From James Osterbur

DATED; 8/7/22

writer: www.justtalking7.info

the elemental concept of “disarming America”/ to make people safe/ is beyond contempt. Nothing makes people less safe than having only a few own all the weapons/ and it does absolutely nothing to deter violent crime. As violence is the result of judgment/ and judgment is the result of hate or at its lesser evil, a measurement called worthless to me. Both result in an abyss; from which change is required to survive.

The critical truth of it is: that the insurgency of “only university decides/ only the university has a brain or an expert/ only the media propaganda can tell you “what YOU think”. Is an open breach of rebellion against democracy itself/ as they are now the communist party; the monarchy who own every decision/ and take whatever they want. Threatening there is no such thing as constitutional law; which is hidden in every courtroom, so as not to allow this foundation government to lead or control the nation. So they take charge, and destroy all rights, freedoms and purposes beyond their own.

The critical reality of insanity is: NO OPTIONS exist for me/ I blame you, for stealing my life. That is ultimately true as to the cost of a university diploma being in charge; and having taken complete control over this USA; by media propagation of “a university expert must decide. And courtroom corruption that is: “NO ONE questions the universities”. As is blind belief without truth substantiated by reality.

The foundation of gun ownership is: that I can protect myself. But the reality is: unless something is happening to someone else, and you intervene with a gun. That is all you can expect to do. As the predator does not present you with a chance to arm yourself. And if you do intervene; you better be certain: a police officer is not involved/ because you can be wrong. Which does present the singular solution of a gun, which is non-lethal ammunition. Don’t think that is enough: THEN YOU, stand in front of that ammunition, and let them stop, when you admit it is. Hitting someone with a club, is no different: you want that?

With real world lethal ammunition: stockpiled “like minute men” ready to be used/ if real world invasion of force tries to simply take over the nation; INSTEAD OF OUR LAW, WHICH IS THE GOVERNMENT/ WHICH IS THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS USA. That is what we have agreed would unite us as a nation/ and that is then what makes it our government; because unless united, we are nothing but groups without a truth to bind us together. Therefore weakened and afraid; as is the purpose of all university owns the nation now/ by counterfeiting assets, and creating fantasy debts, which cannot be paid.

It is NOTED: that NO PRESIDENT, OR LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY, OR COURTROOM; has jurisdiction over the constitution of this USA. As that constitution IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ and these are merely employees, each and every single one: NOT the government. Actively engaging in a war against the laws of that constitution, constructs an insurgency, deliberately funding a rebellion against this democracy; as it exists for the singular purpose of protecting the freedoms and fundamental rights granted and guaranteed by the true government of this USA. THE LAW we hold, as the foundation of democracy itself: that which guarantees to us all: that none, shall overrun and rule. Only the constitution by its law, does that, as defined and protected: by the assurance it takes a 2/3rds majority vote among all state legislatures to change the constitution. Or a true dedicated redress trial by we the people of this nation: to establish our own version of change; within the laws of that constitution instead. NO EMPLOYEE has that right, to even suggest: WHAT IS WAR, against this USA/ by attacking the foundations upon which we are united as one people. NOT in worship of you, or them, or universities, or ANY EMPLOYEE of the court or other. As every single one of our employees of note; MUST SWEAR TO OBEY THE CONSTITUTION/ or they shall not be so employed. As that designates TREASON.

The us supreme court is held “behind bars”; within constitutional decree, as is the third article of the constitution states: section 2. the judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising UNDER THIS CONSTITUTION….. OR MORE DISTINCTLY; they hold no supervision of title or otherwise, to demand they can or will be allowed to control the constitution itself. Because this court has NOT intervened in the denial of constitutional law/ and the removal of freedoms, by these employees in the matter of covid and other distinctions of personal choice: they are found unfit, to continue in their jobs. And must be replaced with those who do find their sworn duty to the constitution/ instead of the powers that be.

The answer and the honor of life;  is law, by the elegance of justice forming truth by value. The disgrace of human existence is war, and its constant embrace of chaos/ be damned to law and justice, I will take what I want.

Throughout history; weapons remove the superiority of outright strength/ thereby allowing the weak an opportunity to defend themselves. But no weapon has ever established law, thereby peace: as only the law, and the decision truth must decide can do that.

When people feel they have no other options for justice or rights or freedoms as is primary to the value of living; they do turn to war/ and without weapons genocide occurs “we will take it all/ and leave them nothing”. When people simply want more for themselves or feel threatened by rising populations, they turn to war/ and eliminate the competition, before the competition eliminates them: which is why nations divided themselves into groups which are the same basic identity (this is us/ NOT you).

Anyone who believes: remove weapons and there will be peace/ is blind, as history proves the opposite is more true. Throughout history hate proves crime/ and crime proves violence is not going away; unless hate is removed. Consequently it is the discovery of hate, that determines peace, and will then aid in the removal of threats. Hate can be discovered. As to other elemental forms of crime: it is the prisoners who know best, “who can or should be released”. By secret vote: with the clear understanding, if you fail/ this is the price you will pay; for someone who continues in that crime. However if you are correct; there will be this benefit for you as a gift of, society thanks you.

Reality states: it is extremely foolish to “go undercover” in drug cases. Merely hold the drug addict; until they are experiencing withdrawal, and when you release them, they will lead you immediately to their supplier.

The constant in life is: people DON’T listen/ they believe, and shout “I know”. Simple as that. They don’t listen because they believe they know/ and if they don’t know, then they listen just enough, to believe now I know; even when they don’t. “it is, a fight to prove you are not superior to me/ I know.” They don’t listen when doing a work; even though the technical element has changed/ can’t hear that, because they believe they know what to do; even though they don’t; or, you cannot be superior to me/ I want what I want; even though knowledge is available to anyone who studies it. The only thing people can be reliably expected to listen too: is how do we escape the rules/ and sneak inside to do, or hide what we want to hide. To avoid detection or similar excuse.

So given that as the reality of men (not familiar with women)/ the consequence of politics is certain to be an enormous waste of time, tragedy, and disgrace. Because the end result is: people want what they want/ and they want to win more than they want justice/ and they use power to enforce I win instead of you. Which ends with “you spent all the money for lies/ and now we have to believe in fantasy; because nobody wants to pay, to resurrect what you have broken.”

the only method of avoiding people decide/ is to define and create the laws that will decide for us instead. The only way to identify those laws, is with the evidence of truth; thereby letting truth decide, within the realities of what we can do; because truth combined with fair play, in the expressions of peace; will fail little or not at all.

