no excuses


CHANGE is a description identified by a choice; to either stop/ or go in a different direction than you are. The liar hides his or her deception in fear to make you move/ or hides the cause of fear, to make you believe no threat exists. The thief wants you to believe, that you will get what you want/ because you want it: because that is how he or she thinks life and living should be. But it is religion (we know the most/ the superior ones; as is university today): obey the rules, for we are the righteous, and we can’t all be wrong/ that constructs an army.

The foundations of life and world is under attack; by people who believe they are so superior, they can make decisions; that are an attempt to play god with life and world. The most critical is: the biggest attempt by 35 nations spending a trillion dollars; to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun”. When asked how will you control this fire: their plan is, “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will extinguish itself”. There is no other plan, that is the only plan. They will argue, “without a sustained plasma, the fire will extinguish itself”. But reality is: the expected energy expansion of a nuclear fire igniting is 4 million times more; in the same space. The stated energy input to achieve ignition at: “iter” is 50 million watts x 4,000,000. that plus extreme radiation release as is on the sun: will create its own self sustaining plasma/ and it burns the bond which balances (holds together) the energy inside an atom. Plus the potential energy of the machine reduced to plasma. The initial change will be in the same range as a nuclear explosion. So the gravity is the opposite (inward) energy of kinetic (outward) energy; or the release of that bond is solar gravity. The universities fail. ITER shall soon be used/ one second too late, and our earth becomes a sun.

THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF “ITER”; is a machine big enough, to influence a fuel supply large enough: to insure ATOMS ignite/ on a planet entirely built, “out of atoms”. Just like the sun.

WHY? Because this is their solution to global warming, resource destruction, pollution, and more/ BUT IF THEY ARE WRONG; as is their plan, “to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun”; ESTABLISHES THE SAME RESULT AS IS ON THE SUN. “a nuclear fire; whether they agree or not”.  this is a one time only experiment; because if their fire does not extinguish itself; our entire planet becomes a sun.   So says the evidence!

ARE YOU WILLING, TO LET THEM BE WRONG? THE COST IS, YOU BURN, AS DOES ALL LIFE AND WORLD.    one time only, life or death: NO going back.   PAY THE PRICE; you were wrong/ as will all life;   because  “you chose” to play god.

The curse is: if you want something badly enough/ the very first person you lie too: IS YOURSELF. And your leaders (their university diploma’s) absolutely DON’T want to change as needed to keep this earth alive. So they form a cult: TO BELIEVE/ and create fear to keep the rest apart, and hidden from the truth; of what it means to be WRONG!

the courts say: “the universities cannot be challenged, they are the experts”/ but only a very tiny few, actually make the decision; all the rest, are “army”. Not even when life or death for our world is being gambled.

In that regard, and for that purpose, I remind you: that everything including life as a body is made from atoms, the elemental shape and energies exhibited by atoms, the combinations that become molecules; which are then translated into nature as the bodies of life we inhabit, in harmony; as does every life on earth. EVERY part of that is a conception and a reality beyond the reach of human. We are the recipients of what thought can do. But we are freedom, the right to choose: our own destiny. The destiny of chaos, is chaos. When did an accident make things better? The universities spend their time mutilating genetics, which causes life itself to be crucified (try to live with this); the military can explain to you, which is better; “mutilated or as it was by nature’s choice”. THINK, DON’T BELIEVE. The difference is life or death for our world.

The universities say: they can invade genetic structure, and change it; “to make it better”. Yet nature builds life, and life has proven to be correct/ while universities have not. The difference is: the universities have taken a “million tries and failures” to improve or conceive of something. But what they change in genetic structure can destroy all of nature with just one little mistake. AIDS is a tiny example of that. Without respect for life or nature; they now continue to inject chaos into all forms of life; as a direct worship to their god of evolution: which is chaos built life by accident. Yet not one piece of evidence exists to prove that so. EVERY MIRACLE is an example of thought did this. EVERY CHAOS is an example of complexity being torn apart: making evolution “a death trap” for the horror that is people playing god.

