I remind all: that when it comes to policing, you HAVE NOT, hired someone to die for you. You have hired someone to enforce fair play for all involved. The difference is: FAIR does not include suicide. What can be done, must be done; because society falls into chaos if it is not. But chaos is in the hands of the public as well as the police; and if you are not doing your best/ WHY should you expect the policing to be its best? Judge the courtroom; if that is where failure exists/ and prove we are the owners here; and you will be gone. Same is true of the public: IF YOU are just screaming to be heard/ without a viable real world solution: then you have no right to bring chaos into the lives of others.

The constant curse, here in America is: media has made everyone a potential enemy/ the scream is “trust no one/ a gun is the answer”. While the fools gather to deny that: the reality is, you assume every child is in danger/ from every single stranger. You assume any version of a group who is different than you is a danger to you. That reality is the result of university manipulation through their cult description which is media rules the world….by making university “king; the leaders who cannot be wrong”. they forbid it.

Nobody represents that threat of harm; more than healthcare/ nobody instills more distrust than healthcare/ because nobody extorts more money, for very little work: than does healthcare. Making society fear; even those who claim to be of help to you. The consequence of getting an undeserved billing; that threatens to steal a lifetime of work; for a few minutes of their time: is a nation filled with citizens who have been criminally assaulted. The consequence distrust, depressed, insane, mentally challenged, society offers no help/ therefore I hate them too. And society says; “they are gods who save us”. But reality replies: you know not what they do, as every single medical procedure; “buys a fancy new car” for them. So WHY would they consider NOT doing the most they can: to your body or mind? Good or bad. It is administration who presents the bill/ and it is the stock market who demands the most they can get. Think about it.

The death of american healthcare as it is: is constitutional redress/ wherein we the people shall now decide what can and cannot be allowed as a society. What will and will not be tolerated by transforming that business into what we need it to be. BY OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL VOTE; BY CHANGING THE LAW THAT GOVERNS MEDICINE, ETC; FOR OUR NATION. Contrary to media, and courtroom manipulation: it is our guaranteed right as a democracy, to prove we the people; own this nation, by constitutional law.total health expenditure does not include insurance costs

4.1 trillion dollars is  “$41,000.00 paid by each of one hundred million people; for healthcare/ and that does not include social security itself, and more.  DOES NOT $12,530.00 PER PERSON, MAN WOMAN AND CHILD in a nation of 330 MILLION PEOPLE;  seem excessive to you?  WAKE UP, STOP WORSHIPING THE UNIVERSITY CULT;   who steals your life, your world, your survival, and sacrifices your child TO HELL.     SHAME ON YOU; question your damn university gods; IDIOT!

It is elemental, to the values of life and living; that each elevation of hope, is visited with the essence of passion; as is its fuel source. Passion consists of; a purpose coupled with the desire to share this destiny with someone else. Therefore to rise above self, as is a foundation called love; is the beginning of every form and type of passion. But the opposite is also true, as passion also extends into anger, and can produce hate. The critical choice is WHY? Because the critical answer for love, is love shared, defined by our care. While the critical answer for hate is revenge, or the desire to make someone else pay; for the purpose of proving “fear me too”.


In this work required by the cost of “university plays god”; the extinction of this world is critically possible in the very near future. Just as all wars begin with a “surprise”/ so does extinction, as the final cost of university failures, makes recovery impossible. I therefore begin with the assertion: NO “university gods” exist/ no matter how much religious zeal you have [THEY CAN BE WRONG, and when gambling with all of genetic nature, all of this planet by trying to ignite the same fire here as on the sun, poisoning and polluting everything: etcetera] WRONG is a horrifying consequence without end. Their form of expertise, is the foundational cause of all threats; which literally can end in our extinction: WE MUST KNOW the truth as best we can! NO acceptance of “media propaganda”; demanding “fear/ believe/ obey the universities” as is covid: is allowed. ONLY THE EVIDENCE isolated by world participation to so the best we can: to resolve all issues of threat, by understanding what is true/ and identifying, the cost of being wrong: stands as our only hope. Therefrom in this USA: the primary journey into what we can or cannot decide for ourselves. Is revealed by constitutional law, as our guaranteed legal right of ownership: as first amendment redress of grievances. The trial that examines the evidence, of where our employees have taken us/ the cost of their being wrong/ and what the future may be predicted by the evidence to become; as best we can. That is the work of my life; established by this website; and those I left behind; but remain as evidence of where I searched: with passions required.

