rules of life



  1. respect yourself, not when you are wrong on purpose/ but when you do the best you can; no one does better. Even if they are more capable; the best you can do/ is equal to the best anyone else can do.
  2. Forgive yourself, when you do repent; because repentance means, “you will do your best not to repeat this error”; simple as that. If you are honest and true to that decision: then you will “walk, in a better light”/ and find the heart you now choose to seek.
  3. Love yourself; when the value you seek, truly is a relationship with the destiny shaped by all things love. We all make mistakes, the sin is to surrender your love. But you must always free, anyone who says they must go; other than a child; who needs your caring and sharing to survive.
  4. Pray as if you are always in view of GOD ; pray, knowing life and living are about love, respect, truth, trust, courage, hope, destiny, honest shared desire with someone who chooses to love you, purposes that seek truth and justice, with a kind and gentle heart. Shaping your soul, as someone who cares.
  5. Identify what is true in you; and exercise your time on earth to solidify and present what you will take into eternity with you. Death is the end of change; your truth is, then “your truth”. A reality with many consequences eternal.
  6. Love someone who cares more about you; than animals do (discarding want, denying pride, ending power); to attain the acceptance of real desire beyond self. Therefrom to seek love, is to know within each other: “we are ALIVE”. A reality that is more than words can understand.
  7. We live in the world men did create/ a world of survival, because they would not do what needed to be done. Or those who did do what was right, were then attacked by those who did not: because failure is death/ and survival decides “its you or us”. The cost of human indifference; the apathy, to life and earth.
  8. When searching for someone to love “honest and true”; it is never about lust (I want the chemicals/ you are a tool); it is never a game, as in I win/ you lose; nor is it ever about power; as the animals can help you survive. But they cannot release your soul, to know your heart is alive. Be woman (it is in you) if you are woman; which means, “to pull” in the essence of life itself, to the grace and honor that only respect can deliver. To know and be happy; because that is my gift to you; and only you. As is the blessing of one life shared. Be man (it is in you) if you are man: which means to push back against the world, and help each depending upon you to survive; as best you can/ don't be lazy; do what you can do. But don't forget the truth; “my life is with you, because happiness knows your name; as is shared by the living of life as one.
  9. This is a world of desperation; as reality continues to prove by the evidence; that extinction for us all, comes soon; without true change. That fact cannot be denied, as the realities of so many things chosen; produce the consequences that will not be changed. The end result of it is very simple: eternity is not about “time”/ it is the relationship you share with heart and soul, as trust accepts the respect needed to understand; “every miracle” is evidence we are loved. JESUS as well is evidence of “we are loved”; and the intensity of that is, to produce the love inside yourself, “that answers back” with truth.
  10. Desire searches the soul, and the heart replies: my purpose is to hope. Because we have no element of eternity beyond death of our own. ONLY MERCY decides, for every single one. But love is love, and desire shapes our destiny as a value to great to lose. Because this is “what you chose”.
  11. Heart lives in the moments of our time, but contributes the passion of purposes beyond self. To ascend into the essence of thought, as is the foundation or basis of living even as self: we must achieve the focus of values that identify who we are. Given that, everything you do; is elementally you. The rhythm of these things “shows, where we are”.
  12. Do not fall into traps, leave behind want; and accept the duty that denies making life or living as if a game/ it is not. Hate is, the only real enemy of life; love does not allow it to enter. Therefore if it does surface in you: understand clearly, that eternity will not let it enter into “heaven”. Which means, neither will you. CHANGE, and accept love is better than hate, fear, violence, abuse, or other. Do not be manipulated (do this) or tempted (you want this)/ do not be led (question not) or believe (whatever you want this to be); as they will not help you to survive. Shape your life with truth, and always protect the love that is yours. Because if you give it away/ then you, “no longer own it”; and will cry. To rebuild requires trust. To trust requires: “ GOD is first”.Rules to learn:
    1. the foundation of all relationships is determined primarily by conversations/ respect/ and truth. The subject matter of conversations reveal: the selfishness represented by “I want/ I need/ I win/ I,I,I,I,I,I, whatever it is; or me; and what YOU need to do for me! It can seem endless, but it does reveal where you fit in their decisions. Want is a animal: love however rises from the purity of truth, to assemble as respect defined by the definitions of sharing and caring as is elevated by trust. Without respect there is no real relationship; and you are or will be used or abused to get what they want. Without truth there is no real love, and they will take yours, if he or she can. Without respect, you will be judged sooner or later; and when measured, that opens the door to violence, murder, all forms of perversion and more.
