Men rule the world: by power over peace. The constant battle-cry is: we will make them fear/ and then they won’t dare to attack us. But as history proves, nothing is a greater lie than that. The only change presented is the atomic bomb/ but biological weapons are even more lethal, and never stop.

WAR is chaos; discarding all laws, to take whatever we want/ by destroying those who say no you can’t. Therefore evolution is basically the intellectual’s war over order and values as determined and defined by discipline, balance, respect, and laws which establish nature: to destroy that value, to take over life and living with destruction, giving the ruler absolute control; as is the current “university cult” of we can play god/ OBEY, FEAR, AND BELIEVE. And the cult worshiper does, never questioning even the most basic lie, completely unsupported failure of evidence; ever told/ as is evolution. Or more distinctly the propaganda worked so well, because the media was used for mind control; by the disgrace that would become “Satan on earth/ as is the universities”. Who are in charge of governments; by controlling the currency, and destroying society as in this USA; by dismantling democracy/ selling out business, and industry/ indoctrinating every child with sewage formed in the universities doctrine of imagination is all we need; lets fantasize we are gods/ and pretend there is no delusion we cannot obey.

So evolution became the intellectual war against life and planet; enforced with weapons of mass destruction to insure you don’t complain: “we must/ or the enemy will kill us”. Failing life and planet with fear/ which in order to escape cowardice, became your belief/ which establishes obedience much like every organized assault on society; by claiming superiority must lead. “the nazi” way. The only real difference is: instead of the cult worshiping “heil hitler”/ the reality is; “puppets on stage”, to divert the attention from those who conspire to rule the world, by corrupting everything you believe with the curse of propaganda media. And the people say: “we are gods/ nobody tells us what to think”. But alas; every thing you believe: is given to you by media/ and everything that media believes is; what they are told to believe by the certified few who the rulers guarantee “know everything” they need to know; because they were told “mimic, memorize, and repeat” this! As is “the university graduate”. Question nothing, or be discarded as worthless to the cause; which is to destroy the masses, before they destroy the earth; causing all to die. So, what better way; than with biological weapons; we control? As is, the first attempt; called covid.

How do we know? Answer, because it is not unexpected that the population rise of this world could easily be one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed/ per year; as is 3% of 8 billion people. They won’t find a thing by which to survive; which means only war and cannibalism; or HELL on earth; will soon follow. Chaos will rule/ until extinction is certain. But don’t worry; not only are they working towards genetics; they also want to control the same fire as is on the sun; but alas “the thinkers of university” imagine they can control an atomic fire; by simply fantasizing “it must be something else”. It is not, and they know it: because all efforts to ignite that fire are centered on a tomak reactor; which has only one capability: “to ignite atoms on fire”/ even though they lie; it is true. Search for yourselves and demand an answer. But make no mistake, it is true. Alas the cult worshipers are convinced: “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”/ but the evidence of atomic balance proves: solar gravity comes from the burning of an atomic bond as does hold the atom in balance; so as to sustain the energy involved thereby creating time itself.

Or more deliberately time is a created thing/ not simply a reality that exists; but a finite distinction of truth unveiled by distance contained by or within environment. Much like the life of a human body, being alive in time.

And the leaders all say; WE, don’t have to listen to nothing/ because we will go to war; and take whatever we want or need; by killing all who oppose us. As is the historical male solution to everything; as the masses of humanity destroy what they need to survive; they surge against the others to take more for “US”. Claiming its just a group thing: somebody has to die, and it won’t be us.

But alas; your world has changed. 8 billion people prove that. War has changed; there are no more resources to just go get more; when you are done. There is no sanity left, as will be radiation everywhere/ poisons everywhere/ no water to drink/ no food supplies anywhere/ no future even for a leader; because along the way, with millions now capable of creating a biological weapon. That too will be released to insure not a single one survives; men playing Satan; with their wars.

Well who cares right: after all, you stole the future of every child/ and soon they will all know that is true. So they might as well take your future too; right?

So when I say to you, the world: that you have only one solution left in order to survive what you have chosen; it is, with truth and honesty, that I remind you ONLY THE LAW can save you now. Only enforcement of those laws, will make it possible even to hope we the world, might survive: the choices and the change that is required for even hope to survive. And the leaders say: WE WANT something else! But alas; the universities gods, that you have employed; gave you this instead of life. To your shame, and theirs.

And all the people continue to say: WE don’t have to do NOTHING; because WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; and you cannot take that away from us; WE, are the rulers of what we want/ and WE KNOW, what we DON’T want; and that is “anything you say”. BE DAMNED to the evidence; we want what we want. Yet reality doesn’t care, and truth has no mercy; for what you do or don’t want: it simply is, what it is; by your own choices.