Foundations for rebuilding what is broken: DO NOT RELY upon people making the decisions for us/ as is the current university knows; malaise of foolish, failure, liar, cheat/ thief/ terrorist/ and betrayal. INSTEAD as a democracy, our ability to resurrect the nation relies upon constitutional law; which has provided the tool for doing what we need to do as a nation to protect ourselves from failure, and the disease of people who are playing god with life and nation and world. Its called first amendment redress of grievances; and this exists to use the law we already have. To investigate the evidence of our nation, lives, and world; in order to assemble the truth of where we are going/ and what we the people must do, in order to change that expression of grief. From belief, into the truth of what WE THE NATION OR WORLD SHALL DECIDE. By creating the laws, which will now control our fate (consequences)/ or destiny (decisions which create and build for life).

JUSTICE elevates life by laws which are fair play to each and every one.

VALUE is the understanding of freedom, cannot be sustained unless we respect the truth, and let it decide the path we must go for life to achieve happiness and hope.

Love, a value sustaining life itself; cannot be found, unless you live beyond the selfishness of greed, lies, want, pride, power, hate, and all things “evil (nothing matters but me)”.

RESPECT offers the identity of what is real, and discards what is not; even if you do not appreciate the result; what is true survives/ what is liar and lies, do not. Consequently; the cost of why we are here, staring at the edge of world extinction: must be identified. Since the last fifty plus years have been entirely at the hands and choices of a “University education decides/ and media enforces”: LOOK THERE FIRST. And do understand the cost of being WRONG. As they are in so many things/ as they are playing god with life and world; in the sewer of arrogance so blind, it is called Satan (destroyer of a world).

Foundations are: that people believe whatever they want to believe; and they especially want to believe, “yes I can”/ no matter what it is. Or “no, I can’t” no matter what that is either. Because they have been trained by schooling to assume; some are winners/ and some are losers, and that cannot be changed.

Our relationship to the evidence of reality however, is to understand: truth decides the future! Simple as that, so long as we have not crossed the point of no return/ as we do teeter on that edge. Nonetheless people will not believe they are in trouble/ until reality has pushed them into fear; and that fear releases panic; which means they want to be a mob. Thereby finding someone to blame; which they can then kill/ in order to make their own lives safe again. so, begins most war.

The critical truth of our situation is very simple: UNLESS WE UNITE, as we the people; we cannot disrupt the curse of “universities did this”. NOR can we understand: we the people, put them up to it/ with endless demands, fantasies, and delusions; you wanted to believe were true. But reality by the evidence now proves; changing that, was a horrendous mistake. Universities playing god; is the foundation of evil beyond compare.

The critical answer is: that in order to revisit, your own ability to think/ rather than to believe. We MUST assemble the evidence, that allows us all to accept what is true/ rather than believe what we want to believe. True of global warming/ true of everything we must face to survive.

Our only real avenue to do that: is in court. NOT by letting the judiciary decide! BUT BY REDRESS; which means, we the people demand our courtroom to investigate the evidence of what threatens us, and thereby evaluate the risk of being wrong. When these universities play god with life, energy, world, healthcare, schooling, media, politics, money, war, terrorism, EVERYTHING.

WE ARE THE JUDGE/ but the court is used to call the witnesses, and evaluate the evidence for trust, insure fair play to all; and punish those who interfere with truth/ rather than help us all survive. With reality first: truth decides: even if you don’t like the result/ because we must not let this living world die. It is our duty/ and the life of every child.

While some of the newer, less dominant news reporting is finally doing a better job for life and nation and world: IT IS EXTREMELY unwise to trust them. As power always fights to control, whatever you trust. Which means if you do trust them; power will first attempt to buy them out, with endless amounts of “counterfeit money”. Which works, until it does not anymore. Be careful what you trust/ BUT DO understand, we must trust “the best we can do” for ourselves; because we have no other choice. We cannot and we will not survive much longer as the decisions of “university leads”, is. That does not mean you discard them all without respect; for some value. It does however mean: we the people SHALL JUDGE, and leave the expert behind. So that reality will prove what we trust is either valid and true; thereby saving this world. Or “the choice you made instead”.

Reality has proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt: humanity will not turn from its chosen road, UNLESS ALL OF THEM, are forced or allowed to view the cost of being wrong. The consequences of not accepting truth must decide. While media has been dethroned by lies, disrespect, manipulation, propagation of university is god, and more; as is the truth of failure. Reality proves: YOU MUST NOT simply trust those who claim to be experts; or on your side.

TRUTH DEMANDS: let the evidence itself, be the best we can make it be for life and truth/ not want, pride, or power. SIMPLY TRUTH, and nothing less.

The only method of doing that: IS IN A COURTROOM WE THE PEOPLE CONTROL AS JUDGE AND JURY; as both a nation and a world. So that none get to escape or excuse the conclusions of what is actually as true, as we can make it be. Nothing more or less: as a nation/ as a world/ as we the people of this earth: AS TRUE, AS WE CAN MAKE IT BE. Thereby confronted with a choice: to do what we need to do, in order to change this world; for peace and harmony. OR, simply let it die, sacrificing every child; because you just would not care.

As to this site and me: do not believe/ do not trust: identify what is true, and investigate the reality, that is life or death for your world. I brought to you this message of; a world in trouble! CHANGE OR DIE. THAT, was my job, and it is done. Humanity is the trouble/ humanity is the solution; I am not an excuse or a leader. Simply disregard that and do not be distracted from your own reality of evidence; and its cost of being WRONG.

THE MOST vile form of subterfuge (only a few, ”the university expert”/ can decide) and insurgency (everything now belongs to only the tiny few, who took control over our money, by destroying our government of the people; and counterfeited our assets, ”claiming debts never have to be paid; UNLESS, its yours”. To hide their theft of resources, the sacrifice of every child/ and the cause of death by war, NOTHING is left for us/ which is to play god with life or world. Thereby forcing violence by inflicting panic and fear, with covid; & a belief “university is god”/ as is obey our vaccine; and MUTILATE your life. Or we will make you pay. The few who surged against us: sold out our business and industry, to china and others; hiding their theft of our lives/ monopolized everything, giving control over every form of business; such as healthcare, to hide, the biggest thieves history has ever known. Destroying the foundations of life and world and nation; so they can worship their god of evolution, as is the serpent; which worms its way into your coffin they made for you. Extreme corruption in the courts: deny constitutional law, and refuse to admit in court it even exists; UNLESS there is a large audience to force them. Shouting NO ONE QUESTIONS “the universities”/ they are gods. While media propagates 24/7 ONLY THE UNIVERSITY can make a decision; only the expert can decide “for this nation or world”. While reality proves by the evidence; THEIR DECISIONS have built us HELL (nobody survives, cannibalism comes) and ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos) and the Apocalypse (war over water) and even HADES begins (as is the intent to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun: lying all the way; to keep the money rolling in). Tragedy and disgrace BEHIND EVERY DOOR; is what university leads/ university knows has done; so proves the evidence. While what is coming because university played god: IS OUR EXTINCTION. And the cult of fools shouts, “we just want what we want”. Well like war for real: you will fight for your lives, and abandon your want; so that life on earth continues to exist. That is your only real choice. Because the road to hell: has university written all over it.

