The essence of change is; “a foundation that has been moved”. Or, more distinctly; when the realities of your life have been shifted to reveal a new direction, must now be taken. The cost of change can be dramatic and undesirable/ but the failure to change is far more tragic and deadly. Therefore change must come, or life itself may be lost.

The foundation of my life was male, strictly/ simply/ without doubt nothing other than male. But the cost of being male is: when all other options have failed, or at least seem to have failed/ the next reality chosen is war. Or, this comes down to YOU/ OR ME. And since we have decided not to negotiate a peaceful settlement: that does turn into war. The elemental reality not settled was: you are killing life and earth/ and refuse to stop. NO compromise was allowed; stop the insanity; and humanity said NO; not for any cause/ nor any reason, let the children die; we won’t care.

So I searched for female, to ask what could you do instead; because examining the reality of war, by producing realities that could not be ignored; and had to be dealt with. Would only mean: men will fight, and NEVER listen to why; destroying everything left, with war: that life does need, or it will fail and be extinct. Because they want what they want/ and only what they want. And reality will not allow for that anymore. LIFE comes first, and so does planet; before all human wants. Simple as that, or we die. Female said: “let us try”/ and realities have proven female would fail same as male; because they want what they want/ and only what they want will do. But they do not simply cast aside the children, they hide the excuse.

BUT finding the spiritual world of female, “Just to ask a question”/ produced the end result that: when male and female combine together, to create a more honest relationship with life. They can find solutions, to keep this earth alive, and humanity happy. Together, NOT one or the other; but make no mistake “this is a man’s world/ and change will mean, female in charge now; because you cannot have different, without choosing “different”. But by true honest voting for the choices we must make; it is going to be women that are more likely to “get the vote out” than men. That is a prediction/ not a demand.

So the question is: what has been moved so dramatically, that can be proven as true/ to make a foundation of “its a man’s world”; be changed into “its our world, and female has the right to try to lead now, alongside of male”; because we stand on the edge of extinction. So says the evidence of our reality.

That reality must be proven in court; because anything less than an all-out investigation of the facts without any intent to deny what is true; is elementally necessary, to gain the trust, that these are the proven facts. Because less, will be discarded, and societies, will fail. People want what they want/ and reality says: NO YOU CAN’T. Change or die! It takes no real wisdom to understand: humanity won’t and don’t want this to be true; so they will find excuses, and they will stop letting excuses decide. Or they will go extinct. That fact alone, is the key: to life or death for our planet, because want is no longer enough to decide “for all life and earth”. We must find truth, and let realities tempered by the knowledge of what failure means: decide. That is: the foundation that has moved. It will not be put back; and we must choose for life/ nor war. Which does put women first; because men do choose war; as their own “simple solution”. But in this world today, where “kill a billion people/ and there are still at least 7 billion more alive; with a quarter of a billion more infants born each year”. Recognizes the truth, war fails forever/ and women hold the second key to life or death of this world: if they will not accept population controls, and monitor that decision for themselves/ then this world is lost. Men have extremely little to do with child birth: IT IS A WOMAN’S DECISION, that matters/ which means religion and religious excuses are abandoned. A fact of life, which nobody wants either; but there is NO avoiding the truth: zero population growth or less/ or we die as a world.

To avoid the chaos that will come from changing: I WANT (greed and selfishness), into happiness by love and peace. A variety of changes must be made, particularly between male and female; as we face our future with truth, NOT want. I have hinted at what these will be; but in the end, humanity itself must choose together, what they will accept and why. Because human change/ requires human acceptance.

Realities decide by the cost of being real, with life and child and their future too. The dead weight of a university plague, spread by media influences; to cause humanity to believe they owe nothing to a child, or life or earth or anything beyond want; is a disease. A true pandemic that must be stomped out; by removing what does not belong in our lives: choosing for life, child, and planet/ NOT the horrors of traitors, terrorists, liars, and thieves; as is “university knows”. To accomplish this: the university expert is “dead”/ and only the truth of real world evidence, provided in plain and simple understanding, for all to achieve knowledge: without the blight of university imagination, fantasy, or delusions must decide.


as it has been from the beginning of this work: YOU ARE DIRECTED TO “GO TO COURT” AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE; that will decide if life and earth will go extinct. NOT by theory or delusion, but by the cost of being wrong/ and what it means to destroy the future of every child. From the beginning, humanity said: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND DON’T WANT NOTHING, I DON’T WANT. Which included letting a single child from the future survive, or even a world; because greed and selfishness controlled each one; with only a very few exceptions. Simple as that.

