ODDITIES, and the realities of life.

Nothing is fundamentally more odd today; than people who are willing to accept life is not a game/ and live for love instead of want, power or pride. To the majority: your shame as a human world.

People want, and trade in love for greed, selfishness, the plotting and planning of arrogance; and the cost of those things which are the realities of decisions you made. That will never go away. Every reality of life, is a decision that requires your own commitment to make that happen. Thereby every consequence of your decisions; becomes a moment in time, frozen in place; throughout your future. It never goes away; you will live with it/ you will die with it: those decisions outline and define the identity called your truth.

The critical question is: “when you know, what love is, by its experience and expressions within your own life/ WHY, do you choose against it”? As so many people do!

The critical answer is: “I WANT MORE”/ and then to get more, I will play the game, or gamble, or resolve to take what I want from “you”. When that does not effectively become what you are searching for: the decision to cross the line/ and enter into hate becomes the normal response. Hate aligns with want/ hate offers revenge in the game resulting in loser (the reward is not enough)/ hate is elementally served by power, as the decision mimics death; by its assertion of true selfishness. The end result being a descent, that can easily become; beyond the grasp capable of returning to life itself.

We all face challenges with life; simple as that. Some have no clue as to what real needs are/ or real violence is: but each is accosted by the relationship of your decision matters; to life or to self or to both.

But how we react to those decisions offers the reality of a herd, or a human being alive. The herd is the majority/ being alive is now an oddity; as few make that choice. Having been indoctrinated by “university is god/ university is savior/ university knows: university is the cult leader, you will NEVER question/ or be allowed to question, for truth”.

So you have an excuse, “right”? Wrong, as reality knows each decision that you make is your own choice, to participate as a herd: which means, to move together behind the leader/ to fear together/ to believe together/ to obey together; so as to find the protection of the majority. By assembling, and choosing: you are “one of them”. Which leaves any other form of group or description outside the values, and purposes, of this herd. “all for one: the leader”. Communication of that fact and what the leader demands: is given to media; as the primary solution: to prove the herd (animal) is everything you shall value.

Being alive however does not give you the right to participate as a herd. Being alive in the essence of life and truth, grants only you must choose for yourself; so as to create the identity you shall earn & inherit; beyond this time, as life on earth. Thereby the essence of truth must be applied to the concept of life, and the realities of choice; must be allowed to exhibit your values; as these are your choice “to knock upon the door” that removes time from living beyond self. Being alive requires you to value something more than self/ which is then the representation: that stands apart from the rest, as a living example of human is my choice/ not animal.

Therefore what can we value first? The answer is thought; because thought is at the core essence of life itself. Without thought, there is no recognition of life or existence: thought comes first. Thought learns to exhibit truth as its value in this existence as time/ because truth keeps us from dying, “both inside and out”. Therefore truth is survival, the essence of our time. Even so; the quality of truth expands the potential of living/ but it takes love to qualify the existence of time, as a true miracle beyond our grasp. Here at the core essence of life: we each learn, that our decisions, search for “a distant light”/ that conceives of love by the evidence of life; and learns, the value of self, is traded “for the values of us, being joined as one”. Love without life is meaningless/ therefore hope is generated as the value of a future beyond self, where miracles search within us; as our hope expands into eternity.

Values shape our participation in this world. But the curse of “university plays god”; takes that away, in its descent to the bottom dregs of sewage; that imagination can produce. In extreme arrogance, fools believe they are gods; and cannot be brought back from hate/ so they live to destroy the rest; as vengeance steals their heart. Playing god means: nothing is superior, or valued/ BUT me. And the herd lives that as truth, because the predators make them live in fear. Communication from media make them believe in fear. And want/ pride/ and power as the herd SCREAMS: “give me what I want”; forces them to obey, or be removed and discarded like the trash. “see the difference”?

Want, is want: it is the defiance of truth/ thereby the foundation of lies/ and the cost of getting what you want, by plotting, planning, or deceit as it winds along “a serpents path”. Pride is the game; that punishes those who do not win/ with the resentment of being proven as a loser; thereby revenge surfaces, and the demand to win intensifies. Which leads to power: when you cannot win, the result allows you to take control; and prove you will cry too/ as I shout LOSER, over you.

