laws of life


It is an elemental truth, in this crowded world; change must come immediately, or our world itself will collapse under the weight of human decisions which cannot be justified as true, to the essence and realities of both life and living. This planet has limits and boundaries which have kept it alive “for thousands if not millions of years: time is irrelevant”. Limits and boundaries of life are not.

One of those limits is human population/ one of those boundaries are: the chains of life which keep and sustain the balance of living within the parameters of what and how we do survive; must not be broken. The universities have broken all those rules for sustaining life and earth. The consequence of that is: NO more universities rule, play god, or produce the expert that cannot or will not be questioned thoroughly; in all ways and costs of being wrong. One of those boundaries is: humanity shall NOT continue to curse the very essence and truth of life and planet; but shall RESPECT the realities of value, given as life and earth; OR go extinct.

The elevation of these facts; cannot be discarded without discarding both life and earth. Sacrificing every child, and every living thing; to the most arrogant, most apathetic, most disrespectful human existence that has ever been in history. The people who made “Satan, on earth: appear”. Satan is a religious word, but it is given the framework of definition that is consistent with death of a world, the destruction of all its life; as is true of this day; courtesy “university knows/ and their devils handmaiden called media communications”. Spreading mayhem, producing propaganda, elevating mob control and manipulation; as the control of a herd/ rather than the discussion of human alive; has taken control through media. The spread of evolution; as a curse beyond comprehension; “the god of fools”.

Nonetheless, LIFE is not about the fools, failures, disease, traitors, terrorists, liars, thieves, cheaters, etcetera; that is “born in the sewer of human arrogance”/ but IS about, the true value of life instead.

So we search for a future; and recognize from the past, that life does not require the endless destruction of resources in order to survive or be happy. It only needs what it needs; and must accept the limits and boundaries of law, in order to sustain peace and harmony.

So the critical question is: WHY, does humanity throughout history, continually fail? The answer is: growing populations ALWAYS create excessive pressure through competition/ and when the competition grows too severe; the realities too harsh; or they simply want more, “like the others”. They then curse each other with war. That is, the reality of man; because when the curse of humanity has taken too much from the resources available: truth always demands, EITHER SOMEONE HAS TO MOVE/ OR SOMEONE HAS TO DIE. So war resolves who that is going to be. Today however; there is no place left to move too, that offers survival of the planet. Today the competition of increasing populations from around the world and immigration; have formed a blockade to survival; because the earth itself cannot provide what humans want. So war and then extinction are certain/ OR, changes that accept the limits and boundaries of what we can do, and what we cannot do anymore; shall be “the law of life”. Or extinction will come.

The law of life is:

  1. that we shall not take more than we need/ leaving as best we realistically can, the opportunity for every child to survive.
  2. Human population control is mandatory, and without exception; and must be limited to only the healthy shall survive/ because we are so many people; life needs us all to contribute equally. Or there will be strife/ even if other things are justified. That ends all massive medial intervention; and stops end of life defiance. The old shall make room for the young: that does mean, you shall work/ rather than be kept as livestock for money.
  3. Participation in recycling, renewal, reuse, insulation, utility conservation, and all that provides for a future/ rather than taking all you can get: must receive the greater portion of possibilities; as their reward. Rebuilding this earth, and all its needs: shall share in those possibilities, based upon what you do accomplish for life and world. The selfish and greedy and hateful shall be recognized; and removed to “their own little portion of this earth”; to survive as best they can, without assistance.
  4. World law is your only choice, for a future to exist. THAT LAW must be written and accepted by all the people of this world; by vote/ and returned to vote periodically for review if in fact we can do better for ourselves. That law is enforced upon the leaders; by bringing them into a courtroom of “we the world” shall now decide if you kept our law. And it shall claim; no more weapons of mass destruction shall be allowed. ALL will surrender them fully. Governed by law/ enforced by we the world shall produce “our own soldiers” for the world; and provide for them what they need; by spreading it around the world; so that none have more power than what is necessary.
  5. Limited capitalism: we the people vote periodically, on what are the limits of income per year that we will allow; both most and least; in order to give to each an element of justice for their own participation and decisions. We the people will vote periodically; on the boundaries of wealth and property allowed for anyone to have; thereby assessing what is required to sustain peace and harmony as best we can. These things when done properly; confine the efforts of humanity, to combine into armies and thieves: thereby dismantling war.
  6. Justice is the framework for a society that can achieve happiness; it has not been done/ because the powerful know: if they control the law/ they control society. Unlike the conclusion of the masses as taught to them: “money does not rule society/ LAWS DO”. Therefore whosoever writes the law, does in fact control society. The consequence of that is WE THE PEOPLE SHALL WRITE OUR OWN LAWS; so that we then govern ourselves. Removing the power/ by governing with law. To sustain that the judiciary and legal profession SHALL BE JUDGED AND GRADED; as is their contribution for or against; the laws we have established, and the purposes of this nation which then unite us. The failure to achieve and sustain “the proper grade”; REMOVES the worker from his or her job/ and refuses admittance later on.
  7. Education is an important contribution to freedom; without knowledge we cannot change or understand what is important to ourselves or our nation or world. Therefore education SHALL be removed from “university knows”/ the indoctrination of every child into the cult of universities play god; and all the rest: SHALL BE discarded into the trash/ NEVER to be seen again. And the reality of real world information that benefits both life and society shall be returned to the schooling of children. You shall teach truth, reality, purpose, desire, law, disciplines, order, balance, respect, “the destiny called love”. And the elemental rise of happiness through the decisions that we make; which aid and abet the friendship which makes life and living a testament to our own freedoms, rights, relationships, and responsibilities. The values of a job, begin: whenever the child is ready/ YOU WILL train your own competition; and they will join you as a participant in life: RATHER THAN greed.
  8. The foundation of life, is very simple: pick your battles carefully/ otherwise you can lose more than it was worth to prove “yes I can/ or no you can’t. A construction of that is identified by my life: a man refused to pay for work done/ refused the contract signed/ refused respect owed; and was determined to prove superiority “I win/ you lose”. But he was mixed with fears and extreme pride; and the end result of that was a dangerous cost can occur. Which could have, ended fight this for life and world. A risk I would not take; “let him win”. Because time did not exist, beyond truth. One battle with the courts; came back from the edge to offer “come ahead”; but reality suggested this is a trap; and the end result of it is: “You lose” the battle for this life and world/ by letting them trap. The result; “let them win”. Other elements exist as well; and all supported the reality, “let them win”; because time shapes the war for life and world/ non was given to other causes. The end result is: choose what is truly most important to you/ and accept the cost that will be incurred. Be content with what you do, because if you do your best, regardless of the outcome; no one can do better than the best they did do. Even with realities incurred, so long as you are honest, and not deterred by want, pride, or power. These fail life. We are not perfect/ but we are equals; which means non win/ none lose; unless you measure and judge. Which opens the door to your own “playing god” with life or world. Do not do that. Learn: once you open the door to sex, it is extremely hard to close. Treat your parents with value/ LISTEN to your children, and do not make decisions for a teenager; unless you must; or they won’t come back to you, when they do need to do so. Respect is a two way street, as is love and friendship; a shut door, is very hard to reopen. As viewed by this reality: my dad and I had a very good relationship until my ears were damaged with tinnitus. He did not, and would not understand; and since noise drove me out; he made “things up”/ to go along with, “I can’t help you anymore”. This ended with a “severe drowning of our relationship” with intent to be mean/ and it never recovered; because the end result of that is: “unless you are truly sorry, and say so/ you will not be forgiven”. Realities can change, many cannot go back: do the best you can; and go on. At the end of his life however, I did “push him over the edge” he had made: so he could view what he had chosen to become. That allowed for a new grasp on where his life needed to go. He returned part way; “to family, with me”.
  9. Religion shapes the children, to consider the realities and relationships that are learned in the presence of others; who do feel the same way as your parents do. But each child learns: “my life/ my choice/ you can’t make me choose this”. Each adult learns: we all die, and each one will decide what “can or will” happen then; and act accordingly. Such is the truth of being human; the consequence of your choices, IS your identity. Animals fail, and live like animals. But the end result of all religion is: if you allow yourselves to believe, then you have chosen what you want to believe/ unless truth defines the way, rather than “the herd” defines the way. Truth consists of “laws of life, are made of this”; which means the validity of your argument/ your choice supported by the evidence; returns each time, to prove this is indeed true. Faith is about truth, not belief; as you literally can believe anything you want to believe; regardless of its truth.
