Values beyond limits

LIFE suggests to me, that it is an appropriate discussion at this time, to conceive of destiny; by its relationship to thought, and therein approach the basics of what life is, or is going to become; within the realm of eternity itself.

In contrast of that are the claims of universities: that according to them and their proclaimed religion of evolution/ all things, all life, everything about this world is the result of chaos, billions of years, and a few quadrillion simple accidents, which selected the bodies of life without a brain, tool, utility, recognition of life, or any other means of making a decision; other than “slopping it all together” in the ocean. Which then means: there would be no method of holding the chemicals all together, so that it could form into a life. OR more simply: there is nothing in this world, no human claim, no evidence of any sort, that does not proclaim with truth: “ONLY THOUGHT” can do this. As is a world built with order, bodies built with disciplines, perfect balance among all participants (except human), knowledge inserted to operate the machinery, tools, utilities, plumbing, communication, freedoms and a hundred billion more realities of life. That are absolutely certain; no accident exists here/ and as for chaos: the very meaning of the word is to reduce anything complex down to its most simple expression or form: NOT here. So, that reality proves, “you walk behind fools, LIARS, cheats, thieves, etc/ and they lead you to HELL”, with your cult worship and utterly BLIND beliefs.

Humanity uses belief to stomp out any fears; because belief changes the question of “life and death” into whatever I want this to be; thereby ending fears, because I believe. I do not accept this method of conceptions, because want is a known liar, and simply to believe is not enough; to prove truth.

So the search for destiny, is a development or construction of what will the evidence allow, and how does that conceive within a relationship of what eternity can be? It is, obvious and plain: that thought created life, by the addition of a decision, to an energy born free. That in and of itself is where reality changes into a direction, and the consequences of what that direction can become. Every decision is a direction/ and every direction is toward life (order, discipline, balance, respect, courage, values, love, hope, happiness, joy, and more; proving living is a gift, to be cherished) OR, in contrast: death as is (hatred, violence, chaos, jealousy, ridicule, temptation, want, pride, power, OR, the choice “to end this, by tearing it apart”). Therefore life begins at the source of change, the critical composition of why choose this. The first challenge of living.

but before we get to that: there is this

Legally entered: the challenge of REDRESS, LOOKS LIKE THIS!

THE USA, has been invaded and overrun [US constitution article 4 section 4 the guarantee is redress ]by the greatest insurgency, ever conceived; [US constitution article 3 section 1 giving aid adhering to the enemy. The court/ this government of workers; refuses to question: “the university expert for real world evidence”]they have taken the securities, properties, values, democracy, and legal rights (as identified by “pandemic overreach”) protecting the citizens of this USA; to destroy them [US constitution article 1, section 9.8; no substantial evidence/ “the university is god”] . Additionally, they have CREATED THREATS [US constitution article 3 section 1; levying war, against us] SO PROFOUND AS TO BE EVIDENCE OF OUR OWN EXTINCTION.

THE CORRECT CONSTITUTIONAL METHOD OF DEALING WITH AN INSURGENCY FROM THE INSIDE: US constitution article 2 section 1.7 oath] is with first amendment redress of grievances/ as our constitutional duty to defend this nation or state, by true investigation of the unbiased facts, as is consistent and identified by the evidence. So that none can say they are above the law of this democracy. [US constitution article 4 section 2.3]

YOUR OPPORTUNITY as citizens here is: TO BE HEARD, IS WITHIN THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. WHERE THE EMPLOYEES IN CHARGE OF “UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITY” WILL BE QUESTIONED BY THE LAW, held to account within constitutional decree; [US constitution article 6, section 2] AND BY OUR OWN DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY: TO GOVERN OURSELVES, BY OUR CITIZEN VOTE: [US constitution amendment 15 ]WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE within the realities of courtroom evidence: WHAT IS TRUE. as a balance to their power over us! The deliberate protection of our constitutional foundation for government as a democracy: within the decisions of our constitutional contract, as did create the union called:  WE THE PEOPLE, of this UNITED STATES of America. MAKING all citizens equal; under our law!  NONE ARE “the government”! EACH hired employee: is merely our worker; sworn to constitutional duty!   Which does mean: penalties, for breaking that oath. [US constitution article 2 section 4]:

EVERY tax payment: [mutuality of agreement: 286 N.W. 844, 846] [RECIPRICAL RIGHTS CONTRACT 282 P. 2d 1084, 1088]supports the insurgency against our democracy/ by allowing every threat to go unchallenged. [US constitution article 6. section 1]The critical test of whether the actions and decisions of our employees is valid and true to our intent as a state or nation: IS THE PUBLIC OWNED COURTROOM, wherein we test their decision/ US constitution article 1 section 9.7 debts] against the reality of the evidence; to prove WE HAVE, the constitutionally provided LEGAL RIGHTS of REDRESS, as is the authority of democratic; we are the owners here; government. [malfeasance 97 S.E. 2D 33, 42] . DO NOT assume; you will not pay the tax/ as that is errant and false. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; the payment of that tax or its claim upon you: IS LEGAL GROUNDS, for the distinction of open door/ public trial: communicated to all. [US constitution amendment 14 section 1] Democracy enforced: to determine for ourselves: IF, this; is a decision our employees are constitutionally allowed to make. [US constitution article 1 section 8.6 counterfeit] THEY HAVE ONLY, the authority our constitution provides/ and that is subject to our own interpretation as a state or nation; by two-thirds of the citizen vote shall agree.

I would detail this out for you, into a courtroom argument: but that would eliminate the need for you to think for yourselves. Which is what a university would do (listen only to the professor elite); so I refuse, demanding instead: find your brain/ not your belief.

Reality states, that your leaders (all of which have a university diploma, and were indoctrinated to believe the university knows best); have been destroying this nation, and impacting this world, and exterminating its life, and poisoning its water, and ravaging its resources, killing our oceans, planet, assassinating the future for every child; and more. Not including the mass hypnosis that was and is “believe in covid/ let us ignite a nuclear fire/ crucify nature itself, and more”. As is the destruction of democracy/ the counterfeiting of our currency/ the overthrow of our courts/ the blatant threats of which weapons of mass destruction are only one; and more/ and more/ and more. Yet the cult of university worshipers believe; because they want the bribe/ hate the price of survival/ and are so proud, they believe they too can be gods; by the mountain of rubbish you chose to steal from the future of every life you killed. To your shame. So whether you believe you are “gods yourself”/ you are fools instead. Whether you believe the universities have led you to “GREAT things”; it is only because your mind belongs to their cult/ and it is HELL they built for you to enter. FIND YOUR BRAIN, is true to life/ or you will die: simple as that.

You CANNOT open your brain to life and truth: UNLESS you are willing to look beyond “just one thing” as is the focus of all things university! The entire world is a shape beyond self, and self is “Just one little thing”/ which means, you must mentally enter the world, instead of hide from it, inside of you. Running away from it by focusing on just one thing. Trying to control it, by claiming “winner”. Or by making someone else fear, so you don’t have too. Want is not enough; life, and even brain; is more.

 RETURNING to the purpose:  We must first construct what is an energy “born free”? The most critical conception of that is: not regulated by an action or reaction; but isolated from each direction, by the element of sustained motion within the parameter of an environment that is not influenced outside of itself. Or more distinctly: energy without direction/ is an energy waiting for direction; as is then the gift of motion. Motion comes in four definitions: an action (moving forward: pushed)/ reaction (moving backward; pulled)/ potential to move ( balanced at the center, between the two forces)/ or life (choosing to move, by decision rather than force). Freedom is then the source of motion, and energy is the source of life.

Before there is motion, there must be energy. Before there is energy, there must be a cause or construction to set free. Therefore even a universe of atoms, rests upon the singular event, of freedom: to set into motion, what cannot easily be stopped. The effect of that, is called energy, and energy is then responsible for directional movement/ just as a balance point (we can share) is the primary isolation of disciplines resulting in mass.

