We turn to passion: the thing all animals identify as wants/ pride/ or power. VERSUS the truth of a human being alive in the miracles of life itself, which is “to construct a path into the formations of love”. They are very different concepts in truth.

Passion means: to accept a value is here, beyond what other life and living have presented to me; as either “good, or bad”. The fact we can be passionate about the cost of hate, OR passionate about the truth of love itself; shows a crossroads, that is humanity itself. Every life will view hate at some point along their own journey, if they survive any amount of time. Every life that is blessed with the opportunity to know what love truly is; will learn the value of it; but only the courageous need apply. Because love is born in the field of our human existence, as our connection with GOD / and that is no small thing.

It is then true, that passion points to the path, of our innermost desires and design. It is your participation in the Creation of our living, here on earth. Want sees that participation as taking what you can find/ pride offers “you can’t be stopped, as the superior one”/ while power designs the traps and fears that demand “I am the righteous one/ I am owed”. Failing that, judgment occurs: and the means to an ending (yes, I can) has arrived.

Our participation in love, is an entirely different experience and expression of life beyond self. In love, the critical first step is respect; because it illuminates our intent to be fair in all ways and desires, for life, body, the future, and hope. In that element of happiness is recognized; passion accepts truth as the path we must take as one/ the value of our existence, is then refined as “we shared, because we cared”. Passion sees the future beyond a body; as the distance between time and love. Where hope arises, the elegant task of defining our direction, identifying our hopes through love, is a decision we share. Life has many crossroads, the places where reality demands a “separated decision from the path we would take”: because life needs our purpose to be truth in life itself, comes first. Love accepts where the desire is true; because without life, there is no love. So the concepts of eternity, fundamentally change love into the cherished moments that cannot be erased. A truth in courage, that will not be denied.

The animal wants, because it wants; and the assumption is “that is love”/ because you want it enough to work for the prize, whatever that is. You lie to get what you want, because the prize becomes a game; and the game has no rules, beyond what you want. Where superiority fails, power will arise: I will make you fear/ I will make you choose/ I will own you, because I want what I want.

The human being alive in the grace of miracles, the ascension into life itself, by the “treasuries born of love, where freedom is true”; grant that time shares the living, as if it were for an eternity. A place where hate can never come into our lives; because we have earned the chance to be joined in one life. A life, where love exists; that can never hate itself. Love beyond self is then to create “our own heaven” here on earth/ but that demands courage; because every animal wants that to be theirs as well/ and they cannot. So they lie, cheat, steal, betray, and more.

Destiny shapes our path, identifies our solution, constructs a home, and completes “order/ discipline/ and balance through respect”. These are the things we are here in time to do; because past the limits and boundaries of time/ there is, only truth survives. Your truth cannot then be changed; because it is, what you have made it to be; for you!

Every crime: is the removal of freedom or choice for you, or someone else. Because the entire purpose of time itself is: that you may own the truth of who you are. Every criminal is then subject to the punishment they earned: by changing a life, without permission. The righteous fall into this abyss, wanting always to be in control “because they know best”. Judgment shapes the prison of your heart, and if you fail to escape it: your heart will die. Violence ends truth, and confronts life by playing god. While in human time; the realities of hatred can cause violence even in those who are not/ the reality is, a very slim line between what is good/ or what is bad: fall not, choose carefully, and always let the law decide if you can. There is nothing you have done/ that does not remain as your own truth. Whether young or old, matters not.

Freedom exists: so that you can know what real happiness is, shaped by your own desire/ boundaries by your own design. But freedom is not love/ nor is it bordered by truth: which means it can lead you into grave danger or troubles. Time corrects that, by presenting you with information to reference truth and consequences; before you choose.

Choice means: there is a direction to be taken, a crossroads recognized as a reality shaped by that choice. Therefore the value of our heart, and the desire of our soul; reveals peace and harmony, versus the quest for more. The concept of more is then functionally different than truth. Even if truth is involved.