IN CONTRAST TO THE TRUTH; which is, “if the egg does not seal itself (one little thing)/ no next generation will exist. No sight, no sound, no touch, no thought, organs don’t build themselves, bones don’t move to where they are needed and grow according (a trillion more) no anything built by thought; including self recognition or a body that works, as designed: life is dead. One little mistake, and we are extinct. A vaccine that turns against us; because it is not nature defined or created; and more.

Or more distinctly: only a tiny few claimed the money/ only a tiny few set the price/ making their decision “should we be billionaires, with pride and power getting everything we could want; or protect life on earth”? I wonder what they chose!  Obviously, your cult worshiping (university is god) leadership; never questioned the price, nor examined the realities: they merely believed; as cult worshipers do.

The universities have failed life and world: making it our duty to investigate the reality of risk, they are taking with our lives, our future, and our earth. Because too late literally is extinction/ WE MUST know the truth (NOT WHAT UNIVERSITY BELIEVES); and make our own decision by the evidence.

The universities solution is: make the children pay every debt (assassinate their future)/ make every currency counterfeit, so we don’t have reality anymore (fantasy rules)/ manipulate and control the world with media propaganda (lie, cheat, steal, betray)/ and play god (yes we can); because our world is dying from too many people, and we can’t escape that truth. They want what they want: so they believe. The herd follows, because they want to use the excuse, “this is not my fault/ shouting make me rich”. The university army bribes by counterfeiting currency/ controls, by media propaganda/ demands religious obedience by claiming it is god/ and has produced more human destruction in the last hundred years, than in all of time proceeding those human decisions. Not god of life/ god of death. To be human alive; YOU MUST think for yourself, and accept, to be responsible for your own decisions, even when letting someone else lead: you chose that too. As is the evidence of evolution: “you can all be wrong”/ and more; because you believed (easy), rather than studied the evidence (work). I remain telling you: to investigate, and examine the evidence to produce the values we can accept is the best we can do/ learning without question the price of being WRONG. OR we die. A herd will not do that/ a human being alive will. CHOOSE!

The reality of life is: if you participate in the decision that affects your life or another, by allowing that decision to proceed without accepting any responsibility for it. Then you have participated in that decision, and you are partially responsible for it: wherever a duty can be found. The duty to life and world and child, is insurmountable and true; therefore unless you are fighting for truth and reality to decide/ you are enabling the disease of want, pride, and power to rule. In a consequence that points to extinction: YOU have failed life and world and child. There is no escaping the truth: how is that not true? In life or death of a world, NO LIE will survive. The herd shouts: “we want what we want”. Reality shouts, then what you want is extinction.

Values beyond limits

Legally entered: the challenge of redress, LOOKS LIKE THIS!

THE USA, has been invaded and overrun [US constitution article 4 section 4 the guarantee is redress ]by the greatest insurgency, ever conceived; [US constitution article 3 section 1 giving aid adhering to the enemy. The court/ this government of workers; refuses to question: “the university expert for real world evidence”]they have taken the securities, properties, values, democracy, and legal rights (as identified by “pandemic overreach”) protecting the citizens of this USA; to destroy them [US constitution article 1, section 9.8; no substantial evidence/ “the university is god”] . Additionally, they have CREATED THREATS [US constitution article 3 section 1; levying war, against us] SO PROFOUND AS TO BE EVIDENCE OF OUR OWN EXTINCTION.