If you have no passion, desire for life or a future, no love or respect for life itself; or even the future of democracy, peace, or harmony: I CANNOT fix that. Nor can I save you from that. Instead, I bring you the message of truth by the evidence, and support that with knowledge revealed: that either humanity will change/ or it will be extinct. Far sooner than you can imagine/ because the destruction is massive, and the reality is severe.

HOPE requires me to add: that it is not how or when we die/ although that is no small thing. But whether eternity exists, and if we will be included in that ascension of fundamental energy added in. While none are allowed to construct a valid definition of evidence: we are allowed to conceive of a value in living that is supported by the reality of miracles as is life itself. It is not an accident: multiplied by quadrillions of variations all ordered, disciplined, balanced and genetically identified as nature. Instead every miracle is a Creation of thought; as is your own existence as well. A body can be kept “chemically alive”/ without a brain; but it cannot be considered a life anymore/ but is deceased, because no thought of any kind exists. In contrast: a body that is badly mutilated can survive; because thought does exist. So the question is: HOW, does energy/ movement by thought; construct a life “with or without a body”? The answer to that will not be given, but the concept of energy itself aligns with the essence which brings energy (as movement or potential) to life. This exists as is time. Within that relationship of energy to movement to life as thought; is a reality which transforms the potential for life beyond body, into the movement that is translated from thought. Thought as a participation in energy, therefrom constructs the potential called eternity.

FAITH is a decision to think, to participate as an identity justified by love; to conceive of and journey into the Creation of life by following the guide called truth. Where love exists, value is ascended; by that truth on your behalf. Truth is what it is, and allows nothing for belief (whatever I want). Life is what it is, but love makes eternity a blessing for those who will achieve its success.

Your heart knows what truth is; even if your brain wants to believe. The difference is: “life rules love”/ but time reacts, to create the fate of your own design”. Imagination is “for fools”; live for truth. EVERY form of destiny; a relationship beyond self: “seeks love”.

Without question: this world dies without changing the reality of what you and your universities chose! It is truly that simple; because the consequences are extreme. To avoid that: you MUST deal with your truth as it is/ as you chose it to be. The consequence of that is a choice: to let law decide as we the world shall elevate it to be for ourselves. To create MANY smaller nations identified by singular groups; “so you cannot blame each other/ as is the constant reality of man”. To establish new forms of living in society; as does benefit and protect our planet and ourselves. To participate, rather than compete: by accepting true population control. To stop what you are doing; and rebuild this earth before it collapses into HELL. To recycle, reuse, and do what you can do; for a future to exist. All of which have failed under “university knows”. All of which are threatened with true extinction; by “universities play god”. All of which are invaded and soon to be at war: because of university manipulation/ whereby the evidence of our reality is hidden under media convulsions to inject the dead, the damned, the vile; as most experts have proven to be. GO TO WORLD COURT, AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG. THE REALITY OF WHAT IS TRUE, BY “evidence not expert”.

The cost of ANY VOTE; is, unless the people are able to understand the choices/ they are unable to choose what their future will be. Politics is about: confusing the public/ so they let leaders decide instead. Surrendering their vote to someone else; is desertion. Media manipulates; as taught by universities to do: THAT IS, what the education is for/ to control and direct the herd into the slaughter house, when desired by “the superior ones”. UNDERSTANDING THE EVIDENCE/ reducing the math to real world realities/ dividing what is theory from what is fantasy or delusion. Removing all forms of imagination. To identify what is true: BEFORE YOU VOTE, is absolutely crucial, to making any foundation change that will work.

