And the people say: “we want what we want”/ while all the preparations of universities around this world say; “we will take it all/ and then kill them, before they kill us; for destroying life on earth”.

The cult of universities worshipers then scream: BELIEVE WE ARE YOUR SAVIORS/ DAMN YOU; or we make you fear the truth of what we “gods, over your life” can do/ OBEY, or be destroyed.

And the people say: “we just want what we want/ leave us alone”. But alas, as history proves true: that will not happen, because truth will not allow your reality to remain the same. Every resource is destroyed/ every chain of life is broken/ every child needs more; and without taking yours, there is no more/ every pride needs a war to prove superiority/ and every power wants an excuse to judge, or it fails to be powerful.

Therefrom reality testifies: at the current cost of human decisions, the resource crisis will be multiplied very soon. Making everything “those people need to survive: lost forever” (war). With nature attacked from every single direction or cause/ all of it will collapse and be lost forever; because as every single one of you know: CAN’T MUTILATE life/ poison all the water/ curse the world with your pollution, overpopulate this earth with humanity; or any of the other things your universities do; without causing it all, to die. (war). As with all wars: people want more, and when faced with the decision; either we take yours or we die/ the end result of that is we take yours and you die or move (war). But because there is no more, and no place of human value left to move too: the demand to remove these people with biological warfare begins; as with covid, and many more coming. Because if we the superior ones can have protection from what we do/ then only the inferior ones will die; “hurrah”. But alas, when reality strikes; and truth redefines what you do as is genocide; there will be WAR. So the universities are preparing with robotic war machines/ artificial intelligence/ facial recognition/ and other automated definitions of an army to make you dead (war). So with ravaging, rape, starvation, thirst, “HELL” and its ruin of life and world; surrounding us all; the power to make “the dead walking: surrender their lives too”/ will move too, whatever kills, to prove: extinction. And the universities fight back: and with deliberate now we know decisions: they are allowed to ignite atoms on fire, and burn this earth as a sun/ until it explodes, and even the memory is gone.

As is the result of your apathy, arrogance, and disrespect for this living world; lost, because “you just want, what you want”. Discarding law, proving disrespect, denying reality, and destroying every chance left to save an entire world called life. To your eternal, shame.

Go to court as a world; and prove the evidence of your reality is wrong/ OR CHANGE AND SAVE THIS WORLD. Because humanity is the threat/ humanity is your solution: which does mean: CHANGE YOU {find respect/ cherish the value of life/ quit destroying everything/ choose “a brain”/ stop the universities/ accept limits and boundaries; DO WHAT LIFE NEEDS you to do; etc}, or you die along with this world. Simple as that.

And the people say: IT IS FOOLISH TO CHANGE, this is working for us!

But reality proves by the evidence: this only works, because you sacrificed your own children/ by destroying everything they need; even their world. Blindly saying: let them build for themselves: when you took everything and threw it all away.

But reality says: NOT for much longer/ as the cost of trillions of tons of poisons/ endless garbage mountains/ mutilation of life by the cult who worships evolution as their god/ destruction of the planet itself/ destruction of all ocean life/ dismantling of atomic disciplines and order by CERN/ trying to ignite atoms on fire; claiming it will just extinguish itself/ weapons of mass destruction/ endless theft and debts; “and a billion more; university is god” proves what you really do. Overpopulation WILL make you starve/ WILL make you war for water/ WILL discard life for war/ WILL make you even more insane than you are today; as Armageddon looms in view (by evolutionary zealots injecting chaos into genetics, will prove true: literally KILLING nature itself) WHILE YOU WATCH. SHAME ON YOU. A more vile reality of human existence, has never been. Courtesy of “university knows/ and its cult of worshipers”/ the media who infects you with the plague of “university is god” EVERYDAY. To your shame.

Time has been lost; reality is moving in/ as the constant of male behavior moves into war once more: believing it can control the outcome/ while reality says: EXTINCTION will be your only claim to fame/ and you will NOT escape it, even in eternity. Its called SATAN: those who deliberately chose, “to KILL this living world”. With the puke and vomit that is “human wants, pride, and power”. CHANGE OR DIE, it is that simple.

