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CHANGING THIS WORLD, requires an understanding that is significantly different than male in charge. Or more distinctly: to remove the human animals from our lives: we must remove “want/ pride/ and power”; as the beginning ascension beyond self.

Self is the essence of greed, selfishness, arrogance, apathy, hate, disrespect, fantasy, and failure. While judgment adds in violence, abuse, use, mutilation, gambling, worthless, and more. Therefrom the reality of this work addresses each stage of descent: as a violation of what is “fair and justified” for life to be, or become.

The critical quest: is primarily the removal of self; which judges life as a game of winners and losers/ while power grants the distribution of fear me/ and want removes the cost of consequences.

To remove this “human animal” from our existence: we must separate out, those who hate/ from those who do not. Remembering that anger has a cause, which can be modified if you are listening to the complaint; to become human again. Hate disguises itself, as is the constant of predators: to camouflage, and pretend; so as to get close enough to kill. Hate has no compassion/ no respect/ no real kindness or desire to share or care; although it is patient, as predators must be. If you try: they can be found/ and moved to their own “isolated portion” of this earth; to fight among themselves. Once this is done; the rebuilding of values consistent with peace and harmony will exhibit themselves.

The animals bring war/ the animals attack, and have no remorse/ the animals prey upon you; and revel in lies, theft, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, violence, evil, and all the rest. Therefore it is essential: that they be found, and removed from the rest of human existence. Separated forever, with no option to return or escape or attack: yes you can.


After reality has adjusted the necessary beginning changes to human in society; the foundation of change is exactly the opposite of “university knows/ university is god/ university gambles and accepts no responsibility”. The curse of university is: to funnel everything into “just one king/ we the few” so to speak. So that, a tiny few own it all; & the rest are doomed to be beggars. YOU WILL evict them; and struggle to realign life and society for the benefit of all; as is the intent of democracy. Limited capitalism will help you do that, and retain control.

As to foundations for example; a simple one is this: in the agriculture community, chemicals came and tore rural life and society apart. Each claiming its good; because its easy: but trillions of tons of chemicals, some too toxic to describe/ have been dumped, for the sake of easy, and the wealth of a tiny few. Changing agriculture begins with weed control/ extends with proper insect management instead of university knows; and condemns the massive takeover of life and property by a tiny few.

Same is true of the city: which is horrifying in this USA; as reality proves the insurgency against the citizens who built this nation is massive, ravaging, and raping the entire nation at once; as the cult of university; whose intent “like the Nazi, and its cult worship of hitler”; has been to make the universities god. To your shame. Instead of universities know: you will push back; and identify what does have value; accepting the price of recreating society for life and planet comes first/ NOT THE DEAD of universities play god, taking control of extinction; to remove you from life and options, by replacing you with robots. To accomplish that both small and large villages need to form; wherein you will be self sustaining as near as possible/ removing the demand to “drive”; THEREBY saving the planet.

Foundations include: RECOGNIZING no more of this: as is close by a grain elevator system; now gathers grain from about 50 square miles by truck/ to ship by rail from one location. THAT MEANS: they chose, to eliminate rail in favor of trucks; because its easy. “everybody wins: trucks are sold, repaired, replaced/ drivers are hired/ money to spread around”. But the legal weight limit of a semi is 800 bushels; which means to load a million bushel train “with two engines pulling”/ it takes 1250 truck loads of grain; driving an average of 40+ miles each. Roughly 50-100 “million to million and a half” train loads a year= probable 100,250 truck loads @ 40 mile per trip=4,010,000 miles @ 5.6 mpg= 22,456,000 gallons per year. Plus all the resources, pollution etc. WHO does not understand the issue? While it would be easy to assess; correctly done with trains; that amount would be cut in half. Trucks still do have to carry it to an available potential elevator for train movements to occur. Just like they did in “the old days”. Same basic reality is true of the city: in most of this nation: residential housing produces more than enough heat to provide all the hot water you need (just collect it). The added benefit; take out the heat, and your air conditioning bill is cut in half. Same is true of letting forests burn (after someone ignites it); a portable fire fence, as depicted by me; in video; would go a long way to stopping that; but as always, you refuse to learn: PRIDE gets in the way. THIEVES get in the way/ failure surrounds us all. Courtesy “the university child, who never grew up”; yet calls themselves god. To your shame, you let them.

