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values beyond limits

To: whom it may concern         help wanted is a two way street

from: James F. Osterbur

dated: 6/ 13/21

regarding: it would be best, if I could find some help for working; roughly 6 hours a day/ 5-6 days a week; at a variety of jobs, including carpentry, drywall, insulation, painting, electrical, and more. A varied schedule; in which you can work a different job a day or two a week/ or whatever we each decide is in our, and your own best interest; as the intent is a friendly workplace/ even if not friends. The purpose here is to achieve an improved property, for a more secured (last until I die/ or sell at a higher level than is currently possible). Its work, not play; but at 68 years old, I do intend a simple work ethic/ fair and realistic, not a get it done now. Unaware of the current level of pay that is appropriate; but I am guessing $12.00 per hour to start; lunch provided. Pay really does depend upon your own abilities, and how much work we get done/ the more you get, the more I expect; mostly looking for help not expertise. I did employ a young man previously at $7.50 per hour; with the expectation that we would work for 4 hours/ and he could then learn, and get paid for 4 hours; but that failed for a variety of reasons. Another man worked here for a bit; but absolutely refused to participate in “hour keeping”/ and was disappointed when collecting. No more of that: YOU WILL acknowledge hours worked at the end of each day, no altering the facts. Any issue with money, work, risk, or other YOU AGREE, shall be dealt with at the time of any question that has arose: JUST ASK, money has been set aside for this work/ you will be paid. No workman comp/ no taking money out for tax/ no insurance provided/ no unemployment compensation: you are the self employed contractor/ and these are your responsibility not mine. As is the case of: you decide to do the work/ or not do the work; take the risk and so on. Your decision/ not mine: you are responsible for your decision. Minimum work period is expected to be a month, probably closer to 3/ could go on much longer; but a wide variety of factors are involved in that. We can discuss it/ the biggest factor is: can we work together successfully, to benefit each. WORK, not drugs/ not thieves/ not disrespect; just work: you need to be a realistically safe worker; able to do the task with help or not.

6 hours a day is not realistic if you are driving any distance/ that can be changed; if needed/ but the end result is, I don’t intend to work longer; but if you can get it done; on your own: that can work.

I am more interested in hiring someone who needs the job/ than hiring someone who just wants the money. More interested in family first, than not. More interested in “simple and plain” than fixing society in small or little ways; such as this is a 99% white community, and I don’t intend to change that; it is not worth my time or trouble. No intended offense to any other group; just looking for simple/ not “whatever you want includes”; just a job to be done for me. If we can get along; after a week or so/ the possibility exists; that you could just stay here; IF that is in your best interest; if you wish, for the work period.

I am more interested in: hiring someone who will benefit from the work experience, and learning the different trades involved/ for their future. Than hiring someone who just wants the money. I intend to be fair, and reasonable; but you need to be fair and reasonable as well.

NOT gay, don’t want to deal with it. Not transvestite; not perverted: but unfortunately my tits have grown (didn’t do nothing, no control; just how it is). The unfortunate reality of that became obvious 3-4 years ago or more; when painting outside; took shirt off/ within twenty minutes a truck came screeching to a halt in front of the house (obviously thought I was a girl)/ turned around with whiskers showing, and he hit the gas and sped off. So I put the shirt back on: but don’t want to deal with that, kind of thinking either. So the ideal candidate might be female; because I fully believe, they surely won’t be affected. Don’t worry, I won’t attack you either; at 68 years old, I am far more interested in my eternity; than anything else, which might jeopardize that. You are safe. However male could work; as most are not as vile as that one apparently was.

You should have people you can talk too, or come visit you here: so that a record can be kept of “everything is fine/ exactly what was expected”; and everybody knows it. So that I cannot be accused of anything; as realities of this day have proven to be; anybody can be accused of anything. Safety means witnesses, generally speaking; so that a track record is evidence, we were fair and respectful, to each other.

