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Of values and opportunities, to express a democracy, and keep it stable: is this one SIMPLE rule. Society operates best, “when we do not trespass against each other”.

OR, more distinctly: the LAWS (WHICH GOVERN EVERYONE SAME), should be coherent, fair, plain, understood by all; which means simple, justified by reality, conceived only by truth; and constructed according to what you or we, did do for life, planet, child, or society itself.

Of the various examples of this is: that all forms of birth control used or inherent to the lives of female/ SHALL be decided by female; men have NO say; it ain’t your body/ it ain’t your life/ it ain’t your future: GET OUT. In concert with that however is: there are limits and boundaries. Limits being: abortion is NOT birth control/ it is an emergency procedure used to claim the individual; into believing my life is under my control/ and I can simply do this again. that said: the proper method of understanding the truth of life/ rather than the conceptions of people. IS when, a pregnancy clearly indicates this has now transformed into a recognizable to all “going to be human”; the right to control your own life and body changes into what society deems justified. In other words DON’T WAIT/ make your decision immediately, and tell society YOU DO have a right, to your own life. THEY DO NOT have a right/ unless the progression has reached “we know; this is human alive”. At that point according to the decisions of society itself: rape/ incest/ too young or too old/ are to be decided by all women. Or medical malady “a life, of war with body or mind, being lost to foundation happiness”. Where it is true abuse of a life coming: the net result should be, “yes you can/ but only if you surrender the right to be pregnant again”/ a decision that is not valid before the age of 18.

Even so: reality demands zero population rise, or our world surrenders to extinction. Make a law of WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE BY OUR VOTE, not a game of “they did this to us” with government.

NO trespass into my life means: that as we the people we do have the right to create the laws which govern ourselves; by encapsulating our demand with simple truths. One such example of this is: NOISE.

Or more distinctly: extreme, constant, or excessive noise beyond what is attainable; with realistic decisions is NOT allowed. Therefore the law we decide limits manufacture or sale or installation or redesign of foundation elements in this realm; to within ten percent of the volume and damaging frequencies; that other machines/ etcetera; doing the same basic work are able to attain with their design. More distinctly: lawnmowers are excessively noisy, when compared with vehicle performance/ and should not be done.

Agriculture uses two versions of drying fans; centrifugal (quiet) and axial (not quiet); therefore since these are known to run 24/7 for as much as 60 days; or now even longer (due to let’s rewet beans_) without respite. The foundation of trespass is: YOU CAN DO BETTER, and you will do better. Which changes the need for drying into the reality of choices that do take into account: human and animal needs. Tinnitus is no small thing; and more people have a ringing in their ears than not. But the difference is: the volume of squeal, such as is in my ears; can and has reached an intensity of about 75% of a smoke detector going off in alarm. Only mine ears have sustained that noise for up to 3 weeks of continuous “alarm”. So it ain’t no joke, and those who do experience a ringing in their ears; are far closer than they know.

Do not trespass on me: is an element of work. Whereas democracy allows for all to participate/ the universities mock that with: NO ONE shall participate, unless they bow down to us. As is the current let’s invade with robots/ lets invade with counterfeit currency/ lets invade with endless debt/ lets invade with covid and other disease as we desire/ lets invade with weapons of mass destruction/ lets invade with destroying the workforce by shipping all business overseas or other/ lets invade with immigration/ lets invade with taxation (ADD IT ALL UP, and its over 50%: they invade you “with a bed of thorns”)/ lets invade by indoctrinating the children “university is god”/ let’s invade with propaganda using media communication to “tell the people what they think”/ let’s invade with courtroom corruption/ lets invade with fantasies, failures, and imaginations that lead to HELL/ lets invade with human overpopulation/ lets destroy the food supply/ the water supply/ the future of every child/ and even the planet itself. Lets invade with chemistry, and let cancers run amok; as is consistent with the propaganda films of “buy this pharmaceutical, with voice warnings instead of picture and statistical warnings”; fully knowing, cult worshipers cannot question their leaders; and the intent is “buy/ buy/ buy”! As is, lets invade with pollution and resource depletion, destroying the future/ lets invade with global warming, destroying all life/ lets invade with political disasters/ lets invade with fools in charge, so that reality cannot be found: lets play god/ and inject chaos into nature itself/ lets ignite atoms on fire, and turn this planet into a sun. And more.   all hail the universities; right/ are they not “your god”?

Is the universities NOT, where the foundation of nearly all major LAWSUITS: ORIGINATE? Indeed they are.

To remove these threats, with law: and protect life and planet:  DEMOCRACY must be enforced.  The foundation elements of what we the people WILL ALLOW, must be identified and corrected in accordance with truth, reality, and justified fair play to all, including life, planet, and world of humans. ITS CALLED THINKING; and the universities don’t know what that is/ because “they own imagination; its delusions; its fantasies; and its corruption of everything/ collusion against everything fair/ conspiracy to own it all/ and ultimately the intent to be gods over life and earth”. Which clearly as the evidence, BY ITS OWN TRUTH, will prove; is EXTINCTION.

To rule in this nation USA as: 330 million citizens; compared, to a tiny few politicians or judiciary. Who have taken upon themselves, to be our rulers/ rather than our employees.

The values of DON’T TRESPASS on me; is identified by law: as first amendment constitutional redress of grievances. Or more distinctly: we the people DO HAVE a legal constitutionally authorized, OPTION to demand a courtroom/ whereby we the people are JUDGE of our employees. And we decide: if they have kept their oath of office to us/ have honored our foundation of this union descriptions of what society is intended to be; by their work/ have a need for our intervention/ or whatever WE THE PEOPLE decide by our authority as THE OWNERS OF THIS NATION, are allowed to do. Under constitutional government, by its law.

Let the bill of rights/ amendments/ ten commandments; and the like SHOW YOU HOW.

Let reality teach you what is true: rather than letting “media, tell you what you think, is true”. Presenting the evidence/ rather than telling a story. Investigating the reality/ instead of believing whatever you want to believe. Identifying what is true, constructs a value; instead of a cult.

Of examples beyond the threats of extinction for our world. Is St Jude hospital: they do make “big claims”/ but that is true of every form of university is god media presentation. What matters however is what is true, real, and substantiated by evidence/ none of which is available as descriptions which include an opportunities for you to make your own decision. Such as “their survival rate means what”? Did the child live one week past the average or what/ HOW MUCH PAIN was involved in that “one week more”? Was the end result as identified by family; a real world benefit to life and child; apart from “i want what I want”. Because not every child was born to live a long life; ARE EXPERIMENTS as if they were lab rats; to be valued/ or not. What is the real world reality of each child undergoing treatment/ and where is the real world money going? Because a resource “like a tree”/ DOESN’T MAKE YOU PAY/ ONLY PEOPLE DO. So where does it really go, and to whom; which includes more than a paycheck for many. You KNOW; only what you are told! That or this; does not mean St Judes is either good or bad: . NO judgment is made/ not enough evidence is available. THIS EXAMPLE IS; you don’t know/ what they don’t tell you with media; and that means “hiding a truth”. Go search; the list is long.


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