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Our world, is not guaranteed; as if no laws, realities, or truths mattered/ because they do. Instead of a guarantee, law establishes limits and boundaries which must be obeyed in order to survive. True of you, true of life and plants and all living things. True of this planet, solar system, and so on. Break the law of life, by letting lies rule the day; as would be “like playing superman; and jumping off a cliff”/ and you die, as the law of human existence, proves you were wrong. Realities are no different: go for a ride in the desert, the vehicle breaks down; and now you went to far, to make it back alive; all done. Only truth survives, is a foundation of existence; be it life or planet or universe; only truth will survive in the end, by the cost of what makes truth real. Religion has no key to avoid these parameters of our existence; and lives to “want what we want” instead. Truth cannot be less than truth; it has no choice. Reality is our relationship with life and earth.

So we ask of heart and soul: WHAT, is different about you, than all other things which govern life or world? The answer is: that heart enters life by the path created in love/ while soul enters life, by the path created in respect. Each path is a description of your own decision to participate beyond what is simply self. Therefore each description is formed by a partnership with something else.

Love seeks life, by understanding the benefit of having a friend(s). heart rejoices when encountering I am not, “forever alone”/ but find in you a reason to rejoice. Soul ascends into life, by conceiving of a journey that is from this moment on: an opportunity to participate in GOD, OUR CREATORS WORLD! Therefrom we encounter the blessings of destiny; to shape our decision, to inherit our purpose, and to achieve with passion the hope that is eternal life; as placed in JOY.

The values of these things cannot be measured; which makes time an irrelevant quest.

However, the curse of being human is: that we do “live among the animals”/ and if the animals rule over us. Then want will destroy all existence, and time will end. Because the reality of animal has no construction of being truly wrong; as they believe, whatever they want to believe.

Being alive however means: YOU do have a duty, to resurrect the realities of limits and boundaries; by instructing those people who turn away from life; to live as time. By conceiving of teaching the difference between love and hate. That lesson is most eloquently told: by the biblical story of JESUS. As no other account could be so distinct as was his.

Love gives us life, as is Creation by miracles through respect for, & the happiness of, an essence of living in friendship, as does need the freedom to be “me”. An experience of heart, that grows into soul; reaching for eternity.

Hate is the opposite of that; and lives by chaos, and the mutilation of life, by cursing its blessings; as is the result of pride, power, and want. Hate has no friend; only the demand to be superior “best you can; as violence will produce”. As the dirt eats your face, in death; because they all say “life is just an accident”/ and there is nothing else. The evil of evolution.

You are you/ just as I am I; I am not your judge, nor are you mine. Not your savior either; as that has already been done by: JESUS with the choice, “either love OR hate”/ but never both: CHOOSE. As decides the journey beyond time; which becomes “you”. The truth, of what you chose.

As a world, your failures are extreme; discarding life and planet, for the games of how much can you get/ and who can you make pay “for you”. Primary to this disgrace and disrespect for everything; is a university decision to manipulate, tempt, control, delude, fantasize, threaten, propagate, corrupt, conspire, collude to overthrow, rape, steal, cheat, disguise, hate, betray, terrorize, and more. Doesn’t make the entire university bad/ but it does identify where the majority of trouble comes from; as is profiling. We do know: a percentage of, this group represents trouble for all the rest. As is so surely true it does.

As a humanity; they have convinced you to be animals/ media has taught you to be arrogant, apathetic, lie, cheat, steal, kill, maim, tempt, manipulate, threaten, disguise, hate etcetera; just like your leaders do.

