I am reminded; that while male has delivered his message of, “extinction looms upon this earth”/ change or you will die. The reality of a different job has emerged for me; which is to be a “surrogate mother” of some sort for you. Instead of complaint, it is necessary to honestly pay the price; for a new way of living. NOT by delusion or fantasy, but like prophecy: within the basic framework and function of what is being suggested. Reality is reality, and that cannot be changed by want, pride, or power; without destruction of what is true. Truth however can change reality, if it is real, as proven by the evidence, and within the construction of miracles. A creation that has no mark of man, woman, or time did this; as is life itself.

Change is a decision, and a decision once “ignited into action or reaction”/ cannot be changed back; true is true. Discarding what has always been (but I loved this), to encounter and allow what is now new (we all need this); is no small thing. So, it seems: that life might be requiring me to lead you after all; changing what has been desired/ into a new life, which seems unlikely at best, to be what I would desire. Nonetheless, our entire world of Creation is standing on the edge of extinction; believe that or not it is true/ and we must do our best to keep this world alive. Even if we fail, that is a duty to all who are alive inside.

I remind each: while the blanket approach is used to identify “university as a primal threat to our very survival as a world”. Because the media blanket approach of “university is god/ believe anything the university says; is a massive propagation of failure, rather than truth. The fundamental of that is: “university is like electricity”/ each has something to contribute: BUT EACH THREATENS LIFE AND EARTH. Each can kill you easily, in a few seconds by touching and doing what life itself, nor planet can survive. While there are true benefits to each one/ the primary hazard resides in NOT KNOWING, what you need to know, in order to remain safe as a world or as life itself. Because these are merely the children who do not want to grow up/ that were your former classmates; who now mimic and memorize, but do not think; as is the realty of a cult. They are “just like you”/ and just like you, 99%+ ALL WANT TO BE RICH, and PROUD beyond belief; as is playing god with life and world; to shout LOOK AT ME. Literally believing anything that gets them whatever they want. The curse of male domination is: “we want what we want/ and will kill to get it, if we feel threatened; or can simply take it; we will”. The constant is: “if one of us is going to die/ or not get what they want: ITS YOU”/ same as “us, not you”; throughout history and the world. But make no mistake: OVERPOPULATION OF HUMANITY, does demand someone has to die/ because there is no further real world places to move. The curse of simplicity is a threat/ but the curse of “tools” which allow universities to literally play god; is EXTINCTION.

Limits and boundaries separate life from death/ the universities play god by destroying every limit, and refusing every boundary; to establish chaos, which leads to HELL, and then extinction of life on earth. Simple as that. While it is a very complex world: the day comes soon, when every consequence will be known: HELL AND HORROR have arrived/ and there is no going back, past the point of no return. one second too late/ is too late!

Like a key, which starts and stops a large machine: YOU DON’T KNOW, which critical factor that will be, for nature or life or planet: UNTIL the day you now know, “ALL of humanity has become, the walking dead”.

WE KNOW: that nature does no such thing to itself. WE KNOW, the universities are doing that exact thing, in an effort to make nature itself die; as a means of learning where the keys are; so they can play god. BUT, TRUTH DEMANDS: ALL THEY CAN DO, IS PLAY SATAN.

In a world, that reminds me of a vile soup of: tragedy, disgrace, disrespect, denial, lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, failure, fantasies, delusions, outright playing god, violence, and more; that is difficult for us all. But basically, “like a mother with child, in a pest ridden, crime ridden, piece of human existence surrounded by gangs, whose only purpose is pride or power; to demand a long list of wants. I, like each such family; must at least try/ it is my duty. Even though, I would regard myself as the least likely candidate for this work; it seems to be mine, and life needs me to do it. Certainly not as your savior; as would mean I could save you/ I can’t, simple as that; not a single one. But as a mother; which does mean, having spent my life and time in preparing you for your own existence, your own freedom to choose; to guide without judgment, is the final phase of releasing you into the world, as a child who must find his or her own way.

That, requires me to abandon whatever final want or need that exists in me; for a life, body, or even freedom of my own. And return to trusting human existence will support “more love than hate”; because your need is great. In a world that eats trust, lies about truth, disrupts and destroys reality, mutilates life, and gambles with our entire world in ways that catastrophe, “doesn’t even come close” to the cost of you being wrong.

NATURE GIVES US LIFE/ THE LOSS OF NATURE IS EXTINCTION; and even you, know that is true.

