In the critical search for truth, elemental knowledge assigns time as the true messenger of fate or destiny: the decision to participate as either, “a failure to communicate”/ or a reality given to the grace of love, through respect. My decision is to communicate, that our reality is an evidence of fate; that will destroy this world; unless we, the world; do choose the values of both love and respect. Your gift is to communicate that as well: insisting, we cannot let these people be WRONG; and our legal obligation is to investigate in a true and valid courtroom, without allowing anyone to taint or control the evidence of life or death. Let what is true decide. BUT DO, understand, time is NOT on your side/ nor can you return to the way you were, not now, or ever. The future WILL be different; or there will be none for this earth. Simple as that, no going back/ no second chances: one choice, no guessing, “life, or death”.

I regard it likely, “not a thing” reported, by politics, university, or media can be trusted as being without “corruption”. nonetheless; they claim in this USA labor market the following: more on that link, left.  nonetheless “you believe everything”; even monkeypox, wasn’t released by “university”; although they had a vaccine to sell you immediately.  absolutely safe of course; can’t sell it if it isn’t!  After all, they got trillions, and everything they wanted;  “from just covid”; but hey, greed is greed; now isn’t that right?  I personally viewed the federal posted US statistical review of assets and liabilities back in 07; move 3 trillion dollars, from the debt column into the asset column= a 6 trillion dollar move; $60,000.00 per each of one hundred million people. And not a word, not even from media when told.

a quadrillion dollars divided by 8 billion people= $125 thousand  dollars per human face on the planet; and that is only part of what is claimed. by those who assume they are “rich”.

And the world says to me: “we have time, we don’t need to do NOTHING, right now”! But, “the world is wrong”/ and reality proves that to be true instead. Without true change, as soon as possible; you have NO chance of survival; so says the evidence that is true and sustained by reality. As from the beginning: I HAVE asked you to investigate and prove what is true/ prove the cost of being WRONG; as that is your only method of shaping real significant true change. Nothing less will do; and beyond the point of no return, your option to change is dead; just like this world shall become. While that cannot be proven without the slightest bit of doubt; until you are extinct. That is obviously too damn late; so the end result is, “dig your head out of the university sewage and disease” so that you can see what is true of your own future, for your child, and your world. No excuse exists. No claim “GOD” will do everything; humanity is the threat/ humanity is the solution. YOU change or you, go extinct as is the truth of this world, in this reality of evidence, as it is today. AGAIN; you are NOT asked to believe one single thing. YOU ARE ASKED; to investigate as a world: to understand, and accept the basic facts of being wrong/ or listening to experts who are in fact injecting chaos into nature in worship of their religion called evolution. Literally gambling with your “life/ body/ face/ sex/ brain/ children; EVERYTHING”/ TO PLAY games. OR, Their “experts” who are gambling with nuclear fire; in the belief “it will extinguish itself/ not enough gravity here”: which will fail, causing this earth to burn like the sun. Which will suck you (the rapture) into the nuclear flame. DO YOU WANT THAT: DO YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT?  Does it matter to you? Make them change PROTECT THIS WORLD AND ITS LIVING EXISTENCE for life.   WAKE UP, OR YOU DIE AS A WORLD!

THERE IS NOTHING MORE VILE TO DEMOCRACY: THAN A RULER, “who knows everything/ has the power to do anything/ rules over everything/ demands you have no real say/ denies constitutional law, by subversion (never reply)/ destroys the currency and securities of a nation/ demands obedience to whatever claim they make, even without the evidence/ displaces reality with fantasies and delusion/ manipulates with propaganda and lies/ controls the education of every child with “their imagination”/ provides extortion to the criminals “let the government pay”/ corrupts the foundation of life, with poison, pollution, global warming, mutilation and complete disrespect for life on earth/ and the functional sacrifice of every child; to the whim of universities playing god. Even to the point of trying to play with the same fire as on the sun. WRONG, by the evidence;  proves this earth becomes a sun! The claim of university “they are god, NO ONE knows anything; without their diploma”. And that, cannot be questioned; as is the purpose of every cult/ as is enforced by every courtroom, and every classroom, in this USA”.

