DATED: 3/30/2022

RE: 0966558018 MAR 15, 2022 LTR 672C

I am aware, that all tax liabilities both state and federal are paid in full PRIOR TO: 2021 & now 2022; as are you. Instead of your avoidance: at which time I have said to you: in each year. That I will not file, nor will I pay the tax considered owed by me: UNTIL such time as you have done your constitutional duty. THIS IS NOT a refusal to pay the tax owed, but it is a refusal to support the anarchy of those who are attempting to destroy constitutional government. As is the legitimate right to demand: the law that is our government/ which is not given to our employees, to change or deny, without our consent. But the law is our government, as stated within the constitution. Therefore in order for you to collect from me: it is my demand that either you simply obey the government of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ which is the constitution/ OR YOU GIVE TO ME A CONSTITUTIONAL TRIAL; that Identifies why you refuse. I have been through the legal process/ as US SUPREME court trials 08-1339 & 11-0100 prove true. Each was denied AFTER BEING DOCKETED FOR TRIAL; by a secretary of the court/ who has no such authority to do so: WITHOUT THE LEGAL BINDING REALITY OF A SUPREME COURT JUDGE SIGNING THAT ORDER. There is no legal refusal of constitutional law/ no length of time to deny it! Therefore, as a citizen here, I have been denied my legal right of due process/ my constitutional guarantee of citizenship/ and the fundamental of democracy itself, which is WE THE PEOPLE OWN this nation and state/ and we have not given it up to those employees who refuse their oath of office which is: I quote: “I do solemnly swear or affirm, that I will faithfully execute the office of _____________ and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States”. NO allowance is made, “for your opinion/ expectations/ or assumptions”.

YOUR DUTY EXTENDS: TO PRESENTING THIS DEMAND, TO THE APPROPRIATE EMPLOYEES OF OUR GOVERNMENT; in order to make public trial/ the trial to examine our democracy and the actions taken by our employees: either legal/ or not. BECAUSE THIS TRIAL: IS ABOUT THE MONEY/ THE RIGHT TO TAKE AND USE AND ABUSE OUR TAXATION, for illegal purposes. As is done in subservience to “the university is god/ and cannot be questioned”: as proven in trial after trial. As is done in hidden inflation, and debt creation: that has literally bankrupted the nation, and through the failure of federal oversight; bankrupted the state of IL as well. As is done in the support of university fantasy, delusions, and imagination: beyond the foundation of real world evidence to prove: “the preamble” allows for this. OR, more distinctly: because the IRS stands for the threat of pay or cry/ YOU, are the army standing against this people called the USA. OR, YOU are the soldiers demanding: NOT against our own people. The constitution is our government/ the universities are not “our god”/ the religion of this nation is NOT evolution/ and the critical foundation of WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION AND THIS STATE, shall not be denied. By those who commit treason, to avoid their own delusions of grandeur. YOU DO, “WORK FOR WE THE PEOPLE”/ AS DO EVERY EMPLOYEE CALLED “government” does. YOU DO NOT work for our employees/ YOU work only for us; as collectors who support and defend OUR government/ NOT an insurgency against we the people; as is the current day.

That constitutional duty includes the following:

  1. even the US supreme court is not allowed to hide from the constitution, or deny it/ as it has repeatedly done: with regard to each lawsuit filed by James F. Osterbur. Both state and federal. The full and deliberate intent to evade and deny that constitution as our government, by plain deliberate avoidance of the constitution itself is how. But reality proves: THEY ARE, MERELY CITIZENS WITH A JOB, that can be taken from them. As is article 3 ….during good behavior….! As is, ..”the judicial power shall extend……..arising under this constitution…”. Presents the question of treason. Which when translated, the judiciary serves to protect the constitution from every judge; by removing The interpretation of our constitution. As that, is for WE THE PEOPLE, to decide for ourselves.
  2. NO, employee of our democracy, a constitutional government called we the people: is above the law/ or entitled to change the direction or purpose of constitutional law, and its intent as written. NO, employee of our democracy is entitled: to make sweeping decisions marching as an army against us/ as has been “covid”. By using “university says” as the god we must all serve and obey without question. By making “university says”; the collector of our taxation/ our substance as a nation; their slave; by using the propaganda of media to produce fear. By making “university says”; the true essence of a cult: “no questioning the leader”/ OBEY, and shut up or be punished. Amendment 4: proves treason.
  3. NO EMPLOYEE is allowed to hide the truth of our currency, our securities as the promises of work allow: by pretending there are assets, which reality itself will deny. The pure fantasy of numbers proves, the delusion of debts are just a covering as well. As reality itself denies that enough resources exist; to even conceive of paying the debts; our employees have claimed we owe. Article 6: proves treason.
  4. You, as are all employees of government: are not allowed to lie to us/ you are not allowed to steal from us/ you are not allowed to ransack and rape our efforts and securities as a nation of workers who do depend upon the currency to be stable and secured. You are not allowed to support “social engineering by media, propagating the decisions of university”. You are not allowed to support or defend the religion of evolution as “the nation decides”. You are not allowed to create a cult of worshiping university as god. You are not allowed to fail world law, and choose for weapons of mass destruction instead. You are not allowed to gamble with our nature, our world, our lives, our future, the needs of every child/ the destruction of every resource/ the poisoning and destruction of our water supplies/ the death of habitat/ being wrong about global warming/ the experiments trying to ignite a nuclear fire; when wrong is this earth itself burns; just like a sun. A REALITY THAT DOES IDENTIFY TRUTH, rather than the puke of delusions and fantasy, from the people who claim to know: as is, university physics. THE CULT WORSHIP; of university is god: SHALL END. And reality return to us, as FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TRIAL; to determine for ourselves and our world: what is TRUE. By untainted, and best we can do as a world: evidence of threat against our lives, our planet, and our future.
  5. YOU. As our employees trusted to protect and defend this people and this state: are collectively charged with criminal contempt and extortion. By allowing healthcare to explode into extortion and the collusion to steal from this government: by attacking both social security and medicare. That trial begins with the billing against James frank Osterbur: for a broken bone, that became a one hour out patient; and a couple of casts demand currently against me for, a total of: “$39,334.47 : to medicare $31,832.30: 6/16/22 now $66,404.04 which does prove criminal intent by extortion; COLLUSION in government/ against we the people, by using medicare in particular, to defraud. Thereby a whistle blower defense. I then am, demanding resolution to this wave of failure: those in government employment have allowed. Additionally $6,001.75 to secondary insurance.
  6. SO, you don’t get lost: the preliminary of trial ends here.

SUCH IS MY DEMAND FOR REDRESS TRIAL; AS HAS BEEN PRESENTED TO YOU. AS IS PRESENTED TO THE EMPLOYEES OF THIS GOVERNMENT; EACH OF WHOM, having a substantial office of authority: HAVE SWORN TO OBEY THE PURPOSES AND INTENT OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. OUR GOVERNMENT, which is the constitution itself, as the law of our land. Your job is to adhere to constitutional intent; and present the demand for redress.

The action to be taken is: DEFEND YOUR NATION, from the predators and insurgents and rebellion against the democracy of us all.

James F Osterbur xxxxx central IL read address was included and signed 7/11/ 2022

This one now sent to: IRS Austin TX 73301-0025this is response to medicare charged to much they refuse to honor redress first

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