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In general: there is rarely nothing move vile than a leader (someone who “thinks” for you/ which of course includes nearly all of media). Little more vile than an animal; someone who lives only for want, pride, or power. The curse of evil (I will take it all/ I will judge and demand slavery). The disease of healthcare: which is a monopoly in every method, proving extortion is the result. The absolute failure of humanity is: MORE, MORE, MORE, DAMN YOU; GIVE ME MORE. The endless competition to take control, manipulate to take control, tempt to take control, lust to be in control, curse each other and bring wars; to demand we are in control; and so on. Is for fools, liars, cheats, thieves, bastards, traitors, terrorists, rapists, fantasy idiots, delusional intellectuals, and the mutilation imagination provides. While the end result is: every form of descent into chaos, runs rampant; due to a university knows leadership/ and its cult of followers, who refuse to think for themselves.

Given all that as the sewer of life and living that is the constant of this USA, and with little doubt the reality of this world; your possibility of survival is truly all but over. Wake up or go extinct; and the people say, “You CAN’T PROVE that”! But alas, the evidence can prove it true; but you need a brain to go beyond a focus that cannot escape “beyond your eyelashes”.

Nonetheless, I must hope for you; its required: so, lets begin, in a world destroying its resources, as it always does/ forcing extinction upon everything (kill every last one/ save nothing). The primary resolve is of course don’t do that. And humanity says, “I got bills to pay/ I leave nothing; I WANT MORE”. But, you get extinction instead, what a great deal, five minutes more for you/ in exchange for a dead world ending life for all. Yes sir, “your great”.

And the women say: I WILL NEVER surrender any form of having babies; I AM FREE, to do what I want. Yet reality reminds you; this world is so close to cannibalism; and what happens then. The real world gives you no choice; but HELL ON EARTH. So, “happy days” right; cause nobody can stop you.

The endless competition for business and space; has already been lost. You have double and triple the humanity who cannot have a job/ unless the others allow that to happen. Unless you finish destroying every resource; and end life on earth instead of working within the limits and boundaries of what is left that you can do. And the world of humans say NEVER DO YOU HEAR ME, NEVER, DAMN YOU TO HELL! WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT/ make him suffer. You, can’t make us afraid; “not in my lifetime”. But congratulations “you won war” without an ending. Because that will take the last little bit of chance to live, and throw it away.

With limited capitalism: you can control the wealthy and powerful/ by taking away their option to have more than is fair to the rest. Finding happiness and fair play, working for justice and truth, in a discovery of what we can do for life and planet; will end pride, and stop the games of death that always end in war. But you are too smart for that; so the violence of power is all you get.

You can limit the boundaries of money: to divide the food fairly, so all feel they have been treated “as best we can”. That would be a currency devoted only to food; and distributed same for all who work. No work/ no pay; no livestock farming of humanity= no pay; just have to die, when life calls you to death.

Unless you feed the ocean and clean it up doing everything you can: that food supply to you ends. Simple as that, the consequences of “MORE, MORE, MORE”/ WE DON’T CARE. Dead human bodies ground up for fish food; is your only real answer; you need the rest.

Unless you stop global warming you will have only deserts and death: no more air conditioning/ no more endless driving/ no more cremation/ no more “LOTS OF THINGS”; as is the cost of WE DON’T CARE/ DAMN YOU for proving we chose.

Since you cannot fight for more resources, or play games to prove “look at me/ I win”. The end result of that is true change or war. True change includes, while money will remain to prove you did do your work as needed. The end result of society building in ways which will share happiness and hope for the future/ evicting hate, and so on. Is a process that can only be decided by those who live it. However the destruction of hate: begins in schools, where the cost of failure to respect each other is an isolation/ the cost of ridicule is a removal to less desirable conditions/ the cost of violence and judgment: is a punishment which includes separation from this society, into an area reserved for hate, where you will live and survive on your own, with those who are like you. If allowed back into society, and you have failed to learn peace and harmony require “fair play, truth, discipline, order, balance, forgiveness, hope, love, sharing, caring, and real RESPECT”. Then the world needs to create: a dead zone, dropped off, locked in: with those who have failed/ never to return; perhaps an island, or whatever can be controlled. But not a prison, where the rest must provide for the costs. You chose/ you live or die; we won’t care.