The animal wants more always: which means, more trophies/ trinkets/ toys/ lust, or whatever it is. Because the life of an animal does not extend beyond time. Hate wants to steal, and is confronted by the truth: if it steals too much/ then the prey have died out, and there is nothing left to steal.

Love consists of “more than self”; which then elevates the expression and experience of being in love, as a value shared with more than time will allow. More distinctly, the search or quest for more, enables us to seek, “the spiritual world beyond time”. But there is always a confrontation with truth: because if you go beyond unprepared, you will die. So warnings are given; and preparations are made, by the few who can enter therein. Fear is an enemy that must be conquered: a reality “death will come”/ therefore accept the consequence of time, and seek the CREATOR who gave you life. This is more, than life in time allows.

So the question is: where does your passion end? Your soul begin.

In terms of male and female; the cost of wanting someone else is great, want is used to avoid the harder question of love; as is can we be true life long friends? Few can or will answer yes, because courage is rare. The cost of love is sharing at the core essence of who you are/ and that kind of information; may be used against you: because it reveals what is ultimately important to you. Thereby traps are set, costs of reality are avoided if not used, sex becomes a weapon to entrap, and pregnancy is a term used to quantify: what do I mean to you/ what are you going to do now? If you say “we will wait” to see if pregnancy is true; as used to be necessary: woman then says “I had an abortion”/ up to you to prove it was not so.

Pride enters in, when want has taken control over a relationship: “I will get you to want me too”. Thereby life is a game, and you become their toy; the prize to be won. When that fails; power enters, and fear is used to attempt the control that could not be won in other ways. Sex is used to extend the relationship, and avoid the realities of our truth/ to buy time. Both male and female do this, but in different ways/ neither owns a valid right, both fail life; and if allowed it is your failure too/ because you chose to participate; in the freedom of your heart. Even if you knew truth was being lost: you still chose to participate: that is your truth.

Reality knows: both male and female make what they perceive to be, “romance” into a game. I want you becomes “take off your clothes”/ while the reality of who gets to control that decision is the game. It is not romance: which means, to share the moment as lives who trust each other. Trust is earned, not simply accepted/ and that takes time, and the potential to be wrong; to forgive; to care; to respect, and more of what is value to life and living in time.

The common misconception; another media failure is, that first impressions matter/ they do not. If you have no other opportunities to share a moment; nothing is going to happen. If you do, then the values of your heart; whether you share or care or live in discipline, respect, and so on will be found. The constant cost of every relationship is: to be noticed. Because if we are not noticed; little opportunity to expand that experience into an expression of acceptance: “let us try” can exist. So the value of every attempt to find another person for romance is: to let time and life decide/ but offer the clear chance to be known. As in any opportunities for a conversation are valid. But the cost of that is: “I don’t want you”/ and the reality of that is someone is going to get hurt: not fair.

Every person is equal, “size, shape, color, etc” does not matter: equal! We were born into this life, and received as whatever it is we received; for free. We all have to die, and face eternity; regardless what that is; equal/ same for all, “to face your truth, alone”.

Those who escape want, have learned this fact. The animal never does: so it cannot construct equality, it only knows the primary call of want, fear, or more. To escape pride, is even harder; because the foundation of it is: “i received more”/ therefore I am “the winner”. While that may be true as a body of life/ it is not true of life itself. Therefore the greatest trial we will ever face is: to prove ourselves as equal/ not more or less. You cannot do that; until you are willing to accept be less, as a fact proven by life. Those who struggle hard, with a variety of issues; learn that fact. If it does not kill them/ they are rewarded with truth.

Power is the thirst of the predator: “yes I can make you/ yes I can consume you”; because you are judged a prey. Measuring any form of life, any part of the planet as less than any other part or person: is walking over the abyss of disaster/ on a very shaky plank. Reality forms hate here, and hate seeks to consume you.