Love is none of that, and as such it does become the singular treasure of this universe that makes life worth living beyond all measure of time. Love seeks truth as its first defense/ thereby the evidence of what and who we are, is paramount to the value we can find within each other; by our quest to belong “beyond self”. Unfortunately that quest can turn upon us, with sadness and depression as we learn: without purity of desire and purpose, love can do more harm than good. Or more distinctly: if we put excuses and purposes that are not critically aligned with truth first/ then truth will begin to die, and our connection, our alliance with survival by truth; will suffer the consequences. NEVER SURRENDER “THE BEST LOVE IS”; not to any but GOD. A proven reality of existence, that is CREATOR of life and earth; by all that is “miracle”.  THIS is not a decision you will make; it occurs only in the relationship called soul. Soul, establishes, by heart and truth; respect and love; your acceptance of “GOD IS GOD”.

The dead corpse of university knows; as is evolution, built life by chaos: [is merely sewage thrown in your face/ wipe it off, continue on]. Nothing is less defined by knowledge, than that. EVERY REALITY OF LIFE, proves them WRONG.

I am a reality/ an oddity: of “purity dissolved by lies”/ leading to the consequences of life by choices made. A renewal of love, by shaping a constantly guarded life, against “being taken by surprise” no more. Unfortunately that became a life, where no one gained entrance again/ and the search beyond this time; for truth which cannot be a lie began. Whereby the evidence is all that matters. The evidence bringing that change is: a woman, who could not accept “my life is given to fighting for this world/ I cannot stay”. Who then made every attempt possible; to make me stay; and I could not walk away, as love did appear. BUT WE BOTH suffered greatly from those decisions; and it changed my life/ and most likely hers as well. TRUTH DECIDES, simple as that/ nothing less will do.

I find it extremely odd; that I now find myself, trapped in the spiritual world of female. That was again initiated by “fighting for this world, proved to me: that men cannot save it/ this is, the best they could do”. Therefore I opened the spiritual door to female; just to ask the question, “could you save this world”? And oddly enough, “was shoved inside/ joined to it”. Finding THIS IS, the only method we will find to survive: male and female joined for balance; “with woman in charge, of law”. Because the end result is: the final solution of male is war/ whereas the final solution of female is law: law alone by its truth for justice/ is our only hope. With that truth, I did finish my job: to inform you, change or this world of life will die.

In the construction of that, is the single most “odd” thing about me: that death is, the most interesting reality of this time! NOT “the rotting corpse” of our existence here in time, as that has no interest at all. BUT THE QUEST BEYOND this time as life/ into the greater discussion of life itself, as a miracle of energy within our control. The essence of thought, as it surrounds us with love/ or hate( if you chose that). The discussion of merit, as falls within mercy or not/ and the realities of those who failed to build an identity that can survive: the spiritual world of entanglement. “to dissolve all that is a lie/ and identify what is your truth”. If there is nothing left, when the lies are removed/ then there is nothing left of you as well; and you will dissolve, as if never having existed at all.

The critical quest is: to dissolve the bond between humanity as an animal/ and ascend into the decisions that will journey beyond self into the dimensions of energy, that serve thought. “the claim of a little voice inside” is real/ but it is, the cost of being human, and all that humanity instills within you, as their expectations for your life. Their expectations for your direction in life. Their expectations for your future; as a member of their herd. To be “human alive”; you must inherit thought, a step beyond intellectual, stupid, or even fool; which grants: that I found in miracles, a reality of acceptance that goes beyond time, to assemble the truth that is an eternity. The search within this realm of existence, is a journey into values; as love, by truth, will prove to be. The purity of your search, becomes the purity of your own dimension as a life beyond self.

Truth determines the future, as consequences prove what you chose; is either for good or bad/ or has no meaning at all. Hope lives in the intensity of what we truly do desire, for life to become; as we seek in our desire, the value of what we do treasure most. The purpose of a journey, is to achieve the destiny conceived of by you; it is your contribution to life, as a decision that you chose to make come true, to the best of your ability. Therefore the journey of life, confronts us all, as the truth you, or I, chose to be.

