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Is the environment you choose to create the foundations upon which you will live, in this life. For me, that center is GOD CREATED THIS WORLD, and all its LIFE. While the word itself is not grand enough, to assemble the proper respect; I/ we are not able to attain that respect; therefore it must be left alone; as “sacred”.

Thereby I do understand the foundation of my world, revolves within the elemental understanding of what I can know, and what I can do; with respect to the gift of my own living, body, and life itself. Knowledge begins with the certainty of love, shaped by thought; therefore I search where love exists, and the functional beginning of thought is true. JESUS accounts for both of those elements in my education of disciplines and order, which then balance the values I have accepted; as distinct in me.

Or more deliberately for you: we return to the environment of your choice, which then becomes the foundation of your world/ and does isolate you in fear or love, as the basis of survival itself. Fearing death is chaos; and the constant threat of that turns to hate; as the method most likely to remove the chaos/ by creating: FEAR ME, instead. But hate is death, by the moments which grind your heart into extinction/ the curse of fears, which turn your soul into “human dust”. Making that decision: the worst you can be.

Love however seeks the best in you, and presents us with the foundation of sharing is caring/ and we care, in order to share the blessings of life in us all. With respect we build relationships. With values we shape the world invited into our lives. With the acceptance of truth decides, we build friendships and shape our families; one moment at a time. But with trust we bind ourselves together; to face whatever life and living will become; as love between friends of the opposite sex; trades the truth of our own values, as equals into the beginning of freedoms which will shape: a new existence in our lives and truth. Which forms in trust, to love each other with honesty and hope. There is no “love making in sex”. Love is not a physical conception; it is the essence of an environment we choose to shape, by sharing hearts; and if it is possible, in the intimacy of trust; even sharing souls.

Unfortunately “love is like a commodity of the most precious kind”. When you give your love to someone else/ now they own it, and if it is not returned; you have lost it. Which is the cause of a “broken heart”. Like other commodities however; you cannot just go “buy more”/ because love exists in the creation of your own heart; and once broken, it must mend before you can love again. to achieve that, the essence of desire must find a solution to trust once more; but in a new way, as is to return to GOD is the center of my world/ the environment of my heart; so as to be certain. I will then give my love to GOD first/ and in that element of trust, find the faith to return to the happiness, that grants I too, may trust again. These are participation’s in life, and that facet of our existence is shaped by whom we trust; and how we build the love within us, in the beginning of being alive as a human miracle, created beyond comprehension; as is with love, thought, truth, and hope: by trusting that reality.

Disciplines shape our relationships; by demanding a level of duty and distinction must arise, before I will trust you. Order shapes our environment, by demanding the distinctions which contribute to the elevations of truth and law. Balance surges forward to identify, where values shall decide; as respect is tested to determine if you lie. These are the consequences of “stealing”/ but they are also, defined as the limits and boundaries of what we do need to know; in order to survive this world or beyond time, as may come. So the people who teach you to reshape your life into; living to remain alive/ have value in their own way. Even if the lesson is harsh. The question however is: will you survive to love again/ or will you be overrun by hate or retreat into hiding from life?

My life is, a distinction apart: as truth would not allow departure from this work/ and this work enabled “a departure from me”; as reality would prove, “too much” for most/ or, they don’t want to know. Of life or truth, because it invades reality to change the dimensions of what our own hope will be. Hope is the decision to accept: that life, will remain alive in ways that contribute to my own happiness. While religion adds in; “whatever the believer wants”/ reality does not allow for that, and truth will decide; “not you”.

Hope is a battleground, proving the dimensions of what romance can be. Proving the definitions of what our lives can become. Hope dies, if the evidence does not sustain truth. But even so, we hope for romance to produce the endless desire that fills our living, with the freedoms that recognize how truly precious we are to each other. Giving life the value of being ALIVE, more than time can achieve; as we earn the trust with lifts life into the ascent of miracles building their own creation of love. By trust, and truth.

