It occurs to me: that this work, the writing I have done in these last twenty years, previous work prior to that in a fight to sustain this planet, and its life/ “is the only child, or legacy, I get: as this is what I spent my lifetime on”. The fact I do not have a child is ok; as the future is bleak at best/ without true change. A legacy is irrelevant, as the work I have done, and chosen to do: is not about humans/ but my own version of “a gift back”, for my life from GOD . A blessing to me; but also a work, and a reality of truth and its consequences.

Nonetheless, if I have a figurative prodigy/ then I should leave that “child”; some type of legacy for their future; even if the evidence denies that will exist. We must still retain hope, even though humanity refuses to change; and the consequences are grim.

Therefore, for the sake of hope, and the realities of age; I will seek to help whomever can be helped. I begin with primary categories of knowledge that must be learned; in order to achieve being alive, in the challenge of life itself.

  1. FEAR, cheats us all; because it solves nothing/ understands nothing of importance/ discards the responsibilities we owe to life/ and alters the ability of processing evidence so as to achieve the disciplines of order, balance, and respect.
  2. HOPE, is the most important possession of any human being alive in this world; because without hope, a person will enter into suicide or hatred at the outer edges. But most will enter depression (I didn’t get what I wanted)/ manic behaviors (I will find a way, to get what I want)/ addiction (I wanted what I could not have)/ deviant sexual behavior (I want control, over what I want)/ jealousy (I cannot compete)/ theft (I wanted more)/ or anger (I wanted what you stole from me).
  3. HAPPINESS, when we share life, with respect for each other; the value of our living increases substantially, and friendship appears. Understanding we cannot judge each other without wrecking our relationship; offers the possibilities of love over time shared. We can rejoice in the ascension of values created because we cared; and that is happiness itself.
  4. JUDGMENT; IS, the noose used to hang yourself, along with someone else. Little in life is more destructive than judgment/ as is the measuring of another life, and finding them less, or worthless: which opens the door, to doing anything to that life or reality of existence that you choose to do. Because nobody cares “about the worthless”. Let the law decide; but bear in mind the law of life/ and the laws of men, can be quite different; and men and women, can be extremely flawed in their purpose or desire.
  5. LOVE IS: the offering we give in the presence of trust. While trust is fundamentally created through respect for the realities of what we have shared. It is a dangerous decision to trust, unless truth will prove this value accepted by you is real, and structurally sound. Because if it is not: that love can fail/ and if it fails, you literally lose the love you gave that was yours, and now is not: “because you did, give it away”. There are many thieves; beware, and let truth decide. But understand this: GIVE ONLY the purity of your love to GOD / IT IS, where your soul lives; and you must never give this away, to anyone other than GOD . HE, will share it with another, and protect it, through souls united as one; if that is to be.
  6. RESPECT IS: a dimension of truth, you created within the boundaries of what you know/ the limits of what you don’t know/ and the elegant path, that is governing where your life shall be, in the future of our reality. Wisdom allows for truth to decide, but respect identifies the value of what we search for. Understanding shapes our destiny with love, when sharing is our decision to leave self, and become a participant in life because caring proves “this is more”. Do the best you can, but remember this: each one, dies alone. Therefore prepare yourself with balance on the inside, honesty on the outside, and truth to determine the path.
  7. THOUGHT: is universal expression of freedom/ balanced by the critical foundation of truth. Within the laws created by truth, life is formed. Within the existence of truth, as if mining a place to call home: that elemental freedom finds a way, to survive within limits and boundaries and realities called “home”. Which constructs the understanding; the purity of freedom, cannot be a home; it refuses to be shaped. LIFE is what forms the shape of thought/ and thought is, what forms the freedoms of life. Because born in a universe of energy, cold, darkness, and space: without the law in charge, we fail ourselves: to die. I remind each: that the difference between being “human alive”/ and human being an animal: are the conceptions of thought. Thought allows us to participate in miracles, as a life beyond the simple construction of time. We are ALIVE, in the foundations upon which time has no crucial meaning. Or more distinctly: not a single doubt should exist, by the evidence of our realities: that we were truly a design of thought, created by an existence beyond our understanding. Go build for yourselves, if you are an animal; and learn the difference between fantasy and reality. Because that is the core element of difference: being alive in the truth of thought rules life/ versus being an animal in the element of time, that awaits death. NO BRAIN would accept the delusion of “its all an accident/ or chaos built this/ or we just went shopping for everything we wanted; as if in a store: MAGIC”. CONSEQUENTLY, we know that the religion of university is god, is a liar/ failure/ and fake. While those who worship university, are a cult; because not only can they not see “anything true”/ they cannot question their leaders, as is the evidence of a cult. Let reality, by the evidence of clear proof; decide what is true: NOT beliefs, as are so often wrong/ and are fundamentally “I can believe anything I want/ or don’t want to believe”. Simple as that.