The value of life is, formed in the respect we find for each other/ and the miracles we share, because love surfaced, and we accepted “caring, is a miracle we add to life”. The grace of sharing is an eloquent way to give something back, for life in me. Or more distinctly; no relationship exists without respect/ do not try to make it so; be patient if you wish/ but let truth decide or you will cry.

Be as patient and kind as you can be. If you are someone who attracts other people, especially of the opposite sex; find girlfriends who will be happy to have these people directed to them. NOT with judgment; but a simple, this is not the time for you and me/ I have other needs and desires. “best wishes” on your endeavor.

Never forget, romance is about trust/ but marriage is about a lifetime (no small matter)/ children are about a commitment to more than me or you (never for a single person to decide). No boy or young man is ready to make a lifetime commitment: time to prepare and choose a life is required; just as It is for women as well. If you fail to let them make their own decision: then they will blame you, if not happy later. Many times with tragic consequences you won’t understand. Every life is about choices: which does not mean “I don’t love you”/ I may very well love you and wish for more time. But like me; something else comes first. Life or death of this world, was first in me; no it was a journey that could not include another: the intensity could not be shared. The cost of youth is: nearly every one, is fighting to collect trophies, trinkets, or toys; and if not lust in involved. Once they have it, most start searching for the next trophy, toy, trinket, or sex; its a game (children involved; but some never grow up). Therefore remember this, that life is about respect first; because without true respect, it has no  real meaning. Respect is the acceptance of value, proven true. Kindness proves truth lives here, while honesty proves hope lives here.

Do not assume life is better with a partner/ it is only if you share truth and love within respect. If you do, nothing compares. But if you don’t; nothing can make up the difference in what we choose not to give to each other. Love is no small thing, you can’t buy it/ and you cannot own it/ and you cannot trade it. You can only share it, as honest friends beyond the limits of time. Honesty requires no wants involved. Because want is the basis and foundation for every lie/ and lies kill love, or at the minimum a relationship. Don’t use lies; find your truth and share what can be shared.

the difference in young and old romance is: when you open the door, to all manner of emotion and needs/ desires and wants, which sex intensifies, and produces an addiction for. Then you open the door, for every problem that has plagued humanity since the beginning of our time on earth. It is no small thing, to share sex: because you can and do affect the life of another human being, perhaps for a lifetime. You cannot say, that romance is good; unless “permanent”. Because very few can leave it behind; even if warned in advance “I just can’t stay”/ they insist “yes you can”; and a crisis of lies, wants, and needs will result. The chemicals provided by sex: achieve the needed time to adjust, for a lifetime of hope in each other. But if you squander those chemicals for playtime instead/ your option to build a relationship that lasts will fade or fail: because the needed tolerance will be lessened. For the old, it does come down to what will be gained, versus what will be lost; and how much are we willing to gamble at this stage of life. Nothing is free, [just dying is very expensive, “for nothing”. Health issue; suddenly the worst  economic/ extortion, criminal organization ever unleashed on society, is at your door. Suddenly emotion takes control, and if you won’t pay, then I divorce “to get your money/ in exchange for my life”].

Unless want is removed, the reality is lies exist; searching for a lifetime partner is very important, and needs respect, not pride/ needs help wherever you can, not power. Pride is an enemy in every stage of life; and it cannot be removed, unless you are willing to be honestly “just like the rest”; for at least one moment in your life; so that it is true. Pride blocks the door to Creation itself; which means you cannot enter the journey beyond time, unless it is removed. As to every situation in between young and old: the value of a true friendship is ultimately the best we can do, for life and self. But it is very hard to find; most settle for sex, as it confronts loneliness with time spent, moments shared; even if not for love. As to variations in age; at about thirty “a young woman (20 or so)/ and an older woman (30 or so) both equally lovely and desired; took an interest in me”. The question presented: what is young needs time and experience to learn, a future to explore; the desire for safety in living. While older has learned, did choose, and share a future we both understand; I would have chosen her/ but I could not choose either. Life or death for our world, was my only choice; and it was not a journey I could share. Considerably older, and a woman thirty years younger; reminded me of being young “for a second or two”; but everyone knows, that the reason we look old, is to remove the question of a relationship from the young: they need more. Simple as that/ help them, don’t injure them. Although if the situation is dire; some adjustments must be made.