The mother in me, reminds: that guiding a child into “the teenage years”; does not allow you to make decisions for that child. The demand of life is: to understand the cost of being wrong/ and the realities which we must all face in order to survive/ and your own search for happiness, which only love can provide.

So, I begin with the cost of being wrong; reminding each one, past the point of no return, there is no going back/ because universities and men, have in fact changed this world.

  1. Understand this: that the plague of propaganda, is one of the most disease ridden examples of human existence ever to be created/ and your television is filled with that host of failure, curse of life, traitors to every cause. With only few examples of a value to shape love or life in ways of justice, freedom, or truth.
    1. ONLY THE EVIDENCE MATTERS/ TRUTH ALIGNS ITSELF WITH REALITY/ DISCIPLINES, NOT WANT decide the shape of order that creates truth, by balancing what can be known, with the cost of being wrong. Only when that balance of truth creates a path forward into the future, with minimal cost for being wrong; can things for life and earth truly be changed. Your universities do exactly the opposite of that: forcing chaos, hoping things will go wrong, cursing existence itself to play god, and fight for hell. Using the blight of their religion of evolution as an excuse. The consequence of that is; never trust a diploma. Prove the evidence is true, and then fight to understand how reality would change if this decision was made.
    2. I must remind the children: that to blindly follow, is always a tragedy, when truth does not lead. To blindly believe is a tragedy awaiting what truth will reveal; and does not constitute a value, unless reality proves it so: then it is too late to change/ as truth is, what truth is. In the light of time past: are the endless pharmaceutical drug trials, of damage already done. Of claims; “its safe”/ that were proven wrong for many. Of realities that discovered the cost of believing in these “pills”/ was only found decades later. And yet as with covid; a reality of disease created by universities to sell their vaccine to you; a couple months of very limited trials, “and its safe” for an entire world to take; including infants; because they want your money. And the only thing that matters to the most vile who have ever lived is the money; “winner”! And the only thing that matters to the cult worshipers is: “hurrah we were correct, they are gods”. Until the day when it is proven they were not, and your very life and body is now in jeopardy. The critical quest is: to divide what is true, from lies/ to understand the cost of being wrong; must be chosen by you. Because you must endure the price that will be attached to what you chose, or allowed to be chosen by or for you.
    3. The list is very long, and unnecessary, at this time. BUT I WILL remind you, that this world is filled with biological weapons in the hands of very many people (more than you imagine). This world is filled with nuclear weapons; each of which can be released “by a single decision”. This world is filled with chemical weapons stored in every major city. This world is filled with counterfeit money; and all said hurrah/ but the end result of lies, is theft. The end result of that theft is: those who came before you raiding and ruined your future, to pay for their past/ the trophies, toys, and trinkets; for which they claimed “not in my lifetime”. And ten thousand more, with extinction at its core. NO MATTER WHAT you believe, the future will not be; as has been your past. Resources destroyed/ planet changed/ chains of life discarded/ life itself mutilated/ and people trying desperately to ignite “atoms on fire”. Actually believing: we don’t have to care/ “not enough gravity” to sustain the fire. So it will just extinguish itself. WRONG IS, “earth becomes a sun”.  one second too late, and you plus all life and world:  will burn.
    4. so, who led us here? Answer the question. Because past the point of no return at so many levels of crisis for all life and world:  there is no going back!      so, says the evidence of your truth. And I do wish, it was not so! OUR REALITY INSISTS: none of that will be changed by “wishing it away”. Simple as that: change must come from the people who made the change possible, and allowed those decisions to be made. Which is you. SOME people cry war; but that too, just like wishing is a fools game which will fail completely; and the world will be lost. OUR ONLY CHOICE: IS THE LAW THAT WE THE PEOPLE THEN ENFORCE AS OUR RULE OVER LEADERS AND WHAT THEY DO. In America; that law is REDRESS of GRIEVANCES a first amendment constitutional guarantee/ by which we the people become judge and jury of our own nation. By taking our employees to court: and demanding the evidence in full, as to the realities of threat we all face as this world must unite, in that one decision. TO FIND AND REMOVE WHAT THREATENS OUR WORLD EXTINCTION. Or more simply; “we are all threatened/ and we must all recognize that fact: and with purity if possible, as best we can. EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE AND IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE. COMPOUNDING THAT, INTO THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS; WE AS A WORLD, LITERALLY cannot go back in time and undo; what university experimentation is doing. What leaders are doing. What resources are left; and everything else the evidence of our world shall provide. ONE TRIAL; THE BEST WE THIS WORLD CAN DO (WHICH INCLUDES “WORLD PARTICIPATION”. ONE VERDICT; the best we did do/ the reality of decision we will face as the cost of being wrong. NO EXCUSES; THIS WORLD DECIDED FOR ITSELF/ AND will face its future, defined