Choices exist to produce your answer, to your problems. But facing extinction exists, as a demand we must produce a different answer for ourselves/ or we go extinct. Because the evidence is very clear; you cannot go on as you are. And this world SCREAMS: “NOT IN MY LIFETIME; thereby deliberately choosing to sacrifice their own children; to your shame. Alas, either commit suicide, and die a murderer of yourself/ or admit: this is in your lifetime, and the costs will be borne more by your children than you. Even though YOU ARE the guilty ones.

Every failure is at its crisis point. You will change; or you will be extinct. It is that simple, and you have run out of time; for all intents and purposes, change or die.

Pride, power, and want: will distract you from the truth of evidence by reality. They want what they want; and live as animal; so they cannot care for you. Its all a game: of shouting MORE, MORE, MORE! So, with media covering up everything important to know/ and power controlling everything with distractions/ and pride proving I DON’T CARE; along with the cult of university worshipers who no longer have a brain. The only question left is: “is there a human, with a soul, still left among you”? Communicate: we must investigate the evidence of our own extinction/ the cost of being wrong/ the reality of universities playing god/ the curse of nothing is left but death; and the evil of no population control, which spells doom.

IT IS, a foundation of human existence: that the weak and defenseless will be targeted by the predator first. Which is why the second amendment exists: to avoid the excuse for genocide, because they cannot defend themselves. They have no access to weapons, which will allow them to fight back. Simple as that, and at no time in human history; has there ever been a moment when one group is not ready to target another group/ when thieves, liars, traitors, terrorists and so on exist. But given that excuse: there is an endless number of ways to attack and kill, with or without guns; as history proves true. Guns just make the fool believe he or she is a predator, who cannot, or will not; be stopped. “like courage in a bottle”/ so to speak.

No amount of laws will remove a surprise attack, defined as “I HATE YOU”. Simple as that. But animals rarely think to any degree, and the most common attacks are from those who do not think; and as such they simply believe whatever they want to believe. Good/ bad; right or wrong; doesn’t matter, the believer wants whatever they want to believe.

So a critical truth in the reality of guns “isolated from the rest of the threats as is University playing god/ the terrorists of this world you tolerate”. Is to alter the ammunition; and make it less lethal. In order to protect the second amendment and those who are adamant about their defenses; NUMEROUS ammunition stockpiles; locked under the direction, of “minutemen” who are sworn to protect that ammunition from a violation of purposes; agreed by the majority, with punishments for those who fail. Grants NO alteration of the purpose that is the second amendment in this USA.

As to the public purchase of weapons: when you remove or close the door: “to primary kill” use of the ammunition being sold/ you do open the door for MANY more people to be trained in that use of a weapon to defend us all. Because instead of killing people, you simply stop them from killing you or others. That is, within second amendment practice. Which then limits the need, and sale; for body armor. Again, it is effective and true; for children in school and others/ that a “suitable non-lethal hand grenade”; can be very helpful in disorienting an attacker/ giving time for your own attack or escape. Adding escape classroom doors; is another version of prepared for this. And the people say: BUT I WANT TO KILL THAT ONE. Yet reality says: IF you have a gun, and you kill someone else by accident/ that means you still killed someone else; and they are dead or injured because of you. Whether you stop an attacker or not. And the truth is: you may or may not be able to identify the attacker/ because someone else just like you or the police might be doing the same. NON LETHAL gives you options, without the insanity.

As to game hunters: there really isn’t hardly any game left to shoot/ and what is still alive needs to be protected. With only a few defined exceptions; as would include you buy the license and we will sell you a tiny amount of ammunition to go with it. Identified with numbers inside and outside as YOU BOUGHT THIS; it will be returned if not used/ or an enormous fine could result.

The failure of power is constant and cruel; as rulers try to rule/then surrender to fear of the masses;  and become tyrants who only want you to obey. That of course applies to the judiciary as well. Politics are about making some of the people happy/ the others angry; and then turning that around to make the angry happy, and the others angry instead. It is a game, with only one constant: “give us, what we want”.

Abortion control is NOT a public participation matter. It is an individual decision based upon the certainty “this is a human life forming in you”. But it is also, changing a human life or lives because every human being has needs. The critical choice is: “in its most simple form: perhaps when a true independent human heartbeat exists: yet”? Because killing human has consequences; whereas the formation of what would be (not yet) human should not. To alleviate the indecision: all forms of birth control should be easily available: so that in case you do not know/ you can make certain.