That same reality applies to the movement of everything, including people. Barges move more for less/ as do ships. Again who does not understand this issue/ and the effect of reducing/ or removing all that does not need to be? While it is true; the jobs go with it/ the reality is: CHANGE OR DIE, as a world. And that distinctly includes: human population control, the primary driving force by all human decisions; of ending this world. CHANGE OR DIE.

Some years back; “a grain elevator” was surprised with molded grain/ believing all is well; with dry grain coming in; they did not check. A million bushel bin. To avoid the bankruptcy; they blended that grain up to 3% into dry grain/ so they could sell it without a loss. BUT THAT grain ends up in ships for a 3 week journey; at which point numerous losses of moldy grain would have developed; and customers very unhappy. BECAUSE the people who sell the seed: decided to mix grain seed nobody wanted (failed to dry down) into seed everybody bought (dried well in field); at roughly ten percent. POINT OF THE STORY is: that these individuals at the seed company; did cause it all; costing in the end potentially billions by their decision to make the good seed go farther/ sell more; by blending it with the bad. “university knows”! Or more distinctly MAJOR PROBLEMS generally start, with a tiny few individuals making decisions; that should not be made. So beware. Because the knife is always in your back; as the current “lets do easy”; adds in “go ahead and re-wet beans now its legal. BUT that requires using a fan excessively; which requires electricity; which requires pollution and more; which then requires the factory to dry it back out; which requires more energy. Which if done wrongly is guaranteed to mold; the grain being used. But they offer “you can make more money; by adding water: that nobody wants”. The list of failure is long; the constant degenerative fantasy is “lets do it EASY”/ WHO cares; right.

THIS too, begins the journey back; to life: 

While the destruction, ravaging, and rape of the human male animals is constant throughout history; by its war. The reality of this day is: WE THE WORLD, can no longer endure or allow the destruction of major infrastructure; by any group. As a result; the various NATO (world by law forces) and other like forces who are interested in survival of this world MUST intervene. And in the case of Ukraine; remove the threat from their nuclear power plants; by taking control of that facility; as a world.

The curse of war is: male animals travel wherever they want to go. The critical decision of a world intervening in that is: YOU will fight and war ONLY HERE/ or we will intervene against the offender.

And the people say: “we can’t do that”/ because the war machines, nor the soldiers; cannot be contained. But as with all livestock (no conceptual thinking allowed); it just takes the correct fence. Dividing the nations into relative; “equal volumes of people per nation”; constructs that primary fence. The corrective measures to be taken is: every soldier needs a bill of rights/ which does identify, YOU are NOT required to fight: you are required to defend. Which means you do not attack beyond the border/ as removes “the war lord” from life. Leaving the animals who then attack; are to be defeated with the aid of “our world, enforcing our laws”. The critical infrastructure of primary resources: SHALL belong to the world/ for “equal distribution; bearing in mind the children have needs too”. Therefore with limits and boundaries; this world shall obey “putting life and planet first”/ no more gutting the world, to claim your trophies. Want (nothing matters but me)/ pride (life is a game; winner/ or loser)/ and power (I judge/ you obey) shall end; as these represent the lives of an animal. When you end the animals among you; so ends the primary conflicts. The animals exist as a herd to protect themselves from the predators. That means remove the human predators, and the prey will fall apart, to become human again. Primary to all predatory actions on earth, is a weapon. Therefore the removal of ALL weapons of mass destruction; is elemental to choosing peace and harmony for life and living; instead of predator and prey. That begins with WORLD, WE THE PEOPLE, LAWS. Or more distinctly, the writing of laws we the people of this world SHALL AND DO AGREE UPON, as legitimate and correct for our time and planet. Our decisions, then create our world; as if we were just one people; rather than groups. But nonetheless; we are groups, and for that cause and reason each group is isolated in their own nation: to remove “the easy access to blame”.

