In the examination of time and life; it is fair to assert, that the difference between life and death is far less, than the realities of what an eternal life could be. Therefore we conceive of truth as the destiny upon which every human above an animal, or hate (destroyed by death); can depend.

The most critical truth of our existence is: that this world, and all its life, is in fact a miracle beyond our ability to conceive or construct anything that compares. IT IS IN FACT, “a gift”/ to each and every one. Only the most egregious of fools, fail this test. Only the worst of arrogance and apathy to life itself, would question or allow the destruction of miracles; into the sewage of a human without respect for existence itself. Which puts “university” at the top of the list; where the diseased(invaded), the brainless (overrun by lies), and damaged (failed; discarding life itself) must go.

Beyond the truth that is a miracle of our existence; we encounter religion; as the common human method of explaining what we cannot explain/ therefore belief was born to extract happiness as is “we get to believe whatever we want to believe; and become gods ourselves”; as is the righteous, who as always can never be wrong in their own mind. Religion is like the realities of this USA; previously guided by Christianity, from a war, and a depression; which removed their fantasies and delusions; to accept reality instead. Religion chose to put universities first, and made them god instead; and as such the descent of this USA began to devour truth, curse reality; and offer the universities as imagination, and propagation of media, would allow. Making religion, just another form of cult worship, as is university itself. That cult; has now invaded this USA; and damaged it to the point of civil war/ or extinction of this nation or even this world. Because lies never survive time, and are fully and completely destroyed by the eternity of death or life.

TRUTH DECIDES EVERYTHING THAT SURVIVES. Nothing more or less need be applied to the quest for something beyond time, where living may resume. Love is a truth/ hate is a truth as well: but they are pure opposites in terms of reality decides. Hate is a war against life/ and its journey beyond time is chaos, which brings terrors unending; as you chose for life, and living to be. Only those who “cost GOD a child”; are disposed of in an eternity of war against self. That warning is: an animal is an animal, whether human or not (predator and prey)/ and bears no further cost in eternity than your loss of heart. However, if you destroy a life: ascending into the Creation of miracles that is destiny for the living: you are at WAR, with GOD Creator of this universe/ and will know it forever. As your price for being WRONG.

So, let us begin in the ascension of truth, to conceive of the realities that bind our lives together, in the construction of love, which time cannot take away.

We do live as energy controlled by life, in the form of body as time. But when the body (house) is removed, its energy lost. The question will be: what is life now; separated from the house, which controlled our journey as a living question of value?

We begin with the conception of energy: to shape the creation of motion.

Learning that motion is the first phase, in the construction of freedom, and without freedom, we are bound into the darkness; that merely exists. To break free of those chains, we MUST understand the descriptions of thought, that are the second phase of life. To assemble an identity, requires truth. To participate as a journey into truth, there must be laws, to bind the existence of choice, by the limits that will survive freedom.

To survive beyond time: requires the purity of your truth to be distinct/ otherwise you will fail. Purity means: I have chosen these boundaries as express the value of my law, as my own created, by me; identity. Within those limits, the value of what you can or will be given; is conceived: because this is now, “your home”. Time ends, truth rather than measurements; now control.

Energy the fourth phase, is a decision controlled by your values. Death has no value/ thereby hate has no value/ apathy has no value: these are banned, or “burned”. Only love and its generation of values controls life by decision. Therefore we know, that it is desire that shapes our future. Desire is a decision, that modifies your living, by the elemental insertion of “what can I create”? So the question is: WHERE do the resources required to do this work, exist? We then search, within the boundaries of what does YOUR love value most, and find the limits of your heart, control the resources of what is now “your world”.

HEART is the fifth phase. A reality based upon the journey into a living beyond time, is created: only when your values shall meet mine, and we share our worlds, as one life to live, by joining in love. This is the vessel, within which we journey beyond ourselves, into the universe.

The sixth phase: to shape destiny. We MUST enter within thought. All other participation is as mercy/ thought is not. Instead, thought is the entrance into the elemental heart of Creation itself, and gives notice of this purpose, within the desires of your living that has now chosen “a door”, by which the most critical desire in value we possess; shall be known. It is the decision called soul.