The curse of what power has done is: to make the rich spend money for an abortion/ and to deny the poor the option called an abortion, because they have no money to spend. Abortion is NOT birth control; but because the critical test of women do get pregnant want to or not; an element of choice must exist for all. But that includes, the dividing moment: when “human deserves its chance as well”. Adoption of a new born, healthy child; is generally accepted. “your body/ your life” IS challenged with “their body/ their life”. YOU get your life back with adoption/ they do not.

A fair and deliberate cost to that decision may include: “your option” to become a mother ends here; if your choice is far into a pregnancy, unless real medical issues are apparent and true.

The elemental cost, is almost entirely to an individual woman; in early on abortion; because a human has not yet formed; therefrom it is entirely for that woman to decide; without religion or politics or others interfering. Religion is what we want to believe (not an individual response). Unfortunately want is the foundation of every lie/ pride is an enemy, and makes life a game of winning or losing/ while power contrives to judge and take charge. BOTH life and mother are better than that. Because lifetimes are involved, and being alive is not a game, not for you to judge, love and truth from your heart, must decide not the plotting or planning of want. NOT, Your want or others: life decides if your love is enough. if not, you punish both. Late term abortions are more deliberately a cost born by the fetus, who has become a “human soon”; and thereby a participant in society. Abortion is not birth control: which today means, if you do not want to be a mother, accept the cost of making that decision true. As a society participate in the decision to make that true; but bear in mind, permanent solutions should not be for those under the age of 28 years. Because things can change. In every “easy way”, the supreme court decides: reality should insist, if not a unanimous opinion, this goes to the public for vote, and society itself will decide. THAT looks like: first male will vote; for an opinion to think about. THEN FEMALE will vote; and her as a society, shall decide this very female choice.

Reality says: a life born without an adequate body or mind, is one that must deal with endless strife and heartache, because we do all need, what we need or desire to be true.

For the sake of life and marriage: if you want to end your relationship, just keep looking at your phone, etcetera. Want to lose all your support, “make your children everything, and insist on one more”. Want to be shut out of the bedroom: just keep doing only one thing, and use her body for your tool. Desire a better marriage that will last; always talk before saying good night: if necessary “say anything/ just say something”. Because those who do that keep their relationship talking; and those who don’t, can find themselves walled off. Just remember “too tired” is real; so understand what respect is, and wake up a little early in the morning. 5 minutes is enough; “time it”, and do your part; be prepared. SHARE the conversation, do not control it, or walk away. “Without sharing our time, work, hopes, concerns, etc”;  we lose our friend.

As to a variety of other things: young women with children or not, do face an uneasy feeling; they might have to accept an older male just to survive. That fear does make them do “unwise things”; facing that fear directly, will give pause to that, and hopefully better choices will exist. Young children have a need to be held, treated kindly, respected for themselves, nurtured in ways that help not hurt their future. If feeling left out; then show them “someone cares; with simple things”/ never let that get out of hand. Given that, sometimes people step in; but in the final reality: mothers should never have to compete for their child; and if they have value, neither should a dad. Remember divorce is a two way street: rarely; it is not just one caused this. All young girls need to feel attractive to the opposite sex; it is realistic to pay attention to them, until they know “males notice: BUT NOT with lust”. Then stop or sooner, if it is unwise. If too attractive, they need to know that, before “older boys and men” take advantage of the naive. Help where you can, but do not sacrifice your own life or body; not your job. I have helped some, and left others behind: because you never truly know. That someone else who might help, could be “the love of a lifetime”; or not. I personally let my soul decide; because every time I did not; proved to be a mistake. Do not let people decide how much of your life or time or work they will give away: not theirs/ yours, you decide. Do not let young women lead; “they want that”, but rarely do they understand the consequences of what they choose. Protect your money, but do not let it own you; be fair as best you can: DO NOT lend money you cannot afford to lose, or will be angry about if it does not go as planned. Forgive as best you can; everybody fails, ain’t nobody perfect; do what you can. If you have erred badly: a true, and honest “I AM sorry” is required, to return life to its possibilities. Let people be who they are, just as you expect to be accepted for who you are. If in doubt of who you are; “try religion honestly”; because thousands of years of practice have been used, to gain the knowledge: in this way, you will learn about yourself, and more. But remember: “GOD is not a book”, nor is religion perfect or intended to be your guide to eternity: it is much more “a mother’s milk” for infants starting to learn MIRACLES ARE REAL.