In the realities of our day as human life on earth, the one certainty of our future is: extinction is certain UNLESS there is true change. True change will include: “NO, YOU CAN’T DO THAT” anymore. Because the damage that has been caused worldwide is too great/ different choices must be made. True change will include: “NO, YOU CAN’T JUST GO GET MORE”; BECAUSE the damage done is massive, and the future needs what is left for it to survive. True change will include: “NO, YOU CAN’T JUST BELIEVE”; because that is how things like evolution and the people trying to ignite a nuclear fire convinced themselves of being right; even when all the evidence says they are wrong. They believe, therefore trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ because they believe, “then they will figure out how to control it” after the fact. Discarding the truth: “just look at the sun”/ and it will show you, ignition means the earth itself has died. But they believe because THEY WANT TO BELIEVE; because if they don’t find a new energy source/ EVERYTHING the universities have done; MUST BE CHANGED. Or our world dies, and extinction is certain. So they gamble, and hide the facts, to assume; as has been the key for all universities: “a million experiments later”; we will find an answer, we can use. It won’t be so, and the sun itself proves that. But fools are fools/ and pride is pride. Pride refuses to accept: what we did was blind, and tragic, and a disgrace to life and world/ and must now be undone, “as best we can”. The curse of a university is: WE REFUSE/ and gamble the world instead. “its called: I want, I want, I want, I want, I want,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I sure as hell don’t want”! Be damned to you for not wanting, or accepting; what I want.

And all the world screams, as if “just one man”: WE DON’T WANT THAT/ WE DON’T WANT TO PAY, for the things we, nearly all demanded the children shall pay:  by shouting together; “NOT in my lifetime”. Even if it costs this earth, all its life; and time itself ends for human, and life existence. “because we don’t care/ you can’t prove extinction, or wrong: IF we believe, the universities are god”. That is the value of belief: doesn’t matter how wrong you are/ closing the door to your own prison cell; to enforce “nothing comes in here, but what I want: SAFE”. Alas, truth does not care, what you believe/ it is, what it is. Even when you are wrong. Making the universities; “the largest religion (nothing matters but what we believe)/ by far the greatest cult (never question the leader) ever conceived”; of our day. Media, is greatest priest.

And the people shout: WE BELIEVE, “the universities are our savior/ our god”. Yet reality points to the fact: now you have unleashed the monster, of a million people who can create and release a disease/ alter and mutilate life on earth; and then sell you a cure, even if it is no cure at all. Thereby threatening life itself forever on earth. To your shame, “your god is Satan”. But make no mistake, you have earned the right to be called “devil child”/ after all, you destroyed their future with every decision you made: literally choosing “to send them into HELL”. Leaving them only, “your garbage mountains, war, and cannibalism”!   “earned, by choice”.

As the trillions already spent for covid, does prove true; “cult worshipers”. But alas, The universities have no mercy for you; only greed, pride, power, and HELL. An eternity waiting, to prove what is true!

The difference, between you and me is:  I find life scared/ this world a miracle beyond comprehension to be protected/ a reality of love a treasury of value, a hope  that is real. YOU do not. The difference, between you and me is:  I spent my lifetime in only one true pursuit, “to keep this Creation of life on earth alive”. Even going so far in human terms: to throw 6 months of work & twenty thousand dollars away, because the threat of violence was more, than I could accept:  even, for the possibility of life or death for this entire world lost!  NEVER to be thrown away, for a few dollars more. Simple as that.  YOU on the other hand, spent a lifetime gathering “counterfeit money/ trinkets, toys, and trophies, for the trash”/ destroying a world, and the future for life.  Do, you see the difference? It isn’t money, it is what we value most.