A case in point; was my own dad. While we spent the first thirty years in harmony and peace/ once my ears were badly damaged and I could not work much for him anymore; that fell into pieces. While the reality of what I was working on; made him fear: police at the door/ lawsuits with the most powerful/ realities of destruction/ the money is bad: are costs, he could not hide from; and so on. Meant he started believing whatever he wanted to believe; in order to find a way, to condemn me. Because he did not want to believe ANY of it: SO he refused. The cost;  if I was “anything you want”/ then I could be the enemy, and anything I represented could be an attack on him; to be repelled. So after a time; and because he did not understand: I must leave, etc; for my ears. He did believe anything he wanted, the worse the better: because pride made him the winner (the righteous one/ the one who knows ALL the answers are mine. Which means “you know nothing”. I am SAFE.) then, and that allowed power to judge. Which always ends badly for all. Point of the story: as history proves true; while limited immigration provides for a polite society that works well enough. When the boundary line is crossed; and so many of them have arrived: fear takes control, and every form of “anything I want to believe” will appear. As the means to judge, which is the means to demand genocide is our only hope/ our power to fight for our own lives; not yours. While we are all equal: nobody wants to be invaded/ not even if they are wrong. It could be said I invaded dad, with all the things he feared; so in the end he fought back; to remove any influence I might have; with belief. But I did not invade: this is the world we live in, and its cost are soon to overcome and cause your own extinction. Even if you cannot stand the thought of this, and choose to believe whatever you want “to remove it”/ that is absolutely impossible “unless you believe (I want what I want)”. Because truth is truth, and it will not go away; just because you believe whatever you want to believe. As for me: as the end of days neared, I pushed my dad into “opening the door/ to everything he had put inside his brain”: so he could see it, as a reality exposed. That finally let him become at least partially, the man I used to know and love. He survived his pride; and became a participant in love; which allowed for eternity. “but it cost him much”.          NO, my journey has not been “free”/ simple as that.

It should be understood: that my dad was a brave man, who did do everything he could to present himself without fears. But the cost of “our dying world/ our dying nation/ our dying currency/ our dying future; the fight with powerful people; as is the truth of every threat; I chose to take on. Left him without options or control; a reality that is difficult for every person to contend with. As it was for my mom as well. As it is for you; being threatened with the truth of our extinction, without true, and forever, change.

As it was for me/ so it is for you: in order to fight for this world, which is dying. I had to choose, what was most important to me. I accepted: “without a world to live in; a body that works; resources and more”/ all the rest that life or family is; including love, was irrelevant. “first is first”.  NO, “not perfect”; I chose/ I worked/ I failed/ I tried/ I did the best I could; even if the work failed entirely.  I did do, what I could do;  nothing else, truly mattered to me:  I chose, “first is first”.

THE CRITICAL CONSTRUCTION; STOP BELIEVING, and let truth itself guide you into the solutions we can share. By choosing to care; rather than by letting want, pride, or power guide you to death. Fear will NOT save you. REALITY IS REALITY; and these threats, are the things you chose.

Since this, has become something of an autobiography at this point. I will begin to examine the “critical concept”/ that is life to me. Some 40 or so years ago; life was altered, and became: acquainted with spiritual, by steps taken. Elementally that included the rise of force; which allowed for the potential “to war” with men, by “making them notice”/ instead of turning away. But life is a balance, and force is not. So I turned back to life, and sought the balance needed with the decision to question spiritual female. The first thing she demanded with “all potential for force”/ which I gave to her. Because life is not war/ and war is not living; it is dying.

Critical truths were required to construct the path to strictly female; as it is a dimension separated from strictly male; even if they can later be joined. While energies must be merged to attain balance, thereby achieve life beyond time: the critical questions; are merged into “the living”, rather than the conceptions of thought itself. And must then be joined by methods as yet unclear. While love is the tool, the expressions of that tool; are only to be found in soul. The heart is that path, but the rhythms required to bind trust into a new life; have not been earned. I don’t know what that new life would be; therefore the essence of trust is not yet “in me”.