We literally can: reshape and rebuild our nation and world/ by understanding what we do need.

In terms of all small business: people buy at the big stores, because they believe they will get a better deal “on everything”/ they do not, but they believe; and like the concept of “anything I want”. BUT we can compete to reclaim our own dependency and reliance on ourselves; by enforcing a clear and deliberate sign on each business. That states: NO PRODUCT SOLD HERE, is above the percentage; we paid: stated and verified by state or nation/ city or what you choose. That means: same as media advertises, but here. YOU will control the tv ads; by taking control over media transmission or delivery to the masses or others. WE OWN “the roads”; and that includes the delivery of news. We the people will then decide: who gets the media transmission of what we believe is true or valued by us. Taking control back from the utilities, by building our own. Discarding computer linked everything, to say this is ours. Disbanding university education of the medical profession to allow for specific licenses; for specific surgery or other. No more 30 years and a half million dollars given to the university control: we will control them instead. And so on. Limited capitalism is the beginning of our control, NOT theirs.

CAN’T you say? Well consider this: for the last fifty years plus, the university driven leadership; has been counterfeiting our assets to cover up their theft. Which means: “got a billion dollars/ ITS STILL COUNTERFEIT MONEY”. Bought everything in sight, and threw them all away: YOU BOUGHT, with stolen money from us: and there are legal remedies for that.

WHAT is more important than that? HUMANITY believes nothing can be done about leaders/ they are sheep amid the wolves. But with law as is REDRESS, OUR CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT GUARANTEE. Of we are the authority here/ we the people OWN this nation. That fact, by bringing our leaders into court; to identify and investigate what they have been doing. JUDGING FOR OURSELVES what changes will now be made. ESTABLISHES TO THE WORLD ITSELF; THAT THIS CAN IN FACT; BE DONE.

CHOOSE WAR OR LAW, by what we the people of this world shall demand of our leaders. ENFORCED, by the truth; WE ARE THE MILITARY; of every single nation.

ARE YOU: a second amendment advocate? THEN RECOGNIZE, EVERY WAR ends with those who realize, “THE LAW” IS BETTER THAN THIS. SO FIGHT FOR TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT/ AND IDENTIFY THE THREATS; in court so they cannot hide easily: WHICH WILL OTHERWISE, MAKE US EXTINCT. DEFEND YOUR NATION; with the truth/ remembering NOTHING has ever been fair about war.   And with weapons of mass extinction/ that is more true than ever.

And remember this, with absolute certainty: REDRESS IS NOT REBELLION/ IT IS THE LAW, OUR DEMOCRACY GIVES TO US / TO GUARANTEE, WE SHALL NOT BE OVERRUN. To return to ourselves, AS THE OWNERS HERE. To enforce THE LAW of constitutional government; on those we employee. Once the truth is known, and proven by the evidence as best we can; in a court of law/ as intended by those who died to create this nation of choices beyond: OBEY/ DAMN YOU OBEY/ AND WE OWN EVERYTHING/ BELIEVE IT; YOU FUCKING (shove it in anything) PISSHOLE SLAVE “you”. WAKE UP, OR BE EXTINCT.

this is only the beginning of debt; and nobody increased the counterfeiting of assets more than president Trump.  ASK YOURSELF:  WHO DID GET THE MONEY/ AND WHERE DID IT GO?   Ask yourself: if the bribe you got, was worth your nation or world/ sold out; with you wanting more.  So every child was sacrificed: because you said, “WE DON’T CARE”/ not in my lifetime.

And if you doubt, “WE THE PEOPLE” IS REAL/ then ask: IF WE ARE, NOT THE OWNERS HERE/ then what are you? Answer the question. Your nation/ your world/ your child; demands it. NOT A GAME, the evidence is real/ the threats of extinction are real/ the foundation of everything, is literally under attack, by people who believe they are “gods”/ and our world faces war, as reality sinks in: soon, we cannot feed ourselves: WE HAVE NO WATER, because we are simply too many people; on this FINITE planet. AND REALITY DOES NOT CARE.


So, the people say: “we want what we want/ and you can’t stop us, from taking everything we can get”.    Just for clarity; I will NOT try.

But the world itself says: time is short, and you shall not survive/ because the choices you have made; end life on earth. YOU are the problem/ YOU are the solution; I, am irrelevant/ merely the messenger of change or die; so says the truth of YOUR reality. The choice is yours.

IF you are allowed; the only recourse you have left is INVESTIGATE AND PROVE; the cost of being WRONG. As a world/ as a nation/ as people who choose to care.

And humanity says: “we don’t want/ what we don’t want”. But alas, reality says: the universities are

