It is the hope of being human; to know truth. Only truth survives. Therefore the desire for truth, participates as the decision to be, or remain alive. The quest is for happiness, because all other things fail the blessing of life, by instilling doubt; that life is worth the price of existence itself. LOVE blankets the value of living with “we shared, we cared, we lived beyond self, and found ourselves within heart, & soul”. Thereby we became ALIVE in that truth of love beyond measure or self; as love intends for this to be. Purity defines love as: without flaw. But time defines love as: a willingness to forgive, if truth aligns with trust. We must have trust, to build hope. We must have hope, to build the destiny that is a decision to conceive of eternity; as defined by the essence of “MIRACLES”; prove GOD. While JESUS proves; we were not simply “left behind”; but may accept hope. Through the trust called love.

Personality, is separate from behaviors; in that they stem from distinctly different disciplines of movement.

A behavior is: based upon the direction of what want, pride, and power allow/ while personality is based upon the circular spin of whether truth or lie shall be used in the construction of this conversation. Significant description of direction exists

PERSONALITY, is like a two edged spinning on its vertical axis coin: on one side is truth/ on the other side is lies. It spins based upon how much you are trying to avoid the truth. While truth itself is strictly stationary, as it cannot be changed. A lie will seek to hide, distort, change the description, alter the facts, distract, tempt, manipulate, control, bribe, threaten, etc. So the person attempting to avoid what is true, will act in all manner of ways so as to create the illusion of cooperation, without in fact cooperating at all. That is the spin: the illusion of truth and cooperation/ so as to present the lies, to confuse and distort what is true.

When personality spins; it creates the composition of an opening, whereby others may join in/ and participate in unison with the purposes of the spin (like interlocking gears); even if they are not understood, as to what is happening here. By simply not stopping the spin in order to find the truth.

The spinning gears, form into mob control, by guiding the audience into a belief “now we know”. Even though what you do know is so contorted with lies; it is impossible to determine the facts of what is true/ because they are tainted with lies to destroy that truth.

The foundation of truth does not allow for “media deliberation of the facts”; as this is the spinning door, which will not allow you to go through to what is being hidden on the other side. When you have two doors spinning; it is very dangerous to attempt going through; because they will crush you if they can. Holding the keys to knowledge is considered a power and a pride; therefore it is protected from the audience who then needs you no more.

The foundation of cooperation, is dedicated to power in personality; “I know”/ grants we are now working together, and you must reward me, as I see fit; based upon the lies being told. The foundation of pride in personality is: “I can”/ therefore you must give to me the authority to say “I am an expert too”; in order to expand my own influence as I see fit. The foundation of want in personality is: “you can’t/ its mine”: results in control, through the influence of manipulation and propagation of whatever plot and plan will produce the most effective lies, we can all then use: against the audience who cannot/ or will not, think for themselves.

So then the critical means of propagating the truth instead of lies: is too hold the evidence in absolute silence, whereby movement is not know: to establish exactly what this is, by the reality of what is clearly on display as a function or foundation of what time has created by truth and its consequences. Or more simply: “do not let the evidence be spun”/ thereby conception becomes distorted and reality becomes a description aided by lies.

Every form of evidence is what it is, and should not be destroyed by what conversations can make of it; as every lie is an imprint of personality did this, to make: “me more important than you”. That is why people jump into conversations completing “your thoughts with their words”/ even though they are wrong; they just don’t care, because pride wants the power to say, “I am greater than you/ as is I know”. The liar wants to win/ and rarely accepts truth, if it does not complete that game to prove he or she wins. The same is true of most games: as is “I know”/ I am the superior one; pay attention to me: as is the battle to prove pride and power are mine. “I talk/ YOU listen”.

While a personality that does not spin seems bland, as truth cannot be changed. The realty of truth is survival, and the reality of survival by truth is: peace and harmony are its consequence, and the development of justice and fair play brings happiness in its wake. Love exists in truth. Respect exists in truth. Hope exists in truth, trust exists in truth. Value is exhibited in truth. Therefore bland is merely a disguise, to keep the liars out.

In contrast to that is the purpose of conversation itself: to provide the interactions that will intertwine our lives, for the sake of participation in the value of living. Therefore if we learn to use personality effectively: we can spin a story, or create an amusement, or provide a testimony, or produce information, or complete a fantasy by imagining delusions in a different way, or whatever is NOT intentionally hiding the facts we need to know. Which functionally means: these are “translucent coins”/ so that each can understand and depict this is not true; and no desire exists to do more than entertain. A vast difference in concept and practice; In order to protect and defend our own lives from the invaders who direct, manipulate, tempt, threaten and so on; in order to enslave us, or even abuse, use, kill, or other realities we would not accept. If left alone, rather than trapped by human predators.