Which means: the foundation of human want must be moved into the realities of “life by the evidence”/ or all will fail to survive. So says the evidence of our reality. Excuses challenge that, because lies are constant/ arrogance challenges that, because the universities believe they can be gods/ thieves challenge that, because they don’t want to pay for what they want; and so on. Alas, your excuses are dead now; because the realities of this world, do not care: truth alone will now decide. Because the cost of what has been done is that severe.

As it has been from the beginning: I DO NOT ask you to believe anything other than your need to “ GO TO COURT AND INVESTIGATE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND WHAT IS THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG”. DO NOT “believe”; search for truth, and let truth itself decide what must move humanity, in order to survive as life and earth. Simple as that. Failure means extinction: because the time for less has pasted/ and once you know the point of no return has pasted us by: it will simply be too late to stop the descent into catastrophe’s beyond your imagination. NO GOING BACK; just as the reality of igniting a nuclear fire means: NO GOING BACK, if the fire (with million mile long flames) does not extinguish itself. And YOU DO KNOW that is true.

NO, I am not your savior/ not your enemy/ not liar, traitor, terrorist, thief or other. I am “a messenger (not my message)” telling you: CHANGE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THIS LIFE AND THIS EARTH/ or we will all be extinct: and you will be the assassins, of this entire world of Creation; as you enter eternity . Sooner than you can even imagine.

YES, I know it is unfair: you don’t want to pay for what your elders did do; their betrayal of life/ their theft/ their lies, terrorism, and so on. But neither did I, and it is a constant reality of history. America became rich because of war/ America became poor as it is right now; because of war. But as always, LIES, LIARS, THIEVES, TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, AND SO ON; never make things better; and when realities fail, they are the first in line to shout “listen to me/ follow me/ obey me/ believe me; and then of course its FEAR ME (as reality confronts us all)”.

WE CAN fix most of these things; if time and resource allow: simply by making better choices. World law, to govern leaders/ limited capitalism, to remove the very rich/ resource management to insure life and a future/ investigators not lawmakers in government/ defining and deciding our own laws, by our own vote for that law/ tying the currency to the population/ removing our employees from making debts for us/ healthcare as a percentage of income; controlled to make us all equal/ governing the courts ourselves, by removing the judiciary when we decide they must go; and so on. While they are important changes, that then change the world by altering the power structures of humanity. You still have enormous pride to contend with; and must find a way to be content with “being alive, and happy”/ rather than rich (I own you) or powerful (I can destroy you).

Taking control away, “from the mischievous fool” that is the government employee leaders; ranks high on the list of things to change. Taking away their right to make the laws, is that/ controlling currency and debt for ourselves is that/ taxation only for dedicated purposes “gas tax/ pays for road; etc”/ world law removes the threat of military, to global policing/ deciding what the universities can or cannot do: is a human right/ controlling the judiciary ourselves, is that; and so on.

The communication of change is required, to establish a trial: to firmly demand the truth as best we can, shall decide. Thereby CHOOSING; protecting life, child, and planet. A trial is fundamental: or the excuses cannot be defeated; it is your only true option. Since nothing is more deadly, and nothing is more insane, and nothing threatens this entire world more than: www.iter.org (one of many people trying to ignite atoms on fire; “same as the sun”). That is your first trial; because if you cannot obtain that trial, and create interest in its outcome: you will fail the rest as well.