  1. injecting chaos into nature
  2. destroying atomic stability and attempting to ignite atoms on fire.
  3. Creating diseases, and making you pay
  4. creating super diseases
  5. altering the plants we depend upon
  6. experts claimed: HELL don’t worry; about global warming/ toxic dumping/ absolutely nothing at all; cause the university is god.
  7. Weapons of mass destruction
  8. complete destruction of most national currencies
  9. they are producing robotic armies to defeat you/ so humanity cannot interfere
  10. every ocean in crisis
  11. every habitat being destroyed
  12. millions of individual species going extinction
  13. media manipulation and propagation of lies
  14. rebellion against democracy itself/ destruction of this USA
  15. overrunning and removing every option, to live your own life without begging to them.
  16. Destruction of rights, liberties, realities, hopes, freedoms, truth.
  17. And that only begins: the horror of human delusion that is “university knows”/ the cost of being wrong. And the people say: WHY, do I have to fight with anything/ just leave me alone, I only have one life to live; and I don’t want to lose it, just because of you or them, or anything but truth of love and respect for life itself. The answer is: we are a human herd of animals, UNLESS, we ascend beyond the state of want/ pride/ or power; to conceive of miracles, as is the basis of every heart and soul. Or more simply, the animals rule/ rather than the humans; and they live as “predator or prey”. The end result of it: every single human being has the right to decide for themselves; if they choose to be “alive in the possibilities of eternity/ or animals living in time.” Just like you. That fact or decision comes at any point along the time line of life; time exists for you to choose. Because eternity is not a place for judgment/ and it is not a place for hate: these are separated things from life and love. So you judge yourselves here, a midst the animals; where all judge where they belong, in the truth of life and love. If you care, you share. If you respect the living, you work for truth and justice. If you love, you search beyond yourself, where only true love can go. But if you hate; these fight to disrespect, deny, disgrace, destroy, ruin, ridicule, gossip, mutilate, violate, betray, terrorize; and do all “that universities do”. Along with their cult of worshipers, who live in “the imaginary brain”, that has no relationship to living or truth. Idiocy fails life, by destroying limits and boundaries and realities that govern fair play and justice. By claiming; “their are no laws”/ we can do ANYTHING we want. As the universities have been doing: and the consequence is, now we do face extinction, as the realities of threats so severe, many can literally end life or planet; surrounds us all. So the cost of fighting for this earth is now fundamentally: if you will keep this earth and its life, a place for living/ OR, as universities and their cult worshipers demand; let it all be mutilated, thrown in the sewer of evolution, ignited into a sun; or with nothing more than cannibalism left to war over. More distinctly: the animals have taken over life on earth; marked with the sign of the dead 6 (arrogance)6 (apathy)6 (disrespect)/ (which means they have approached every type of ending to life itself)/ the universities choose to destroy. Fully knowing the cost of being wrong is extinction. Having closed your eyes with media worship/ they take you with them. NO a diploma does not make you evil/ but it does mean, you stand closer, to those who are; and have a duty therefrom, to recognize we must stop the insane from accomplishing what hate is doing. To lead this earth into extinction/ because they, “are already dead inside”. And they want you dead too. Make no mistake: HATE always wears a disguise/ UNLESS it is time for violence. Know, what love is instead. Because the foundation of all human existence/ behaviors: is defined by one of these three things: love (everything good) or hate (everything bad) or survival (I have needs, or I die). WHO are you?And arrogance shouts: WE ARE doing great/ NOTHING IS WRONG; the universities ARE “god”. And apathy screams: THIS WORLD CAN’T DIE; you are a liar/ you are attempting to steal my good life from me; and I hate you. And disrespect offers: we should kill him, for trying to make us fear.When extreme examples of these three walk together, and exceed their restraints; the human animal, has become a living corpse; whose only purpose is to spread disease. That is: the mark of the dead. While reality itself continues to reply: weapons of mass destruction/ resource destruction/ water poisoned and depleted/ global warming/ atmosphere detaching from the planet/ ignition of atoms on fire/ mutilating all life, NATURE IS the genetic structure which builds the body of life. Extinction of species/ end of ocean life due to humans/ habitat destruction/ overpopulation adding a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year, over deaths/ and much more. In case that is not clear: it is more likely than not, human population births ADD: a total of the entire census of 330 million people/ about every 15 months. Or every man woman and child in this USA is replaced/ added too;  every 15 months in new human births over deaths as a world. prove it is not so/ because you can’t be wrong; and you can’t remain as you are doing. YOUR WORLD has changed: electricity allowed for every threat to be multiplied/ computers allowed for every threat to become worthy of extinction to our world/ antibiotics alone, multiplied the mass of people/ machinery controls nature/ genetic manipulation removes the limits and boundaries which protect a plant from invasion, a species from extinction; to yield more “sterilized grain”. But then there are few pollinators left/ few birds left//////////////// and plenty of terrorists, to burn you out. OR release a biological weapon against you, “to make money”; just as history proves is literally one of the oldest professions (make em sick/ so you can sell them a cure). Truth says: your option to change course, and remain a living world/ is unfortunately, “nearly over”. To your shame; arrogance is strong/ apathy is excessive/ disrespect is nearly total. The result of “university plays god, and the people say hurrah”. Don’t think so? Well if the media presented to you a universities expert; the vast majority would say it is true/ because believers, are believers/ and truth does not matter to a believer. NEVER question the universities? That makes you a member of their cult/ as the religion of apathy, arrogance, and disrespect finds you worshiping their “leaders to HELL”. with evolution leading the way. Prove that is not true. in fact prove:  “anything, ABOUT evolution/ other than this looks like that”;  because you can’t.   an imagination tainted with fantasy, is merely a delusion. And the masses say; “we are safe/ we don’t need to do NOTHING”. BUT alas, your university enemies want to turn you into beggars: because their fun is to create the things which replace you. Robotics will replace you/ leaving millions without work. Computers have replaced you/ leaving millions without work. GPS will replace you/ leaving that form of work to automation. Even teachers, doctors, and more will be replaced as videos take control/ computers diagnosis/ and surgical equipment turns to robotics as well. No, not safe in the military either; as robotic warriors are coming/ drone swarms are coming/ biological weapons usage is coming/ ships and planes and missiles under the control of a tiny few people, are coming. Which means they don’t and won’t care about you; and in fact, humanity is an ingredient that kills this world; making you expendable, and even a threat to their survival. So genocide comes. And so much more: you will truly know, “what the word HELL” MEANS. But hey, you are too smart to believe anything the television doesn’t tell you to think/ or the universities don’t order you to believe; as is the constant delusion of “sure we can mutilate nature/ its just chaos; so evolution will fix anything we break”. OR sure we can ignite atoms on fire/ its just an entire planet of fuel: WHAT could possibly go wrong? Well only “University, SATAN” knows for sure; right! Who cares; right? HELL, IT AIN’T YOUR JOB; right!The critical truth of it is: university leadership sold this USA out/ but what can you really expect from mental 2 year old’s in charge? They worship their god; whom college demands: “memorize and mimic everything I say”/ or you get no diploma/ and you get no job/ and you truly upset your parents who spent all that money on you. They decided as leaders; we don’t need no damn reality, and gave you numbers and bribes to remain quiet; which you did, even though you knew better; making you responsible too. The critical reality is: that today, the people who stole all the money from us/ are now picking us off, one citizen after another with the cost of their fantasies. There is no reality in the money/ they counterfeited assets to balance their debts; and are now being found out. Which is the cause of inflation along with true resource destruction/ and endless debt creation; of which you helped. So our only means of defense is: to demand REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES as is our constitutional law for these purposes. To take control for ourselves as the owners here/ investigating what is wrong; and making changes by our own vote. But the money is gone/ all you got is numbers, and the curse of a university cult; that produced whatever you believe they produced; by stealing your money, securities, properties, and enslaving your lives. So redress allows for us to establish what is true of the money, and every threat: by a courtroom of the people, by the people, and for the people as democracy insists. Whereby we then take control over our nation; and resurrect reality, to depart from these delusions which are headed to hell, literally. Because truth is truth, and the end of lies is here; even if you fail to resurrect yourselves/ the reality of consequences chosen; will simply destroy all peace and harmony/ all happiness and hope. Because they chose it, and you let them do it. NO IT AIN’T going to be free/ but it will begin the process of saving this nation and this world. Don’t want too; alas, the evidence knows; “that is your road to HELL” and even worse. CHOOSE LIFE, AND CHANGE, SO THAT TRUTH ITSELF, can keep life and earth from dying. Simple as that; be alive/ rather than dead. CHOOSE.Reality provides: you simply take control, you are “the money/ you are the taxpayer”. You continue to pay, you choose whatever amount to pay yourselves per week/ per worker; doing what you do; same for all. Establishing a moratorium on what needs to be stopped until this is done. When finished: choose limited capitalism; “to establish equality, security, and fair play”.
  18.  and the people say; “what kind of guarantee do we get”? The answer being: your guarantee is, without change all will be lost forever. Use your brain/ not your want or pride or power. Of all the threats, that need a brain, rather than a cult;  perhaps the atmosphere WILL detach from the planet, requires honesty most. Trees held the atmosphere in place, once they moved together/ but now nearly gone; the second part of that was polar cold sucked out movement from the equator (which is going at over one thousand miles an hour)/ to create the circular drive/ jet stream, we know as weather. that too is leaving, due to global warming; and the incessant demand of “university experts” which tell you not to worry about anything; so says media. So the people say: “WE AIN’T going to worry about that”/ but alas, there does come a point of no return; check wind speeds at other planets in this solar system. And understand what miracles mean. So, how does this one rank? you tell me.
  19. more deliberately; you DO understand what it means, if they ignite atoms on fire just like the sun/ even if you won’t admit it, because you are afraid as you should be. YOU DO understand what it means, when people intentionally inject chaos into nature/ mutilate bodies/ alter the very life and lives we depend upon to survive/even if you won’t admit it, because you are afraid as you should be. YOU DO understand what the loss of resources on THIS FINITE PLANET means to the young/even if you won’t admit it, because you are afraid as you should be. YOU DO understand the consequences of weapons of mass destruction/ ocean life collapse/ and a thousand more/ even if you won’t admit it, because you are afraid as you should be. YOU DO UNDERSTAND; THERE IS NO GOING BACK, beyond the point of no return. 
  20. But as with global warming; when you step outside your door and can say “nothing wrong here/ and the liar expert says nothing wrong here; with media trumpeting that lie”; the concept of an entire world affected because 8 BILLION people standing inside a three foot square (9 sq ft) piece of dirt= 78 billion square feet of nothing but humanity; no room to move, people touching people. or its 8 billion sq meters of humanity if you prefer.  YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED/ and you MUST change or you go extinct.
  21. if you are young; you literally don’t have a choice:  change this world, or your elders will sacrifice you. They didn’t intend to/ if you were in their shoes, you would have made the same decisions (50 years of fighting with humanity; proves that to me). but now they don’t want to change; because they don’t want to pay; just like everyone else.  UNFORTUNATELY, your fantasies are dead/ and reality will soon prove that completely true.  CHANGE OR DIE. just do the best you can, “like me”/ because nobody does better than that. regardless who you are, or what you believe you can/ or can’t do. DO, what you can do. COMMUNICATE;  we cannot let these people be wrong anymore/ WE MUST GO TO COURT AS A WORLD, AND IDENTIFY THE TRUTH, OF WHAT THESE THREATS ARE/ AND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG.And the people say: WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING IMPORTANT! But reality proves, there are endless marches for this that and the other things; thousands or even millions shouting. Which proves you can organize yourselves, if you want too. Twenty years ago, “a silly cat video” went around the world with 2-3 million views in less than a week. Which proves yes you can organize a world, with the internet; and people wanting to do it. The constitution is our government in this USA/ and no employee can surrender that without your acceptance of it: BECAUSE THE LAW RULES US ALL, not just you or me. Which means yes you can “go to court BY LAW/ GUARANTEEING DEMOCRACY SHALL RULE US; as is the purpose of the first amendment. And even the US supreme court has absolutely NO AUTHORITY over the constitution. They are allowed to interpret it; but only as we allow them to do so. WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, and this is our democracy/ NOT ruled by our employees, regardless of their claims. INSTEAD the law says TREASON; to those who fight and rebel against our government, which is what unites we the people; as is the intent of our people by the preamble, “virginia bill of rights” and US declaration of independence; each of which is under attack; “by universities are superior/ and have taken control”. Of our money, securities, lives, freedoms, rights, and everything else; as proven by covid rules; you have no choice/ and they have NO UNDOCUMENTED EVIDENCE; only manipulation. As is proven by “a few dozen cases in China”/ and instantly “its a worldwide pandemic”; and look we have a vaccine, just give us a few trillion dollars; and we let you have it. SURE its safe; just like everything else the liar expert says; even though that is absolutely unproven/ and is a mutilation of genetic structure in humans now too. FAILURE, FANTASY, DELUSIONS, IMAGINATION, TERRORISTS, with little more than greed (I demand yours too), selfishness (its MINE, all mine) and arrogance (I have judged you worthless to me) to show for their leadership; a road to HELL (its all gone/ nothing of value is left), courtesy “university knows”.WAKE UP OR DIE; this ain’t no game.WAKE UP OR DIE; this ain’t no game. YES I DO, know you want what you want/ and you won’t want nothing to interfere with what you want; you got bills to pay, etc. BUT, what you refuse to admit too is: without a world, or resources, or a body that works, or extinction itself, because you didn’t care: NOTHING OF VALUE is left. So, regardless of what you want, now; you are just like me, forced to admit “this ain’t no game/ and we owe a duty to our lives, along with all the miracles that surround us all”. I paid, with my life in time; the least you can do, is more than you do now. No going back; now or never is true. Everything of value, is under attack; including your face, your home, your future, your child, your hope; as the universities worm their way into HELL/ EVERY life goes with them. PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, AND