In the elevation of life itself, comes the hope for what could life become; without time/ as time is the conception of an action demands a reaction. When that is removed, and only truth survives: what would life be?

More distinctly, “I believe; no it cannot be proven”: that this time is an incubator of life, to prove by our own decisions, the direction we are to take, as the value of life itself. That elevation of our own decisions, is the dimensional shape of who we are/ the desire we have chosen to “be alive”, becomes our identity. Therefore in the essence of why energy does exist; our relationship with respect determines the freedom which will give our living in this existence, “hope”. For what we can or cannot do; as life goes on, beyond the definitions of self, to attain the glory of being free in the love which does grant us life.

What I can prove is: LOVE OR HATE, are the primary directions of living. LOVE EXTENDS INTO THE REALITIES REQUIRED FOR A LIFE BEYOND “THIS SELF, into eternity of family and home”. While hate is the decision to enter within death and extract whatever can be valued by the energy of time using force you have attained: to war, against life and love itself. Into the eternity of terrors inflicted by all the tears you caused/ the curse against life and love you chose to be. Tearing family, discarding peace, revoking harmony; and deliberately entering HELL (life in turmoil) OR HADES (war with GOD, CREATOR of this universe)/ (forever torn, piece by piece until gone; as your reality chose) as you chose.

As to what is in-between love and hate; the reality of humanity as it searches to grab and control “both, less than honest love and limited hate” for itself. The cost is simple, as an animal your choice ends like an animal; and is devalued from being human because you are an animal. Lost in the curse of “you COULD NOT recognize, this life and this living and this world; are true MIRACLES”. Which proves you cannot survive beyond time; and will simply be dissipated into “dirt”/ or evaporated into space, without substance to vanish forever gone. As you chose to do, for your answer to life; “animal, is enough”.

As to me; I DO UNDERSTAND LIFE IS A MIRACLE, as is all life, and this world of living in time. Realities created by truth, keep this world alive/ fantasies and delusions of university knows/ universities playing god; destroy it. Simple as that, no need for discussion/ you know it is true; and yet do not care; anymore than animals do beyond self. While we have the option of choice/ we have the option of change. Once that is gone, death is certain to be next. YOU are killing this world, or allowing it to be killed; without a squeak associated with mice/ failing, destroying, denying YOU DO have a duty, to keep this world alive. I chose to fight for this world, as best I did do/ nope hardly perfect in any sense of the word, limited and without success; but I did do my duty, as best I could do it, in the realm and reality of what you allowed me to do. None helped, even if a few tried; courage is required. To attain that, it is absolutely necessary to conceive of death as “more friend than enemy”. To attain that, JESUS proves with the evidence no one else could or did do: with love, no one else attained: with death no one else inspired a world to change has ever done. Guaranteeing to humanity: we were not simply created by thought, and left behind without a purpose or possibility beyond time. HIS GUARANTEE, is that love remember love, with respect and values that identify ourselves within the same dimensions of what creates hope by truth. Eternity says; where there is a sustained thought; the balancing of energy and its purposes/ there will be, a life beyond self, as time (an action or reaction) ends for us who do love with truth. The difference is: love is directional/ it does not go back, to view hate. Hate too is directional/ it will not be allowed to go back to view love. And the rest “simply don’t matter/ as they chose to be lost”. We CANNOT save each other:  JESUS already did that. We can simply testify to our own truth, as is our only true possession.

WHAT does a life formed within thought and energy transformation really mean? I cannot explain a miracle here on earth/ certainly not beyond. WILL there be “male and female”? YES, there will; but I know not anything else. WHERE WILL we live? That is up to GOD / “the CREATOR” of miracles, which surround us all; giving to me, the thanks that I know; “more than we can imagine” is real. WHO shall you be? “up to you”! HOW shall we get beyond death (which is literally to leave time and body behind)? Answer; life is an energy relationship not confined to body, but defined by energies within a body. When that energy leaves your body/ it is life leaving, and if YOU DO NOT go along with that energy. Then YOU are left behind to dissipate into nothing/ never look back at what you are leaving: look only into love, as the path beyond self, returns to GOD ; now reborn into an eternal living identity of truth; conceived by love.

Thought assembles chaos into order/ while energy exists, as the foundation upon which we build life by disciplines; ;which will then balance what truth will allow. Time grants the trial and error of change/ by which we then become our own truth revealed. LOVE makes life worth living/ chaos takes that living away, by producing the violence of hate. The universities provide you with chaos; as is evolution/ instead of life. To your shame; you let them indoctrinate your own children to their lies. Want is an enemy, the foundation of every lie. Pride is an enemy; by turning life and living into a game, where someone has to lose/ and the other claims superior to then judge. Power turns judgment into “playing god” over life and living; by introducing the failure that is war on you.

Religion seeks, to honor life and living/ but fails, because the path beyond self is hard, and few will travel it. But for those who do, people follow; to achieve what they cannot. The singular glance beyond and before death. But fraught with error, as is the entrance into the spiritual world which divides time from eternity: to prove your truth/ to remove what is not true in you. That value turns them back, and if you fear; the spiritual world cannot be “your friend”. Therefore values in religion are few, but they do exist beyond what others provide. Universities provide hate/ the disrespect of playing god with life and world: which is now evident in the evidence we are surrounded by threats of extinction. We will not escape the truth: THIS WORLD HAS CHANGED/ because 8 BILLION people; cannot escape themselves.