THE CORRECT CONSTITUTIONAL METHOD OF DEALING WITH AN INSURGENCY FROM THE INSIDE: US constitution article 2 section 1.7 oath] is with first amendment redress of grievances/ as our constitutional duty to defend this nation or state, by true investigation of the unbiased facts, as is consistent and identified by the evidence. So that none can say they are above the law of this democracy. [US constitution article 4 section 2.3]

YOUR OPPORTUNITY as citizens here is: TO BE HEARD, IS WITHIN THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. WHERE THE EMPLOYEES IN CHARGE OF “UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITY” WILL BE QUESTIONED BY THE LAW, held to account within constitutional decree; [US constitution article 6, section 2] AND BY OUR OWN DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY: TO GOVERN OURSELVES, BY OUR CITIZEN VOTE: [US constitution amendment 15 ]WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE within the realities of courtroom evidence: WHAT IS TRUE. as a balance to their power over us! The deliberate protection of our constitutional foundation for government as a democracy: within the decisions of our constitutional contract, as did create the union called:  WE THE PEOPLE, of this UNITED STATES of America. MAKING all citizens equal; under our law!  NONE ARE “the government”! EACH hired employee: is merely our worker; sworn to constitutional duty!   Which does mean: penalties, for breaking that oath. [US constitution article 2 section 4]:

EVERY tax payment: [mutuality of agreement: 286 N.W. 844, 846] [RECIPRICAL RIGHTS CONTRACT 282 P. 2d 1084, 1088]supports the insurgency against our democracy/ by allowing every threat to go unchallenged. [US constitution article 6. section 1]The critical test of whether the actions and decisions of our employees is valid and true to our intent as a state or nation: IS THE PUBLIC OWNED COURTROOM, wherein we test their decision/ US constitution article 1 section 9.7 debts] against the reality of the evidence; to prove WE HAVE, the constitutionally provided LEGAL RIGHTS of REDRESS, as is the authority of democratic; we are the owners here; government. [malfeasance 97 S.E. 2D 33, 42] . DO NOT assume; you will not pay the tax/ as that is errant and false. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; the payment of that tax or its claim upon you: IS LEGAL GROUNDS, for the distinction of open door/ public trial: communicated to all. [US constitution amendment 14 section 1] Democracy enforced: to determine for ourselves: IF, this; is a decision our employees are constitutionally allowed to make. [US constitution article 1 section 8.6 counterfeit] THEY HAVE ONLY, the authority our constitution provides/ and that is subject to our own interpretation as a state or nation; by two-thirds of the citizen vote shall agree.

I would detail this out for you, into a courtroom argument: but that would eliminate the need for you to think for yourselves. Which is what a university would do (listen only to the professor elite); so I refuse, demanding instead: find your brain/ not your belief.

Reality states, that your leaders (all of which have a university diploma, and were indoctrinated to believe the university knows best); have been destroying this nation, and impacting this world, and exterminating its life, and poisoning its water, and ravaging its resources, killing our oceans, planet, assassinating the future for every child; and more. Not including the mass hypnosis that was and is “believe in covid/ let us ignite a nuclear fire/ crucify nature itself, and more”. As is the destruction of democracy/ the counterfeiting of our currency/ the overthrow of our courts/ the blatant threats of which weapons of mass destruction are only one; and more/ and more/ and more. Yet the cult of university worshipers believe; because they want the bribe/ hate the price of survival/ and are so proud, they believe they too can be gods; by the mountain of rubbish you chose to steal from the future of every life you killed. To your shame. So whether you believe you are “gods yourself”/ you are fools instead. Whether you believe the universities have led you to “GREAT things”; it is only because your mind belongs to their cult/ and it is HELL they built for you to enter. FIND YOUR BRAIN, is true to life/ or you will die: simple as that.

You CANNOT open your brain to life and truth: UNLESS you are willing to look beyond “just one thing” as is the focus of all things university! The entire world is a shape beyond self, and self is “Just one little thing”/ which means, you must mentally enter the world, instead of hide from it, inside of you. Running away from it by focusing on just one thing. Trying to control it, by claiming “winner”. Or by making someone else fear, so you don’t have too. Want is not enough; life, and even brain; is more.