This is for work/ not sex/ not friendship/ not religion/ not whatever it is in your imagination: this is simply for work to be done; anything else is strictly by mutual choice, with absolutely no element of force allowed by either party involved. IF you choose it, and I agree. That is not an invitation or expectation: its just setting the boundaries. At 68 years old; “not pretty”; I have no expectations other than “common construction type work, for pay”; simple and plain/ NOT complicated. Text (too many trash calls) 217 area code: “if interested, write me a comment on this website. ”. I will present information to you personally, if you seem real and interested; for your decision> we will meet publicly to start. Work, Starts immediately, or thereabouts. “letter to family/ did not produce results; so a week later”: I will try you. If the work is not done, nothing will go drastically wrong for some time yet/ and without a true “change in society” or at least the recognition of that possibility; the need to do anything is limited. But, realities in writing, have produced a lack of physical conditioning; I regard as needed to be happy.

I am not against friendship or even more: but that is not the purpose of this work. My property has been neglected; for the last twenty years or so; while doing this work. It does need some attention, and while I can do it alone/ the reality of the US currency; our money is: “counterfeited”. So, help monetarily for you, in exchange for work; for me. Seems more realistic than saving more currency; for a relative to potentially just throw away. I have no predictions; other than, I do/ therefore you need: a desire to achieve a friendly work experience, for us both. Bear in mind what you need, and we can discuss the realities.

ALSO; AS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU: the realities of my work although fighting for life and earth; as is consistent with “no harm done”. ESTABLISHES IN CONTRAST TO THAT: an elemental change in the power structures of this human world; and the consequence is: IF IMPLEMENTED. That the extremes of: want, pride, power, universities, governments, religion, and more will take offense. As a result of that, I CANNOT guarantee to you: “perfect safety”, by any means or measure. We live in this world, not whatever religion or others, would assume.

While NO apparent work is being done in support of life or earth; within the framework of what I have proposed: therefore no change is expected. The reality is: humanity decides not me/ and communications possible today, can produce change at any given time; by work done.

So I have no predictions; good or bad “for me or you”. But the fact is: I do not control the future, nor do I predict how it will relate to me or you.

I have chosen to be simple.

To whomsoever might be interested in this work with me; I suggest you consider all the variables possible, and decide for yourself, if the necessary courage does exist? Because even a worker can be targeted, if hate comes to the door. Which could make your own decision, to be here: “final”. While I do consider that highly unlikely, it is not without possibilities.

No, I am uninterested in discussing the realities of “what happens if people do not change and save this world, its life, and their own future”. Whether this earth is engulfed by flames, as a sun or not: is up to GOD . simple as that. Whether we fall into complete chaos as is the cost of what is being done; no longer concerns me; as I did do the best I could. None can do better than that, even if you believe you could have done better than me. I did do, what I did do, and whatever that is; becomes the truth of my own identity. Not for you to judge, or even me. So, I will retain a little bit of hope for you; and live “a relatively, normal life” if allowed; simple as that. Or if asking: working with me, would be “normal and fair” as well or pleasant, as I can make it be. The same is expected of you.

NO, I do not wish to be story or subject material for you. Yes, this is about work. Whether an honest relationship can come from it with you; is more up to you, than to me; as my life has been identified, and how or what you can add; as well as what I can add for you; is yet to be seen. If in fact at all; because this is about work. Reality says: people always try to “predict something beyond” what I say/ as is the foundation for all gossip. So I will add this

Just so its clear, the primary reasons I am not involved with a woman, and all that conceives of:

  1. this work came first/ my ears are bad at times, and interfere with everything.
  2. None walk the same path as do I, a reality, and a discipline, that is necessary for long term companionship.
  3. The demand for sex is real; and I have believed in the past; ONLY to be confronted with I LIED immediately after. Don’t trust none. Women want what they want, what I desired, as life and work didn’t matter. So they decide to change me, once chained. Or were heartbroken, when reality proves I must leave; because no matter what or who: life or death of a world, is more important than you or me.
  4. NO, I do not desire to be confronted with a child, without my consent; before and beyond sex. NOR do I wish to be confronted with twenty years of payments for a child and more; because you chose to make me do it. Sex and pregnancy are NOT the same things; particularly in this day of at least women can do more than condoms: MAKING THE RESULT OF PREGNANCY entirely “woman’. Condoms Which do fail the quest for intimacy, can be pinned open with the intent for secrecy until its too late. NO, I do not wish to give my life, time, or money. To the discretion of a judge.
  5. In this world of our current realities: endless possibilities of sexual disease transmission make all sex a gamble; and in a world of liars, which do not respect the realities of I had a choice before you took that away. It is hard to accept: this is safe for life, even beyond the state of lies, and liars exist. Sex is not worth a lifetime of disease; by choice. Same goes for me, your life must be sacred (not altered or diseased by me) too. Respect requires it, when you know, or should have known.
  6. NO, I do not wish to be your savior/ NO, I do not wish to resolve and make your family or extended family; an endless amount of work or expense for me. Not my job, and I have spent a lifetime fighting for life and world; time left is mine, I hope.
  7. In the realities of life; as we grow older, we are confronted by death and illness more than before. Death is expensive; when I must pay for you/ illness can demand many things; and the result of that is, Perhaps I am better off, “as just me”. Because we cannot predict that future for either one of us.
  8. People want to get all they can get, at the end of life; which means, “I WANT TO SPEND MONEY, like water, here”. Some of that is ok, some of that is not: I have the right of my own decision too; without the pleading, begging, temptations or other!
  9. The critical issue is happiness, and that exists for all of us; as the relationship we cherish, because respect has formed the freedoms to love and shape our lives as one: with the dignity of being fair/ sharing the work/ honorably caring for each other/ respecting my decision matters, as does yours; but only truth can decide based upon our true realities of the time, or future we expect.
  10. The value of another life (of the opposite sex) to share within the miracles granted to our lives, our world, our bodies, our sex and more; is beyond question. It is the realities of human failures that keep us apart, and each of those failures begins with the cost of “love, hate, or survival”; but extends into the reality of our lives as “want, pride, power, and disrespect”. Consequently, people who have risen above want, pride, power, and disrespect; are the only people, relying on truth to decide; who truly interest me.
  11. Religion is a stepping stone, to your own journey past time, into eternity. NOT AS BELIEF; because belief can be anything you want. But as acceptance of the miracles, which evidence the truth: this life on earth, was NEVER an accident; and the reality of miracles is: ONLY THOUGHT can do this. So the decision to search for life itself, is a reality of my life; our journey together, would require that of you too. Few desire it; because it is life, rather than want.
  12. As it is always necessary and true to the foundation of any relationship: I am, more than willing to listen, and conceive of whatever it would be; that you need or desire to tell me: because that is only fair. And what we can choose together as one, depends upon honesty, truth, respect, and reality. Wherever trust is true, a bond will grow. But none must forget: WE BOTH HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES. Nothing less than freedom born in respect, can keep us together. Because that is the constant price of happiness. IF ANY woman is interested in finding a relationship with me, I will give you some advise:
    1. DON’T lie to me, it just means I can’t trust you, and respect will die: end of “us”..
    2. DON’T be lazy, we all have to work, and do our part in any relationship; as is fair to each. I don’t owe you: we work together, sharing the decisions we make. We do earn our “vacation time”, and that should never be confused with lazy.
    3. Don’t be undisciplined; there are boundaries and limits formed by realities which do make a difference to our lives, and our living, and our peace as harmony together. YES YOU CAN, “be badly overweight/ spend every dime you can make/ choose anything life will give you”, it is your right to make that decision and live that life. I on the other side, owning my own right to make those decisions and live a different life: ALSO have the same right to my choices as well. It is not judgment/ that is simply discipline; and it must never be too harsh, because we all “rise and fall” in our choices with body. YES YOU CAN, “wallpaper your body (tattoo)”; but that does not appeal to me; your truth (what is important to me) is your identity, your individuality; “not pictures on the wall”.