I tell you true, the spiritual world is harsh; until you pass by all that is wrong within YOU. It then becomes an elemental choice of “doors”/ any one of which you may enter at your own decision. BUT you cannot escape that relationship with each truth you enter/ unless you do fully understand, that distinction of truth itself. Beyond that realm of existence: is eternity. But none can pass over the divide; unless invited by GOD HIMSELF.

I found the edge beyond spiritual truth/ but was turned back; to continue the fight for this earth and its living existence. That is not “leading you”/ rather, it is a dedicated: you can enter that world “BEYOND SELF”/ if you dare. BUT if you fail to abandon all that is not truth inside of you/ if you fail to identify correctly all that is truth within you / or if you fear: the cost is very high, and may include your eternity. ALL ENTER at death/ very few survive to return alive into time. Do not be foolish/ do not be proud (that makes you an enemy; in the game of winner or loser)/ do not want, and never seek power. Depend upon love. Identify with JESUS as your savior; because everyone does need an anchor, when “the seas rage”. Do the best you can, and accept every choice is your own.

Yet even you know: in such simple things as cooking food (thought processes allow you to eat)/ or putting fuel in your vehicle (demonstrations of knowledge, as is an element of thought build a vehicle/ as it is no accident; and the conception is a trillion miles away from the intensity of life itself); critical realities control the outcome, and elemental thought is present in order to accomplish “literally anything, but chaos”. THOUGHT ALONE identifies with life/ as the passage between what can be done, and what has been built as life and its living existence on this earth. SHAME on you for being so blind.

Even though you stand on the edge of extinction; I would never choose to lead you. ONLY THE LAW, BY THE EVIDENCE OF TRUTH, AND THE VALUES ASSIGNED WITHIN REALITY; can do that. It is not only foolish to lead, saying “yes I can”; when only truth can decide, life leads us, just as respect decides where happiness and love will be found. What else is, “important”?

While it is true, someone should stand up to identify “our choices, and what this will cost if we are WRONG”; that value is up to society. Therefrom justice is important, as is peace, harmony, duty, respect, thought, and every decision that forms our path forward to “truly being alive”; as intended. As only society chooses what it will believe. Want is the basis of belief, and from that we know: truth is not the deciding factor. End want, pride, and power; or you cannot find truth. LET TRUTH DECIDE, go to court and prove what is true; as best we can.

IT IS, the tragedy, curse, and disgrace of universities: that their stated mission in life is, “to invade and destroy, every single limit, boundary, decision, definition, discovery, value, security, safety, truth, respect, courage, cause, species, environment; and so on” as they can. Thereby putting themselves on the pedestal of change by “university man in charge now”. Changing war, to insist: FEAR ME, instead of the others. Waging war on everything; to describe themselves as hero’s; “we are gods now”. Injecting fantasy, delusion, and imagination instead of truth, reality, or respect for life.

That intensity of disrespect, rape, ravaging, ruin, diversion, deliberate subterfuge, destruction, denial, service to none, loss of life, extinction threatening, Satanic delusions of religious fervor: HAS brought us to the edge of our own extinction. Regardless what you believe/ the evidence does prove that true.

So the critical test of life or death for our world is very simple: RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET, OR IT WILL BE LOST TO YOU FOREVER! In order to do that, “universities” will have to be chained in the dungeon of their own creation: without the power to decide or change anything more. That is simply the price of life and earth: because of what has been done. Which we may or may not survive anyway, even if you do. Such is the truth of our situation as humanity becomes its own worst enemy: “religion calls that satan”. Or human decisions are the cause of our own extinction; OR NOW, its own deliberate resurrection from the dead, that universities have caused. There are consequences to change/ tragedies to playing god/ horrors to mutilating life/ and even the chance of HADES, which is “the satanic form of human existence; CHOSE to ignite this planet into a sun”. By their arrogance, apathy, and disrespect. Such is the price of invading every limit, boundary, respect, and purpose of life on earth.

The foundation of life, requires us to understand: that miracles are not accidents or just happen because you want them too. EVERY LIFE MIRACLE is by design; and only fools want it to be otherwise, by using their imagination to create lies. Endless genetic code, as is the basis of all that nature is: requires endless discipline, order, balance, and the knowledge plus wisdom to establish life in time. None of that is by accident or the result of chaos: which literally means, reduced by violence to the simplest form possible. Making chaos: CLEARLY NOT the cause of life. While the list of evidence is so truly long, thought did this; that we could not communicate it in a hundred years/ even if you knew. The more simple reality is human pregnancy: not only does a body need to exist first/ a second “opposite like” body needs to exist as well; at the very same time. Not only does the separation of a womb allow for an individual life to form; it forms from material elements that must exist, and be re-manufactured into usable materials for a fetus, and then baby to form; by sharing energy, function, and life. Bones that grow with a body/ identical “left and right” structures/ balance and recognition of life. MILK glands to feed the baby once born, through an extremely expandable “exit”; milk to feed an infant, which suddenly appears when needed/ and shuts back off, when it is not. Or the baby dies/ or the mother is reduced to death if those breasts fail to function properly. The list is very long; and the reality of nature is over 99% perfect in the construction of bodies that are able to live in time. And of those not found able, or by accident unable to continue: the vast majority are deficient because of chemical contamination, caused largely by human failures instead of life failures. And yet your gods of universities claim: they know everything/ and can recreate life with chaos. Demanding evolution MUST be believed; because your former classmates/ none of whom approached, even the possibility of playing god: simply say so. It is to your shame they were not refused a voice. That expands to religion: which failed life, because they made their books into “a god”/ their claim of knowledge, the result of fantasy and delusion; just like evolution did too. Imagination is NOT life, thought is not a fantasy, but a definition shaped by law, delusions are lies, not truth. Religion offers a disciplined orderly step by step instruction: back to the beginning/ so that you may try again. To enter the path back to Creation, where soul meets your own heart through respect; to offer love as its reward. Return there, and be blessed.