Discarding “the human herd”, has a cost; it is not for free. But that does not mean you discard humanity itself, or those who do love, or those who have a chance to participate beyond self. It only means: that living as an animal, is no longer your decision for life. Your decision/ not theirs; never judge, or let another judge you; as that leads to catastrophe, and even worse. It is not your job to judge; let the law do that. It is your job to enforce and define what justice is, or ought to be/ as best you can; so that each is treated fairly. But without society to participate with you; that is all but impossible/ as corruption, the conspiracy to control power, and the collusion to gain as much as possible turns to greed.

The consequence of such things, results among other things as the consequence of addiction: as greed seeks slaves, and turns those who cannot find their place, into the tragedy of tears. Arrogance lives for slaves; which is why laws are broken/ democracy discarded/ and the desire to bring chaos to life and society; constant in history. Pride forms the mob, and groups divide into “its me or you/ us or them”. All of which as the elements of a herd, the reality of war. So, I say to you discard those things: and live as if “heaven itself, were watching you”. NOT for pride (I will earn it)/ NOT for power, as is I am the superior one/ NOT for want, as is the plotting and planning to get what I want. But for life, “to belong in the essence of a miracle, as the blossoming given to a flower, the quench of time; in order to obtain the purpose for which you exist. To participate, in the miracle of life; as a free spirit, surrounded by truth. Shaping love, by the values you share, and your own decision to care. While it is true again; in this time of real descent into chaos: the most we can hope for is, “change”. Our contribution is, whatever we do beyond self; to honor and respect the change in ourselves. Time grants: “make your own decision”/ and that becomes “without forgiveness” we are alone. Because even we, need forgiveness at times; none are perfect/ nor should they try. MERCY is better.

SEEK your own truth, and change it, when you find it “not as you wish, your life/ or eternity, to be”. That is a decision you are allowed to make; so long as you remain in time.

But bear in mind: that the human costs for lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, murder, terrorism, fantasy, fraud, delusions, “imagination”, we don’t have to care; and all the rest combined into “university is god”. Has come to an end/ the descent has begun, and extermination is its goal.

The human element has been so badly overrun; that only real world changes will save life or earth. The cost of lies, the betrayal of greed, extreme arrogance, disrespect, and devaluing of everything; as it starts with evolution: has built you hell comes now. Extreme betrayal by university; has marked Armageddon (nature in chaos) comes next. Extreme failures recognize the Apocalypse (the fight for water/ for life) will arrive very soon. And world war 3 will fall into weapons of mass destruction, and even the ignition of our planet into a nuclear fire “just like the sun”. Because that, is what you chose.

ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES; honor that, and respect the realities of evidence; so that you can change whatever you can change/ and deal with the consequences you cannot avoid is your future. Because unlike the people who say “hope is eternal”/ it is not. Hope depends upon the truth, and what can be done with life; as best we can. That is your decision.

FEAR will not save you or your world/ YOU MUST choose to enforce LAW, AS OUR ONLY HOPE. We are: “too many people, for any other way”! Thereby establishing, for our world: that “we the people” have made this so! NO FOUNDATION OTHER THAN TRUTH, will keep this earth alive. Therefore YOU MUST establish a courtroom trial, as a world searching for what is true/ and what are the consequences for being WRONG. Thereby forming the question: of our own fate, or destiny/ by the reality of, what we the people did choose. This is a finite planet; and you are 8 billion people grabbing for all you can get “24/7, expecting to do that for one hundred years long”. Think about it, and accept reality as it is/ not as you want it to be.

It is a reality: that global warming is redirecting the accumulation of heat energy from the poles where it was mitigated, by being thrust into outer space. It now begins to walk down the spinning globe, where it will be multiplied into wind, that ultimately causes the atmosphere to detach from the planet. The reduction in trees, by all methods of failure used by men: results in this detachment of the atmosphere, as nothing is left to maintain a balance. Limits and boundaries and balance, for all things; are being devastated “by university plays god”. From the planet itself/ as there is nothing left to hold the atmosphere in connection with the planet. That wind accelerates, like other planets in our solar system: an undisciplined world, forever lost. On a planet that surface spins at one thousand miles per hour. Only one of the major threats you face.

NOT for fear! But for value, I will offer to you at this time/ that I represent the biblical Revelation 12 prophecy. As the spiritual woman who now controls my life; is depicted in verse 1. “A sign” we are not forgotten. I would be “the pregnant one (giving birth to a new life on earth)” of verse two; her existence upon this planet. As is completed by the information given to you within this web site for your decision.

