Time is an environment, where our own existence is stretched into the moments which reflect our decisions into the truth of our own identity, by the relationships we choose to value and create as our experience and expression of life. By living the essence of our thought; whether it is animal, or being alive in soul.

Given that truth, the question is: how and why, do we become the identity we create? Again, time holds three distinctive realities to our own existence: love/ survival/ and hate. As a consequence to that truth; the question is then why do we choose love or hate/ and what makes life worth living in order to choose survival, when it is easier to quit, and die. As is a choice some make; whether by suicide or other choices which are unlikely to succeed for living.

So the real question is: HOW do we relate to love? The answer is: love is a dimensional composition, which we build with the moments of our lives, when sharing our existence with someone of importance; because a level of caring above the rest is evident. While love is a separate reality than is sex/ survival asks us to choose carefully, who we might form another living child with. Granting that disciplines, order, balance, athletic, mental, symmetry, looks, and more are all a composite of sexual construction that results in a child being born. Which then does include: to parent a child, our time is the only eloquent shape and sharing, of a life being shared. So the question of WHY do we love, has many levels of truth. From I love you as a valued friend, a treasury of trust and truth that I would not mentally hurt intentionally, by any choice. To the more human side of life, which is body; and that is the sexual translation of living to form a bond capable of sustaining a lifetime; where we hold our lives will function as one. That requires the living of a lifetime, rather than just the life created by the moments we share.

The real question of hate: is destruction, which makes itself known by all forms of revenge or violence or temptation or manipulation or theft or basically all the things universities have led life, society, and world to believe are “the world according to the cult” they created, to play god over life with.

Survival is the acceptance; of time is worth more than the cost of death; and that comes with participation in a value of some kind, that lets you escape from the things which are used to build a resistance, to being alone.

Therefrom the reality of living: is to understand the price of being alone; and mark the decision of your identity: as the truth of what you do, in order not to feel alone, in this expression and experience we call time. The measurement of a distance, stretched from birth into the delivery of you; beyond what can be called human. The spiritual world, is a much different place; but the construction of it; is still your own responsibility; as an identity of love/ OR, hate. They are opposites, and never found together beyond time. Life turns to one direction or the other; and unlike time; cannot combine forever. Which makes your own choice: love OR hate? CHOOSE, or be dissipated into nothing is left.

Identity means: TRUTH has constructed this, as the dimension of my time as shaped by my decisions, and their result in me.

Identity needs: that trust has been created in me, to remove the fear established by belief/ which then clouds my obedience to, truth is my guide.

The identity of love, is visible; not hidden/ but not revealed to those who have chosen hate, or failed to choose at all. Because time allows the revenge of those who have failed themselves; and their violence plagues time with the cost of what they chose to throw aside, in order to be animals instead.

The identity of sex is: lust belongs to animals, and through media humanity is given to believe; that women should be like men; who only want sex by lust, and the power to make that happen to someone else. The living will refuse, but the reality is; happiness, is now becoming hard to find/ as more and more descend into the abyss of want; instead of love.

The identity of joy, is elevated by sexual intimacy, into the creation of heart; and if you are true to each other; even soul. Few find it.

The identity of hate is a predator; hiding in order to lure you in for tragedy to you.

The identity of a prey animal, is the herd: we must be “just like the others” so they don’t make us travel through time alone. Therefore we “look alike/ act alike/ sound alike/ stampede as one/ fear alike/ believe alike/ and discard the rest as not part of our herd. So as to understand, and participate as if just one “cult brain”; leads us all. The universities have volunteered to be that guide/ that leader of the herd; and failed life as well as planet and child.

Of life itself, it is elemental to understand: that Creation exists from the singular moment when thought arrived as the recognition of life inside of me. In this universe; where life does exist due to Creation of the living. When looking back at what must have been: the concept of being alone is magnified beyond what our comprehension will allow. Therefore in the quest to determine what can or cannot survive the realities of existence; time sorts us all, into those who will be given that chance for love. Allowed to throw themselves away as worthless to life itself. Or defined by the violence of chaos, as is the opposite of order, discipline, balance, respect, and all things valued; as is hate. Universities who have declared themselves of hate; by attaching themselves to evolution; explaining their decision is chaos is their god, and accidents by mutilation of what exists is their Creator: prove the direction that exists in them, and what they teach or control against life and living as are all the threats of our own extinction now surrounding life on earth. Or more simply: they conception of value is chaos; and they mutilate nature in order to create more chaos; as is the elemental definition of war.

