Images, are based in; “two distinct conclusions”. Within thought, you are as beautiful as you believe you are/ but within reality, by the definitions of lines, shapes, dimension, and other variables; you are as people see the relationships of body and mind to be.

Without body and mind; you remain as “beautiful as you believe you are”; but with one distinct difference. You are as beautiful, beyond self (as death leaves a body behind) as the truth of love allows you to be. Believe is a definition of want, and want is a definition of animal. Therefore belief will be left behind/ and truth will rule.

Which means in the completion of a life, what retains its value are the definitions of your truth. The most valuable of these is love; and honest love (rather than want or lust) is always beautiful.

So we ask the question: HOW do thought and love become intrinsically combined to complete a life with value?

The fundamental truth is: that we must learn to focus on the passions of desire, and elevate that with the purpose of hope, to become the respect intended for all of life to be. Within this dimension of your “constructed life”; the essence of love will appear, and value will form in the truth of who you have become.

Of the most critical in these transition moments; are those shared between male and female, as the intensity of we have cared for each other; beyond self. Which grants the beauty of a desire which lives in the essence of our truth. To step beyond “human”; is to accept the destiny we seek, is heart to heart. A value shaped by our trust in each other. With EARNED trust we climb from existence, into the grace of being ALIVE within each other as soul.

The dimension of life and living, then changes to the creation of destiny beyond self, as we seek the honor that is being alive.

All that is love; requires sharing, caring, respect, and truth; nothing less will do. With love, hope appears and courage comes from knowing I have become “a treasury” to you.

Of images; it is fundamental to ask: “why” is this image relegated to female/ this one to male/ and “all the rest”? Obviously “it works”; what more is necessary?

Of images; when things that don’t belong together, are found inhabiting the same space: that is not a sign of beauty. Beauty revolves around the essence, “that this is right”/ a foundation released by our CREATOR to honor existence as born to be life, cherished.

Unfortunately, the image of me; now contains parts and pieces from both sexes; and I find the invasion of female continues on. Which is conceptually “Invalid”/ but nonetheless true. It is NOT a mental complication, or physical demand, or chemical anything beyond what body does of its own accord. So the question is why? I do NOT know! In reference to that, biblical reference; which I grant to be the most successful in relating to life itself; offers revelation 19:7 . “clearly not up to me; I don’t know: DISTINCTLY NOT my prediction”. But if it is so; what is male will be, forever lost. I actually have no hope for male left; but there remains [a long way to go; should “true female” be the result] not here yet. I don’t know; life has been “complicated, and surprising”. Perhaps/ perhaps not; time will reveal what truth changes for itself. As for me: I remain completely steadfast that “female is absolutely equal to male”; even though it is a different life and living in time. A true miracle, should never be disrespected; clearly I cannot. What life is to be in eternity; is not up to me/ I don’t know. 

A biblical reference “has nothing to do with Jewish”; as ancestors working over 5,000 years ago; clearly proves true. As “jewish and Jesus”; proved clearly true over 2,000 years ago {you rode HIS back far enough}. 99% of biblical reference; shows the similarity of human existence both then and now; has changed very little. Except for tools/ and those tools now in existence show: extinction is what they brought. As to the elements beyond “human definition”; which speak to a spiritual world: each must decide for themselves what is, or is not true. NO, herds allowed. YOU, and only you: will be judged or find mercy based upon what you did or did not do; or accept as true.

You are not asked to believe anything EXCEPT: the evidence against human existence on this earth is massive/ and the truth says; either you will change quickly now: or be extinct. GO TO COURT as a world; IDENTIFY WHAT IS A THREAT, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG; if you continue to do nothing at all. Because truth does not care, what you believe: laws will rule over lies.

I would add: that having female breasts, are so different; I have no clue how to describe them; overwhelming, is all I got. The question of truth, however is: “how many million things would have to be changed”? Not a question of intent: a reality that can be defined only by the word “miracle”; as I, nor any human can do any such thing; as is this perception of change. I literally have NO CLUE; how this is going to end.

But it is absolutely clear; as a reality of nature, tits do deserve much more respect than man provides. Even women fail to observe the true value of “shaped, not male”.  Respect is elemental to life itself.

In contrast to that; male that seeks a medical solution to pretend to be female; or female that seeks a medical solution to pretend to be male: DOES cross a line, that has consequences; in eternity.

Or more distinctly: you are allowed to play, fantasize, delude yourselves, or imagine whatever it is you imagine. Whatever the cost is to you; is your life/ not mine. I do NOT know, what mercy allows; but truth it is not. Nonetheless, if you cross the line; to expand a lie into something that resembles reality; that constructs an intent “to break apart” someone else s life; in order to appease your own. That conceives of evil, because you are searching for prey.

On the other hand; if you are born with “abnormalities”/ not chosen by you; that is not your fault, under any development of truth. What you do with it, then becomes your own business; so to speak. Life is not a game; we do each have to do the best we can with what we received.

Life is not a judgment up to you: IT AIN’T YOUR JOB. Life is not a decision that we make; it is “your own decision”/ as is the result. Multiplied by those who participate with you.