Destiny searches for a home, as each family becomes the identity of their decisions. Therefore destiny is equal to the lives of each identity, which becomes a participation in this “environmental world”. Or more distinctly; beyond self, is the elevation of purposes more distinct, than time will allow. The creation of happiness, which emanates from the truth, of what we chose. Or freedom magnified, to become our own truth shaped from the decisions that we made.

The center of life, then shifts; according to your own decisions: to become the world according to you, with those who are participating; “same as you”.

The center of my life remains: GOD is everything, I desire to share, care, trust, identify with, or create as my truth. I find no reason to fear anything, but truth: therefore live your life as if, “nothing is secret”.

The unfortunate truth of people who believe is: they discard truth as a core essence of life’s decisions/ and create their want as the foundation of life or living instead. That is true of religion, universities, and others; who make what they want, “their god”. Only truth survives, which means it is the essence of life itself/ and by that law; we can then achieve hope, in the destiny we create within ourselves by that elevation of truth. Critical to truth is the law, which forms; because truth demands order/ and law demands discipline; but to balance these in the creation of life, the essence of thought is formed as the basis or critical truth, of what we can or will become. Love is one form of thought/ hate is the opposite form of thought/ and survival is merely humanity born of time. Which is not consistent with eternal conceptions. So choose the value of your heart, but understand only truth can give you life, or sustain its existence. Consequently you must choose what is true, to become alive in the essence of what life is: as is the creation called thought. Where your thought goes, you will follow. Where you love goes, the essence of your own truth will shape the destiny called your life. The living; just like the miracles of this world; is then determined by reality.

The center of relationships, is governed by truth: if you lie, manipulate, cheat, steal, betray, or abuse/ forming the foundation of disrespect rules here. Your relationship shall fail; and heartbreak, avoidance, depression, and such; will commence. Lies do not survive, therefore each lie constitutes a misdirection to your lives and living: which end where destiny does not want to go. While the liar might benefit in the short term; the end result will be “ten times more punishment” than you were deliberately trying to avoid. BE FAIR/ BE TRUTHFUL; and your relationship will survive/ so long as you respect each other honestly. To manipulate is the constant: what I want/ is more important than what you want. Which then turns life and living into a game of pride “I win/ you lose”. Power erupts from this; and when the cost is high; judgment exhibits itself; to determine what is your “real value” to me. Abuse is a constant from judgment/ but worse can be found. Want is an animal: let truth decide for you, and be alive instead. Cheating is a lack of order in your life; wanting/ rather than loving is the cause. Stealing your heart, is what the people who have no soul, will do; because that makes them feel alive/ by consuming you. When you have little or nothing left/ they will leave you empty of tears; consequences will erupt. Do not hide from the truth, let it be your guide; even if you don’t like the result. Betrayal is a definition of power, and power is never on your side: let them walk away/ even show them the door. Abuse uses jealousy as its guide; jealousy stems from “I cannot compete with this one”/ BUT if I control you, then he, or she; cannot compete with me. It is a battleground, suited only for war; people die in war. Find the door.

The central core of every relationship is: RESPECT. If you do not fully accept we respect each other/ then you do not have a relationship; even if you do trade sex. Sex is not a relationship of value/ it is an animal want, released to become a game of “predator and prey” for most. Some feel “they both win/ some feel they both lose”; but either way, it is clearly not “making love”. HOWEVER, beyond sex, where intimacy creates an environment dedicated to trusting each other; as is found with truth decides this. Then love does appear in the elements of sexual sharing, that are exhibited in we do care for each other/ as best we can. Even beyond this is possible; but it contains the essence of heart, as is ascending into soul. Very few; are worthy of this level in trust/ this desire for love/ and the foundations of truth required to attain it. Respect is the door!