CHANGES CAN BE MADE, to sustain life and earth; with a future. But they cannot be done without you participating in that reality. The construction of it is by law! By insisting on peace and justice for all. By establishing a courtroom for world participation in determining as best we can: what threats are true/ and what is false/ and what are the costs of letting “university plays god” be WRONG.

CHANGE will not come without fundamental human participation: you are the problem/ you are the solution. Nothing is changed unless you change it. But there are methods of changing: what truth itself demands we must change to survive. The decision is yours, but it will not be free. In contrast to that: no change means you will soon be extinct as a world. Because that, is where the evidence of “university knows” has led you to be.

YES, I KNOW; “its complicated”. Spiritual realities are not tied to simple concepts; they exist as a relationship to truth/ but are constructed, outside the spiritual world; for the sake of life itself. An entire world of creation hangs in the balance of life or death. As a consequence to that, “extreme measures” have been taken/ which includes, denying “physical female”, brings this to you: in order, to identify spiritual female instead. Denying any concept that I could be misinterpreted as “JESUS”/ I cannot; however it is possible that I could be “the son of man [plenty of failures/ nothing special]”. My participation/ my work: throughout all but a tiny bit of lifetime; is based upon the decision “to fight for this world/ without regard for gender”. Simple as that; Although surprises remain constant. Our solutions, remain balanced between male and female; as both are needed to cooperate in discipline, for the sake of order/ as we begin the search for solutions that will keep our world alive. NO small thing; you have sustained NO RESPECT/ due to university “expertise; a constant failure to life and planet”. To your shame and theirs. RESPECT IS MANDATORY, and if you fail that, you fail life and world and will go extinct. Because truth says clearly: that you can easily surrender this world to HELL. Just keep doing what you are doing. I HAVE NEVER ASKED YOU TO BELIEVE [as university does]/ I HAVE ASKED YOU TO GO TO COURT, AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE OF THREATS WHICH SURROUND US ALL; ARE NOT GOING TO END IN EXTINCTION. BY REMOVING THE LIES/ FANTASIES/ DELUSIONS/ IMAGINATION/ THEFT/ BETRAYAL/ TERRORISM; AND SO MUCH MORE OF WHAT IS SIMPLY CALLED “university plays god”.

NO, I DON’T know how it all ends; for me or you. Or what you will do to begin again. I only know the evidence of your reality, by its own truth: condemns you to death as a world. Because that is what you chose.

NO, I don’t know how to be, whatever it is, I am suppose to be: “its a quandary; a reality of experience beyond my expertise”. I do know, “I am always wrong/ and she is always right: as I do not know the future; but she does”. The work is mine; no dictation exists. But the reality of “our future”, whatever that is to be; is hers; no contradictions allowed. No instructions/ “no talking”/ Its complicated; believe it or not. This is exactly as if I traded gender places: as life between husband and wife use to be; basically throughout the world. SHE decides, and I follow, no input needed, no complaint accepted; want too or not: I have little or no control left. Even so, I do not feel “unloved”. NEVER believe any man can walk here for sex;  that would be your ticket to HADES (eternal torture); stay away! For honest friendship, work, and anything other than sex; all things remain the same between male and me. NOTED IS THIS: YOU may intervene on my behalf between male and me/ but BE WARNED; you are not to intervene between female and me; in any conceivable way. They must “police themselves”/ just as men were required to do/ but failed often. THIS IS: whatever it is: STRICTLY between female, the spiritual world of female, and I. No clue is given; no reason; no assumptions; I simply hope for the best. Yes, I am required to give more information than I would otherwise choose to. “its complicated”.

She reminds me: that as male, controlled by female: I will learn what it means to be on the other side of “the gender line”/ as reality continues to prove; male is not greatly appreciated here. I do complain: “its NOT ME/ I did nothing to women, but love them or refuse to make them cry further since I could not stay: I HAD TO DO this work”. She reminds me: MOST of the women who were treated badly; were guilty of nothing as well. I have no options; and honestly just hope for the best.