The failure of humanity is built upon mass hypnosis: which occurs when over fifty percent of the herd are all in agreement, “WE CAN’T all be wrong”. Therefrom the righteous form an army to insist they are “right”/ and with that authority, the rest are then relegated to: “you must be wrong”. If the percentage in agreement is over seventy percent: you have a mob, the herd rampages and tries to destroy the rest, for contaminating their world (ours/ not yours). The quest for pride causes both forms of anarchy (hypnosis: yes I can), to occur: by making life into a game, which we can win/ the power to rule the others, with leadership (follow me) occurs. The herd follows as animals do; because together they can then take what they want, from the other creatures in their environment (war in human animals)/ forcing the rest out, or trampling them. Until the predators come. Predator means: FOCUSED, on just one creature out of the many/ because just one death is all we need for now. The university is focused, on just one thing, to gain complete control; so they can then attack all the rest. Unlike the animal predator: universities exist for the purpose of genocide, rather than survival: extinction/ as in “we are gods now”. And we only want, what we want: the human way. In every army there is a hierarchy/ as with every university: only a tiny few decide/ the rest obey. Unfortunately the cost of letting universities lead is: our world, our nature, our future is dead.

In the decades past, after it became obvious, that the university cult owned “your soul”/ and through their leadership and bribery; you had abandoned your life to become the vast majority are animals. I used “frivolous writing styles” to push you out of your comfort zone, and induce: “think for yourselves”. It was not effective, because no matter what: the herd was more important to you than your life. That is a tragedy, that kept destroying this earth/ robbing the children/ and crucifying life: “nothing I could do”. You had no ears. Today the value of reality is limited to a few, with even less concerned with truth; as your trophy collections grew, and the mountain of failure as is your trash simply ballooned. Nonetheless, one last time: think or die, does establish: YOU DID have your last chance, to be more than animals can ever be. As always: your decision/ nothing else I can do, but inform you: life is more complex than living as animals.

The herd says: “we are gods/ we don’t need to know NOTHING more than what the university cult leader says; because there ain’t nothing that can change our world, or make us do anything we don’t want to do”. The mob begins to gather; as reality proves you/ they; were wrong. Reality will not be denied/ your reality, is like the tree that has been cut nearly in two: it stands, until a whisper of wind forces it down.. And the people say, UNLIKE “the gods” of media and universities: YOU can’t make us fear/ YOU are NOBODY! Rather I am a messenger, similar to a mailman; not a god/ not a savior, enemy, or other; just a messenger (my statement to you is): IT IS ONLY THE MESSAGE that matters, not me. The message is again: if you don’t change what you are doing/ you will sooner than you can imagine: be extinct. Because 8 billion people changed this world/ university arrogance and disrespect, along with tools to destroy life and earth, have changed this world/ resource destruction has changed this world:

Or, nothing is more distinctly evident: than the cost of being wrong as with igniting atoms on fire; as is the purpose of and more. Unfortunately for this earth: they have almost nothing correct, other than a 4 million times more expansion of energy at ignition; and they hide that/ because the people must be kept silent, so they can’t interfere..And the herd says: YOU, can’t make us fear! So, I reply: “a million mile long flame of fire will; just like the sun”/ but alas “too late”

EVERYTHING you do, as led by university destruction, fantasy, delusion, deceit, etc; has changed this world; and it will not survive. Not a surprise, as the cumulative evidence of their wisdom as “university= a spoiled two year old child, making decisions for life/ without the slightest consideration of consequences, or a future; for this earth”.  So you’re only option is to go back, to a life and planet that were working in balance; to keep our existence alive: or die. And the herd says: I DON’T LIKE THAT/ I DON’T WANT THAT: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ I HATE YOUR REALITY, YOUR EVIDENCE, YOUR TRUTH; therefore I must hate you. But like every messenger that ever lived: killing or hating me, will change absolutely nothing/ or in contrast, GOD , my Creator; the one who sends me; “to keep you and this earth alive; by insuring you did have the information needed, to make a choice, and you knew it”/ may take offense.  Value= the distance between what you know you need to pay/ and what you will pay; for life or earth as is needed for life. Failure to pay reality;  is death, and you know that too.