  10. Gender issues are governed entirely by respect/ without respect you have nothing of value; and exist as the animals do. With lust rather than life/ with sex, rather than love/ with fears rather than truth/ with weapons or a need for them, rather than faith/ with games, rather than family. The curse of media is a torment; intended to redefine whatever you desire into something else, by manipulation, temptations, cowardice, or other. As is the constant of today; women should be animals/ not women, but whatever animal man wants; the competition is strong, DO what you must do. But that limits or refuses respect, and reality destroys the very foundations upon which gender exists; as the difference is what we most enjoy. There are endless attacks on the foundation of respect: literally for everything/ the critical curse being “worship winning/ make them losers”: change yourselves, and worship hate. Which makes all forms of propaganda; an enemy of life and world. Just as universities who teach this sewage/ and curse you with mental collapse and cultural diseases; by what their failures and fantasy cult; do and are.
  11. Perfection is an enemy, it will never grant you what you want for long; it will never make you superior/ or end failures that are “your fault”. We are flawed human beings; and the best we can do, is choose our destiny as if love depends upon us. By truth we survive and participate by building what can survive; with hope and the purpose of finding friendships, demanding justice, working for the values which make life happy for all. Beyond that, everything is basically a game; people play, so as not to search for Creation; but avoid being alive, in miracles beyond the existence of our time. Alive does not accept: “want/ pride/ or power”; which is what animals do choose.
  12. GOD is beyond our comprehension; let no one tell you different/ they are liars. As to “HIS” influence here in our everyday lives; no one knows, even if some things suggest “an influence” we did not expect. JESUS does represent the majority of what we do know: and that is, we were not abandoned/ but to seek eternity; we must choose love, respect, truth, courage, values, hope, disciplines, order, happiness, balance and all that brings “Creation to life itself”. Abandoning hate/ choosing love; living for respect, as best we can. Of the critical factors in our existence at this time is: the curse of universities and their cult of worshipers. Little in history is as vile and corrupting as this form of religion. Religion means: “I believe”/ but university belief means: I accept anything I want, as true/ therefore it is true, because I believe. While religion of history believes: “this is the best we can do, to understand both life and death”/ ending far distant in the past; because nobody can change that now; it is “set in stone”. Which simply means: their journey ended here. Universities exist to control (media mice), manipulate (rats control), tempt (be enslaved by debt), change (deny everything but the university), demand superiority (worship the university as god), confuse (discard the past), fantasize (we don’t need no damn reality), fail (lies are better), betray (steal every damn penny from their currency), terrorize (weapons of mass destruction; not law), deny (religion is worthless; university is god), cause delusions (we can travel in space), imagine (no harm will come from data/ the end of privacy), occupy (we know everything you do), politicize (counterfeit money stole government), propagate (24/7 TV, and more, tell you what you think), communicate power (the courts don’t need no damn constitution; they are gods), deny laws (behind closed doors, power rules), construct disobedience (be a hero/ make an enemy), destruct by mob (force disobedience; we have a right to be mad), indoctrinate (educate “the university is your only hope”), defy (let every parent be defiled; the children belong to university), violate (let every food source be mutilated), crucify (lets invade and force species barriers and boundaries to fall), mutilate (we can play god; lets all force nature into chaos), and other satanic rituals (hate rules) dedicated to extinction. Each of these being proven by the realities of our being surrounded with threats of extinction, as a world. Each of these conceived by “university leadership/ only a diploma is allowed here”: who leads?. Each of these is the cult identified (never question your leaders) of a university in charge: they claim it all/ unless it goes bad, in which case “they are innocent”; even if; they are guilty; as with covid and more.  Universities offer:  we are gods/ there are NO LAWS we will obey;  only fantasy and delusions will rule here. Yet as with all hate, it is disguised; as a predator uses camouflage, prior to, the killing attack.CAN’T be: “who do you know in the last 2 years; who had the flu/ had a cold/ even pneumonia? Is it no one; as they all had “covid” instead. A reality of “they stole your face/ stole your money/ bankrupted your business/ foreclosed on your house/ gave away your property to strangers/ caused you poverty/ ended your job, gave it to robots/ destroyed friendships, romance, and organizations/ cursed family gatherings/ deliberately caused human suffering, suicide, and death/ established world costs/ disrupted world economies; and more: all based upon the proclamation of 24/7 media branding; FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY. While universities and their cohorts; got or took absolutely everything they wanted, FROM YOU; money, power, pride (saviors_), freedom to crucify all of nature; freedom to condemn; freedom to remove your rights; & more.” ALL OF THAT; based upon “twenty people in China” becoming sick; and media screamed: WORLD PANDEMIC! Yet you questioned, nothing?  while they collect data; to separate humanity into groups to be discarded and denied. NO, well how about with sensors and gps: that same data, can be used to take over your new vehicle; and literally lock you in the car, while it drives you to the slaughter house inside.   wake up, and consider the cost of letting “university satan” rule your lives and world! The puke and vomit of fools;  simply guide you into extinction/ as you go willingly to your grave, “shouting university is god”;  as true cult worshipers do.
  13. People worship being in control; yet they give away their control to their cult of university is god; because they believe. And they believe because the propaganda arm of universities; which is the media; gives constant reinforcement; “you ain’t smart enough to think/ WORSHIP YOUR god of UNIVERSITY, they alone have a brain”. Yet reality proves their brain is a sewer/ their fantasies, nothing more than disgrace at best/ their delusions construct total disrespect/ their arrogance; the most vile of all that humanity can be/ their apathy for life and planet; based upon the foundation definition of SATAN; destroy it all, end this world; as is the constant of what they do. So why is the cult of universities, so powerful? Answer; people want to believe they are correct/ and they know by realities of their past; they can be wrong. So they gravitate to those who are considered to be right: because media makes them right, no matter what. So why are people afraid: because the universities have created a “garbage heap of failure” so damn disgraceful; that it represents world chaos, poverty, horrors, starvation, and worse; if it is removed and only truth remains. Yet if it is not removed: each day that goes by: the cost of failure is multiplied, and extinction rather than failure becomes your truth. Therefore ridicule comes, and hatred consumes, and believing what you want to believe; takes control; as the war to remain “I WANT WHAT I WANT”, intensifies to fight for lies. The people screaming “not in my lifetime”/ so as not to pay, for what universities and their cult worshipers have done. Who is not a cult worshiper? Only a tiny few; but they have a brain, and that is forbidden by the cult. NO, you may question NOTHING/ universities are god. As