In this reality of human time on earth: IT IS NOT, MY JOB to make you believe anything! It is my job to present you with the information you require to understand: without true change/ this world shall soon be extinct. That is my job/ it is not yours. To do so: I have presented information which allows the reader to know, “this is not a game/ wisdom does exist”. I have asserted throughout the forty plus years of fighting with you over your decisions: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE OF ALL THESE THREATS/ AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG, if you refuse to change. And the world said to me: WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN/ WE WON’T CARE/ the universities are our gods, and media tells us what we know and believe to be true. But in the end; all that matters, is GIVE ME WHATEVER I WANT/ and that don’t include you or your message of doom. So the discipline of protecting you; has extended into a life work. And the reality of threats about to consume you; have built into extinction by the evidence which cannot be proven wrong. This work concludes with: I did do, the best I could/ as a reality of human existence giving back to my own Creator; through the work assigned to me. Which does allow me to say: whatever is to come of this work, depends entirely upon you.

Elemental truth knows, that life is a participation with energy/ while death is the separation from that energy; as defined by the biology and chemistry of time. Chaos separates us from life, as the truth of biology ends its display in time. The question of eternity follows that quote: with the relationship, conceived as/ if energy itself did not die; then why does life? Answer: life is a trusted companion to truth, therefore if truth did not die with you as a body; then that truth does survive. While both love (life reborn as soul) and hate (death, by chaos) are adversarial partitions in the potential of eternity; because they conceive of truth be it good or bad. The reality of dissipation looms large, wherever the identity of life itself, cannot be maintained. Therefore the foundation of whether you can survive beyond time; is a discipline shaped by order, but balanced by desire. Love lifts/ hate wars.

The constant, human animal description is: I want/ I want/ I want; lets decide by playing games, to prove no you can’t; and the power to say, yes I can make you cry or fear, with greed and selfishness; because I don’t care. And if I want too, there will be revenge.

The decision to “be alive” as a human was intended to be, by his or her CREATOR is: together we are here as miracles, enjoying every gift GOD gave us. Because the essence of love guides our heart, the value of living gives us the freedom to hope, the desire to share and to care about life and planet shapes the world, and the future which we build. Until the day, life invites us into eternity; as a value worth keeping as family.

So the elemental definition of our lives in time; is either as animal, or as human being alive. It is a choice!

The constant answer of the human animal is a herd: EVERYONE MUST be the same/ EVERYONE must think the same/ EVERYONE must follow the leader/ EVERYONE shall “fear/ believe/ and obey”; as an army should. Therefore we will run down the others, and take control over their stuff; making them dead or slave to us. That is done with war, or greed, or selfishness to prove yes we can: use hate, and violence for our own benefit.

The critical answer for being human alive is: that we are all individuals, who must think for ourselves. Because the purpose of our existence is to build what can survive and be happy, as harmony and peace rise to become our own contribution to this world. Within that understanding of family, the value of every person is respected. The knowledge of what we can and cannot do, for life and earth is compiled into the basic wisdom we share. And the decision about what we will do for life and planet is chosen by our vote; once we know what the truth of evidence as best we can do; is achieved. Waiting when we must/ rising to protect each other with justice/ depending upon fair play to assemble the dignity of each life/ and completing our journey with thought; to accept the courage, LOVE is our destiny.

Given the reality of these differences; the facts of our existence has proven: humanity wants to be the animal, taking what it wants; more than it desires to be alive. The constant curse is: overpopulation, takes the choices of life away/ and demands our survival depends upon someone else will move or die. Because there are not enough resources here, for us all to survive. Thereby we know, that overpopulation is in fact the primary source of war and discontent, as does lead so many into the animal world of take and hate (its you or me)/ instead of love and care,(together we shall share).

Overpopulation is the choice today of women; by the advantage of universities did do this. Abortion is not birth control; but the life of woman is her own/ and the child inside is not equal; until the undeniable truth, “this is human coming to life” exists. Only then are there equal rights; which grants a choice prior to that moment which is birth control; even if not truly fair to the child/ forced pregnancy is not fair to the woman either. Therefore it is, her decision/ NOT yours.

