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Something “for me”. Have you never realized, that eyes are the windows of our existence; presenting shapes and color and descriptions we learn as movements. Ears present sound as motion. Touch recognizes, we are not alone here in time. Tongue allows self to be heard. Feet give us movement as a distance/ while hands grant that movement has its purpose. Smell can be, very exceptional, as life is alive/ but it also presents foul, as is this is what humanity did do. Taste grants a pleasure from little things. While motion reshapes our world/ it is thought that defines what the measurements of our brain can be. Thought is not a function of the brain/ the brain is a function, defined by thought, to identify what we choose.

Without thought, there is nothing of intensity; only measurement and movement confined by body into the environment we must survive within. Thought intensifies life, in order to conceive of more than a discipline: it is a value called I am ALIVE. Therefore we ask: HOW, does thought intensify life? Answer, love arrives to reshape our world, beyond self.

So we ask: what is the value of self, if we must go beyond it, in order to achieve a value, formed in intensity, that is greater than time allows? Answer: without self, we have no dimension by which our own existence will be formed. Therefore we must attain a true identity, in order to form a definition that allows for the shape of self to arrive. That function of intensity, then conceives of the value that love will bring to the experience of self/ the intensity called a home/ the treasury of desire. Love exists within passion/ and passion is built upon respect. Without respect you can achieve neither. Therefore respect is the basis and truth of every relationship that is more than just present here.

Love shapes our thought, as the singular conception “called we”! Without love, there is only “me/ or you”. With love we become a shared existence, where caring, is the creation of our home. Value understands, thought can become an eternal habitation; just as thought is our recognition of time; it is life itself, when bound to energy. While that binding requires trust “without fear”/ it is GOD who decides, if you will belong here in the treasury of love, created by thought. Thought is not an intellectual measurement of definition; it is a passage beyond self, by which we inherit the disciplines, balance, and order respect will require of all who enter herein. Which makes respect itself, “a house/ and the potential that is the environment we call home”. Therefore be careful what you respect, or do not respect; as truth will always know, who you are.

my own conception of time is: we cannot truly make a decision that enables “life for an eternity”; without truly understanding what the definitions of that decision critically are. Or more distinctly, without the concrete knowledge of differences between love and hate ultimately cause as consequences to life and living fundamentally are. We will not make the decision, that lasts an eternity. Without doubt, without controversy or ability to deny it: the biblical story of JESUS is without question the true critical reality of differences: between love and hate.

Therefrom the reality of our own story, our own identity, revolves around what we accept as the life we desire to live; without question or confusion. Simply I choose love/ or, as some do, they choose to hate.

In that concept of time, the realities of animal: “i want it all; both love to make my own life pleasant to me/ and hate to make my enemies fear me”. Lacks the truth of your own direction, and without that, the foundation laid for an eternity will not exist. Therefore you fail, and will be lost.

Identity is then strictly based upon truth, and truth is absolutely an expression of EITHER love or hate; as a living example, or experience called life. A choice IS required to survive. Because nothing less than truth will.

IN CONTRAST; to all things real and true to living and life; the universities have appeared. To construct “their comic book” existence; with as much fantasy and delusion as imagination will allow. When reviewed for reality and the cost of what universities have meant; truth declares, if no universities had ever existed; life and earth would have been better off. Because both life and planet could have continued indefinitely/ whereas today, because of universities; EXTINCTION is all but certain, in the very near future. And that makes anything of value as a result of university; merely a casualty or catastrophe, to life and world.

People scoff: this world cannot die/ GOD, will not let this world die/ they are gods, universities will not let this world die; and so on. But reality only knows what truth will allow; and extinction is imminent; due to the choices you have made.

Weapons of mass destruction alone; are enough to kill this world; in its entirety/ yet you keep them as “your saviors”. Fool is not a big enough word.

Global warming is still discarded; after all, until the television gives you a brain/ there is nothing to fear about anything: except whatever the universities want, as is covid (let’s steal their money, and take over power; as criminals have done forever). But reality does not agree; and you have no further food security; as just one or two days of truly hot weather can kill every plant, most animals and creatures/ and their death is your death. Drought and poisoning the water/ draining the aquifer; will be an apocalypse. Its not the greenhouse gas/ rather the amount of heat you release; start with air conditioning/ insulation/ reality; and all the people say: NEVER. So you die. But don’t worry, all life in the ocean will soon be forever gone; and you don’t care about that either/ even though it feeds a billion people or more a year. “oh well”/ nobody cares right/ right.

