It is a fundamental truth: that leaders create rebellion in their own nation/ by corrupting the laws until they have achieved the collusion of power with those considered wealthy. By destroying the foundations of law and justice; in America that requires destroying the power of law and government that is our constitution, and its founding documents; which is conspiracy to invade, and then rebel. These are the tools of traitors, and with weapons of mass destruction now in their control; tyranny follows. In this America; in order to achieve full control over the military; so they don’t revolt: the critical propaganda of media is required. To achieve full “cult worship, (believe) and the beginnings of the mob as is nazi”; a medium to gather them all together in belief; (religious fervor_ ) must be formed. As with covid/ as with universities are god, and they threaten you; who have no power to stop them; so you must obey. So you must fear/ and then believe “your leader” is the only solution; as is consistent with a tyrant.

Discipline knows: returning the laws to their original intent, produces the greatest results with the least effort. Because the law is the ruler/ and the ruler must obey the law; so says justice. Anything less is in defiance of the nation itself; thus a traitor and his treason are found.

Order knows: THE LAW does not function “with a gun”. Instead law requires acceptance, by the people/ for the people/ and with the obedience of the people. So the question is: do you accept the constitution is your government, the foundation of every law in this USA? If so, it cannot be denied its power to rule us all.

Balance knows: the LAW of life, constructs a value for all the people, by choosing to create “the bill of rights; we all accept is justified”. By choosing to create; the declaration of failures that must be addressed within a courtroom, by our laws.

RESPECT knows: that a weapon pointed at your own people/ or the tyrant which attacks another people/ or the threats, that intent to steal, rape, ravage, ruin, and destroy; are foundations upon which MONEY depends. Because you cannot hire a murderer, without promising something in return. Therefore the foundation of true rebellion against “your leader”/ is to take away the money, and refuse to service or provide for his needs/ or his protection. That is particularly easy today; as every nation has fell under the spell of “university knows”; who provided, “just give them numbers/ they will never know”; until it is too late. Bankruptcy spells freedom from tyrants; but only if you refuse that tyrant the power to make you do what they want.

So then the construction of a new government: requires WE THE PEOPLE, to build the law, WE NEED; as quickly as possible. Proving WE ARE IN CHARGE. So the old leader is removed; by providing a bill of rights to every soldier: fair and justified; if in fact you defend us/ rather than accept a tyrant instead.

COMMUNICATION of that truth; requires you to take control over the courtroom: so that all the people are made aware of the change/ as it exists/ as it progresses/ as they participate; in returning our lives to reality. Instead of the fantasy, delusion, and disgrace of “universities play god with our lives and our earth”; preparing our own extinction, by their choices. What needs to be done is very simple: identify everything the universities have changed in the last fifty years or more: and destroy or change 95% of all they did do, as vile and the consequence of threats now surfacing which do prove we stand on the edge of our own extinction. Because of what they did do.

Believe nothing: go search for the truth, IN A COURT OF LAW, so the masses CANNOT adequately complain “its not true”. Thereby evidencing with untainted truth of reality; that this is in fact so; and the consequence for being WRONG; is truly what we cannot bear or let happen. This is our nation/ this is our world/ this is our right to participate as equals. As our foundation of LEGAL JUSTICE; exists: we own the courtroom/ we are the owners/ we are the judge/ none can prove different; as this is constitutional democracy, and the law of redress proves we do have the legal right to take back control over our employees. NOT by force, but to investigate and identify truth. Rather than life and nation; corrupted against us all.

The truth is, one act of hatred: can corrupt and alter the lives of many for a lifetime/ tainting everything they do or don’t do, with the memory of what was unjust at the time. But that of course builds upon an act of hatred carried out against them prior to their act of hatred carried out on you. Or more simply HATE BREEDS HATE/ even decades later; because the end result of hate is, “I CAN feel superior” about this. Which gives me the pride, to insist I own right, to judge. Just as revenge breeds revenge/ gossip (the herd comes running, to believe) leads to murder, for some/ ridicule creates depression for some/ jealousy turns to anger for some/ anger causes people to hide, for some/ and so on. Because you chose to be unkind, and that sacrificed respect. Hate sacrifices love, to assume: now I am in control. But reality states: you are selling your soul, for what is as transient as time. ONLY LOVE is invited into eternity, and that is the truth: because nobody, formed by love; desires life with hate.

The truth is “love can save a life”; reminding people in their time of trial; that some do actually care, about more than self. But love is not a savior/ it is merely a friend, that shares because they choose to care. Savior means: an anchor in the storm, to keep you from drowning in a sea of human behaviors that should not be. That anchor must be a truth, that will not waiver or move; it is, what it is/ and there is no change in it; as would be JESUS, as biblically written. While religion seeks to understand the behaviors of men, living, and more (nothing but tools really change); they use the past to align with the future; so as not to use those who are now living/ who may then seek revenge, or die in pride. Pride is an enemy; making life a game. Revenge is a grave, which seeks to kill the one who digs it.

Love is: the single greatest reality of existence; because it expresses the values of living, within the freedoms so elemental to life, that we cannot help but experience the joy and happiness of our own truth as is being ALIVE. To achieve that elemental rise, above the purposes and desires of being human, is to ascend into soul; where miracles live, beyond self.