CHOOSE THE LAW, establish real world enforcement, change in all necessary ways to KEEP THIS WHOLE WORLD ALIVE; or soon you will be extinct.

Not really a hard choice; until you accept all the things you can no longer have or do; “because you killed that” with apathy, arrogance, and disrespect. As always; the children are stuck with what their parents did, or did not do. FAIR OR UNFAIR; just how it is.

The male response, as always: “armies live as an intensified mob”; we are correct/ end of story. Let us defeat our enemies. Unless of course they lose, which means: “those other damn people, were wrong; and assaulted us; whether we started it or not.

The female response: REQUIRES that you “the world of humans” WILL find the laws that then control the leaders, remove weapons of mass destruction from all hands, and do what is necessary to protect this earth from the human invasion of “just too damn many people” for earth to survive. And the world screams: WE WANT what we want. Yet every day; each person needs to drink water, which will soon be gone; poisoned, etcetera. Every day; each person needs to find “other life” to eat; or they will die; because the body needs what it needs/ as does every other life on earth; which means once the chain of living existence breaks; everything in need dies with it. And YOU DON’T know what those things are; at all. Every day, people ignite fires, to cook food, and more; with the end result of global disasters. Every day, more pollution than you can imagine/ more poisons/ more destruction/ more cause and consequence, that “university controlled media (did they not teach every single one)”; discards what is important, to convey “lets all tiptoe through the tulips” today. Ain’t nobody going to make us unhappy; unless the media owners say so. Etcetera and more.

You sit on your ass; mouth shut, tears weeping; discarding a world, because you refuse to communicate. WE MUST NOT BELIEVE/ WE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH OF EVERY THREAT, that can cause our extinction. OUR ONLY METHOD of convincing a world of humans; that they will change or die: IS A COURTROOM, WHEREBY THE EVIDENCE, IS ENFORCED with the truth; as best we can; as a world granting: we cannot survive being WRONG.

If we consider life as an environment, rather than a distance: we enter into the conception, that life itself, is not about time but existence instead. While human time is about the distance we do travel within the environment of body. When that body dies; the existence of life itself, can be considered; “without an environment”. But only when constructed by energy forces that do not equal “push or pull” directions. To give life direction, it needs identity. To assemble life into an identity, you need the truth that generates law into reality. So the question becomes: WHAT is the truth that governs life?

Respect understands MIRACLE, to be: elementally conceived by thought/ as nothing less is known to have the substance and energy required to participate in building “anything”. So the question is: does thought exist as environment/ does thought exist as energy forces/ or does thought exist from within the framework of life itself?

To answer these questions: existence must expand into the developments that participate in defining GOD OUR CREATOR ; as that cannot and will not be attempted; the discussion ends here. Even if realities and evidence can be found;  IT IS EXTREMELY UNWISE,  “to construct”.

It is, however fair, to understand; that our ascent into truth, defines our dimensions in that life that expands beyond time, to include the distance of our own hope for participation in the beginning of Creation as it continues to expand into the universe. That foundation of work, identifies with what we have done to achieve a value beyond self. LOVE contributes the passion to continue. RESPECT conceives of the joy we might bring. “even if”, the fundamentals of who you are to become; must be known. So that love itself, may retain as much purity as possible.

As to the spiritual woman inside; who grants that I may investigate and search, through her presence in my life/ even though I object at times; to her taking control over my time in life. Literally demanding ownership, for the sake of female; is hers. It is clearly true, that the exchange “is fair”; one desire balances the other. How it all ends, I do not know; or even “what now”. The best I can be, is all that I can truly contribute. Other than, whatever you gain from this witness to the fact: life is not “a description bound in time”/ even if body is. The LESSONS taught, the education allowed, as has been shown in this work: are shared with you.  Because   GOD   does care, and so does   JESUS;      as proven by the substance of what work has been done. NO, not “just a dumping of information, on me”/ but a real world ascent into truth, by accepting the respect owed; and working as best I could.

As to you: STAND UP FOR LIFE AND WORLD, do the best you can. Sign your name to prove: your decision is, to accept the cost of whatever this will bring. COMMUNICATE in whatever way life allows for that to be done/ and establish a world court trial: to INVESTIGATE EACH AND EVERY THREATS; that will make you extinct if not stopped now. That is your duty to life and planet; because your life is a gift to you.              Life or death, for our planet; is now in your hands/ want it, or not.

“university knows”, reduces life to “just one little thing”/ so that millions put together, can find some tiny thing that they observed from nature to claim as their own. But like evolution; that does not mean the sum total of what they do in any given discipline is not “a fools fantasy”. Delusions run society in this America; because imagination claims; reality does not matter/ and truth is only whatever you want it to be. They could not be more wrong.