And the human animals begin to march; as they come to understand: there is no escape from the slaughter house they built. SCREAMING: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ instead of changing as life and planet needs for you to change. SCREAMING WAR; because the cult leaders refuse “their power and pride shall not die”. This is on the inside now, and only heart can defeat it. The curse is: WANT does not know what heart is/ and greed never dies, until it is evicted. Nonetheless, I refuse to surrender you to HELL without a fight; so I give you a less than one percent chance of change, instead of war. But alas, without a brain of your own; the cult decides. And you have to discard animal to have a brain beyond “we can’t all be wrong”. As is needed for “a courtroom to investigate and prove what our reality is.”

I consider the future to be this:

  1. no more playing games; the destruction is massive/ the population has reached the boundary of extinction/ the reality of resources cannot survive/ nature will not survive unless you remove the universities from their failures/ the planet will not survive unless you stop the insanity/ you will war and die in extinction OR the planet itself will be turned into a sun; to remove what no longer has any value at all. Humanity cursed itself.
  2. Given that level of failure and disgrace, the most vile of human history stands on the edge of completing its mission: to make hate your god. AND THE PEOPLE SAY: THAT CAN’T BE TRUE/ we are practically gods, cause we know everything. But alas: you are the least educated to have ever lived as human/ because you threw your world, and your lives, your children, and the future away, for nothing more than trinkets, toys, or trophies. To your shame.
  3. You will accept the following, because reality says you have no choice.
    1. You will prepare dead human bodies as food for ocean and river life/ or that life in the seas will die, and then so will you.
    2. You will control human population at zero or less population growth, or you will die: because even now, the demand for everything will still grow even with zero population growth for at least 5 years (babies grow or die). You cannot survive, not even as a world; if you fail.
    3. You will have world law; because you will have weapons of mass destruction reigning down on you if you do not. LAWS CHOSEN by we the world; to govern our leaders, and enforce fair play for all/ regulated by our own world police, in our world court. Once in place: you WILL remove all weapons of mass destruction from this planet; one way or the other, or die by them being used. As population forces change.
    4. You will end air conditioning; to begin enforcing this planet is more important than your comfort. It is a primary cause of global warming, and very little shall be left; whether you like it or not.
    5. You will choose limited capitalism: because that is the only method to remove the powerful from leadership. Opening the door for justice, peace, happiness; and a valid future for life to survive.
    6. You will end media propaganda; by removing the people from the news: only the evidence supported by facts that are deliberately “balanced and fair”. You will remove the people from marketing as well/ and return to controlling all forms of entertainment; so that evil is not lurking under every rock, and pile of sewage, it can find.
    7. You will end the reign of university is god; and search carefully to identify the foundations that support life and living/ rather than the curse of playing god, and manipulating life with their religion of fools
    8. you will return all currency to reality; and that means: the numbers used as currency shall be tied directly to the population count/ and all form of government shall be removed from control over the money supply/ nor shall they be allowed to create debts. By we the people; 70% + vote, or there shall be no change. Taxation shall be strictly tied to the reality being taxed: such as gas tax pays for roads, bridges, etc. YOU will determine as a society; what that must be. You will discard “the IRS” and establish local, we hire these people/ and we fire these people; methods of collection.
    9. You will change the court system to a “point accreditation”: every single trial shall be graded for justice and fair play, defined by the laws we create for ourselves. If the judge fails/ or the attorney fails: they will be removed; by we the people vote/ or if criminal, by trial. And another given their place.
    10. Healthcare is limited: because we cannot afford you, if the price is too high/ eternity shall be respected. No more vile sewage as is “you have no rights/ and we pay regardless, because you demand”. You will choose a percentage of “income as a nation GDP”; for all healthcare; and that will be that. That WILL include social security/ the only pension plan allowed.
