A conclusion: having fought with you for nearly fifty years, demanding stop this. Yet it is fair to say, I do have an element of understanding; as to who you, the vast majority are. Animals never stop wanting more; change means: “be human” instead/ and all the universities scream: NEVER. Because their power is in the animals.

So lets look at your future; what is completely clear without change.

Global warming ends life on earth, first the planets and animals and oceans/ then everything you want to protect/ then you, all ends as heat overtakes the world. Your “great universities” claim: “we know” all about the sun, by using fantasies and delusions to explain everything. So like evolution, and genetic chaos doesn’t matter; because “god” is hidden in there somewhere/ even if they won’t admit it. Alas, they will ignite atoms on fire, and find this earth becomes a sun. They will and are doing abhorrent things; and will destroy life itself; because now they can. Because they believe themselves to be gods; and the vast majority want them to be. “take away every tear drop”/ but the healthcare you did achieve is merely criminal organization beyond all other forms of grief and despair; as reality proves the theft is horrendous; and only a few benefit because they own the government with bribes. But the university educated politician says: NOT to worry, we will “create more money”/ and so they do, to feed the criminals and their complaint: we will let them cry, if you don’t. As doctors fluctuate between the reality of their debts; due to university crimes/ and the reality of debts inflicted on others, without their consent. The end result of it: a bankrupt nation, but they are not alone; and a bankrupted world; with massive increases in human population; all screaming I WANT MORE. A bankrupt world finds itself without solutions; as the factories shut down; and five billion people are without work of any kind. While the “1%” play god; and the crush of humanity demands “we will die anyway/ KILL them all”. Which leads to the purpose of war which is chaos; and chaos destroys all hope of a future. So change means: to stop wanting, so that reality can decide: we are equals rather than enemies. “but pride says no/ and power refuses to share or care”.

So leaders create war/ and war dissolves human populations, but takes resources with them. Alas in this world today “kill a billion people/ and still 7 billion more to go/ rising at a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed every year: in 4 years, they will all be back”. Therefore a never ending war, OR, “lets release a biological warfare agent to do the death for us”; first in line “covid”. All we need is a vaccine for us; but the world is not quite ready yet: so they take trillions of dollars instead, and all the tragedy they can produce; “no consequences for us”. But alas that will bring war with nuclear weapons as a result of; you did this to us. And that will bring more devastation; because it cannot be stopped; but don’t worry, all the major leaders have a plan. We will plant nuclear bombs in the ocean: and let the tsunami destroy them all/ or release neutron bombs; but there is no fun in that/ as the worst of what humans can be: screams, FEAR US. As is the constant of history. The end result of course is: you killed the water/ you killed the livestock/ you killed the plants/ you killed the world; because humanity is coming, and they will literally eat everything they can find. Which begins cannibalism. Which begins the apocalypse (EXTREME war for water). Which is terrorized by Armageddon (nature in chaos). Which is devalued and destroyed as HADES this earth becomes a sun; ejecting the atmosphere/ and incinerating what is left. NO, THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE; you too, are extinct.

But don’t worry; leaders are ready for world war 3; aching to prove how powerful they are/ along with a military force, which as always, cannot say no.

but don’t worry; the children are dead/ so what does it matter. As requested: “not in your lifetime”/ becomes in someone’s lifetime; and you failed to die soon enough. “too bad”. Oh wait I forgot to mention; the ocean’s life is already extinct; because of what you chose to do. As life falls into its pit of panic never ends/ rape never stops/ ravaging refuses to build anything/ and HELL exists on earth.

Media SCREAMS; “BELIEVE ONLY US; after all we led you here”/ by insisting the universities are god. All shout hurrah. “right”?

The universities SCREAM; “we are gods”/ and reality says, “yes you are”; because nothing less than the god of death; can make a world extinct; as you have done.

The politician SHOUTS; “we are rich”/ but there is no power in tears, and you have thrown the world into a sewer; depending upon weapons of mass destruction to be your saviors. Instead of what they were built for: “to be your hell”.

And the people all whisper: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ DAMN YOU TO HELL instead of us.

But I remind you all: that truth decides, and all I have done is teach you of your own chosen reality. While trying to change the choices you made; because what was easily seen, was to be: “extinction is coming”. Change or die. And you screamed back: we are free/ you cannot make us do anything. Proving true; not all freedoms, are free.

And the world says: “HIDE/ HIDE/ HIDE/ RUN AWAY”, because fear is not to be fought with/ it is to be feared. Where panic decides, and life or death can be “only an instant” away. But alas: that would mean, this world will die; and you have no option to survive. Change or die, face your truth: throw fantasy aside, remove the delusions of imagination; and return with respect, to a life that will survive as a world, by accepting change with law. It is the only path back to life.

I did do, what I could do; not perfect, but when you don’t know what the future will be or when “the last second” will come; I just did what I could do, at that moment in time. Discarding the future, for what you needed right now. Discarding the help I could have been; because a dead world has no meaning, and none or only the tiniest few, could see past “pennies for brains”. Every threat has intensified; and it is clear, you have little time left; to make any choice at all.

Reality proves: that while I faulted those who failed life and a future when I was a child, by choosing wrong/ I failed too, because the reality of pennies for brains, overtakes humanity, and they discard caring or sharing; for trophies, trinkets, and toys; so as to prove how superior they are. I did not know, in the beginning; but simply thought, “you didn’t understand”. But truth proved: even if you did understand; pennies for brains failed you every single time; in all but a very tiny few.

The conclusion: is written by you, as unless you turn back from pennies for brains; and find life once more instead. No survival is possible, not for a single one; as the reality of ‘universities play god”, is too extreme. And the cult says; BELIEVE, DAMN YOU BELIEVE; and obey the rule; NEVER question your university educated leader. He is “god”. He is god of the dead, but you don’t care: “is that not so”!