Separated from the animals, there is a happiness to life, created by the desire to shape our destinies, with love. Respect builds a relationship. Trust binds us together as one life to be shared. Truth establishes we care. Discipline shows the path we chose to take/ while order identifies our own passion for justice. Balance is a journey beyond self, where each can participate with freedom as equals honoring life. While human animals merely want/ being alive enters the composition of thought, with conceptions of eternity can be ours. While thought challenges hope, with the dignity called miracles; our reality suffers from those who believe as fools do; that life is simply an accident, built upon chaos. Their decision assumes “fantasy and imagination are enough”/ it is not. Life is dependent upon truth, and truth is dependent upon laws; each of which is determined by order, under the direction of discipline. While mercy guides, as balance allows. The question of life is not self. The question of death is not self. The answer to each is WHERE CAN, “miracles” come from? The answer to that is limited and bound: to a reality of thought (not human or even earthly) far greater than our own.

My work here is done/ my search here is changed; and extends beyond simply trying my best “to keep you from going extinct”. I earned the right: “to say to you, I am done”.

We, have no come to the point of displacement; as the intellectuals declare “I know more” than you/ a reality that is insufficient to prove anything. Instead, the value of the search is consistent with the reality of truth it creates, and therefore blends into the structure of life that is an existence covered with hope.

Eternal life holds no mass, as mass declares this is from time; as all things created by an action or reaction are granted a measurement that will end. Life eternal does not end, because no action or reaction to the energies being used will exist; it is a freedom governed by law. Knowledge is the disciplined structure of life beyond self/ understanding is the journey that creates a path into truth, thereby revealing laws which build our world with order. The balancing of those realities is governed by thought, the presence of love respecting the truth of limits and boundaries which keep our lives at peace, and within harmony by its happiness.

Chaos is death, hate is chaos, the universities declare they are gods; and with evolution; that chaos is their god. So they inject chaos into nature, life, child, and planet; in worship of their god; creating their only contribution, other than trinkets, toys, and trophies; which is HELL. As they destroy the very foundations we depend upon to survive. Search any university; and their savior is chaos/ their purpose is screaming “NO consequences for us”/ their lie is, we can do no wrong; evolution will save us. as the mutilate life in worship of their god which is evolution. As stated to me, by three graduate students: “don’t worry, if we break it/ evolution will replace that life” in a billion years or so. OR with igniting atoms on fire, as is the only thing that can be done in a tomak reactor: “don’t worry, not enough gravity here” SO THAT 4 MILLION TIMES PLUS energy release, will just extinguish itself”.  And the cursed of cult worship says:  “we don’t care/ the universities, are god”. to your shame.

The critical cost of knowledge is an opportunity to make decisions that are not within the limits and boundaries of what is fair or justified, in the living of life. As is university knows. But knowledge without understanding or balance as is, the basic framework of wisdom; will end in catastrophe; as is the understanding of evidence supported by reality and its truth of this day.

The foundational cost of understanding is: that even though knowledge is a mountain, that stands before us; separating all from eternity/ so that you cannot know. The reality of faith (all things decided by truth) can move that mountain to reveal: all we really need to accept, is RESPECT FOR OUR CREATOR/ and love enough to understand the value of living is in that love, which does make those who hold it dearly; into a treasure to be cherished beyond time. While truth keeps us alive/ it is trust that makes life beyond time possible. As the ride, into extreme definitions of energy itself; is the only way in: “to eternity”. Therefore fear is the enemy, and trust is your only hope.

The curse of men and women is: “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, right now; DON’T make me learn or do anything I DON’T WANT; or I will hate you. Demanding revenge, where hate is not enough.

The blessing of male and female is: with freedom, I choose to be as love would correct me to be. Within that living there is truth, and with the essence of truth is my shepherd; I will learn to trust. Male searches for love and value/ female lives within that love to create a home for us both. The definitions time seeks for us to learn.

While I have searched for love and value, foundations beyond the rest to challenge. To prove “university knows/ universities are god”; is a lie. Reality proved that has no meaning to you; as animals only want what they want/ and believers only believe what they want/ and leaders cannot lead without lies. So the end result of it: was you don’t care/ until death closes the door and finds you trapped, by the decisions you have made. All the intellectual traps, have done just that/ and will soon overtake you. To your shame; as the cancer of this world is humanity, the animal/ and the cure for that disease is humanity alive. Both are a decision; but they are not the same. Costs arise with each one.