BEYOND THE CONSTANT of human definition; is the voice of humanity shouting ME DAMNIT ME/ I AM THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. Is the truth, individually we matter very little; as our contribution to this universe must be more than simply self. In contrast to that is love, where our contribution to this universe is the happiness and joy we bring to the whole of life which shapes us with truth, by the values we accept in discipline, order, balance, respect, love, courage, hope, trust, identity, respect, sharing, and caring; and more. Do you not see the difference?

We each “look into the universe at night” to understand “space beyond comprehension”/ and therefrom identify, the critical truth: of what being alone really does mean. The consequence of that is: “looking to our CREATOR” for the value of joining what already exists as family chosen by love; which grants we do know where we are headed beyond time, and why.

Loneliness is a journey we all engage, as time separates us into the creation of self. But what we do with self, is what will become our identity/ and what we do with truth becomes our relationship with thought. The critical quest is: will you turn to search for life, within the miracles of our existence/ as your own contribution to being alive? Or not.

Dimensions are driven by identity, which means the shape of your eternity is constructed by your truth. Truth cannot be changed beyond time, it is what it is. Although in time truth can be covered up, by the consequence of your love shared as a passage beyond depression or failure, to “help someone else, try again”. THAT, does not mean; to participate with those who hate, or are even in chaos; themselves lost to anger. It only means: where the soul conceives of heart, let that person be helped. Understanding the decisions you make; either good or bad; will contribute to your own truth.

Although I am not your decision to make/ not for you to judge, as good or bad: life or death and its eternity for you, is in your own hands/ certainly NOT mine. I can save not even myself, but depend entirely on mercy; as reality would prove, “nothing perfect” here. But even so; some development of how my own identity came to be; may be needed. So, I will add this much more.

It seems clear, that I do not think as the rest do; as elements of reality do not conjure up an endless gossip to avoid loneliness as the majority does do. I do not “pick up a pebble, and claim to have built a road”; so to speak. We are independent creatures, who have the option to build ourselves with truth into something which has been promised to be “an eternity by love”; through the teaching of; “biblical” JESUS.

That is important to understand, we were not simply created and left behind: but hold the key to our own eternity within ourselves. JESUS taught all things of value as the lesson of his life/ taught all things of hate, as the difference in the choices we ourselves will make. Causing the distinction of our decision between love or hate; to be “quite clear”. Showing money, as a primary cause of human violence. Which can be largely alleviated with simple “limited capitalism”.

Even so, the journey we make, is our own. The people we live with, participate in our lives for good or bad; and the cost of gossip at any level, can upset and destroy the balance of love and family by the heartbreak of whatever you want to believe. Even if the evidence defeats it.

The search for why people do what they do, had to be added into my own living here/ as the foundations for why people choose what they choose, lend reality to the comprehension of why. Bringing us to the primary difference between “me and you” which is want. An abyss which cannot be filled; until you are confronted with death. Truth is the alternate of want; and I follow truth to wherever it goes: but stopping short of anything involving hate/ as that forms itself into the tragedies of human life on earth.

Life is what it is, no option to return your body or your life or your future for someone or something else. We get what we get, and we must decide to use it as best we can: good, bad, or indifferent. Truth is truth. I have not been spared from tears or the costs of life and living. I have experienced “the cost of woman”/ early in life; recognizing after “fifteen or so; I am pregnant” episodes; of manipulation/ that sex comes with it, a reality of no control, which can be turned into no order, which can become tainted with no discipline, respect, or balance. As reality is in the hands of woman; after sex. [no I do not have any children/ I checked carefully]. But that fact of threat, has governed the rest of my life; as this work was more important to me than intimacy. Romance was also dead; after I realized, since I could not stay due to this work: I was merely interfering (happy or not) in the life of women, who were searching for someone who would stay. They needed their time, to complete their future/ and I needed my time, to complete my work; which is the message: “you stand on the edge of extinction as a world/ CHANGE or you will die, as a world”. Some will argue I did poorly. But I will reply, “with no help from humanity”/ I did do the best I could. None do better, even if different decisions could have turned out better. Life is life, no “do overs” it is what it is.

As to other things: I prepared in many “work ways” to be certain I would survive in this world with work/ all of which were largely crushed due to tinnitus; so I looked to physical strength then; which was crushed due to a “blood clot” that tried to kill me at around 30; taking away about 30% of that ability; stopping that escape. And life become “strictly study”/ as did benefit this work; but was not my direct decision; just my life here in time.