    4. Sex: NOT animal lust, is desirable; as we learn the value defined by our hearts joined as one; it ain’t no game. But we do share a life, and those needs are met when the values we share, prove we do care.
    5. Trust is earned, not simply given.
    6. Truth means, reality will agree. “that makes two against one” in a decision required; we do not agree upon. Anything less than required, is a choice that does not need communications; unless they are warranted, as this will affect me too.
    7. Love is the expression and experience formed when value leads, it takes courage, and it requires soul. Soul is the distinction of miracles move me, to search for the sacred gifts of my body and life given to me, by GOD our CREATOR. That too, is no game; and requires respect to stay with me. This elevation of work, to at least the potential of dating; come fall or so/ assuming all things remain essentially stable; as we the world walk toward chaos. Your choice not mine; I did do what I could do; so I am done! UP TO YOU, simple as that.. However even the question raised; Has opened a door in me, suddenly to all the elements of what dating and relationships can or could be. Assuming there is a very tiny pool of women who might be interested; ______________________ and so on. The entire “spiritual woman in me” is true; and it brings to my own reality, a constant “I don’t know”; about nearly everything. So if any of that interests you, which I doubt; I still don’t know where the future leads; “its complicated, this is now the sixteenth year”. No real clue; but that is just how it is; like it or not, does not matter. Read the work for a reality check. Not pretty, no teeth, half bald, 68 years old, no debts, with a little money; enough to believe I can avoid working/ until it is no longer necessary. I feel reasonably healthy, no medical issues I know of; but at 68 who knows. Bad ears, which can be debilitating; but are usually good enough “for living”, if I am careful. Haven’t, so much as: “hugged or kissed a woman (never a man, etcetera)” for over thirty five + years: been busy searching for the means to make you, help you: listen to reality, by its truth and evidence/ rather than the delusions and fantasies of “university knows”. I have had more friends or acquaintances with a diploma over the years, than not. IT IS NOT A DIPLOMA, that I fight against. It is extreme arrogance/ total disrespect for life, world, nation, child, everything; that is playing god. The extreme experiments, deliberate manipulation, and all the rest that is absolutely not fair. If that is not you: then I do respect what you have learned that is true, honest, and respectful/ rather than what you memorized and repeated to get your diploma, and join their army.. I don’t need or wish to continue, in the tragedy of your ways; not my job anymore. Fixing this place is just my way of waiting; as reality demands the cost of being wrong is our entire planet, and all its life. So there is no running away. No, preparing for an apocalypse (what will be will be). No avoiding Armageddon (nature in chaos is coming). Certainly no escape from an atomic fire; simple as that. Fear will not save a single one, it has no purpose. Kill a billion people, and there are still 7 billion more to go +. I DID DO, WHAT I COULD DO, FOR YOU. All the rest is YOUR choice/ not mine. It would be nice to share time and life, with someone “who could fit into my world/ and I could fit, into their world” without a great struggle for either. Contrary to popular opinion, I am NOT a pessimist/ I am a realist. The evidence, proves a truth, I cannot avoid. Therefore we must turn to face it, or the reality of it, will rule all life. Simple as that. IF humanity cannot or will not; there is nothing else I can do. These are the things humanity chose/ the places where “university leads” has taken us all. Who knows: perhaps there is one woman left in that tiny pool of possibilities; who could find me interesting or valued. Hard to say.  NO, I am NOT your savior, or your enemy;  “just a messenger, delivering the news:  change with honest respect for life and world and  GOD YOUR CREATOR/    or go extinct.  Because that is what you chose. Regardless of that: WE MUST each retain at least a little hope for a future for life and earth/ that is important to you. Because in the end: extinction WILL be determined by GOD who CREATED this world and its life/ as miracles do prove true. Unlike religion: that does not mean, humanity does not need to care, or do anything to change or change society, or change this world; that is lazy, foolish, and blind. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, and that means changing humanity is the solution. BUT you are free, and that leaves the reality of options that does not include you; as your choice. While the evidence is; that “spiritual realities” have always been a part of my life; the decision that I can speak for GOD and say it is so/ does not exist, unless “told to do so”. GOD IS GOD and I am merely a messenger. So the reality is: if humanity will not change itself/ and war is no longer a valid option, because it will end life on earth. The most likely solution would be: billions die. That concept or solution to a very crowded world; has certainly been set into motion with “universities playing god/ as is a pandemic that does not exist”. The explosion of the Yellowstone super-volcano would cost billions their life, as realities invade the earth. The extreme redistribution of weight around the globe by mining and ice melt; could cause numerous tectonic plate redistribution’s to the face of this planet. Poisoned water, and endless “tip the balance” now lost realities would kill a great many lives, including livestock and more. The mutilation of plant foods; is a horrendous plague waiting to unfold. Or more simply: the list is long, the potential is real, and the reality would be simple, universities nor men shall remain in charge anymore. But it is not for me to know; and I do not wish too.
    8. And the people say, especially the religious: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/   you can’t scare us, WE BELIEVE (alas, in whatever they want).  nonetheless, the population of this earth was said to be 1-2 billion people in 1900/ today there is at least 8 billion, and at a 3% population increase as was consistent in the 20th century. That adds another quarter of a billion new mouths to feed each year.  NOT pessimism/ reality.  And religion says: “they are the ones who should die/ not us”;  as was the intention of many religious wars/ that failed.  As is the purpose of genocide, used throughout humanity/ and even as is, the purpose of cannibals.  When population exceeds reality.  And the people say: “we are gods/ we believe; UNIVERSITY”!  As they march you into HELL, and produce the elements of chaos, and destruction:  “Nazi” only dreamed about.Of life’s many mysteries; how we become who we are/ or who we are intended to be, is less of a mystery, than the critical path which participates in those choices. My life has suddenly taken on a completely new and distinct direction. Recently a bacterial infection nearly killed me/ survived that, I had hoped it would never come back. BUT, a tiny part of that infection “hid out” in the skin puncture of needle area in ; a tetanus vaccine/ received at the same time. Less threatening this time; but my life as a human body, reacted with “fear (not excessive, but new)”/ a completely new experience. As the realities of what a mutated bacterial infection/ combined with tetanus and who knows what could be; the antibiotic does seem to be working, and I do treat it with hydrogen peroxide first as before. What is not the same is: this does not seem to be, the same male body I used to have. The critical question: has the spiritual woman inside, removed male; and taken complete control. The answer is not comforting, the reality of facing yet “another train load of: BUT WHY” questions to complete an understanding of female; is confronted with “but I don’t have all the parts”/ to make it true to life! I cannot know everything; even if required to learn. Nonetheless, we begin this journey with the truth: that male confronts fear with truth itself, “the injuries, the damage, the bruises, the pain, the cost does not matter; until the battle is done”. Because there is no acceptance of war, unless the reality proves this must be so. That fact, when reality proves the need; does not include a cost; regardless what it is: because it is the price, for being male. This new experience, that is not male (as I have always known him to be); and therefore, must establish some degree of female taking control; is the injuries do matter/ the damage cannot be excessive/ the bruises and pain should not occur/ nothing is worth this war; and I would avoid it, if I can. The critical path is: “but why”/ because the realities of our decision, hinge upon the descriptions we give to life and living, by its truth, and how we perceive of its value. I am not happy, with this new conception of fear, or loss of control (not my body anymore): which brings the question WHY should fear exist? We all know we will die, and at 68 years old; that is not the fundamental being exerted here. I have in fact faced, the literal fact of death several times; we are acquainted, but not with fear. Which leaves us with strictly body, or how we deal with pain, and to what degree the heart will or will not: live with disciplines, order, and balance; to respect the soul/ or is just given as time rules all? WHAT, does it mean to be female, and WHY do I need to know; still not a clue? Elementally, the critical question is: can a human body be taken from one gender experience to achieve an understanding of the opposite gender experience or even expression? Answer: NOT as a human/ it simply cannot; we are locked in. Simple as that. But I am spiritually; “a little different”/ the question then becomes can GOD change or allow to be changed a human body? Answer, “without question”/ I do hold that to be true. But that fact, does not answer: WHY? Certainly not my decision or wish: why?