    2. The critical truth of religion is: humanity wants what it wants/ therefore the religious use “their form of god” as a blanket to cover over all their fears, wants, and anything else they can think of. Or more simply: god is their slave/ their delivery person/ their protector/ their guarantor/ leader, whatever it is they want. While in reality: THE REAL GOD of this universe, is none of those things! And you cannot pray for something and they say, I did everything I could/ this is “gods” fault; that is a lie. YOU made the decision either way, YOUR responsibility as a free existence in time. There are those who live an easy life, with love or not; who seem blessed. And those who live a very uneasy life, with complex troubles that shape them for life; and seem cursed. Neither is true; as a blessed life is the result of love; and you or your family is the primary builder of that love; which does require work. On the alternate side is the cost of consequences largely beyond your control: which demand the truth about what you would choose accordingly. Whereas an identity is an absolute necessity, and reality proves what is true: the foundation of your life is then preparations for the spiritual world. The cost will then be “worth it” in the end.
    3. In this America; one of the more horrifying things is: the outright stupidity, ignorance, and complete failure of this people; in their surge to get everything they have wanted for the last fifty years in particular. BY THROWING everything of value away. Your insurgent army of rebels; the curse of death for our world; has taken away nearly everything of value/ by giving you nothing but numbers without substance; overrunning life, nation, work, everything. As you fight for trophies (worthless)/ trinkets (just for buying sex)/ and toys (a fools game). To your shame; what you need has been taken away. They stole your securities/ they stole your work and knowledge about how to work/ they stole and are stealing your property, values, resources, future, poisoning the water, wrecking everything they touch, indoctrinating your children to die/ MUTILATING YOUR NATURE/ playing god with your planet; and even trying to ignite atoms on fire; which cannot be extinguished “just like the sun”. And you call them savior or gods; as is the result of your cult worship and complete failure to understand: who your real enemy is “university elite”. NOT every person with a diploma/ but every person who directs life, nation, planet, and child into destruction; the horror of HELL, as chosen by man. WAKE UP, DUMBASS; OR, you’re dead.not true you say”? Well what can you do for yourselves, when foreigners quit doing your work/ and all you got is numbers, without reality; beyond your lies. Do you have the tools or knowledge; to do for yourself? WHAT do you have other than a gun (I DECIDE NOW; but all you got/ your only reward; is death, starvation, and hell on earth); fear (as with covid; HIDE, DAMN YOU HIDE); and then hate (as are the first ripples, of mass shootings; in the current coming; of people who believe they are “the losers” now)? The cursed and the vile/ THIEVES AND LIARS/ the traitors and terrorists; took, or are taking, it all away. Even nature/ even resources/ even water/ even a future/ even a planet to live on: EVERYTHING EXECUTED; because you want toys, and accepted bribes; to fill your selfishness and greed. BY WORSHIPING THE CULT OF UNIVERSITY IS god/ as they destroy you and life on earth!  SHAME ON YOU.
    4. The most critical realities of all, are very simple ones! Although universities are the cause of nearly every extinction threat/ they believe they are gods, and take absolutely no responsibility for their actions, or the consequences of their choices. Not gods/ but devils instead; as the extreme arrogance/ absolute disrespect/ and foundations of complete apathy do prove true. As all the evidence points directly and clearly: “to universities did this”.
    5. What we do see, without even trying: IS THE CURSE. Universities mutilating all of nature, deliberately destroying by injecting chaos into everything they can touch (in worship of evolution)/ when it is nature (genetics build the body of life) that gives us life and living (every chain of existence) and world (the balance of energy and mass that presents time shaped by law).