    11. You will allow none, to play god with life or planet ever again. As a consequence all forms of university or other: genetics/ physics/ chemistry/ and more SHALL BE REVIEWED WITH ONLY ONE OBJECTIVE TO DECIDE. IS THIS, safe for our future, to life and planet/ because we can no longer be wrong.
    12. You will provide jobs for every worker; and that does mean sharing the work/ EVEN THOUGH YOU WANT TO BE RICH. That is dead, apart from a fair distribution of assets based upon limited capitalism; because some do earn more than others. A job for every worker means/ an education to every worker so they can participate with you. It means a twenty hour week if necessary, or whatever that is to be. And that means: the foundation for a future depends upon how well people get along. Particularly male and female; as you cannot simply have a child to remove your boredom or whatever it is you claim as a right. That is dead, or you will be, as a world.
    13. There is no future without resources: remember that or die.
    14. There is no future with communism: we the few control everything, you may or may not do. That is a lie; and it will fail life.
    15. There is no future without dividing the population by race, “into appropriate nations” of their own. Because if you do not/ then you cannot enforce: you will control your own population and resources/ OR YOU WILL WAR within your boundaries: because you can’t come here no more. History proves it so/ let each decide their own fate or future.
    16. You will examine all realities of water, food, chains of life, habitat, EVERYTHING THAT IS LIFE AND SURVIVAL AND REALITY OF CHOICE; to determine what we can rebuild, protect, and provide for a future. Simple as that/ you more evading truth or reality.
    17. You will remove the vomit from education, and provide only a value to life and society and planet; by establishing respect.
    18. You will realign religions into one honest conception of what we do know to be true; allowing for all their stories in support of teaching how best to live, or what we all need to learn. Because there is no more room for contention and war. SETTLE IT, as best you can.
    19. Apart from survival (life or death/ not less than): there are ONLY two real choices to life, EITHER LOVE/ OR HATE. The consequence to that is: YOU CAN identify who is who. Therefore separate, and limit the possibility that one contaminates the other.
    21. As to the fundamentals; of we the world/ rather than they the leaders in power over us. The reality is very simple: with a bill of rights, defining the life of a soldier, is not as a pawn/ and the options of society to defend each one, is our own/ NOT the leaders. As they can be brought to trial by society itself. The critical construction of an army against their own people dies; by the replacement of leadership authority with the realities of law that prove; we will , decide for ourselves. The elemental force is world law; because when different nations can no longer attack each other/ without global intervention. BECAUSE WE OWN THE LAW, of governing our leaders, and WILL SUBMIT THEM to trial by that law. Then military takes on an entirely different meaning; and it is necessary to govern the military as a people/ rather than as a leader; to protect ourselves. There can be no more: a few decide for all/ because we are so many people: every single one of us, can cause destruction to our world. WE MUST choose for life and planet/ and that does not allow for rules to govern us (the righteous will make you obey, fear, or believe). Rather it does require that the laws we decide upon shall govern us (TRUTH DECIDES, NOT you or me, as the evidence will prove). This world can easily produce one quarter of a billion new births per year: that fact alone: proves we fight to survive together, or we die together. BECAUSE IF you choose war: “then its kill a billion people/ and THERE ARE STILL 7 BILLION MORE PEOPLE FIGHTING. Think about it. As to the fundamentals: you CAN’T afford cremation (more heat)/ you CAN’T afford resource loss as is burial/ and YOU CAN’T LET THE OCEAN LIFE DIE; which they will because of your tragedies: or you die too! So do what needs to be done, and feed the ocean life; but do it out to sea in feeding stations/ where when ready trawlers will easily catch the overflow. Don’t want too: well feeding dead bodies to worms/ or filling them with poison/ or burning them/ or locking them in a vault underground in the dark/ TRAPPED, where water and bacteria seep in to consume them: MEANS WHAT TO YOU? Once life leaves, the body is dead, and abandoned; as it does so prove. Go to court, and prove every threat that will make you extinct; because if you don’t/ you can’t force compliance, and without a willing population, there