      Elementally: my journey through life has been “but why”; searches through life to understand the basic ingredients that form the basis and foundations of why men choose the way they choose. Having accomplished that level of education; I was able to form the message that is: the evidence of your choices as men in charge, will prove extinction if you will not change! Unable to find a solution in men; after a ten year search/ I turned to ask “women”. They would not provide the information/ so I turned to the spiritual world of women; “just to ask a question, from the outside; as it affects every life on earth”. But was pushed inside, and completely unable to understand: what seems like it is so similar in many ways/ yet it is so very different, as to provide “not a clue”. Now stuck in the spiritual world of female; I have lost control. Male just keeps “Losing parts, losing identity”; facing his own extinction. I feel exposed, vulnerable, and unwilling to change even more; but I HAVE lost control. Is that female? I don’t know.

      I do know, the demand you will: understand female; has begun. How it all ends, or how far this will go; is without my own decision. It seems the end of male entirely/ or the reality of building an understanding so I can escape the spiritual world of female, by its own truth: and then return to whatever male could now be? No clue which one. Regardless, “but why” is inherently “not a friendly path”. People prefer to be hidden in lies/ I do not.

      Before I lose all conscious knowledge of male; should that become real. I remind women of this: that at a much younger age, I chose NEVER to hear “I’m pregnant/ or I had an abortion again”. I chose NOT to visit with women for romance without sex; “they don’t want that”. I chose NOT to love a woman, because I could not stay; and if they love you back: that decision will break their heart (making it unfair/ if you know you can’t stay). So, I chose to simply look at women (who were wearing signs that say look at me), without lust or intent or any threat of any kind. Until one day the t-shirt being worn; chose to demand “something like; never look at a sign, being worn by a woman wearing a t-shirt”/ the slogan was something else, but that was the message. And she looked at me, with the intent I should read her sign (only if invited by me). From that day, a wall was raised between female and me: we are done. “You stay on your side, and I will stay on my side; the door or access to my life and yours is closed.” a reality women choose far more than they realize, because without access; the decision to allow a friendly moment: there can be no method of becoming friends. Which opens the door to animals “waiting just for sex”. You should remind each other; women are not “perfect” either. These are just some of the realities that must be changed. NO, I DO NOT have a child, and I know that to be true; because I checked more than once.

      I have now studied the realities of fear, to determine and identify; this is in fact a trait of female. NOT because of fear, but because it illuminates the realities of compassion, empathy, “mothering in all its capacity”, and more. Relationships commonly attributed to the life of female rather than, the living of male. Oddly enough, these elements of mothering are not functionally devoted to love; instead they construction the foundations upon which respect for the intensity of being alive is born. Truth itself as is the elevation of male; does not have that intensity, and respect must be earned by the values we attribute to life itself. The critical conception returns, to an elemental knowledge: that fear is an enemy, and must be defeated to achieve an eternal life. Therefore we do accept, as is a constant of my own life: “our living as a human being”, is never going to be perfect/ instead it is the best I can do, or whatever value you give to it instead; as that directs your path into the future, and drives the foundations of your own desire to survive as life. Time proves to us all; death will come/ therefore it has no real purpose in fear: it will come, fear will not stop anything. Fear however assumes that more time can be found; if you panic, hide, run away, or surrender. But that is generally untrue, and in terms of eternity is truly worthless as a choice. Life thereby confronts us all with: “I did the best I could/ even though it was limited or not enough or whatever it was, that I did choose”. That is the identity, I chose to earn; by my own truth. That is the reality of value, that is mine to bring: into eternity.

      People will say: “there is no eternity”/ because they want what they want, and “they don’t know what they could possibly want an eternity for; so this life in time is enough; end of my story”. But that proves nothing in terms of whether eternity exists or not. Nor does it bother to conceive of more than being an animal; as is the reality of most: the herd says, “we can’t all be wrong/ so they walk down the road together; believing whatever they want to believe; because that removes the cost of their decisions; the possibility they could be wrong”.

      In contrast to that, being alive requires that you make each decision for yourself/ as each decision becomes the truth of who you are/ the consequence of what you chose; and what you will then bring as your gift to eternal life.

      As to eternity itself: take a look at your hand, and watch it move for you/ your eyes, and all they do for you/ understand your bones not only form themselves into intricate realities of existence; they move into place on their own; grow as you grow accordingly; tie themselves together with muscles and more, lubricating each joint. Your blood vessels go to each and every cell/ and your cells live and die and are replaced (so that you can go on) all for free. Your brain does far more than you can imagine/ your heart pumps “a billion times”; you have freedom to choose; sex to increase your value to each other; designs throughout which aid your life, and more. All of which clearly define a level of thought so far in advance of our own abilities to understand anything: that there is absolutely no room for doubt, OUR CREATOR IS REAL.

      Some will argue abandoned and left behind. The biblical record of JESUS guarantees we were not, and the value of our lives is love, respect, truth, courage, hope, desire, happiness, and all that makes life itself worth living; even in an eternity.


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