weapons of mass destruction. 400,000 roughly; new mouths to feed over deaths/ across this world every single day arrive to be fed. Genetically altering crops, by removing their defenses: putting entire species at risk. The ocean life across this planet on the edge of extinction: means nothing for you to eat either/ world war. Resource losses equal no job/ no future/ no life: world war. Theft across this world, by humans hiding the truth of what they did do to the currency and claims of every worker: blindly demanding you are our slaves of billions. And more, such as every life chain broken. Countless species of life extinct. Habitat destroyed, and the atmosphere ready to detach; and wind speeds rise quickly to over one hundred miles per hour sustained. The earth heating up, because no ice exists to cool it in the summer/ no ice for one of the base food groups which feed the ocean to grow on: no possibility life can endure the heat/ or the change in weather patterns and rain. And yet: this world blankly says: ‘NOT IN MY LIFETIME”! Because they want what they want/ and they don’t want, “to pay for NOTHING”. Shouting just like the religious, “ GOD owes us”/ HE won’t let nothing bad happen here”. But the evidence is true, and the reality of your own freedom/ and the fact that every threat we face is caused by humanity. The reality YOU are destroying HIS CREATION; does not bode well for you or mercy to come. Because that, is what you chose. Your weapon is greed/ and your selfishness is mountainous: murdering, your own children; to prove “you won’t pay”!

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Jim Osterbur

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