by that choice; “one and all”/ as is the cost of world extinction, or whatever else might be chosen as your own truth. NO EXCUSES allowed.While you investigate “cause and consequences”; YOU MUST EXAMINE “EVOLUTION’ AS A PRIMARY CAUSE. The reality of that being; as one group of three young genetics graduate students replied decades ago. WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY, about anything we do/ because evolution will just replace this life with something else; “even adding to that, in a billion years or so”. So confident in their conclusions, the indoctrination of their religious beliefs; that is was worthless to correct their delusions. So they walked away; and caused me to increase my education accordingly. MY conclusion of the evidence: nothing is a more sewer infested plague of fools and parasites; than is “evolution”. THEIR conclusion of belief is and was: let’s inject chaos into biology, to see what evolution will do/ lets cause NATURE to collapse, so we can define how to recreate it ourselves. “just like bridges” are made to fall down; so we can build them better.BUT THAT, is just a few parts and pieces known/ WHILE NATURE IS AN INFINITE REALITY OF COMPOSITION, SO DELICATE, AND SO ULTIMATELY MADE BY THOUGHT; that being human is like looking in the trash can for something to believe; YOU will NEVER play god again; or EXTINCTION is certain!BEING WRONG IS THE END OF NATURE, WHICH IS THE END OF LIFE ON EARTH. BECAUSE WHO DO YOU TRUST MORE: “look at your hands/ you have eyes/ and somewhere a brain; a body dependent upon “a billion things MUST go right” or you won’t live or have a body that works. AND YET YOU LET THE WORST RELIGION EVER BORN OF FOOLS, throw it all away, with pure disrespect. And YOU say NOTHING.Covid proved the religious zeal of believers, and what they do; when in charge of the pollution of evidence, by the propaganda of media. They stole your face, your life, many homes and business and jobs and family, and friend and future, and whatever was left of securities in a nation: but provided NO EVIDENCE other than BELIEVE/ FEAR/ AND OBEY what you are told. QUESTION NOTHING; as is the true sign of a cult. INVESTIGATE AND SEARCH for what is literal truth; accept nothing less! in ways that are not polluted by those who gain, or want you to believe.  DON’T need to do that? ASK yourself: exactly how many people in media and their experts were actually used to cost the world trillions, damage nations; to risk all human life on earth with biological mutations? Answer: a very tiny handful, because cult worshipers don’t need no damn proof; the leaders cannot be questioned/ whatever they say is repeated and believed. In order to survive, and find the truth of happiness: you must understand the truth of heart and soul/ while leaving the mind as your anchor in time, to adjust the quest of life, with the trust of things proven by time itself. The dignity of life resides between heart (the essence of my hope)/ with the truth of soul (the essence of life; “given to you” itself). These two govern our decisions, beyond survival. So the question is then: WHAT do you hope for? Because that is a direction, and a direction creates its own truth. The cost of want is “an animal” resides here. Animal being: there is nothing but survival/ which means, I get what I want, or someone else does instead; which includes superiority and sex. The desire for life itself however is very different; which means, to be ALIVE, I must search for the truth of miracles, the evidence of heart; which grants my existence, in me. That leads by the anchor of living in time: to the clear conclusion, there is only love or hate or survival/ as these three determine everything in time or eternity. Truth isolates love as a value that shapes happiness, and turns hope into the cherished destiny called joy/ the grace (a blessing shaped just for you) of being alive in time and beyond. Truth isolates hate, as chaos, resulting in destruction, violence, and more of the same. Proving in time, and without doubt: these are very different directions, and never travel as the same. They are, truly separate; although the animals want both: becoming undignified (truth never allows both to survive) by the cost of what that means; you are separated inside. Soul exists only where truth defines and creates a home, dedicated to the creation of miracles within yourself. The place where reality is determined by truth, even if time says no. Soul exercises the value of love, to construct the courage of trust; and thereby shape the journey through time and beyond. Soul lives inside human alive, to remove isolation and become family as one shapes two. Soul lets the spiritual world inside, but it is not by kindness/ rather strictly as only truth survives here; and all that is not truth and love, will be evicted. That is a reality beyond time or its consequences; as these decisions are eternal for you. The spiritual world resides without a connection to life on earth; unless you invite it, and are then accepted into the quest to learn, what only beyond time can teach. It is no small thing to enter here/ and comes with real world consequences when you fail. As the purity of truth is demanded; and none of us is pure enough for that. Therefore costs will occur, and realities will be found; as a decision to be true to life and Creation; or lost in fear. The greatest teacher of your preparation and mine: was JESUS as found in the bible. By His decision to participate in this world to identify the real world reality of difference: between love versus hate/ the cost of money/ and the tragedy of what human animals; in particular the predators; will do. So the decision from his world of time; became absolutely clear: DO YOU CHOOSE love or