We must look, to the realities of what can be done: for a world facing complete collapse, in every conceivable way/ and then war; as the result of “university knows best”.

The first line of defense is literally a moratorium on all university, industrial, government, or business experimentation/ and in particular, FIRST on the list is all genetics and physics/ chemistry and biology/ space and computer along with robotics and weapons. UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE ARE FULLY INFORMED about the true intent, realities involved, and the cost of being wrong. THEN WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE, by our own vote. The very first courtroom case is: the decision, and machinery; to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. Cost of being wrong: same fire/ same result; prove it is not so. The greatest gamble/ and proof of need to know the rest.

From there, the realities of financial collapse are the most pressing according to the people/ even if they are not. But human reality is, what human reality is; and without change in humans; there is no future for life or earth. Simple as that; the evidence already known: is proof enough of truth.

We the people must control the bankruptcy of a nation: by choosing for justice/ demanding fair play for all/ exposing the realities which brought us here/ examining as a people what we can do for ourselves/ and then by vote establishing our best result.

Three things are consistent with need: the reality of overpopulation, and the absolute need for resource protection/ equals that half the population on earth; will not have a job. Simple as that, the universities chose to replace you, and destroy the foundations of life in society, that kept life working. We must turn back with change: “small town realities for work and needs; are required/ NOT drive ten thousand miles to nowhere”. We must share the work, which means: an honest education is required/ NOT the trash of university indoctrination to their cult; but real life education for life and work and the realities we face to rebuild a future. They are not the same. Basically, your thirst for greed and selfishness must end/ or life will. Simple as that! Which does mean limited capitalism is required to regulate how much power any person will control, which includes corporations, real estate and more. Then with an education suited to the work to be done: we all learn to be happy with what we do have/ because when we share the bounty of life, we gain the peace of community with joy. The list is long here, and will not be simple. The foundation truth of it is: every group wants its own group to be in charge, so we have more/ so we can do whatever we want/ because we are best and deserve more than the rest; and so on. Those who came first, and built what the others have invaded: do have “first rights”. But they cannot claim it all; because none of us, chose to be born/ we simply arrived, wherever that was. So we are: all equal. EVEN SO: as history proves again and again: when one group destroys its future, by ravaging its environment, and raping its resources. They then invade another group to take their stuff: claiming “its us or them”/ and it is. But no more: to enforce that with law/ this earth must be divided according to its groups, and the possibilities they too will survive, where they go. Reality enforces: YOUR GROUP has done its part, and is free to travel as it wishes, but not immigrate, unless invited to do so. IN CONTRAST: “your group” HAS FAILED its duty, and your population is out of control/ your resources have been devastated/ you did no work for the future/ you have no food or water, because you were lazy. And we will lock you into your boundaries; to deal with your own truths. NO ESCAPE: YOU CHOSE/ NOW accept the consequences.

World law and world policing is required or you die. That focuses on the leaders to control a nation/ and protects all borders/ and functionally protects “the natural world from exploitation”; as chosen by our vote as a world for law. Their job includes the enforcement of borders in between these group areas/ therefore it should be large enough to insure that can be so. Rather like states; where one state is given to the chinese immigrant/ another the latino immigrant/ another european immigrant and so on: until the groups are divided, and the reality of enforcing population control, and more is possible to do. And the people scream; NOT IN MY LIFETIME. But if you don’t, you will war/ because the future is bleak at best. Because that is what you chose. Just as war focuses on groups, “so we can identify you”/ the realities of war will invade nations, and what history proves will happen has not changed. Those who are intermarried must find their own state, or join another: but make no mistake, when push comes to shove “any outsider will be considered a spy”/ as it has always been. The homosexual group needs it own state, and so on. After division has occurred: NO IMMIGRANT IS WELCOME/ AND NOBODY GETS TO MOVE, unless they are literally invited to do so, and then choose it for themselves. No It is not “nice”/ but it is reality, and you will prove that true; this way, or with war. You have no resources left to rebuild with after war: which means you sink into HELL, until gone. EVERY STATE, roughly the same size and conception of equality/ so there can be no excuses, or power to control the others. ALL military weaponry is removed, and you shall not rebuild/ or you forfeit your border, to where world law shall now impose restraint on you. Robotics, and more: will be useful in this endeavor. A constantly changing world policing force/ where none are allowed more than (8) years employed: protects against their invasion of you. A military presence, or a single nuclear weapon: protected against invasion, even by world policing: with parts spread among many. Can be used to turn against them; if they fail.