IT IS, the cost of being human: that each one must by their own decision, decide what will or will not happen when you die. Religion offers belief, “listen to our book”/ but belief can be a terrible thing, if it keeps you from truth or evidence/ as does making “the book” god instead of the reality of evidence as is every miracle of living that is on this planet. Faith is the acceptance of truth decides/ not want, as is the reality of belief.

As to others, the foundation of most is: human dies, and drowns forever into the dust/ therefore all that matters is what I get right now: GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. But reality identifies only that the body of your life here in time has died (quit moving at your command)/ and that is not consistent with the question of life and the miracles of existence. As time is not life, but the distance applied to experience and expression. The question remains as to the energy that is life/ because reality shows us: even a so called, perfect body, can be dead or dying. While a body truly mangled can remain alive. MORE than simplicity is here, and undefined by simple chemistry. Genetics prove the inalienable right to know: this complexity is so far beyond human comprehension, that none have a right to interfere, change, manipulate, alter, mix, or any other such thing as universities do; making them “Satan” as reality will prove their intentional destruction of nature itself. But the question is: WHAT does happen, when you die/ and your answer to that question: because once dead, whatever is true cannot be changed. It is forever. THE FOUNDATION of it being “thought is life/ but requires an energy of its own, to create and control, a living body in motion”. TO UNDERSTAND, “I am alive”/ is far more complex, than want, the sign of animal. So whether you believe in religion/ or believe “nothing but animal”/ or investigate for truth; or whatever it is you accept as your own decision: will in fact become your own truth, and decide your eternity. No excuses, no blaming someone else, no complaints, no coming back to try again:  no lies, only truth survives; and you know, what is true, FOR YOU.  WILL be established. While I intend to be simple, but not quite complete; so you can find your own decision. The gossiper always finds “a grain of sand” to claim “I know”/ and discard an entire beach, for the sake of that single grain of sand. Let your heart decide; it knows love or hate, better than you. But do understand: mercy belongs only to  GOD  not to you. Let the liar go, or they will drag you down to them (fear is a terrible thing/ pride an enemy hiding from reality); and both will suffer.

Of all things on earth, the most vile has to be human: the edge of extinction, “believe it or not”, proves that true. Which makes the university, the primary destroyer of life and world; as they lead life and planet, with their change/ with experimentation that is nothing more than death by horror, chosen by human.

That fact is undeniable, and its foundation is very simply: the consequence of the human animal, and its constant trying to grab everything “like an octopus” in order to drag it all down into the abyss that is the grave of want/ the destruction of pride/ and the power of selfishness, greed, violence, and abuse.

In contrast to the university demand; “let all humans be ANIMAL/ BE DAMNED to respect for life or values”. Choose the parasitic clamp of a rotting corpse, instead of life.

The alternative is to be HUMAN ALIVE instead. Whereby the essence of life itself, is hope enough to conceive of truth, identify with thought (rather than intellect), construct the journey into miracles of a living body by respect, and ascend through the demands of survival to encounter love as the greatest value of all. Such is the difference between “university is god/ and life is a miracle”. The dead cannot find the answer/ or conceive of the question; only the living, can become alive. The difference is truth.

As for me and you: the primary difference between us is, “95% of humanity all want, and like bees who search only for the flowers, and will sting those who intentionally try to stop them”. I search for foundations, and understand the difference between life and death is deposited by truth. Therefore we begin at the core values of truth, and identify the growth of life, within its needs, purposes, desires, values, happiness; and for a few who respect enough. “even some flowers” will be born. “university” is the opposite of that; demanding as animals demand; they only want what they want.

The curse of failure is constant in university plays god: “they want what they want/ and as all animals do; they intend to take what they want, by any means possible; which includes hiding truth and claiming lies instead. In America: the public shouts “university is our savior/ they would never”. But like the water supplies, they hide the truth all the time. Investigation proves it takes about fifty inches of rainfall to produce a one inch rise in aquifer recharge/ so where is your water supply today: go find out, because IT DOES MATTER. Farmers use to say when chemicals appeared, “the universities would not choose to harm us with stuff that is dangerous”/ but the believers nearly all died of some form of cancer, “early or late”. Because the purpose is to make money. How is that not so? SO, how much toxic waste is buried over, under, around, and in your water supplies/ or soon going to be/ or will be with any sizable earthquake?