    6. Universities HATE law; as it is not chaos/ which means they can do anything they want; rather than be subjected to respect the reality/ and obey the principles which give us life. Instead: they inject fear, by releasing “covid +” to gain money, and power to annihilate the living structures of genetics; which we do all know; end in Armageddon (nature in chaos); the predicted end of our living world.
    7. Universities HATE law; as it demands acceptance of truth, rather than imagination of fools. As is evidenced by their deliberate attempts to ignite atoms on fire/ ON THIS PLANET, where EVERYTHING IS MADE OUT OF FUEL. “to force us all into the same fire, as is on the sun”. Yet in a cult world of universities are god; the most vile of all human existence in history: REFUSES to be involved. The cult worship of universities; is literally that overwhelming with fears of being wrong/ BECAUSE THE DEAD, who rule media and nation; prove to be zealot worshipers; who choose to create “the MOB”. Mobs have only one purpose: to eliminate your right to question the truth of this.
    8. Universities HATE law; blindly despise the world itself, as media employs the expert; as with global warming: in a true deliberate attempt to manipulate and propagate the liars into power. By lying, cheating, stealing, betraying, terrorizing, tempting, corrupting, conspiring, colluding, and invading the power structures which make the decision; that leads a herd of human prey to their death.
    9. Universities HATE law; conspiring “NOT in my lifetime”/ let the children live on our garbage/ NO ONE cares. As is the result of everything the universities do; and the realities of everything the leadership of this America (and more) choose to do. Poisoning every child; by ending the water supplies/ pollution/ EVERYTHING that is death for life and earth. Discarding it all: to play god, and take all they can get/ by counterfeiting the currency. Ending all securities for nation and then world; by injecting the universities way “we don’t have to pay no damn debts: THAT, IS WHAT THE SLAVES ARE FOR”.
    10. In terms of nature: EVERY MIRACLE OF LIFE, proves itself true. As with your own body: it automatically grew/ it automatically built itself/ it automatically designed itself/ it automatically created the bones, created the skin, created the eyes, manufactured all the products and chemicals needed/ created, timed, and sustained all the processes of building and sustaining a life; ejecting the debris/ and using the utilities produced by the parent. Every living thing doing exactly the same thing; building itself automatically/ producing everything it needs automatically; becoming a world of life, that builds itself. While the human contribution to that living world is destruction, at nearly every level; and you call the sewer of fools who invade to destroy life itself; “your gods/ your saviors/ can’t question the university cult leaders”. SHAME ON YOU. Letting them curse and destroy an entire living world! TO YOUR SHAME.
    11. Letting the horror of physics; ignite this planet into a sun; “without a single whimper of complaint”. Letting endless poisons be injected and dumped onto your water supplies. Letting this world overheat due to human population LACK OF CONTROL OR REALITY. EVERYTHING LED BY “UNIVERSITY LEADERSHIP”; IS A DEATH TRAP, AND YOU WALK IN; “closing the damn door”. Because as a cult; you cannot question “the leader”. LETTING THIS WHOLE WORLD DIE, ALONG WITH EVERY CHILD/ EVERY LIVING THING: INSTEAD. BECAUSE YOU ARE COWARDS; THE BLIND FEAR, which knows no end, because all you want/ is what you want; and be damned to everything else.
    12. The worst liar there is; are the ones who lie to themselves; so as to escape the reality of their own evidence/ WHICH THEY KNOW, is true. The realities they KNOW cannot be explained by what has been accepted; such as evolution. CHAOS builds nothing/ it only DESTROYS; and you let the universities (your former classmates) tell you to believe. Well lets look at chaos; NO ORDER/ NO DISCIPLINE/ NO BALANCE/ NO LAW/ NO RESPECT/ NO VALUES/ NO HAPPINESS/ NOTHING BUT DEATH AND TERRORS AND TRUTH (you are judged worthless). Oh wait, that is your god called university knows; and what the indoctrination of every child; is fed from the sewer. Religion included; which incorporates their own worship of university; by adding in evolution as “the creator”. TO THEIR SHAME AND YOURS. For absolute failure. Got a leg growing out your ear/ perhaps your face should grow out of your ass/ maybe a hand with fifty fingers that never stops growing/ or one leg ten feet tall/ and the other missing entirely: well not to worry “chaos did it”; your damn excuse to play god/ INSTEAD OF RESPECT LIFE, AND ITS TRUE: CREATOR. So far beyond you, as to prove you do not compare.