Want ends most relationships/ want begins most relationships/ want causes the battles in most relationships/ making want, the elemental “devil in the details”; that challenges you both; to accept what is true/ instead of fighting for what you each want instead. Letting truth decide; whether it is money, or housing, or children, or business, or pride, or the assertions of power; or love: gives freedom to the journey we have entered in together as one. Truth survives, therefore relationships survive as well. But your own decision to respect each other; cannot be dismissed. The human animal is fragile; it can be defeated by debts too great/ fears too great/ punishments too great/ hopes which die/ even sex refused, because the animal wants sex; and is governed by want; instead of love. Be careful with each other, and share the work, care about each others values, be disciplined in your lives, construct the order of your journey as one life owned by each, balance each other’s heart; because the primary force driving you together is loneliness beyond love. As reality knows: it is the loneliness we must accept/ if love does not join our walk into life and world. Be fair, with life, partner, and yourself. Be forgiving if repentance is found; or be alone. Be honest, so that each may cherish the life we are given, as the treasury it deserves to be; can then be found.

The human animal; uses want as its center of the universe/ or more distinctly, an animal wants; the trophies, toys, trinkets, abilities, smarts, looks, your attention, and all that want can be. Because there is no other way to prove “he or she is the most important thing in this universe”; look at me/ listen to me/ bow down to me; I am the superior one. Pride then enters in to prove that true; by winning every game/ therefore everything needs to be a game; so they can win; or at least plan for revenge. Want uses romance, as a game: to gain sex, companionship, a combatant, a slave, or to be judge; so as to exercise their intent to play god with power. Want measures every participant according to “what you can do for me”/ so they begin to search for that pay back. BUT, if that becomes you are, “worthless to me”; perversions erupt, because “I want, whatever it is that I want/ and sex is the most common demand; “to pay me back”. Or, if you have no value to me/ then you are in my way; thereby basically an enemy to be subdued. This is primarily the result of “not my kid”/ but it also includes; even though this is my kid; I DIDN’T want him or her, to be here; at least at this time. Therefore judged; and if judged, then defined by what I want/ rather than who you are.

The human animal lives to want; want is all they have; and if contented with what they do have/ then they can buy what they want (I am more than you); including sex, or “etcetera”. But if, there is no option to do that; then the unhappy animal takes control by forcing someone else, “to be less than me”/ which makes me the superior one. That leads to the decision: what can I sell you for/ and tragedies erupt? Pride seeks a game/ and if the game is lost; hate forms to take power into violence; thereby proving FEAR ME instead of believing I am “a superior one”/ I am your fear instead. Which is aided by abuse, use, intimidation, bullying, ridicule, gossip, and so on.

Being ALIVE; does not seek want, pride, or power/ not winning or losing: simply truth, by the passage which becomes the elemental rise of “miracles did this”/ and we are participating in that truth. Thereby the ascent of “beyond self”, assists in the construction of a journey, where love is the guide; because life is its destiny.

The center of a man’s world; “is money (give me what I want/ yes I can) or war (I will take what I want; to hell with law and justice”. Those are the basic fundamentals of history; as one group does well/ and the other group says, “I want to do well”/ but cannot; so they war; throwing away justice, peace, harmony and more; with chaos “to get more”.

The constant drive is: GET ME MORE, and women push; to GET ME MORE! But there is only so many resources, and the constant decision of human history is: TAKE all you can get/ to hell with life and planet; we want more. Which leads to desolation/ which leads to war: NO, you can’t have mine/ YOU did that to yourselves. So groups divide, and immigration sneaks in; because a few don’t matter/ but many are the elements of a threat, to take our stuff, for themselves. As can and does occur by surprise; if the weapons exist/ and those who started the nation scream “this is ours”. But the rest scream back: WE didn’t ask to be born/ and there is no choice; survive or die; whether you like it or not; so movements are made/ but reality knows: there is only so much resource/ and no more. So every single child matters; because the end result of it is: we do all have needs to fill, or we die. While those who came first say: our kids come first/ our families come first/ our needs come first; YOU do not. But the invaders say: WE HAVE RIGHTS/ this whole world, ain’t just yours. And war begins sooner as with genocide/ or later; as with resource loss while facing starvation, thirst or other. The end of it is: that the majority of men have only two sides: “more or war”.