Foundations construct the life we live as human being found in time; for the purpose of identifying self/ in order to qualify and separate those who will live in eternity, from those who will not. Remembering, truth, respect, love, trust, courage, hope, and acceptance; are all primary to that existence beyond time. Acceptance means: I no longer believe, but live the truth within my heart. You know the rest.

We stand on the edge of extinction as a world; because that is what humanity chose, within their cult worship of university is now god for you. And they chose, as the masses of men do: to take control over all life and planet claiming “its all mine”/ to hell with you.

Thieves destroy the foundations of family and society. Liars destroy all forms of romance and dignity, ending trust by attacking truth. Disrespect attacks society, life, child, and planet. Depression aids no one; discard wants. Religion stands for “this is as far as we go/ let the rest be whatever we want it to be”; but there are rules, which can help us all. Politics are a game, where pride rules. Money is the weapon of the wealthy. Poverty seeks hope. Homelessness seeks survival.

And universities are claimed to be, “the last great hope of humans everywhere”; you can be rich too. But alas it is not, instead it is the gravestone, of so many; those who sold their lives; to the cult. And the cult says: “we are gods/ you cannot make us less; we will kill you”. But alas, reality has come sneaking in the door; and all the consequences you avoided have stacked up to achieve extinction, for this whole world; without true change. So instead of the last “great hope”; universities have become the last true “Satan”. The god of violence, the god of destruction and chaos, the god of extinction; by what you are doing, & what you did do. Alas “gravediggers”. While media exists: “to pave the way”; shouting FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.

an illegitimate court; destroys the future. one such cost is: Accomplishing what nothing else can: arming male and female with cause to deny and attack each other/ with fears and disrespect. Your job is to identify what is true by the “untainted evidence”/ establish what is justified in order to achieve fair play for all/ and then let truth decide by the values assigned within social and economic laws which govern by the terms “peace and harmony”.  NOT judge, as is the misconception of trial:  but sustain truth and law, by justice; as presented with fair play for all.

INSTEAD, things like this exist:

Of all the threats, that need a brain, rather than a cult;  perhaps the atmosphere WILL detach from the planet, requires honesty most. Trees held the atmosphere in place, once they moved together/ but now nearly gone; the second part of that was polar cold sucked out movement from the equator (which is going at over one thousand miles an hour)/ to create the circular drive/ jet stream, we know as weather. that too is leaving, due to global warming; and the incessant demand of “university experts” which tell you not to worry about anything; so says media. So the people say: “WE AIN’T going to worry about that”/ but alas, there does come a point of no return; check wind speeds at other planets in this solar system. And understand what miracles mean. So, how does this one rank? you tell me. OR, lets extend it farther; and assert, that when enough cold has vanished from the polar regions/ the jet streams will disappear along with their weather patterns, and reappear at the equator regions, where the acceleration of wind will be immense and growing; until the planet becomes “hell”.   or more distinctly, as is given to all of “government” by our employees; the job of each is to protect the democracy/ not sell it to fools, as is “university knows”/ and absolutely does not care; no brain/ no future. No truth of importance/ then its all a lie, manipulating you into catastrophe.

There are few curses worse, “than a fool in charge”; in this America, IT IS extremely hard not to find a fool in charge/ as every position of influence, is filled with a university diploma. While the propaganda says “we are great”/ the reality is; the religion of university teaches only: DON’T THINK, memorize and mimic what you are told to believe. Because as every cult teaches; only the leader can think/ NEVER question the leader; or you get no diploma, and you are black listed to prove no job/ just debt; for you.

Of the endless failure, in this is “america the damned, the dead, and the worthless being overrun by every immigrant the world can produce; looking for a life, that no longer exists”. It is necessary to look across this earth, to review: if I left/ where would I go? Answer; the universities have infiltrated everywhere, and spread misery, death, and the grave to every corner on this planet; which now awaits HELL (nothing is left)/ ARMAGEDDON (nature has been crucified) / THE APOCALPSE (war for water)/ HADES (the ignition of atoms is here/ atomic structural stability, has been removed by CERN) and more. OR more distinctly so that all can understand it: SATAN is here on earth; and is called “the universities”. Because the end result of their consequences is a dead world, without doubt or question; as the evidence does prove true.

The list of curses is so long and so vile; it is worthless to construct what will be torn down; along with the entire future of every living thing on earth. As every child is sacrificed/ every child relegated to being cannibalized; because the curse of universities has been completed; they played god, and became the predicted end of this world; “by becoming, university grown; SATAN”.

I find you blind, deaf, dumb, stupid, without a brain, destroyed by greed, selfish beyond compare, and thoroughly destroyed by cult worship of university is god. To your shame. Even though the value of life still exists in the majority/ your cult worship of universities; is a grave you dig for this entire world. With evidence mounting; even now; you refuse to wake up. Which will end the last fragments of life in you; as you finish sinking into the sewer/ drowning as the consequence of “university knows”.

