Of basic truths, are the realities which govern our lives and our societies. We must eat, drink, sleep, and live in a way that allows for us all to be “not entirely unhappy”. Past the edge of unhappy: insanity/ suicide/ violence/ and mental challenges without value arrive. Depression and the definitions of war and more all arrive due to “wants”/ are infected with pride/ and abused by the addition of power.

But life, UNLIKE human desires; is not a want, and the reality of life itself, is not a game to be played for pride; and if you abuse power, the cost to life and planet can be horrendous, because you chose not to care/ not to share/ and not to love.

In this world of today: EVERYTHING we value as life and living, have come to the abyss of WHY did you disgrace our world so much/ WHY did you inject chaos into nature/ WHY did you experiment with things so dangerous, and build things so catastrophic, that we can all be forced to face our own extinction as a world? Answer: the university arrogance (we don’t care), apathy (we won’t share), disrespect (we are gods now), and utter foolishness of blanket stupidity and cult worship; took control over our nation and world. By counterfeiting assets to create fake currency/ and disregarding all debts; by the numerical fantasy of comparing debts to assets that are nothing more than “imagination without truth”. And the world of human said: HURRAH/ GIVE ME THOSE FAKE NUMBERS, AND I WILL BUY THE WORLD; just so I can throw it all away. To prove how rich I am.

So, you did that; particularly in America; where the nation itself was discarded; to play the fool, by cult worship created through the indoctrination of every child/ and the takeover of every business, industry, education, media, governing, EVERYTHING; by the tiny few who now sit on the edge of owning the whole nation. As they do intend to do/ destroying democracy; so that civil war, will remove the competition. And all the people say: “we want what we want/ BRIBE US, damn you BRIBE US MORE”. The television is our brain; we are cult worshipers; tell us what we think.

To your shame that is true. To your shame, although you know better/ even knew better: you did it to yourselves, you let the worst of humanity do it to you anyway; because it was EASY.

So today, even though still you are not ready to admit the failure of this nation; because you are cult worshipers/ because you allowed the cult of university take control over your lives/ because you worshiped TV as your savior; your leader; your god who fights for you; be your Satan instead. To your shame, “no brain allowed”. A reality of the believer; as is “we want what we want/ give us what we want; and DON’T tell us nothing we don’t want, because we don’t want that. Be damned to it all; GIVE US WHAT WE WANT”.

A REALITY of pure failure, the disease of a brain without substance to identify truth. Fantasy leads: as is let’s inject chaos into nature so evolution can begin again. OR, lets ignite atoms on fire just like the sun; so we can play with that fire for ourselves as gods. Nothing can go wrong; “cause we’re scientists/ university made”. Even though all of that is pure delusion, and has no basis in truth, not even a grain of sand worth; as is REALITY KNOWS. Gambling with life and earth, for a game to play god by a tiny few; and all of humanity fully knowing the cost of being wrong. WON’T stand up to say NO. The greatest testament of cowardice history has ever known. To your shame.

So we come to the great divide in human history; the place where life or death is determined by humans on earth today. To define the final question, before extinction begins: CAN YOU WAKE UP/ OR ARE YOU DEAD INSIDE? To affix that decision to human existence; as is: YOU HAD A CHOICE! This work identifies the crisis of truth, that is your life gone awry, and shouts through this message of GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. A final demand to change this, or you will die.