8 billion people standing side by side; each, in one square yard each=8,000,000,000sq yards=2582.64 sq miles; of nothing but humanity. or in 8 billion sq meters=1 km2 is equal to: 1,000,000 square metres (m2) 100 hectares (ha) =_________ add it up. And then assess, “the garden” you need to survive/ as well as the garden other living things require as well/ and all the pollution you create/ all the water you need/ all the damage war does mean.

Or more distinctly: war is the end of this earth. And the only resolution which will change that; is to let women lead. NOT, because they are better/ but because war is the answer of men. And few women do not know: THE LAW is the answer of women/ nothing less will save them, because it applies justice instead of simple force. The critical difference is: women are different than men/ which means their solutions will be different than men; which means, at least there is a possibility this world itself might survive.

the question becomes: WILL, there be a war for law, as ultimately must be led by women/

SHOW THEM THE WAY, to peace; by WORLD LAWS, which respect truth, life, planet, child, and MORE.  PROVE, you have a brain that works; “unlike the evolution of fools, as led by university knows/ nothing of value”.

OR, will there be a world ending war by men; as they force the quest for more resources “for us”/ onto the rest of this world. That will never end; starvation will overtake, and cannibalism will take control.

Not, because I say so: but because the evidence is real, and humanity led by men; as history proves true/ cannot avoid war.

So the answer is: WE THE WORLD BY LAW, must rule over ourselves, and our leaders/ because nothing less than a world justified by laws we create for ourselves; can sustain the changes needed to survive the cost and consequences of what “universities play god” have done. It is a choice/ it is a reality of your acceptance of reality: YOUR GOING TO COURT, to prove what is true/ so that none can say, “we don’t believe” and make that their choice.

FAIR, CONSISTENT WITH LIFE AND ITS NEEDS, HONEST AND TRUE TO OUR REALITIES, DISTINCT IN ITS ABILITY TO JUSTIFY PEACE AND HARMONY, COMPLETED WITH LOVE AND RESPECT; AS LIFE AND TRUTH WILL ALLOW. Because we the world chose to care, and therefrom identified the best we could do to share: because this living world matters, and none can prove that wrong.

The elevation of that fact; begins with the creation of laws, that will be led by women, throughout this world. OR, you will fall under the weapons of war/ and life on earth will die.

That is not a threat; it is the reality of what has been chose. Unlike “university leads”: nothing is for free/ nothing is without cost/ nothing aligned with chaos can rule or choose; as is their curse called evolution (remove it). CHOOSE LIFE AND PLANET MUST BE PROTECTED. CHOOSE LIFE IS SACRED, AND NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GAMBLE WITH THAT TRUTH. CHOOSE RESPECT FOR GOD OUR CREATOR or you die.


as for me: I did my job. IT IS, your turn now!  Whether alive or dead, my life will not determine your choice/ YOU will.

As for you: REMIND your leaders; that a single large nuclear bomb, placed in the ocean/ can literally wipe away the entire coastline of nations; with a tsunami of more size, than the world has ever known before. Simple as that, and it is only one needed. Yes they do know, but fail to remember; because pride of power gets in their way. “they want, what they want”/ and like universities; “no consequences” for us.

COMMUNICATE, OR DIE;  with a whimper, in an ocean of tears.

And the world says: “I am listening”/ but alas, as is the constant of apathy and disrespect; they hear “little to nothing”; because they believe, rather than know. What they believe as is consistent with religion: is whatever they want to believe/ because anything more, will make this world afraid of what is true. So their decision WILL BE; “either to kill the messenger of this warning to life and earth, as proof of ridicule and disrespect/ OR, to accept the trial for life is required, and we MUST be as honest and truthful as is the best of what humanity itself can become.” one or the other. But alas; if I am to die, to prove your arrogance cannot die/ then your world will die; because you just didn’t care enough for life or planet or child. Simple as that. This does not mean I am important to the outcome/ it just proves the evidence of arrogance so extreme, humanity is all but certain to fail, and become extinct.  no matter how much you wail, or cry, or pray; the decision will be final.

and the spiritual woman in me says: “I will never again be anything but “a woman, changing places; with women”. No male allowed. AS proof: that women can in fact, take control away from man.