In contrast to the purpose of conversation; is the desire of “love or hate”. While love focuses on being known, and living in the ways of respect, with value hoping to replace doubts with truth. Or standing “face to face”. Hate stands behind, hoping you cannot see them, by instilling doubts, devaluing life, living with disrespect and denial, focusing on ridicule and disgrace; as it tries to judge you, into making a mistake they can then use to their own advantage as a predator. Love or hate are opposites, and they never “walk together”/ unless hidden within the human personality; by the disguises being worn in hate. You CANNOT have both: either you do choose for love/ OR you do choose for hate. In death; truth will divide and conquer one or the other/ and your eternity shall close forever, upon or with that result.

Every decision relies upon YOUR CHOICE: of love, or hate or survival in time. Once time has been removed; there is only love or hate/ and your life remembers which is your decision.

FAIR WARNING: IF you do not choose substantial love or hate/ then remain in the version of an animal; as dead animals (they are what they are) will simply dissipate and vanish as if they had never been. But do bear in mind; IF YOU CHOOSE to attack or destroy a life valued by GOD as someone who would have spent their eternity with GOD. That fact, will prove hate, and your eternity will face Hades; the place where terrors never stop. You took away a life: therefore your life will be sacrificed to never forgetting; “who you chose to war against”.

It is, functionally necessary to construct the personality trait that is individuality; or more distinctly, “I don’t want, what you want/ I won’t live, the way you live”. That is elementally the creation of controversy as reality proves the question: WHY NOT? Or, what’s wrong with me?

Fundamentally, the answer is “nothing notable”/ it is just a difference of values. But the reality is or can be strikingly different ways of living your own life. My dad for instance, “wanted playmates” very badly/ and when his closest friends died; failed to find another, because the majority trust no one. I on the other hand never sought after playmates; because I have always been busy “searching for life beyond time”. The reality does consume time, and leaves little for play. He could not understand, and I could not change me.

So we ask: WHY do people choose what they choose, and then become who they are based upon that decision?

The answer is in values: or what do you accept as worth the price of living, or accepting of the realities defined by death? Living for the vast majority is dependent upon participating with the others: love desires friendship/ hate desires prey/ survival believes nothing is more important than me. Simple as that. While the degrees of death you are willing to accept function as a door, through which you can or cannot proceed in a quest to understand whatever truth will allow. Those who can accept nothing of death, hide from it. While those who are searching for life, must include the consequences of death and ask: what is beyond time, for life or living to exist? Everything in between those two points of order: are balanced by what we achieve in disciplines, so as to construct our own path forward; as far as it will go. Or in contrast, those who hide choose to believe; as a road best traveled “with friends”; as in “we can’t all be wrong”.

Even so, the door which hides the life that is/ from the life that is beyond time; structurally isolates one from the other: and passing through that door, is no small feat. A few do: but most end up described by the term schizophrenic. Because fear overtakes them, and they want back out/ but cannot fully retract behind the closed door, because it remains as partially open; as memory fails to forget.

In summary then: the quest we form with our lives, is an individual decision with individual consequences and opportunities none can establish for you. It is your decision alone; because you must live with the consequences you choose for yourself. That is altered by people who establish their consequences upon you/ but the end result is: as best we can/ “I choose”. There are those forged in the reality of an environment which allows no true individuality; making my life the result of your decisions. That functionally transforms the cost of my life onto you; and your eternity is regulated by the destruction of life and love that you caused. As is the religious connotation of HELL; “YOU made them into animals”, and YOU will cry their every tear, swallow inside their every fear, and dissolve in the sewer of shame you caused to exist. While some argue that is not enough: reality will prove it is.

Of some interest, is the personality that quits/ commits/ constructs/ destroys/ talks or remains silent/ works or remains lazy.

To address these: we begin with why people choose life over death, as does lead to suicide; violence against self/ or violence against others. LIFE permanently affixes a desire to live for some/ while it defeats others, who then choose to fight with life, instead of living with hope. So the question is: WHY IS LIFE different for each one? No reference to living is added, this is only life rather than body. So the answer is: “creating in the living heart”/ rather than the body heart. When life shapes a desire built within hope, it constructs a value in living that searches for love. When life fails to shape a desire, hope dies; and the value of living is depicted by survival rather than the ascent to greater things exist for me. Why exactly life finds a recipient for hope in some, and not in others; is unknown.

It is however, clearly known that with hope, and a desire for heart as lives in the grace of love; the value of living shapes a future that is ascending from time into eternity as our gift of respect is reciprocated; and love binds us with trust in the grace of GOD in us, as is soul.

Then there are those in the middle of love versus hate: and it is these that define and create the direction of living that is above in these words: quits/ commits/ constructs/ destroys/ talks or remains silent/ works or remains lazy.

People who quit find themselves without heart; as heart leads life into the path of hope, whereby value is associated with life. People who commit to surviving; often turn to fear, if they fail in heart/ thereby working to sustain time, rather than face death and the coffin.

