We come to passions, and the existence of time versus eternity; to conceive of compositions that are functionally beyond complexity. Or more distinctly, the question of change, and how it alters the identity of one life form into another.

In the spiritual world, the area beyond death and between eternity as life/ or realities governed by the cost of choices you have made. The most critical of all distinctions is: YOU MUST be identified by your truth, as complete as it is possible to be. Anything less, will become a battlefield. Because only truth survives; therefore if you cannot complete your truth, as it exists by the evidence of your life/ then you cannot proceed beyond this “cemetery of the lost”. Lies/ pride/ want/ power/ disrespect/ ridicule/ gossip/ depression/ and all that is not love; as well as all that is not hate and its violence; will be stopped here.

Love, proven true by respect and the values of a passionate desire to share and care; proceeds into eternity, “as family”. At whatever level your truth provides.

Hate proceeds to war with GOD as you defined it for yourselves/ into the terrors and horrors and hades (chaos beyond what time can do); until every tear you caused is accounted for/ and every fear you chose to create has been found in you, “a million times” over. Some are then allowed to go extinct/ while some like hitler, will never escape their own truth.

Predator and prey as human animals; never arrive within the spiritual world/ they merely dissipate into nothing; as do the animals. Forever gone.

Those however who believed they are superior to the rest/ and those who are superior to the rest: are separated into the composite of their identity, by the envelopment of truth itself; as is the identity of this partition placed between time and eternity. TRUTH has within it all that is real/ therefore all that is real within you: becomes the environment of what shall challenge your own ability to remain alive. Truth has both “life and death” within it/ as well has “love and hate”. Your direction into eternity is determined by these four questions. Your truth decides, therefore your identity is extremely important; to the values exhibited by your “heart”.

Heart is: a composite of everything, that being human means to you/ as every heartbeat is the rhythm, of your own desire to achieve a purpose for your time. Desire shapes the foundation upon which life becomes your own. While purpose constructs the freedom by which we choose our own fate/ or destiny, as is the distinction of a choice. So the critical question is: upon what does your desire build? Functionally, that is limited by the choices of “love/ hate/ or survival”. What you choose, becomes the path or road of life in time, that is your own truth.

So the critical question is: upon what does your purpose rely, as the anchor which guides your soul into the freedoms shaped by love, hate, or survival? Purpose then constructs; each step we take, each decision we make beyond self, “heartbeats” count the moments we survive in time. Therefore each rhythm of change, accounts for what we chose to do. Time shares life as love. Life cares about time, as the difference between living or dying. Love shapes destiny, by completing our desire to be “truly ALIVE”. But hate destroys these things to produce the chaos that is death, the decision to die.

A critical question is then WHY, do people decide to die? Reality suggests fear is the most elemental of purposes; so these try to kill fear/ or try to make the others “fear me”; by becoming heinous and vile/ violent and the sewer of fools. Fear is a sewer, that life must overcome.

More distinctly: the change between time and eternity, is NOT “a free ride”. The demand for truth, is a relationship constructed to survive; by attaching you (the creation of yourself) to what will not die, in you. Fear dies/ therefore it must not be true, in you. But even so; what is demanded of your own creation is “TRUST”. Because without trust, you cannot complete the ride into eternity; as is the elevation of energy beyond an action or reaction as is the measurement of time/ removed. Love shapes an arrow so to speak, that limits our hope; to a very narrow path; discarding all other things. Where that is true, love will survive.

The critical crossing beyond the spiritual world which does purify your own existence as “truth”/ stops at this abyss. Because truth can carry you only so far, and then ends the path you can take. Only by invitation do you cross this boundary line between life and eternal life.

As for me; my time is, whatever it will be or become. I have lost my way in part; because reality now assists me in the reconstruction of an identity that is simply a composite of what I was, and am now aligned to become instead. It is complex; and I know not the journey to be taken; as truth reshapes life, and self becomes both male and female as one/ with female in charge rather than the male in me. “Lost” because my whole life has been separated, with no intent to claim any form of change; “EITHER male or female”/ not both. So, that is conflict, and not easily resolved; because male is not in charge, and I don’t know how to be female. And this is spiritual/ not as perversion claims, which is physical instead. ITS COMPLICATED, and reality would prove, I am not doing well. Nonetheless, truth demands change; and reality is assisting in that change.