The most distinct method of changing nation or world: is NOT by war/ but by LAW, that we the people make for ourselves! NO, you do not “know” anything other than what media tells you to think: and they are controlled by the editor/ who is controlled by the owner; and that limits your reality to what less than one hundred people, with the power of “counterfeited money”: want you to think. DEMOCRACY means: we the people by law, rule ourselves, with a vote. But democracy has been overrun by media and universities whose primary purpose is in “controlling the public as if a livestock herd”/ over half of all their educational purposes is TO CONTROL YOU. That is what the powerful and proud want/ and that is what they pay for. That is what media does, with endless chatter about “university is your god”; as the image they create. But evolution/ fusion/ endless pollution/ resource devastation/ ocean life nearly extinct/ global warming/ and MUCH MORE proves true: they are “Satan (destroyer of a world), not saviors”. REDRESS IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, of our government; it is OUR LEGAL RIGHT, as a nation to police ourselves. By investigation of what our leaders have been choosing; and if they are in compliance with their oath of office; to do as the swore to do. OUR OWN COURTROOM, where we the people are in fact: JUDGE AND JURY, of the investigation and evidence collection required: TO UNDERSTAND, the direction and costs of being wrong; that are consistent with our own ability to decide in the best interest of nation and world and child/ life and planet. I tell you true: the direction of this nation and this world is not survivable/ and everyday, it is less so. Past the point of no return, you have no option but to die. Chains of life are being destroyed/ nature is being mutilated into catastrophe/ fantasies like controlling the same fire here as is on the sun: EVERYTHING points to life extinction/ by university design; and public acceptance of “NEVER QUESTION your leaders”/ as is the foundation put into place by your judiciary, your politician/ your media, your educational system; and more. Wake up or die; investigate rather than believe; do the best you can do, is all that can be asked or expected. Because none can do better than that, even if you fail. Your life/ your death/ your choice: GO TO COURT, AND CHOOSE/ rather than commit the suicide of just believing what you are told.

And the universities say: YOU CANNOT combine us all into “a satanic cult”/ we are NOT all involved in what destroys a world: NOR do we want to be! So the decision is: IF YOU ARE NOT INVOLVED/ THEN WHY ARE YOU LETTING THOSE WHO ARE; destroy this world and all its life? Make a decision: RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET, protect it, fight for your democracy and world/ or accept, this is your decision too. IT IS, one way or the other/ no middle ground/ no excuses allowed: one direction or the other, make your choice. And DO understand: even if you run away to hide/ that is your choice, to let treason and terrorism rule. Apathy will make you extinct: CHOOSE.

No, it is not a game. No there are no second chances/ you don’t get to fall over the abyss, and be pulled back so you can change your mind. EITHER RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET AND CHILD AND GOD YOUR CREATOR / Or you die to your own choices, by letting university be your god. Take a long look at the reality of evidence; and know the future is dead, if you fail life and earth and even existence itself.

Prove truth! Stand up and be counted “sign your name”. Fight for your world as if it will soon be extinct if you do not. Do the best you can, and accept the reality is: “all I can do”/ is the best I can do. Same is true for you.

Reality proves: information cited within this work, does come from some sort of “media/ journalism”. Because the truth is; nobody can know everything about everything, and we do depend upon those who will report what we do need to know. But the difference in “freedom of the press/ and media propaganda”; is the descriptions of reality, that let us think for ourselves; that let us define for ourselves; and present the foundation upon which the discussion among ourselves is valid and defined by truth, rather than belief; in books or professors or people telling us what to think. The valid form of freedom of the press intended to protect democracy: is directional. As in let us think for ourselves/ but let us know, whatever is true by the evidence in full detail. The purpose being: so that truth can decide/ NOT the beliefs, wants, power, or pride of people. Only truth survives. This world, and this nation is filled with lies [our world cannot die]; so says the evidence of our truth: we literally can/ as is consistent with the evidence of our reality. Search for what you accept as true/ DON’T simply believe. Stop being a cult: and question the future of life and world/ the cost of being WRONG!

For the last time: NO, I AM NOT asking you to believe anything: but the truth THREATS EXIST WHICH CAN CAUSE OUR EXTINCTION.

THEREFORE: to discover the extent of threat/ and the realities of being WRONG: I am asking this world to be safe/ to be fair to life including “not your own”; and assemble the evidence as a world. So that all are involved, and must accept the conclusion “as best we can”: of whether the future will survive or not. No believers wanted/ let truth decide, as is your duty to do; for this entire world.

I have done, “what love needed me to do”; as is consistent with respect for life, planet, child, and GOD MY CREATOR; even if you believe not yours.

The value of this work, is literally whatever you make of it/ as I do give it all “to you”/ simply do not step on, or deny anyone else to use it; that is the only condition.