to the existence of strife in humanity itself: the desire for superiority remains strong. People hold onto their judgment as hate, because that makes them superior; to someone they cannot otherwise defeat. Judgment, the measurement of life: resides as the singular cause of rape, violence, abuse, using others, and more. People judge all the time; because it does limit their own participation in life. Instead of “living”; judgment and superiority allow you to participate in someone else s life; without any commitment or acceptance; you, are in control now. You are playing god now/ and that makes you superior; and allows for evading truth, so as to make life about someone else instead. Fear is a primary ingredient in judgment; because cowardice fights with courage/ and if it cannot be defeated: then judgment occurs, so as to blame “this one” is the enemy. Defeat that one; and cowardice will fall; because that one can be defeated/ whereas what you fear cannot; so it is to be avoided at all cost. Fear is diverse; it offers a wide range of panic; searching for whatever you don’t want to lose/ searching for pain, so as to enforce your fear. The only method of combating fear is to accept death is, whatever death will be. But to isolate death by understanding it is the energy of choice that leaves us; constructs the potential, of leaving with that energy as it discards a body, and forms eternity with life. So the question is: CAN YOU, accept the price of “living”?As is the cost of being born “less than perfect”/ that is a fact you must live with; because reality will not change the cost of human failures. NOT blame your parents; but accept all the chemicals, and all the genetic mutilations, and all the poisons, and all the drugs, and all the everything “university provides”; can destroy nature in you or us. Not a game, simply true/ and it may already be too late to avoid Armageddon (nature in chaos); because that is what they do. Nonetheless, we cannot simply scream: “I DON’T WANT TO DO IT/ I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID/ I WANT WHAT I WANT; AND TO HELL, with the world. This is my life, and I won’t pay; “not in my lifetime”/ let the children do it. As is the reality of university consequences; time is almost up, and you cannot escape what has been done; which in fact you contributed too as well. Because the truth is: you made the same decisions as those from your past/ who made the decisions that now threaten extinction of this world. As believers first in “university as god”/ indoctrinated children to the cult of university knows; failure to a world. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH/ ACCEPT THE PRICE OF REBUILDING LIFE AND WORLD; AND DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE/ or die; your choice. In this America: that means, STAND UP AND BE RECOGNIZED; IDENTIFY YOURSELVES; shouting we do demand REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; IN THIS USA, AS GUARANTEED BY OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY. It is the law of this USA. As is, the peoples court; where we are the judge and jury/ and our employees shall be tested to their sworn oath of office to us all. With the facts, that bring to us the evidence we demand, untainted and true; as a value which will then shape our decision; for life, nation, world, and child. NO universities deceit, theory, expert, other: ONLY TRUTH BY REALITY/ AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG.BECAUSE, unless you are “a true crowd screaming at those in powerful places”; they will discard you with the trash/ just like they did to me. Which does include the supreme court in cases 08-1339 & 11-100; WITH TREASON, as is discarding a docketed case (only a judge can dismiss now); with nothing more than the secretary signature. They still exist, as before the court; because the guaranteed laws of this democracy CANNOT LEGALLY be discarded. Nor can a secretary speak for a judge. Power never surrenders power, without a fight. Fight or die, “too damn late now”; its your choice. This is your life, this is your world, this is our reality, and all you get from screaming ‘universities are our savior”/ is just like screaming weapons of mass destruction are our savior. A fools death/ a world deceased, because of you. I will offer you this piece of advise: perfection is a tyrant, that always takes more than it gives. Just like other tyrants, it enslaves, and fails to share. Freedom is like that as well; it can take control, and wreck more than your own life; because you do have the option “to want, more than you give; to disrespect more than you have a right to; to measure and judge those who do not deserve it”; and the cost of being wrong can take your life, or world. Freedom however can lead to purity, which is not perfection; but the elegant solution, of desire as it shapes respect into the value of your own life. This ascension is dedicated to a purpose that is beyond self, and therefrom bears no resemblance; to anything other than justice formed by love. The dignity of trust, and the playground called truth. Truth earned from respect, limits and binds us to our future; the place where life becomes home. Home, constructs the heart, of our own existence, while soul grants to the living ones, “a universe” to seek the blessings beyond time. Live your life for love, not perfection. Realities serve to remind us: we can only do so much, and then we must be done; because the best we can do, with honesty to life and world; is all there is to share.That does not mean, “like evolution”; that you allow fools and failures to invade and infect your life with pure stupidity or chaos. Instead do the best you can, as if life itself was keeping record; so that in the end, you chose to be the best you could be, for life and world. There will be failures, times when “self took control”; and things which should have been done failed. Or foolishness, believing in what was not true. Or cowardice; knowing how wrong this can go, and letting that rule the day instead of courage; where love exists. Life is either a value, “I found love”/ or a curse “hate took control”/ or it is lonely, without exception; because people drown in their own fears. “none love here”. You cannot make any of them choose differently; freedom does not allow that. While humanity screams: “I can lead them; with manipulation, propagation, religious beliefs, temptations, and so on”; but if you do, that is as if a war; to take what you want, and ruin or rape whatever the weapon in your hand allows for you to do. Clearly a form of hate, establishing fear; that has, or will invade your life as well. Love is a discipline, an orderly progression into the essence of trust, by which we build the destiny of our hope, in unison with the heart we share as one life among “more”. Soul shapes that destiny into truth, and truth aligns the path we walk with eternity, formed from love. Hate like evolution; forms from chaos; and destroys the living structure of existence; because that is what it does, as the alternate direction of truth removing strife. CHOOSE your existence: an identity formed by “love, trust, truth, respect, courage, values, happiness, freedom, discipline, order, balance, justice, sharing, caring, romance, blessings, eternity, and more; as is the desire for hearts shared, the purpose of eternity rising with joy. OR an identity formed by hate: which brings chaos, curses, death, tragedy, violence, manipulation, temptations, propaganda, slavery, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, liar, thief, failure, fool, fantasy, imagination without life, and more, as is theories which gamble extinction, by playing god; as universities do. As is the want, pride, power, and lust of animals; facing their own extinction. Can’t have both; life is, “one or the other”, or it lacks value/ CHOOSE.