The critical expression of freedom, is the source of energy; and what resides beyond that beginning of time; is the result of what energy can do. What then is freedom/ and how does it originate energy? We define the purity of freedom as the ability to go anywhere or do anything without boundaries or limits. In time, that has a cost, because there are consequences to energy. Before time, where no consequences would exist until there is energy: the value of freedom cannot be underestimated as true. So the critical question is: when or where, does freedom change into energy, and why? The conceptual answer is: when a structure fails, the result will be motion, as is energy constructed by change. Therefore the question is: where did structure exist, before there was energy, “as we know it”: capable of holding it all together? We must then assemble a primordial universe, constructed out of the pieces that were to become mass and energy as we do know it to be. Every atom is made from a particle of mass (this has substance/ it is something). Because when forced into motion, there is a cause and effect; found only between energy and mass. So before there were atoms, there was substance. And where there was substance in the vacuum of space: there were collections of that substance built by chance descriptions of what freedom was going to be. We must then examine “the vacuum of space”; to elementally arrive at, where freedom finds time.

Without the construction of mass (only layering of substance), there is no expansion of anything/ all is dormant, in the desolation of cold and black without a hint of light. It is expansion, that constructs energy/ without that expansion no reaction (pull back with force) exists. Without a reaction with force, time fails to exist; because we measure “start and stop”. Here we conceive of layering substance, as the reality of no boundaries, and no limits conforms to the definitions of “universal space”. A vacuum, asserts anything found within this environment is free to change its position, if it is not anchored, to something else. Therefore we know that substance in a vacuum can change its position/ and in so doing layer itself as realities constructed by push; without substantive force. In an infinite realm of possibilities: the freedom to layer presents us with variations in “mountains of particles, that came together strictly by chance”. In that same realm of possibilities: the potential for two of these mountains to crash into each other, explains the how of, freedom becomes the beginning of energy. Force, now exists: the demand, for space.

When two particles of substance want to occupy the same space, at the same time; friction will be generated (but not heat), which becomes frequency, which turns layering into building: finding order out of chaos. So the critical question is: how do particles change? Frequencies shake the material, and in that manner of composition; every component is allowed to find or wiggle into confinement/ thereby eliminating space; which allows an infinite number of particles to fit in a much more dense package; the previous layered “mountain of particles” now becomes an environment, with boundaries. The question is: does frequencies expand beyond that environment, and how do they affect space, and its layers of “particle reservoirs”? The first question is: do frequencies stop in highly dense packages/ or is this the beginning of energy? IF they continue, energy must be generated/ but as a reaction instead of an action: because heat (the expansion of materials) is not yet involved. The opposite energy of heat is cold, and in an environment of cold; a more critical “super-chill (dark energy)” must occur; because there is no heat to condense. There is however some degree of space; left between the particles/ and that space is now being reduced and removed to become a black hole; by its energy source. Or more distinctly now: a true first vacuum in this universe has begun: and it does have an effect on space and its particle reservoirs. By pulling them into the black hole. As it does that, other mountains of particles will collide, starting the same process as did the first; and preparations for collection into a “big bang” of substance released by expansion now exists. A reality that is set into motion; as various black holes combine into one universal contraction of substance; that has become unstable due to its size.

We now shift, to the making of heat; but not the kind we are familiar with as is nuclear expansion by elemental shifts. Rather when “an unstoppable object/ crashes into an immovable object; the result is one must penetrate the other/ or both must penetrate each other (a tunneling effect): forcing an expansion in the colliding “black holes”. We now change the name of that from “black hole”/ into its far more correct: dense “substance” element; with countless irregular formations as true order does not yet exist. That tunneling effect is a friction based frequency; which then multiplies until it affects the entire now combined; dense element. It is the heat; because frequency requires an expansion or capacity in some dimension; to move; thereby to exist.

Frequency then gives us existence of cold energy, confronted by hot energy, the first form of expansion. So the question is: does the frequency stop/ or does it continue? The universe of mass we know exists, clearly proves that collision after collision would have occurred, thereby establishing a constant in the frequency, as it enlarges through the entire combined dense element. The shaking begins.