    13. But alas: “it takes a brain”/ and the universities sold yours to hell.But hey DON’T worry/ after all “you are the children of your university gods” right, and after all media tells you what you think; so ain’t no damn worries needed; right. Well except for all the threats of extinction which includes the human version of “lets have a quarter of a billion” more children over deaths; this year.  Plenty of food and water/ resources that won’t end/ who gives a damn about war; right!
    14. A footnote, regarding this time in America: “the intellectual” does not war with weapons. He or she manipulates the public into fear/ believe/ obey; instructing the zealots to use mob control; in forcing the public to believe what they are intended to believe. ONCE FEAR is established: the primary method is to remove all control from those who do have power to stop you/ preferably by attacking their money, jobs, future, hopes, expectations or any other method of forcing them into bankruptcy. As is the war: to control a nation, by turning the nation into beggars and slaves. Giving that property to immigrants and foreigners: because they will likely be willing to believe anything you want; so as to get rich for themselves/ by stealing from those who built the nation itself. In every sense: it is war/ because in the end, the destruction and takeover; causes weapons to be used. Media of course enforces: “fear/ believe/ obey”, even if they know better. Because like the army; once trouble comes: you do have to choose sides. OR SOCIETY must provide a bill of rights, to protect the individual soldier from being targeted; if they refuse to kill.
    15. GO TO COURT, AND ENFORCE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; thereby taking away the power of politics to control the military, media, and the rest. By enforcing THE LAW SHALL RULE US/ NOT you. Then establish the evidence that is true; and assign blame as it needs to be judged by we the people. Not a band of fools/ a decision of the citizens protecting their nation; from all attackers; as is so many things, including covid. MAKE THEM PROVE: they were anything but; ATTACKING THE NATION, TO WAR AGAINST US; to CONFUSE AND ATTACK SOCIETY ITSELF; to gain power, pride, and obedience to only the universities can decide. As is the constant of a cult.
    16. CRITICAL to the discussion of an intellectual war: is the focus of demand. Every mob wants a singular enemy; because then the decision is simply “kill this” and we go back to life as it was. The universities as a group, are not functionally “simply the enemy”/ because they do not represent “the leadership of the cult”. Rather those graduated, who have aligned themselves with destroying life on earth by arrogance, disrespect, apathy, hate, manipulation, temptations, thievery, propaganda demanding believe, fear/ obey; the takeover of elections, media, politics, money, industry, banking, agriculture, property, democracy, the courtroom, the law with rules; etcetera. All of these and more: establish a failure to share or care, or accept justice through fair play/ and in fact war against each. By removing democracy from the decision. Democracy is: “we RULE OVER OVERSELVES; by the law we create to rule over government, and the oath we have required to insure; you will obey our law, as established by constitutional intent. As with all intellectual insurgency: the predators seek to hide, and the foundation of influence is to establish: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; as is consistent with “the universities cannot be questioned; they are gods”. Covid cannot be questioned/ the cost of healthcare cannot be questioned/ the insurgency against us, cannot be questioned: because the cult of university is god; owns your heart and soul. Or more deliberately; the Nazi mob, enforces covid as if it were; their own lives lost; therefore BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY, as is the designation of zealots; that were called “SS”. As has been proven in every state and federal courtroom in this USA; NOBODY, not for any reason whatsoever; questions the universities; they are god.
      Or more distinctly: THE MOB FAILS, if you do not fear; if they cannot find you an enemy; or you refuse to bow down.  Reality however then insists:  you must identify the evidence that is consistent with finding the truth of who is “the enemy”. Which will lead you to who is a friend as well.