Democracy exists to remove the ruler; by demanding our nation shall be defined by our laws/ NOT their laws!  PROVEN BY: we shall have the option of redress, to prove by being the owners here: WE SHALL HAVE THE FINAL SAY, under constitutional law. As we the people of this USA, shall not be ruled.

NO CLAIM of knowledge: exists without the evidence clearly displayed, without subversion, manipulation, or control over the conversation by any possible means. While defense of the nation is mandatory/ the reality of claims, that a need exists: MUST NOT be limited to public propaganda/ or university expertise. INSTEAD beyond a minimal insurgence; to assume a defense is needed. The proof of that defense is required: must be maintained with absolute purity of what the public can understand as is EVIDENCE GATHERED BY OPEN DOOR/ ALL LIGHTS ON; “CAN’T HIDE NOTHING”: pure EVIDENCE without the possibility of being tainted with corruption. THAT is a foundation of democracy, formed in the protection of this people or this world as is needed to prevent the insurgency of those trying to take control by manipulating society with media pollution.

UNIVERSITIES HAVE PROVEN TO BE WRONG, AND ARE GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE AND RESOURCE ON EARTH. It is their experts who said global warming is nothing/ their experts who said fusion (already proven wrong) exists/ their experts who say the genetic mutilation of life, by the introduction of chaos into biology; is just evolution/ so “LIFE will just fix itself/ no matter what they do wrong”. It is their experts who have invaded all forms of leadership, manipulating society, to control it: with the numbers they counterfeited by denying debts and claiming assets which do not exist. Their experts who claim evolution is god, but have proven nothing except “this looks like that”. Their experts who claim endlessly, “they know”/ when we are faced with threats of our own extinction as a world; surrounding us all. Their experts who took control over the courts/ legislatures/ policing/ banking/ industry/ business/ agriculture/ and everything they wanted: by counterfeiting our currency. And selling off our nation, and our future: as traitors do. Their experts want to ignite ATOMS ON FIRE; just like the sun/ here on earth!  The declaration of independence is filled with: the realities, of what our universities have been doing to us. Simple as that; declaring themselves king; declaring us their slaves. Alas, “same/ same”; nothing ever changes in “a man’s world”.

The essence of life is; we can all contribute if we are given the chance. Simple as that; some are better/ some are not; all are equal, because life is a gift. Abilities, bodies, looks, etc: are then what you received in addition to that gift. While the constant cost of being a human is; “the animal people”, are judging you. The reality of it is; we must look beyond ourselves, to search for life itself.

That grant of time is not easily available to all, and most of those who have the time to seek life itself; do not. I learned to search in the evening, instead of sleep; as the body defined it would accept this much.

More disciplined is, the order of our lives; as we balance life and living with society as our own participation in survival and happiness; best we all can. The curse of universities is: the claim authority to make all the decisions/ and succeed in turning all the others away; because media proclaims them to be “the expert”. But in reality all they know is what their professor told them to memorize and repeat. While all their professor knows is what their professor told them to memorize and repeat. While all their professor knows “is the same”. So every diploma is repeating whatever they memorized as the answer to pass the test and get their inclusion in the local union trade organization. As is “we know a few things more than you, because we did this work/ and we won’t tell, unless we have too”. Because competition is hard to get rid of. So to alleviate that problem: as with every traitor ever born: they sought out what the public did trust (media, government, religion, education, etc), and manipulated it into the control over society they wanted to rule. The standard citizen believes in what the herd itself believes in: because outsiders are not allowed to join/ they interfere with complete compliance; as needed for a stampede. So, control over society is given to a tiny few leaders, and control over those leaders is given to a tiny few so called experts; because with media influence, “anybody becomes a hero”/ who cannot be questioned; just believe. As is the purpose of media: MAKE THEM OBEY/ as clearly proven by covid.