none of this is possible: without a true investigation of the facts, that do identify and create: AN ACTUAL INTELLIGENT DEPICTION OF WHAT THE EVIDENCE “without color”; will prove is true. Massive change as is this: cannot be accomplished, UNLESS it is clear to the masses/ that we have very little choice. Or we go extinct.

That can only be done in a courtroom/ NEVER AGAIN through media; as is the propaganda arm of the “devil (we can take it all/ and kill them)”. OPEN THE DOORS/ TURN ON THE LIGHTS/ GIVE NONE, the opportunity to say, we will not testify to what we know/ and in ALL WAYS, PROVE WHAT IS OR IS NOT TRUE. Do not believe, prove what is true; and search until you do.

HATE will get its own state to exist in: where greed, and selfishness fight for wealth/ regardless of the consequences. Same basic size as the rest; but if crowded/ you will draw new lines inside their own borders: where each group is confined. Policing shall not intervene between these border wars. They are on their own: they chose/ and will be surrounded by the weaponry to prove: this is where they stay. Which means avionics, and other means of transport; will be removed. There border however shall remain open to the rest of the world: as hate (you belong here) deposits its own here in this place, from time to time. When it is proven true.

LOVE cannot “have a state of its own”/ because every liar/ thief/ fraud/ traitor/ terrorist and even worse: wants to live where life does not recognize who they are. Predator and prey do not share the same bed. Love shall build within its own group, as cities set apart.

Lust, is in a hurry/ love is not, it seeks the time to share, values which we can share, disciplines and duties to set our lives aright, in the hope of truth and joy. Be the life, you choose to be; and inherit the love given to life in this Creation. But understand, time does not last forever, do what you can do/ and do it now, for life and love, and GOD / your CREATOR; “the giver of miracles” to us.

As to realities of change; nobody is being required to change more than I/ it is a surprise, I did not have a clue: perhaps you didn’t either. But truth is truth, and reality does not care what you want/ it only results from the consequences of what we choose. Therefore every decision has its cost. Mine, was seeking an answer I could not find in male/ because there is none. So female was simply asked: what would you do, to save life on earth? Reality proves they cannot save this earth either/ but together as male and female equals; a choice we can make. The decision to participate as equals, shows truth has a way, if only you would pay: the price is sharing, because you cared. But if not, the end will be more real; than you can imagine.

The consequence of my decision is: female demands “a clear and certain review” of all that men have done to women; by me, so that I do understand the reality of their truth. It is, “far more” than you would expect/ she is capable, “the tables have turned” so to speak. This is a spiritual world of female truth, that I encountered: a reality shaped by Revelation 12; as I am “a participant therein” as described previously. So, my demand for change in you; is also a demand for change in me; I am not excluded. I do not know how it ends, or what my future will be; here in time.

Nonetheless, life or death of this world is not about me/ nor can you use me as your excuse anymore. The reality of evidence/ the cost of truth already known/ the summary of catastrophe “waiting just outside the door”; points to extinction/ or true change, and there is no in between. No going back later: this is true and real change; or death to our world/ as are the consequences of your choice to make the universities god. Simple as that; whether you like it or not/ the reality of evidence convicts this human world; of things that should never have been done. Which leaves us with the mercy, one last chance to change what is horrifying, and time will prove that; or surrender this world to HELL. “its your choice”/ not mine.