Then there is the universities leadership: lets play god with everything. Let’s steal all the reality from currency; and discard the securities of a nation; what is better than numbers. AIN’T people happy/ but alas, with numbers resources are plundered, and the future is dead; because no reality governed their use. The people war; because their work and income, was all a mirage; a fantasy, without substance/ an earth ransacked and ruined; thereby like everything else, believe in the university way: “throw it all away”. It will be great.

FAILURE is: the universities way. Because playing god, is believing no consequences exist. Playing god: is to risk all life and world, to play games. Playing god; is to throw away all that life needs to survive/ and fantasize it don’t matter. Etcetera,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and so much more; only the image of a comic book can describe their choices.

NO ONE knows if GOD will or will not allow this earth to be completely destroyed. But it is true, as proven entirely without the chance of being wrong: that fossil fuels are the only evidence needed to establish a “Noahs flood”. Nothing less can gather the materials or bury them as fossil fuels prove true. Nothing less proves the abundance of life that did exist; before that moment in time. Nothing less than fear in your heart should exist: when you realize, the universities are mutilating all of genetic nature/ trying to ignite atoms on fire just like the sun/ and destroying every resource, so it can be thrown into the garbage. How is that not “Satanic” in concept; and a university cult by those who believe we can live the fantasy, & play god.

As for me, the future is unclear/ the past is not. My mom was “an excellent mother; but not perfect by any means”. We talked only once, when she asked basically “how would the bible identify me”? I told her “not quite perfect”/ which was not what she expected to hear; and we never talked again/ pride would not let her. She did not want to change. Because it removed her from her belief; that “eternity was insured”. It is not for anyone. My dad was “an excellent dad; but not perfect by any means”. But then inherited money, and pride overtook him/ lost friends and isolation made him search. I was asked: “how would the bible identify him”? So I told him; and he too wanted to believe “eternity was insured”/ but reality proved not, and pride turned to hate me. Which then became a reality of pushing him over the edge: so that a real world look of who he had become; could be realized. I do accept they both survived into the eternity of life established by love; although I know not where in that reality of destiny.

The lesson being pride is an enemy; beyond what you believe could be true. To believe is a road to catastrophe; because want, not truth leads the way. Therefore beware, and choose only truth, not perfection/ as none are worthy of that; and all are truly dependent upon mercy. You cannot earn “an eternity”/ or buy it by any concept. Only love guides, the path.

My ex-wife fell into pride and beliefs as well: deciding the only thing that mattered was what she wanted her life to be/ that all is fair in love and war. Even though she knew better. Nonetheless “I want what I want/ give me what I want” removed our future, to be never more.

Or more distinctly: although humanity MUST remove pride and beliefs to inherit truth and reality; as is required for you to survive. The lack of respect initiated and forced upon human existence; and accepted by university indoctrination of “imagination rules”. Has failed you. But expecting you to change, is extremely UNLIKELY/ and that fact grants the construction of my work to be roughly between a 70-90% framework of reality/ as that is more than enough for those who have no brain, and lack ears to hear, or even eyes to see; the future is truly grim. So I have given to this work, the best I could do under the circumstances. I do wish you well, hope for the children/ but understand; YOU TRULY DO NEED GOD to save you from yourselves.

Simple as that/ certainly not me. Although if women try honestly, to save this world; then, I will help them understand; as best I can. If asked.

As for you: what is the value of your life and world? The game of men is over, life shall not be fixed with war. The game of university is over: either stop ALL extreme experimentation, or extinction will come. The game of women is over: make men the blame/ reality insists, change must come; and the only possibility for that is female leads in the creation of laws, and development of direction. I play no game, this is real; as proven by the evidence of threats that are real/ unless you lie.

The consequence is: change must come or death will by horrors released. Simple as that & the choice is soon done; one way or the other/ no changing your mind beyond that point of no return. NO YOU CANNOT help by hiding or running away. YES YOU MUST, “sign your name” and be held accountable for the decision: that you too must and do, choose to fight for this world, and all its life. NOT a game; and the cost to you is unknown to me; life or death for a world/ are you going to fight for life: OR, let it all die?

And humanity says: YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING, until it happens. But like global warming is much harder to deny that it was/ like Ukrainian war, weapons of mass destruction CANNOT be put back once released/ like oceans dying, too late is too late; all gone/ like extinction around this globe, habitat destruction and more: too late is too late. Truth demands NOW, or never; because like genetics; you will never repair what they are tearing down. Like igniting the same fire here as is on the sun: just the radiation alone will exterminate every life, and that is just the beginning. NO going back, as an atomic fire on a planet made out of fuel: will not extinguish itself/ nor can you contain even a forest fire, etc. I am NOT your enemy; the decisions you made are. You are the threat/ you are the solution: but not unless you can accept the truth: male and female must do this together. And there must be world court, so that NOBODY gets to deny the realities of threat/ or what it means to be WRONG. No more gambling with life or earth; simple as that. REBUILD/ RECYCLE/ REUSE/ RESPECT/ do what truth needs to be done; OR die.