Therefore we conclude (her and I) the work once more; as I conceive of “this is enough”/ and the spiritual woman inside, who is changing me; does not demand more. Yes I know, that is more than you can hear: but your beliefs, are irrelevant to me. I did my job, even to the point of true change begins. A reality governed by the cost of asking: “if I cannot help them survive/ then please take me into eternity”. I was turned back; “to confront, the opposite view”/ in order to complete this work “for women”. As reality will prove, they are your only hope. But not as women leading men/ but by the reality of justice leading life, with the placement of laws that are equal to all, which means FAIR PLAY for the world itself. To achieve that, while women must write the law/ it is only valid when both male and female accept that the law we must serve as our government now: is fair, valid to our reality, and true to the future of life and world. YOUR CHOICE. But make no mistake, the cost of being WRONG is extreme. Just as the cost of refusing to STOP THE INSANE, from igniting atoms on fire; will be HADES to you.

Reality asks: be more clear. Therefore consider this instead: that want is the basis or power of “sucking you in/ with whatever it takes”; to get what I want. That pride is the elemental truth of measuring you, once want has done its job. Which then results in judgment; as ranges from: “worthless to me- up to- worshiping god over me; as is university the cult”. The constant YES I CAN/ OR NO YOU CAN’T; is a descent into fate, as reaction or actions take control to achieve what you want; or to enforce I am winner/ you are loser/ or I want revenge. The very simple addition of people who play god, and people who want the others to play god; so as to get what they want too; is the alteration of truth, by which people judge themselves as gods/ and thereby control the future by changing whatever they want, into trophies, trinkets, or toys for me. The cost of that however is; an action begets a reaction/ and a reaction falls within the jurisdiction of the law which controls it. Making every decision that is not supported by the facts of what is true; becomes the consequence of what you did do, to life or world itself.

In the definitions of conception; the construction of male as elementally construed to be assigned with the energy called push/ and female elementally construed to be assigned with the energy called pull: the critical understanding is, these are not essentially bound. Instead they both exist as the freedom of life, to accept a destination predetermined by law. But freedom allows for destiny to be changed, and respect allows for this is your decision/ but it is not mine. Therefore energy asserts: time is an alternative to passion (push), a discovery rather than a desire (pull). Time grants choice, by the purpose you assign to yourself; as is the dignity given by respect to your life. Choice identifies your desire, passion, and purpose for living; as is love or hate/ you choose. While female will always be tied with love as a destiny/ male will always be tied to the quest for value, as is a search for truth, forming into the laws we trust. The critical contribution of each will always be: balance means, a place for each/ discipline means, the duties we share/ and order means, the power to accept our decision matters.

Conception means: only the truth matters, thereby we design the law by which life itself becomes valued. Imagination means: only want matters, thereby I demand what I want/ and take what I can by fantasies and delusion if I must. As to people; the cost of pride is very heavy particularly today; the demand to win, shoves and pushes love away/ disrespect follows, and fools arise to pull love from its home, into a world that will not care or share. The end result is hate/ the cost of play god is extinction/ the failure to respect life and world leads to HELL/ and every child is sacrificed by the fools, who believe want is better than love or home.

Pride causes eternity to be changed/ marriages to fall/ relationships to be altered/ children to be abused/ rape to consume/ perversion hides behind the door/ failure expands. Because a winner wants to win, and if there is no one else to play the game; “then you” must be the loser.  Want centers entirely upon you; as your own decision. Pride centers entirely upon the others whom you want to prove too: that you are the winner/ therefore, the decision is theirs. Which means you cannot win/ until you MAKE them lose. Power then masks the purpose, “I WILL”; as becomes whatever version of violence or deceit is needed, to make you obey or fight; as is the essence of hate, and how it becomes a tragedy to life.

As I begin to change, the fundamental truth of female begins to appear: as the essence of home/ replaces the quest to learn, and experience or express being free. Passion exists to pursue/ desire exists to include: hope combines these as the description of marriage, as we test the potential to claim, “I have completed you, just as you have completed me; in the grace of being combined into just one life, for both.” The question of time, presents us all with a battlefield: survive or die. But reality presents us all, with the truth, without a home, and the essence of love that it is intended to create; there is little purpose in being alive, once the isolation sets in. Therefore home represents a truth beyond time, as passion is replaced by desire. The question is then: love presents life/ while isolation presents death. Therefore we must search and attain throughout the elevation of “being home”; an essence of love lives here. The universities disgrace, as presented through media is: that women should be men/ and as always (the intellectual cannot take charge unless an enemy is found); their assertion is men should be women. Because once entirely immersed in the sewage of “universities play god”; someone must lead the lost. So they want you lost/ and intend that you should be lost; so they can be your savior. That is the fundamental being applied in this America: to the destruction of society, democracy, everything valued; as is the university way. So they can achieve “being gods/ savior” over you. That is the method of insurgency; to wreck everything that is and sustains life and society; so that you need the army of the rebellion to take control; by those who yell FIX US. Destroying those who built, and giving it to the poor; is the elemental method of producing civil war; after all who better to worship the invader, than the poor/ who are now given better lives. But it comes with war/ and as Ukraine, Iraq, MANY MORE have established: war gives you hatred, poverty, destruction, mutilation, rape, starvation/ dying of thirst/ and no peace, security, or hope until the leaders are dead. But they are replaced with more leaders, who simply bring more war; because the endless passion of the male herd is WE WANT MORE; which always brings war.