I simply did do, “the best I could”/ clearly not perfect, but my prayer is adequate; and as is true for you, is true for me as well: the best I did do/ is the best I could do; regardless of the outcome. Even if some things could have been changed: as is the end of life on earth/ the truth: of what I did do, is what matters to eternity. Even if you won’t care. “its up to you”/ life or death; for our world. CHOOSE!

Go to court; and prove the evidence is true or false/ the consequences are worth the price of being WRONG. YOU OWE THAT TO LIFE, AND CHILD!

Just so its clear: my failures to be “everything I could be for you”/ were guided by your greed, selfishness, lack of love, extreme thirst for wealth, constant war for pride, intense demand for power, endless want, discarding of friends/ family/ and more; all to throw more resources on the garbage mountain you claimed “proved how superior you are to each other”. NOT EVEN “THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE/ BURNING ATOMS, HERE ON EARTH; WHERE EVERYTHING IS THEN FUEL”. COULD WAKE YOU UP. Because more than greed, you chose the universities as your god. Believing they were your saviors/ guided by endless media blitz to insure their cult of university is god; would not die.

Today, that cult has destroyed this nation/ has set up its factory of chaos, to genetically alter life in worship of the disease called evolution/ and the entire world of life has been set onto the edge of extinction itself. Because “yes we can”/ had no brain. No future. No relationship to life.

Which leaves us with: CHANGE OR DIE, now or never/ because past the point of no return; you are “dead meat”; every single one.

NOTHING POINTS TO THE END OF LIFE MORE: than does the people trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ spouting delusion, fantasy, arrogance, and imagination as their guide. Trillions of dollars spent (can’t back out now) for machines to do that very thing. Ignition is the end of this world, as earth becomes a sun do to a nuclear fire that sustains its own plasma. Or as your university gods suggest: “the fire will just extinguish itself/ not enough gravity (but all the evidence with clear and absolute certainty points to the fire as producing solar gravity_ so reality itself denies even the possibility of their delusion) here to sustain the fire”. But of course wrong means; YOU ARE DEAD/ IN ONE SINGLE INSTANT; because the cult could not question its god. To your eternal shame and torture, for killing an entire world of life; with pride. Who could possibly be a greater failure than you? A more worthless example of the trash, you made this world to be; “in your own image”. Shame on you.

I am not your excuse. You are mine.

The difference is simple: you chose want, pride, and power (look at me, listen to me, I am the important one)/ along with the worship of whoever you believed could make you rich. While I chose love, life, and truth; the GOD of miracles, (these are the important gifts to our world, to our existence) who offered eternity to those who accepted an identity built upon truth, with value proven as trust, beyond the limits of time. It is a choice.

But only hate produces a judgment; each is born free to choose: “now/ or forever” (a reality governed by thought, the discipline of hope/ not intellect). Unfortunately for you, the destruction of an entire living world: will also have a judgment against those who failed life, as an entire Creation lost.    you, have been “wolves”; hunting pennies to prove “winner”/ throwing away life, by a focus so narrow life itself will die. because you just didn’t care enough; “to be friends with life itself; as is the evidence called love”. it is a choice.

And the people say: “we are doing great”/ you can’t scarce us: we want/ and we will take, because nothing bad is going to happen in my lifetime; let the children fend for themselves, with whatever is left.

But alas, your entire economy is based upon counterfeiting currency, governments are run by lies, and your education is about avoiding reality. Or as media requires of you: “every answer is a gun”. Robbing the future is your choice, and thereby murdering every child, your cost/ their consequence. Your savior “the universities” have attacked nature, ending life itself as is nature. Your endless want is driving the earth itself into chaos: even though you know, “be kind to this earth or it will kill you instead”/ is real.

I do not scarce you/ I merely say to you as from the beginning: GO TO COURT, AND PROVE YOU CAN SURVIVE; “THE CHOICES YOU HAVE MADE/ the god of fools, as is the universities you chose.” answer: you cannot.        PROVE, your children can survive!       answer, they will not.      t Therefore:    “shame on you”. 

and this world, led by the religion of all beliefs, “screams back”: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/ WE HAVE RIGHTS. “LET GOD do it”.