My work is done.   May you, as a world; survive.  Either way, my work is done.

While I dislike giving advise; the finish of this work, allows that information should be shared.

My ex-wife of 2 years; proved to me, that trying to discuss anything only results in more conflict as want tries to remove reality, discards the evidence, and denies truth. So, from that point on; so you know: I chose, if it seemed absolutely necessary, or wisdom required it; to simply “point that person in a direction, that will confront them with their own decision in this, their own matter to decide”. Rarely did that happen, but sometimes it is more valid, than letting the cost of what is already coming decide.

When people have children, it does change everything enough; to prove, courage can fail. When they feel, other lives must be protected; even from friends who have no intent to harm. Do the best you can.

People want what they want, and unfortunately pride can turn people around/ as can poverty; and make them lose their way. Destroying friendships and more; because “winners” need losers, or the game doesn’t exist.

Of all things: I do wish I had taken more time for life and living with my mother. But unfortunately “life and living/ the cost of a dying world; overran”, and I did not. My advise is: always talk to your child early in life, and continue that conversation throughout your time on earth. And by that I do mean: YOU must listen too/ not judge or other.

The human animal, lives to want; and most want to live by taking all they can get. Pride wants to destroy every living thing and more: to keep you from competing; so they can claim “how great I am”. Even though there is tragedy in what they did do; for life and world and the future. But alas, they don’t care; because the herd only responds to power.

Power (I can make you cry, fear, or more); is at the core of the herd. Without the tragedy of human animals interfering in life; we need no real government; and that eliminates power. A reality that in itself, makes the herd feel uneasy and afraid.

Power is formed largely from money, or the desire for money: which means if we the people control the money; we will also control the power itself in life and society. “limited capitalism” is the method most likely to establish society is in control.

DISCIPLINE KNOWS; if you are confronted with something abhorrent to you/ then make it clear within yourself, as truth defined: THAT I WILL NOT, not even for the entire universe. “be gone”.

As is ORDER; which means to identify, create, protect, and defend yourself/ by making certain this is YOUR decision/ and it shall not be altered by any other. UNLESS BALANCE proves you wrong. By deliberate truth beyond contention; as values defined by love must allow.

While that is certain for this world; the reality of entering into, and functionally participating with; the spiritual world does offer challenges to what time can do. While truth never changes; as seen in my case: the truth of male/ is not the same, as is the truth of female. Nor is the truth of time, the same as the truth of destiny in the spiritual world beyond life as time.

As for you: when reality proved true, that only greed and selfishness would rule the day, until something caused a significant change in your apathy for all things true. I backed away from the work I would have chose; to encounter WHAT can be done to change how you think, alter the cult existence of media ridden disease controlling you, and construct some degree of “keep this work in mind”. The first conclusion: enforce the law is an army, that belongs to us all. That was proven to be although true; unenforceable with the universities in control. The people did not care, and ran away as fast as they could. So, the work stalled until “the 9/11 attack”; and websites began. But you were still unable to see the future/ unable to understand; “university is not god”; and they failed: because you did not want to know, our lives and planet were failing. Not even by a little bit. So I waited, discarded some links to opportunities no longer valued by me. And now exist as a work on this one site which remains; as my diligence to life, planet, child, and GOD. Even though media now accepts some facet of respect for a little of the evidence; it is by no means enough to save your world. Universities and their worshipers; have declared themselves to be gods/ but have proven only “SATAN” instead. As reality now descends, into the mire of consequences you chose to create; as humanity the cult of universities are god. To your shame.

I will hope for you; but CHANGE OR DIE, at a foundation level, is my only real advise. You are unable to conceive of more. Nonetheless I have provided more; to end all excuses forever.

As for me: I have come to the end of my work/ hopefully regaining some degree of freedom back, from the spiritual woman who controls my life. To do, what has long been discarded or stopped by her; if health, time, “money” and so on allow. Its complicated; you do not understand.

Along those disciplines, it seems likely to me; that a woman “of similar type” to me; would be a blessing to whatever time is left. The information you need to find me; is located in several places throughout this work. But if you have no real interest in law, justice, hope, etc; you probably won’t find it. Not a game, just reality; as is true of courage as well.