How “my own definition of life” ends in time/ or spiritually/ or eternally; I do not know. Everything is turned upside down, it really is; and learning how or what to trust or understand or know or whatever it is that female now requires; remains “at a loss”. I don’t know/ male was all I knew. But in the essence of eternity; we must be balanced or force cannot be free of its dimension. So the question is: how does male (push), and female (pull) combine into the grace of GOD grants; we do share “the universe” as one. It is, a complex truth.

The atom gives us time: because it is balanced push is controlled by pull/ with order and discipline governing how that relates to law. Love grants the desire for eternity; and it is male balanced by female; which grants the order and discipline to establish thought by its own truth; joined to our living expressions of existence. In the end result of it; my greatest failing would be “I have not trusted female” for a very long time. While this relationship between spiritual female and I, does not conceive of “never ending love”/ it does construct: we both chose “life and love are first”. So the critical path may be formed. Just as it is in time: what we can share as one, decides if we will try to care as two joined; for life. It is, “a complex truth”/ that has not been resolved by law; as of yet. “wish me well”/ if you care too.

As for you: you hold the question inside, “can life exist beyond the body/ or is the grave an end”? Fighting with the decision that becomes religion.

As for me: I accept that it is life, which makes the body a living environment/ therefore when the body dies, that life becomes separated into its own elemental truth. While you search for the answer in that; I remind each one, that every living miracle and the planet itself; is a CREATION of thought so dramatically greater than our own/ we know it not. But for me, I choose: to belong to the CREATOR, and ask, “let me be wherever you are”/ as I know these miracles are only the beginning of what life can do. Entering the path beyond time, requires acceptance of that fact; even that decision: within love, respect, trust, and truth. Courage will be required, honesty must occur, values shall be constructed, and hope will conceive of a destiny that is true with “self”.

And reality reminds me again: “the spiritual woman was right”/ and I should have trusted her decisions. The work required: cannot be surrendered until you do understand: REAL WORLD THREATS OF EXTINCTION ARE HERE! OPTIONS EXIST for you! Even though from time to time, I do get completely frustrated with YOU. Life is not simple.

I “believe”; that this work can be called completed; as I have provided you with what the majority desire more than money: “conversation”. Only you can carry the work for life or death for our world forward/ BY COMMUNICATING THE EVIDENCE, AND DEMANDING A COURTROOM FOR WORLD PARTICIPATION. Only you can make a difference to the end result of human decisions. YOU DO, KNOW HOW TO DO THAT! To change/ or to die, from apathy, and its lack of caring or sharing or truth. That is your decision, it is not mine; “we, did our job”. As to all other things; I regard them as not “a part of my work”/ even though they are a part of “her work”. What will be, will be; what is male, may or may not survive/ I really don’t know. As plainly put to me: it is not my decision to make.

The animals, are always searching for more “everything”, to prove they are the superior ones/ the righteous ones who know it all, and must be listened too.

My quest is different; as I search for the definitions of living, that identify I am, “truly alive”/ in the destiny of a value with eternal possibilities. A living respect for GOD ; and the honesty that knows, JESUS is how I came to understand life, as I know it to be.

The difference is: how and why do we spend life in time.

In order to collect and sustain life in existence; we must clarify the knowledge of what we do depend upon with the reality of understanding how the laws which govern our existence offer an opportunity to learn what is true. In compliance with that are the realities of human decisions participating as universities around the world; THE CURSE of their existence is: nothing is sacred/ nothing is respected/ nothing is valued/ nothing is honored/ nothing is protected/ nothing is life: because they are far too interested in WANT/ PRIDE/ POWER/ GREED/ LUST/ FANTASY/ FAILURE/ TRAITOR/ TERRORIST/ and even Satan as is playing god.

THE VALUE of their existence however is; that some degree of knowledge leaks out, over time; and a base line of understanding is expanded because of their work; as limited as it is. Nonetheless, what has value does have value: and what is frightening about universities is primarily the level of belief they inflict upon life and planet. OR: NO YOU DON’T KNOW/ YOU BELIEVE; which is far worse than knowledge, and more dangerous than death.