NOT your savior/ not your leader/ not your “anything”; simply put, I delivered the message. Unless this world of human existence CHANGES for real; it will go extinct. Because the evidence proves that is so/ and I asked you only: “go to court/ and prove what is true; because you cannot allow the realities of what is being done: “to be WRONG”. And the evidence proves it is.

Stand up and be recognized; as demanding “I too”; need to know, what is true. Because I am unwilling to let this world die; without a fight.

THAT MEANS, BY LAW: we must know as best we can what is true, by the reality of the evidence/ NOT by what we are told to believe.

GIVEN THAT INFORMATION, and the best we can deduce from it as truth decides for us all. IT IS THEN, THAT BY OUR OWN VOTE as we the people of this world: WE ALL, make the decision, that will become our future; and the life or death of every other living thing; including your own child as well. Love and respect required that this work be done: what you do with it; is your own job/ your own work/ your own choice. It is not mine/ my work is done.

There are only three true choices for living:  “love/ hate/ or survival”.  SURVIVAL demands:  “you must know/ not simply believe; whatever you want to believe”.  simple as that.

Love shapes the dimensions of life/ hate shapes the descent into chaos/ survival establishes our life in time/ but want defines the human animal by demanding more, mine, or ours/ while pride creates the fundamentals of making life into a game, the right to judge “I know/ I know, you can’t tell me nothing”, and claim superiority “yes I am” or revenge “yes you are”/ and power “yes I will” ransacks the world to prove yes I can believe, will enforce, or did remove. By judging all things less than you: even worthless, which allows you to do “horrific things”, believing “its/ these, are just trash”.    It is “self” that identifies the truth of who you are, by making the decisions that structure how you will experience and express your time and relationships. These are the 7 elements of human existence. All human behavior is the result of one or more combined into your response to living here in time. Hate forms all violence, but it is power that gives in; by judging “worthless to me/ or taking away what you value most”; because I can then make you cry. The sign of hate is same, as a predator: when stalking, it wears a disguise, hides its purpose; so you do not see “the truth, unless looking”. HATE is: “changing from human into fully animal (disguised as human)”/ discarding life by law; to claim “nothing here but me, and what i want”.  BUT ALAS; this is America; where the predators lurk behind every “diploma door”/ as unlike the non-intellectual criminal;  they attack with every form of weapon they can legally (we changed the law, words, propaganda, and more to suit us, by controlling you) use. Functionally shouting: TO HELL, with justice and democracy; the rebellion is real. as is its cause: “Universities shall rule”.  Never forget: the universities have made trillions of dollars/ made us pay trillions more dollars/ taken control over everything, to make us their slaves/ taken propaganda to new levels, to create a cult worshiping them/ are responsible for changes, that threaten our extinction;  and will never back down to lose all that power, pride, and want.  To keep this world alive. They will fight, with all forms of deception, manipulation, and lies.  “because like you”, they want what they want! 

nothing is less true than evolution: chaos makes order/ nothing is less true or more vile than fusion: atomic chaos has no costs/ nothing is less true than “university knows”; as every form of “their solution” is to counterfeit money or debts/ nothing is less true, than the expert who has failed all life and planet; shouting “we know”; when in fact they only imagine, fantasize, and delude themselves into believing they are gods. the university experts said to me decades ago: Don’t worry about genetics evolution will fix anything we break “in a billion years or so”. The university experts said to me a decade or more ago: “don’t worry about a nuclear fire/ it will just extinguish itself”. University experts claim:  fusion exists because the sun makes helium out of hydrogen:  BUT HELIUM, is known to be a rare element; and in a universe of stars, that literally cannot be so. they have no brain; but they can make you not only extinct;  but engulfed, by the same atomic fire, that is literally burning the bond in atoms on the sun.  “just like a chemical/nature fire, here on earth burns the molecular bond between elements. that is the truth, and they won’t admit it: because “their power & pride, is then gone”.  So they gamble or seek, to destroy this world; by playing god, while the cult university owned, believer plays with fools.   CHAOS builds nothing/ it only removes complexity to form the most simple and ignorant mind possible.