hate? Everything in between that reality of choice, is a movement in one direction OR the other/ they can never be the same. So the lesson of life is: while time teaches us the reality of “love, hate, and survival”/ the reality of our own choices, becomes the destiny of your life. You cannot hide from that. You cannot save yourself by fearing that. You cannot run away from that. You may only choose, what is your own contribution to life in time, as the identity you created for yourself. None shape a life of perfection, and you should not try; as it is not possible here. Which means forgiveness is required to sustain family and friend/ even work and survival. Forgiveness requires a surrender of purposes which caused the grief; as is “I will do my best”: never to want this again/ never to make life a game again/ never to seek what is not love between you and me. If that honestly occurs, while trust will lag behind, reality must go forward, therefore begin again with hope and truth and honesty inside. Don’t believe (whatever you want to believe/ even though that can be hard). TRUTH DECIDES, and if truth does not allow for what reality does prove, you must surrender the love spent on this life; and move on, as best you can. That love is lost, because you gave it away; as is the gift of value from you to me/ or me to you. Love is a tangible thing, which means to both give and receive it; as the treasury of life itself. Which makes hate want it/ and violence try to take it; if not for themselves/ then so you cannot have what they want. ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES beyond time. ONLY TRUTH provides a future that is not grim or determined by violence. Because the resources are life, just like nature itself is life or death, with little room in-between. The competition for resources, is what decides who lives and who dies/ because the reality of life is: just like predator and prey, unless there is balance and a population control that is adequate to protect nature itself/ the prey herd will kill itself by damaging every good thing. So the predator comes to remove those who are less able to compete, and thereby risk the entire herd by taking what the others will need. Population increases work to protect a species from extinction/ diversity works to protect that species from disease/ the predators work, to balance the population to “only the strong survive”. Sex adds in, only the most healthy, able, and determined shall decide the next generation. It is no game. The lesson to humanity is: having defeated most of your population controls, by elemental healthcare/ NOW YOU must control your own population, or you will kill life and earth; by taking more than nature will survive. The reality of healthcare by universities is now: by injecting chaos, your breeders of HELL and CATASTROPHE; are attempting to believe they can play god; and not kill life. Because arrogance, “the distance between pride and fear”/ has taken control; to produce fantasies, failure, delusion, traitor, terrorists, and fool. ARROGANCE is used to block fears of being wrong/ and magnify pride to discard the rest, and scream: NOTHING will stop me. Your verdict will be: you knew enough/ and chose hate instead of life. The critical cost of human existence has been changed: no longer is it male dominates by taking whatever he can take, even choosing extinction of species, for a few pennies more. To the real world truth: IF WE DON’T SAVE WHAT IS LEFT/ WE ALL DIE INSTEAD. As nature decides if we live or die; because every resource is now a decision of human caused existence or chaos instead. INSTEAD OF COMPETITION, which is the game to see who can take the most. REALITY demands; that we will share the resources, control the money, define our society by truth and justice with fair play as a right created along with freedom. OR we will soon be extinct. Because the evidence proves this world teeters on the brink of complete nature collapse; as every chain of life is buried under the cost of men in charge of this world. And their endless destruction of the earth itself. Men scream: WE WILL DO, whatever we want/ just like we always have. But the world screams back: RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET, OR YOUR LIVES WILL BE LOST, in a curse of violence beyond your imagination. While male in me says choose/ female in me says: we must enter trials as a world investigating our own truth. Letting the evidence prove what can or must be done, by the laws we are all willing to live by; as a vote will tally and define. The cost of being “further WRONG”, is HELL on earth. The cost of running away is: “falling off the edge/ no turning back now; HORRORS have begun. The cost of hiding from the truth is: eternity will judge you worthless to life.Of the many realities which govern our survival; is the reality of male and female participation. IF YOU DON’T RESPECT EACH OTHER/ THEN you have no relationship of value, and it will not last beyond want. IF YOU DO NOT desire to meet the needs of each other as best life itself will allow/ THEN you will descend into chaos; because time is not kind, it merely goes on; letting you choose what is kind or not. IF YOU DO NOT remain truthful with each other/ THEN ALL TRUST will die, and take the value of each other with it; as a rotting corpse will demand “you can’t live with me”. Every participation that matters, decides if you are help to me/ or not. But every participation that matters, IS TWO SIDED, and if you surrender to judge each other/ tragedies are coming. Be the best you can be, for each other; when love demands “fair for both”. DO NOT use each other for sex/ a reality more commonly male than female: as is STOP “being in love with your penis”/ and be in love with “this woman” instead. The