While I am still getting over the shock of that; reality reminds me at 69 years old, “not pretty”; there is surely a limit to what will go wrong. So, in viewing truth of consequences by its alternate conception: I made my own best effort as strictly male; which failed/ we made our own best effort together for 12 years or so; which failed/ and now she is making a final effort to address only women; in an effort to construct something which would make you move beyond apathy, arrogance, or disrespect to life and planet itself. Reality demands: “use what you do have”/ which appears to be me. Regardless of that, the question of male has died; is not a decision I would have made. The question of female taking control, is utterly without question; as reality proves that true; as to the concept of “woman”/ I really don’t know, “can’t know woman/ unless you are one”/ and that is not genuine, or without some framework of doubt; at least yet.

The end result of it is: I am not dedicated to male or female/ but to life, and even this planet and all its children; should have a home, and time to express or experience themselves as a truth given life in time. So, change is not without acceptance; but only if it leads to a world that has been saved. Certainly not by me; but if I can participate in your own decision to fight and save this world; then I would do that, if you are true to your work. As for me; male really is “becoming lost”; perhaps forever; I don’t know. Be it known: I did what I could do/ the spiritual woman who joined me, did what she could do/ we did what we could do together: and everything else is up to you. No exceptions/ no excuses/ no second chances: all or nothing; life or death: is your choice. I could wish it was not so; but it is. For you and me.

Some will argue: It IS impossible for “a spiritual woman to exist/ it is impossible, that male could be overrun by such a conception as that: NOTHING is true; its all a fantasy”. But I will testify: that beyond the definitions of time, there exists only truth by which the reality of life can be explained. That truth, DOES have an environment; and it is defined by life as the dimensions created within your own identity.

NONETHELESS; truth has no energy of existence on its own; only by the laws which govern it; does truth itself exits. Therefrom we know: that the possession of the law: is the basis of truth, and truth itself is the basis of life. The consequence of that is: beyond the gap between time and eternity; is truth. To determine where you belong: the existence of where your heart and soul will go; conceives of both life OR death. The consequence of that is thought, and thought conceives of identity; and identity constructs the option of a choice. So the question is: does the spiritual world have a choice for you to make? Reality proves: your life has been given to the cost, consequences, and rebirth of your own truth: within love/ or within death; as you so chose in time.

As to me: I have in fact went through “the separation of time from life”/ but was turned back, from the edge of eternity; as “not yet”. I gave up on you; refused to turn to war: and requested “now”. But instead I was given to the spiritual woman of which I speak; as a balance to my own need; the demand to finish this work. Which now requires “the opposite view of existence”; or from the perspective of male to the realities of, female now. Or more distinctly: life has changed, and I am owned by a completely different complexity than my own. Since I don’t belong by birth; female has the option to do with me as she pleases; specific rules or laws don’t apply; so she turned everything around. While we worked together well for a dozen years; my wanting the last days of time to myself; did NOT end well. She took control; providing “lightning shocks” for any refusal; and is using me however she desires. ITS COMPLICATED; this is the only explanation I give. NO, I don’t know how this is suppose to help you: “its not my job; I don’t know how”; I guess women are suppose to know. At least this part of the work; is entirely about women; and apparently how to change me; I don’t know; “its complicated”. A warning to all men: do NOT interfere in this: it is, between female and me/ and I don’t know how it ends. But I do know unless conflict between men or male and I occurs; it could cost you your own eternity to interfere between female and I (women decide). I say that with some dread, I am not kidding, as it could have consequences for me. Nonetheless, it is true.

As life “looks back”; the reality is, as male I gave up on this world twice; once as strictly male/ and once as joined ‘both male and female”. The end result of that is: “male is no longer welcome”; female took control, for life and earth. Her turn, to decide for life and world, alone now. A reality I do accept as “needed”; since male did fail. I do wish it was not so; but truth is truth.