    17. Rules are the elements of herd control implemented by the leaders who want full obedience from every member of the group. Some rules have value/ but most are used simply to enforce: I/we are in command, and you will obey or feel our wrath. As is America where one third of adults have a criminal record; absolute proof of the righteous want power. They demand; ALL MUST “think like them”/ or they are the enemy, fool, tyrant, criminal, thief, and so on. Because the proud (we are the superior ones)/ and the righteous (we can’t all be wrong): know, “anything that goes wrong, IS THEIR FAULT”/ so we have to incarcerate them. THE MOST VALUABLE RULE OF SOCIETY IS: as established in democracy that works; WE WILL rule ourselves, by establishing the laws which will rule over us/ instead of our employees. But the enemies of that invade, and surge for the purpose of power; to corrupt and control everything; so they alone, can get what they want. “to HELL with the rest/ we want what we want”. So democracy establishes laws, but power buys the laws they want; and controls these laws by disrupting the foundations of law and society (the betrayal of lawyers and judges; which then silences, the constitution that was agreed upon by we the people. So the war begins, and in silence every part and piece of a constitution is attacked: particularly within the courtroom, whereby the rule of law which is the constitution/ is dismantled by simply ignoring the law, and using rules to discard the law; so that power can rule. As proven in court case after court case by James F. Osterbur vs state and federal trials. THE CRITICAL DISCOVERY IS: FOR SOCIETY TO RULE ITSELF, BY OUR OWN LAWS: WE MUST CHOOSE THOSE LAWS FOR OURSELVES/ AND WE MUST LET ONLY TRUTH DECIDE WHAT THOSE LAWS CAN BECOME; BECAUSE ANYTHING LESS THAN TRUTH, IS A WANT; which evades the law, to become selfish and greedy and tyrannical. NO LAW is formed without justice for all, and that includes deliberate fair play to each and every member of society. Anything less discards peace and harmony for war.
    18. The most vile attack on any society; is when one group, believes it is so superior to the other members: it then attacks with an insurgency of manipulation and propagation, using public communications; to prove they alone can decide, they are the superior ones/ you have no rights. As is universities in America and more; but reality proves true, “they have been the worst of the worst” even exceeding Hitler and others; by the fact it is universities that have endangered this entire world with extinction. A reality of fact, that none before have attained. Every form of rebellion; the rampaging rape of society and earth, the destruction of everything they can: is formed by the cult of those who believe themselves to be superior to the rest. Who more so, “than universities”? Who spreads this disease of superiority, the pandemic of horror (they attack our world, our nature, our everything; even the future itself) more: with propaganda to disguise the truth; than media? The delusions of playing god/ the fantasies “no consequences for us”/ the imagination; we don’t need no damn reality or truth or respect for ANYTHING; is the road to HELL, ARMAGEDDON, APOCALPSE, HADES, and all that is predicted beyond the scope of our own imagination to conceive of terrors unending to life.
    19. Which brings us to the constant cost of “its a man’s world”/ throughout recorded history: because men form into armies, which are just “animal herds”. They then create a battleground between herds to rule over what they want/ by taking it away from the others. The critical factor is: “we want what we want/ and pride makes life a game; of proving we can or cannot take what we want, from you/ which establishes power, and then judgment, which leads to violence; because the mob found a way to rule life. But alas: this world has changed; and the earth cannot tolerate the herds of man anymore/ or our world will die. That leaves us all with the clear understanding: WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE, we will soon be extinct; because that is, “what the herd led by universities: did choose”. Proving it ain’t just men who choose to be animals. However true change requires a true displacement of leadership; and as close as we can get is to let women try instead. THE DIFFERENCE; between “human animals/ and being human alive in the grace of individual decisions”: IS TO REMEMBER ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES. THEREFORE IT IS AN ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT: ONLY TRUTH DECIDES/ not you. As best as reality will allow/ because you have already gone too far, to be absolutely simple.
    20. Animals want; survival has needs/ contentment wants more/ sex demands, and reality will choose. But being human alive: means you do choose to search for the realities of life, rather than simply survival. Hate is not included in that; as it is simply the destruction of life, as in death. Consequently love leads, and life responds with truth, justice, and fair play to all; as sharing and caring and values reach for the essence of joy. Which is, “life beyond self”. The animals cannot hear that, because their everything is about self. But human alive can: because the very core essence of love, is to live as if we all were equals/ even if not the same. The animals wants war, to prove yes I can. But the human alive desires justice; to accept the limits and boundaries of all life by law/ and all law as is governed by truth. The difference is “massive”/ and it is clear; men were never, throughout history; able to attain it.