The critical passion is: that female lives by the purposes of law, thereby sustaining and keeping the home alive in that love which does survive, to support and defend life itself. The critical desire is: that life is worth so much more with a home to return too, that I give of myself; a value that you accept as a trusted alliance, born of truth, and lived within respect/ by the dignity of doing the best I can. The critical hope is: that I should never be truly alone, because you are here with me. Which can only be attained, with trust.

Women’s liberation is not “hear me roar/ I will never be like my mother; do what I want you to do”; that is just an invasion/ and becomes the enemy.

Male domination is tragic and undeniably wrong. We cannot trust each other, unless truth identifies the value of who you are to me, and I to you: only love can do that. Only truth opens the door to trust, as we establish what hope means; as a home in you. While survival is important, and must be done/ eternity shapes the question: where will home be? Those who build a fair and honorable home in time, need not search for it.

FAIR AND HONORABLE Religion is, the search for how best can male and female provide the best home for each other, that we can be. As is, a preparation for eternity.

As from the beginning: your three greatest enemies are “want; the scream for more: which creates lies, deceit, theft, and more/ pride: the scream someone has to lose, not me/ and power; “yes I can, or no you can’t”; listen to me, look at me; hear me roar. Today however that list is expanded to include the people who play god with life, nature, planet, and the future of existence itself; as is functionally covered up with the word “university”.

The elemental truth of life on earth is: that we are granted the opportunity to be alive, making the decisions which identify our truth. In exchange for the value of love chosen by respect, and clarified by desire. The critical conception is: as is true of our own night sky, in the vast isolation of space, it is the emptiness that needs a life to fill it. But without love, there is only hate or desolation. Consequently to that is the search for those who live in the reality of love; as is consistent with peace and harmonies formed by law. Respect is elemental to our survival, because throughout the universe there are threats; and unless we accept the limits and boundaries created within the essence of truth; we cannot survive the energies needed to sustain motion or the distinction of experience or its expression as is our own decision forming the destiny we chose to create for ourselves.

Thought is the body of life, the recognition called being ALIVE; because in that relationship with thought, we are conceived as a participant in existence. With participation, we become family as designed by love, and accepted within respect.

Time is an action or reaction within the body which proves a life in motion, measured by existence and its consequences. Eternity is an experience, expressed as thought; which proves the destiny of our love, can be shared in the essence provided by how we care. Critical to that understanding is: thought does not need motion to exist/ it does however need respect for the laws which include that form of living, within the governing body of all that energy results from. Or more distinctly, while energy is the expression of time/ the force which makes energy possible, is the experience of life itself. When we touch the living wall of power versus time: only the invited are allowed inside. Love is the key, but respect alone opens the door.

RELIGION; is a word that constructs the best men did do, throughout time, to conceive of, and thereby understand their world. It is a man’s book of time/ because women were functionally excluded. Men demanded control, as is the common statement “its a man’s world”/ because war, “in all its forms”; makes it so. The best religion did do, was replaced with “university knows”/ and religion died, for all intents and purposes; as the infiltration of mental disease took control. The worst of the worst being: “university says evolution is our god/ and now with a brain in men; we can play god, by creating, and injecting genetic chaos in life. Thereby to change life, by forcing chaos”. And religion said; with near perfect attendance, “YES, it must be so”. Thereby accepting what literally is “Satan (destroyer of worlds); as their god”.

Religion now means: WHATEVER the universities say. So the word is dead, and the reality of descriptions that form a basis of knowledge in life and heart and soul; are so contaminated with disease and the rotting corpse of “university plays god/ university knows”; that religion now is, all but dead.

Into that disgrace, is the reality of miracles are the only explanation of life and the bodies of life that can be considered true. As the lack of a brain grasps at the Satanic expression of evolution, and without a brain (we believe) shows the depths of disgrace that the failure of human existence truly is.

So the question is: apart from the living dead, the human animal whose carcass exists, but is rotting from the inside with hate and delusions; as is the proof of genetic mutilation. IS THERE ANY HUMAN LEFT, WITH A BRAIN? The answer is minimal; because the human herd cannot think for itself. So, I search only for what is left of “human alive”/ and simply hope for the rest “to find a brain”; because eternity is no game.

Nonetheless, we ask WHY, did universities gain so much power over life on earth? Their accomplishments are few, and mostly stolen from others; who are discarded as the trash. But, there are a few things; gained in the greed and selfishness of want, that people now claim as their pride/ the power to yell at nature and world; screaming “we are gods NOW”. Let nature fear us.