While I spiritually understand and accept everything that is necessary, for even a slight chance this world can survive/ Mentally and physically, it is a struggle with the potential that is truth. And the world says: “never going to happen”/ in response to that is: while no possibility exists in the elements of time/ the flip side of that coin is, GOD can do anything he desires to do. Without exception, I have no clue beyond what is not possible for humans; is absolutely possible for GOD. Simple as that. Time and truth will prove the evidence, when reality comes. Whatever that is to be: I don’t know.

As for you, and your beliefs: REALITY proves; the vast majority accepted evolution as their god (CHAOS created you); by university demand; and media propagation of “their sewage”). NO greater fools or insanity exist/ Only SATAN (as you prepare to extinguish life from earth). To your shame. PROVE it is not so; as your only evidence is “this looks like that”; idiots one and all.

WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN ? OH WAIT, I know, “a mosquito flew into your mouth, and laod eggs; so now: you can claim to be “MOSQUITO MAN or women”; and can infect a world, with just one tiny little bite from the cult of a mosquito nation; as is the university delusion of playing god.

There is a footnote; to life in general, some degree of talk has been heard to allow for women to go topless. Which is perfectly normal and natural; and never should be stepped on by society; on the one side. BUT, a few years back: I was painting in shorts, with a hat (my legs don’t grow hair anymore/ after a blood clot)/ and I was without a top, “with small breasts”; and some damn animal comes screeching to a halt when driving by. Until I turned around “with whiskers, and a frown”. At which point he hit the gas and sped off. SO, WHILE THE REALITY, is fair and consistent with rights and freedom, and whatever you deem to be happy. THE CONSEQUENCE of living among the animals is an entirely different story/ it ain’t no wander why women consider most men “beasts”. BE AWARE; and be careful; because caught can be tragic; where right or wrong does not matter. “animals” inside; and THAT, was with nothing more than “me”; to their shame of men. No, I have NOT gone without a shirt sense.

I honestly do, “wish it was not so”. But wishing changes nothing.

But the truth of it is; when first “having tits”/ I squeezed through a tight space quickly, (with a tee shirt) and immediately regretted that; as those tits were VERY unhappy with me; never did it again, went back through SLOWLY. Life has “tight spots”/ and like other things; every situation does not suit every form of dress; or not. So, just be as happy as you can be; even if freedom is less than you desire. Life is life.

Things that stick out, even a little” have a tendency to “hit or be hit” by other things; its just a fact of life. Just wishing you well; do not be deluded or manipulated by media or university or others; choose, but “be informed”/ think for yourself, particularly about the consequences of being wrong.

And the world says: “laugh/ ridicule him”/ he is nothing but a loser. Because the university cult “owns their soul”.

But life replies: without a world, you have nothing. Without resources, there is no work. Without the value of nature, only horrors result. Without truth, there are only lies, and failure. Without me, you have only “a world of life surrounded by threats; the life or every child dying; because the future is gone. So, I regard your claim of worthless; to be inaccurate; even though truly I cannot save a single one.

Instead: go to court, prove redress is true, and accomplish the only thing I have asked of you from the beginning: KNOW the cost of being wrong/ the reality of threats, you will not escape without true change. Too late is too late; “find a brain, in you”.

PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS WRONG, that you already know is true: but follow the train of fools anyway: that is universities leading life into extinction. Prove our planet is not in trouble/ prove your abyss, pushing chaos into nature; is anything less than Armageddon (nature in chaos) coming/ prove you didn’t steal every resource your child needed; JUST TO THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE/ prove the oceans will survive; “and a thousand more, at least”; all of which prove extinction.

DON’T BELIEVE; prove what is true & prove the cost of being wrong. Because no matter what you want; you are buying a DEAD WORLD, with your greed, and cult worship of university plays god. REFUSE REALITY? Go screaming from the truth: “your university gods” are trying to IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE; “JUST LIKE THE SUN” here on earth. Literally gambling: nothing bad will happen, we don’t need to worry; because there isn’t enough gravity here to sustain the fire. EVEN THOUGH; reality proves the gravity exhibited by the sun; is literally, the result of the fire.