The building of layered particle substance; has produced mountains/ while the collision of mountains has created dense substance elements/ while the collision of “black holes” has multiplied frequencies until the “super-chill” now finds itself breaking down in places due to the movement of frequency enforced energy. That contradiction of foundational heat and cold in the same environment: builds a new thing, “consequences”. The big bang results.

let us add: a theoretical blend to the construction that begins our time as a universe. Conceiving of “particles as the obstructions” which make “all of space black”. Then as we fold the blackness of space into itself, we create the layers of particles by that same method. But that presents us with the model: if blackness is being folded upon itself/ then it is removed from that section of space; which then becomes translucent to any form of light. Which brings us, to the elemental rise, of dimensions beyond the existence of time.

LET US ADD: the rise of the atom, is a fundamental event caused by an action induces a reaction. The critical question: how does frequency initiate a “big bang” throughout the entire dense substance elemental mass? If it is locked together as one solid substance/ then it is also locked together, to achieve “one gigantic wave form of energy”; as induced by frequency generation. So the question of elasticity arises; as the building, or compartmentalizing of energy; into subsets of mass influenced by the rise and flow of tidal actions within the whole of the dense substance. The release of that energy comes: when the dense substance element has increased in volume to the point where it can no longer move (rise or fall) in response to the wave energies involved. That stops the motion/ but does not release the energy. Therefore frequency is now locked in a battle within itself, as the foundation of motion which must either release, or stop. The consequence was: it released in one big bang. Which gave this universe both hot and cold elements of mass; ejected into space, with a force beyond our imaginations.

What was truly hot, was turbulent/ what was truly cold, was not: when these collided: they exploded. The result was particles of energy thrown into space; that now met other particles of energy that has also been thrown into space. The resultant “opposite energies attract”, formed into atoms, that then did sustain themselves due to spin invoked realities of time now exists. We see the same results in a supernova explosion/ and its opposite energy a pulsar, which ejects particle flow of the opposite energy forms. These mixtures of positive and negative energy; becomes the chemicals we know as different. Because each forms with a different shape, intensity, speed, flow, and so on. How these shapes etcetera mix together to interchange energy, direction, construction, conception, and sustainability from an atomic proton spin; determines the chemical interactions or bonding as do occur.

The long lines of genetics, are the foundation of life in time; because the control and dictate; both the flow and foundations of that energy expression. Averaging out, the advantages and disadvantages of energy release by limits and boundaries set apart with timing and controls established by chemical traits associated with molecular structure. Universities are, and are intending: to inject chaos: into those LIFE STRUCTURES/ to prove their religion called evolution is god. BY DESTROYING NATURE AS WE KNOW IT. STOP THEM OR DIE FOREVER; because we cannot “put it back”. Making THE ABSOLUTE ARROGANCE, of their methods: “satanic which means [destroyer of worlds]!”  Evolution is; “just another form of hate”/ the reality of that should alarm you;  but worshiping “university” is a death cry/ let the world be damned.  Neither true care or life, exist; beyond a toy, trophy, or trinket. The brain died, as is the purpose of every cult.  WANT, replaced it; with the evidence of “animal”.  They want your conception of life, to be dissolved into fantasies which they create, to establish “we are your gods/ your savior/ your everything, now”. The university diploma chooses to manipulate and control with propaganda established in media/ dividing humanity by confusion of what is important, rather than just want decides.  The universities use your money, counterfeit your securities, overrun your governments, create monetary chaos, corrupt your courts, and in general bring you to chaos; as only hate would choose.  Using lies as their weapon/ and extreme experiments to prove you will never evict them from power.

So, lets be plain, simple, and fair: the value of knowledge, is not without substance/ but knowledge without truth or tainted by wants; is merely religion. What is true of religion, is also true of universities: REALITY DECIDES what truth is/ by establishing a foundation upon which we can search to identify the decisions we are then allowed to make. Like religion/ the universities scream: WE ARE MORE, therefore they create “imagination” to fill in all the doubts and spaces that are lacking sufficient proof to say “I understand/ I know”. Like religion, universities claim: “I have a book, to prove what I say”. But unlike either religion or universities: the value of truth is limited to the realities we can trust as valid and true; by the evidence of consequences/ thereby the prediction of disciplines and order as are achievable in a search for balance. Balance produces an understanding/ because just knowledge cannot do that. Just knowledge leads to proof without wisdom, and without wisdom there is no value to anything; as it leads back to chaos. Wisdom defends the statement: do not believe! Because belief can be anything you want it to be. Rather the value of the work, to understand life itself or earth: is a direct relationship formed in respect, for reality itself. As we are the evidence of miracles, and that does mean: REALITY KNOWS MORE, about truth: than do we.