  1. With healthcare: we stand as 8 billion or more people; fully intending to make this earth extinct/ by destroying every resource/ every chain of life/ every resource/ competition which means war/ and all that people do: FOR WANT, PRIDE, OR POWER. To overwhelm the others and shout, “I am the superior one”. Paying homage to their cult leaders, “university owns us”.
  2. With pollution unending in all forms and fashion of complete apathy and disrespect: our entire planet shudders under the cost of “nobody cares”/ not even for the entire planet, its ocean, life, habitat anything. Not about igniting a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire/ on a planet that is made entirely of fuel. NOT about anything, because universities lead.
  3. By dissecting human behavior, and using media as their means; by destroying currency with hidden inflation. The manipulating of human decisions is a 24/7 operation; controlling human options is the undermining of your own ability to think for yourself; removing human opportunities is the end of independent business, a few control it all; indoctrinating the children with educational sewage; forcing economic disaster, give it all away; and conceiving of civil war and more lets kill “and they will never harm us again”; to remove the competition, NOW we know the enemy; using media to enforce FEAR covid/ BELIEVE the universities are your savior/ OBEY or you will die, or we might just kill you: after all university needs those trillions of dollars, and complete autonomy to destroy nature itself, and even this world. As reality proves: university purpose, intends to claim control as god, as “master and slaves, over you”.
  4. Destroying law/ destroying government/ destroying education/ destroying life and society: so they can replace what did work, by making it the enemy. So they could play god, with literally everything.
  5. ALAS:
  6. And religion (the dead and dying) says: DON’T LEAVE US BEHIND/ we want everything we want too. But alas, there is room for only one god, and that is the universities. So even with endless sacrifice and homage to the university cult/ your time is limited; and your disgrace is eternal. NONETHELESS, reality insists, of the various groups formed by humanity, religion is at least trying to some limited degree. The destruction of every form and type of knowledge; prior to the current “universities know/ universities are god”: is your failure. Their fantasy, delusion, disgrace, and imaginary conclusions; without little or any basis in fact. MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR CLAIMS OF KNOWLEDGE, WITH REAL WORLD EVIDENCE OF TRUTH; which you can understand beyond their words or illusions/ constructed with elements of our reality, NOT the delusions of their imagination. Evolution, the most sinister venom of university deceit; concludes life is an accident of chaos/ over billions of years. Nothing is less true, and as religion throughout the world; it is to your shame that you have accepted this/ nor mounted any constructive war against it. Making you their sewer of fools. EVERY LIVING ORGANISM: is a complete factory on its own/ deriving all the materials that life needs to complete the body/ access and control its environment/ recreate itself/ sustain the utilities needed/ transportation of products/ neural networks/ and so on. NONE OF THAT can be proven “accidental”/ and all of that can be proven: WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE CLEAR PRODUCT OF THOUGHT; as it all points to an incomprehensible reality of complexity, far beyond any human being or the claim of fools, who cult worship each other to avoid reality and evidence of truth. As the cult fools; and clean your mind first: HOW does an organism survive without all its tools, realities of conception, disciplines required, order, balance, respect and so on. WHAT can you do, without your senses to guide you. WHAT can you do, without the balance of body necessary to stand aright, or even know what way is up. WHAT can you be without immunity or skin to protect you. HOW can you eat without all the basics of the digestive system/ or ability to find what is determined to be food/ and place it in your mouth/ and then swallow it; SO WHERE are the acids that break that food down, contain it/ distribute it/ identify it/ oxygenate it/ deliver the goods/ clean the system/ and give it motion. What a damn fool you are; for letting the evolutionary claim of knowledge “this looks like that”/ override your sanity. SHAME ON YOU. There claims of time are entirely errant and false; their basis of understanding is entirely errant and false; their assertion of facts goes completely unchallenged; because the serpent of your lives which is the media television and more; leads you to believe you can’t challenge this; because they are too smart. WELL look at the evidence of where university leads; and accept the conclusion of the evidence by its own truth is: YOUR EXTINCTION/ YOUR FAILURE/ YOUR SACRIFICE OF EVERY CHILD; because you want what you want, and there is cowardice overrunning your lives. SHAME ON YOU. Grow up, and find a heart; while you search for your brain. The sign of a cult is: you may not question your leader(s)/ they are gods, “the superior ones”/ and you are not. The sign of a religion is: the imagination has filled in the blanks: as is the constant of “university knows”; and what we cannot prove/ we believe; because we can believe anything we want. The cult demands: we are gods/ we know everything! While media, “the curse of human snakes”; manipulate, tempt, control, propagate, and demand: FEAR DAMN YOU/ BELIEVE YOU FOOLS/ OBEY OR YOU DIE; as is the rampage of “covid”. The sign of faith is: let truth show us the path beyond ourselves, that we may learn what is true, and adopt our lives accordingly; in honest progression with what reality will allow. Truth decides {the spirit, has entered}; proving want/ pride/ and power (the sign of the animal); has been evicted. Whatever you value most, becomes your identity; because that is where your life chooses to be. Primary to all forms of value, is the critical desire of hope that is “for love inside”/ or the functional want of animal; which is hate has consumed this life. What is in between survives with you, until your decision is made. Your decision, OR, The failure to choose direction: as these are purely opposite realities/ decides eternity for you. Since this is about religion: I offer you this concept for your discussion. Even so, with all that has been written as a