As to life and living: the foundation of our survival is the protection of resources/ by the limits and boundaries which provide for our own futures; each and every one. Money is currently the method of rationing used by both human animals and human life; different versions of government control that/ but none are truly effective as war will prove true. As for me, the greatest amount of freedom, within the restraints of justice and fair play; do produce the greatest degree of happiness for each one. Capitalism is the basic element of that decision/ BUT NOT as created in America; where selfishness and greed rule the nation. Rather as capitalism limited by what we the people decide is the most anyone gets to have/ and the least anyone who works, shall be entitled too: by our periodic vote. I personally consider 3-1 a realistic beginning; or the most you get is three times more, than the least the rest are entitled too. No, society does not get to decide: you can make that income in a day/ or a year; but you will not exceed it. Unless you train the competition correctly, and prove you did do the best you could for life and nation; then a little more.

Rationing in a stable population count; becomes fair when we share the resources, by understanding what care truly is. CARING is a decision based in love, which allows for forgiveness when repentance is true; but understands only truth can lead us. Because only truth survives beyond time; which makes it the basis for life, and law itself. LAW is an equal effect or punishment upon us all/ no exceptions. Unlike the rule; which is distinctly intended to punish or gain advantage; for an individual. LAW is justified, by establishing FAIR play throughout the existence of our time; which is not a game, which is not power to any group or person, as the law affects us all equally. Therefore what we gather together from our collective knowledge and decisions for life and world and future; is the essence of our best effort, to rule over ourselves. True laws, proven correct: need NOT be changed. True laws proven correct: are then the ruler of us all/ where NO leader can replace them, and NO CHANGE can occur to that law, unless we all vote to do so, and the majority says; “lets die instead of keeping the future alive”. As is the present day, where liars (I want/ give me what I want), traitors (let the children die), thieves (you owe me, because I say so), terrorists (the future be damned), failures (let fantasy rule), and fools (all hail and bow down; the university is god) lead in this USA.

To turn our reality from that back to life and a future; is an immediate need. NO TURNING AWAY, our reality stands on the edge of extinction; as your leaders chose/ and your animals wanted. Soon there will be NO choice; and in truth: without GOD watching over this world, you would have NO OPTION to change even in this day. Because the worst of what a human can be; is found in universities playing god/ deliberately discarding life, nature, and planet with complete disrespect. A reality with only one conclusion: extinction.

Therefore to seek life instead of death: YOU MUST CHANGE what you are doing/ and accept LIFE IS WORTH LIVING FOR/ AND IS WORTH DYING FOR. Because you have sunk into the mire of extreme delusion, to the point of complete failure. The animals will not be turned back, without a fight: they want what they want/ and have no clue about truth and its reality. Which is why a world trial; which is an attempt to convince the animals your choice is extinction; MUST occur. As to the satanic cult of university plays god; they will fight behind closed doors; to make you fear them; when confronted. Because they believe they are gods; and you cannot convince them they are not; as pride is the enemy/ and power is their proof of yes we can.

Nonetheless, life is worth fighting for, by LAW! Because a weapon as is seen with your military armies across this earth/ is only capable of destruction. And this world has no resources left to remove what they are doing/ and will do even more so soon. WORLD LAW IS, the only solution; and it is YOUR CHOICE to enforce/ or die.

As to rationing; remove the money as the ruler/ and you will remove the concentration of currency as does build the army which then rules against you. Let law rule nations, this world, and its people; with justice; and if you do your best; life will go on. CHOOSE THE LAW AS WE THE WORLD OR WE THE NATION, or even state. ACCEPT the price of population control is the separation of groups. Because if you don’t one group will blame the other group; and war will be inevitable. Let each group decide its future/ but make them pay themselves; for their failures. Let each group design its own success.

With three kinds of money to be used; rationing becomes simple. Workers get one third money dedicated to food/ one third dedicated for shelter and needs/ and one third for whatever freedom would choose. They can negotiate among themselves to buy and trade the different forms of currency. But since you cannot use all the money for the same thing/ it becomes much harder to buy an army, if they cannot get whatever they want by simply stealing it. Much easier, to sustain justice in a society that knows: we have no option “for great things” unless we choose it for ourselves. Because the leader cannot make us build for just “them”.

As to the distribution of work: reality proves as with was and the build up to war. Money is merely the fictitious assembly of promises; to gain resources for the majority/ and then at the end of the fantasy, claim “let the children pay”. Until that runs its course, and extinction looms, because you threw their resources away; and now can no longer steal them for yourselves. Thereby making the future extinct/ and sacrificing therefrom, every child and life on earth; as you have attempted to do/ particularly in this USA, where I live.