will be NO TOMORROW for life on earth.Just so, there are no delusions: I AM NOT, your leader/ nor can you force me to be. I am whatever the spiritual woman inside, decides I will be: because reality has proven Revelation 17 is correct. I am functionally identified; as the beast (male) the woman described, has broken to ride. She has full control of me, and as she has proven time and again: even if this entire world depended upon me, “flipping some kind of switch”/ I could NOT do it; unless she allowed me to do so. NOT for violence, or any such thing: rather, I am her presence in this world, as Biblically predicted. NOT a religious thing/ a reality “lost the battle” kind of thing. Its complicated, but real! Or, its very simple: “woman in charge now”. Don’t ask me how or why, I don’t know;  it just is. I am guaranteed; there is no escape for me; I don’t know why; this addition is required of me; still don’t know why. “Not my job to understand.” its complicated. Believe me, I have tried, and that is the truth. Go ahead and ridicule: but remember this, the evidence of threat and even extinction, of this world; is absolutely real. And if you throw it away, by using me as your excuse; you are, the biggest fool ever born. LET TRUTH DECIDE/ BY THE EVIDENCE PROVEN “AS BEST WE CAN” IS REAL. Just so its clear: I entered the spiritual world of female, after a ten year search; “by any method”, for men to save this earth from eternal destruction. THERE IS NONE; which left only WAR/ or asking female, “what would you do different”?
      They refused to participate: leaving only the spiritual essence of what is true, in woman to decide. Their spiritual, functional answer was: “let women try”/ which when facing extinction of this world; seems like hope to me. Reality however has proven women cannot save this earth any better than men; because they want; just like men. BUT TRUTH ITSELF REVEALS: THAT WHEN MEN AND WOMEN ARE ACTUALLY WORKING TOGETHER, FOR THE VALUE OF LIFE AND EARTH. TOGETHER, they can find solutions, balance each other for justice, construct fair play, and participate in each others lives with benefits for both: which grant this earth may in fact survive. When before, there was no hope. This is   “trading places/ to see reality from a different viewpoint”/ no, it is not fun or pleasant; no not my choice or intent/ But it is hers. She has proven;  “female is very unhappy with male”. I have insisted “female ain’t innocent either”; and both must change to establish what life was intended to be. “its complicated”: I do not know how this ends or proceeds! 
      So, I arrived at the spiritual door of woman; just to ask a question. I opened it, not intending to step beyond; but was shoved inside; and now, I just plain live here; without rights or power or understanding why. “not my job” I guess. Nonetheless, I guarantee: I would not be “here”/ if men were not threatening extinction to this entire world; and I found no possible way of men choosing better. As history does prove without doubt; again and again and again. Life or death of a world, IS A BIG THING! TO YOUR SHAME, it is real.NO, IT IS NOT, my job to “make you believe anything”! THE SPIRITUAL WORLD, however is: the dimension of truth, that does not allow for anything less than the purity it requires to survive, as the foundation upon which eternity is built. The opportunity to “enter within the laws of this dimension” is real/ however once you enter, you shall not leave until you truly understand the elemental definitions and realities of what this law is. Failure means you are evicted/ and evicted means you die to eternity itself. As to eternity; the essence of thought created, the dimension of energy so refined there is no reaction to energy used; by law. Thought created expands to encounter a relationship with GOD / or it is rejected, and falls into chaos; as is your truth established in that spiritual world, already described. Entry requires purity, or you die; “in parts and pieces”/ or literally as is judgment: you don’t belong. NO, LIFE is not simple/ humanity is. As for me: I entered into the spiritual world of female only to search for “Life survives on earth”. She allowed it/ required it: because female stands to lose all life on earth as well. As a consequence of our reality, joined by life, rather than truth expressed: the essence of this work, is then complicated. “believe it or not”. Time takes us up to the essence of life/ but only life can go beyond the limits of what time can become. Elevating that living, into the spiritual presence of an authority beyond our own: constructs the destiny called what truth can be, when value exists. The critical quest is: an ascension in thought (nothing to do with intellectual anything). Rather thought begins the journey beyond time, as the path between “us and life”. Or more