The seventh phase is: participation with GOD if your truth can stand up, where only purity can go. AS TOO; the fundamentals of what can exist? I turn your attention back to the miracles of this earth/ and remind you: “there was only one CREATOR here”. Entrance into that Creation as a participant in what can become “the value of life”/ is a gift, NOT a reward.

I remind you: “LOOK AT THE MIRACLES, WHICH SURROUND YOU: EVERYWHERE, AND IN EVERYTHING”. Not the consequences of humans living as animals/ instead of the life, they were intended to have.

I remind you, that it is elementally true: when confronted with unending life, the realities of what we choose determines what our future will become. Therefore unless it is love you distinctly desire, and respect you are fully able and willing to give: the future is bleak, and unfair (as humanity makes it to be instead). Consequently only those whose desire is real, who live with a purpose to be happy within family, who are at peace within the elevations of thought, and the discovery of “more than time can be”. Are welcomed into a relationship that never ends. Because love, joy, respect, and peace for us all, IS more important than just you.

It is, the elemental truth of life: that your job is to determine what is true about you. Only truth can survive in eternity/ nothing less will do. Therefore the search for an eternal life; is a search for truth. But truth has two sides to the same coin: one truth is love/ but the other truth is hate; they are completely opposite in every construction, and every direction or value: but each is a truth. Which means eternity “can house both; in completely opposite versions of your own decision”.

Or more distinctly the environmental boundaries of love, limits life to love. The environmental boundaries of hate, limit death to chaos and destruction, terrors without end; because truth remains true.

Humanity prefers to believe that love and hate are similar decisions; and with the flip of a coin so to speak/ love can be hate, or hate could become love. It is not so, just an illusion of fools/ or the images of LIAR. What does reside in the “middle ground” between love and hate, is want, pride, and power; or more distinctly it is arrogance (I own more, I am more, my decision is greater: than yours. Therefore you have little, or no say). The illusion is: that want can be love/ but it cannot, because love is an acceptance of value, a treasury of life released to be free in the duties of honor, respect, and grace, a joy that has no price. Want is none of that, but exhibits itself in belief “I can/ I will/ I want: this is MINE, AND I DESERVE what I want”. Want is the basis of all belief, so if you believe severely enough, want will appear as love; but can fade in an instant. Love cannot! Hate is, what hate is; and the battle ground of want; becomes the pride you believe you lost/ or the power you do want, to make the other one fear you instead.

The mountain which blinds humanity to what is true: is called belief. Because belief is want, and want is the foundation for every lie that exists. If you don’t want something/ or want to hide something; then you have no need to lie. Consequently want is the basis used to form a lie/ even every lie. The mountain of belief is created by “the human herd shouting; we can’t all be wrong”. Which is code for saying: we have decided what we want this to be/ and now shut the door to anyone or anything else, that might not agree with what we want our lives or deaths or future to become. The prison locks tight; to keep the others, the truth, the reality, the value or whatever it is, from getting inside; where individuals must think for themselves.

So the real question becomes: WHY, will you not think for yourself? The answer is found in consequences: I no longer want to be wrong/ so I let the others decide to prove “YOU CAN’T BLAME ME”. It is that simple, I get to blame you; because you chose for us both. But truth does not agree: and reality enforces, “what happens to each is the result of your combined decisions”/ or you did not agree. If that is true, then the environmental reality of your life is: change is occurring/ and you must think for yourself, to avoid the consequences of what the others are doing. This work is like that: I cannot stop you from destroying life, planet, resources, child; literally nothing I can do. But thought resides in knowledge, and knowledge understands wisdom erupts from respect for the reality of what is true. Therefore I inform, and create a foundation that is sufficient to change the world back: for life, child, and planet; comes first/ GOD will be respected. OR, the point of no return shall pass, and extinction is guaranteed.