EVEN SO; the constant of life or death is hope; without hope suicide draws near. Which makes hope a foundation element of human existence. So the question is WHY AND HOW do you hope? The answer of RESPECT for miracles is: an entire world of truly magnificent Creation, built with love, defined by thought, constructed by a relationship with energy we do not understand, and elevated by truth into the laws which define our trust as faith in the one who CREATED LIFE here on earth. A reality further identified by the biblical story of JESUS.

As to the animals: they want, thereby shouting “look at me” to prove superiority “I have the most/ I am the greatest”; so as to prove that, they play games with life, in order to “win/ or demand YOU LOSE”; thereby focusing on YOU cannot be with me; you are less. Which leads to power, “I command you will do whatever I say”/ which leads to violence, judgment, rules, abuse, lust, and every form of failure known to human existence. But this is “the hope of an animal”/ and its purpose is to have the most, among all the rest; and take that into the grave, so the rest cannot have it: proving “I won”. See the difference?

Nonetheless, for you to have ANY possibility of survival beyond this moment in time: hope requires you to lose the university, and rebuild RESPECT, HONOR, TRUTH, COURAGE, VALUES, LOVE, DIGNITY, HAPPINESS, HOPE, TRUST, FAITH, AND THOUGHT. Becoming alive inside, instead of the university claim “NOTHING but an animal”/ as their cult intends to own, use, abuse, and devour as slaves. A reality currently hidden by the extreme theft of entire nations; propaganda of media claims; FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; and NEVER question your leaders.

Regardless the question is how do you change to become alive once more, and rebuild even the possibility for time to continue on earth?