Belief allows you to “accept whatever you want to be true/ as true”; even if there is no substance and very little reality to what you believe; as if you were gods who knew. What you know; is whatever someone told you; or what you gathered carefully or not on your own. That is what you know; and like gossip and all the other failings of humanity; that is subject to review, and found in error MOST of the time. Some of it a complete lie/ most of it, an assertion to create conversation; “to make yourself more interesting or popular”. Or discourage fears in you or others. Belief is a very dangerous thing, and while it aids religion as a passage beyond what we do not understand but hope is true. Belief in the hands of universities; offer the concept of no consequences for us, mentality that quickly turns to we can play god. Which has surrounded us all with the threat of extinction; that is true, and supported completely by the evidence we do know as valid enough to warrant a real world evaluation of the truth as best we can do; as a world/ not as a “believer”. Let the evidence decide.

While religion “believes what the do not know, and provides that level of understanding in connection with their own beliefs”. THE UNIVERSITIES are the exact opposite of that; believing what they do claim to know/ and can now play god with that information, because they cannot be wrong; or if they are hurrah; we found something by crucifying what had value. To their shame. Neither method is valued; but religion does not sacrifice life and world/ instead it holds those sacred and respected. While universities DO SACRIFICE life and world/ and hold nothing sacred or respected. As is evolution; lets inject chaos, and let the god of liars mutilate life. Or as is physics: lets play with the same fire as on the sun/ nothing can go wrong; cause they’re gods. SURE we can ignite atom’s on fire/ NO, we don’t need to worry about no damn consequences; we are gods/ born as the greatest fools to escape the sewage of human defecated “evolution”.

Nonetheless, while every miracle of life establishes an order, discipline, balance, thought, value, respect, law, purpose, dignity, EVERYTHING BEYOND human comprehension: the worthless among us; want it all DEAD. And find their way to the universities to do so.

So, lets be very simple: while the vaccines of the past, which nature helped define and devise as a benefit to human existence/ the realities of a vaccine originating from universities know; and their insanity of genetics: to rule the world, by selling you a cure for what they caused. Is not to be trusted; without clear evidence that cannot be disputed. Nothing can be trusted from the physics world; absolutely nothing. While the varieties of physical laws that are in evidence, and cannot be theorized to dissolve them into the curse of life; should be trusted. And yet the people who curse the world of life with endless excuses; to retain a job, they should never have had; continues to ruin life and lives on earth.

It is not knowledge, that forms the enemy! It is the belief; we can play god/ that is the enemy of life and planet. Do you see the difference? Like all people “the university diploma” WANTS power, pride, MONEY, sex, and whatever else the vast majority of people want/ because they want it, just like you. THE PROBLEM is: that like gossip, they found a grain of sand, and claim its a “one hundred mile beach”. Even knowing that: they SELL whatever they can find, to keep an EASY job/ and define whatever they can, to create POWER to rule your lives by assuming superiority. Shouting with PRIDE; how great we are. When only one grain of sand, on a one hundred mile beach has been found.

But hey: “just like you”; they want what they want, and are willing to sell what they have to get what they want; just like you. SO, LET’S ALL BELIEVE what we want to believe. Just like you.

Religion and universities are very similar in concept: both use drama to entice humanity into believing what they believe; so as to get funding, to keep on doing a job they don’t want to lose. Religion uses fantasy and delusion to cover over what they do know/ as a method of defining what they don’t know, “claiming spirituality”; but is not. They are afraid of what they don’t know; and cling too “old knowledge”/ so as to avoid the new. Because change means: your job/ your survival, is being questioned. Same as universities who cannot make you believe in their “imagination” as well. Universities use the little they do know, to cover the fantasies and delusions of “let’s imagine”; which makes life into a game they now control. Since humanity as a majority “truly wants to play”; and shout we believe. But universities are winning; the bridge into nowhere, but HELL. Alas, their imagination uses life as the toy, and planet as merely a trinket on the road to their trophy: the consequence is extinction; by the evidence of their truth. I rarely believe anything; because it is fraught with peril, in so many ways. Therefore the search for truth is necessary, and the value of real world evidence is fundamental to what I can accept as defined by law. The indoctrination of every child, is a problem; as the entire purpose of “religious, believe the university” doctrine; is a cult (never question your leader), is a sewer of fools.