    21. Love shapes us, as the values we attribute to its blessing our lives with hope, truth, trust, dignity, respect, courage, happiness, joy, heart, soul, honesty, sharing, caring, and the end of loneliness; because “you are here”. A life without these things, does not live within joy. While it is true, that my own existence here in time; has been mostly isolated in large measure; I have not forgotten what love provides. The critical compilation of that reality is: our world must survive/ in order to do so, the best chance of what I could do: is an extensive educational pursuit. The universities will offer: “that is what we do”. But the reality of it is: while I search for truth/ you search for power and pride, and as always the universities exist to provide for whatever we want. Which is taken over by power; whenever pride fails to separate truth from imagination, fantasy, or delusions. LOVE does not exist in pride, power, or want; as these are the elements of animal. While animals understand who cares or shares with them, and accepts that as a good thing. Being human requires more; as is the evidence of miracles beyond our imagination provides life on earth. That elemental ascension from animal; into the realm of “being ALIVE”/ IS A fundamental change in your own existence. Without acceptance of “miracles exist”; you cannot step beyond self.
    22. And the world of humanity says: we must survive/ we have no time or interest in things that do not make this life more happy, than we are right now. When life is good, “you throw it all away/ when life is surviving, you cry and scream; how is this fair, we want MORE”. Yet truth provides: this is what you chose. Because life is a choice, and the choices you make, determine the life you will live. But into that are the elements created by choices the others make as well; and if they are not fair, with life and world/ then you will not be happy either. Beyond the disciplines of self. The constant lesson is then: the order we give to our own lives, is balanced by the disciplines we choose to enforce that order with justice and fair play. While we cannot choose for the others/ their influence on our own lives is determined by the choice: WILL I choose for love/ or will you choose for hate? What is in between is called human; but in reality it is the foundation of animal we all begin upon. Being ALIVE in heart and soul, requires love to be the ascent beyond our choice for living; as best we can. Being animal, regards survival as the best we can do/ and assumes having want/ showing pride/ feeling power over the others; as defines self, is enough. Survival is not really a choice, but a duty/ the curse of survival is “we not them: when life is harsh”; by too many mouths to feed/ too much damage done. However love is a true choice, for destinies beyond self/ as is hate a true choice; descending into the death of love or survival; by judgment, and therefrom violence against life or world.
    23. We now turn to reality, as it shifts from justice to the constant that is human competition. Or more distinctly; when crowded together, the desire for separation shall rise. When crowded together the desire for “we are family” shall rise/ and that does not include diversity; because family is same/ whereas diversity is different. When crowded together, the need for efficiency expands and demands/ whereas to be efficient is to remove jobs, and end the possibility for harmony; unless you truly do share. Unless you control population counts, to demand zero population increase or less. So now the old shout, who will are for us/ and reality says; “who cares/ not in your lifetime, right”? So they become angry, those without jobs become angry/ those who want children become angry; and war threatens to begin. Religion then arises to shout “no”; as is their job to find balance for life and society to survive. But religion is faced with other religions who want the pride to say; we are the superior ones/ and that brings competition; which results in division. While different groups use different forms of uniform; to remind the others; we are many now/ you can’t just run us down anymore. And the threat of genocide from one group or the other rises. Etcetera, and more.