Like every union: they picket and strike against all competition, claiming those don’t know nothing. Like every union: to get in the door, requires you pay their price. Like every union: the “diploma” is awarded only to those who are willing to mimic and memorize what they have been told. DON’T walk outside the lines/ or we can expel you. While work unions have proven they are the only way to reject slavery of the wealthy who want to own their lives. The universities union wants to own the slave outright, by making endless demands of study/ so the real purpose of putting the student into extreme debt: will make them obey. Because they fear the cost of being discarded; so they believe, and ask no questions. But like every union; the real work requires only a limited knowledge for this particular job; and very few elements of work will require more. Nonetheless: “the competition MUST be controlled”/ as any union member; as that would make them unemployed, instead of you. THE PRICE however: is surrender your choice, or you won’t receive a diploma. And you can’t get a job we HAVE TAKEN control of: if you don’t.

So, we ask the simple question: WHAT, about the individual, and their right to be freed enough to decide for themselves? As is the guarantee of democracy.

Answer: with the expert, “descending from their throne in university heaven; so to speak”/ you have no rights, because the superior one has spoken. Democracy be damned, as worthless trash to be avoided at all cost; in any legal confrontation. As I have proven occurs, time and again in the courtroom; as James Frank Osterbur versus state or nation. That is called treason.

Regardless, with counterfeit money; all they want or need or wish to give away as is people who play god with our lives and our future; rising up from the sewer of playing god; to delude themselves into believing there are NO CONSEQUENCES for themselves. The cost of change is: to demand a true and real accounting of the numbers attached to this nation as its currency, debts, and so forth: by redress of grievances law. Therefrom, with evidence proving betrayal; the cost of putting this America back to reality; to remove from our traitors/ your universities leaders who manipulate society; who use numbers as their option to make choices for themselves, and make we the people/ and they, the children pay. Is to stop accepting bribes/ and pay the price to return democracy and truth into our lives.

BY CONTROLLING BANKRUPTCY FOR OURSELVES; AS WE THE PEOPLE DEMANDING FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as is the law, which proves we are the owners here. The price, will be less than you fear/ and far greater to the universities than they believe is even possible. Because traitors should not be rewarded, with what they want. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, it won’t be free, for you either.  HOWEVER, “WITH LIMITED CAPITALISM:   WE DECIDE THE LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES OF INCOME OR PROPERTY POSSESSION BY OUR OWN VOTE/ democracy will return far greater, than it has ever been. And all the people say: I WANT MY BRIBES. And most say; to hell with this nation; “not in my lifetime”! But alas, it is; or life will be lost forever.

It is vile, to know and understand, that in this America; the extreme failure of leadership is: our employees actually believe they are the “government”. While that is treason at its source, it is also a clear and certain insurgency against this democracy: which exists by constitutional law. Which makes the constitution our government; and our employees, “simply that”. There is no combination of factors: each is a completely separated reality of distinction; in term of this democracy. Our primary workers SWEAR THEY WILL obey constitutional law; and as rebellion has proven true, by the evidence: our employees have attacked us all. With the anarchy of trying and doing, the best they can to divest and destroy the constitution itself. As is learned by the facts of legal cases presented by James Frank Osterbur; wherein the constitution both state and federal courtroom “deny exists/ by their silence” and shame.

The extreme violation of privacy/ the extreme counterfeiting of money, in all ways and methods/ the sale of our press to a tiny few hands/ the refusal to accept constitutional superiority/ the refusal of constitutional decree that is “a judge shall hold his or her office ONLY during good behavior”/ extreme subjection of our society to university rules/ university religion as is evolution/ university experimentation against life and planet/ the cult overthrow of this USA, by university is god, and cannot be questioned; so says the court, and all other leadership/ the extreme compliance with criminal extortion in healthcare/ refusal to provide and obey redress of grievances/ providing our educational system to: the religion of evolution; as has no proof of life whatsoever. And more.