SO THE CULT SCREAMS: WE DON’T WANT TO BE INCINCERATED; but you, “are nobody; we do NOT believe”. The universities are god.

And I do scream back: “I ain’t nobody/ and I don’t care”: BUT THE EVIDENCE IS TRUE, AND THE REALITY OF BEING WRONG IS: THIS EARTH BECOMES THE PREDICTED “HADES” (WHICH MEANS TERRORS UNLEASHED, beyond all human imagination). For an eternity in you.

GO TO COURT AS A WORLD: DEMANDING A CLEAR AND CERTAIN TRUTH, without the delusions and deceptions of “irrelevant math”/ or any other method of hiding what the cost of being wrong truly is. PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS WRONG/ PROVE YOUR THEORIES, are worth gambling with this entire living world: because once ignited, you are cooked, clear through.

CLIMB OUT OF THE COFFIN; before they finish sealing you in their grave. EVEN IF, all you can do, is save your own eternity; “for mercy”. Because at least you tried, and did do, what life allowed for you to do; for this living world.     Abandon the cult.

The blessing of life is, that time grants a choice; an opportunity to evaluate the evidence and define the direction expressions and experience will go. Beyond the distinctions of self; is the beginning of eternity, a spiritual world that allows only your own truth will decide. The true value of “the one thing” which you spent your life upon in time, to achieve; governs that relationship with truth. Truth decides, but thought elevates life into the realm of all things living beyond time. Beyond the spiritual world; life divides, into where love belongs/ and where hate belongs/ and where those discarded will dissipate and be lost forever. Or more distinctly: like a garden, what has value is harvested/ what has no value is destroyed/ and what is left over simply dissolves into “here, no more”.

As to me, the critical question is: “at a level above, truth alone”; life shares its destiny in thought, with the truth of each soul, which makes this journey as one. Value constructs the vehicle, and passion conceives of choice. While truth is strictly “about you”. A level above shifts that, to become about, those most like you; which is then gender specific. Reality however requires intervention for this world, and my life here is used; to accomplish the warning that is: CHANGE, for truly DIFFERENT, which does mean female in charge; BY LAWS WRITTEN; or you will go extinct. The warning is: WAR MUST be removed forever, or this whole world shall die. THAT, requires men to surrender control.

So the choice is: want/ pride/ and power shall be surrendered; WAR discarded. EQUAL across the globe: or you are extinct.

REPLACED WITH: LAW that is justified and fair to all, shaping humanity for peace and harmony within happiness as is governed by truth; now decides. NOT male or female; but truth decides, and law governs life on earth; with hope, and decisions which put ALL life (respect demands sharing and caring), planet (can’t be wrong), and child (best we can) first. CHOOSE.

No, I do not choose women first; we are equals. No, I do not choose men first, we are equals. No, reality does not choose either: it merely demands that truth alone survives/ and the cost of all the universities cult is: “only imagination (we can control the sun), fantasy (lets change nature, evolution says; all we got to do is inject CHAOS_), theft (COUNTERFEITING is the way), lies (everything is grand), fraud (we can travel the universe), delusion (debts don’t matter), destruction (resources all gone), denial (this ain’t no cult: BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY its good for you), betrayal (sold the nation out, and enslaved them all), terrorism (tear it down; make them beg), and evil (we can play god)” are proven by what they do. No truth allowed, at the forefront of all that disgrace; is evolution, their guide to ruining an entire world. The reality of threats surrounding us all, which prove extinction will be true/ or true change will come soon. “this, ain’t no game”.

Yes, I know: the entire spiritual woman thing screams: “he must be a fool”/ but the evidence denies that, and proves the warning is correct; whether I am a fool or not. As is consistent with “I am nobody”; and don’t care. Your universities are “somebody, and do care”: yet they lead you into extinction; plain and simple as is proven true by the evidence. So how you judge, is also irrelevant; as only truth matters to life.