    The animal lives as predator or prey, because survival is their hope, and reality serves to convince them: nothing else matters but me. While there is some variation in that, the reality of it always returns to “nothing more important than me”. While that fact is a functioning reality of life; because if you do not choose for self, your body and your time will suffer. The difference is: that being alive in self is for love, and love participates beyond self as sharing and caring for others in respect and truth. While being a living animal constructs “more for me, or whatever I like”, is what I want. Want is selfish by its very definition. Love is not, by its own truth.

    No matter where you go, the animals search: a predator for power (I can make you) and the prey for pride (I win/ you lose; I am superior). They both understand: without trust, you will not do as they want. They both understand: if you fear/ then you will do what they want. Consequently the foundations of human animal behavior do revolve around these two things; and all the lies they can conceive of.

    In the elemental rise of value that is being alive as the person GOD intended for you to be: there will be a journey, a search for truth, in the passions that make our own desire possible. Without desire foundations of both direction and decision as do identify us to our heart and soul, will fail. Therefore we must attain desire, in the living courage that is our choice. We cannot move, without courage; therefore to accept the desire for destiny, shapes our commitment to values. We cannot live without truth, therefore the laws we accept as our own limits and boundaries/ the disciplines and order we balance each decision with; are fundamentally the expression of desire itself. The decision to participate, equals our path, and our path confronts the reality of our thought to conceive of “what is more”?

    The most fundamental of all choices; is to accept the biblical testimony of JESUS, is in fact a guarantee of eternity within love, as a path HE chose, and taught to those who followed. NOT because it is religious/ it is not; religion is a set of rules, a foundation upon which we “begin again” if lost. NOT, a life choice; a “mothers milk”; a directional sign pointing to, “follow only truth”. But because the evidence shaped by his life, and testified to by his witnesses; are sufficient to identify “one of us, & yet not one of us”. We must enter into the respect for that reality, “with open eyes”/ rather than blind belief. Or more simply, none have done what he could do to this day/ and yet he lived our life, and shared our realities. No other version of life, can attest to, or prove the same things, as did he. Thought understands this as: “for the benefit of humanity”/ rather than forced; as is the evidence of love, and the realities of duty to GOD and life.

    Truth understands: it is not enough, to enter eternity without direction or destiny; as freedom is its own version of hell, if left unchained to the realities of truth by law. Truth creates, as the path to what can exist/ the consequences that will be endured or lost. To conceive of the destiny that is; our CREATOR loves us, even me. Is an elemental guide to the acceptance; life without this love, would never be kind. As a consequence to ourselves; we must find the mercy that is a path to CREATION. Therefore we search. To look inside the Creation of “me or you”; is to recognize our lives, started here. Therefore the beginning of life, as best we can find it: is inside the truth of our own life.

    The spiritual world opens this door; but it is not for the meek or frightened. Although each enters therein, that rose above the animal; every single atom of your being will be tested for truth. If your own identity fails/ so do you. Therefore the essence of time, is to cultivate and own “your truth, as is your identity”. There is mercy, if love survives/ but not eternity, even though time has no meaning. You must achieve an identity that lives, or in the end you will fail. To bind yourself to life: requires that you choose to trust GOD with everything. Because the real test of your existence will be: the final journey beyond time into eternity, an expression of energy so extreme, even the smallest doubt will fail/ and so then shall you. The spiritual world shapes perfection, not you. GOD decides; if you can go beyond the decisions of love. Where only purity can survive.


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