  1. The foundation of change begins with media: NOT as today, but with the cloak of “university” removed in its entirety. No more experts/ no more believing anything experts or their priests of cult worship as is media: say. Reliance is only on the evidence, presented and searched for truth, by those who are not ultimately benefiting by claiming they know, this is great, or whatever that version of LIAR/ TRAITOR/ THIEF/ CHEAT/ etc is. Finding truth, is the only answer to survival, and it cannot be a game/ as there are no winners or losers. At this point it is strictly truth means life/ LIAR means death; for our entire world.
  2. The critical construction of change is BY LAW, and no other method will do. Truth is the essence of law/ whereas law is the orderly development of disciplines, as are balanced by justice; as we confront the realities that cannot be dismissed.
  3. Whosoever makes the law: RULES THE NATION OR WORLD! Because the law is more powerful than any leader or military or other/ when the law is granted the truth. By this, “simple and plain” our world survives: by accepting our need to enforce it. By this we then, assemble and create peace, harmony, and happiness for life and earth.
  4. Foundations REQUIRE: that you reassemble currency for value instead of power or pride. That demands limited capitalism as the means most suited to controlling resource usage and disciplined freedoms. We vote periodically on the limits of yearly income/ we vote on the limits and boundaries of personal wealth and possession: to control for ourselves the opportunities we need just like you. That begins with currency SHALL be coupled to the population count/ and rise or fall with it. Each nation should be the same, with that regard/ even though the reality and relationship of it will change nation to nation: it still gives stability on an international scale.
  5. Foundations require: the takeover of government by law decides now. Therefrom the reality is: you will decide the tax rate, and exactly where it goes for each category of things you wish to support as a nation. Every vehicle sale; has added a tax for roads; and so on. Every income tax shall be used to operate schools. Every social security tax, shall build the nation. Every taxation over a specified amount shall be used for healthcare: you have more/ they have less: your job is to help, as is realistically valid.
  6. Foundations for education are: WE MUST FIND WITHIN OURSELVES, the values we need for life, planet, RESPECT: and nation, happiness, health, purpose, work, discipline, balance, truth, justice, marriage, parenting, conversation, invention, friendships, debt, business, industry, sex, and more. None of which is done today. Change and find truth in life/ not the dead corpse of “university knows”.
  7. Foundations for living are best done with participation’s in “test methods” first/ even though you are so tragically impaired by university curses; you really cannot afford to wait. Nonetheless, a medium for recognizing the benefits and faults of whatever seems best; can be done with television shows, that are actual reality events. Thereby designing the basis of change and living it, with reality installed as your guideline/ and reviewing what does or does not work as life proceeds. One of the most simple methods to understand the concept of this is: to alleviate pesticides, instead of “soybeans and corn divided equally throughout a state for miles and miles”. Redivide that “miles and miles” dependent upon the reality of insect you need to control: and just have soybeans within this block of acreage this year/ or just have corn within that block of acreage/ or whatever it is. So that the insect feeding on the crop in question runs out of food, and cannot fly to the next. Yes there are problems with storage and so on; but they are not insurmountable.
  8. There are MANY such elements of presenting change to the public for their participation and decisions by vote to expand or remove or change. There are no excuses for removing the need to change; because life is threatened by what has been done. THE PRIMARY VOICE IS; that you shall NOT come screaming or shouting “listen to me”/ etcetera. INSTEAD you will learn to voice your suggestions in an orderly, disciplined manner; whereby the search for what has the most value/ or needs the most change/ or can be done differently/ or is a new idea and so on. SHALL BE gathered together on MANY “a web site or other” singular basis of information gathering INFORMATION. Which is then combined together into a vote-able reference of change or basis for testing what can or cannot be done.
  9. YOUR DECISION MATTERS, and we must all participate to find the best solutions for our own lives, nation, and world. YOUR VOTE MATTERS, but only when we vote on the law or the reality of change that we then must live with as the result of what we did choose. FACING THE CONSEQUENCES of your own reality of choice. Just like “for every action there is a reaction”/ for every decision there are consequences, that decide what the future shall become. Many cannot be undone/ so CHOOSE WISELY, not with want or any human animal description. CHOOSE WITH LIFE AND PLANET ARE FIRST/ humanity is second, or you don’t live at all.
  10. Power is the removal of freedom and rights by threat/ or it can be, but rarely is the control of chaos in order to achieve a greater freedom, through justified rights of our own existence. The constant of men is: threat/ by the use of violence, in one form or another. The current American version is as it has been for the majority; financially ruined/ while in terms of race, prison also stands out; as we are said to be; “the most incarcerated people on earth”. Prejudice prefers silence, until the mob arises to bring chaos to the rest. LAW is government; nothing else is! Therefore whosoever makes and enforces, the law is the ruler of this place. But reality proves in men: that only the banker (money) truly runs a nation/ unless the military now controls by fear. In america: the universities control the banks, government, industry, healthcare, media, courts, education, religion, EVERYTHING; as we wade into the extreme destruction of our entire nation and world by their choice. Ending freedom, rights, and reality as covid did prove true.