difference is: being used (every woman knows)/ and being loved (every woman knows). The cost of being woman is: “I cannot fully defend myself/ with only few exceptions”/ not inside where pregnancy proves that; nor outside where rape does occur. The consequence of that is: being “male to female: it is your job to protect”. But within that reality of fair play: being “female to male: requires you to protect his happiness as best you can/ so that the costs of living and protection do not overwhelm him”. Sex in marriage is not “a possession/ you don’t own each other”. BUT LOVE in marriage is a right and responsibility to share the burdens, and participate in the love; even when the reward is limited by realities which are hard to share. Be kind to each other, it is your job; each one. Having children is NOT “your decision”/ it is OUR decision; and it must NOT be forced anymore; as options exist. The appropriate time in a young marriage may in fact be “after 5-10 years go by”; so that realities are clear. The appropriate time for “sex among the young” is: when you are fully prepared, to have someone else, “take over your life/ and chain you to the bedroom”; because they want what they want, and drama, lies, betrayal, and more are all “packed inside” waiting to come out. NOT with every one; but without judgment, it can become “anyone”; as love demands you cannot go/ even if reality demands you must. It is no game, and realities can anchor you to a life you did not intend. Above all: question and search, ONLY for those who accept “NOTHING is fair about war/ ONLY TRUTH IS FAIR IN LOVE”. Because the lies all end in “war”/ and that can invade your own heart, as love is like a commodity; once given away, it only returns if that one you gave it to sends it back. The difference between “want and love is”: love will never manipulate or tempt or impact your life to take away trust/ want does all of these, and like an abyss, refuses to surrender to truth.The critical moment is if “the seed of love (I could be happy here)”/ recognizes the possibility of loss: because at that juncture want (the foundation of every lie) can take control over fear, and seek the means to retain control. Sex, pregnancy, drama, lies, cheating, threats, jealousy, tears, bribes, and so on; remove the possibilities of truth, by blinding every access to a different reality, than simply “encountering just me and you”. Abuse starts here/ used follows/ violence forms; if the participant did not achieve what they wanted. As is, I spent my life for you/ even though you left me very little choice, and insured I will pay. While every life does not encounter; “all that can go wrong”/ it is clear and certain many lives do. The cost of that is: the victim may in fact abandon or choose to hate the entire gender as a defense. To turn back: you must find a moment somewhere, that insures “not every female or male” is bad. Even so, trust will be hard to find beyond the demand of want, and all its lies. The cost of these things; govern how all gender relationship will form, and then participate. the critical cost of these things is: relationships cannot bond, without trust. Only the acceptance of truth, as governed by reality; will potentially change that. Some, will never trust again/ ending what would have benefitted many instead.Some advise: life and living as female is MUCH different than any male considers true/ even clothes, have a whole different meaning to women than men. Men as well are much different than any female assumes; as they all believe they know/ but do not. But men acting like boys lie; to hide the fact, life and love are not about sex. But it is about battling with the other competition to survive and even thrive; for your sake too. the cost of that affects different men differently; those who feel they need sex often, and do it poorly; are those trying to retain their belief that this is worth the fight. The failure to do that, ends with depression and denial/ some will run away (if you pay attention, you can tell when that is true/ as opposed to just being a jackass).” Life can be hard, and so can survival: if men are paying attention; If you can get their attention; once they do understand; most will honestly try to help you in your life as well. But make no mistake, work can be consuming; and tired is tired; so work within the lines. if you deal with cantankerous people, you just want to be left alone. If you work hard, and are physically tired; you just need to rest; work will come again. If you are confronted with no respect for what you did do/ it is harder to believe doing anything extra is worth the effort, or time lost (as life is literally about how you spend your time). Young men give in to women: who believe they know, but do not/ and then blame men for listening to them; refusing to take responsibility for all the manipulation/ temptation, debts and denial, they intentionally dumped onto men. The critical construction is simple: respect demands truth, not manipulation or denial. A point of fact however is; when married, my ex-wife showed me whiskers are like being rubbed with sandpaper/ put my arm right on the whiskers and proved her point. I agreed, “this IS bad”/ but I forgot, too many other realities fighting for my attention. Tell them again, and again; until they do remember/ remind them at bedtime to shave; rather than in the morning, and be happy with that. The arguments; are a sign of separation, UNLESS you are willing to share the decision with honesty and fair play for all. Discussion is the construction of evidence; about how important this is to me. Life and especially marriage is NOT a game/ it is real life definitions of how and what we do care about as the truth of our own identity becomes clear in how