As a humanity; they have taught you to be disrespectful of male and female; by destroying respect, and teaching you to be animals with lust/ the world of human existence becomes tragic and without honor. Men believe sex is all a female represents/ and female believes sex will buy them whatever they want. Men entrap for sex, to prove they win to other men. While women entrap with sex, to prove they can manipulate any man they want; by using sex. While both intend to possess the other, and neither believes in love as a value to cherish each other. So they all get angry with the other sex; and turn to perversion as is homosexual or lesbian. So they then turn to other subspecies of human; and believe its better here: only to find out, they have been shopped, because these want something other than love as well: MAKE ME RICH/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; the majority response. So women plunder and rape men: to claim a baby by fraud/ and make the men pay; by having babies with other men; particularly from a different group, so they can say: NEVER with you again. And men fight back with I will never care again; the door is closed/ taking whatever sex I can get. Which becomes an open door to numerous diseases, hatred (you stole my life), violence (I want you to pay me back) and abuse (be my slave, or I make you fear); for both sexes. As an entire world: “taught by media”; experiences and expresses the reality of “you ain’t nothing, but an animal”. To your shame: you can’t fall into the hole so deep; unless you are willing to believe, what you want, is enough.

UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU; the reality of saving this world and all its life; “best we can”/ is determined by “NO, YOU CAN’T DO THAT ANYMORE”. The list is longer, than you are willing to believe true; so I won’t bother.

Nonetheless these are a few of the realities that will not be dismissed:

  1. cut your fossil fuel use in half/ insulate everything basically ten times more than now; and stop heating or cooling what you don’t need or use. Not a hard concept.
  2. Very little international trade; of any kind/ a bare minimum of plane usage; which functionally ends the tourist trade. Until you change to a more realistic means of travel and long term stays; or don’t go.
  3. Subdividing nations: to create groups which must take care of themselves or fight their own battle if they fail. So they can’t blame another/ and with world law to enforce: YOU WON’T go steal theirs.Think not: Russia attacks those who look very similar/ but are considered a different group; to take their stuff, by genocide. As history repeats and repeats. Small nations united UNDER WORLD LAWS, that are enforced on every nation. NO RULER/ THE LAW DECIDES, by world court enforcing WORLD LAW; by policing force gathered, from around the globe; and leaders are brought into court, to examine before the world “all lights on”;  if they have obeyed our world, as is united for the sake and protection of all; same.
  4. All the work needed to rebuild and renew forests, oceans, coral reefs, rivers, atmospheric stability, and so on.
  5. Feeding the ocean with dead human bodies [no cremation/ no burial: food, to create more food for the living] prepared for that purpose; to keep its life alive/ as you have little else; and must limit fishing to small boats only; as you let it “breathe a new life into itself”.
  6. Lumbering is over; you will replant instead; allowing what is left shall be turned over to an international council that will protect it for the next 30 years. To rebuild and renew and repopulate its life.
  7. You will examine and predict honestly: what is left of resources, and expand that into a relationship with the future, of every child; so that life can survive.
  8. You will examine all possibilities to reshape your reality into something that is sustainable; which includes city planning (high rise buildings; which will grow their own food sources; designed to create “smaller villages”, that are little cities of their own; with mass transit a primary purpose. But more distinctly NO NEED for transit as everything you need for your life is “right here” for each group.
  9. Population controls, which are primarily the responsibility of women: because babies DO NOT come from men. They will be paid accordingly: NO POSSIBILITY of survival exists without population control.
  10. Critical thinking and education must occur/ UNLIKE anything the universities do. To provide an invitation to think, and be alive as human beings with respect for life and planet and its miracles of existence. Instead of indoctrination into: “their cult”. No manipulation by media/ all branches of media sold to independent owners only; as is conducive to the news that is real for life and planet first.
  11. Universities must be used: once you have evicted all the sewage that is playing god/ instead of respecting life and planet. NO ALLOWANCE FOR BEING WRONG. NO GAMBLING. NO FAILURE, STEALING, CHEATING, CORRUPTION, ETCETERA. Entirely evicted from government in all capacities and purposes. NO EXPERTS shall be allowed. Only what truth will allow as directly beneficial to life; by our vote.
  12. Healthcare shall start at 9 years old: throughout all schooling, for at least one hour per day; the training of medical stability, foundations of evidence that will enlighten and construct a basis in being healthy/ staying healthy/ sustaining healthy relationships/ constructing a healthy workplace/ and all forms of building a life that lives in peace and happiness, with values established by respect. Work that is sustainable; shall be the agenda.
  13. The courtroom shall be altered from “cheater, failure, thief” into justice and fair play as best we can. Which begins with grading the judge and the lawyers and the law; by our own decision and vote, we remove those who fail us.
  14. GOVERNMENT IS THE LAW, therefore the law rules us, and whosoever makes that law is the owner of society: so we must do it ourselves. NO VOTING for someone to vote for me. Once that is done; collection of taxes will be determined by public vote; on those who live among them; with all federal taxation being done at the local level. You will establish a bill of rights for police, public, and military as to KNOWN rights and responsibilities for each.
  15. No more pension plans other than social security which is a percentage of the gdp. The people who receive it, decide for themselves. Wall street is dead: and you will reintegrate the local bank with NO affiliations to another; making each bank fully independent and without strings. Where only local partnerships with business and industry and “this society”; shall decide where the money goes. Etc.