But as is, what you have declared: your choice, is your own. Just as GOD’S CHOICE, is HIS own as well. You, are not god/ and you cannot tell the GOD of this universe what HE will or will not do. Making religion in all its versions: a liar. Only truth decides/ faith is truth identified, and thereby trusted as the value we chose. That is destiny/ not religion. But as “biblical religion” would understand: going back to “adam and eve”; the serpent of fear (while media constantly whispers in your ear; believe in your savior, obey your god the snake), has coiled around you/ and caused you to eat “the forbidden fruit”. As is the cost of a pandemic, “not true”; and the realities of gambling with nature itself, as universities playing god, take control over life; and Armageddon comes to earth (as is nature in chaos: what the universities want, in outright worship of their god, evolution). and the serpent called university says: “pay no heed, we will wipe away every tear/ and a new day of life we made happen; proves there is no god but us”. to prove it: another biological disease will soon appear, until you have nothing left but your life to sacrifice. As death consumes this earth. but hey not to worry: after all, “ignition of sun fire” could easily come first: to burn you alive.

While religion and faith in truth can serve each other; and religion has kept the realities of our search for “truth of life” in perspective with our time, and troubles; our love and hope. A refuge against “we know nothing at all”; the value of going back to the beginning of respect, has true value. But continuing on through love and peace, has more.

The cost is/ Religion is belief: that what you want, will come true. But want is not truth, it is want; and to whatever degree truth participates in that want; determines its value. Want is the foundation of every lie (you don’t lie/ unless you want something): therefore be wary, of what you want. The universities want evolution to be true; so as to avoid the cost of respecting life/ respecting Creation/ respecting GOD or JESUS ; or even the evidence of “Noah’s flood”; as is clear and certain. Is that not lesson enough, to prove want is tragedy coming.

Let only truth be your guide/ which means we must search for the purity of that truth, in order to be balanced in our direction, the disciplines owed to destiny. In the Creation of our own self, as an identity governed by the value of truth, life, love, and hope.

And the world says to me: “the universities” are our hero/ they saved us with medicines and surgery; and bombs to scary to use.

But alas; 95% of all medical advance is due to antibiotics and vaccine; each an observation defined and accepted by nature itself/ among a very tiny few. Surgery is due to antibiotics, and without it; you go back to “never open the body”; or it dies. Medicines themselves are “hit and miss; finally a solution we can use”; as tears formed them all/ from need. As to hero: do they not steal ALL YOUR MONEY/ look closely, and it is organized crime, by the extortion of pain and fear: even if the medial staff itself is not. As to hero: my body has been diagnosed several times wrong/ some right; “not perfect”. Medicines have worked/ some were just dangerous; not perfect. Realities of work; are same for medical professionals as the rest: “not perfect”/ sometimes wrong. Not hero, just people, “like you and me”. Is it not the job they chose? If you don’t do the whole job/ then you won’t do the rest.

The universities now gamble with all of life by producing, and distributing a vaccine nature did not. It could easily turn HORRIFIC; as the factory line of injecting chaos into nature proves this will be HORRIFIC/ Armageddon unleashed. And religion says “you can’t scare me”/ the universities are god. But alas, they are not: just former classmates pretending to be gods. Bombs to scary to use, are extinction for us all; because they will be used. And the reality of medicine is: all of life and world now faces extinction; because we are literally too many humans overtaking the entire world, destroying everything you can. So the reality of medicine is: while good for the human individual/ tragic and catastrophic to the planet and all other life. My life was saved medically by antibiotics; at least three times. So while we learn what we can do/ the cost of that change cannot be overlooked: it is now, zero population growth, or less.

Or more simply put: imagination, fantasy, delusion, theft, deceit, lies, cheating, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, fraud, criminal intent, outright terrorism, betrayal; and all the rest “that universities do”/ will not keep this earth alive. Your cult worship, will not keep you alive either. As is extinction comes soon.



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