IT IS, the challenge of time, to search for life/ time is the essence of space, without order: LIFE, is the addition of that order, to achieve value. So the critical question is: where do we search for life, beyond a body of time?

Critical to this journey is the understanding of energy exists as the habitat formed around life. Whereas life itself “is a rhythm” that constructs the identity of energy itself. Before there is motion, there is a rise in intensity, that releases motion to become directional. Life as thought achieves the value of participating in that direction; the challenge is then to achieve discipline/ order/ and balance within that environment so as to construct a value within you.

We begin with the constant of “human”/ and its need to control: as will be the inevitable argument “space has no rhythm; no vibration to ascend”. But we are not functionally talking about space/ instead habitat for life, is strictly about the energy we can control or survive. Energy does have vibration, and it exists as the fundamental; that participates prior to expressions beyond the foundation of time or distance or life. Vibration is an experience; which translates into the composition forming the beginning of a construction into thought; which is then life found, rather than created.

The vibration of energy forms into a motion, and a motion is conceptualized as an orderly transition from one level of discipline, into the laws which govern the next level of expressions inherent to this development or discovery. In the vacuum of space; the elemental mass (as has been discussed) results in a collision/ that resultant form of “shaped response”; becomes a description upon which energy forms a base.

So the question begins: what has value? Because without value, there is no recognition of life worth living. More distinctly: we must identify, a relationship of law to bind ourselves within; in order to construct time. While there are “24 laws of life”/ there are only 7 laws which grant the dimension of thought to exist beyond here. Of those laws: truth/ trust/ respect/ courage/ energy discipline/ energy obedience/ energy balance. The critical truth of life is, LOVE grants the freedom of happiness; by understanding hope governs the laws which then give us a life.

While thought is transient in conception: it nonetheless achieves a distinction called habitat, with disciplines, order, and balance as governed by law itself/ instead of thought. As is the basis of all life formed by nature.

Thought beyond the elemental construction of time; is a variant of expression, that allows for energy to be defined by our own description of trust. Trust forms the background, of all that experience can become. Or more distinctly: unless you are constructed by an environment of realities which you do trust/ it is unwise to believe you are safe in this domain. Safety is an elemental truth; because energy in motion can achieve its own escape velocity; and leave you discarded to dissipate into space without form. Which then dissolves forever.

What exists as the creation of life, instead of the creation of time: forms a boundary between time and life, that is elementally destroyed by death. When time is lost/ life is left, to journey into the energy which formed your existence. Truth controls existence; only what is true, can survive. The cost of being human begins as: “want/ pride/ and power”/ these are elemental to time, and will be abandoned to survive. They do not participate in life as the quest to become immortal.

So the question is: WHAT, does immortal mean, and why should I desire this to be me? WHAT is the cost, to participate?

We then turn back the clock: to conceive of the base upon which energy is derived, and search where all that is; is born.

The question begins:

I WILL stop here, as the journey becomes more critically descriptive than I wish to construct.

We return too: The critical truth of life is, LOVE grants the freedom of happiness; by understanding hope governs the laws which then give us a life. For a more deliberate “personal conception”/ rather than life construction.

Participation in energy is: by the dimension it creates, is a value that must be earned by truth, trust, courage, and respect. Without the work, the foundations of an identity which forms the framework of who you are/ there is no substance from which to build the disciplines, balance, and order required to sustain life. So, Identity is very important to you, as are the resources which form the substance of what can be built. TRUTH constructs, but what survives that experience of building will be established by love, and nothing less. TRUST expresses the value of your happiness, and therefrom is the basis of destiny itself. COURAGE, lives or dies in the presence of discipline, as order seeks to build with truth: forming itself into the descriptions that are now the image of your life. RESPECT, balances what has value, by its own truth, and therefrom trust emerges as the binding which participates beyond self.

More distinctly: the spiritual world envelops you with your own truth; and achieves the opening door, which will become the passage into a life you chose. If you survive as truth.