This is where: “the Jews” finding their money thrown all over the temple floor”/ decided JESUS had to die; even though HE did do great things. Because their lives belonged to money, not life itself. While I am clearly NOT “Jesus”, without exception: “throwing away their money” will have no less an effect today, than throughout history. Same/ same. But, while my presence in this world is small; it will remain merely a sign of trouble to come.

A risk worth taking:   Because unless you rebuild what can survive/ your world shall fail. Extinction is certain.

And the hogs scream: NEVER, because their easy life/ and their power/ and their pride/ and all the greed and selfishness of their lives: is being turned upside down. Which means, THIS IS A LEGAL WAR/ or you end this world now.

PROVE WHAT MUST BE DONE AND WHY: WITH WORLD COURT, AND THE BEST EVIDENCE THIS ENTIRE HUMANITY CAN PRODUCE: so as to be clear and certain NOBODY gets an excuse. You will work as a planet together/ or you will fail as a planet together; because you have built the precipice of extinction; as your only other choice. DO NOT BELIEVE/ PROVE, WHAT IS TRUE! Both life and earth/ every child: DESERVES THAT.

And the cult of university knows; says, “we are gods’/ we don’t have to prove NOTHING”. Because they can’t, or reality will prove them wrong.

Just like; a skull molds itself, and grows to the correct form, being encased with skin and muscle and movements to convey feelings and all forms of thought beyond a human comprehension. So they just contend: FANTASY IS ALL we need, as with evolution/ the indoctrination of every child into the cult of “university imagination”. Where lies, hold the key to hell.

Then comes, the very critical reality of how do we survive; changing governments from the power of a few, and their bankers/ into world law, and uniting a world under consolidated policing of leaders? The answer is: with world currency, dedicated and described by we the people as our contribution to your lives/ which you will pay us back. As we do distribute what is critical to survival, as is food, water, and realities required: NOT FOR WAR/ but for law as created in world court rules now. ANY LEADER opposing that law, WILL be brought to trial; and if convicted, learn what prison really means. Where does the money come from: TRILLIONS of dollars are spent for the military’s, around this world. Consider how much better off you will be: without them, as a weapon used by rulers. Instead of a MUCH smaller policing force defending their own nation. No more dead cities/ no more invading forces/ no more ravaging, raping, ruining our lives, homes, and future/ no more mutilated people/ no more genocide/ no more extreme debts, resource lost, etc: LAW RULES US NOW.

The law rules the nation, or there is no nation: these are only slaves and their tyrant with his weapons. The foundation of change is: there will be law to rule us all/ or there will be war, as a world, targeting just one leader: to remove the weapons and free this people. That is not an invasion, but a singular targeted attack, which focuses on just one tyrant; and whatever collateral damage he causes.

The reality of international money, to be used in conjunction with world law: is very simply this. IT SHALL be clearly identifiable: to each nation/ and each group within that nation. For one use only: to buy NONE WAR items for survival; from the international community through just one agency set up for that singular purpose.