People who construct a life out of resources they work to find; are trying desperately to make life valuable; by making things that are valuable to others; and thereby to self; through a relationship with money. Greed often occurs. People who destroy for a living, or fun or whatever; are fighting with the reality that their body will be destroyed. By this method, are shaping their reply to that fact of life. As if its “fear me instead”; even though they know better. Fear is most often confronted only when we can say “fear me”. So they lie, and accept lies; because death is “unafraid”.

People who talk too much; are searching for heart and finding none/ thereby they fear you walking away, and are doing their best to make you stay. Even if their method lacks value. People who are too silent; fear they have nothing to say, and as a result no not how to proceed with value. Therefore they simply find an excuse, and hope for the best.

People who work their lives away, basically discarding all else: have found fear as their companion (whether fear of what goes wrong or other fears confronting the living, as is I blame/ therefore avoid you, and so on). By working diligently, they avoid life, and shape a barrier to living beyond work; with work. People who are lazy; have dropped out of life and living, and seek to avoid all purposes that give them cause to do more with their life and living; that would induce some type of caring or sharing. As these want none of that; by blaming others for everything they don’t like about life or living.

There is another group: which retires early from living the life most will live. These seek an alternate solution, “to playing games” with the others; to find their reward/ rather than something they would value more. Retiring from the game, presents that possibility.

In summary: life is not simple, and for most it is not kind as well. Making the value of living less hopeful, because what is shared has failed friendship/ and when caring is given; a lack of respect for that exhibits the truth: I have made little difference here/ certainly nothing of value for me. Causing the decision: upon what does your hope reside? Answer: either people/ or GOD .

Values shape the elemental description of what becomes our “living heart”; the quest to express and experience what living (now) means to me. The decision to search for what life (then) itself means to me. In terms of personality; this is the decision between “romance/ or living”.

Romance means: I have found within myself, the ultimate desire of hope in the happiness someone from the opposite sex does represent in the discovery of who we can become as one. By Changing this life into the expression and experience of joy.

Living means: I know, that life is not free; and that I must provide for myself in whatever way I can; in order to sustain my life and my values in happiness until I die. The most certain method of doing that; is to find someone who will benefit my living with structure and work.

Therefrom we come to the quest called, dating among all of humanity. The critical challenge is: to find romance or a living I can accept as ours. The critical cost is: romance does not “pay the bills”/ whereas a living arrangement does. Men commonly want sex/ women commonly give sex as a means of buying attention and the intent to keep that sex, and its work to provide; available with marriage. But romance, is where joy can be found; and simple sex is not.

Dating is then the relationship between having what I need now/ and searching for what I desire then. Some find that desire in marriage either before or after/ most do not; as it is basically a contractual decision to make life simple and easy. Until one or the other says: I DIDN’T GET all I wanted from you; which turns into divorce.

Romance is the alternate path. Whereby life comes first, and our exhibit of time within each other is to find that ingredient which transforms time into the truth of how much I do enjoy being with you. The living searches for survival, but life itself searches for joy. Within joy, the ascension of sex into heart, and then soul; completes the living as our decision beyond this time on earth; is forever. To encompass that element of life; is to accept the living is secondary to the love which makes our lives as one, the only thing we each, truly desire. Because the value we shape as sharing each other, is far greater than caring for any other thing on this earth. The body is then a vessel which grants: “time beyond the living”, where only joy can come.

There are, base elements in each personality:

the criminal says: yes I can

the policing says: no you can’t

the actor says: I will never stop playing

the scientist says: I can stay a child forever/ until I get tired of that, and want to play god instead.

The cult worshiper says: I am better off believing, because I don’t have to take the blame for anything now.

The religious say: I believe, because we can’t all be wrong.

The old say: help me survive.

The young say: help me take control of my life and future.

The woman says: I want securities.

The common male says: I want sex; but fails that, and falls only in love with his penis.

The poor say: this is unfair.

The rich say: I need more.

The middle say: nobody is helping me get what I want.

The lover says: “I need you”.

While the lust says: “I need your body”.

The worker says: I did my share.

The unemployed say: you wouldn’t let me do my share.

The majority child says: nobody loves me, I am lost.

The mother says: I gave them a chance.

The dad says: they took away my chance; but the best then say, “it was worth the price”.

Television says: OBEY ME, damn you.

The politician says: believe in me, damn you.

The judge says: fear me, damn you.

The teacher says: I am your hope, do what I say; question nothing.

The doctor says: trust me, I am your hope; do what I say.

The hospital says: I will take everything, until you bleed tears and beyond.

The thief says: you owe me.

The addict says: you can’t stop me.

Business says: you can never get that money back, if you don’t work.

Woman says: pick me, pick me; or I leave, if I can.

Man says: don’t make me sad I picked you/ help me where you can.

Suicide says: I have no hope, there is no joy; it is over.

The soldier says: I found a family.

The injured say: the price is more than I can bear/ how can I survive this sad.

The farmer says: I have an important job, but some days it is not enough.

The stock market says: “come here, you damn fools”/ let us steal together.

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