But the world has changed; 8 billion people cannot live the same as 4 billion people; this world cannot provide or survive, the impact of endless humanity all wanting more. So there will be world war, with extinction/ there will be complete devastation and “HELL”, because you took too much/ there will be complete annihilation of life and earth; because the universities would not stop. And men say: “we DON’T have to do nothing, we don’t want to do”/ and women say; “you CAN’T make us responsible for anything/ let the men do it”. And the war against life and earth continues; even though the end is already determined, and the reality is beyond the worst you can imagine. Because you would not change. The screamers yell: “we are gods/ you are nothing”. But reality says: the evidence of your truth is, what it is, and nothing but true change will matter. Consequently “time is up”.

The history of the world is very simple: men want more, EASY; so they war. Men get tired of chaos and mutilation, giving their lives to war ends happiness; even tired of rape; so they make governments. Governments are run by men; so they are corrupted, conspired against, and collusion’s of all kinds take control/ or those who fail to go along are murdered, or removed in other ways. Next step, destroy justice and democracy (as is, and has been done)/ deny wrong doing, by taking control of media to produce the propaganda required for mind control. Hire the universities to create and establish even better mind control; which has then become the rise of cult worship; as is the universities cannot be questioned they are gods. Which then becomes an insurgency of itself; as power and pride consume the nation with an intellectual war; designed to give them “all power/ with threats they alone create or control”. But alas; as with all human endeavors; that power gets out of control, and chaos takes over ending life and planet; by becoming extinction; as is humanity went too far/ and cannot survive anymore. LEAVING CHANGE OR DIE, as the only solution/ and the proud will never give up their thirst for more. Which leaves the world to decide once again: it must war with law, to take back control. Because only the law can remove power without destruction of life and earth. Which brings us back to government: to examine and prove, if enforced, THE LAW becomes the government/ and the minimum not controlled by law: is then realities of work and independent decisions that must be made; can simply become “bid work”. But alas: governments have been the suppository for all workers unneeded by the economy of others/ just like the military, welfare, and prisons: all shouting PUT THEM SOMEWHERE. And alas; the destruction of the universities insurgency against this USA and more; having rebelled against truth and reality; have surpassed the point of no return; and now humanity must learn to share, and be content with LESS; or go extinct. And all the people say: “WE HATE YOU”/ we want what we want; be gone! Don’t you understand: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; DAMN YOU for proving that is the end of life, if we don’t change. WE WANT what we want.

But, reality is reality, and I predict a depression starts in this USA; by the end of October 2022; as base demands for living are attacked by inflation which will refuse to be controlled. As truth demands: “they stole our money, by counterfeiting assets/ discarding debts”: and wealth wants it back. The inflation you see in this USA; is the wealthy trying their best to turn numbers into property; either here or internationally. So as not to lose, when “the bottom drops out”/ and it is “1929” all over again. Because you chose that over truth; by following the university knows; into delusions, fantasy, and all we need is imagination (an intellectual war) to rule this world.  When confronted: “the universities” will fight back/ threatening with more disease: SCREAMING “you need us now”!   But the death of nature itself, as is genetic destruction/ the intensity of deceit and destruction against both life and planet (so many things) and a future lost to all (lets ignite earth into a sun; screaming “we are gods”):  will prove, “the SATAN” of this world, is not needed by anyone.   Alas, even one second too late; and your world is dead.