Work is not about money (humans promise humans; who lie). Work is about resources, and gaining what you need or want; from your acceptance “I work for them/ so they can work for me” and we both gain in like kind for our contribution to society lives. But throwing those resources away is war against your child; and the people scream: I DON’T CARE/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. AND I WANT, to be rich! Which means, I can throw it all away, and make people slave for me. Which you did do.

Nonetheless, reality knows: there is work enough in this day for us all/ because of the useless failure of ignorance that is ‘universities know” and vile decisions of leaders, that fantasize they can play god too. DISMANTLE what they have done; as is CHOOSING: everyone participates as an owner, to some degree/ everyone has the opportunity to build a living/ we are individuals; NOT your damn slaves/ THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD MUST BE PROTECTED, “FIRST NOT LAST”/ and so on. BUT IN THE END SUMMARY of what is possible to do: what is easy/ is dead. HERE, comes the truth, there is no future left/ UNLESS YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND FAIR; to your child, TO YOUR WORLD, to every living thing on earth. It is YOUR decision/ as reality proves: you, the human animals, are the enemy of earth. Do better or die; forever lost.

The distribution of jobs is simply: this is what needs to be done/ bid on it, and prove your contribution to society gained for the rest something of value; by their acceptance of what you did do. Those who fail to do their share/ shall be moved “TO LESS desirable conditions”. At a distance which will clearly prove: NO, you can’t just claim to have changed. PROVE IT. Hate will be further isolated; with no chance to rejoin society. Anger can be fixed with the surrender of fear/ hate cannot, it has joined power, to inflict fear.

Reality knows: that all national currencies must be tied directly to the population count/ and the numbers associated with that should be the same for each nation. Thereby we KNOW, what is fair, and justified as to income for each one. International commerce is to be “gold based”/ so that no illusions, or substantial credits, are allowed. The end of major military funding/ is governed by the money; end the money, and the military descends from a threat to our entire world/ to defense only. Being governed by world law and its enforcement by all nations involved; as is the end of all weapons of mass destruction. No more debts by governments, unless the public is informed and the public pays; FULLY KNOWING what the options are/ price of being wrong either way/ and what the foundation of our future will be, by your assurance this is needed.

The cost of education is: all are given the same soup to digest, as if there are no other considerations or concepts to be considered. Like other books from those who lead; giving to a tiny few, the right to invade every child with this is “the truth”/ can easily be disastrous; as history proves true. Instead, the foundation of our lives is to understand, and acknowledge what is true; because only truth survives. Therefore truth is elementally important, and we must all participate in determining to the best of our ability what that truth is. The curse of universities; is consistent with evolution: NOT A SINGLE FACT OF VALUE/ NOT A SINGLE TRUTH based upon reality; absolutely nothing of importance; as is a complete and utter lie. Known by the evidence/ but suppressed; for the same reasons every military needs an enemy; or they too have to stop being important. While computers have been of benefit/ they are also the catastrophe of universities playing god with life and planet; and will end with our extinction. Far worse than an assault rifle; the computer itself is responsible for endless destruction of life and world. So as is the cost of everything: WHAT YOU DO WITH IT, determines the value of it. Some things like a gun can be replaced with vehicles driving into crowds as has been done/ hate is hate. But as with a computer, nothing less can mutilate nature in mass production facilities now; that are intent upon injecting chaos into nature and forcing “their god of evolution”/ to take control of life on earth. A reality that is Armageddon on earth. A prediction that is “seeping through the door”/ and as with all things university; MEDIA promotes and curses the world with endless praise; exclaiming of their cult, “that we the superior ones/ cannot be wrong”. Just like Hitler.