It bears noting; that for the last forty years plus, the constant of my life has been “we don’t want you/ even if we like you, maybe” for the vast majority. You want what you want/ and my constant conversation throughout that time is: you failed life/ CHANGE. BECAUSE life is worth more, than pride, power, want, greed, or selfishness. All but a very tiny few, said HELL NO. Pointing to me, to insist: “you ain’t nothing”/ regardless of the evidence or the cost of being wrong; for you. So, I take the shortcut; wherever I felt the need to intervene; because talking to you is worthless: you fail. As to me: my life is not governed by what you decide. Simple as that. As to me: my life has been pushed back, “to the beginning”; with an endless list of “I don’t know”/ the reality of change, due to a spiritual woman inside. You take that as “he’s insane”/ I offer the evidence of my work, the truth of your own chosen directions for life and planet: and the prophetic reality of Revelation 12; as evidence “you could be wrong”. Regardless of the outcome, I will not be judging you: freedom is freedom/ same for you/ same for me. However, “you have been warned”; even if those who knew, refused to communicate “life or death” for our world.

Just so its clear: people who decide I am less than they want me to be/ I let push themselves away, even aiding them when needed. People who cannot and will not listen, spouting pride, want, power, etc/ I let fail; because that is what you demanded from me. Even when wrong. I do not accept: “its my responsibility to save you from yourselves”/ simple as that. It is true: I have not spent my lifetime collecting “toys, trinkets, or trophies”; and the world says “worthless then”. As the evidence will prove true: I have spent my lifetime in pursuit of keeping this earth, and all its life from dying by your hands; from complete catastrophe, because a university diploma “plays god”. It is true, I failed to accomplish that/ but it is also true, you failed as “a whole”, to join in that effort; because you feared the cult of university is god; making fun of you. Pride is a terrible thing; a dead world, because you cared more about ridicule/ than life or truth or child. To your shame.

After, in a few more days; 68 years. I can honestly say, that I appear to be nothing much like you. Even though you believe, I am just “a loser version of you/ or less”. The difference is: I search for truth, entering into the variety of human conflicts and consequences to find out WHY. Whereas you remove yourselves from life and all its adventure/ to claim “trinkets, toys, and trophies” to play the game with others, and claim winner; or if you must, then loser, most with revenge in mind to prove “they are a silent winner” instead. The difference is: GOD, is my GOD. Whereas your god is universities or greed. I do wish you well; we are all human beings alive on earth. But every truth has its consequences, and truth will win; life is not a game, reality is not your toy. So, I write, fight for life and earth, as is realistic for me to do/ and you refuse to work, or care: same as always.

I WOULD, choose the same life again: discarding a world of life, CANNOT BE. However, if I had known, you would fail/ time would have been taken out for me. Life and living would have been allowed, for me; more than “the cost of letting life and earth die”. Neither my heart nor soul, convict me of wrong/ although perfect I am not. Not gay, transvestite, or other deviation; not ever. Instead of “I cannot stay to women, {who need men to stay, for life} love is all I can offer”; the opportunities of women, [time granted] would have been allowed. Although women want what they want; and fight to get it. Love shapes only those who commit themselves to truth; but I would have done it anyway. Not a game, all but the very young understand: all is not fair in love or war/ nothing is fair in love, but honest truth/ and nothing is fair in war, except “if they try to kill you/ you do have a right to kill them back.” Unfortunately; ear damage, as well as other realities of cost “for living on the edge of time and eternity”; took a toll. My eternity is: whatever mercy will allow. Certainly not mine to judge, nor is it yours. Yours is: whatever your truth will allow, by mercy. Nonetheless, after 40+ years of very little beyond “life and earth come first”/ I find myself confronted with the one thing I truly did not expect. My ex-wife changed me; she wanted what she wanted, and she wanted “normal”/ even though I told her “not me/ compromise did not work, for either”. Committed to “never again”. But “just to ask a question: I knocked on the spiritual door of female”; and now she changes me. No escape; I guess it was just meant to be. NOPE, never harmed or even lied too, a single woman in my life: that is not why. Believe it or not; the spiritual world is real/ but NOT for the faint of heart, or anything but truth. “best wishes, for our world”. Simple as that, the story is true; time ends for us all. Only you, can keep this earth alive; because the cause of tragedies coming: is you. I will, keep a tiny bit of hope (you will find your brain, and stop being a cult) alive for you. But that too, is strictly up to you.