A footnote; the tragedy of disgrace/ the demand for war continues unabated as pride continues to demand of non whites- they should attack white America; which means a civil war to reduce the population; so “university” can retain more. Of note along these lines, and there are many: is the claim or blame, that non-white mothers are more likely to die in childbirth than white; blaming that too on race. But the foundation of it is healthcare pricing (the result of hierarchy decides, in business and wall street_); and the criminal conspiracy to defraud and destroy the entire american society; by bankrupting as many as possible. Thereby removing the power to refuse; whatever the universities demand. Removing the tools to combat “the robot army” which will be sent against you; as soon as they are ready. Failure is everywhere; and if you believe trump is your answer; you should be ashamed; as none produced more “asset counterfeiting” than during his term. If you believe Biden is your answer, shame on you; as none have less to provide for a future than those. CHOOSE THE LAW AS YOUR GOVERNMENT; and MAKE THAT LAW TO GOVERN YOU; for yourselves. RETURN TO REALITY; declare bankruptcy, and then use redress of grievances to take control over the outcome of what is, or is not to be done. But do make note: “limited capitalism” is your only real hope for the nation or world; because it constructs what can remain fair to all.

In this USA; the political party of the dead is exactly like the flip side of a coin; political party of the blind, deaf, and dumb/ the cursed. Both want what they want; RIGHT NOW, give me what I want/ but don’t take the game away, because I intend to win this game; and make all the rest LOSERS. Yet they are equals, and like hitler/ stalin/ war mongers/ and religious leaders throughout history: they believe, if only we destroy these others, THEN; the world will be perfect. But as with every leader before them, and the cult of universities know: the reality is, all “have come as far as they did”/ by stealing, counterfeiting, denying reality, imagining how great their fantasies will be, and producing failure after failure after failure; because nothing less than the delusions of fools; creates a time of distress so blatant; none can refuse it exists; without lies/ threat/ and war.

As is the common cause of distractions: leaders communicate, “we are great/ all we have to do is kill, those who have proven to be our enemies”. So the mobs form, behind their backers, and in front of those who push: “kill/ kill/ kill”; but are enough intellectual to know, “they won’t fight”/ YOU LOSE, and we will cheerleader, you on. If you fail: they claim “not us”/ if you win: they claim, “it was because of us”. If you become a new government: they demand to be your employees, so as to manipulate you, and hide the truth of thieves, murderers, fools, failures, and tragedies in charge. You can tell a cult beyond “never question your leader”/ because they will always discard the evidence/ deny what is true/ and conceive of war, instead of reality. Thereby hiding the fact that their leaders; believed debts don’t matter/ reality don’t matter/ truth doesn’t matter/ the future is for fools, sacrifice the children/ the insanity doesn’t matter/ nature doesn’t matter/ the planet doesn’t matter/ food and water doesn’t matter; add another billion/ nothing matters: EXCEPT WHAT WE WANT. And like hitler and so many more; once they are fully in charge/ stealing wears out, reality becomes known: and war exists, because the people will rebel if they don’t find a different enemy, than you. “its a man’s world” you know/ and men believe, they can get what they want; if they just remove the competition, or steal it. Governments simply turn war into a game/ until the game runs out, and reality moves back in.

so we have to ask: WHY IS IT, so hard to communicate “the truth of our reality”?

Answer: because then the leaders, the pride, the powerful, the winners, the cults, the failures, the fools, the fantasies, the delusions, THE WANT of those who have been leading society: is proven to be a fraud. And not one of them, will admit to that; so they beg (believe damn you believe/ fear damn you fear/ obey or we leave you to die; as with covid), borrow (counterfeit the assets, claiming “your rich with numbers”), steal (pretend debts don’t matter), lie (deny truth), cheat (to hell with the future), conspire (form a cult), manipulate (take away their vote; tell them what they think), control the competition; play god with nature; prove they have no choice, corrupt the courts, organize war, collude to deny reality “with experts”, bribe “don’t look”, threaten (you lose too), and commit heinous acts (all we have to do is “Ignite atoms on fire”/ that will solve it); to hide what will make them admit: YOU LOSE, too.

one trillion dollars= ten thousand dollars, per each of one hundred million people. “after taxes” of course.

So we ask: WHY do humans, want to believe, whatever they want to believe?

Answer: want is directional, and thereby makes us move from “living into life”; thereby it answers the question of what should I do. While belief answers the question of freedom is to be used for “this”. The purpose is then, “now I know”; and belief allows once you have contributed what you know to your belief; the cage is bolted shut, and it becomes extremely hard to change human or beliefs; because the prison you create for yourself is intended to stop that change, “you can’t touch me anymore”. So long as I know, what I know.