In this America the curse of the damned surrounds us all; building their death traps by exclaiming “the university/ just like the nazi party, WILL reign on earth for a thousand years; because they are the superior ones”. But just like the nazi; the death squads are waiting for their day, and the reality of failure is beyond your comprehension; as traitors and terrorists rule. And the cult of universities, and their followers SCREAM; YOU can’t talk about us/ YOU are not one of us/ YOU ARE JUST A LOSER; and we don’t care. But the evidence proves you are a failure, and the curse of what you do proves you are the cause of our coming extinction; by any and all methods you changed. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE it is not so! With evidence untainted by pride, power, or want. Instead of the proclamations of media as is FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; as with covid.  As was proven with covid in america “you have no rights/ you have no say/ you have no laws to protect you/ you have no option to view the evidence that is true.  MEDIA ENFORCED: BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ AND OBEY OR WE THE CULT OF THE DAMNED, THE gods of death & will prove you die;  if you fail. Because we are like gods (we know everything we need to know). Even though they knew nothing, because as a cult; they are only allowed to believe what the leader says. Even when the leader steals trillions/ their face/ and their future by genetic crucifixion of nature itself. And even prepared the disease, and released it to sell “their cure”. As is the dog who fights for a bone; so is the cult who fights to prove their leader cannot be wrong; “nazi: we want what we want”. With evidence only their imagination provides. Because the leader cannot be wrong; OR they must surrender their power (YES I CAN), too.

By changing the currency, into three distinct compartments: you remove the power of the banker, and sustain a power to the people. Because they cannot steal “the whole thing”/ and use it for whatever purpose they like. The enforcement of that reality, will prove to be a value. The precipitation of “numerous owners, will follow”; as the reality of what we can do together; is now greater, than what the few can do for us, or against us. To achieve that, an education in reality, rather than cult worship must be accepted; as the evidence proves true; best we can. Stopping short of belief, gambling, imagination, or the like. As is the constant university claim of “I found a toothpick”; therefore I know, “that the planet mars must have been part of earth”: IMAGINATION, delusions, and fantasies prove it.

I tell you, believe none: GO TO COURT/ and let the evidence proven true by unbiased research, without the taint of theory or imagination; and accept what is “the best we, this world threatened, can do” for life and world, as is our duty to the future.


We now enter, “the composition of time”: as is the surrender of want/ to attain the value of life.

Nothing in this world, is more certain: than life itself (a recognition of thought). Because life holds the key to understanding existence, and existence defies the demand, that we, the living; are less than a treasure of this Creation. To remove want, is to remove the cause of a human animal from its game of pride and power/ by understanding, life and even death, is FAR MORE than you conceive of it to be. The universities will fight; but in the end lose, because as with all wants; the foundation of their lies shall be known. But that leaves hatred, and hatred is the vile descent from living; into the sewer of their own destruction.

So we ask the question: are you human/ or are you animal?

The common response is: animal, I want what I want/ and nothing else matters to me. But today, thanks to changes made by universities, and their cohorts in media and politics and more: the valley of the dead looms large, as every threat of extinction becomes real; as the evidence will prove true. So today, even though the vast majority wants to be animal; taking anything it can get/ demanding to play the game of pride, and abuse each other with power. The critical truth aligns with: CHANGE OR BE EXTINCT.

That fact alone, shoves humanity toward the door that is life, INSTEAD of death. Or more distinctly, the elemental construction of trial by the world, so as to prove what our reality is/ so as to prove, what the cost of being wrong will be. Or as the foundation of our survival, “TRUTH”; puts it: you CANNOT wait, until the cost of panic requires you to do something you didn’t want to do. YOU MUST accept the cost of survival, which is TO KNOW/ rather than to believe. Which requires you to refuse “university is god/ university knows everything”; and accept, OUR WORLD is more important than your beliefs.

Or more distinctly, as with Ukraine at this moment: while you may believe that weapons of mass destruction will not be used/ to be wrong, is extinction of your world. Because the mass of horror, will overwhelm you all. And that is said to hinge upon “just one individual” who can kill you all. Along with “a trainload” of others who can claim the same thing. Which means: alas, that while terrorists are now as common as ships; PRIDE is a horrifying truth, conceived by the demand to WIN.    THEREFORE someone  must lose.

UNLIKE your wars and the rest; nothing about life or death of this earth is controlled by money. It is irrelevant, and will fail either side.

Your life, or your death: will be determined by your choice, to work for life and living and planet/ OR, to fight for extinction, as a cost of believing those who play god, will keep you alive. They cannot.

Communicate the demand for WORLD TRIAL; to uncover the evidence of what our future will be/ the cost of being wrong by universities/ the failure of lies.

