In terms of truth and war: it cannot be stopped, unless you take the game away! That means: you must threaten the Russian leadership, with reality/ and then prove it is so. As indicated earlier: that is done, with the assurance, “either you stop, or a nuclear bomb will come”. The first just to prove it will be so; a reality not a game. The decision to be made: “come to world court and make your case: to let the world decide”. Or if necessary, the second designated “world agrees encounter” will be: a rainstorm of bombs will fall on top of wherever the Russian leadership and the rich among them; can be found. One time only, until that leadership is dissolved. 3 weeks in between to confirm with a critical evidence. The Russian people must be informed/ so as to make their own decisions regarding the protection of these leaders. The Russian military must be informed: so as to understand what is going to happen/ and assure them, it is not a military exercise/ it is a world judgment: to stop the war; and bring about world law instead. The cost of the exercise is: they could release all their weapons of mass destruction, if the leadership is allowed to make that decision. The failure to inform of world law, instead of world war: is up to you. The decision of this world as all or most nations: in defense of themselves against the escalation of world war: is a fundamental truth of values. Either it stops, or your world will die anyway. Be certain China; will then take “Japans place”/ in that scenario; there will be no escape. the competition for resources, jobs, and space is real. The game is dead, the need for water, food, more will control/ and as every group throughout history has shown: “its us or them”/ becomes genocide. This is then a decision: are your weapons of mass destruction your saviors/ or are they the enemy? CHOOSE. Reminding the Russian leadership; to be wrong here will carry consequences “for an eternity”, beyond the grave. That is the truth! Reminding Russian leadership, their location can be known; and if any weapon of mass destruction is used/ the nuclear missile returning: WILL land on you. The game is dead, because the world shall not survive world war: stop this war now/ don’t start another: “or you go first”. 


AND the people say: this is insane. Because they won’t defend each other until dragged into the chaos. But reality says: the game of war is absolute and proven throughout history. TODAY, however very many nations hold weapons of mass destruction/ and leadership is insane, as so many have been throughout history. THEY WILL USE those weapons, because once hate is fully engaged, it will rule. World war 3, now sits on your doorstep, and has carried its bomb to you; as a world.

Provide 3 times more weapons than have been asked for by Ukraine/ and begin lining up your armies at the throat of Russia; REMINDING ITS PEOPLE, THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE. Only Putin, and his comrades; threaten you. Make a choice: “HIM” or your nation and world! CHOOSE.

And all the people say: “we DON’T have to do nothing/ everything is fine, in our part of the world”. But alas, lets review: you, particularly in the USA exist on fantasies of money that does not exist/ liars that say through media anything they want/ rebellion against democracy everyday/ mutilation of nature, food, life, even planet/ poisoning of water/ global warming/ betrayal of every child/ destruction of every resource/ failures to respect the very essence of our survival/ destruction of the nuclear environment by CERN/ people trying to ignite a nuclear (let’s burn atoms) fire. And that is only the beginning. So as long as your fantasies, lies, theft, and delusions last; you get to escape the consequences of your choice. But when the house of cards you built with “university is god”, crashes into extinction as it absolutely will. No escape will be your truth/ no mercy/ NO GOD to rescue you/ NOTHING but hate at your door. Because that is what you chose. For your life, your wife, and your child; until dead.

And all the people say: YOU, can’t scarce us/ “the university is our god/ media tells us what we think”; and we think you are a fool.

But I tell you instead: it is the evidence that proves what will be true/ and all the evidence points to your extinction. CHANGE or die. Simple as that! PROVE THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR REALITY IS WRONG! Or, understand, it is true!

The cost of your decisions: is a world ready to collapse into world war 3. Because this is a finite planet, and you have overwhelmed it, with too many people for life to be sustained. As a consequence to that as history proves: every group decides to invade the others to resolve their own problems with war. “somebody has to die/ or somebody has to move: becomes let them, instead of us”. Zero population growth, and world law is your only hope; and that too is quickly ending because of what you do.

So then we look at world war 3; which is festering as an open wound, soon to turn septic; and draw in the whole world; to a bath of blood, horror, and destruction that cannot be undone; because the planet itself, is too destroyed already.

Recognizing only one method of stopping that war exists: is the difference between letting it extend into chaos on earth/ or doing what must be done in order for this world to survive the humanity of “men in charge/ universities playing god”. That method is taking the game of war away! While others assume war is not a game; they are wrong/ as the reality of war is: “too damn much competition/ too damn many people telling me what to do”; and NOW I CHOOSE no law for me; to kill or maim or torture or kill or whatever I WANT to do; as is hate/ as is war.