How do they do it? The insurgency seeps like sewage, out of the university diploma; wherein reality must look, for the real threat of those who intend to overthrow this America; and call themselves “god, and ruler” of us all. As is proven by the expert rules as trained and taught; by university. Completely discarding the truth of democracy itself; as is “we all, do have a say in our government, with guarantees of freedom, rights, privacy, securities, and more”. None of which exist to any real degree, by the trained manipulation of media in our lives; as has been proven by covid. And more! To the shame of this nation and its people; who traded life, planet, child, and democracy; for the bribes, which bought a few “trinkets, trophies, and toys”. All of which lay in your garbage mountains of today as evidence against you all.

And the people say: WE DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THAT, we are gods! But alas, you do have to die, and let your world be extinct; by sacrificing every child; because you just didn’t care about anything but self. As is the truth of your life: IS IT NOT? CHANGE OR DIE.

While your reality says: THE INVASION, of critical losses; has already occurred; and will not be turned back, without a literal “NATIONAL COURTROOM” called redress of grievances. Because only democracy itself, can oust the implanted rebellion that is “universities rule this nation”. The question of abortion CAN START that demand: proving, that only women have a right to decide this for themselves! By their own national vote, as a nation which provides the guarantee of “religion: NOBODY can tell me what to believe/ it is my decision”. Nothing is more personal or private in life: than the reality of a pregnant woman. YOU don’t get to decide; as male. But as female, with another life being formed: it is realistic, to let all women choose what is their truth. As life depicts it: I do suggest your discussion should center around: once a clear, independent heartbeat has been found/ the singular right of choice has been lost. Because that is a reality of evidence; easily proven to all. That reality proves: you are now deciding for two, not just one!

But, I will also remind you: that when women hold all the rights to decide for an abortion by the laws they set for themselves; or not. They also have taken control over pregnancy so deliberately; that the responsibility of men outside of marriage ceases to exist. YOU deliberately chose this/ if I did not deliberately choose this; I have no responsibility for your decision.

To discard any assumptions from you: the reality of my own life is very simple. This body, mind, ability, resource, hope, love, life, time, respect, truth, courage, and stability; are all gifts of life given to me. That fact is refined from the miracles of existence which surround me; as are given by our CREATOR. No attempt is defined to expand that. Nonetheless, I KNOW; that I did not build myself, nor my world, nor am I in charge of my time, body or other. These are gifts. Therefore if my own CREATOR deems it OK, for the spiritual world “to change me” into something else/ by the undeniable facts of a miracle; then I am fine with that. Even if I do complain a bit. Male and female are equal; no element of discussion is required to prove that. Although It really is; a very different living. Men should understand: you curse yourself, when you fail to treat women with respect they are do; as a living CREATION of GOD. Same is true for women in your treatment of men; they are not your slaves either.

There are foundations to life and living; one of them is discipline/ and it does depend upon who you are, whether discipline is important to you or not. It is, “important to me”; as reality proved more often than not. The easiest way to assemble that understanding is: searching for a way, if it was possible to live together, some will spend money easily and some save every penny; the two do not mesh well. Same is true of eating; if food is “the best thing” for some/ and merely the means to survive for others; the two do not mesh together well. Even though “it is your right to do what you believe is in your best interest”; the reality of that is I too, must do what I believe is in my own best interest. And there are MANY realities of discipline, that decide if you can learn to coexist for a lifetime. Wants interfere with discipline; as they are generally opposite desires. Disciplines predict the future, as a base line reference to what can be expected; as reality pushes us into caring (yes we do trust) or chaos (no we don’t).

Order is a finite example of limits and boundaries by laws we should not disobey; because the consequences are real. Only truth can define or discover order, and within that trust of truth, the boundaries and limits do become apparent. Question must be assembled, but answers are not allowed unless truth accepts the law which created the answer. Pride is the end of order; because pride wants to win, making life a game instead of reality/ or seeks the revenge of losing; the beginning of hate and violence. Order predicts the future, as the reality of want surfaces; the acceptance of law will come first; as is the foundation of truth.

Balance predicts the value of your life, our lives as one: through the interchange that is; justice, fair play, and equality rise into the living of our lives; as hope then shares happiness because of care. Balance is the conception of justice, by fair play, in the discovery of equal treatment by laws which grant peace, harmony, and happiness. OR, chaos, which is the opposite of balance; derives a war with life, from the desperation of those who are angry, desolate inside, and then filled by hate.