The definitions of love never judge, but they always let truth decide; not you. Truth assembles and constructs a life that will survive, even beyond time. Therefore it is the foundation or anchor, that keeps us alive inside; even in death. Because life is an energy, while thought is its living: but only love can become your own happiness; as nothing less can.

Some ask: WHY does GOD not come and obliterate those with hate, so the rest can live in peace? Answer is: none are perfect, which means all might die; because purity will not be tainted. Even so, the reality of this life is: hate teaches the true value of love, by showing you the other side of your own decisions. What will go wrong, if you choose to despise the law which keeps us all alive. Life and living has limits and boundaries and desires which shape our existence; because energy is not free/ it will kill you, if you choose to be wrong.     ONLY PURITY of truth, love, and respect;  is allowed      “close to   GOD”   / nothing less.

Don’t be distracted “by definitions or descriptions of me”/ I AM NOT the choice you are required to make. I am irrelevant: to the fact extinction looms near/ so says the evidence of our reality, by its own truth. But make no mistake, your choice defines your existence or not.

Don’t be distracted by the questions of “spiritual woman in me”/ it is literally none of your concern: these are disciplines:  beyond time or self.  Whatever will be for me, will be; just how it is; no longer a choice {its complicated, but already described}. “Female” demands: to prove “she is here, in time: for the sake of this world/ fighting for life with law”; through me, as her connection with time/ my connection with eternity. It is, a “Revelation 12” thing; as by the description: “(no you cannot explain it further)….a woman clothed with the sun (the reality of information given as evidence), with the moon under her feet (standing on male), and a crown of 12 stars on her head (providing what nothing else in this world can do; a relationship given to prove an understanding of death and eternity). CHANGING the concepts of life, by demanding of women to take charge of this change, and its reality:  by giving to this world; NEW LAW, JUSTIFIED AND TRUE TO LIFE AND PLANET. To give birth to a new and different world; that will survive.

Hate and fear say no. but it remains the choice of all humans.  PROVE WHAT IS TRUE;  GO TO COURT AS A WORLD;  DEMANDING THE EVIDENCE, as best we can. So that all will understand: what change really means.

As to all other things, “regarding me (representing all male)”; I have been overrun just like Revelation 17; 3-4 predict; she is “the boss, who presents value”. As to verse 5-6; all religion believes I am a tragedy to their world, guiding people away, and threatening what they believe. The prediction: Even going so far in the Christian world, to claim an enemy warring against. For clarity, “I do not believe”/ instead, I have faith; faith is, let the evidence that is true decide. I regard want, pride, and power as an enemy, allowing you to make delusions real. Nothing is more convincing of reality: than every living thing is a true miracle, even this planet. Because it is clearly no accident; chaos as is evolution is a fools dysentery; without proof of any kind. The foundation of everything: identifies with a CREATOR; by its truth; therefore I have faith. The foundation of JESUS is: a true description still valid today, that proves the difference between love and hate. He is the guarantor of eternity, as is “we were not simply created and left behind”. This is the difference, between religion and me, as I have proven true. My expectation is: that I am some sort of example, to prove women can overcome/ overrun man; and take control over this world: just my guess/ don’t know.

Nonetheless:By choosing justice for all, and governing with laws that are truly and honestly FAIR to each one; as best we can. With world law begins that journey; START NOW.   Or you choose to  wait for what is clearly coming:  another world war, which will end your existence and earth; by weapons of mass destruction used.

NO, I do not know how it all ends; for you or me. My work is done, I know not what comes next___; not a clue. Could be “________________”; just don’t know.   how much of this work is me, is irrelevant; I could care less.

A summary of the message: you must change yourselves, as you are the enemy of life on earth; by your distinct disrespect, denials, arrogance, apathy, terrorism, failures, stupidity, and foolishness. An acceptance of “universities play god”; IS, to your shame.

You will stop gambling with this world and its life. You will respect all the value and the realities of nature and world, that is a gift to all generations: ENDING universities play god.

You will assemble what can still be done, within the realities of what you can do; and accept: the day of war is done, only law can save you now.

You will make all females equal with all males; leaving no nation behind: it is a law. You will establish a foundation capable of living in happiness, with freedoms instead of “men control the world with weapons and war”.