THE LITERAL PRICE, FOR BEING WRONG.And for roughly 50 years; humanity, including immigrants have said to me, “I AIN’T NO DAMN FOOL”. I won’t be no damn target for the powerful to hate/ I WANT EVERYTHING I CAN GET. I ain’t doing NOTHING without a leader to blame. IF you won’t use a gun/ then you are the fool; law is worthless to the common man; they control it all. NOT IN MY LIFETIME/ OR OUR GARBAGE WILL BE THEIR GOLD MINE; so we don’t have to care. Of course the obligatory ridicule to discredit, discard, and disrespect me; along with the demand; YOU DO IT/ but we will never help you, not even a little; YOU will fail (we want you to fail; we DON’T want no damn change; this is a war FOR STUFF to prove we are “great”/ WE WANT what we want; let the world be damned/ we won’t care. But, as for me; you are destroying an entire living world of Creation, with miracles all around; and I won’t throw that away. Alas, as a cult; worshiping universities who do play god/ which are only a few individuals who made “the throne of satan (destroyer of a world) called university knows”; you do. And the people shout he is “religious”/ Satan is a religious word. But it merely proves a definition all do understand. Whereas the proof of me is: I don’t believe, I accept what has value, searching for proof of what is true: YOU DO believe, and that is the difference. I choose faith: let the evidence decide, let truth lead, let life prove what is valued, let love be my contribution to this world, let the life I live remember the miracles I have known. While historical religion shouts: WE BELIEVE whatever we want to believe/ damn you for trying to change us; WE WANT what we want/ to hell with you. GOD will never let this earth die. But reality and prophecy both prove that just isn’t so; when humanity is the problem, complete disrespect is rampant, every boundary is breached with arrogance, and it is humanity itself that is the solution. NO, I absolutely “can’t save a single one/ and that is the truth”. Which means change or die. “your choice”. No you cannot escape the truth, and the truth is; by the evidence, extinction is at your door. Believe it, or not; is absolutely irrelevant/ truth is truth. NO, I cannot do more than I am allowed to do; simple as that: you must fight for yourselves; my time to try is over. I failed that, you refused. However, the message of change or die is delivered; to a world; as enough know to make that true. “a silly cat video twenty years ago; got 2-3 million views in a week”. If you want to save your world; you can do better than that. You can communicate, you can care, you can respect life and world, you can choose law, you can demand WE HAVE RIGHTS. Or fail with the consequences of what is coming to this dying world. Your choice. And the world says, either: “we will admit you were right, when the world is dead” [alas, too late]/ OR, “screaming, DON’T TELL ME NOTHING, I am INNOCENT” because I didn’t know; and don’t you ruin that for me; I want what I want, and I don’t want nothing to do with nothing, that I don’t want.” [alas, you did know enough; you chose not to know more; thereby letting life die]. NO, I don’t win nothing; NO, there is no trophy, trinket, or toy. Instead life is a gift, and my lifetime has been spent “giving back”. NOT because I wanted too; but because if you have love, you cannot let an entire world die, without a fight to save it. You cannot love someone, and let them, or their world die; just because you don’t want to participate in what hope allows; can make a difference. Even when it seems useless to do; hope must remain. Even when life itself has changed.
  22. YOUR CHOICE.  NO, going back/ dead is dead/ lost is lost. pride is an enemy. And all the people say: I only have one life to live, and I want it to be “all mine”/ no regrets, everything I can get. And reality replies: death is “an eternal event”; which robs you, of any chance to change who you are, or what you did do. So the real truth of it is: DOES LIFE GO ON/ or, is a dead body the proof, that all life has ended? The answer is: all humanity has ended with its body dead. But as a mass of chemical composition, that cannot be eternal; the real question is, IS LIFE ITSELF, a participant with that body, OR, is life itself the result of that body? The answer is: LIFE IS THE ENERGY WE CONTROL, which makes the energy a substance of life, rather than body. While some will argue, evidence of chemistry/ the reality is no; an energy separated from body, as it works strictly with thought to achieve the essence of freedom, which functionally is “unrestricted by body”. Freedom is a relationship formed from thought. While thought is, at its core existence, a balancing of energy within the framework of self. These things are not formed from chemistry. Therefore we do assert: life after death, is possible. So the question is: HOW do you plead, alive after death/ or death after life?  Eternity arises with truth. But ONLY TRUTH, will survive, to begin again; because truth cannot be changed, therefore it is, what it is {at the time of your death}. Just as energy is an action or a reaction in time; so will be the direction of your life beyond time: one way/ OR the other. As energy, governed by thought, will provide. ONLY LOVE, makes life valuable. Therefore love is: the only home, to be desired; as nothing less knows joy. As to energy itself, before it is translated into time, as a directional motion: energy exists as a force, that has not been moved. Thought constructs fate (the consequences) or destiny (conceived by choice).And the people say: I WANT A GUARANTEE! Before I spend my life on “Maybe”? And truth replies: death is a guarantee, and your decision is eternal. While love answers this: that only truth, respect, love, courage, hope, values, sharing, caring, participation, desire for love, and the passionate purposes of joy, which bring happiness to all; are welcomed here. So that none need to be removed “not even forever”. Simple as that, your choice. And religion says: I DON’T like him, I want to believe whatever I want to believe/ because I want what I want; and I don’t want nothing, but what I want. And ++++++++++++++: So, the truth is, I am looking only, for those who can remain alive. NOT because the rest not lost to hate, cannot be loved; but because life is too short to spend it on people who will not survive.
  23. So, say I. The spiritual woman inside of me says: “you are not judge”/ and you too, cannot know who will or will not be allowed or embraced to sustain and recreate life in eternity. Therefore you shall work for all; same, with hope.i guess”, that is why she gets to be the new owner here; as in the end result of it, “she is always right/ and I am always wrong”. Even if by degrees; the end result of it is; I would truly hope, never to discard a single life. Nope “distinctly NOT perfect, at all”. Change is possible; until death. Or, until the spiritual world owns you; but that is a sign of death; described by; the edge of no return. “its complicated”.And the majority say: “see, he is insane/ or she; or whatever that thing is”. So, I reply as gently as I can, with questions: WHY, does the body die; the chemistry is still there/ OR, “what is a robot worth, without programming software to make it move”? WHERE does that life programming come from; and where was it in the very beginning? WHAT did chaos build; is not the evidence of life/ the evidence of thought, the energy we control for our own purposes? WHERE did that come from? Or more distinctly, WHERE DID NATURE “the genetic structure come from? and yet: you allow “the university satan”; to invade (combining every species), destroy (every boundary), mutilate (every value in a body of life), curse (the living existence), deny (every ability), kill (the very fabric of our existence; YOUR EYES, ARMS, HANDS, LEGS, FACE, BRAIN, TONGUE; EVERYTHING IS BEING SACRIFICED, so they can play god with life) TO YOUR SHAME.  WHILE, any other thing, the horror of their ways can do; is providing you with “ARMAGEDDON (NATURE IN CHAOS_).   as cults do, the worshipers “you”:  SHOUTING HURRAH!   but alas, “cults are insane”; ain’t that right?  cult means: NEVER question your leader, OBEY/ BELIEVE/ FEAR, damn you FEAR.Your conclusion is: “the universities are god”. My conclusion is: EVERY MIRACLE PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF “GOD OUR CREATOR”; every aspect of body, every design of perfectly engineered for human, for life, for everything”; but hate, and the cost of arrogance, apathy, and disrespect as is the essence of university behind closed doors. your conclusion is: distract, and BLAME “him”/ ridicule and revile and destroy what we don’t want to know; convict with purpose by design, as is the constant of a mob. My conclusion is: have faith in the truth, and understand the value that is love. Have faith and accept, “the guarantor of life in eternity, is JESUS”; as written of in the bible. A reality none have surpassed, or even come close to identifying the truth between LOVE versus HATE. A reality of teaching, with foundations created to grant we might understand: “ask for an eternity with love, truth, and respect”; and it may be granted even “to me and you”. Nope, none are perfect; simple as that. But this is not a world governed by perfection, it is a world governed by miracles; with just enough freedom, to identify “self”. Beyond self, is eternity; and you should remember that: walking into death as best you can/ while leaving this world, to go back with the energy of life, from whence it came. Best wishes, for a world.