    24. The foundation reality is: in this overcrowded world, what was tolerated, and adjusted by war/ is no longer possible to survive. You must have efficiency of resources or the world dies. You must have uniformity in religion or war, as reality proves; one group ends the other group. You must have uniformity in population growth; or one exceeds the other, and they shout UNFAIR. You must allow for freedoms to exist; but that means you must separate the groups, so they can find their own way/ or one will accuse the other, and there will be war. You must choose for life and world; or we become extinct. You must accept the end of “we will just go get more”/ or face “HELL, on earth”. You must stop the insane, the dead and the damned and the hate; from leading this world; “or go to Hades”/ it ain’t no game, anymore. Because this world has changed, with 8 billion people on it and rising/ and endless accumulation of destruction of everything; as has been done by “universities lead”. The end of currency securities; as is over; and failed entirely; due to “university knows”; THE EASY WAY, IS lie, steal, cheat, betray, terrorize, play god, mutilate everything, release disease, force war, strangle humanity with poverty and disgrace; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and more!
    25. So we turn to truth; and ask what can we do: because this, has been going on since the beginning. Humanity overruns its ability to survive; and then men turn to war, theft, fantasies, and more to assert “yes we can”/ even if that means YOU will die. Primary cause: “too many children/ or not enough deaths”. Primary solution; KILL the other family instead of our own. And men say: what are we to do; CHILDREN COME/ and we will NOT surrender having sex. But now that population control is attainable; nothing has changed; because even if some control the population count. As with everything: someone else, who has been hiding in the bushes; jumps out to exterminate what you have tried to save/ someone else is jumping into bed with every female they can and more; and having children instead of you. Which now: YOU will pay for/ and yet the women shout; “we want a child/ AND WE WILL GET A CHILD; even if someone else is made to pay, for their future”. TRUTH THEN SAYS: by a world courtroom, which distinguishes the evidence of our lives as best we all can: the literal reality of our lives MUST BE FOUND. And nobody gets to refuse the evidence, and cost the rest their world: the laws we then make to enforce on ourselves as a world: WILL DECIDE. Because there is no other way; to enforce, “you will believe the truth”; and thereby accept, the limits and boundaries applied to us all. Or we all die, because you did not do your part. Simple as that. But it is worth noting: in the realities of this historical world, comes the truth: men WILL NOT trust any other man/ because liars, traitors, thieves, failures, and even worse have proven it cannot be so. HOWEVER all men functionally believe that women are not a threat; because they do not constitute a force which will overthrow men. Which does mean; only women can walk between the groups, to balance the disagreements of men. But even so: the worst of male domination; is the intent to make the others fear, by doing something heinous; and distinctly evil. So the reality of it is: those groups of men: will both go to women; to have their argument balanced for life or world. YOU DON’T trust each other/ and that means you cannot evade war. I looked ten years to find a solution in men: and there is none. Which is why and how, I ended with “what can female do instead”? The answer is: let women try, and no good reason exists; to say no; because extinction is certain, unless truly different is found. The consequence is: YOU MUST TRY TO RESOLVE THESE DISPUTES; in an entirely different way. There is nothing else, other than women to try. They cannot lead UNLESS TOGETHER THEY HAVE ACHIEVED ZERO OR LESS POPULATION CONTROL; among themselves/ because only women have children; it is their decision. But failure is extinction, and there are NO EXCUSES or reprieve from truth or reality. NO second chances either: do what must be done/ or die.
    26. IT IS, elementally true: that women will want men to “change”/ as in YOU have a vasectomy (no testicles/ no more chemical awareness of sex) or get castrated (no more penis to use) or the like. THAT WILL NOT HELP, other than in the case of true proven abusive rape: “no you can’t keep your weapon of violence”. But reality proves: only women have children, NOT men; SO THEY CONTROL IT ALL. REALITY further proves; with current methods of reproduction; probably a million women could get pregnant from a single male; in a year. WHICH FOCUSES the truth: doing anything to men; is NOT, going to be, the answer. HOWEVER, they can be made to pay; for the sacrifice women must choose for themselves. And women scream: WHY, should we sacrifice anything men do not. The answer is; because you can/ and they cannot: which means this duty to life, is yours. Same as this work, was my duty not yours; and I did need to do it for the sake of this world; same as you. Life is not fair; but that does not mean it isn’t worth the price. NO, not a single clue, why me? Instead of complaining; teach men how to be better lovers; how to be more in control of themselves; shape a different answer, than we want what we want/ and can manipulate men with sex to get it; accepting the truth,  women need to be different too; and all who love, will be happy.
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