Find a brain or die. Participate as a world, “you have no other choice”/ to survive. Choose world law, and defend existence on earth. RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET AND GOD ! discard the satanic realm of universities. Deny the fantasies and delusions of universities/ destroy the claim of imagination and fight only for truth decides/ NOT you. Understand the value of a child IS YOUR DUTY/ not to destroy. Rebuild life and planet as best you can. Make honest choices; rather than the plague of fools; who live to excrete lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, and more of everything BAD. Educate yourselves by going to court, and proving “best we can”/ what the evidence of our lives, and the consequences of universities so vile, really does mean: WITHOUT BLINDERS ON. Which means dig yourselves out of the grave your cult threw you into/ and stop being sheep to the slaughter of your own heart and soul; by endless propaganda, and puke for brains as is “the best you have in charge; of every decision”.

And the people say: “YOU can’t degrade our gods of universities like that”/ after all you are nobody, and they made something which we wanted. That is absolutely true; as is the cost of every threat which now surrounds you with extinction/ with bribes behind every door; you chose to sacrifice every child, even the planet itself; and refuse even the truth: they literally are trying to ignite atoms on fire/ gambling this world on the claim; “not enough gravity here, so a 10 million degree FIRE will just extinguish itself. They literally are injecting chaos into nature, in worship of their god called evolution; cause they want nature to die; so evolution can build it back “in a billion years” or so. And the sheep say: “we can’t do nothing”; they are gods, to your SHAME. As to me: I REFUSED, to participate in any and all of that! Electing to fight against your shame; your sacrifice of life, planet, and child; “so you could take it all with you into your own grave”. So, I tell you true: “eternity is waiting” for you. NO, I DO NOT find that acceptable. NO, I win nothing from your failure to choose for life or planet or child. Extinction is nobodies friend/ nor is the HELL, etc you chose.

NO DON’T FEAR, “you damn sheep”: FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, LIFE, CHILD, ETERNITY; EVERYTHING; until it is clearly the end of all chance to survive. Accept HOPE, because we must have hope; but do what you can do NOW; because like dead; too damn late is just too damn late. No second chances/ done.

YOUR OWN BODY, is made out of a “billion or more parts; THAT AUTOMATICALLY BUILD, & TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES”/ and yet you don’t care; that the sewer of university plays god; is trying to destroy all of that, with pure arrogance (we can do better)/ absolute apathy ( let life die/ it will come back; evolution is our god)/ and the worst of what a human can become; DISRESPECT for what is true, and by the evidence of that truth, proven absolute; as is every miracle proves CREATION ITSELF. BY GOD a level of thought and ability so far beyond anything human; we have no clue/ other than the testimony of JESUS who was consistently teaching “the difference between love and hate”. To your shame; you let universities teach you hate, through their 24/7, propaganda platform, which is media. YET YOU WHIMPER, at the slightest level of sickness; AND THEN call out to GOD come save me. For what: to brew more of the plague that is humanity in charge/ called, to hell with this earth. “universities will do better”/ to YOUR SHAME.

Some will scream you take the lead/ why should we be targets? These are powerful people who can do us harm! But alas, they have already done you harm; or the evidence would not convict humanity of preparing extinction for this earth. The trouble and the threat IS HUMAN. Therefore the answer is HUMAN as well/ and that is YOU, each one.

As for me: my life is NOT my own anymore; and I am NOT allowed to do more than what I am doing. Believe that or not; “I don’t care”/ because this is your problem, created by your gods of universities; your cult following. “who are nothing more than the children you used to go to school with/ and NOT one of them; were gods”.

The cost of my own predicament; references the reality of women throughout history; I am confined to whatever she (spiritual woman in charge) allows. Simple as that; because she does have the power to make me stop and turn around. I can tell you for certain, “not fair”/ as has been the reality of very many women, under the domination of men. No, I don’t like the lesson; and it is absolutely unfair for men to have treated women in this way, throughout time. Not because its me now; but because freedom, and thereby life; is too important to allow anyone else to decide. No, not a clue; can’t escape; it is certain. My life, not yours.

YOU STAND IN THE GAP, between life and death for this world: CHOOSE, and accept the cost of your decision, whatever that might be. Even if you say; “but I want more”/ because soon, you will have nothing left; believe it or not.

NO, that is not negative thinking; to make you depressed. It is reality, and reality does not care, just like truth; it is what it is. YOU CANNOT escape reality or avoid truth; when it says NO.

and everybody says: “I DON’T WANT TOO”. But reality answers that with: THEN YOU, and your world; are going to die. GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; THE COST OF BEING WRONG. Simple as that, even you can yell “redress” in this USA. Even you can understand; the evidence that is available to you. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH; truth alone survives.

And everybody says: WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU. WE WON’T believe you. Even though your life is a miracle, “you believe instead” the universities can mutilate nature/ you believe the universities can ignite atoms on fire just like the sun, here/ you believe resource loss, or overpopulation of humanity, or chains of life lost/ or oceans dead/ or no water to drink; ETCETERA. Are all problems “your gods of universities” will fix/ EVEN THOUGH, they are the primary cause. And the world SCREAMS BACK: LIE DAMN YOU LIE, “we want what we want”.          To your shame.

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