As for me; I am grateful the spiritual woman inside, forced me to continue on in this work/ finishing it now. We needed each other, and that is the truth. I to moderate male, from war/ her to use male, for the sake of women, within the disciplines of law and peace. WE, have achieved our goal:  your last chance to change is real. Why me is unknown/ What now for me is unknown; but as for you, the evidence is clear;  “change or this world ends”.

I suppose, it is necessary to establish how my life, “with a spiritual woman” exists/ or gossipers will do it for me. While entering the spiritual world itself, is determined by the purity of your truth and courage. The reality of opening any door in the spiritual world; will lock, once inside, unless you understand the truth of it/ as each door is “truth itself”. Therefore unless you are “truth realized”/ you don’t leave.

I thought I could understand women; but they are too different/ a completely different reality of life, in so many ways. Nonetheless, once the door has been entered, there is no turning back. Very few words have been interchanged; she saddled me from the beginning “by adding female tits, with chemicals” to my life/ and they defeated me; endless hours of pushing out/ chemicals beyond what I can defeat. Effective though, as it took every part of war (you can’t kill this world), and disassembled it, to be thrown away. Efforts to say no, were dealt with by “yes you will (let female rule) “/ or no you can’t escape, this door will never open again. After the 12th year or so, I demanded: if humanity won’t survive/ then let me have whatever life is left, “for me”. It was a fight, and the end result of it: “numerous ten thousand volt jolts”; to prove “you will let female rule”. IF you believe women are fundamental threats; then you can fear her if you wish/ but I do not, as our differences are about the merits of a male or female point of view. She however, has taken “the last say, is hers”/ a reality of truth, as her way has proven to be superior. Included in that, is a clear look at numerous realities, “from a female point of view”; much is not fair. But that is true of both sides, in alternate ways. In the last few months, a bacterial infection proved to be “sufficiently disabling”; to cause neither male or female lives here; this is life or death. Life won, but I can’t find male back; not female either; “its complicated”/ and I don’t know how it ends. Reality suggests, I have fallen out of male, and into a female world; things are different.  But I do know: female is in charge, from now on; endless “jolts” have proven that true, and she can read my mind. It is not so bad, but I miss my freedom. That’s the truth, and I am required to add that last statement; plain and simple/ yes, I know you will never understand. But that is irrelevant; and if you throw away life on earth, by continuing as you are: that is YOUR FAULT, not mine. I am, “just the messenger”; don’t blame me/ “I work here”. Simple as that; absolutely true, “without female, or female in charge; the work would not have been finished”. The cost of failure, “woman decides”; and she did finish it, by using me. I spent my entire adult lifetime for that purpose; so I do have to be grateful: and accept the fact, she finished my work. Although, as time passes, I feel like male has been scuttled, and “sunk to the bottom of the ocean”/ with only what was taken as a prize of war left alive. But that is only me/ and I don’t know why: “its complicated”/ not gay/ not transgender/ not perverted; just overrun. No clue how it ends, for me; I have become “the passenger”; and I honestly am, “very surprised”.

YOU have your chance, to make changes enough to survive: if you choose it, for life and world.