Respect is “the solution of life”; to rise above self, and become as a human being alive in truth was meant to be. We cannot be alive without truth; therefore truth is the environment of life itself. Which makes the journey into miracles an expression of where the path of your own truth desires to live. Respect identifies the relationship we have to share; both now and as time passes by.

Desire functions to build hope into joy, whereby joy can then become our living world of happiness through the essence of hope. Values shape us, into that conception of what we do trust, as the ascension of a living world. Love lives in desire, just as hope lives in love; the value of our destiny depends upon our choice; not just mine or yours.

Of the basic elements in my own living here in time; the constant has been “an endless education”. Confronted by all the twists and turns of what it means to be a man, or fail as a man, or rebuild as a man, or achieve truth and happiness as a man; “with and without female present in time we share”. The reality of all those elements in my own education is: a presentation of laws, limits, boundaries, trust, truth, hope, courage, happiness, sadness and more. Thereby assembling into the knowledge that I do present to you in this day. While my search; “bumped up too, those limits and boundaries of law: it did not go beyond”. Because the consequences once revealed; are now understood. The values once revealed are understood as well; but they lead “to home”/ and my world in this time is to discover the knowledge, rather than the happiness. It is “my job”; on this planet threatening to go extinct.

While I wish that was not so, truth demands it is so: wishing will not make that fact go away. So, I live here learning, educating whosoever will listen; and wish I was better at it. Living with the reality of failed decisions, failed “should have known”, failed “not kind enough, failed “lost in self, rather than truth”; and a long list of other infractions nobody gets to change/ nobody gets “everything”/ it is a fact of life. Crying won’t help, just go on; and do the best you can.

Today, my life turns from all things which impact men, as has been known; to the questions of what impacts women (does NOT, include anything to do with men; or perversion of male). “its complicated”/ not my job to ask why; or how far this journey will go. Not a clue; but it is “a very different journey”. Although the method seems to be the same: “to be confronted with the cost of realities, and their choices, so that the consequences will be known”.

But that is now mixed with: the loss of freedoms [spiritual woman in control], which are represented by death; “no you can’t”. Establishing the question: beyond the realm of this environment called time, what does living mean? And how do we participate without the distinction called movement of mass? How do we elevate ourselves, into a world beyond time?

The elemental choice of limited freedoms, is entirely the result of female in charge; as proves to be “I have no say”. But elementally in me; because freedom has been a massive part of who I am or intend to be; that it invades all things self, to alter existence as a participant no longer locked within self as man. That is complicated, and will not be represented here; no it is not sexual, by any measure you create; it is simply, what it is. What it does mean is: freedom has a new complexity, that does not include the composition of self. Or more distinctly, self ceases to be “simply man”; and loses identity to the quest that is life within thought. Or more distinctly: how do we live within thought, with or without the freedoms energy provides?

Thought does not consist of mass; therefore body is left behind; a useless encumbrance without value. Which does present the question: IS male or female valuable here? Answer is yes: because truth as life is given to be male or female; and truth is the identity you keep in the quest for living. Therefore male or female does dictate the definitions of life and living beyond self. The question begins: HOW, do we enter within the critical energy, which allows thought to retain its existence; even though the body is gone? Answer: we are part of that energy as a living human on this earth/ and when we die, that energy goes back to its origin, and if you go with it as your own decision to participate: it is then your home. So the quest becomes: HOW do I, make this “my happy home”? We then search into the values of thought which have defined you; to compress all that is true into a relationship built upon respect, with love, by the existence of soul (that energy of life, which gave you time).

So the reality of what can exist within thought beyond self: is governed by what you placed there to be found in the compositions of love, as life chose them to be; within your own elevation of truth.

I honestly don’t know where male ends and female begins in me; “its a spiritual thing”/ or if male is essentially dying. But as to change, when it became clear male cannot save this world: the only option left, was to ask female. And I am so overrun; with female in charge of everything, I can hardly stand it. Not a game, my reality.

The question is: when reality proves there is no place left to hide/ what then is left; “but transparency”.