By demanding as a world: that we will take control over this situation/ and as a world we will demand that the leaders who started and control this disintegration of law/ this demand for chaos and destruction: SHALL BE turned over to the world for trial, in WORLD COURT/ by the laws we all agree too. Therefore the “serpent who crossed the line”/ loses its head; and must stop or it will convulse until dead.


  1. AS A WORLD SHARING THE SAME GOAL; you will demand of Russia the invading nation: THEY WILL surrender their leaders, thereby STOPPING this madness/ this insanity of war!
  2. AS A WORLD: you will communicate clearly and with certainty. WE WILL NOT war with you as a nation. AS A WORLD; we demand only that your leaders shall go to trial/ your army shall stop its invasion/ and your mercenaries guilty of war crimes shall be surrendered to court: for its judgment as a world.
  3. AS A WORLD: you will instruct the invading nation: they will surrender their leaders to trial/ so that the war shall end. Or AS A WORLD; we will come get them; by the use of guided bombs/ isolating on “just one spot/ where the leaders are”. Therefore as a world: we are telling the people of this invading nation/ STAY AWAY FROM YOUR LEADERS, or face the same fate as they. As to trial/ or to dead: the world says: you will come.
  4. COMMUNICATE TO THE WORLD, AND TO THIS NATION: NO ONE is attacking you. YOUR nation has attacked; and we only want the ones responsible for that death and destruction. Nothing more from the masses. But we do want the very rich from among you: as these select, aiding and abetting the leaders who have caused this harm. You were rewarded by this relationship with leaders/ now you will pay the debts they have caused: to be determined in a world court of our law.
  5. COMMUNICATE as a world: WE DO NOT, have the resources to rebuild/ this world itself shall die; if the battle started does not end soon. Communicate this is the very same scenario; as started world war 2/ and it cannot continue or we all WILL die. Therefore IF NEEDED: a reminder of that day shall be used. AS A WORLD; YOU WILL COMMUNICATE; that if these leaders are not delivered to a world court, “dead or alive”. Then a small nuclear weapon shall drop after deliberate and clear communications to Russia and the world: on the spot where (to limit damage) their USSR detonated the one hundred megaton bomb. TO REMIND THIS EARTH; of the cost to let this continue.
  6. AS A NATION CALLED RUSSIA; as an army that cannot win, against an entire world. YOU WILL SURRENDER YOUR LEADERS, that are responsible for this war to a world court for trial. YOU WILL NOT OBEY any command to release or use weapons of mass destruction. YOU WILL NOT be attacked/ unless you continue to attack. INSTEAD YOU WILL TURN TO SAVE YOUR NATION, and not destroy this earth: by delivering these leaders “dead or alive”. So that this war ends.
  7. The question of life or death for our world, is as simple as: WHEN YOU KNOW THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS EXTINCTION, for 8 billion people and all life on earth. THEN DON’T GAMBLE WITH THE RESULT! Because the cost of being wrong: IS REAL.


WAKE UP as women of this world: TO MAKE YOURSELVES BE HEARD/ and enforce on nations that a world court and world laws ARE THE ONLY SANE CHOICE we can make. OR FACE “WHAT HAPPENS IN WAR/ as is all law is lost”. CHOOSE PEACE. Stand up and march or whatever you can do, to make them listen/ to gather men to aid and abet YOU. Thereby ending war on earth; as best we can.

MEN KNOW, this is the solution/ but they don’t want it: because it ruins the game/ and takes away the power of war. The pride of weapons. The want of we can take anything we want!  Consequently, IT IS, UP TO WOMEN; TO ENFORCE “your game is dead”/ because the cost of being WRONG; is extinction for life and earth.

The failure and disease of a “university diploma” is epidemic, and constructs the death of our world. The curse, “of living in a soup of fools”; as is “university knows”/ is paramount, to the excuse “we can have anything we want/ just because we want, and nobody can refuse us”. As is the very reasoning given by all invading forces of war, throughout history. The constant curse of war: they destroyed everything we needed or built/ or they raped, ravaged, ransacked, ruined, and stole everything else, including our lives. Such is the reality of “university plays god”.

The only reason to fear a cyber attack is: the living dead want control over life/ so they combine it all into “one single computer controls everything.” thereby the play god. And are vulnerable to that attack. Cars for instance never needed a computer for 80 years or so/ and they don’t need “a special computer” for anything now; except as a toy/ or a spy. Failure of the power grid is the same: the living dead/ thirsty for power beyond sanity; want control. So the counterfeiting of money, and takeover of the nation itself in all ways and methods of what power & pride can do; is subject to their disgrace. The sewage of a university mind designed this; and the putrid vomit and puke of “what an ass can do”.