THE MONEY SHALL NOT be used by any other than female [as nature proves true]/ no exceptions. Each female will come to the distribution center/ and each female will take back with her, “only twice as much for one week; as she needs for herself and one more”. If you lose a woman; you lose the food, etc. Which demands every female must come. Establishing when she comes back by digital fingerprint (so the data base can make sure nobody enters twice)/ any and all she needs food for. Is she refuses to return: the international community will protect her. If she states fear: the international community will move her to a refugee center elsewhere; as safety will allow. If the women are attacked/ the international policing force shall send bombs onto any larger group of men in that area: so that repercussion is severe and real to them too. Distribution centers shall be located in cities, where real world water supplies and other needs can be met. Where the men are evacuated from that city/ as a means of protecting the city itself; from being destroyed; so that something is left for life. NO FOOD OR OTHER shall be distributed except through women. IF a group is being targeted for genocide by the others/ THEN if the women of that group demand it, and REFUSE to go back until the war is over: you will drop weapons into that specific group so they can defend themselves; to a sufficient level for probable survival. But no more.

IN EXCHANGE for survival needs and some degree of safety; BIRTH CONTROL shall be established. All women shall be introduced too and established with, the necessary birth control for the sake of this world that is required for our world itself, to survive: as the international community of women design that to be. It is their choice.

As you consider changing this world: LEARN THIS simple and plain, it is the banker that puts a ruler into place/ it is a banker that controls the making of weapons/ it is the universities that create the banker, weapons manufacturer, and military leaders; and it is the universities that control the media to influence the public, or lead them into a blind eye that causes FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.

As a consequence to that; whenever a leader gets out of line with the law/ IT IS NECESSARY, to investigate and identify: what the banker/ manufacturer, military’s leader, media; and especially the universities taught them, or even forced them to do. Fear, the cost of power, is an enemy/ pride, to believe whatever you want is an enemy/obey, “i want what I want, the foundation of every lie” is an enemy [one of the signs of animal; I won’t think/ I will believe]. Therefore understand the situation before you begin to resurrect the future.

IT IS, worth noting: that the tyrant is exactly like those who attack and kill school children: a coward on the inside. Because the pick on those who they do not fear/ so that fear does not pick on them. The pedophile, is exactly the same. the only difference is: the weapon, and the reality, other terrorists have to steal theirs; because the dead have no brain. They each do: represent the base line failure of life on earth.

As a complete contrast to that: JESUS as biblically told; represents the greatest contribution to life on earth that could ever exist. Not only did his life depict the difference between love and hate/ HE healed numerous people, as is evidenced by those who worshiped him. The critical construction of that, is most likely HE understood, and could control the atomic structures and relationships within a living body of life. In this day and age: looking once again at the difference between love, JESUS gave life back. And hate “the various form of terrorists” prove their hate of life, and take it away: WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE? Because you can’t have both: life beyond self and base line survival: is a choice between love OR hate. Never both/ because as reality proves true: they are truly opposites of existence.

The challenge of destiny: is to continue life as controlled energy released through thought. The reality of fate: hate is chaos, wherein energy fully and without release controls you, in a pattern of thought that is terrifying to you.

Discipline states: that beyond the atomic realm of an action or reaction/ there is the foundation of energy itself; as constructed by developments which shape the dimensional structures of expansion and contraction. To encounter that level of conception; is to fundamentally exchange order for balance.

The critical conception is: that choice is more than a question/ and reality is more than an image or possibility.

But particularly in America: the cult of the insane, “the university is god”/ controls belief; fear; and obedience to the god of university; through media manipulation and propagation of fantasy, imagination, and delusions.

Every major claim: falls apart under the scrutiny of reality. Evolution is dead, a vile vomit of stupidity, without a clue. Fusion is dead; proven false at Lawrence Livermore labs/ and by the reality of actual atomic energy creation. Claims of a universe age is removed by action and reaction proves the big bang started at the center point of this universe. Universe expansion falls apart when red shift is in fact the movement of suns in a galaxy/ not separated from it. Claims of time; disintegrate under the certainty, that the sun burns atoms in an atomic fire/ which means as a supernova proves: that fuel is consumed/ and that changes this entire solar system based upon that singular reality. Noah’s flood proves itself true in a variety of ways; but nothing more convincing than the reality of fossil fuels/ as that does collect the life into bunches which were then deposited at various places in a clearly worldwide flood. Which ends all claims of archaeology, and more.