    Humanity which cannot decide, WHAT has value: when facing the physical threat predators, gathers itself into herds/ humanity facing the mental threats of predators, gathers itself into religion, thereby anchoring itself with rules. While time grants a choice or a change/ death does not: ending your truth, as the identity you chose, and accomplished with your time. The failure to achieve an identity formed from love or hate; establishes “without value”. The choice you lived with, & made as your decision of time.

    The grace of miracles given; express a Creation born with love. JESUS as biblically written; describes the difference between love and hate/ with extreme clarity. HIS guarantee; we were not forgotten, but hold the key to our own eternity, as our gift of love and respect formed by truth. “is sufficient to me”; to choose being ALIVE. Your choice; is your own.

    The law of life is: that we owe a responsibility and a duty to this life, and this world; for giving our own identity, the chance to form. In this world reformed by the universities cult/ we all watch, “the literal death of our world/ the insanity of hate formed by what universities are doing and have done. Literally gambling with everything, by their playing god with nature, world, life, resources, EVERYTHING. As with all other things “called human”/ the end result is entirely predictable; its called extinction. Which means; our duty is to fight against this with law/ our responsibilities to life, include finding a way to save the living, which grants your children their chance to survive. In a world that is not condemned by HELL. As is “the universities way”. We are surrounded by threats; and your media yell to you: worship the universities/ they are your saviors. Yet reality proves: they are the curse of death, invading life on earth. SATAN/ not savior.

    Go to court: and separate, what has value/ from the cost of being WRONG.

    When humanity feels: “they can no longer make the correct decision for themselves; they form into a cult (letting the leader decide). Thereby believing instead of choosing. But a herd of animals, is not welcomed into eternity; and will be lost. The choice is simple, even if living is not: every decision we make is formed by the choice “love/ hate/ or survival”. Love is being alive/ hate is the chaos of death/ while survival is simply survival, and must be dealt with as justified or fair play will allow.

    Humanity says: I DON’T have to do anything but survive/ I DON’T have to fight for this world; it is not my job/ I DON’T have to do anything but die; as is called freedom. Therefore I won’t sacrifice my life or living; “to things I do not want for me”. Simple as that.