description of life and death beyond time. The one thing lacking is the fundamental interpretation of how our lives can join in eternity. So the question is: knowing thought constructs a pathway, whereby focus does follow in the quest for life has a value. The reality of that pathway in thought, as a physical type of conception; reveals “the spiderweb (I can reach out, through this and achieve success, not only of participation, but love itself)”, of interconnected thought as it progresses throughout space. LOVE is a participation within life, as a partnership between living existence, and its expression as the experience we share in love, because we cared. That “life: i exist”: stays within us, so long as there is love. It only leaves, if we abandon love. Because the ascension of living, is to construct a bridge between your life and mine. Therefore the essence of love is built upon the critical existence of what we gave to each other; beyond the restraints of time. Which is why love brings heartache; if love is lost, abandoned, or untrue. What you gave, remains in, or as the possession of the other. The foundation of marriage is: that we are equals, sharing life and living as a participation beyond ourselves, by gifting to each other the values of our time, our work, our future, and our lives; as miracles sharing care. The tragedy of marriage is: some declare themselves “THE MAN” in this relationship, as is the claim of superiority and ownership; to possess sex “its mine”, and more. While others declare themselves to be: “THE WOMAN”/ who owns the right to manipulate/ change/ tempt/ control/ construct/ be pampered/ enslave; and so on; as is the claim of superiority. A reality constructed around “YOU owe me”; for sex. Both are failures of life, and exist as the animal has escaped its cage. A human being alive in life; does not exist as want (the abyss of MORE), pride (I WIN), or power (fear this). A human being alive in life does exist as the builder of living justice, identifiable truth, kindness, gentleness, hope, the true desire of love, and the abundance of forgiveness to prove, we share the best and hope beyond the worst of who we are. The courage of being either, as is courage itself: REQUIRES you to accept the price of death, the cost of duty; is much higher than the price of self. Therefore what is truly important: shall decide for me. Hoping for the best, but living with the certainty: love exists in me.Of note: is the conception, that in this spiritual realm of interconnected participation, is the truth. Every life accepted will donate love to the ocean of life created by its own truth. BUT, if you have not blocked out hate/ which means you surrendered it “to GOD” ; you cannot be allowed to enter. Because without that limit and boundary of protection; your decision/ your open door to hate: INFECTS AND DISEASES the whole life of eternity. Remove hate, and abandon those who hate (it is, different than anger; which can be resolved). Or it will remove you from eternity: so what is the greater cost to you? REPENTANCE means; a notable degree of change has occurred, sufficient to assert some level of forgiveness will allow another chance to prove love lives in you or me. A warning should be given: the intellectual wars, with money, confusion, panic, bribes, deceit, lies, stealing, cheating, betrayal and terrorism; for the purpose of fear. Because once fear is achieved, sanity and wisdom are refused. Therefrom they insert belief, and with belief; whatever the leaders wants is whatever the belief shall become; because the herd must obey, or it will be eaten. Obedience then proves; as did covid: that you wear the uniform of the fallen. TO COMBAT the intellectual wars, and its hidden army of betrayal: YOU MUST INSIST upon the real world evidence, that is verified by as many as possible; who are not liars/ or traitors. YOU MUST THEN make your own decision based upon the evidence; that is “as true” as we can make it to be. That method removes the believer, and their fears: to establish a foundation from which the law of our lives and our world, shall extend. By truth alone, as our decision shall be enforced: as we the people; of this nation or world. When truth leads, the intellectual dies. Because fantasy, delusion, thief, imagination, failure, fool, evil, and the death grip of fear; are replaced with life now decides. The critical construction is: that as war proves true, even if you don’t want to do it/ the reality of we work together, shall get this done. Whereas money is nothing more than a promise; and your promises are proved to be tricks instead of truths. So you do have nothing to lose, except those who enslave you/ steal from you/ cheat you/ betray you/ and want you dead. The vital acceptance of a base salary as chosen by we the people in exchange for your fair and deliberate work; to save this democracy or world/ is enough. Until the date when it is agreed, we can accept more freedoms, rather than duties to our planet, life, child, and future. Or more simply: to control your future you must accept, the removal of greed, selfishness, terrorism, and betrayal as the cost of making things right. To participate beyond self, you must accept that truth and life and planet is more important than you. To achieve value; you must understand, life beyond time, is not measured/ it is earned.And the world shall say: “you cannot trust him”/ he is not one of us! Reality replies: my message to you is: GO TO COURT AS A WORLD IN NEED OF TRUTH; because you are on the edge of extinction; as the evidence will prove true. Nothing less, will bring acceptance of reality; among all those who declare: THAT AIN’T what I want. That is, the only demand of/ or, as leadership I make. Let the truth decide, NOT want, pride, or power; because only what is true can survive time or beyond. YOU OWE THAT, for your life/ for your child/ for your world! Because of all, that was given to you. And the world shall say: “he is, under the control of spiritual realities we CANNOT trust”; that is his downfall. His failure to be believed. Reality replies: that the spirit of female, is NOT to be feared/ because the law of what female is intended to be; governs the reality of her dimension, and she cannot veer from it; beyond what female would do, as a value to life or living in peace and harmony. Unfortunately for me; I am an aberration of that law, and as such; lost in a world I don’t understand. Being changed in ways beyond my comprehension: because the law is the law of this world. No, I have no clue how it all ends for me. It is a complete surprise. A cost beyond. A reality that has nothing to do with you/ other than the warning to men, if you are male by any description: NEVER come here for “anything sex”/ or be condemned to HADES. I AM NOT the decision you are to make: as is life OR death, for this world? CHOOSE!   “the universities/ OR, your CREATOR;    as does send me to you.