As to the spiritual world: I searched, and was offered/ I went and made mistakes that do not allow for sympathy. Which then did show me what I needed to learn, in order to survive in that spiritual world. Which I did return too, and made no further mistakes until opening the door into the female dimension. Which was in and of itself: both the best decision for this work/ and the worst decision for male; that I could have made. In summary; nope not a clue, life turned out very different than expected; but truth is what it is; and I am ok with the result. As my one true decision (what is most important to me): to fight for this world; with its extinction in view, because of human failures: did in fact come true; as best I could. Simple as that.

I do however know: that I am not your enemy. But because you are responsible for “what universities are allowed to do”; it would be unwise to say we are friends. Life or death of a world, is too important for that.

I DO know, clearly NOT your savior, leader, guru, whatever; just plain me. Very very similar to you, with only slight alterations as governed by truth.

YOU will decide the future/ NOT me.   MY JOB IS DONE.  YOURS has begun/ even if you refuse, no excuse will be allowed in eternity.  life or death of a world is more important than self!

As for life in general: we are here to govern ourselves, into the existence we create for life; as the identity we chose: to establish our own truth/ completed by our own trust. While you may assume “that GOD alters that”/ no one knows, and it is a dangerous assumption to make; YOU DON’T “know GOD” . Our only real world description is provided by JESUS, and apart from healing, to convey “HE is different”; HE only intervened in a very few lives. But religion wants HIM to be celibate for some reason; when biblical text clearly places him in the same tent, shared each night with 7 women: is that intervention? Ask women, not me.   GOD does, whatever GOD desires to do; simple as that! YOU are not involved in that decision; so beware, of what you believe. Faith is a reliance on truth to lead, and shape our path into eternity/ not religion. Religion is the resurgence of “the best men did do/ throughout time” to construct the values of life, living, death, and eternity. It is a “mothers milk”; to return you to your life; by teaching discipline and order; so that you may attain balance and respect.

The spiritual world, that is female and I; respect a different reality/ wherein I am time, and she is the gate called eternity. “its complicated”! Established together as a last chance for humanity to reaffirm NATURE IS TO BE RESPECTED/ AS IS THE PLANET ITSELF. NO MORE sacrificing every child; or the price to you is HADES. She is, in charge of me; as truth demands: you cannot escape to be free, unless you do understand what it means to be female. Unfortunately though; that would mean the end of male. Because male and female truly are different lives sharing the same time. I have no clue how it turns out. I really don’t know.

However I am absolutely clear & certain; “my life or living; will never return to what my life had been; strictly male is gone forever”.  I can tell that, without a doubt!  I guess its female; being at the mercy of someone who is stronger than you.  Noted: BE KIND to the women of your life.  “its harder than you think”.

NO, nothing gay or otherwise perverted has replaced it; as is the corruption of time. let NO MAN or perversion of male/ ever come here to me for sex; HADES will be you reward: so I am told to warn you. For friendship, or work or anything “common and natural”/ no change is noted. This is, a strictly spiritual female reality now governing my time. Somehow roles are reversed between “me and her”; male is not in charge, and my not even survive. ITS COMPLICATED/ no you don’t understand. Its possible, I may never understand either; but life on earth is worth fighting for; even if you must live with the consequences. A lesson you need to learn.

My identity is simply this: not violent, not lies, not gay or otherwise, not want, not anger, not foolish/ but a very different life and living than I have ever been; its just plain strange. However, I remain dedicated to truth, defined by respect, constructed by balance, identified by order, and conceived by love as it is shaped according to the teaching of JESUS as found in the bible. It is not up to you to judge me/ nor I you; simple as that. The purpose being: that I am truly not your choice, life or death for this earth is the result of decisions you have made/ and will make: not me. I, am searching for the ending of my job; the release of my duty; and whatever life and living is going to make of me now.

Without a guide; there is only what male would do. As that is required of me to add; apparently change will be more than just finishing this work. Its a strange life. But even so; I asked for this job, and I did what was needed to be done to finish it. DON’T LET THE UNIVERSITIES, MEDIA, OR OTHERS, DISTRACT YOU WITH ME; I AM NOT worthy; I am just a messenger; and you do teeter on the edge of extinction. FIGHT for your world, WITH LAW/ AND A FAIR AND DELIBERATE COURTROOM; FOR THE WORLD TO PARTICIPATE IN; best we can. That is your only true option: CHOOSE IT, AND MAKE IT TRUE to life and planet and child; as love and honest respect; would make it so.