Your duty is simple; even if you want to hide or run away. The dullest idiot can comprehend: “ignite the same fire as is on the sun; regardless what you call it”/ and this planet can become a sun.

the universities will argue; their theories prove it is not so/ but their theories are based upon hypothetical elements not in evidence/ not provable by facts/ realities assumed that are mere fantasies and delusions or imagination. Whereas the details I provide to assert the sun burns as a nuclear fire; controlled by thermal expansion, and have established the framework that is real. Nonetheless, SINCE NEITHER side can produce evidence as to the reality of the sun by experimentation or other: WHAT MATTERS IS: WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE WRONG? And the answer to that is as is on the sun: the entire mass of atoms, as is a planetary mass; turns into fire, “just like the sun”. INVESTIGATE AND PROVE; DO NOT BELIEVE because the end result of igniting atoms on fire is, “this entire planet is made out of fuel”. And science says “the sun burns with million mile long flames”. 3 time farther, into space, than the moon.

I know: that change is hard, “first hand experience”/ but it is also absolutely necessary for you, and this world. Failure is extinction.

Change does not have to be bad; it is simply different, and in fact could be better, dependent upon what truth will allow. Your changes, require respect for life and world above all things: NATURE IS SACRED/ THE PLANET CANNOT BE GAMBLED WITH, it is our only home/ RESOURCES ARE the future of life, or the cause of death; by your choices. GOD MUST BE RESPECTED; because “HE EARNED IT”; IN EVERY MIRACLE. No accident or chaos built life; that just comes from the brain dead/ the worm infested fools. COMPLEXITY proves it is so.

Change for me, is becoming “elemental” as reality shifts from male; to whatever that change is going to be. A reality of no more war, it can only fail life and world; only law decides by truth. But it seems odd, I had to go into the spiritual world of female to learn that. Nonetheless, that is what occurred. “got female tits”, no offense to them; but it ain’t a pretty package male and female ought to be, “completely separate, as intended”/ nonetheless, I am now 68 years old, and therefore doesn’t matter much. I can accept them; simple as that/ I am guessing “its to show, male and female MUST work together”/ even if they don’t want too; the most important objective is NO WAR (beyond what is absolutely unavoidable).

Simple as that: YOU can accept true change too; simply the price of your lives for being wrong. “universities are not your god/ nature is not to be tampered with/ never gamble the world of life/ freedom has a price, stealing from your own children has a price/ lies have a price; etcetera, and so much more. Fail to pay the price; as you have been doing for sixty plus years; and you go extinct. NOT because I say so; reality does. Reality proves: after being bankrupted by military expenditures just like the USSR, the US people all screamed I DON’T want to pay. and surrounded by the people of the day and until today: they all screamed “LET THE CHILDREN PAY”/ and we go free. Which of course then became “let the grandchildren pay, etcetera”. How? LIE YOUR ASS OFF/ STEAL/ CHEAT/ BETRAY/ IMAGINE “TRUTH DOES NOT MATTER”;  and make the universities your god, so they can take the blame; while media “hides it all”. And then: “the nation itself, earned  YOU FAILED LIFE”/ and are killing planet; teaching that to our world.

Yep, I know its a lot of words: but unless I cover every single excuse or claim of superiority/ you try to squirm out, with ridiculous conclusions. So, I try to stop them all.

But did you know: that the people who “are infiltrating television shows” to tell you what you are already seeing or hearing. Are in fact: using a method of mass hypnosis. Worse than in any other nation throughout history. Because the intent of it is: to make you believe what you see and hear/ is what they tell you, “that you see and hear”. Because if you accept it, then they can and will change the dialogue into whatever they want you to believe. Television already does that in countless ways; but the newest technique, is by far the most intentionally oppressive attempt to enslave, that has ever been. UNTIL they found “covid”; as in FEAR damn you fear/ believe damn you believe/ OBEY you pitiful trash obey; as is the sound of judgment. They judge you due to covid acceptance; as enslaved. And they are correct: simply look at what they stole/ with just a claim, and no evidence other than constant media propaganda.

For drama: I am going to predict, that the nation called America derails itself, “before October 2021 is over”. NOT because of any reason other than “the counterfeiting, bribes will end; civil war may or may not begin at that time: but it is coming”/ although there are many causes, for implosion of life in America. Whether you go to court or fail life on earth: I really could not say, that is entirely up to you. But I will guarantee for you: igniting atoms on fire, will turn this planet into a sun/ as all the evidence will, and does prove true. NO second chances: HADES, eternal damnation by GOD ; if you do. The cost of being wrong.