  11. Taking power away means: to RETURN LAW AS OUR GOVERNMENT/ THE CONSEQUENCE OF THE DECISION THAT IS, “WE THE PEOPLE” SHALL RULE OURSELVES. Freedom is the environment of knowledge, thereby independent to our own rights as a nation, as a people, as a person who can stand alone; with values I have chosen for myself. That has nothing to do with “university is god”/ the purely opposite; or war against democracy and its freedoms, duties, and rights. The insurgency against us is the result of “university took control”; over the currency of this USA’ as provided by Reagan; in exchange for the complete sellout of US currency by the raid on gold ownership being sold; for nothing more than “his choice, for war machines”. And media “worshiped” both. The consequence being: to REMOVE THE INSURGENTS, requires us to take back control over the currency, which is now bankruptcy; accepting the price we must pay to regain democracy. And then return to the laws which made our nation the place where we could be free and independent by the rights and realities of what we did know as truth to determine our path, by our choice. It is a decision. It is a reality that cannot be hidden: as the truth of what and why we must change: is determined by what truth itself will reveal. As is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; our authority by constitutional guaranteed law of ownership: TO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE, the reality of evidence we are subject too, by their decisions. We are THE JUDGE, because as citizens here: WE ARE THE OWNERS, and our employees; DO NOT own us.
  12. That brings us to reality, and the search beyond what you believe: to the honesty of what we must know, in order to survive the cost of University imagination (reality be damned)/ fantasy (the puke of stupidity and failure, truth doesn’t matter)/ and their delusions (the vomit, of I know what I believe; to HELL with reality). And the people say: “we believe”; but reality disagrees, and finds the cost of being wrong is your own extinction/ your child and everything else as well.
    1. So let’s examine what you believe: evolution is chaos and chaos builds life without a brain, tools, food, reality or anything we know life to be or need. So who is the greater fool here?
    2. You believe: fusion exists, even though they proved it did not at Lawrence Livermore Labs in 2012. yet because there is big money spent/ and that means “big power” to those who lead it: they lie/ and gamble with this entire earth.
    3. You believe that mutilation of genetics is going to give you medicine or great things/ yet you know what mutilation is; AND NOBODY WANTS IT, not even the animals; so why you? Answer, cults never think, its not allowed/ only the leader has a brain. You believe genetics gave you more food; but in reality those changes removed the blockade and boundaries of species interaction; which protects the plant species from disease and death by diversity. Yet your planet genetics now open every species and subspecies to that invasion of NOTHING IS LEFT now.
    4. You believe you have time/ but you do not.
    5. You believe whatever universities say: but they can’t get anything right. As is when talking about the universe; even though they do know a big bang did exist: they discard “for every action there is a reaction”; which puts the explosion in the center of mass; which is now empty as a result of movement. Or that red shift; the claim of a universe expanding is in reality: the movement of stars in a galaxy/ not proof of a separation of those galaxies.
    6. You believe: we can throw poison everywhere/ resources be damned/ who cares about an ocean: NOTHING MATTERS BUT MONEY. WEAPONS of mass destruction are your saviors. Etcetera. Shame on you.
    7. You believe human is an animal/ when in fact it is a choice. You believe life is nothing but a want, as universities teach you without respect. You believe death is the end/ when it is only the end of time as a body; because life is more than a body, it is the energy of your existence in thought. You believe you are smart; ;when you may be the stupidest people ever born: YOU CHOSE, to throw away a world/ by following “university is god”. WAKE UP.
    8. And all the people say: DON’T you tell me NOTHING/ I don’t want to know. Which makes me ignorant, so I am INNOCENT; AND GOD can’t blame me. But like everything else; you knew enough to know; you didn’t want to do what it takes, to keep this earth alive. And that makes YOU: AN INTENTIONAL DESTROYER (SATAN) too. 
      1. As with all other things related to the life or death of this earth; the cost of failure is entirely dependent upon what people do/ or fail to do. The current crisis in Ukraine is one example of that: being that this world does have the option to choose world law/ and remove weapons of mass destruction by that law. The fact you choose NOT to move on that reality of choice: MAKES YOU GUILTY of deliberately letting this earth die. As each and every single one of you knows: will be the end result of a war that turns to weapons of mass destruction. As each and every one of you understands: tyrannical leaders are so arrogant, and so proud; VERY FEW among them would not choose to kill a world, just to prove they could. Even though their eternity would be beyond all conceivable imagination of horror and beneath that; the curse of Satan himself in HADES because of you. Don’t worry, “plenty of room, for you too”!
          1. And then ALL THE PEOPLE, who said go ahead; CRUCIFY AND MUTILATE every genetic life on earth/ we don’t care. Promise us anything; go ahead play god. As is the same as declaring war on this Creation of a living planet. So what, you just chose to eliminate life with horrors on earth, as if YOU were “god of the damned”. Its just war against life itself, HELL what could go wrong; after all you are gods/ and the CREATOR can’t do nothing against you. Now ain’t that right? Cause you know, “you are so smart”. Good for you, what could go wrong? Answer the reality of that question, after all “its just an eternity”; for your life.
          2. And then ALL THE PEOPLE who said to “university physics” GO AHEAD ignite atoms on fire; you are gods. After all, they know everything about the sun; right! Playing around with atomic energy, radiation that could kill you from 90 million miles away (skin cancer and so on). HELL an atomic fire ignited on top of a planet that is all fuel/ can’t be all bad; right! After all, they are gods; but you don’t suppose this could be “hades for humanity”/ now could you? HELL what could go wrong; its just “the same fire as on the sun”. So who cares; right?
          3. And finally we look at all the life from the future: that this humanity on earth today said: LET THEM DIE/ SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES; AND THROW THEM INTO HELL. Cause we aren’t going to pay “in our lifetime”; for anything. LET THEM ALL DIE, so we can make “garbage mountains” to prove our success. “winner baby”; who can deny it. And apathy joined to arrogance screams: “not us”. So, I wonder what the penalty for destroying “a thousand years of life on earth”; on purpose: really is? Any guesses, oh wait don’t stop there, after all the universities are going to save you. Right?