So, I am overall happy; whether you live or die (not up to me)/ I did do my duty to life and GOD as best I could. At least, “I believe that is true”. Eternity will decide. My future is, whatever it will be; not a clue.  my hope is now, finally; I can be done.

Life has become strange; it is no longer up to me to decide. Hoping for a respectful, gentle mix of what male and female should be, when combined as one. But who knows.

My final note is: that I have not led you anywhere, so I need not be perfect or whatever your decision demands that I must be to lead. Instead I have taught, that this world is threatened with extinction, and humanity itself, must change in order to save it/ or you and this world shall be lost. As the message of my choice to fight for this world demands. It is a message; because my life is a gift, and my education is from beyond, even a world called time. As the content does prove true. I say to you this, “that there were numerous times, when I could have died”/ by various causes. I have survived, but not by “strictly, my own decisions”. It is possible, that fact opened the door; to the spiritual world. A reality that does not exist; by personal decision of any kind.

Do not be fooled by those who will claim “he is+++—-”/ I am or I am not whatever it is: because that does not matter at all. What does matter is we are surrounded by threats of our own extinction as a world/ and ALL I HAVE EVER DEMANDED FROM THIS HUMAN EXISTENCE IS; GO INVESTIGATE, AND PROVE IN A COURT OF REAL WORLD LAW; THAT THE EVIDENCE IS NOT true. Because everything I have portrayed to you, as cause for this message; says it is.  Do NOT believe: prove what is or is not true, by untainted evidence/ and prove the cost of being wrong, “to experiment with life and planet and energy”.  START WITH THOSE TRYING TO IGNITE THE SAME FIRE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN;  (no matter what they call it/ make them prove it; in the real world of evidence we do understand) prove “same fire/ same result” is not so, WITH REAL WORLD EVIDENCE. Because being wrong ignites this earth into a sun.           THERE IS NO GOING BACK/ NO SECOND CHANCES;  IGNITION IS DEATH IN HADES: “The fire of eternal chaos surrounding you”.

YOUR JOB: IS TO EXTEND THIS MESSAGE, “TO THE REST OF THE WORLD”/ as a duty to our CREATOR, and HIS gift to us, as life and earth.  I do, strongly recommend; you consider that duty carefully before you refuse. As no excuses will be accepted: this world NEEDS your help/ needs us all, to survive.  CHOOSE.

A final warning is fair: every ruler “worships his or her rules”/ because the rule gives rights to a ruler; as is you didn’t obey the rules/ so now I can judge you. Or as with the military: obey the rules, or face the consequences; same reality. Hidden among those rules and their purpose are the rules of university: NO you may not think for yourself/ OBEY, BELIEVE, FEAR we can exclude and rule over you. Because unless you do follow the rules; YOU will have no place among the leaders or their followers; WHERE the power and pride is; “to get what we want”. Or more simply; cults exist because of rules/ primary to all their rules is you may NOT question your leaders; “they are gods” over you. As is universities; play god with life and nature and planet and energy and government and currency and children and EVERYTHING; because you can’t question them, or sustain any power to make them stop. Because a cult worshiper has no rights.

So throughout the work of my life is: the demand to WAKE UP, every damn rule is NOT life (TRUTH is not a rule/ it is a reality). WAKE UP, every damn rule is not valued (those who control everything/ make you a slave on purpose); because only a ruler demands “you cross every tee/ and dot every i”. By controlling even the words and script you use/ or it has no meaning; even when it does. The purpose of rules is: to give the ruler power. But people choose rules because “now I know”, what I am suppose to do or think or be or whatever the rules say must be so. But is not of value, is not of freedom, is not the guarantee of individual rights, is not a foundation upon which our future is sustained; because a ruler seeks power/ not truth. Finding your own brain back; requires little or no rules to interfere: because truth governs reality/ unless the lies are covering that up. Lies fail, but they damage truth; presenting us with consequences we did not need to face/ but now we do.

The endless delusions of universities; are a sewer of sludge found only in the worst that disease can produce. The fantasies of playing god with life; are beyond imagination; and confront us all with “SATAN”; the blind deceit of an arrogance so extreme, it literally kills our world. Cult worshipers cannot question their leaders; they are dead inside, lost beyond the edge, “standing in beliefs that do not exist”. They fear being left alone, cast aside: until the herd itself is disbanding to become “human again”.