Religion uses pomp and ceremony; to provide an outlet for believers to say, “yes, we can’t all be wrong”. While universities use media manipulation, “Hollywood presentations, of light, sound, fantasy, etc”; to prove “you must” worship us as gods/ because “we are superior to you”; as is the constant of a religious cult. There is a value to each; but NOT as they present for pride and power to get what they want. Rather truth relies upon the laws which “shine through” the mayhem of human wants, pride, or power; to reveal: this actually is something we can all agree is valid, as knowledge because of the evidence. We can all agree; the search for truth elevates law, and that eliminates human wants, pride, and power. While the few will then extend that search into wisdom: where reality itself, becomes the only teacher/ because we must become the student to achieve the values, which build life as it is.

So, the question is: are you more able to conceive of an eternity, or less? Because knowledge for the sake of knowledge, is ultimately the distance of a new direction/ and it is only a benefit, when that direction points to life.

The big bang did in fact exist; and its central point of explosion is where “identifiable space is most empty”: because as with every action there is a reaction/ the explosion “goes both ways” so to speak. Proving in fact/ the university claim of 14 billion years is wrong, by at least half/ they simply have witness the other side. Further the claim of knowledge by estimating “red shift” is wrong; because the sun objects being measured are revolving around a black hole (galaxy)/ not simply extending into outer space. So red shift is simply the speed of orbit.

The claims of knowledge; establishing age, are limited to provable data/ which is a few thousand years maybe. All other claims of knowledge are based upon atomic decay, and without critical knowledge as to “perfection in the construction/ or what the atom has been subjected too”; removes all pretense of aging. It cannot be done, so it is strictly a guess/ and not to be relied upon.

The claims of knowledge about Noah’s worldwide flood; are proven true, it did occur/ and we know it, because we have irrefutable evidence to that fact in fossil fuels and more. Although the religious people claims of a boat, are not supported; a different way has been proposed “video; fun with Noah”.

The claims of knowledge regarding evolution: are so utterly false, as to be the purity of what a complete idiot, without a brain only; could conjure up, in their wildest imaginations. Pure religion and nothing based in fact to support it whatsoever: prove that is not true, or stop/ because you can’t, and you must. Or geneticists will end life on earth by mutilation and horrors.

And while you ponder that: I remind you, “you can all be wrong”/ but it is the price of being wrong that matters. Because freedom allows you to be wrong/ it is your life. BUT REALITY DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO SURVIVE/ IF YOU FAIL TO RESPECT THE FOUNDATIONS UPON WHICH LIFE SURVIVES. And in all of history, nothing compares with the pure disrespect, and absolute arrogance or failure; of universities around this world. GO TO COURT, AND LEARN THE PRICE OF WHAT THEY DO/ OR EXTINCTION IS CERTAIN.

As is the case of igniting ATOMS ON FIRE: your failures called university; CANNOT be more WRONG. Last chance to survive: CHOOSE.

If you can’t stand up for yourselves; THEN I have provided “no I did not file taxes or pay taxes for this year”. Therefore YOU CAN STAND UP TO THE COURT; and demand he has to file/ he has to pay: take him to court. I WILL demand a jury trial/ and I WILL demand REDRESS IS THE LAW, AND THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ not its employees. Send me a  verified comment here; and we will begin.  As could you!

But if you can’t: then do it this way; so that life could go on.

Simply remember: in this democracy, the constitution is our government/ and it is treason for ANY EMPLOYEE, to claim that instead of: the constitution as the law of this land/ they are. Instead, they are sworn by oath to do what the constitution says: or be tried in criminal court, for their crimes against the state or nation. THAT IS: what an oath of allegiance means/ ask the military.