I know not how it all ends (lost). I don’t know how this affects my own eternity; “female is weird”/ or ten thousand other things. Just hoping for the best. It is the cost, of crossing boundary lines; to resolve the most important question of my purpose in time; which was to find a way, this earth could survive. Having searched male for ten years; he has no solution/ everything always ends in war. Therefore woman (no help/ just suspicion), and then spiritual woman; who took over control, as time passed by. “knows me too well” now; united forever I believe; but who knows. At any rate; so many things have changed in me; I have no clue, and simply live day by day. Life is; “such a long list of I don’t know”/ I am, changed. Or, more distinctly; without a true identity as shaped by self; I am adrift. Too changed to be “strictly male”/ and not changed enough to be “female”; caught in the middle. Without an identity shaped by “individual truth”, the spiritual world is a different dimension within itself; shaped by the combinations of truth instead. But the critical test for me is: if by miracles, I am changed into “true female”/ then I will “turn into her”. But if not; then I am, whatever the spiritual world shall make of me; a reality beyond my own control or decision. Whatever will be, will simply be.

Life directs me to understand: that the second level of “our spiritual world”; is where existence searches for “true love; between male and female” to be forever joined; as the value of love shaped, “never to be lonely” again. How that completes itself, is unknown to me; but it is of interest to learn, “how, to construct a new life”, with the one chosen for me. Many questions exist?

I think” the first question is simple: “she balances me/ and I balance her”; as the reality of our time and fight would prove “men could not be trusted for her/ and I needed female to intervene, and change what men would do”. Both simplified as “working for life itself”. So the second question is: why did she not proceed beyond the spiritual world? Which is again answered by trust issues, blockading the way. No, I am not concerned with how you read this/ or if you do: that could not be more irrelevant. However in the elemental rise beyond time, and spirit; foundations should be known. The differences between love and hate; should be recognized. Because reality holds open the door to your extinction; if you fail life and earth and child. “your choice”/ not mine.

Reconstructing my life, identifies with the certainty; even though I have preferred to hide from it; reality teaches me, “I too, have extreme trust issues with women/ just as she has extreme trust issues with men; more balanced than I intended to admit.” The reality is simply: even though I tried to remove it, found women whom I believed could be trusted/ the cost of finding someone, who could prove to be “more involved with love than want, pride, or power”; proved to be the end of my relationships with women. While most women say “love first/ not want”; the opposite can be or become true; as life demands choices/ and love demands “Only truth”. So, it seems clear; the spiritual woman now joined to me, “lived among the men who chose to be animals/ instead of human alive”. I have lived among the greed for want/ thirst for power, as is a foundation for selfishness/ and pride for all the trophies, trinkets, and toys that could be found. In this day, the constant is: “sacrifice every child; by stealing their future with counterfeit claims of money; to destroy their resources”. Few women do not join that truth; even though they shout, like men: “its just want/ and I have every right to want as much as I can get: just like the rest”. While love searches for soul, and heart builds a home; the reality of time has become a graveyard; chosen by “animals”, who only live to want.

I have questioned the rise beyond truth within the spiritual world as an element of surprise; but now understand, while truth can sustain eternity/ only trust can bring the joy of happiness that is attained with being ALIVE. Therefore to achieve the truth of both heart and home; it is clear we each need to construct and ascend within trust, in order to be “the value of destiny” that is life beyond time. Apparently “she needs to understand the conceptions of male/ while I apparently need to understand the conceptions and consequences of female”. In order to become disciplined enough, to accept; without limits and boundaries as is governed by trust; with true freedom; we can become “more than time conceives of”. I know not how it all ends; but joined as one, the value of each will rise. Life, will then identify what will become true.

With purity of purpose, respect, and desire, love extends destiny as the definition of joy, forever. Because GOD is GOD , and the value of happiness shared, is worth the price for all who achieve it.

As for me: far back in the past, I used to retain keys to the inner workings of me; but found that to be a fault. Because once a person found “a key, to me”; they were able to manipulate and control more than I desired. No keys/ no hidden controls; we both know what you are trying to do.

A lesson to men: women do not want a bull (cows only want sex to get pregnant). Remember this: “if you do not climb the stairs together”/ you will not ascend into the grace and truth of joy.

A lesson to women: if you use man, manipulate man, or shop for man/ he will become aware, all you want, is what you want; and that does not include “him, as more than a tool, prize, or trophy to be used”.

NO, you can’t use me to find out what “male alive” is; as the reality, of female inside”; has made everything male in me “a wreck”. I don’t own it anymore, and can’t find “male, as I was”; back. He is gone, I think, “never to return”; and I don’t know “what now”? Not a game, not a temptation, not a manipulation, NONE of it. Just the truth. NO, this was never “a free ride”; the price of learning. No, this is not a free ride now: “choices were made/ costs were incurred”. No, you need not fear me; unless you fear “female in charge”; I literally cannot escape it. It was never my intentional choice; I loved male. No, not a clue.