Thought has nothing to do with intellectual definition’s of who claims to be smart. Instead it is a participation in the conceptions of life, that go beyond the wall of time; and into the decisions that comprise our understanding of law, life, and respect for reality. The value of thought, cannot be comprehended in want. Want overrides reality to prove: truth does not matter to me/ I want, what I want; be damned to the rest. I want, what I want. Therefore the consequence is: that few are able to think/ because want controls your life, and future as belief. And the herd says: YES, THAT IS SO/ and we will not change. But the evidence says: then you will die, and take this entire planet of life with you; as the true enemy of Creation itself.

The universities scream: “we are gods/ there is no other”; as devils do. Devil means: to discard life/ by claiming superiority. While satan means: to judge life/ and pretend to save, while preparing death. Each is accompanied by an arrogance so extreme; they do literally believe they are or can become “gods”. The universities format for proving they are gods: in worship of evolution, they are using chaos in nature; to recreate nature with “genetic accidents” of chemistry to dissolve the order, disciplines, and balance of a living body of life! Happens everyday, across this planet; because as fools do, “they believe/ and arrogance is king”. Same is true of those who believe they can create and control the same fire as is on the sun: TO PROVE THEY ARE “gods”. This world will die in horrifying fire instead; upon ignition. The universities scream: WE ARE YOUR SAVIORS/ and as with covid, they released a disease to prove it; and then claim “we keep you alive, with our “man-made (no nature involved; rearranged completely) only cure”. The probability of an extreme epidemic due to their curse upon you: is horrifying.

Yet you believe; because media does your thinking for you/ and they are so proud, they let the universities do their thinking for them/ and that means a very tiny handful of the university elite; have made you their pet/ or slave/ or toy. While taking everything you have, to prove you shall not live, or find freedom or joy in life: UNLESS YOU OBEY. When you complain: THEY WILL SCREAM FEAR US/ and that, will become an all-out war; as the realities of computer aided insurrection becomes a horror to life itself. You give them weapons; believing this is security. But with computers taking control: you have lost the weapons used to defend yourselves/ by giving control to a tiny few in places hard to find. Fools, failures, liars, thieves, traitors, terrorists, tragedies, fantasies, murderers, “hitlers aplenty”; and more; are the realities of what universities did provide. Along with trillions of tons of poison/ endless threat of extinction for everything/ the opportunities to burn life like the sun; and more. To your shame; the mountain of your belief betrays you/ the failure of truth to guide you; will cost everything you hold dear, and of value; by the choices you made, or allowed to be made for you. Proving once again, yes indeed: the herd can all be wrong. Pride screams: WE CAN’T be wrong! POWER screams: WE ARE, the universities TOO/ so you attack us fanatics as well. WANT screams: YOU, can’t take nothing away from me/ us. But alas, the evidence will prove: your geneticists are injecting chaos into nature, in a deliberate attempt to induce “evolution”. Your physicists are deliberately trying to ignite atoms on fire Regardless what they claim, the tomak reactor CANNOT do anything else. Its entire purpose, trillions spent/ universities from around this world participating: IS STRICTLY AND ONLY TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE. Their claim is: not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so a nuclear fire, 4 million times greater than a chemical fire: “will just extinguish itself”. And that is the plan “of your gods/ leaders/ and fools”. The cost of being wrong, in this one time only ignition: is our planet becomes another sun; just like the energy release of the sun, which burns your skin in summer from 94 MILLION MILES away. So go ahead, yell all you want too/ but understand this: TRUTH DOES NOT CARE, what you believe/ IT IS, WHAT IT IS. JUST LIKE, fools are fools, no matter what “dress” you put on.

Of the many things, that life sends into our lives/ into my life: the most perplexing reality has been the change from life as it was, as free as any can be/ to life as it is now “on a short lease/ living in a small, enforced electric, fenced in area”. A spiritual distinction, but nonetheless mine. From strictly male/ to now confronted by “spiritual female”, as if only male, with no individuality; an animal to be controlled or “broken to ride” so to speak. Biblically: Revelation 12 & 17 do apply; “its complicated”.