Critical to our existence, is the understanding of needs. The failure to recognize these needs hurts us all; as we must depend upon each other to provide the peace, harmony, and happiness society requires to remain as friends.

Of lessons learned, & there are so many: one of the most disheartening is, a child who cannot sleep, because he or she is threatened, will then not be able to wake up in the morning/ as the darkness only brings fear. Of sounds in the dark, behind walls: the opportunity to record those sounds, so that others can hear what you hear is important. The realities of intervention cannot discard the cost of survival; and must be constructed accordingly. Those who cannot trust (lies), cannot believe (used or abused) they can even participate without being exposed to threat; will seem odd and without “common sense”. Are being used as a “trash can for all or anything, that goes wrong”: are being measured and judged, so they can then be used or abused as worthless to me. The same becomes true; when anyone is measured “young or old”/ because it means the person who is judging, is searching for the decision to use or abuse. Do not judge animals, earth, water, anything; because it only releases tragedy. The law, and only the law we all agree has value to society: shall judge/ not you. Never let lies remain; demand an accounting to prove what is true/ or you will regret it. Never let money decide, we share this earth and its resources; or we regret what we have done, when it is too late to take that back; but make no mistake, reality and truth decides/ not want or pride. Do not assume you can “force the truth”/ you cannot, life will not let you. The courtroom when needed, is all we have; if you cannot examine the evidence for yourself. With clarity and the decision: only truth can decide, not me. It is better to intervene when the evidence is clear/ than to walk away, allowing someone else to learn what will be a cost too high. It is better to intervene, but only when it is clear relationships are about to fall apart forever; so that a chance remains to do better. Kindness is a value, media hates; there is no conversation, beyond do better yourself. But media sells, whatever you are willing to buy: so who is at fault/ and why is finding gossip to fill a conversation, more important than the life you degrade?

Of the various things that should be taught, throughout life and schooling: is, while you can hide the tragedy of what you do/ “the evidence will grow up”, sooner or later, particularly if you repeat; you will decide if murder or hate or depression will rule. People who cannot accept the evidence; will transfer that tragedy to someone they can trust: not to attack or cost them too much, as their interpretation of the evidence does. People shift their lies, into their memories; so as not to face the truth of what they did do. There is NO blaming others for your own acceptance of lies; therefrom you have chosen to participate; even if not by your design; the reality does not care. Women shop, and they want security; so they try to own. Men become addicted to the chemicals in sexual release; and some forget “others matter” (little boys who fight for toys, and own no truth but self; or worse). Always try to defuse any conflict with peace and law if possible; because if you don’t, there is always a “rat” hiding in a hole, who believes now they have an excuse for revenge/ and the cowardice of a surprise attack, even decades later.

If you respect life, you will build for life/ not for self. The difference is huge. If you love for the sake of love, respect will always walk with you, because nothing less will. If you are a man; the values of being a man will rise into the destiny, that shapes society with honest respect for all; best we can. If you are a woman: the greatest gift you give to man is happiness, as formed by the relationship fused with respect, and the honesty we are in this together, work and all. That is what he desires from you. Women want what they want, and if you don’t provide it; many will discard happiness, to prove you did not do what they wanted you to do. Love is none of that; nor is it your right to discard their need or desires. Only by truth we survive in each others arms. Only by truth, do we understand: trust is the greatest gift we can give. Because unlike love which is a value beyond happiness; only truth survives. Therefore we must trust our relationship with truth, or it falls apart as does respect; ending the value we did share, because caring was real.

We cannot save the world, neither you nor I; we are too many, it is not our job. Instead the best we can do, is what truth will allow for us to do. Bearing in mind, that time continues until we die; and a decision to help returns tomorrow as well. So the end result of all helping will be: to be self-sustaining , rather than supported. Depressions can require intervention; because the cost of not caring enough; can be “forever”. But make no mistake, needs are real; and they do not go away unless truth replaces them with a reality sufficient to survive. I did what I could, is what we live with; as time never forgets, and truth never changes what is true. A cost that remains forever.


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