The failure of everything is tied to the control over everything. NOTHING in the history of humanity, has been worse than a university diploma/ their computer/ and the thievery of our currency; to buy, bribe, borrow, and destroy this entire nation. Because money allows them to surge against reality, and takeover democracy, and control the media by manipulation of the courts, elections, school indoctrination, religious insanity of evolution, outrageous claims of “we are better than nature”/ and even trying to play god with the same fire as is on the sun. or more distinctly: university is, the religious word called SATAN. As they define and describe; the lethal force being used to destroy our world.

And the people say: I SPENT MONEY FOR THAT/ I WANT MY DAMN REWARD/ how dare you tear them down. I WANT, WHAT I WANT; “damn you to hell”!

But reality knows it is you, who have created the framework for hell. It is you and your want; that isolates the future into chaos; as is the worship of evolution rules now. It is you; who failed life and planet. It is you who leads the people into extinction. It is you, who have destroyed the democracy of this USA; rebelling against its constitutional law, and surging against we the people, by controlling everything: instead of granting the freedom and rights, to inherit “the best we can be”. It is you: the universities entangled in lies; that define anarchy and disgrace; as a vile insurgency against life and planet, as you play god with fools, fantasies, horrors, failure, disgust, and mental dimensions that belong only, as “a septic tank”.

The greatest curse; is hard to describe, as universities have produced so many opportunities for life to be extinct. But a clear contender is the claim of a genetically altered vaccine; to protect you from the disease they altered and released to make money. We do have to give the Satan worshipers credit: it worked so well/ as university indoctrination, has removed your brain. Causing the complete failure of an understanding linked to evidence and truth/ rather than simply “believe what you are told/ obey media, as is the temple of the dead; and you belong to fear”/ never forget that. And all the people say: “we believe/ we fear/ just tell us what we think”. Because as with all cult worshipers, all the indoctrinated “university is god” worshipers/ it is a religious sin, to think for yourselves; as only the leaders have a brain.

And the people say: mutilated genetics have increased our food supply/ they are gods! Yet did you know, to do that they removed all the immunity of a seed species; and opened it up to complete annihilation by a disease? Sterilized endless crops. Destroyed endless base food groups called insects; and their pollination of plants. Consumed the strains of those seeds by inbreeding: for ease/ which has caused a potential catastrophic collapse of that strain line. And in fact put at risk entire species of plant biology, as is the cost of mutilating corn/ puts at risk every grass crop on earth: for disease and destruction. Yet the people say “hurrah”; we don’t have to do NOTHING/ we are gods. Yet you are only gods of your own destruction; as everything required for life, including chains for the living; are being destroyed; under your very nose. While you shout: “we won’t care”/ you bastard you; “we are innocent/ DON’T you dare tell us NOTHING”. Innocent: poisoning every water supply/ destroying life in the oceans/ global warming: and WE don’t give a damn; therefore free/ AIN’T MY FAULT. I DON’T have to care/ and I won’t share; as they all yell:  “NOT in my lifetime”!  let the children pay.  and of course: “to hell with you”.    But alas: “the future” is, as you chose it to be.

All of it, BECAUSE: you live in the sewer of want, want, want, want,,,,,,I want it all; for one penny [nobody gives a damn about truth, or reality]/ so I can claim: WITH PRIDE, I won it all; “look at me/ listen to me/ worship me, you damn losers you”. WHY? Because you want to make other people do, whatever you want them to do, or be, or claim as your own slave. But those like putin who did get what they wanted; then lost interest, to prove “only killing people, is power enough”. Shame on you.

Shame on this world: media provides an excuse, but no more. Leadership does not exist. Universities are vile sewers, where fools decide by “Imagination, fantasy, and delusions”. Education is for indoctrinating the young, and then enslaving them. Humanity itself is an endless curse of want, pride, and power; with few or none rising to the occasion, that our entire planet is in jeopardy of extinction. Because you want, what you want; and don’t give a damn about anything but what you want; just like “putin”; who threatens mass extinction for all; because the universities let him do it.

Global warming (you release too much heat) DEMANDS; you live in a different way, which begins with no more air conditioning/ far greater insulation/ half the number of vehicles/ completely different city planning/ zero population growth; and a few thousand other decisions you won’t like. But hey: who cares if the world dies: right? After all, “everybody, with even a little age all shout: NOT in my lifetime”. Again and again and again.


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