The critical truth of that however is: only truth knows anything, therefore only truth can judge, not you. The critical containment of that truth is found only in the evidence of life and reality; NOT in your belief’s. Which establish you can be wrong; and in a cage with what is now a threat; that would never be chosen; so fantasy and delusion invade to insure “you don’t have to deal with reality”.

The critical response is: to accept the singular purpose of desire, which is to establish by your own truth, the honest desire of your heart. To that the value of what you chose by truth, can then participate in the direction you do desire to go. Never building a cage to protect yourself/ from your beliefs; means never accepting belief is enough “to know”. It is not. Love is a destiny we build from the critical truth of what we do trust, as true for me. The value of a respect that is more than just life living with life; but the ascension of life, as it builds into the intensity of what we form as one life shared. Because we have proven to care, for each other.

Everything about media is based upon “don’t trust no one/ and a gun is the answer”/ ridicule is the proper method of having fun, disrespect everything of value to prove you are god yourself, and don’t need nothing. Choosing freedom over law. Choosing arrogance over life. Choosing apathy instead of respect. Choosing imagination over truth or reality or rights as formed by justice. Universities lead this effort to demoralize and demonize what has value; with the trash talking that is, asserting “we can play god”/ no consequences for us.

Values shape the soul, life is “an endless moment” frozen in time/ until it stops, and the body is then abandoned; to become the identity upon which you will or will not survive as life accepted by truth. The critical path is: “beyond self” we grow into what we create for life. Whereas within self, as is the essence of human existence as time; we discard life, in tiny fractions of our identity; to assume whatever we want, can fix this hole in our living. All are subject to that truth; I found myself sinking in “as the months went by after my mom’s death”. Failed too much/ failed too many/ failed life and world by demanding “let me stop”; which failed me. So the spiritual woman inside took control; and reality returned to identify: this is not my choice/ but want, which turned against life; expecting “living different” would solve the truth, “I wanted to, have done more” for my mom. But chose this life and this work; over all.

The lesson being: we do, have only one life to live here in time; and we are not able to undo that choice; it is, what it is; and our only option is to do better, find forgiveness for failures, and accept “it is only mercy” that grants life beyond time and self as envisioned by want. Pride is an enemy searching for your weak points. Power is the thirst to play god, instead of being alive.

Returning to self, understands: that an entire world and all its life, was and is more important than ANY relationship I have, or had in time. Because without this world, there is no time to share/ no living to care about. People scream: “that’s why I fear death”. But truth replies: the absolute proof of miracles are alive, screams back, “this is more, than just a moment”. While we do not know its central concept of life and family granted by love, to those who then belong. We do know: that the evidence of values presented, respect issued, treasuries of knowledge needed, courage realized, and truth decides: literally is the story of JESUS, as biblically written. HE made it clear: what is love and what is hate/ HE made it clear, that love nor hate are accidental elements of life without a choice. Instead HIS work illuminated the choice that is: EITHER love or hate; is a choice each one makes for his or her self. And that foundation of the central core of human life; gives us a choice, and a path to conceive of the future we would create for ourselves. That identity of your choice; serves as your own presentation of life; at the door of eternity. The core much like the roots of what survives in time; requires, that you do value this most of all; because it keeps you alive. Love anchored in life beyond self, is a value that translates time into eternity, by what we create as our own truth.

Love is a disciplined path, an orderly decision to accomplish, and create destiny; as is a balanced direction determined by respect, but built upon the identifiable nature of trust formed from truth.

Hate is a chaos, formed from freedoms which struggle against any restraint; that deny respect exists. Ending in the tragedy of a life without values at all.

Thereby values do shape the soul; because they form the dimensions of our hope as life found in the direction called love. Love is a motion, and motions change dependent upon our decision to participate with life/ or refuse life, to race against death. Want is that race, pride knocks down any competitor, and power judges all dependent upon what you do for me.