FEAR the cult: the only god they can be is death; covered with lies, they hide from reality as the media blankets and controls your mind with manipulations defined by rules. BELIEVE the cult wants you dead; because every action and reaction of their imagination: is to take control over all life; forcing nature itself into chaos. Because they believe evolution is their god; even though they know it is an absolute lie. DO NOT OBEY the rules; demand an accounting to prove what is true. Because anything less is extinction of life on earth.

THE LAW is our friend, because it applies equally to everyone/ and we do all agree “this law we designed for ourselves”; is more important than the freedoms we will lose; because limits and boundaries can protect and defend what is critical to our own survival.

THE RULE; is our enemy; because it isolates just one person for punishment, and applies what a few want to be the law, because they want what they want; which is to make you into what they want you to be. RARELY is that of value to society; but there are exceptions. As is we all drive on one side/ so the others can safely drive too. We demand an oath of office for a primary leader: to their allegiance, to our government; which is the law of the constitution in this democracy. Insuring by oath, that there is a punishment for failing us/ or assuming power over us, that is AGAINST the rules which limit your power/ and construct the boundaries of what we can do as well.

WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, RULES THE NATION by enforcing the justice, and fair play; that this society claims for itself .

WHOSOEVER MAKES THE RULES; constructs an opportunity for power, to use the pride of judgment against us all/ by inflicting whatever they want, onto our lives. While some degree of rules is valid; the majority is not.

And the people say: we must have rules, to know what we are to do. As is the concern of every herd of animals. The universities live for rules; but hide the law so they can play god with life and the power to destroy. Thereby making themselves our rulers; by making you beg them, for whatever you need. It is a blind curse; to believe “the university cult”/ it is blind obedience, to accept “media knows”. THEY LEAD TO HORROR AND HELL, by universities playing god.

To be living examples of humanity being alive within the laws of OUR TRUTH IS FOUND IN MIRACLES OF NATURE AND PLANET; the only foundation rule is. WITH RESPECT we live by truth. WITH TRUTH we survive into the future. WITH HAPPINESS we apply the justice and fair play that is our laws; as taught to every child; so that society lifts itself with hope, that is consistent with all that love can be.

One final purpose; the destiny of our human existence is shaped by our ability to find the time and resources necessary to expand the freedom of our search for life, happiness, truth, hope, and survival as best we can.

For most that accounts “to more money, than the rest”. Because power wants more, and the pride to make the others pay for your life; makes you the ruler. Limited capitalism: is the method most likely to assess what is important, with the values of society itself. Thereby allowing more for those who give more/ and less for those who fail us all; as is called capitalism. The difference however in limiting capitalism is: an open door for us all, to achieve a value by our work/ because a few do not hold the keys to everything we need, or even desire.

By our vote: we produce fair to this society and all its citizens. By capitalism we protect the resources; better than without; “mostly”. But the curse is: as these last decades prove true, “the opportunity” to steal from the future/ by taking more than you need. Ends as sacrificing every child; so you can have trophies, trinkets, toys, or pride. A horrifying disgrace; as lives have now been lost; due to your selfishness and greed. The evidence being mountains of garbage, that would have sustained their lives.

So the end result of CHANGING HUMANITY; for the purpose of a living earth: is to govern ourselves and the future, with honesty and respect for all. Because less is death, and that makes YOU, their murderer. UNFAIR, does not begin to recognize the cost of what that will mean to you, or every child you sold into slavery, “for a toy”.

By working together/ sharing the resources and the reality of justice for all; we do achieve the blessings of life beyond hate. Which means we must separate hate from our lives/ and limit them to their own descent into hell: WITHOUT US. Boundaries can be found/ limits can be established: the question is, do you have what it takes to be ALIVE?

as for me; whatever is left at the end of life, will be whatever this identity is. a reality conceived by;  I feel like male has been run over by “a steam roller”; so to speak/ multiple times. to the point of questioning; “am i now, a very very weird girl”? WHAT is left/ what is the future: I don’t know? and all the people say, “he is too weird” we don’t have to believe anything he says.  I AGREE;  DON’T believe/ search for the truth that is your own life and world; because I don’t matter to you.  But make no mistake: letting university destroy nature/ poison the world/ ignite a nuclear fire, on a planet where everything is fuel/ exterminate all other life/ and finish overpopulating humanity to the point of cannibalism is all you have left:  WILL PROVE YOU ARE “THE WALKING DEAD”. as the point of no return soon comes true.    CHOOSE discard me with excuses to let this earth die/ OR SEARCH FOR LIFE BEYOND “the universities are god”.


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