  7. I am merely the messenger, and my work is done.IT IS, beyond question: that all life on earth is a miracle of Creation, beyond our comprehension/ as thought itself proves to be true. No amount of human delusions can change that/ no amount of human fantasy or imagination can claim it is not so: only lies, and liars do. But as for me, the assertion is: that I am sent, which would impart some type of relationship as work or whatever exists. For clarity, let me be very clear: I am CLEARLY, NOT “JESUS”/ no claim of that exists, no hidden agenda exists, no assertion of authority or other exists, no alliance with GOD {merely a messenger}. But the message itself, has been created within the conception of an education, the reality of staying alive; that proves to be beyond what others have done. That is not me in reality; but the allowance to participate within thought, as it constructs the value of an education by which I can then bring you the message: IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE/ YOU WILL GO EXTINCT. By diffusing the universities hype, and claims of knowledge; with a greater version of truth by the evidence. Ending their gambling with all life and earth; by assembling the respect MIRACLES deserve. But that does not end the human animal of wanting, pride, or power as is your decision to make. BEING ALIVE grants that although we make mistakes; time allows for us to change; “for every action there is a reaction; a consequence”/ and in that change, the greater discoveries of our own true identity are made. OR, the decisions which align with what we truly desire for life or world, are illuminated as true. As to me: reality shoved me into the female dimension/ because balance had failed, and as men do; the only thing I could find, in the demand LIFE CANNOT DIE on this planet without a fight/ was war. So, without my own decision beyond asking the question: “what would women do instead”? I was introduced to changing my way of thinking; in order to finish the work which was initiated at the Cuban missile crisis: when I did commit my life to changing the threats of world extinction; as would now be my life’s work; if only this was resolved with peace. While world law does resolve that, as time passed; a long list of threats demanding extinction of life and planet were added; by the catastrophe that is “university”. Even including mutilation of nature/ deliberate intent to cause nature to fail/ deliberate intent to ignite a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire just like the sun. And a long list of lies, so as not to reveal how little your universities actually know. A long list of stealing and destruction of democracy, death to our world as is “university plays god; by establishing lies, propaganda, manipulation, extortion, and more”. But you are animals shepherded into the slaughter house waiting area/ and will soon be extinct. Because they bribe you to believe whatever you are told; as is consistent with all cult worshipers. I have no clue of my own identity at this point, in the story of my time. Certainly NOT “Jesus”/ is plain and simple and true. However it could be, that I am the son of man”. Tragically dad was overcome by pride, at the end; but survived. I am educated, not simply given anything but life/ I have searched, as is a reality open to all. Same, just more determined, to understand what it means to be “alive”; perhaps. Male seems to be erased at this point/ female does not in actual facts, “beyond tits”; exist at this point. I have no prediction how this ends; I don’t know for me. Regardless, NOT your scapegoat/ NOT your excuse/ NOT your guru or other/ just a worker, doing his job: best I can. Not your leader is true/ you are the cancer destroying this earth/ you are the solution to healing that disaster; by becoming alive instead of animal: your choice not mine. I required “female balance”; to walk away from war/ and return to ONLY THE LAW CAN KEEP THIS EARTH ALIVE. Not because man could not conceive of it/ but because the other men want what they want, and are willing to kill for it: while reality proves true, “even if I proved power and right and justified/ they would only scream war”. Because that is what the mass of men do, as history proves true. They want, what they want; as animals do.The current war in Ukraine is about pride, power, and resources; as are all wars. Never an end to pride; because their lives are considered a game: “winner or loser”. Never an end to power; because the screamer yells “YES I can”/ while the others yell NO YOU can’t. As to the want of resources; your world is built upon endless resources, the factories which do not survive without endless resources, and throwing it all away/ while adding a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year currently. So it will be WAR/ after war/ after war; until weapons of mass destruction are used; and this world cries on its death bed. If not before, with all the tragedy universities cause. Yes they did change some things/ but the consequences of that are: without TRUE change (no going back)/ you are extinct “within a hundred years or so; of when they began that change”. This world yelled “gods”; but reality now proves the consequences to be HELL; ;making your gods “Satan” instead. YOU, humanity itself: have taken control over life and world. Without balance, without truth to guide you, without respect, without love, without a future/ because you chose to kill every child by destroying their resources. And constantly claimed: I WON’T PAY/ not in my lifetime; as your decision to “take it all” as selfishness demands. To your shame. CHANGE OR DIE; it is decreed so.While women prove to be no better; wanting what they want/ demanding what they want; etc. the reality is: only by law can this world survive/ and only by law that is fair and justified will it remain. Men have had their day to make that true for life/ and this is the best they did do: our extinction is real, as we now begin to look over the edge at chaos and destruction of everything is real. Therefore the statement comes: LET WOMEN TRY, how could they do worse?
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