The curse of universities: turned you into a herd of animals/ worshiping the damned who played god, and now the consequence of that threatens life on earth. Instead of looking for excuses; to every threat we face, to allow extinction to set in and control the future/ YOU NEED TO EXAMINE AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG: AND MAKE ALL CHANGES THAT PROTECT LIFE AND PLANET. Your “devils of universities” will not do that/ as it takes away their pride, power, and want to do whatever they want to do. SO THEY LIE AND MISDIRECT to focus you on stupidity and disgrace. Allowing greed and selfishness, what it wants most: “not in my lifetime/ let the children die in HELL”: I WON’T pay. But alas for you: “eternity is real”, and you will pay for every tear in all of life and world.

The believer believes whatever they want to believe; simple as that. FAITH however searches for truth, and demands only truth survives, therefore we must find the wisdom we require or life can be lost.

As to their “atmospheric record of ice”: instead of millions of years/ reality will prove that in order to get all the ice onto land, that does and did exist there. An extreme amount of heat had to evaporate water from the oceans: which means intense volcanic activity, heating that ocean; as we see “the mountains within the oceans as proof. Which further identifies an extreme amount of ash would have been deposited in the atmosphere at the same time reducing heat penetration from the sun/ providing the cooling necessary to form that ice. Just like the grand canyon is a runoff ditch, for all that water (both flood and glacier) which left to return to the oceans.

The most likely scenario to initiate such a planetary earth change: is the gravitational influence, of another planetary object coming close to this earth, and passing it by.

So in terms of “the university experts”; get out the damn “pooper scooper”/ cause it stinks where they stand.

The decision stands: the game is dead, and only life or death of this world remains as the choice you will make. What is truly evil; is injecting chaos into nature/ what is truly evil: is trying to ignite this planet into a sun/ what is truly evil: intends to take away every possibility life or earth will survive. And that means your choice is to fight for this world, or let it die; because you didn’t care enough, to investigate and prove what was or was not true. Even though all life, and all future life depends upon what you do. As is your individual contribution to existence on earth. Stand up and be identified; so that others will find courage too. Stand up and fight for this world; because eternity is watching. Stand up for life and child, and be counted as one who chose to care. Because if you don’t: you will be condemned as one who did not; and that has consequences beyond your imagination. 


And the world says: “please have me excused” I have things to do/ I can’t be bothered/ I have wants and needs, fears which cannot be overcome/ I have debts/ I am not involved, you can’t blame me/ I won’t believe what I don’t want to believe/ I love what I love, and I won’t surrender that, not even to save this world. EVEN THOUGH without a world, or this Creation intact to continue as life; even all love will die, including yours.

There are NO EXCUSES: your world is threatened, and YOU are required to participate. Because the only other option is extinction will be certain.

NO, I CANNOT PROVE THAT WILL BE TRUE: BECAUSE THAT IS THE END OF LIFE AND EARTH. Which makes your demand for proof, utterly worthless, beyond that point of no return.

Therefore YOU are confronted with the truth: EITHER STAND UP AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SURVIVE THE THREATS WHICH HAVE BEEN EVIDENCED AS REAL. OR, you choose to throw this world away, with apathetic arrogance, and a complete denial of all things already proven real.

It is not my job to make you believe anything! It is only my job, to insist reality has consequences/ and truth cannot survive the choices you have made: which will result in your own extinction/ as well as all future life and earth. That has been done.

YOU HAVE NO VALID PROOF, to insist or claim I could be wrong. Therefore your choice is to ignore the evidence and let this earth die if you are proven wrong. OR INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, IN WORLD COURT; SO THAT NONE CAN DENY THE REALITY OF WHAT TRUTH DOES DESCRIBE.


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