IF, you do go to court: the first charge to be regulated by democracy in accordance with the first amendment redress of grievances, IS TREASON. Leveled at numerous members of the “leading class of employees”. YOU WILL remember these are just people “like you and me”/ and they have absolutely no superiority, other than their job.

Their job: allows for “realistic discretion and immunity, to undertake the duties required of them, as they swore to do”. But that does not include, discarding the constitution and its guarantees, making decisions to believe, or fear, or obey, or sacrifice, or use and abuse us; as religions have done. WE did not hire the universities to be “our god”! Rather the demand of freedom is: to investigate, not to decide for the nation itself. DEMOCRACY DEMANDS: when we are all threatened with extreme risk! THAT is fundamentally OUR RIGHT alone; as the owners here, TO DECIDE for ourselves. NOT simply their slaves. Denying our ownership/ therein OUR RIGHT to decide for ourselves: is an act of treason. OUR EMPLOYEES, are exactly like you and me: “just because you have a job”/ that does not entitle you to “play god: with life or planet or people”. You are “only human”/ just like the rest of us; and democracy identifies OUR PROTECTION, from those who play god with life or nation or our future: by first amendment redress of grievances/ or fifth amendment constitutional LAW as in the case of ILLINOIS.

OUR LIVES REQUIRE; that you do question “the universities expert”/ and NOT become the sewage of university delusion decides. GAMBLING/ RISKING OUR NATURE OUR WORLD OUR LIVES/ OUR FUTURE/ EVERY CHILD/ EVERYTHING WE REQUIRE FOR SURVIVAL ITSELF AS LIFE ON EARTH: is no game. CULT WORSHIP is not allowed to rule us/NOR IS YOUR PERSONAL FEARS:  even if you want your own beliefs, no matter how foolish or blind; to rule over you.

The critical test is: DID YOU OBEY THE CONSTITUTION; as you swore to do/ or, did you NOT? WE DECIDE AS A PEOPLE; Simple as that; NOT YOU.  With the inclusion; should we the people by our vote/ decide you failed us; and are then required, to take control over OUR government, for ourselves: THEN we must do so, by creating and enforcing our own laws in conjunction with constitutional mandates; or that description of fraud; is null and void, FAILING: as our law. EACH AND EVERY EMPLOYEE OF LEADERSHIP IN THIS DEMOCRACY: WAS HIRED TO DO ONLY ONE JOB, AS DEPICTED BY CONSTITUTIONAL INTENT AND DESCRIPTION OF VALUE, identified by freedom, duty, liberty, and nation first. The failure of that; is not only the destruction of “your oath”/ but an act of war.