Therefore I say to you again: the spiritual woman and I, are trapped in a reality of change; demanding by your own failing world. She seeks to resolve the problem of I don’t belong in a female dimension/ it is, I am not: “purity”. But the reality is: an entire world of Creation is dying; and something must be done: so male and female are joined in one last effort to survive. While I seek simply to survive, in a female world; until whatever is to be, finally comes to be. It is not a game/ not homosexual, transvestite or other; its just the truth. Its complicated; I know you don’t understand; but she insists female WILL NOT be discounted or denied, the truth of her contribution: which means, “yes I will” tell it like it is; because that is, just the truth as well. Reality adds: “these last five years or so”; are entirely woman in charge, with little aid from male. And I do testify: “she literally is, in charge”. More, than I could have dreamed possible/ yet here we are; as best we can be.

Numerous projects started, and then forced to end/no, you can’t. Even once, “with a brazier left behind, intended for donation: I was forced to put it on”! I said NO! Took ten steps the other direction around a couple corners, and ran into an invisible wall; it was on three sides; going nowhere; “put it on”. She is, with no room for doubt; in charge. No, not a game.

 Life or death of a world!  “no one playing here”. I quit, twice/ she took over; this is the price.  “like it or not, makes no difference at all”.

     But the end result is: “humanity is the problem/ and only humanity can choose to be the solution accepted; with respect.” NOT for me, as I am again “just a nobody”; but for truth, and the honesty needed in the evidence, to provide hope.

The religious say: “we want something else”; but the majority, did say that back in JESUS day too, and were wrong. The atheist says: “he ain’t nothing, nobody cares”. The agnostic says: “he is just more garbage in our way”. Yet reality says: the evidence speaks for itself, and judges the world; soon to be extinct. CHANGE is your only solution to staying alive; and it will not remain a choice. Your time is literally running out.   so for once, just once:  TAKE MY ADVISE; and question the evidence, for truth/ not me, I won’t fit. I am, merely the messenger; although the spiritual woman inside is more.   “its complicated”.  But your world is not:  with complete arrogance/ certain apathy for all things/ endless greed and selfishness/ cult worship and worse/ disrespect without limits or boundaries;   and the insane in charge and worse:  your universities cult (BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; NEVER question your leaders), you chose extinction.   FIGHT BACK, for life and world;  OR DIE.     simple as that.

Just so its clear: even if I can be forced to “trade places”/ I AM, still entitled to everything you expect; from men who treat women correctly. With minimal loss of respect. Its just a different view/ a different concept; for you too. Knowledge is “half the battle”, when confronted by reality.

And all the people say: WE AIN’T so damn stupid we don’t know, that all the evidence surrounding us; can’t make us extinct. BUT WE DON’T LIKE IT, and we don’t want to change; because we still want what we want. Which means overall; “we hate you/ even if we have to listen, to our own reality; and change”. Because we want what we want; and that is now dead. The cult worship; of university knows; who gave us the freedom to discard all respect and responsibility; by sacrificing the children, and ending this world: is now a curse of failure, a threat in and of itself. AND WE HATE THAT, because it means; we must take responsibility for our decisions, and there ARE massive debts, tragedies, and realities; to face for real, now. NOTHING you bring, is what we want. But the end result of it is: WE DON’T WANT TO DIE, and that pushes for truth.

IT IS, the end of denial; and the cost of consequences too damn late to change back.

And so, “the animals”: will begin to assemble and demand “the mob” shall take control/ because they are NOT going to change. While what is left of “human alive” in this world begins to assemble; to say, “we MUST CHANGE”/ There is no other choice. And the reality of condescension; will decide, if the mob comes to murder me. Because they want to make it clear: ANYONE who doesn’t side with us, “is dead”. As is, the constant of: this “male animals” control the world. LET THERE BE WAR.

While I remind this world: although, I am NOT the difference between whether you live or die/ it remains unwise for you to allow: “murder the messenger”; simply sent to keep you alive. WARNING, last chance to change.

As for me: at 69, the common “human expiration date” for time, is nearly up/ so, the cost of death is “yours”/ far more than mine. Should that be true/ however if not, then in all probability, I will help those who finally decide to work for life and planet and child. IF, you are true to that purpose.

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