  24. Regardless of my life (not your savior_); the choice of human existence; is respect, truth, life, planet, and child; or be extinct. Choose.
  25. the primary framework is done/ your ability to complete the task of changing life for the benefit of our living world, is real.  choose.As for me, the primary framework is also done; my ability to survive “whatever might come”; is realistically not up to me. The question is: whatever truth demands? And I have no real clue what that will be. Guessing is NOT what I do. Reality will provide, I will endure; or even perhaps “be changed entirely”; who knows. Not a clue. Revelations offers: “depression is coming (18)/ the world of humans shall be divided (19)/ true change shall exist (20)/ a new and better world will emerge (21) possibilities beyond what we can imagine, will come true (22). whether all that will include me or not, I do not know; your message is delivered. That, is true. The work of life or death for our world; is up to you. “i guess”; the reality of being united with “the spiritual woman inside of me”; aligns with a real world look at the differences between male and female/ in the variations in our distinct choices. Never my intent, just how it is. She has proven to be “kinder/ gentler than male”; a reality that lifts humanity rather than discards it for being too apathetic and such. A reality, this world needs; even if you don’t agree: again not my intent. No, I don’t expect you to believe/ that is unnecessary. What is important is the reality of threats which can easily make you extinct/ destroying an entire world, because of “university knows/ universities play god”. That you must accept is true; because the evidence is more than sufficient to demand a trial; and describe the investigation as needed, and now. As to me: I remind male that although we can easily remain or be friends, work together and so on/ NEVER, as male or any disguise of it, approach me for sex; if you were born male/ then you are male. Your choice is your own/ your eternity is your own/ that is not a judgment; it is a warning strictly applied to “me”. A warning that remains YOUR cost to attack me for sex, will be an eternity in HADES. Not homosexual/ not transsexual/ not any of perversion of it, and never was. As to female and me: a thousand; “I don’t know”, sums it up, as best I can. Its complicated. My whole world as male, has been taken apart and rearranged into something else; and I don’t have control over it. Trading places? For now or eternity; I just don’t know. But everyday, life seems more determined; I have been changed, forever.I AM, required to learn or search for “what is female”? By life (disciplines shape us) and living (order refines us)/ by truth (Identifies what we value most) and reality (balances love with destiny); the essence (my hope expands) of an education (respect understands), same as it has always been; to define existence with knowledge, thereby to understand, and accept the wisdom to be taught. The lessons, because I seem to have entered within the spiritual essence of a female dimension/ and must know now. No, male cannot enter here; which means, in trading places, they consider me “a woman to women”; or something like that. I DON’T know; life has turned “upside down”. Just lost/ or more distinctly given up, on any conception of escape back to strictly male. It is not, going to happen; time to move on.Just so its clear: once again, “I LOVED male”/ never for a single second, did I ever conceive of being anything but male. This is about “end of the world realities, and what is needed for life to survive”. Female in me, balanced male, and made it possible to deliver this message for you as a world. But there are “costs”. As to the possibility, “that I could be considered the, son of man”; or distinctly NOT “the son of GOD”/ the reality is, that an education allows both the son of man to exist; while being taught spiritually by JESUS. I don’t claim it/ but I don’t deny it either; as it cannot be proven one way or the other. However changing male into female; certainly ends any and all concept of such a discussion. So, if you accept the message is true, “from our GOD” . Then it is still possible to believe “JESUS established the message”/ and then gave me to spiritual female, to insure NOBODY gets me mixed up with HIM. I guarantee, “not me”; but the message remains intact. CHANGE what you are doing, every threat: or you will go extinct. No second chances/ your choice is forever. As is mine. Just so its clear: while knowledge and understanding are gifts of the spiritual world, participating beyond time/ if you survive it. Beyond the spiritual world at the edge of life and death; thought exists as a communication to be shared by those found fit to do so. That is a dimension of both trust and truth, and will not be entered by less than those invited. While I could have died several times; I did not (exactly, that is complicated too), and do attribute that “to my savior, JESUS”. As is consistent with the lessons learned to share with you. My conclusion of the work, does in fact lend itself to the acceptance of “its complicated”/ and a surprise to me. I know not why? The evidence speaks for itself, I am merely trying to help you understand where it came from; as best I can. I would state, “just a plain man”; who spent a lifetime learning. That education shaped; by a continual return to “human failures must be identified/ before they can be fixed”. Finding you transfixed on “getting all you can get/ regardless of the consequences”; I spent thirty years, fighting to understand how best to confront and overwhelm the university cult worshipers. With knowledge sufficient to that job. The spiritual world offered that solution, and I entered in. “its complicated”; although it required “no distractions allowed”. So the end result of it is: I could not complete this work “simply as a plain man; like all men, there came a day when war is all that was left/ and war ends life, so it was useless”. That left women, as the only hope for a solution. No, GOD gave us the tools to use; and it is our job to use them for life; no simply “drop it into your lap” so to speak; OUR JOB/ OUR DUTY to life and earth. So, I searched, and ended at the spiritual world of female; “an alternate dimension”; where hope was returned to the law, and the law was returned to truth. Where reality governs by understanding justice and fair play for all. BUT the end result of it is; you want what you want, and don’t care about anything of importance, until you recognize “you, can die from this”. But with media guiding you into delusions/ and universities guiding you into fantasies, with lies and stupidity and failures. The imagination of fools remains in control. So this world is about to collapse onto itself; as extinction comes. Whereas one last reality is certain: global economic collapse, will make you stop; to return to reality, and reassess what is true. Perhaps that will give you one last chance to escape extinction; I don’t know, its not my job. I did my job, “a messenger (pick up a package here/ and take it over there)”; as so many others could have just as easily done. But you did not. No clue why me?the spiritual woman who joined me, now in the 17th year; did her job too”. IT IS YOUR TURN, we completed our work. Yes, I know you don’t understand or believe; which is fine, as it makes no difference to the evidence of your world, or its conclusion, without change. Yes it is weird, but that does not make it untrue.