You will identify what is true, and what has value, and what is to be considered “a new religion” that serves the world with truth instead of beliefs; so that conflict ends.

You will RESPECT YOUR CREATOR; or you will die, as a world.

None of these are “negotiable; you will do it”.

You will also remember: that it is “female, that came back to time, with law,” to save you, and this world of life: from what men have done by their own choices. The historical proof: men always turn to war/ to destroy law, so they can take whatever they want, instead of work for it as equals. Instead of share or care or respect/ they chose war, death, violence, and devastation; ending in this day as a cult of worshipers who believe the universities are their god. “by weapons of mass destruction/ and give me more”.

RESPECTING that as well. Whatever part I provided to that end; honestly is of no real concern: my life given to the fight, “this entire creation of life should not die”. If you survive as a planet of life; then I am grateful to participate however little. A messenger, is not “great”/ its just a messenger, not unlike so many more. But different in that: time and eternity have met/ but only because you chose to create EXTINCTION by cult worshiping universities as god.

Whatever else it is: as to me, I did do, the best I could/ regardless of the failures. Like everyone else, “the best I could do”/ is equal, to the best you could do as well. Even if wrong, or less than perfect; I chose to help life and world. That is my contribution/ my choice to honor: the life, nature, planet, and time given to me.

you, will kindly remember:  “I am NOT” a toy, etc/ and deserve respect as does all of life and planet. Regardless what you believe is true. NO, exception or excuse is allowed: every male should know:  if you come at me for sex of any kind/  you will be thrown into hades as your eternal reward. DON’T DO IT! Such is the warning given to me/ to give to you. I consider everything else to be the same/ as should you.

The female world is exempt;  as somehow, I belong to them, “its complicated”/ I know not why, or what that is going to mean.  I have simply “traded places”/ never my intent or choice.  It just is; no going back. I was asked, “would you prefer to die/ or be owned by female on earth”?  I guess in reality, that is a decision women have made throughout history; in the opposite terms. Making the reality of it, “only fair”; NO, not a clue why me? NO, not a clue, what next; although the possibilities are less than simply, “my choice”. Even so, she gives me all the rights, any woman would expect; if you were me. NO, I am not asking you to believe. NO, I am definitely not asking “______” at 69 years old, “not pretty, toothless, half bald, tits, etc” surely it can’t go too far wrong. No, I don’t know what I am doing; “this is, a spiritual woman’s way”.  NO, you don’t understand, nor do I.

And all the people say: AIN’T NOTHING BAD, going to happen in my lifetime; I WANT WHAT I WANT/ so I won’t care: LET THE CHILDREN DIE, it ain’t my job. You can’t prove nothing: the world has not changed, we want what we want.

Even though every single one of you understands: what real HUMAN population rise means to the future of life and earth. Every single one of you understands: igniting a nuclear “lets burn atoms fire” (just like the sun) here on earth has consequences; on a world built out of fuel. Every single one of you understands: geneticists injecting chaos to change nature “into evolution”; and the cost of being WRONG.  To your shame you hide/ to your shame you run away/ to your shame you sacrifice this world, “for nothing more than what you want to throw away”. To shout, “I am rich”; to your shame.      BUT REALITY IS COMING, ready or not.     NO, I cannot tell you how it all ends: because in reality this is now:  “a world chosen, human decision”.

In the elemental light of freedom, the value of destiny is NOT found in all that you can do; but as a foundation of truth by happiness, in the creation of treasuries that are alive in their own trust of life. “we, are the flowers”, that grow upon the mountain; that rises above an animal; to meet our CREATOR ! Some are delicate and intricate/ some hardy and simple: some cultivated constantly, while others “grow wild”;  all create the bounty that is being truly alive.

When time challenges you deeply; do your best to go outside, where nature itself does live; and remember: “we literally do, live among the miracles”. Not a single living thing, can be attributed to human or chaos; thought is everywhere. Search your heart, to understand: LOVE did this for us. It is humanity lost, which changes that fact into “living among the animals”. While most animals have value, some “individual animals”, do not.


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