AS TO ME: to reduce the conversation. I lived strictly male, until invaded: “IT IS COMPLICATED”. What is not is; At 7-8 years old, I spent roughly 15 minutes wondering what “girl was”/ and cast that aside, as “I don’t need to know”. Not my job, my job is boy/ male. That never changed. However the need for balance to finish this work; is undeniable. The cost of that, “is fair”.

I will align everything else with the first part of biblical reference: Revelation 12. How that interrelates with me is a mystery/ I don’t know. It is a spiritual truth of my existence; which is also complicated. More, you would not believe anyway; so I am done.

My own reference point in “these matters”; is, that the foundation of MOST human tragedies of all sizes; can be traced back to a few, “who just wanted a little more” for themselves. What humans want, is determined by what they are willing to believe. What they believe is true, becomes their religion; and as a religion they shout “we have a right”.

But the end result is like the current change in “lets re-wet soybeans/ to make some money”. They can’t stop us, and with a bribe to the politicians; its legal now. But the end result will be “watering the beans”/ as will be done, “to make more money; pennies for me”. Or the end result will be “aerating the beans (which adds endless amounts of heat, pollution, global warming, resource loss, noise, and failures). None of which you can afford to allow.

The end result particularly for watering the beans, or a moisture content too high in just a few: becomes a ship load of spoiled soybeans; which nobody wants/ health costs & “worthless”. Which then: Costing the entire nation to lose, or accept massive reductions in price; for its agricultural business. Just like other practices which cause true failures to occur.

Or more simply: the cost of “just a little more; we can evade the law or truth”/ finds it way into massive costs, loss of freedoms, loss of resources, endless rules; etcetera: for so many more.

Very little is truly free. LOVE is truly free, but only if TRUST proves itself to be REAL. And life is joined by truth.  THAT, is the gift of life, for those who can inherit it. A value beyond self.

The elemental search is: FAR BENEATH, the essence called “GOD” / we know that life is an energy/ but energy is directional even if expanding. Truth by the laws of our time reveals: that energy shall either push or pull/ it cannot be both; unless joined by the laws which hold it together as one. Male represents push/ while female represents pull: therefore to assert the value of freedom beyond time exists; they must be joined. To allow the freedom of discovery, expanding into universal knowledge; there must be an anchor called home; or you WILL become lost. True happiness comes only when all loneliness is forgotten; being forever joined is that joy, when truth finds a way.

While fantasies cost whatever they cost in time; what is beyond time,  knows only truth.

As to the reality of images throughout earth; the most common is human color/ NOT a judgment of value, simply a color, or shades of a color. In contrast to that however is the reality of competition/ and in that regard, and among others: it is BEST that the groups remain separate. Because nobody wants to compete “with 8 billion other people”/ the fewer we compete with, the more full our lives will generally become. Which is the basis of most racism throughout history. “we need what we need/ you can’t take our stuff; go home”. The constant mantra; and it is not without significant truth; as is “build your own”. But unfortunately immigration is primarily, “we can’t”. And building your own requires resources, ownership and more; which is largely unavailable to those who did not start their lives here. “we need what we need, for ourselves”. A reality true for both sides: so they divide into groups, in order to reduce the competition; and conceive of more for self. ALL racism, is about one or more of three things: reducing the competition, to get more or survive/ FEAR, as in these CANNOT be trusted, and I know why/ or you are changing our group, and WE DON’T want it to change. Only the last one is about color, or looks. EACH is functionally consistent with survival “for us”. Those who shout prejudice, are really shouting: “you can’t tell me what to do/ you can’t tell me what to think; I want my freedom to choose; damn you for getting in my way”. Those who shout, “too damn many of these; no immigration”; are recognizing there are limits to what our nation can provide/ there is no room for more competition; and YOU are too damn stupid to recognize that, “you pathetic fool, you”. 

ALAS, Your future is bleak; because roughly, a quarter of a billion more mouths than deaths; is added per year; all demanding MORE. But now you lack food for all/ now you lack water for all/ now you lack housing for all/ now you lack jobs for all; including “you”. The term racism, will soon become a mob; and a mob searches for someone to blame: so they can FIX their problem/ before it gets worse! Groups form because you need an army, when threatened seriously; and that means “a uniform of same”.  A TRUTH you cannot escape; which means you must change now. But alas a reality that cannot be dealt with by war (so men have no answers):  kill a billion people, and you still have 7 billion left; plus all the disease and resource damage you chose to inflict on yourselves.  FAILURE to address this truth, is extinction by HELL comes now. “believe it, or not”. FIND the truth, don’t believe: SEARCH IN COURT. prove it to all.

Imagery in religion; seeks to explain something, to enhance the words they wish to convey. Doesn’t make it true/ it just is what it is. But as with all business (we need to collect money); they do what they need to do, in order to make you pay. Nonetheless, religion offers a value; and protects the past of what is human knowledge “stopped here”/ requires. Or more deliberately: “you can’t argue with dead men”; so religion remains stable, and a “thousand different groups form”; each wanting what they want. Each demanding “they know, the truth”; but belief is not enough. The courage to fight for more, or even attempt to understand different; does not exist. Because “we like what we believe/ so don’t mess that up”; we get what we want, with belief.

Fashions and the rest; are nearly entirely “just a game” to play. While tattoos are wall paper; and not a value to body or life. An unfortunate choice; because the body itself, is beautiful, as the miracle it is.

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