    No clue what, the spiritual world of female is going to do with my life or body? No clue what eternity is for me; as reality is now mixed with both male and female. I guess no longer “plain me”/ but I don’t know what that is either. “its complicated”.

    So, BEST WISHES; I tried, did what I could; nope definitely not perfect. Wake up, and question the future, before it is literally the end of time and life on earth. As that is coming, due to human decisions; where universities lead to hell. Not a game, the evidence is real.

    YOUR literal decision has been: “to get all you can get/ sacrificing every child; because you fear the universities are going to kill this earth anyway; so it is useless to try”. My literal decision has been: “we cannot let this earth die, without a fight”/ we owe that much and more, to every miracle of life; and every child. The time we have known as life, the experiences of living; and the expressions of justice; which know, “it is the universities that must be dealt with”/ rather than letting us all be extinct. That is our choice, to RESPECT this world. Rather than let it die.

  26. “I guess”: that is the literal difference between us, “I can’t seem to quit trying to save this world from extinction/ while you can’t seem to start, just too busy trying to get all you can get; before the world itself is dead. for decades you have ridiculed me, “for trying”. And for decades I have said: “its an entire world in jeopardy of extinction; WE CANNOT QUIT/ or at least I will not quit.” But today, good/ bad/ or indifferent;  unless you start fighting for life and earth; there really is nothing left for me to do. 
  27. making you “the winner” [currency and credit derivatives increased 517 trillion dollars in this US, in the last 22 years; which means assets increased equally per year 23.5 trillion dollars as indicated below. OR DIVIDED equally among one hundred million people (the real workforce) EACH should have received $230,500.00 per year to equal that asset increase]/ and aren’t you proud [while the US debt is now: 92 TRILLION; OR divided equally by one hundred million people: each owed $920,000.00; “cause you didn’t pay for nothing”]! And the US plus so many more across the world screams: YES WE ARE GREAT “not in my lifetime”, let the children die. Proving instead of war, there are easier ways; to rape, ravage, ruin, and destroy the other people (attack the children/ and take their future, instead).
  28. STAND UP AND BE RECOGNIZED/ SIGN YOUR NAME, TO BE SURE THEY KNOW YOU CARE/ DO THE BEST YOU CAN; NOBODY DOES BETTER, than the best you can do. Even if like me, you fail in the end/ the evidence will prove, at least you tried.  and the people say, “you are a fool/ take what you can get; YOU ARE going to die too”. but, alas a dead world, ends life forever; making this humanity responsible for the extinction of an entire living world. and I say to you:  NEVER ME, I will/ I did fight:  whether you do or not. And the people say: our leaders have all the weapons, and they will kill us all. But reality says: we the people ARE the military of every nation; WHICH LITERALLY DOES MEAN: WE DO HOLD ALL THE WEAPONS OURSELVES. So the real issue is: WHO decides WHO will be killed? Every soldier knows: they can be killed or treated badly if they don’t kill on command. WHICH DOES MEAN: they must each, be given a bill of rights by their own nation. To control the fear of leaders; and establish YOU ARE TO DEFEND US; not them.

    As a world we are 8 billion people: HOW MANY LEADERS? You own the guns, etc; you are the military, etc; you provide the resources to the military, etc. all the leader has is authority. BUT IF BY LAW, they have betrayed their authority, and done what they had no legitimate right to do: they do become criminals, and in terms of nations; they are then guilty of treason. And you can take them to court; even as a world, if you make the laws, which will govern leaders; every single one same.

    GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. CREATE LAWS AS WE THE PEOPLE ARE, “GOING TO GOVERN OURSELVES” BY THE LAW, WHICH NOW CONTROLS OUR LEADERS. ENFORCING THAT LAW, WITH OUR OWN WORLD ARMY; to provide the force; that will then bring those leaders into court; to be tried by the law. Because a leader, every one; is merely a citizen; and no more; once the law is broken.

    In America: democracy has already provided that law to govern our leaders; “its called first amendment redress of grievances”. Which allows we the people of this nation: to demand a courtroom, whereby we become the owners of this nation; who are now judge and jury; over whether our leaders kept their oath or not. THAT IS the benefit of constitutional law; as a democracy which owns the nation because we united as “we the people” of this land: DEMAND YOU ARE NOT OUR RULER; you are, our employee; subject to the rules we have made to control you. By the constitution which is OUR GOVERNMENT. The law, which unites, and controls the employee; so as to protect democracy itself.

    The judiciary as written: hold jurisdiction ONLY OVER WHAT IS BENEATH THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF. They have no right of jurisdiction; to decide the constitution; and if they say they do: and democracy has been betrayed: THEN GUILTY of TREASON. Because their job is to protect and defend the constitution, thereby protecting our democracy as we the people: OWN this nation.

    Or more distinctly: you have everything you need; to be owners here/ not merely subjects of a ruler; as covid proved rules you.

  29. More distinctly: “united means unionized (you do understand)”/ and as with all union activities, you must be prepared for resistance. Understanding the cost now, will grant rewards later. Every form of distraction/ every form of “the ruler is in charge”/ every form of criminal conduct/ cult demand/ mob creation; shall be used; to derail the fundamental truth of this work. Which is ultimately:  “we shall never vote for someone to vote for me again”/ instead as a nation or world; we will vote and create THE LAW, which all people must obey/ FOR OURSELVES. As proof, of our right to rule ourselves/ to control our future/ to fight for our world:  with justice, equality, and fair play as we, the people;  decide to do. The law must never overreach/ and the rules must never be more than is truly needed: so that life can be free. And truth will honor the value of us all. RESPECT THEM, so they can RESPECT YOU.  accept nothing less, same for all.
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