As for you: there are things which you should know. Things you die for.

  1. Pride is a terrible thing: it demands, “I cannot be a winner/ UNTIL you are a loser.” Which then baits the trap, producing all forms of gossip and ridicule in order to prepare “believe in me”; and pursues as a predator, to make you the prey; in order to prove superiority. The purpose, “look at me/ I am the greater one”.  Arrogance lurks here.  When fear and pride work together, there is judgment/ with arrogance, violence (one form or another) is next.
  2. Want is a terrible thing: it demands greed, and produces selfishness; as reality commands we will not share or care. Apathy lurks here, and the cost of jealousy; which then becomes the demand “to cut you down”/ or abuse the other.
  3. Power; rarely benefits life or planet/ it discounts the law, and becomes consumed by war; creating chaos instead of order. That burrows into you as well; by judgment, “the desire to play god”. Disrespect is required here.
  4. Fear is a tragedy; and the end result of it is: cowardice lurks here. Fear and cowardice bring prejudice; with hate/ because fear demands a solution: which then becomes “you; this group”/ SHALL NEVER surprise or take from me my courage; again. Instead of fear, we must accept whatever pain will bring/ we must accept whatever death will be. To accept this, and find the courage which results: I choose to anchor myself “to the miracles in evidence” of life on earth. The essence and truth of love; as was revealed by JESUS; in his passage through time, shaped by respect. Reality will prove: we can never defend ourselves from every threat/ no matter what you believe to feel safe. The best we can do, is all we can literally do; fear will not help/ but reality, and discipline will. Choose respect, it removes the claim “we have a right”.
  5. Love assembles truth, and creates trust; thereby increasing friendship as the balance of what you do, becomes the truth of who you are. Even if others are too busy fighting for greed, pride, want, arrogance, apathy, hate, etcetera.
  6. Hate is the death trap of chaos/ and chaos is the religion of universities. Why is that NOT “a clue” to you? Hate sacrifices every child, and destroys a world: how is that not you? Hate turns away from resurrecting the future, so life can go on: because it wants what it wants/ it screams, I am the winner/ and it judges you lose. Because the foundation of hate is, “I want to play god” with life and planet: as is the reality of “university becomes Satan”.
  7. GOD is a word used to describe what we clearly do not understand, or know other than by this Creation of life and planet. What we do know; is evidenced by the levels of thought used to construct life, and the genetics of nature/ the balance of earth itself. And in contrast the horror and terrorizing that is “men and their universities, which include women”.
  8. And the people all say: “we are gods”/ we have more than ANY generation before us; with NUMBERS to prove it. Our children will be RICH; they will applaud us all; for what we have done. But alas, without resources; your numbers are just a fantasy/ without a body that works (nature mutilated), or a planet that invites you to survive; what you congratulate yourselves for is just a delusion/ what you assume is rich, because you can take more than you deserve “and you know it”; is just imagination, “as is the university cult controlling you. The reality of evidence already surrounding you: proves what the future will be; “without any cause to doubt”/ unless you do change immediately, and forever. To honor, respect, share and care for the life and planet you inherited from those who came over thousands of years; without destroying YOU.


you worship university. I in turn worship GOD who is the Creator of life and me. Who did send JESUS, as the guarantor, we were not simply created and “left behind”. But do have the opportunity to ascend beyond time; if ALIVE inside.

And the people say; “________________________”.

but as for me: “yes, mine is a weird life today, or for that matter somewhat in the past”/ descriptions you do not understand/ realities you do not identify with. Decisions you would not make, consequences you would not accept.

Reality however recognizes, as truth taught me years ago: just because you don’t like the owner or the messenger/ doesn’t mean, you should turn your back on the realities you need to survive. Sometimes, reality itself must decide/ based upon what truth will allow: helps you sustain what you need to survive.

You are the owners of “human truth”, not me. You are the responsible ones for your decisions made in the past, that now confront us all with the future that is left to survive. Your decisions to allow evolution to rule your lives; mutilate nature; try to ignite atoms on fire/ poison the earth/ destroy the resources; and every other thing you have done; SCREAMING MORE, for me. Have established the realities you are now being forced to recognize; can be extinction. YOU refused truth, and denied realities that were clearly defined as “TROUBLE WILL COME”; discarding all warnings with apathy, arrogance, and pure disrespect; as you chose to do. While religion screams: WE DON’T have to do nothing/ GOD will never let anything bad happen to us, or this earth! Even though these are your own decisions too; your own purpose and desire to scream MORE. Even though, the future was being sacrificed; for a trophy, trinket, or toy today. To your shame; you are the owners. But it is your own children/ your own world, you sacrificed; to play, or let others play god.