we share life and living as equals. Same is true of money; it will not buy happiness. Same is true of buying anything; as is, “I too” am involved here (let me rest): respect me/ or reality will refuse to let me respect you. The value of woman is elemental to male happiness; no real joy occurs outside of “we value each other as one”. But if you are constantly taking from male, demanding change to suit you better, refusing to share the work, or respect the reality of our lives; lies will replace love, and the value of our friendship will die. Even if love survives; sharing a life will not.When you no longer talk to each other, it means forgiveness has failed; and your relationship will not be repaired, unless the decision is mutual, to try again. all you can do, is the best you can do, to make amends, or explain what you believe may be at fault here. The reality however can be anything; because gossip makes that so/ assumptions make that so/ judgments make you worth less or nothing at all/ the cost of being happy is a price too hard to bear; unless truth does explain, “I or you, am honestly sorry”. The failure to talk or respond means: pride has entered here, and power wants its due (I can make you cry too). Unfortunately pride is often wrong/ greed is often overlooked as a true cost between us/ power wants what it wants, as is a violence of some sort/ and the realities of damage done, are often misplaced so you don’t have to confront the truth or who that involves. Gossip fails life; but it travels like wildfire: because conversation for the vast majority is very difficult, and lacks interest. Gossip uses that tiny bit of information; “like an evolutionist” / cities are built, predators eat, anything fantasy desires; from a grain of sand. Because they too, have nothing to say of value, without a fantasy to report. Rarely should you repeat what you are told; it only harms life. Conversation exists within the values of a heart, the disciplines of working, the order of society, the balance of justice and fair play, the freedom to hope, the decision to learn, the possibilities of romance, the purposes of doing the best you can, with whatever you do. Even if it fails, no one does better; “than the best they can do”.Once you hand over the keys, to your body and even mind; it is extremely hard to close that door ever again. As is the reality of “young love”, taking over your life and time and future. So beware, that what is “good and valuable”/ leads to lets do more; which leads to every form of entrapment that does or can exist; dependent upon who you trusted with your life; both male and female. Jealousy is literally “I cannot compete”; which leads to abuse, you cannot leave me; which leads to violence and revenge, as the result “you made me the loser”. While that is NOT true, the reality of an animal is only “what I want”/ matters to me. So beware, and understand: even though you can make people want you with sex/ none of that is sustainable for a lifetime. You must be “a decision of mutual reciprocated love”. You must be aware, even with love: that disciplines will be important, as the living demands an acceptance of freedom is required for happiness. Disciplines include all forms of order and balance; in money, food, time, work, reality, truth, sex, and more. If you are compatible and patient with each other, values arise, and trust is stable within truth. If not, separation will exist; and the value of your friendship will be tested. As to all other things of life and work; it is fair to say, we “learn on the job”/ what we do need to know. BUT THE RULE IS: YOU MUST KNOW, WHAT YOU MUST NOT DO: before you attempt any kind of risk/ because in most risk, you cannot go back. You CANNOT depend upon prayer; NOT your job to command GOD does what you refuse to do: your job/ not HIS. A proper mother guides her child to understand: that the search for a lifetime mate, is not an easy thing to do; after all, “take a hundred people: trying to get to know each one takes time/ and out of one hundred people how many do you believe would be interested in spending a lifetime with you/ or you them. Because they have a choice too! Even so, take a second and third and tenth look in the mirror before you say no; and understand age will change each one. As to kissing “once again”: you must meet in the middle, gently; and with honest kindness the purpose of a kiss is to demonstrate, the value I see in you; the treasury of what I can give as we each search for joy. It is NEVER forcing your tongue down someone else s mouth/ that is a violation of respect, and will not be tolerated by many. As to everything else: remember this living person is letting you search for happiness we can share/ NOT chemicals you can release for yourself, with their body; as is lust. Do you see the difference? SEARCH FOR IT; don’t be a tragedy of disgrace/ FIND RESPECT.   DON’T be like the blanket of university: which runs humans in their rat cult maze (never question; simply believe)/ so you can’t see the truth! TRUTH is the blessing, that makes respect possible; anything less will fail. As to the male version of intercourse; it is your job not to be “overbearing; but kind and gentle”/ always searching for what will be appreciated and desired by each. NOT just one thing you like to do/ but all things we can be as one. More distinctly: disciplined by the love as I have promised to honestly share/ orderly as respect governs our time and truth, as each body must be honestly cared for, as “a great value”/ and balanced, by the desire and purpose of happiness, which then does purify each other, as equals discovering the same moments, as the same life belonging to each one. If you are true to this definition; “souls can be shared”/ if your heart is true.