  1. COVID IS A TEST OF TREASON; where is the evidence/ you are not gods, and you CANNOT simply discard our constitutional law; to establish your fears against us all.
  2. DESTROYING NATURE, ALLOWING GENETIC INSTABILITY OR MUTILATION OR CRUCIFIXION OF LIFE; as is being done in every university and more: IS BEYOND TREASON, and constructs the intent to play god as SATAN (destroyer of a world). NO conceivable value comes from being blind/ NO fundamental value comes from worshiping evolution/ NO CRITICAL TEST “what is SACRED”; can be formed by deliberately instilling “trouble in life itself”/ so the cursed and dead, can say “that is where the antlers come from/ or how we inject worms into humans/ or steal their tongue/ or a trillion other versions of HELL as is “the DEVIL OF DEATH” roaming the universities to kill life on earth. Stop believing in LIARS, TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, THIEVES, FOOLS, AND HELL; GO SEARCH FOR TRUTH, OR DIE.
  3. NOTHING IS MORE VILE: THAN TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE; “A MILLION MILE LONG FLAME, JUST LIKE THE SUN” released here on earth. The universities conclusion as to how to control that: “not enough gravity here on earth/ so it will just extinguish itself”. THAT IS, ALL THEY HAVE: PERIOD/ and if it doesn’t extinguish itself, then burning atoms means this earth is fuel. Www.iter.org the biggest one.
  4. In the history of this earth: NEVER has there been a more STUPID people, than living in this America. SIMPLE AS THAT, because you do have to be so brainwashed by cult worship of universities; “to be zombie’s”. OR, you would not allow the grotesque vomit that is “universities are playing god” to exist. YOU FAILED LIFE AND PLANET; as does reveal the evidence of your truth. Or in more simple language even the spoiled children of hate can understand: you have allowed “the most expensive car in history (the human body)/ without substitution”; to be given to liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves. Stripped of value soon, and then fundamentally worthless because of what they did do. While that “car” represents your body/ even the most expensive vehicle in the world: goes nowhere, and is only a burden, “without the fuel” as is life. But your life in time, is failed, bound into cement; without the body that allows your life to be freed. And you gave the universities: the power to alter genetics EVEN IN YOU; with their lie of a vaccine/ which nature had no part in. making them/ allowing them, to pretend: to be your god. By throwing “parts and pieces of nature”, away. SHAME ON YOU; you are a believer: on your way to HELL. Back up, and fight for your life, your planet, your child, and this whole world: or you are “guaranteed to lose it all”. Believe it, or not!
  5. DO NOT BELIEVE ME; GO TO COURT, AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS OR IS NOT TRUE,     AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG;       if you refuse to let truth itself decide.REMEMBER THIS: that the US constitution is the basis and foundation of ALL LAW/ there is no law in this nation that must not comply with constitutional purpose and intent, as written therein. UNLIKE, the constant protest of the judiciary at all levels: redress is NOT just an oversight, or words without any further meaning. INSTEAD, as they fully well know: REDRESS IS: THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE, TO CONTROL THEIR EMPLOYEES. NOT, by simply having a citizen claim it: but by taking the grievances to court, and FUNDAMENTALLY allowing for a jury, to decide if there is legal, democratic necessity: to invoke that portion of the constitution in our own defense. The jury decides: the vote goes to the people themselves. And in that public vote: whether we then go to trial as a state or nation comes to fruition; by our own decision as a people. YES, OR NO! Simple as that. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT: THAN LIFE OR DEATH OF A WORLD/ NATION/ STATE/ EVERY CHILD/ EVERY LIFE/ EVEN THE PLANET ITSELF?


    And the people say: “we want what we want/ and we don’t want to change”. Even though the evidence all agrees: without true change, you will soon be extinct. And the people say: “you are nobody/ you cannot prove that is true: so we will NOT investigate (we DON’T want change), because our gods at universities and media/ say it isn’t so”. But alas: what you believe has nothing to do with truth, it is only what you believe; and truth does not care. So the foundation of my demand/ my message to you if you prefer: IS YOU CANNOT SURVIVE, THE IGNITION OF ATOMIC FIRE, just like on the sun! It will not be contained/ and there is no going back; because it is as on the sun “a million mile long flame or fire”. Regardless what the imagination of a few universities say. LET THEM PROVE THEIR CLAIMS. Because the ignition of a nuclear (this burns the bond in atoms/ just like the fire we know burns the bond between molecules: only with a 4,000,000 times increase in expansion). I thereby throw aside all the threats of your extinction, as are so many: and remind you, the price of they are WRONG; is equal to HADES (eternal fire) ON EARTH. No, you cannot escape it; yes it will eject the entire atmosphere/ burn every ocean/ produce radiation so intense it will be like entering a million microwaves; and you will die/ but not completely. Since YOU are then responsible for destroying this entire creation of life on earth. The cost for that, is high.

    And no matter how much “you DON’T want change”/ I guarantee, YOU DON’T WANT your universities to ignite a nuclear IT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL; FIRE, to consume the earth itself; as is their statement, “the energy that powers the sun/ here on earth”.   Www.iter.org    the biggest, soon to be running; of many. SO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO INVESTIGATE/ THEN YOU DO WILLINGLY ADMIT: yes we will burn, in HADES; if they/ thereby WE, are wrong.


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