OR IF THAT, is too damn complicated: SIMPLY DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES FOR YOURSELVES. UNDERSTANDING, it is our only true defense, by the law granted through constitutional contract with those who are employed by oath: TO INSURE THAT WE SHALL RECEIVE, what the constitution promises to each of us.


DO NOT: spend any time, with anything OTHER THAN: WE DEMAND A FULL EXAMINATION OF THE PRIMARY COST: OF BEING WRONG/ when igniting and releasing the same energy here, as is on the sun! WE WANT TO KNOW: exactly what is the plan for containing that energy/ and exactly what is the cost if you CAN’T contain that energy. And we want to know EVERY THEORY YOU DEPEND UPON IN CLEAR DETAIL; with regard to the clear truth: YOU ARE GAMBLING WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH FOREVER. Because once you have established this abomination brings HELL ON EARTH; there will be NO viable complaint: to the investigation of EVERYTHING ELSE, that is specifically “university/ government/ military/ pandemic/ or other as we the people decide to do.

The proper method is: YOU SHALL demand democratic authority as the constitution provides in protecting this state or nation or world. Which is: OUR EMPLOYEES SHALL KEEP THEIR OATH TO US; as is encapsulated in the words of our constitutional preamble! Where that has not been done: the investigation to determine, if in fact our employees have committed anarchy (tearing down what we built) against this democracy: must occur. BECAUSE THE LAW IS OUR DEFENSE, rather than any other method of war: “WE DISAGREE”. The foundation of evidence presented with truth, as required to assemble the purity of our own decision shall be in fact: “the BEST WE CAN DO”. Presents all sides with the nation, state, or world they did choose. We the people, NOT forced chaos or war; because you could not be heard. THE LAW, AND OUR VOTE: DECIDES OUR FUTURE. Not the failure of employees, the arrogance of universities, or the assertion of power: WE THE PEOPLE!

Thereby: when confronting our employees, regardless of their position: THE DEMAND OF OWNERS AS IS WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT. To take control over our government, through our own decision: to require an investigation of these facts.____________.

WHICH DOES MEAN: by the evidence presented in a courtroom of the people, for the people, and by the people: WE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, if our constitutional law/ which is OUR GOVERNMENT: is being adequately kept. As it is your job to do. Because anything less is an insurgency, a rebellion against this state, or this nation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

IT IS OUR DUTY, AND IT IS OUR SOVERIGN RIGHT: TO PROTECT OUR GOVERNMENT, BY ENFORCING THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW OF FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. As is the protector of the people against the corruption of government or leadership or the take over of life as has been this claimed pandemic; this participation in the ignition of atoms just like the sun; this complete catastrophe is as the universities inject chaos into nature itself; as is the end of resources/ the corruption of money/ the fantasy of debts/ the failure of world law (weapons of mass destruction removed)/ the poisoning of water/ the overpopulation of people/ the death of oceans, habitat, species, chains of life, global warming, atmospheric catastrophe/ food destruction/ immigration insurgency/ loss of property and control for, trillions of tons of poison released/ pollution generated/ a future destroyed; UNPROTECTED, for the citizens of this USA. The cost of courtroom corruption (didn’t have to be)/ failed legislatures (dead weight, a war against us)/ BAD schooling, with religious indoctrination, enslavement, failure of truth and reality itself, as in numerous vile things, such as: evolution/ extortion in healthcare, schooling, and more (the cult of university worshipers; playing god, with life and world; and USING OUR NATION TO DO IT).


This will be AS INDICATED by their own decisions. PARTICULARLY sworn too is: THE PREAMBLE and how that is, and is intended to be their directive for their participation in governing OUR STATE OR NATION, by their oath.

NONE of the above elements we now face as threats which can destroy us, our state, our nation, our world, every child, or every life: IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH THAT DIRECTIVE, OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. As such, every form of leadership is subject to investigation, review of our reality to assemble what is true, and the foundation of democracy which is: WE THE PEOPLE SHALL DECIDE for ourselves. What happens now; by our own vote: AFTER THE EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED, IN COURT; as proof of untainted, as best we can.