Beyond the door of destiny, shaped by the energy you will control, is immortality; the place where life meets energy, as the basis or existence without mass. Energy is not life/ but it is the foundation of existence. The ascension of thought, participates as life; but the foundation of life is an elevation of truth into creation itself: to form truth into life, by law.

So the critical question is: governed by laws which cannot be broken, without destroying self/ are you willing to pay for your existence with obedience to that law? It is not a game, and realities must be balanced with respect.

Even so: the elevation of life beyond the base of laws; is a reflection of happiness, and that presents love. Love shares because it cares; and caring exists, because you do wish to share honestly.

In the descriptions of mercy; that come before the quest for immortality: if love exists in you/ but courage does not: “there are rooms for you to inhabit”/ where “like you exists”. If love exists in you/ but respect does not: “there are places for you to experience, where same as you find a home”. If you fail truth/ you fail life; end of time and existence comes quickly now. If you fail trust, but love exists in you: the values of finding another soul, to share the dimensions of “your hearts, combining as one”/ opens the door to expressing more; as a method of growing into the world beyond self will allow.

No descriptions of hate will emerge; as these are discarded.

UNFORTUNATELY, for all life on earth: your leaders, and their cult of Satanic decisions; is an insurgency against life and planet; that will cause your own extinction. The failed state of respect/ the delusional bowing down of life for the sake of university plays god/ the fantasies of fools, who know not a law is a law, and truth is a truth. Even the utter stupidity of those who communicate and govern the death of our world; all speak to the end of existence here on earth.

The cost of that is preparations; because they choose death for you; as all true tyrants do. The pure arrogance reveals the sewer, of fools.

In the few moments left, before HELL unfolds; I will note, in this USA; that those idiots who tried to occupy the white house; were not insurgents; just people wanting their lives back.

{believers yelling we want what we want; AIN’T ENOUGH!  In a septic tank of dysentery; floating down from university is god}. YOU NEED AN ARMY, THE LAW IS AN ARMY; BUT YOU MUST ENFORCE IT WITH TRUTH, AND DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY; AS IS WE THE PEOPLE: ARE LITERALLY THE OWNERS HERE; and we choose the law to defeat those who have cursed this nation and us: with treason, terrorism, and all the university fantasies that have no merit, becoming threats of extinction. This is the charge against leadership: the demand for constitutional courtroom to investigate and prove what is true; to our nation and the world.

Those who have been running the white house, since Carter are basically insurgents (worshipers in the cult of university is god): lying, cheating, stealing, worshiping the cult of university plays god, and their religion of chaos as is evolution;   whoring, betrayal, terrorism, and all the rest. Come straight from university (all have a diploma, the price of admission). Indoctrinated as children/ forced to believe as young adults/ imprisoned by debt, and forced to mimic and memorize what you are told. Established in NEVER QUESTION YOUR LEADERS, as is the true sign of a cult. The corruption is massive and unrelenting; as tragedy creeps in, from the death surge that is “university knows”. A sewer of arrogance unleashed, prodded by complete apathy and disrespect for life and planet; even though they feign an interest as their ploy for worshiping, all things fantasy.

REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; A WORLD COURTROOM TO DISTINGUISH AND IDENTIFY, as we the world: WHAT IS TRUE; AND WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG. Establishes a legal war, to determine what our democracy is now going to be. It will not be free/ but it will remove the scourge of fools; who have taken control by counterfeiting assets, and claiming lies. It is the only way; use it or simply surrender to your fate.

The simple; method of understanding this is: “stop wanting what you want”; and accept only truth can decide for you now. Because the endless lies of university is god; has brought to your door extinction.  TRUTH EXISTS:  to week out the arrogant, remove the apathy, identify disrespect, employ values, discuss the purpose and possibilities both good and bad/ construct the evidence so all can understand, and let the vote of human existence on earth:  DECIDE; if they will gamble to be extinct or not.    the universities have already made their decision: you will be extinct; as playing god turns into catastrophes made by fools.

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