    5. As to the penis itself; for women (mine could grow from “an inch, to roughly seven inches”); so don’t judge men on size/ as the value of mine is better than the value of “large”/ which just gets in the way. NONETHELESS, as to men, I offer you this one piece of advise: it can be grown larger and longer, by extending your feet; to stretch these muscles/ but you have to keep your body rigid to do it. Otherwise it is more distinctly known by what ballet calls “bounding”/ that is an exercise you can do. But make no mistake; body parts do not make happiness: your decision to care, and thereby desire to share honestly within respect, creates an invitation to be more. Of the spiritual world a mother does need to guide you into this: that no matter who you are, the day will come when even you must decide what happens when you die. That fact will determine how you live in time and eternity. The spiritual world does not surrender mercy/ ONLY GOD does that. The spiritual world is simply about respect & truth, and it cares for nothing else but love. It is best for you not to enter into it until death; where all but the animals will go/ unless you choose to stay behind in that single moment of decision that is life has ended here in time. GO WITH the life that is leaving your body; be prepared, and do not doubt. As to me and the spiritual world: while my first experience “poked and prodded” until it found the flaws in my own truth: that “get you killed”. The reality was; after fixing that, I returned to an education found no where else. MOST who do survive, find schizophrenia: the fear that causes retreat/ truth does not allow that, without a cost. Until the day I knew “what is male cannot save this earth”. So I turned to female; just to ask, “can you”? But the end result of that is; the female dimension does NOT allow male to exist here (female only)/ even so, we worked together as equals for life and earth roughly 12 years. When I demanded to stop “{they failed}”. She refused, and it has been, now the fifth year since. Unfortunately my refusal caused her to take control: “life and earth ARE, more important than me”/ and she was right; but the end result is “she has taken possession”/ and I as male am basically evicted; from my life in time. To resolve “female only”; I literally do feel “we traded places”; in gender roles she decides; as from old “I have no say”. Which is forcing me to understand: what women have gone through; that was UNFAIR. “its complicated; beyond my decision”. Nope, not a clue; just don’t know. Yes I am aware of the ridicule, etc. Reality however proves; life is very  different/ and I am NOT in charge. MORE distinctly: this fight for life and world was initially entirely my way/ which then became “our way” for 12 years/ and is now, proven to me beyond any doubt: the last phase is going to be entirely Her way; as a final demand “you, as is humanity on earth:  must change/ to survive”. The end result will be, whatsoever you, “the human world”/ will choose it to be. NO excuse/ NO hiding/ NO running away/ NO FAILURE OR FANTASY, without extinction right behind! So while you believe what you believe about the spiritual conception of things; reality states, as my life proves; that truth can be bent, in order to reshape a life as needed; for life and world to survive. Don’t give up; let truth decide: Remember this,  ONLY  GOD  decides MERCY;  after all, none of us know/ none of us understand, what eternity will actually be. There is “A GREAT divide: between life and death”/ beyond death, you must be invited or drop into the abyss; as none will pass on their own.My reality says: life for me, is never going to be the same; whether that is “fundamentally good or bad”, is unknown. What I can tell you is: “never would have guessed/ simply too different”. Completely without intent or purpose; I simply chose to fight for life and planet/ instead of extinction for all. A reality now enforced, as changed/ no going back. The elemental task: to drag you back from the cult of “university is god”/ a quest which has proven extremely difficult; as they bribe, propagate, tempt, manipulate, cheat, lie, steal, mutilate, betray, terrorize, lead, and more. While all I have is the truth of evidence that will prove: “we cannot let these people be so WRONG”/ as to mutilate all of nature, destroy every resource, poison the earth, cause mass extinction, lead to world war, curse every chain of life, destroy all life in the oceans, overheat the earth, allow the atmosphere to escape its connection with our planet, ignite a nuclear fire, destroy the fragile connection we all have with life and even eternity; because they want to play god; and hide in arrogance to defy all sense of “right or wrong”. While I did fail in that quest, the spiritual realm sent me to female; as a source of hope/ as this is a man’s world; every tragedy, every mutilation, every weapon of mass destruction, and more. As is, “this is, the best men did do”/ and we do stand on the edge of extinction; as a literal our entire world can be lost at any second, on any given day. So I spent my lifetime; to say NO/ and all replied back: “we don’t care/ we want what we want”. Simple