And the world says: why should we not panic and fear? But the answer is: when you panic and fear, the decisions that you have already made, take control, and determine the outcome; as much as it is possible for any living thing to do. The decisions you have made are extinction is certain. Which means: you must STOP BELIEVING, and QUESTION your universities and more. Because the proof of the evidence clearly states: they have failed life and planet, and lead to extinction. The truth being: “they only want what they want too”. The difference however is: they live within their imagination, because they have experience NO consequences for their actions which failed. Due to media coverage that demands: “the universities are god”: believe damn you believe.

Again: the choice is GO TO COURT AND PROVE AS BEST WE CAN; without tainting the evidence; EXACTLY WHAT IS TRUE. EXACTLY as best we can: THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG. And then choose for life and planet, by refusing to gamble with this world or its living nature as is our existence, experiences, expression, and everything a body can or cannot become. Prove the truth; about evolution; “this looks like that” is not enough; an outright lie, burying you in the darkness of all things evil.

NO, you will not “simply walk into the night”; as death invades your world. You will search for “GOD ; BY TRUTH ALONE, survives”.

And all the righteous say: “we are gods”/ DAMN YOU, for interfering in our lives; WE MADE RULES, to keep people like you OUT. You damn failure you/ you damn worthless piece of shit you. Because we want, what we want; and ain’t nobody going to take that away; “from the WINNERS”.

TO WHICH IS REPLIED: I am not your enemy/ I am merely the messenger insuring this world does have one last chance to survive. By your own choices. Even if those who call themselves winners refuse; 8 BILLION PEOPLE cannot be turned away. They can only run away, FROM LIFE, AND WORLD; by their choices made. You do: have your last chance to survive. I suggest you pray, and find RESPECT. FEAR, won’t save you.

And the people say: “our world will fall apart without them”/ we cannot be “on our own”; our lot in life, “is to be livestock”.

But truth says: “we the people” are the military; we are the workers; we are the law that is obeyed or discarded: because they cannot control us all, without weapons and fear. So the question is: WHY, do they, the few; have power/ when all the people do not? The answer is needs: and separated into individual lives by rules to imprison or defeat you/ instead of laws that work equally on, or for each one; including leaders.

So the laws we make for ourselves: ends the foundation of being livestock/ instead of owners. The bill of rights we give to our soldiers, which does allow for them to say no; as we have directed OUR MILITARY to do; takes away the majority of weapons/ we do not need. The use of “limited capitalism”; ends the very rich from existence/ and grants that all may have an equal, if not the same chance to live the life they choose. The limiting of rules, and the destruction of government power by employing only those who bid on the work; ends the righteous, who want a grip on each throat/ they do demand to control. The bill of rights we give to ourselves and our policing; grants the rights we the people then enforce/ by removing any judge who fails us, by our own vote. Through grading their work, by our standards. The end of global warming, and all the rest that plagues us from “universities lead”; is a matter of knowing what is true/ and accepting the price we must pay to “get the damned monkey biting you; off your neck”. Bankruptcy is the first step into fixing this nation: because unless you are willing to accept REALITY DECIDES/ you are not willing to live by laws. The first step into WORLD LAW IS; bankruptcy forces a decision: WAR OR PEACE/ the end of all weapons of mass destruction will be the initial demand. The end of threats in all other forms: begins with ending the delusion that “university is more than Satan”/ it is not. But that means: we must identify what is valued, and what is extinction swarming over the abyss; they created by gambling with life and world.

These are only a few of the truths that must be encountered, for you to survive. END your dependency, with knowledge, and the creation of LAWS WE DESIGNED; to rule our leaders. END being livestock: with the values enforced by telling your leaders; “you WILL respect us”/ we have rights. As is the creation of world law and its enforcement by we the people decide what this will be; and the primary job of that policing force is: “TO BRING OUR LEADERS” into court for trial. EVERY SINGLE ONE; exactly the same; did you break our law/ or did you not; by our judgment/ and by our laws to rule this world for life and planet and you.

We own the food; we are the workers. Therefore if we do what can honorably be done: to establish our needs as would be consistent with “a union strike”. As would be true to first amendment redress of grievances; in this DEMOCRACY/ then by constitutional acceptance; we decide what has gone wrong/ and how we the people shall repair what is OUR NATION. Not theirs/ ours.

The critical truth is: we now lack resources; you threw them away/ we lack water; you poisoned it and made it vulnerable to contamination/ we lack jobs; and what is real has been invaded by “university wants”/ we lack leadership, corruption and collusion has won, by conspiring to bribe you with numbers that are not real; and destroying your securities with debts that cannot be paid. We live in a world of too many people/ and zero population growth is your only hope. We live in a world that will soon be unemployed; by the billions: because it can. We live in a nation that has been gouged out; by the insurgency of criminal rebellion that is university led. We live in a dying nation and world; because you believed “let the universities play god”. We live in a time of world ending change; as is the result of university knows/ to your shame. We live in a time of gambling with life and planet; that ends in an abyss of failure/ the curse of extinction for all. We live/ or we die: by WHAT YOU DO, at this moment in time. Because the end result of it all is: YOU CANNOT LET REALITY, BE THIS WRONG; and must find your way back to TRUTH/ or die.

Reality will prove you can; IF NOT too damn late. But only you can decide if truth of life, will guide you/ or the sewage of university influence will destroy you all.

ITS A CHOICE; and you will make it, on your own. As does conform to the truth of “your identity”; as is, your eternal decision.

and all the people say:  _______________________/ because that, is who they are.

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