    But alas: this world by the evidence says to you. IF YOU will not defend life or world from the invasion of chaos, THE COST OF BEING WRONG. As is universities playing god/ THEN YOU TOO, WILL go extinct. Taking all future lives with you, because you chose not to care. Which does become the identity of your time. IT IS A CHOICE, but soon, a death sentence you will not escape. CHOOSE. LIFE BY LAW/ OR the university way, death by chaos [their god of evolution/ nothing is sacred or valued]/ the injection of HELL, and even worse takes control.

    As for me: only truth can decide/ NOT prayers, not theories, not wants, or games or power, or beliefs. Simply the evidence directs the discovery of what is real, and reality defines the directory of what we can depend upon as true. It will return again and again, because the law of life makes that so. If you don’t know what is true: then search until you do; without tainting the evidence, or wanting any form of result: simply what is true, no exceptions. Truth survives/ truth builds/ truth becomes life, and by its work; we earn the trust that gives us hope: to achieve love, and accept happiness.

    The body is time, and time is the distance we survive; by granting the duties and responsibilities of what our survival needs. If we can! Death is the end of that time/ the body ceases to hold life, and the energy that defines our freedom, is released. Truth says: that energy of life, merely transforms itself/ as the laws which govern it allow. The critical question is: while chemistry grants the physical element of body; life is different than chemistry/ so says truth. So the elemental rise of thought, as it exists beyond body; becomes the source of our own identity; shaping the truth of who we chose to be. Thought is a governing of energy, and as such it participates as a foundation for life itself.

    The spiritual world is thought sustained by truth; without the true benefit of energy/ it is then existence without the authority to be released as free. Energy exists as an eternal habitation. Even so, my own life is “complicated”/ as the spiritual world owns me: yet I live in the physical world of time. Time allows change/ and change allows the female spiritual dimension of my own reality to be the authority in charge. Choices made, Identities altered; as life on earth; stands in the balance of extinction, or not.

    Thought is consistent with male or female; but time is not, it is “one or the other; but not both”. Not a choice, but a reality of laws met to decide the difference. While freedom accepts your own decision to alter the identity of your existence with thought/ the reality remains a law. We are NOT free, to judge each other; only the law of life does that. Whether eternity allows that freedom of choice is not up to me/ I do not know. Nonetheless it is a quandary, in me; male unless the evidence proves by miracle, changed into female. Until that day, reality remains the evidence of life as a body. Even if spiritually I cannot refuse “female in charge”. Its complicated, as the addition of tits provide. Believe it or not, I am doing all that I am allowed to do; for life or earth. Because humanity is the problem/ which makes humanity (not me) the solution. Change or die is the warning; choose.

    TRUTH DEMANDS: that male and female must be joined, in order to save this earth. It also demands; since this is the best men did do, and we do all stand on the edge of extinction together: women, must now be in charge of life on earth. As different is absolutely necessary/ and history proves war is the answer of men. The consequence: thought an expression of life, has joined us together as one. To balance the foundations of discipline, and encourage the participation of laws; that will govern life if it is to survive. Not up to “her or I”/ it is: YOUR choice. Our job, has been accomplished. So says the evidence.

    And the people say: “that is impossible/ EVERYTHING”! So, they lie, to construct what they want which is a world that is not going to change. So they can continue the destruction, damage, rape and ruin; that is playing god with life. The lies, the theft, the betrayal, the terrorism; as is the constant university excuse: “NO consequences for us”. We are “gods”

    But reality says: the evidence is clear, and the cost of playing god is certain; even the predictions of religion agree: extinction is your goal/ the game you play; when not at war. That is primarily a male distinction; exactly what female might do instead; is not known, as history provides no substantial proof. So the question is: “truth or lie”? It is your choice.

    As for elements of me; what is male has lost, simple as that/ life has changed, and body is not the same. She controls the energy of me, here in time; and I basically control nothing; but simple living, altered by a very different view. Realities however prove; you can’t agree: then living together means; whosoever has the greater knowledge of life, must decide. She has been correct “far more than I”. simple as that.

    As for you: death waits for us all/ and in that singular moment of truth; your own identity is completed, to be whatever you have chosen it to be.

    Yes, I know: that is not exactly how it is for me; but my life is different/ my life’s work, is different/ my future is different (no clue)/ even my eternity may be different; although I know not what that would mean. Or more simply, truth provides the foundation/ but thought alters the conception of living as life has changed. But, “life is literally, about energy, thought, and love through respect as truth and trust will accept”. Nothing about gender fits into that description/ or is taken away from it: as destiny shapes the creation of what truth did for me.