I am now learning about women; even to the point of deciphering some of the extremely weird images that are a part of their own spiritual world/ it is a long way to go. But reality has served to teach me, one of the differences between male and female is how we react to the consequences of body. Male seeks control over body entirely/ while female is subject to whatever their body is going to do; and that fact of our existence; makes the relationship between body and life quite different in male or female.

What I have learned regarding my own “reversed position”; are the realities of being controlled/ being forced to be limited/ boundaries I do not set for myself/ realities of living that are unkind, if not simply unwise. As the evidence will prove: many men around this world do to women, and have done to women throughout history. The lesson is, as it has always been: without respect for each other, the relationship will fade/ without the love required to accept your life is your own decision, honor, truth, and courage will fall/ without hope and the dignity of owning your own body, the value of living decreases. Truth creates trust, and trust identifies the bond that will hold us together. A commitment comes from the knowledge and understanding: we will fit inside each other’s lives, a journey as one.

My situation is not the same as yours; being allowed into the spiritual world, has given me opportunities you do not have. But compromised by the truth of human consequences: this world will die/ I chose to open the spiritual door, to the world of female. Simply to ask a question: HOW would you save this world? And all things changed: this work became balanced again/ but everything male is just being eaten away; one tiny piece at a time. You would never understand. But I am grateful: my work became completed through that decision/ I would have failed otherwise. Having accomplished the task given: it is now your failure, to refuse the evidence of our world/ it is not, mine.

I have become apparently “stupid: unable to answer simple questions/ uninformed of the realities/ trapped by decisions which don’t belong here; and other elemental consequences of being male, in a female only, spiritual world. However my understanding is suddenly allowed to grow with knowledge, and that knowledge will lead somewhere; a change but no clue to what/ it could go either way; but something is going to change, as knowledge recognized by understanding does allow. The spiritual world is entirely governed by truth, and is separated by laws into the variations of what does or does not influence the world of life, energy, and more. That establishes limits and boundaries, for the sake of learning; the reality being, preparations for an eternity are not free.

There are the endless fools, who believe whatever they want to believe; by simply denying the evidence of our reality; that is not me. I will point you too all things human for instance: as is your bones sculpt themselves/ move into place, themselves/ grow with the body in perfect unison with the other side of you; each in the respective order that allows your body to survive. Creating blood/ healing/ binding themselves together/ and lubricating themselves “for the million mile walk” that is human existence full term. No part of that is an accident/ clearly not chaos, even the idiot knows; only the liar contends. Thought in the building of life and body and time and planet and energy and everything is without doubt; and where there is thought, an eternity can exist.  Thought demonstrates order as the reliance on laws/ discipline as the authority of truth/ and balance as the quest to construct with reality in mind; and MORE. JESUS is the guarantor: we were not created and simply abandoned; accept that as true, BECAUSE the evidence is substantial.

So the reality is: as the animals shout and scream, “he is a fool/ etc”; as they always do, when shifting the conversation from truth to want; by trying to invoke the cry of a mob “kill him/ he is the enemy”. Being human allows me to remind you once again: I have done nothing to create the evidence of threats so severe extinction will come, without true change in humans; even including the human animals. Instead I spent my lifetime shouting DON’T do this/ to an endless parade of people who just wanted greed, selfishness, and all the pride they could find. As university decisions, went from helpful, to creating diseases so they could sell you “their vaccine”/ and become wealthy, powerful, and proud beyond words. Fools believe whatever they are told; even without the evidence/ as is the purpose of media marketing, the propaganda tools “nazi” worshiped hate for.

The ending summary is: I am not informed, about me; simple as that/ not going to be my decision to make. I don’t know why?

However you can be summarized by the evidence of threat: change, or you will become extinct/ a living world no more. Because of all you, and your universities chose to do, to both life and planet. Even with closed eyes and deafened ears: you still know that is potentially true, because reality does not lie. YOU LIE, and unless you stop it; to identify what is true; YOU DIE.



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