Happiness is found, not in time/ not in self: but in love, the motion beyond self whereby we care enough to share of ourselves, the moments created with justice. As in “I loved you”, was shared. Happiness knows, the disciplines of respect, the dignity of order and values which shape our dimension; as an identity earned: knows when truth has become our reward. To inherit life, beyond self, as found in trust knows a miracle has formed in you: the essence of what it does mean, to be “ALIVE”. While want exercises “the battle for fun”; it is not life enjoyed/ but time embellished with want.

To be alive, means to ascend within soul, as the heart shouts I have loved, in you. CREATION means, “to be born alive”/ reborn means: “to be alive in; as a miracle, which returns to GOD “. do you see the difference?

Center your life in truth, and values will follow; accepted, love will come. But it is still up to you, “to participate” so that the search to find respect completed by truth, may exist.

As for me; the center of my life is GOD, and the foundation or anchor of that decision is JESUS; because he so clearly introduced the reality of love or hate is a decision we make as individuals. I have no regard for hate/ and find in love what is truly the greatest gift of all; even a cause to live an eternal life.

Life has turned upside down; male seems completely wrecked, and female seems to be taking over. NOT as any form of human perversion or decision; but changes requiring me to understand more, than male. I don’t know why/ but have come to understand; the male animal, has done a great deal of damage to “women”/ throughout history. Looking at life “from the other side”, has made this clear. No, I do not know: “what now”? But like the heartbeat which grants time to shape a decision/ each breathe that gives a rhythm to life and living/ and a brain to let the body function as if it needed nothing else: miracles give rise to many things.

A question would be: is a brain that element of thought, which allows life itself to exist? Answer; no, it is that element of function that operates the body of life, in order to “feel alive”. Is to breathe; everything we need to be alive? Answer, no; for without happiness, people die/ therefore we share the existence with each other, in order to assess and realize, our choice; as love or hate. Is a heartbeat the reality of time itself? Answer, no; as time constructs an individual assertion, this is my choice/ it is not yours. The consequence of these things centers upon the existence of thought, as the freedoms expressed/ decisions made; to find your truth. Thought is the participation in life and time, as a living expression and experience of life itself. Thereby a centering of passions, that will become what we hope for in life; as a unique identity; chosen by ourselves to be “I (struggles with time)/ or me (struggles with life)”. Together they form the binding called human. But the end of time will come for each/ and the realities of life cannot be bound to human anymore when that exists. Therefrom thought is released, into its own truth; but there is no environment for you to inhabit/ unless love lifts you into its home.

Many will dissipate into nothing is left of this life. Many will fall, having chosen hate, or refused to forgive/ as pride took control, demanding to win. Only some, will survive as love shaped in the truth of their own hopes to become alive in that blessing of miracles unleashed in eternity. I do not align “male or female” as anything but equal; but I am not GOD and do not know.

Regardless of that, I do know: for whatever cause is beyond me, I am given to know more, than I ever intended to know; about female. No, not a clue why/ I loved male; but that seems to be over. And I must move on/ time, or my time, has been reset. I have no clue, what will become the result. It is not up to me.

NO, “not all things have changed; at least not yet”/ but life has. NO, you cannot follow this path; as my search came through a crevice in a mountainous, sheer cliff wall, that was then sealed in my presence to prove beyond doubt; I will not be going back. YES, I did examine that wall, for as far as the eye could see; and there is no possibility, within the realm of my own existence; I can return. Just how it is. NO, I have no clue, how it all ends; or what it is I should do, or be doing in this reality of change. YOUR life is different than mine; you can know by the evidence; what happens, if you do not change yourselves. It is not “difficult”/ as is YOU DO know, what truth means.

Whether you will ever come back to life respected, I do not know. That is not up to me!

What I do know; however you believe, the evidence is true; that threats of extinction surround you, and this world is in jeopardy of ending for all life in time. Because you chose, “wrong”.

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