No you don’t get to judge; that would be bad for you. Yes, I know this will only add ridicule; as it always does/ giving those who want an excuse, their way out. But as always, “I AM NOT THE DIFFERENCE, between whether life on earth will live or die/ because as this plainly proves: I AM NOT YOUR THREAT”: neither is the spiritual woman who lives inside of me.  Extinction looms, because of the decisions you have made/ the leadership of universities you have followed/ and the realities of horrifying tragedies “just beyond the door” in front of you now. AS truth itself will prove true.  CHANGE, because there is no going back/ NO ESCAPE from the point of no return; that is going through the door into HELL.  Wake up, and turn back; for life and earth.

GO TO COURT; AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG:  in all the threats that can end in extinction!  AND THEN CHOOSE BY VOTE, AS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD; if you will in fact accept the price for being wrong… because you can’t go back/ once you pass the ability for this earth to sustain life, or nature to fight back, or atoms on fire, or a population exploding into cannibalism; or all the rest.

It is, the curse of pride; that reality cannot enter in, until pride itself has been confronted at its source. So that truth can open a door, “back to your heart”. Most never recover from pride: which is why, the foundation of change must include “look inside yourself”/ because there is no hope, “without a heart”.

In the disciplines of life and the laws of truth; I will offer you this, in contrast with university knows. That life itself begins, in the extreme turbulence of change; that is the alteration of kinetic energy (outward) versus dark energy (opposite/ inward). In that mix, beyond anything we can construct as life in time; the question occurs: is there an environment shaped by the struggle to form a direction “one way or the other”. There are elements of energy, that allow for an escape from the greater forces involved; and the question itself forms a relationship with thought.

Even so; in the greater construction of what does or does not exist; beyond the limits of time. The critical question is: “what is, the power of motion, and where does this begin”? Because without motion, and its relationship to mass; time does not exist.

As to me, I have always been “a bit different”/ nearly dying several times simply enhanced that. To search beyond the limits of time, where truth decides everything that can or cannot be allowed to live: explains, we are more than mass constructed by order. As thought conceives of energy, the relationship we form in that construction; is a value that can only be shared. Which does mean: how we share, and who we share with, will form the basis of our own eternity. The invitation to love, shapes destiny: how we will build community within the boundaries of thought. While respect assigns the dignity, that is “travel beyond the light”; where realities form the environment of our soul.

I have tits now, that are clearly not male; simple as that. It is a strange reality, life has changed; and I feel a bit weird. But life is life, and in the end life chooses us, more than we choose it. A thousand “twenty thousand volt; shocked“/ and ten thousand sighs; constructs, a life controlled! I do understand the reality of living with someone who has no respect, for my contribution to our happiness. As is consistent with men and wives/ even wives and husbands. The only question is why? The only answer is: I have learned the lesson, want is an evil thing/ pride is an enemy/ power shapes hate;  and love is the only value to trust, but not without truth, as is distinguished by respect. I stand as male, in a woman’s world: being subjected to what they hate, so that I learn “for you apparently”. Women do: have a right to complain, a reality far beyond what is fair to very many women. YOU will change that, or life on earth will end for all; the decree, has been made. BE FAIR/ BE EQUAL/ CHOOSE JUSTICE; SAME for all. OR, MORE simply: the foundation for a new world of human existence, the primary change:  begins with limiting the power, to an absolute minimum; by choices, laws, justice, and fair play that is in the interest of all. IF WE MAKE THE LAW, limiting OURSELVES to only what is needed/ THEN WE RULE THE NATION OR PLANET. TO ENFORCE that law, a construction that is constitutional (protecting each individually/ by protecting the freedoms of all equally); is essential. limited capitalism is required; because excess money or property or resource control; is the abyss that brings power back.

In contrast to that, are the many failures of university imagination; where the only description that matters is “imagination”. The place animals go, when beliefs overtake and overrun their existence; even to the point of “sewage has infiltrated the brain”: OR, evolution is “maggots as their god”/ or perhaps the serpent of failure (make them fear), constricts and controls even the possibility of thought. Whatever it is; media functions as the destitute relief, of we can prove it: by making people believe they are animals, with nothing more to live for; than worshiping universities as god. Or more distinctly: just another religion using belief as their version of want; is all I need.