Take names, choose house arrest (as people who know they are within the law): DON’T go in/ but DON’T let them leave; until the police come and arrest and charge “with treason”: find your lawyer and be certain of your legal standing. Identify: anyone who has failed to OR REFUSES TOO: support constitutional first amendment law. That LAW: is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; OUR LEGAL RIGHT/ TO GO TO COURT, AS A NATION OR STATE PROTECTED BY DEMOCRACY: “the law we create to protect, and to govern: ourselves! NO LAW EXISTS, unless it honors the foundation of all government authority; which is our constitution. TO PROTECT OURSELVES, OUR NATION, YOUR CHILD, AND THIS WORLD FOR LIFE: we the people, thereby require an oath of office (which does carry penalties); for all those officials, who do become employed to protect our state, our nation, our world, our future, and every child. As they swore: by the preamble of the constitution: “yes, we do know how, and what we have sworn too: because the legal description of government, as is the purpose of this nation, has been proven in that preamble, and in its furtherance as the law we hired you to protect: in the work of governing by law, this nation, or state. Those words are: short, simple, and clear/ OUR CONTRACT, with each other; as the foundation upon which we unite ourselves as one state or nation. SHALL NOT, be destroyed.

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

WE THE PEOPLE; in order to protect ourselves: MUST now defend ourselves from the insurrection of those who believe they are superior. Thereby without the need to obey our laws, protect our lives, listen to our words, or defend the authority of our freedom and liberty to choose for ourselves. IF IN FACT, we will allow the gambling, experimentation, and risk to our world or nation: that is a true sufficient threat, to cause our own lives, nation, world, or child; to die! Extinction is at our door.

THE USA, has been invaded and overrun by the greatest insurgency, ever conceived; they have taken the securities, properties, values, democracy, and legal rights (as identified by “pandemic”); to destroy them/ CREATED THREATS SO PROFOUND AS TO BE EVIDENCE OF EXTINCTION. Just to prove the universities, and their cult of worshipers, rule now; a religious overthrow. NO university EXPERT is questioned, or allowed to be questioned in court; where the evidence is required/ MEDIA has taken control over the people in their propaganda campaign; producing FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY. But offering no legal right!/ NO LEGAL RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE has been protected; instead our employees disrupt the lives, or take the monies, or destroy with debts that cannot be paid: in defiance of constitutional authority. That is anarchy and treason. And that means: YOU THE EMPLOYEES OF GOVERNMENT; HAVE CROSSED THE LINE, into an insurgency; which threatens this USA. A reality of destruction/ a denial of laws that exist to protect freedom and liberty; to both state and nation as is consistent with “the enemy”.

THE CORRECT CONSTITUTIONAL METHOD OF DEALING WITH AN INSURGENCY FROM THE INSIDE: is with first amendment redress of grievances/ as our constitutional duty to defend this nation or state, by true investigation of the unbiased facts, as is consistent and identified by the evidence. So that none can say they are above the law of this democracy.

Those who insist they will be heard; as are those who went through the WE THE PEOPLE own: the white house door uninvited (proving disorderly conduct only): understand “their nation is being destroyed”. While stupid, it is the job of the presidency to instruct: YOUR OPPORTUNITY as citizens here is: TO BE HEARD, IS WITHIN THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. WHERE THE EMPLOYEES IN CHARGE OF “UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITY” WILL BE QUESTIONED BY THE LAW, held to account within constitutional decree; AND BY OUR OWN DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY: TO GOVERN OURSELVES, BY OUR CITIZEN VOTE: WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE within the realities of courtroom evidence: WHAT IS TRUE. Your job entitles you to make decisions in accordance with your oath of office. It does not entitle you to make decisions that are not consistent, or valid to the protection of values that are constitutionally demanded. Extreme debts/ extreme lies claiming assets which do not exist; OR THE ADMISSION of pure inflation and lies to cover that up with media collusion; is only the beginning.

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