Although I make no promises; other than, if this work were to find a true audience; your own life could be in jeopardy; by those who want me stopped. So, I leave the question open; knowing if you found this invitation; you are already aware of decisions and the potential for questions on both sides; that will exist.

This is 6/26/22; I leave it at that.

“time, challenges the motion of our hope; rescheduling what we desire most, into the creation of what we need to do for life”. Within that dimension of change, the values which become our identity, need to adapt. As to the future, I know it not; as reality altered life, into “more than I now understand”. Never a plan, simply “fighting for a world”. Best I could. Nope, definitely not perfect. NO clue how it turns out. For you, or me.

Failing all other efforts, due to your lack of concern or interest in anything but greed and selfishness. The websites created by me: follow in the path of JESUS, who literally is my savior. Choosing to teach, “even in the villages outside of the city”; to whosoever will listen, as best I can; as did HE. HIS message, was Change with respect, to identify with love, or you die, even to eternity. The message given as work, to me; is very similar; as best I can.  In HIS day, people played god with life, by hate rules. In this day, people play god with life, planet, and child:  using apathy, arrogance, and pride; as their decision to disrespect “everything”/ to their shame.  ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES. That is a last warning.

The clear differences: HE “knew everything”/ was everything, potentially even to perfection. I really can’t imagine! And I clearly flawed, had to learn the best I could over 69 years of trying; failed. And then turned to “spiritually female”; to ask how, or if women could save this earth? Got trapped, controlled, “re-balanced” away from war/ and learned to be more obedient after this is the 17 year: to life beyond self. Just so its clear; I don’t see any similarities in that reality of my own history. Just differences; even if the messages are similar, the reality of greed, selfishness, power, and hate is similar; it just means: humanity is trying to kill itself again.

In biblical terms; “I see myself” due to all the changes made; more closely related to Revelation 12:2, “a spiritual woman(evidenced by the final tiers in my education) over-running something foreign (as in the moon: male, under her feet); to deliver a spiritual child (snatched up to   GOD  ; an existence participating by the essence of thought, shaped within the dimensions of truth) conceived as a new life, onto this earth, by a message; which will change everything. IF THAT is true, then this work will blossom as intended, and the world shall know. As to the prophecy of “woman delivering a child”: I do interpret that as “like a woman”: once fertilization has occurred/ job given, life then decides. Reality requires that you: “I will” deliver the child, (message) want too or not; your choice/ my choice, has ended. As to abortion, the right of “birth control”; that is an element of woman in time; no comment given here, her decision not mine. In contrast: Whereas my existence altered by spiritual female inside, from a world beyond time; is not the same. “its complicated; kind of like being pregnant for 16+ years” don’t try. Like all forms of guessing; “you got to be there” to know. Truth is a dimension, rather than a game. Just like a miscarriage does not make the woman “evil” or some such thing; every life that could be born, is not born and nature allows for that, because overpopulation is a terrible thing. The constant of prophecy is: that what depicts the truth, rather than the image; is the message.

As for me; male continues to dissolve into history, it seems the day will come; when lost forever. A result not unlike being forced to “wear a bra for two days”. I said ABSOLUTELY NOT; turned and walked away, but literally ran into an invisible wall on three sides: which proved “yes I will”. Believe it or not; it is true.

The clear difference in “humanity past” is: they killed each other with disrespect and disregard, while demanding slaves. Whereas you are killing this entire world with disrespect, arrogance, and apathy for all life and planet; while using machines as your slaves, to ransack, rape, and ruin this whole world.

While university terrorists attempt to kill life and earth/ other terrorists are igniting forests on fire/ killing children/ end of every resource/ and planning to release weapons of mass destruction. The end result as proven by the evidence of your realities is: preparations by so many, that will lead you into extinction, past the door of HELL. How is that not “Satan” on earth? “the biblical great dragon: is fear”.

I have now entered into the spiritual dimension; looking for my own eternity, as changed from male into female; as is the consequence for asking of spiritual female; HOW would you save this earth? A definition of what we all need to do. The composite answer is: that male and female MUST WORK TOGETHER as if they were one. As has been the last 16 years. ‘”its complicated, never chosen or desired beyond that point.”

even so, the reality of it is: that although I cannot escape this dimension, I cannot fully enter into it either; as I have no recognition of the truths or energy which governs it. Leaving me entirely at the mercy, of GOD or female as the case may be. I don’t know; it is complicated, and I have lost all reference to the destiny of my own eternity. Completely without a clue; locked out of a further search to define or determine a path of my own. Distinctly without rights or freedoms to choose. Because I am in a spiritual element, formed by existence; that does not belong to me; therefore I have no say. And remain strictly at the mercy of the laws which govern, “female existence”. NEVER my intent/ nor was it “hers”: however we both face the extinction of life on earth. So for the sake of male, and the sake of female; and the sake of life and planet and its future: we are combined. Both spirit and time/ both male and female: to resurrect respect for life and world. A quest to undo, all the damage universities have done. So that this Creation of life in the vast universe of space; can remain alive. IF YOU FAIL; you choose to destroy GOD’S CREATION; there is, “a price for that”. FAIR WARNING TO YOU.