as that. This too, is the best I did do; but reality proves I no longer have a choice: because the spiritual world itself, has taken control over me; female decides, no exception. That is not complicated, but true. That ONLY means: unable to escape the female dimension, where I asked for answers/ now she decides, as the participant in this world, which will use me, to identify her. Her quest; is the very same as mine; only she is strictly concerned with female. CHANGE beyond male, must occur. The only way that happens is to let female try; by creating the laws which bring justice and fair play to all. And the people say: “the universities are our god”/ and reality then says: “extinction is nearer than you can believe”. Because the foundation of life is truth, and truth says: as the evidence does prove; your gods have turned out to be “Satan (destroyer of a world)”. Nope, I have no idea how my own life, or body, or anything will turn out, now or in the future or in eternity/ only trust and truth will shape it. This life, is not my choice; this life is about being changed; for purposes beyond my knowledge. No plan, no plotting, no confusion, no temptation or manipulation, no intent to lead beyond what is absolutely necessary, no power, no pride, no want or lies: just a simple, “doing the best I can”. Reality remains: your job, is to go to court and prove the evidence of truth or not/ and the reality of cost, for letting these people or yourselves be wrong! For such things as injecting chaos into all of nature (a fact)/ crossing species boundaries, to mix nature genetics together; creating “super pandemic, biological weapon disease”/ releasing weapons of mass destruction/ or even igniting “atoms on fire”; on this planet where everything is fuel. DO I REALLY NEED TO TELL YOU WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Stop being a cult worshiper, and recognize reality. As for me; its been nearly fifty years since I trusted any female in time (some came close, but could not do it. the price was simply too high). The price of believing “even a little love is enough/ refusing to leave, to insure; I had not damaged her too also too high. [NEVER do that, it only increases the pain for each: when it is time to leave/ then leave, as is best for all. NEVER surrender “the very best of love, unless the purity of truth deserves that trust”. It is needed, to build back.]. It is not, because fear (I am going to lose), pride (I am going to lose), power (I am going to cry), and want (lies can change this) can override truth; in some people. Complicating every relationship, that will not adhere to truth.I should add: when a teenager, I had forgotten a pair of sunglasses I intended to buy, in my shirt pocket (hands full)/ going through the checkout; I suddenly noticed them, and was attacked by what was “like a dozen voices (a complete surprise)” inside of me, all yelling; going to be accused of stealing them! So, I just kept going because it did not let up, until I got to the door; and I walked through. A friend brought me back to reality; I was busy trying to understand what went wrong? I suspect, “those are the things society, media, etc; all tell us; memory reminds us of”. Nonetheless, the fact is I did not take them back for nearly ten years; when I just couldn’t stand it anymore. The lesson being: life, for us all; is more complicated than it seems. The lesson being: never let society or the information of organizations influence life; let only truth be truth.   influence inside” as is determined by “herd decides”/ is the basis of racism, bias, and the mob.
    6. But that reality of costs, has in fact benefited this work; so the cost was apparently necessary. The reality: be kind to each other, because every lifetime needs truth to survive; it matters, more than you believe. That too, was apparently needed; to be learned, by me. Other elements, such as tinnitus hearing trouble (you, don’t know, a tragedy to me), and more: further established this work, rather than be distracted with anything else. The lesson: nobody knows, what life needs you to be; let truth decide, and do the best you can: that is life. I do, hope you find your lives back/ rather than your fear or apathy; as life needs you now. Work taught me: never be distracted, when its important; people can be killed. Life taught me; never gamble, because million to one odds, “sometimes come true”: IF you are unwilling to pay the price/ DON’T risk the consequences. People taught me; never gossip, because you don’t know who you might hurt/ sometimes more than you can imagine. Never be jealous, it is extremely unwise. Never walk in, when the price could be “too high/ making you lose what is far more important”. Never consider money, or work, or tools or even life more precious than reality needs it to be. Accept what you can with honesty, and never judge; it leads to an abyss. Be kind and patient, and remember you ain’t perfect either; just how it is. Never want, it opens doors that are better left closed. Love as best you can, even if few care. Never let people choose your fate or destiny: let truth decide your path.

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