Fight with law, as only law can keep this world alive; you have gone too far for any other venue or truth to survive. That law is NOT as it is/ but as we the people of this nation or this world shall make it to be for ourselves. UNDERSTANDING, once we do create the laws that we will enforce on our leaders and ourselves; as valid, balanced, and true for justice/ freedoms/ and fair play. THEN that law governs us, and it is the law which becomes the basis for our future, as all life on earth; constructs peace and harmony/ or not.   YOUR CHOICE!

The end result of it all is: humanity wants to play games/ men want to be feared/ and other men want revenge to demand violence will make you fear me instead. While women collect trinkets, toys, and trophies of their own; if allowed. All of which shout: MAKE ME RICH/ or in reality the demand is; make these others, slave for ME. Competition destroys peace and harmony in society; its not easy anymore. Reality proves overpopulation fuels every crisis that is “human made”. But nothing in this world is more cursed/ more tragic/ and more a reality of terrorism and betrayal; than a university. In this america; the valueless exist as leaders/ being formed in the bowels of a university design: the cult herd of followers took control over government by counterfeiting and destroying the entire economic stability and securities of this USA. And the people said “hurrah”/ because the leaders had spent them into bankruptcy with the cold war and Vietnam (preparation for world war 3). Threatened them with weapons of mass destruction; and then injected lethal mental destruction with genetic mutilation of life and nature/ adding in “lets burn atoms”. There are no consequences for a university; playing god. Making BETRAYAL, of literally everything; the foundation of insurgency that is the cult/ media enforced: takeover of this USA.

Throughout the last forty plus years of fighting to stop this extinction in progress: the americans provide to me, “cowardice/ arrogance/ apathy/ disrespect/ failure/ fool/ liar/ thief/ cheat/ bastard/ whore/ traitor/ treason/ terrorist, criminal conspiracy, collusion to entrap/ corruption of all that democracy should be; and the complete failure of justice, religion, education, government, and planet destruction itself”. So, I discard you; but cannot evict you from my life because: the cost of your failures and others around this world: is the end of life on earth. The consequence: I retain one last simple fight for life and earth: GO TO COURT/ IN THIS USA; USE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS YOUR LEGALLY GUARANTEED AUTHORITY TO DEMAND A TRIAL OF our employees in government. SO AS TO EVALUATE AND LEARN: THE COST OF BEING WRONG. The cost of proving life is more important than your lies, and numbers without real world meaning. The cost of stopping Armageddon (nature in chaos). The cost of stopping those trying to ignite this planet into a sun. The cost of a future/ instead of your own extinction; by apathy and denial. My last work in this matter is: a refusal to pay income taxes beginning in 2019; as the truth of democracy in peril/ life in peril/ planet in peril/ every child in peril; and even this nation itself in peril; due to “university plays god”/ and the cult who makes that possible. Your employees of government have already proven to be; a criminal compositor y of what is vile and corrupt/ and letting them accumulate time (even though I demand a trial_). Lets them gain more deliberate theft and worse. But now I play a game too: so the question is, DOES LIFE AND EARTH FALL INTO EXTINCTION first/ OR does the nation itself fall into dissolution and civil war FIRST/ OR does weapons of mass destruction fall first/ OR does nature fall into chaos/ OR does the ignition of atoms on fire, consume us all/ OR does the lack of water and its war, establish the Apocalyptic reality/ OR, will they get their “curse by, life and its human predators”; on me instead. I suggest to you “its a fifty/ fifty” gamble. But the end result is: my last fight for you/ or this world. Let the children know: I did do, what I could do. Not your savior or theirs; its a duty.

While a very tiny few “thought about helping”: the reality is, DEMANDING LAW, means you cannot hide. The reality is simply: stand up, and say I,________________ AM, here to fight for that law; to give life and planet a chance to survive: TOO. Nothing less will make a stand; to change this world. NOT BY SCREAMING/ but by law. OUR LAW, as is governed by communicating: justice is not a game/ fair play is the foundation of society/ balance comes with duty/ and you cannot let money decide for life or world; it is not “god”. It is: merely your promise/ now broken by “university knows”.