The “pure fantasy” of evolution (ALL LIES), along with their claims of knowledge as to the sun, along with their claims of superiority; when in fact: they are nothing but criminals and thieves/ trampling on life and democracy. Because media propagation of their religion as “university is god”/ has been effective: discarding all proof or evidence, for “I want/ or don’t want” this. In the end; every form of belief is what controls and defines human existence as the animals who never searched for life. Belief allows you to discard truth: by simply saying “I know”/ instead of truth providing the evidence thought needs to construct an understanding based upon knowledge and the introduction of wisdom. Beliefs control life and society; because what you want, determines what you do/ just as much as what you don’t want, determines your behaviors when trying to avoid reality. Belief is the easy way out: all you need is want/ or don’t want. That is a lie. LIFE is not so simple as wanting. Universities are not so smart as to recognize: destroying life, by mutilating nature; will not make it better. That is a lie! Gambling with an entire planet by igniting a nuclear fire; will not end all your troubles. THAT IS A LIE! Guiding people into the slaughter house (THE RESOURCES ARE GONE), and locking the door; as is consistent with the holocaust/ is just another genocide: defined and initiated by one group upon the other; as competition becomes to grievous; and somebody has to die. History is full of that; along with the predators who have longed to take from the others whatever they wanted to take/ as they believe, “our weapons” will do for us. Failure is a human animal; because it believes as does universities: WANT is all we need (their foundation for lies). But alas; want literally is, “the basis and foundation, for every lie”.

I am going to give you some advise: “every life is what it is, you can’t go back/ you can’t blame GOD / you can only do the best you can, and learn from the mistakes you made. Never blame someone else, unless it clearly is “all their fault”/ and that is rare. Never assume right or wrong wins; because life is not a game. Never take for granted, what you do have; because it can be lost. Never believe “GOD does not need you; because reality may, or will, prove how badly you need HIM”. If you don’t listen/ nobody is talking to you. If you don’t help, people quit spending time with you. If you stay “locked away”/ nobody is coming to visit you; after all, you never visit them. Never forget; be open to friendship, and make the time/ opportunities are rare for most. Love begins with respect: true respect never fails life. Want will fail/ sex will fail/ pride will cause failure/ power seeks to make you fear/ a cult cannot be questioned for truth or accuracy/ religion is what you make of it/ the quest for life, searches within truth as the value of our existence points to love.

Try to find a companion that is true, it makes life better for both. Remember sex is a companion to love/ not the other way around. The passion of romance, is a desire to care; and that forms in the structures of how we share. Never forget “marriage, is asking for a lifetime”/ not less. If we don’t share the same road, we will never find the same path; as every existence must arrive at death, in their own way. What you believe matters; because it will direct your heart. Therefore be careful of what you believe, and trust only truth/ give your own true love, ONLY to GOD . Share less, so that it cannot be stolen from you/ and leave you “breathless”. Trust determines marriage that is honest, and intended to be pure/ but if want intervenes; that love will become corrupted, and your lives will suffer: instead of finding happiness; pride and power will erupt.

Work exists: because nobody owes you a living/ society however does owe each a job, at a fair wage. As history proves: you cannot accomplish that, unless you choose “limited capitalism”. You cannot survive as a world; without true change. You cannot achieve eternal life, “without a soul”/ that soul waits, for those who search within the miracles of life, to find GOD ; as your Creator. A necessary beginning, to the journeys ahead.

When you die: your life will leave your body behind; but as an independent life inside of life/ if you fail to go with real life, looking back at this time; you will fail, the only chance you will get: to reach for eternity. Decide for your heart and soul: to share with GOD who you are/ not clinging to what you were. Pride fails/ power is destroyed/ want clings to hate; by shouting more: CHOOSE BETTER.

We do stand on the edge of extinction, whether you believe that or not it is true. MAKE YOUR DECISION; do it now, and then fight for this world, if love still exists in you.

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Jim Osterbur

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