        Don’t you worry now: cause you are just dirt/ just animals lusting into the wind; who have no responsibility to life or planet. NO RESPECT cause you want to be animals instead of alive; so I am sure “buried in the cemetery of hades” will be just fine; right? Who would not be happy there? Right.

        As to reality itself: the evidence is more than clear enough, we are threatened with extinction/ from a wide variety of “university is god” truths. They are “the enemy” of life and world, as extreme experimentation proves true; gambling with everything as if it meant nothing. No respect for life or world or energy at all! Simple as that.

        As to religion: your book is not god/ your interpretation of that book is not “god”/ the people who wrote your book are not god/ even the language your book is written in, is clearly NOT perfect; and you can’t make perfect out of what is not perfect. So reality proves: simple is not enough/ belief in whatever you want to believe in is not enough. But the evidence is enough: to prove our world is under attack by humanity believing it can be gods; and live as if there are no consequences. Even attacking the future to destroy every child, everything this Creation is. SO, YOUR TIME, to participate in saving this world, and paying RESPECT to your Creator: is NOW. Or it will be never, leaving you without an eternal home; as the best it will ever be.

        NO ONE KNOWS: what our CREATOR will allow/ or when this earth will end. NONE have that knowledge or wisdom. But we can understand: WITHOUT RESPECT/ DESTROYING THIS ENTIRE CREATION by human apathy, arrogance, and playing god by crucifying its life with genetic chaos: WILL have consequences. Only the universities do not understand that/ anyone with a brain, does.

        YOUR JOB HAS BEGUN; mine is over. FAIL, and there will be consequences for life and world.      so, says reality!

        Hate wears a disguise, lies often, and uses judgment as their form of power. Pride wants a game, and uses anger to demonstrate “how righteous” they are/ or how revengeful they can become. Want lives to possess what it wants, and traps, manipulates, tempts, corrupts, controls, lies, cheats, steal, betrays, and so on; as it plots and plans to overthrow whosoever is in the way. These are the three “sorcerers (yes, I can/ no you can’t); of human failure”.

        Television and media; broadcast all forms of lust, hate, betrayal, fear, cheating, stealing, terrorism, greed, selfishness, disrespect, denial of truth, manipulation, a gun is the answer, bullying, arrogance, apathy, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, ridicule, “be an enemy/ a friend is a fool”; and so on. Along with the endless fantasy, delusions, imagination and other cult worshiping rhetoric that is university driven. The consequence of waiting for television to tell you what you think/ is a tragedy to all life and earth.

        Little is left of the America that once was; clearly not perfect, but far greater than the disaster of today; world wars and depression caused that, because reality was never far away, and truth was vital to survival. That changed over fifty years ago, as the baby boom generation took control; and universities began to change what they could change. That also has now died out; as reality begins to prove what the consequences of that change actually was.

        Now we are left with: unless you accept the restrictions of truth, understanding limits and boundaries and laws that govern life itself; by protecting planet and the living existence called this earth. All things will die. Your only real world choice is: to accept, WE CANNOT ALLOW these tragedies to continue, and MUST NOT be proven WRONG in our decision to stop destroying our world. Simple as that.

        The universities are built around the want of conversation; in order to achieve that conversation: fantasies, delusions, imagination, foolishness, failure, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, manipulation, temptation, betrayal, and terrorism have occurred to fill the void. Of what to most people, is even better than wealth. Because if you can’t talk/ you are discarded by the rest; and that means no playmates.

        Or in common talk: DO NOT fall victim to gossip (lets talk, by making stuff up; as is the university way). All gossip is equivalent to “finding a pebble”/ and out of that pebble building an entire road; by adding in whatever you like.

        As is the consequence of university; so is the reality of gossip/ the consequences can be grim. I have seen families dismantled/ relationships destroyed/ love ended/ children discarded/ working relationships ended/ inheritance destroyed/ and more. Because some people will believe its true, even if less than one percent of it, is a fact. Without doubt; some people have even died; simply due to gossip. DISCARD the gossip, and search for truth, as the evidence itself will allow. Pride forms gossip into a game/ want drives gossip to be more than it is, with planning, plotting, conspiracy, and manipulation/ power then constructs the revenge. Fill your life with truth, not belief.

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