We did do our job; what remains is YOUR JOB. Or the cost of your fate/ the disgrace of your apathy and disrespect will make you extinct, and facing HELL or even worse.

Nonetheless, in addition; I mention this, as a fair warning to all those who believe they can just decide to change themselves into “an alternate dimension, defined by gender”. They cannot; different rules, laws, energy, realities, destiny, and more. The warning is only truth can survive. Claiming to be different/ even believing you are different; does not make it true. Only truth is truth, and the foundation of that is not a choice. My life is more complicated than yours; but still what will remain of my own truth; is beyond my own comprehension. I suggest to you; what is your truth is far more important than what you choose to believe; anger and pride are not enough to survive into eternity; they will fail.

Nonetheless, I am not your judge, savior, etc. I have no clue what level of mercy exists or decides for a single one; its NOT my job. So while I will wish you well, because freedom is truly important/ the reality of my life says: truth is more important than freedom, and should be honored and respected as life demands it to be. That is my warning to you; your choice is your choice, it is not mine. Choose.

As to WHY me? Not a single clue. Perhaps I was born for it/ perhaps chosen/ perhaps whatever; I don’t know. But I can tell you, it seems a lifelong reality of choice. I can tell you; at a very young age of 3 years old or so, I nearly died; antibiotics saved me. Perhaps something there; I don’t know.

However I know: I did my job, I am done, and YOU will decide if this world lives or dies; by the choices and the work you now must make. NOT your savior, guru, saint, enemy, fool, or whatever it is you want to believe. JUST A WORKER, and I have delivered the message given to me. CHANGE YOURSELVES; OR YOU WILL BECOME EXTINCT. As reality has already proven you cannot survive as you are; where the leadership of university, the consequence of their failures; led you to be. The games they played, are now dead. Reality has taken control: life or death is your choice. Weapons of mass destruction may fall. All ocean life is set to die; leaving you to starve and war. The water supplies are nearly dry. Nature is being mutilated. People are trying to ignite atoms on fire, and more. Chains of life are broken and dissolving into sludge. Resources are gone to make your garbage mountains. And all you will soon have left is tears. CHANGE OR DIE.

as to me; once it became clear no amount of evidence would turn you from your greed and selfishness:  efforts were made through the mail, mostly; to redirect you into thinking for yourself, and beyond yourself. And at times; “to just leave me alone”/ but a world dying accepts no excuses. hope allows for change/ turning toward female allows for hope/ the list of realities now in evidence to change your mind offers truth. But whether you can creep out from behind “the animal image” university gave you; is entirely up to you.

I now say goodbye; as, or too:  the male I used to be, “ends the fight for this world”/ by saying to you, as a world: simply “live or die”.  that reality is entirely UP TO YOU/ YOUR JOB, not mine anymore. I have an excuse;  “changed”.

It is goodbye, as I have been changed; “into what” I really don’t know. But it is clear to me; that what was, is not anymore. Exactly what that means; I don’t know either. Regardless, the work is done. What now:  for me, “I don’t know”/ other than it is not fighting for you anymore.  YOUR JOB, not mine.

You should attribute the last four years of this work; “to the spiritual woman inside of me”/ as she has demanded it; even though I said no, and proved to be irritable; and unfortunately “blind”; in more ways than one. She won, NO excuses allowed; and proved to be correct as always. One last push, with even more usable knowledge to you, than I ever intended to give. Nonetheless as proven to me: letting this world die, by not granting what can be done; IS A VERY BAD mistake. So, the education is granted, and the reality is yours: I give you NO more.   learn/ die/ whatever: your choice.

You do have enough to defend yourselves: therefore LIVE OR DIE. Its up to you as a world; which sinks into extinction by letting universities play god. OR finally rises above the abyss, as a living world which seeks truth to survive, and accepts knowledge that is certain to bring a happy world; instead of your want, pride, or power. As is the result of love, justice, truth, respect, reality, courage, and hope.


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