distinctly; as the desire which shapes our trust into the question of eternity. Constructed as trust, the elevation of thought requires purity, and only truth by law, in the courage of love; can give that. Love is essential, because it holds the key “to the gate”; between “you and me/ or between “I and GOD” as the essence of soul, shaped by heart and created in the desire of being alive inside. Therefore we turn to examine what it does mean to be ALIVE; and express, love shapes me/ not I shape love; which grants the grace and beauty of being loved is the essence of everything that is ALIVE inside. Participation in that reality, was granted by the testimony of JESUS; as the guarantee, “we were not simply abandoned to time”. In contrast; the universities offer, “humans are the animals with a thousand excuses, for not gaining life inside; they want,,,,,,,,,,,,,, instead.
    22. I have lived in the extremes most of my time on earth; because knowledge undivided by the question of what is beyond this; resides at the extremes. NO, it has not been fun/ but it has been interesting. In terms of living: change is elemental to life, not adaption/ but acceptance of a value that has been changed. Male is essentially the opposite of female/ a turned inside out conception of our combined realities. The value of love in male for female is “what can I be for you, that you may feel happy and safe; as we share and care, to be alive within each other beyond friends”. The value of love in female for male is: “how can I live for you, so that your heart may know it is alive, and share with me the joy of being with you.” Each is a destiny in love, balanced to achieve the home we create as our own: when love is real. Not a game, as is the constant of human animal behaviors. But a real living in the essence of what can be true, when we set aside want, pride, and power. A reality shaped, to accept the decision: into eternity we shall go, as one. Where the value is:  loneliness can then never come. Consider that, a conception of time, shaped by heart.
    23. And the people say: “we know everything we need to know” about this world/ media is our guardian. YOU, can’t scare us! Alas, unlike media: I only report the facts, and let you decide what is true. But did you know: US claimed tax rates: average worker 22.4/ IL 4.95/ social security 7.65/ sales tax 9.5/ property tax roughly 10% (its included in rent)/ miscellaneous taxes roughly 5%/ fees, license, etc; 5%= basic rate is then 64.5 percent of your income, is spent by someone else/ NO, social security is not kept separate; they are bankrupt too. And of course “hospital” is an entirely different definition of extortion. And just the federal expenditures over what they collect is trillions. And that means: all the interest they pay on that debt is equal: to every penny you make. OR: One trillion dollars, is equal too: ten thousand dollars per each and every of one hundred million, individual workers. But hey, “every bribe is free” right? What could go wrong. No, Reagan cleaned fort knox out; nothing there at all. BUT THEN, of course you knew that, right?  I mean after all: having just spent 5-6 trillion dollars “for covid”/ not including all the individual losses they stole from you:  “just peanuts” right?  AFTER ALL: we were just stumbling over all the dead; had to do something; right? Just like you know, “the university elite” decided how much you would pay them (the tiny few, get billions); “for covid”/ or, the complete bankruptcy of this USA, by universities are now in control/ or, the propaganda campaign; to remove the penalties for vomiting nature into chaos/ or, the elemental disgrace of earth itself; by the toys of playing god, to prove they are so smart “we can control the sun”/ as is the intent to create that energy source here. You know, cause media; tells you everything. As the universities and their army of bribed worshipers; destroy a world/ far more than the cost of world war 2; on life and earth. Hey, but now don’t you worry; cause according to all universities: fantasy, delusions, and imagination are all they need to be happy. After all, YOU ARE, “their slave”/ and the children are dead anyway; an entire world trashed for toys.
    24. or, how about the most insidious of threats; like parasites being imbedded in your brain. The constant infestation of “television voices, in the background telling you, what you have already seen or heard”. While it may seem harmless to you: the intent and purpose is to create a voice that you will listen too, “instead of your own mind”. therefore the intent is to control your mind, by the infiltration of hypnotic suggestion.  “Now I know you didn’t know that/ because the television didn’t tell you that; and are they not your brain”? You believe everything; right?
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