    YOU, should understand; while conceptions are elemental descriptions of thought/ they are not the essence of truth, but construct the question of boundaries, limits, and more. What is not open for debate is: the three forms of energy that do exist, “push (male)/ pull (female)/ and the critical connection of why does energy exist at all; {which is GOD }.” These are not concepts, but realities, that are elemental to existence. Push and pull are opposites; but when combined with balance; they form time. Both are required, and one CANNOT do the job of the other; because physical laws refuse. Balance however makes order and disciplines with respect for law; into life. Whereas chaos (no law, discipline or order), destroys all forms of balance; and makes even space a desolate place. The consequence of that is while conception allows for the freedom to construct possibilities, within thought; the laws of life or death do not. The only exception:   GOD  the foundation of every law;  is not bound.

    So that it is clear and certain: “NOT homosexual/ NOT transsexual/ NOT perverted/ none of it; never was/ never will be; end of the story. What I am, is simply male, sexually attracted to female; although 69 years old “not pretty, no teeth, etc”: so that is basically over. As to female in me; NO potential to be attracted to male exists/ that is not here. NOR is she conceived of any desire for male, in terms of sex. However, purity demands; that as I come closer to the essence of female existence; I must cross the boundary: that is STRICTLY female; no exceptions. That has resulted in; the claim “you are, a woman’s woman” now. Yes, I know; its weird. No, it was never my choice: I merely opened this spiritual door to female: asking, “can woman keep this world alive”. And was pushed through. Everything else is a massive surprise. But even so: after a ten year search focused entirely on male; I ended where men end; at the door of war. Fully knowing war would only mean extinction. So, balanced and grateful for the completion of this work: to inform the evidence convicts you; extinction or change will come. I did my work with her help. But the cost of that help is/ the reality of my demanding to be free of the work, is: NOW, she controls everything. And truth proclaims; she was right to do so. Ending with “its complicated”, and beyond my own control. Just doing the best I can. NO, you are not expected to understand it; and I do advise you not to “believe it”; as beliefs end with want. Simply know, my reality “took a turn” that was unexpected; when faced with a dying world, and no solutions to offer. Spent my lifetime searching; fighting never to be distracted for long: a world at stake. Accepting the cost no matter what. But you spent your lifetime wanting, playing games, and searching for power; as that is the primary difference.

    While there is no intent for an autobiography; reality insists; you should understand some degrees of reality; so that no “assumptions, beliefs, assertions, or other should appear.

    So that the warning, required I must tell you is: let no male “disguised or not” come here for sex to me; as your fate in HADES for that is the cost, & will terminate your eternity with your own cost; beyond your worst nightmare. Test it not, as I cannot enforce it: I merely relay it to you.

    What I have learned regarding the living, is all the things that I cannot do, for a world or a human or a life; that I would do, if allowed. It is not a decision, realities guide us into compliance with the truth of what we can, or cannot do on our own. The end result is often “a spiders web” of complications, which understands the cost of doing “one thing”, will have consequences to many more. Which then must be balanced between “good or bad”; so as to not do more damage than help. Often that fails on all sides; because the consequences, on all sides; will not allow for help. So the end result of living, does in fact become: pick the one thing, that you desire most. Because there is a price to pay, for every decision that you do make/ or refuse to make/ or misunderstand.

    When people become overrun by the cost of their decisions; or the reality of life with someone who has cost more than “was fair”. Fear erupts, and fear causes panic which becomes: I can’t survive with this on me/ and transference occurs. Which is throwing the cost of your life onto someone else, who may or may not be strong enough to survive the cost of what you now did do. But the end result of the animal; is survival comes first. Therefore we must simply do the best we can; as life and living allow. The law sustains truth, but not without justice in this world.

    Animals use the spiders web of complications to make life a game; if you are entangled by truth/ they will invade to take what they want. If you are struggling with the cost of complications/ they will make life a game, to attack for the purpose of making you the loser. If you are willing to fight, but lose; the animals will gather for the feast; of “eating you alive, with fear”/ thereby forcing you into hate, if they can. The end result of it is: each struggles with their own reality of choices, and each must find their own answer: to living as the animals do (want, pride, power)/ or becoming as life requires, the ascension past the others, into being alive as grace and truth allow for that to be in the essence of love defined.

    Love is a conception of thought, used to untangle, the framework of complications; so that focus and development of primary decisions: changes life into truth. Whereby truth changes reality into miracles. And miracles respect their Creator; as a value beyond description; because we cannot compare. Instead we live as the grace of being alive, within this gift of value. Animals cannot make that ascension; and fall short of being life complete.

    The law of life is: that truth must decide, because only truth survives. Therefrom what is true, survives beyond death (end of time as body)/ and transfers that energy into “where do the miracles go”? Acceptance and trust; provide the journey; while thought and truth and love share the conception of hope beyond ourselves.