Since the people were busy; being as greedy and selfish as possible; built upon the counterfeiting of assets/ denial of debts; by university plays god over democracy. I chose to primarily fight with law, in each state and federal courtroom; as was governed by “university is government”. Demanding the constitution must be upheld! Their reply: the constitution is dead. Demanding justice and democracy are not a game/ mutilating life and gambling with this entire planet is NOT YOUR RIGHT. Their reply: the universities are god/ the cult leaders cannot be questioned. Demanding FAIR PLAY sustains society, by choosing for life. Their reply: life is dead/ and we will make you pay, for attacking “this new; nazi (we own the power now; WITH rules and codes and banking and stealing control over hiring; and CLAIMING all things “GOVERNMENT”, they had no legal democratic right to invade) regime”. BUT did anyway, with media enforcement of a right cause ‘they are the expert”; even though they can’t survive without corrupting currency.  As has been proven by covid:  “DEMOCRACY BE DAMNED; WE OWN THE NATION”.

The university plague; demanding they must search the world, for someone special to run their university; no american allowed. Which holds opens the door, to we are invaded. “they teach your children, to believe”.

THE LESSON: IF THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO UPHOLD THEIR LAW, AND PROTECT THEIR DEMOCRACY; they will lose it. Or more simply: behind closed doors, where media fights to keep universities in power, and there is no further public news forum: entirely university owned. “the cost of hitler (the curse of power), rises from the dead”. And all the people who did not hide, said: SHIT ON THE EVIDENCE OR COST OF BEING WRONG/ I DON’T CARE, ABOUT ANYTHING BUT ME/ MAKE ME RICH or get lost.

A footnote, to american history: while the sixties represented some college people trying to make a difference in the Vietnam war, did scream and yell; you can’t. Because they were threatened with being drafted. The reality of it was: once a couple people died on a college campus/ that movement died, and would never be found again. As the essence of their work was: DON’T draft me. A few tried to inform zero population growth was needed/ but none listened, and they too died out. Ending with “we can’t fight city hall”/ it is worthless to try. So they threw away the nation, and chose greed. Fighting back, “by not buying american”.

And then, once the diploma was in hand: they began to infiltrate government in all capacities/ gave themselves a million dollar raise when Reagan handed over the keys. And conspired to overthrow democracy; as the superior ones who knew it all. Discarding law, by rampaging over the courtroom. Propagating university is god; NEVER question the expert/ we won’t let you win. Indoctrinating every child to believe “yes the universities can play god”. And corrupting everything they could touch with the dysentery of “Imagination, fantasies, and delusion; rules now”. In case you forgot: Reagan made his mark: by selling the gold at Fort Knox back to the public / and thereby spending all you had saved; forever gone, as he chose “never to pay a debt again”; by university design: LETS BUY WAR INSTEAD. And MEDIA KNEW, because I told, more than one of them.

All of it, the result of American military exploding roughly 2,000 nuclear bombs; to blow up islands, etc: and make this world fear. Which led to USSR being given plans for a nuclear bomb: because a deterrent was needed. Then Kennedy WAS going to war, to take that away; and initiated two things. Let’s go to Vietnam to prepare the soldiers for war. Let’s claim our missile program for delivering nuclear bombs; by disguising it as “going to the moon”. He was stopped. And with the advances in electronics, particularly missiles to take down planes: the Vietnam war became a testing facility for “new plans”. A playground, for generals and their mission to kill; “as evidenced by, hamburger hill” and more. Ending with, people dead; we don’t believe: and the enormous debt that would not be paid. Even though Carter tried; the people wanted greed.

The difference between “I and they”; was constitutional law decides, not me or you or them: democracy instead. Refusing to pay or file income tax: starting in 2019; as is, “I WON’T participate in anarchy and rebellion against this democracy”/ demanding by letter to the IRS: my legally guaranteed right of constitutional law as is; first amendment redress. As always, the courtroom door is locked; while treason continues, in all forms and ways.

But none was willing to fight for that; as greed (I want yours too), basically consumed them all. Selfishness (I alone matter) took control/ and media manipulation to control the crowd ended with life be damned: GIVE ME EVERYTHING I WANT/ RIGHT NOW.

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Jim Osterbur

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