There is no going back in time: there is only reality and what we can do, with what is left; if the world participates with true change. If not; as the evidence surrounding you proves true; HELL is certain, and even more horrors will come. EVEN YOU can tell that is true: with a singular fact. Just China alone; had birth control (done wrong)/ but had birth control which they left behind in the year 2000 or so. Since that time 22 years later, their population count went from one billion to 1.5 billion people. And every single one needs food, water, space, resources, more; and there only option will soon be: WAR! We will take what we need/ “because somebody has to die”; and it will be us, unless we kill you.

The same, for very many more: with the end result being simply, “there is nothing left”; but cannibalism. The same being true of mutilating nature; destroying the balance of this planet, or its atomic stability; “the list is VERY long”; and its all, “because of you”. With only one exception; Yellowstone super volcano; which is likely to explode; changing life and earth for you.

Your university experts will say; “don’t worry; little harm/ never going to happen in your lifetime”. But truth says: all conditions are met, and not only will it be devastating for a “thousand miles” around. It will cause numerous earthquakes and other volcano’s to erupt; because of tectonic movements around the globe. Earthquakes will cause the barriers between “toxins, you injected” into the ground to mix with water supplies, and MORE. Ending with in this USA a high probability of 90% of all drinking water supplies ruined; erupting into “the apocalypse”: WAR for WATER. And that, is only the beginning; as billions will truly be affected by the cost of what has been done.

YET THAT, might be “the best” solution; for this whole planet to survive; if humanity refuses to honestly control itself. Because YOU CANNOT survive as a world; doing what you do. Time, truly is very limited now; to make a different decision.

And MEDIA says: “he is a damn fool”/ DON’T listen to nothing; we are gods, the universities are our savior. DO what you are told/ BELIEVE what you are indoctrinated to believe/ FEAR, not obeying your gods “the universities, called Satan”. After all, how wrong could they be? OR, don’t worry; evolution will recreate life; “in a billion years or so”. Willing to wait/ sacrifice yourself? This ain’t no game! Oh wait, I know: all you need to do is be “animals: HOW DARE, you try to think; shame on you”/ DO, as the universities, and their media propagation of superiority, say. OR, you betray the cult; which is cause for “severe punishment”.

As to the foundations upon which the masses produce their own scream; “for a mob”/ the reality in this USA is much like the prejudice between “white and black/ or any other group”. As in this area 50+ years ago; between catholic and lutheran/ or more distinctly: so long as a group of any kind can be blamed “for our troubles”/ it will be.

As to racism; which is the same: each group remembers only “the one who hated me”/ who becomes “the rabble rowser”. Slavery existed in this USA; because resources made it possible to take more than you could work; so they needed help. People in Africa sold them that help; according to history told; for weapons primarily; and the banks made it possible. The civil war was: “lets take all their work and workers/ and leave them in debt”; which is exactly what happened. So the south rebelled. And it was the white northerners who rescued: but in reality, the end of the civil war simply made life worse for most blacks and whites. So they blamed each other for war crimes and other losses; because “yes we can”.

NO REALITY is given to the civil war/ because the sewer of university knows; has overflowed. They fan the flames, to create controversy, and make fantasies seem true; because no one listens to them: without “a cult formed cause”. NO ONE needs a savior/ unless they have an enemy: so throughout history, there are always those intent upon creating enemies; to become hero’s (look at me/ listen to me).

Because of a few individuals; which exist as hate, in every single group, throughout all of history; mobs form/ fear forms/ hate betrays. Who are then the seeds for more hate, which keeps the curse of failure and fool; going. LAW IS, the only solution. Debts owed; MUST then include what happened to white society as well. Or more simply: war is NEVER fair.

And NO, I am not your hero/ NOT your savior/ NOT your excuse: I am merely the messenger telling you plain. INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR OWN EXTINCTION, COMING SOON/ SAVE YOURSELVES: or the universities CULT; will make you, and your world dead. As is the cost of every poison, every weapon of mass destruction, 95% of what is wrong. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE: AS CULT WORSHIPERS; you are the problem/ and YOU ARE, “the solution”. CHANGE OR DIE.

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