    The law of the animal is survival. The law of life is: beyond self, there is only truth to survive. Which means we must become truth, within ourselves. But even so; without love to share the consequence of living, there is no joy. The cost of that is loneliness. Which puts love as the essence of why should we care.

    While living is unfair, here in time due to the animals we all live with. Their desire is to get all they can get before they die; and fall into the dirt forever gone. Being alive does not allow you to accept that consequence; because truth allows for energy to go on. So the critical question is: how do we “the living existence of self”; become integrated with energy as life, rather than as time or body reveals? The critical answer is: love binds us to truth, and truth binds us to energy. Within that energy, we then go, wherever the energy will go. LIFE is an energy from our Creator. Therefore if that energy goes back to its Creator; and we share the journey: we then go back to our Creator as the essence of life itself, returning with love. Or, as we did choose.

    Fear creates prejudice; “I cannot/ will not, be caught off guard again”. Fear creates judgment: “you are causing me, to lose or die”. Fear constructs want: “I must hurry, I am going to die”. Fear defines pride: “nobody gets to have or be more than me”. Fear envelops power: “I will not be prey/ FEAR ME, instead, because now I can make you the prey”. Fear is an element in all things, and as such cannot be evicted; unless you evict pride. Which does make pride extremely hard to evict from you. The consequence of that is: “little of humanity, has changed over thousands of years”. Pride is the judge, and pride knows only the game is: someone wins/ someone loses; and I don’t want that to be me. Pride measures; and therefrom judges: worthless means, “it does not matter what I do with you or to you”. Less than desirable; allows for the pedophile to find a way, to make you pay for what you (or someone else) has cost me. After all “free for the taking”. Until they realize; now prison is in your hands. Which does become murder for some. Pride has many disguises; but all begin with I am superior to you. Until judgment and its consequences; finds you in the abyss of what you did do: and hate surfaces as the power to say “you can’t judge me”. Repentance is hard; if you refuse to accept/ “the price” is, you can’t be proud anymore.

    Our values “map us”, to create the world we achieve within us. A definitive look, at where we do wish to go. Therefrom as the creator of your own destiny; the quest to form a definition (an identity) from which dimensions can be constructed: is elementally chosen by you.

    Love goes beyond value, and conceives of essence, rather than realities. The essence of you, lives within the definitions of your thought. Your thought therefore becomes, the heart of what will be your home. While soul transforms these things into “the places we may travel”; the decisions which transform life into miracles of our own, elevate from your choices.

    Animals search for more. Being alive, searches for truth, through love. Not as a participant in the barriers of time; but as a relationship governed by heart and soul, to achieve the blessing called hope. A reality shaping truth within us. “thought is a home”, which generates life through energy. But without love, it is an empty home; which cannot construct happiness for long. Therefore true love binds us with trust (as is called romance), and our experience and expressions of living; become filled with our passions for joy. The balance of gender opposites, fills the moment with truth.

    Or more distinctly: foundations establish a composite of what the future can, or will become. I have presented to you; values which become “human alive”. The difference between “love and hate” in the translation of living divides: as everything is a miracle, and therefrom sacred to life means: RESPECT ALL OF THIS. Ascend into love, through truth; accept duty, our world is dying! No exceptions allowed.

    “universities are god”; has produced the realities of evidence clearly defined by their god of evolution; as is “chaos reigns; disrespect everything, nothing is sacred. TAKE what you can get, nothing matters but you; animals one and all. PREDATOR OR PREY, until eaten “by the dirt”, or that which shits you out, after the terror descends.

    Your choice is: this dying world continues to die, by letting universities lead/ by letting men war. OR, to change that in the ways of law and life, which can survive by letting truth itself guide us back; into this living world of miracles survived; to accept every child has a right, to live; beyond your greed.

    To accept life beyond self, ascends with love/ or descend into self, as locked in a grave. YOU DO: “have to choose, for life”/ or extinction comes; as is “nature dissolves into chaos/ war takes over this earth/ the planet which served to keep you alive, now makes you die/ your gods of university, have thrown you into the, atomic fire “just like, dying on the sun”.

    NO, you don’t have to believe me: that is useless. BUT YOU DO have to go to court “immediately”; in order to prove the evidence of HELL is coming; could be wrong? Even though reality proves the evidence, is true. GO TO COURT, so that none can doubt: “we the people” chose this, or failed life; by our own truth.

    PRAY TO YOUR CREATOR: “for time”.

    Nothing less, can save you from yourselves.  As reality proves: it is too late, to be nations will change. Your only choice left is: this world of humanity must change. The damage, the consequences of being wrong; the reality by its own truth: demands nothing less will do.

  14. “fight for your world”/ or, lay down and die, too scared to live.

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