Your life is a mixture of thought and energy so complex; we cannot explain it at all, therefore the term “GOD created these miracles”/ which give us life and body and living; asking only for your respect in return. Universities rage against that; claiming they are gods now/ and need nothing more than all the miracles that already exist; to prove how superior they are. Again, they could not be more wrong.

The human condition is: you were born to decide of your own free will; what life would or could be for you/ your choice. But hate and love comes with that, as a choice/ thought, the intensity of life; comes with that, as a “stairway to heaven” so to speak. BUT THE EASY WAY; is to want whatever you want/ play games to amuse yourself/ and seek power over others to prove how superior (give me everything) you are. INSTEAD OF, searching for life and truth, within the miracles of Creation itself; that do present GOD in a respect beyond description. The constant cause: “we all die”/ the constant excuse: “I want everything I can get”/ the constant reality “only the body is meant to die”; but if you fail to recognize life itself IS A MIRACLE, and love searches for you. Then again. you could not be more wrong.

My life is more complex than average; not homosexual/ not transvestite/ not other perversion either. Simply the search for life itself, must travel its own journey; and to the edge of female; is where I have come. NOT by design; but by the simple truth: men cannot save this world from extinction caused by their own choices, which includes giving power to the universities. So here I am, never going to intervene with want; but whatever life does to me; is a decision beyond self.

You have not been asked to believe “anything” about me. But you have been reminded the evidence of extinction is real/ and being wrong means; you can never come back to life; because you chose to destroy it (as the universities do_); instead of RESPECT IT, as life itself teaches you to do. I cannot help you with that, beyond teaching: “you could not be more wrong”/ than to accept the universities play god.

What more is there to say? Realistically nothing, as is true by the assertion “they have no ears/ nor a brain to accept the need to LEARN what is true”. I cannot help you with that either/ but have done, what I was sent to do. Everything else, is the result of your decisions; not mine: Your future results, for life or earth; not mine. You have had your last opportunity to change: CHANGE is now or never. Do believe that, as life and the cost of letting universities play god; will prove it true.

I am NOT “your savior/ leader/ etc”; I am a messenger; sent to deliver the reality of evidence proves; your world is failing, and humanity is the cause/ CHANGE: COMMUNICATE: DO YOUR BEST FOR LIFE AND PLANET; or you will go extinct. “today, not tomorrow; NOW, not later”. So says the truth.

And the universities say: “we are gods/ EVERYTHING is great”; free to do “horrendous things”. NO consequences for us.

While the truth says: “they could not be more wrong”. As life is not a game, truth in laws keep us alive, and every miracle proves; “thought a trillion plus” times more powerful than universities can do: BUILT all of this, for us. It you tear it down as universities do/ it will not be given back; NO mercy will come: NOT for any religious group. YOU WILL lose it all. Stop the insanity/ respect life and living and planet/ do what can be done to repair, recycle, and rebuild. CHOOSE NOW. Because even one second too late, is an ending of life on earth.

That, is literally the game “universities are playing”. Making religion itself, superior: to the fools of failure/ that lead life to extinction. And the universities say: “we are gods”; yet reality proves the claim: OF SIMPLETON!  Evolution is one of their “great intellectual triumphs”; and evolution says: “chaos (reducing everything complex, to its most simple form possible) built life, one accident (look at any disability, and understand what is true) at a time”; to their shame: they add the constant, “we don’t have to worry about nothing/ because CHAOS will fix it”. but reality says: “never true”! Religion being relegated to “university knows”; borrows the fool, for themselves. The claim of billions of years; holds no reality/ just like the claim “they know” the sun is hottest at the core. Greater fools do not exist; as that would mean the sun is completely engulfed; and would soon evaporate because all the fuel is gone. Instead of reality however: they choose the fantasy of imagination, and live in the sewer of knowledge that is worthless, even dangerous, to life. The claim of age; is based upon perfection; but this universe is not based upon perfection/ but reality. And humanity says: “the universities are god”; because they want what they want/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; and they all say hurrah. But behind closed doors, what you wanted; now leads to extinction; to your shame, because truth is evicted, and fantasies or delusions rule the world. But not, for much longer; because the law is the law.

And the world whispers back: “WE, won’t believe anything this man says”/ but the evidence is significant, and we know it is true; and WE CANNOT let this world die; because nobody chose to care. Which comes back too: UNLESS, you create a world court: to prove what is, and is not true, regarding every threat of extinction there is, and what the future would become, and what the cost of being wrong will be. You cannot convince people who want what they want. And even then; reality will prove “NO, you can’t”/ far more than yes you will. So, the sneak thief, will always be lurking.

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