The foundation of it all is: that religion possesses, and brings forth the knowledge and understanding of life and living that was accumulated over thousands of years of work. Time spent, without the distractions of “university imagination”/ which tries to explain everything; without knowing anything of life or truth that is accomplished by living: They play. Unfortunately, humanity worships play/ not work; and they want trophies, toys, and trinkets: not truth, or the values of respect.

LET’S TRY AGAIN; the value of life begins with heart, to assemble the truth inside, which allows for us to ascend beyond self, into the environmental reach that is love. The disciplines of love, search for the knowledge of desire, as passions direct the order of our decisions, to produce the truth we call “sharing and caring” as trust begins to bind us as one life being shared by two. The essence of thought constructs a journey; while the energy of life itself, identifies we are “the truth” of what we choose and do. But into that complexity, comes the urgency of competition/ as being human learns, that survival is not simply a game; but truth. Death reminds us of limits and boundaries we cannot avoid/ but must respect as our own conception of time or eternity allows. The critical definition of our lives; then becomes what we are willing to believe/ or what we are willing to choose as “our singular purpose” in time, as a living example of truth. Truth designs our path/ whereas belief creates the road animals will use. Animal constructs want (I have needs)/ pride (I have more/ I have the best)/ and power (I have what you want; under my control). Each of these forms a barrier to survival; and the human, being alive: must identify what is true, to sustain a living while conceiving of miracles; and what they mean to me.

Universities are used as a blanket definition of “the fanatics” or fans, who believe they are playing the game; because they are fans. They are not, but one person across the world finds a grain of sand/ and millions of “university fans” shout; “we did it/ we win”; and media makes that seem valid. Because they refuse to identify what is or is not true; as they are believers, and believers want what they want. While religion and universities are assembled with the same word called belief/ the realities are very different. As religion uses belief to identify truth (we do not know/ a few working to increase knowledge). Universities use belief to identify (we are gods/ and play to prove it; shouting as “two year old’s”; we got more than you): see the difference?

YOUR participation in life and living is dependent upon what you choose to believe/ OR, what you allow truth to teach you, that life will accept as a value to existence. THAT has nothing to do with universities or religion: but is entirely devoted to your own identity of what has value to me. Knowledge has value. Understanding has value. Wisdom has value. But these are NOT tied too; a university a religion or other. Instead destiny seeks life in love, and love seeks eternity in the grace of our own creation, as we identify what is “the most important destiny” we can find. Love shapes a destiny participating in life itself, as shared with those who care about truth. All other decisions fall short of happiness and hope. Let your search then take note: it is not distance that determines destiny, but the desire of your heart, as it lifts itself as soul, into eternity by your truth. The essence of what is true: refers to each miracle of life, by the consequence of its own truth. GIVEN TO US, by elevations of thought, as valued existence formed by love, and shaped within the foundations of trust; whereby the living of an eternity shall not be called “lonely”. It is you; that judges; if life (the joy of existence), lives in you.

Destiny calls, for those who accept, “love is more important” than time. Death will separate us all from body; which means, only truth can decide. No game can change it. The spiritual world is an environment of truth which further identifies the value of your heart. Fail to release “the animal” and its pride, want, or power/ and you will become, trapped; “in purgatory”. Hate will be removed forever lost to what you chose. Only love passes beyond self, into the passions of soul.

And humanity says; “we WANT proof”/ ain’t going to spend my life; UNLESS I GET WHAT I WANT. A REAL LIFE GUARANTEED, I GET WHAT I WANT.

Life replies: if you have no love, truth, trust, or respect for life and miracles easily proven true/ you need not be concerned: you will get what you chose.

So that it remains simple: the spiritual world isolates YOUR specific truth/ IF, you pass the test; “beyond animal”/ or hate. ONLY then does purity define a level of participation for you. As to me, I have been bound to the spiritual woman defined; by the simple truth: “I gave my life to participating in saving this world of life (that continues)/ she gives her life, to saving this world for female life and hope (a reality returning to human decision; beyond male)”; and I am, being used to participate in that. But it is “participating in, and for this Creation to survive, the choices you have made”. Which binds us as one life shared: she is “my open door to the ascension of thought, beyond self/ while I am her open door to the realities of time, whereby female is compelled to act”.  Essentially, I have in fact traded the freedoms and share the desire for entering thought as the realm of life itself through her living existence/ but she and I, have also traded my living existence in time; for the opportunity to construct a bridge to female in this world. I literally sit in the back seat of my own life here/ but share opportunities beyond time as well. Making the balance of our choices is fair; even if “not the same”.

The “animals” will never understand any of that; even if they wear a disguise. But those who remain alive shall.

As for me: the discovery of evidence that identifies a relationship beyond the grave “could exist” for you; as defined by me. The reality of that remains: as the spiritual woman dictates/ she is in charge, not me a woman’s world, and I have traded places”! [that literally is “a thousand NO, you can’t/ and a few YES you will”; just to prove she can demand female decides. no violence, no hate, no anything but she is in charge]. The end result of it is; I must watch “my own little piece of housing+” fall apart; just like this world. As a clear reminder of what is at stake. NO hiding in an orderly world for me. Either help them, or face the future with them. Even though she controls. So, the only resort is: “female must help me; so I can help you”. NOT a game/ NOT about sex/ NOT about me; “just life and world”.

And the people say; IF this was real/ THERE WOULD be “great things” to identify GOD is involved in this! But as it was in JESUS time; GOD sent an infant, which then had to grow and prove; “we are not abandoned”; but treated with value. And it was then “up to those who cared”; to expand that into “saving this world”, by sharing that information. By showing the differences between love and hate; as a choice humanity makes for itself. I have provided an education in this work; you can find no where else; as proof of value. You must provide “sharing of that information”/ shaping a response.

While she is from the spiritual dimension of female/ and I am from time as male; being joined in one last effort to help sustain this entire living creation; is substance enough to understand: YOU are an important Creation of life on earth. Given the job of saving this world, from yourselves/ from those who battle to take it away from you, and life.

Do not be distracted from that work: the current “maralogo/ trump” disgrace is a perfect example of that. While he has no real value to the nation; media feed upon any scrap like hungry dogs fighting for a bone: they have “words to find/ or they have no show=no job”. I have seen literal: “top secret” government documents; it is a game, as they contained only remarks or theories already known/ even printed, in documentation specific to the work. But obscure, because few search/ therefore “sharing secrets” to play the game of “sure you are one of us”/ but aren’t.

Same is true of “going to the moon”; its all a game, so the universities can play; and spend your money (billions or trillions to hide weapon production of missiles). They are not going to mine the moon/ they are not traveling into outer space (no oxygen, as proven by biosphere 2): they merely fantasize, and pretend they can escape reality; as is this dying world.

My life is complicated; how it ends or how it continues is unknown to me. But at 69 years old; that is a gamble in itself; so I am relatively unconcerned; at this time. She is in charge; and I am “under control”; like it or not is absolutely irrelevant. While my whole life has been to study and learn: reality suggests, that is it being joined to her; where all the real information comes from. As I am truly “just plain male”/ except for all the changes being made to me. Who knows how that will end/ I do not.

Nonetheless the critical question is: CAN YOU isolate enough knowledge and understanding, in this work; to identify wisdom and truth. As is what we, have intended to give to this human world. IF SO, then the respect for that gift is: to COMMUNICATE, “OUR WORLD IS THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION”; AND AS “WE THE WORLD” MATTERS. Our demand is a courtroom to isolate and prove what is true about each threat, which surrounds us all. About the cost of being wrong; should any of this continue to go on. Because there is no going back; from complete chaos, as is “the universities gift” to you and this earth. They will say: “he is a fool/ he is nothing/ why would anyone not ridicule this pervert claiming a spiritual woman inside”. But I will remind you, as is and will remain constantly true: I AM NOT the decision you are to make/ I am merely the messenger. THEREFORE TURN BACK TO THE THREATS; AND DEMAND THE EVIDENCE: “purified so you do understand the consequences an the choice” SO THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE FOR LIFE AND EARTH/ CHILD AND SELF. AS IT IS your duty to do. Simple as that; begin again with your relationship to the universities. INSTEAD OF TRUSTING; identify the truth. Or you will die, without “a prayer” to survive.


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Jim Osterbur

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