Still old (6 weeks from 69)/ still “not pretty”/ still tinnitus/ still toothless/ still half bald/ still growing tits/ still not rich; etc/ etc. so, I am not particularly concerned: NOT an invitation. Just the facts of life, as a body in time. Mismatched parts for male, lacking pieces for female; or more distinctly: surely no great concern. Unlikely to be desirable: yet I do not have any control. “a thousand shocks” have established that. WITH regard to questions: “I don’t know, answers them all”; in this: WHAT, are; you going to do with my life? “its a quandary”: my choices seem to have run out? Time will decide. YES, I know “its odd”.

I have, done:  without any form of “sex” for roughly 40 years. I CAN make it the last whatever old age will be;  without change. Realities of thought, required my full participation.

I remind women: even without control, there is absolutely NO reason for me to be attacked in any manner. You do not expect to be attacked, and neither do I. We can instead, as is consistent with respect: work together, for the sake of life and earth; and a future for every child; as best we can. That is my intent; and it lifts the purpose of this work, to elevate women into “ALL are equal” to men. It lifts the desire for this work: to understand, women MUST FIGHT, to produce the laws which will keep this world alive. My life work, has been, to educate in ways and things long hidden; so that change may occur. Therefore the value of me, is a relationship that lifts love beyond self; and functions within the miracles of life, to grant the testimony, that an eternity is real. For all who choose love, and respect truth as a value which defines our destiny.

Just because you can, is NOT an excuse to do what you should not do. Just because someone else can, is NOT an excuse to let them do what you know they should not do. These are the fundamentals of discipline and law. Just because they could; men did do/ and all women know, that was wrong. So, the law: must exercise the authority, to protect the innocent, and deny wants/ pride/ or power. It is your job, to construct law; by the methods which will establish peace and justice for our world. It is your honor, if you can construct a value for life and society, that includes “the honor of sex”; as a participant in destiny, through respect, love, truth, trust, courage, and life. These bring joy.

The basis of joy is, much the same as romance: “I have found in you, something I need/ something I lack”; therefore heart begins to sing, as we learn to share the value of our care. This is the creation of moments cherished, in time; as is joy. The function of sex beyond self; is intensity, the search for life inside the other; as each gives to the creation of our home, as one. That has nothing to do with animal lust, and little to do with the body called self. Instead the critical test is trust, and that value cannot be given without truth to justify opening the door; to a world beyond your-self/ as is entry, to the inner dimensions of me. Beyond the internal door: life and love are either precious, or at risk. We rise together when “precious to each other”/ we fall into heartbreak, separation from love, and dimensions which fail life; if risk turns against us. The quest for soul, rises or falls accordingly. The decision for love or hate; demands an answer. “those who search” are considered “ODD”.

Never trust want; it is the basis of all lies. Never trust pride, it is an enemy who wants to control, use, or abuse you. Never trust power; the demand to make you cry; cannot be justified. Trust truth, trust law (as life trusts truth), trust justice, trust love: but understand, without discipline it will fail. Your own ascent into joy, will fail with it. Happiness achieves the purpose of life, which is to know, “I found love”/ I am alive. When you have these, you have a treasure inside from which your life can gain hope; even when time tries your heart or soul. Soul rises beyond self, and it can leave this world behind. But to walk away, leaves behind those who need “someone to testify” that love is worth living for. When called beyond time: LEAVE IT behind, your job is done; seek truth. The eternal door, opens only to love born in truth: do your best.

Make no mistake: very few, can or will leave behind the three sorcerers of death: as are “want (yes I will)/ pride ( yes, I can)/ and power (you cannot stop me)”. The value of love is not found in these; only hate can be formed. EACH of these are about presenting yourself as “more” to the herd; a shout or scream, “LOOK AT ME/ LISTEN TO ME”. OR more distinctly, “I am the important one”.

Love shapes the value of miracles, into the essence of truth: that I, and you; are not left behind/ but given the opportunity to become a creation of my own/ as are given to you. That value seeks an opportunity to share. That truth fundamentally proves a reality of care. That distinction from animal, to human being alive; builds a destiny within the boundaries of thought; as best we can. Which is the destiny of soul.  “THOUGHT, gives us life”. Energy gives us motion. Soul discards the herd, to search within life itself, to participate with miracles; as is the basis of love. To present that love as the destiny you chose to shape with care, by sharing the value of self.

Of “self dimensions”, one of the distinctions that has appeared between male and female is. Having “female tits (nothing male about them)”/ has given rise to the understanding “when touching them”; I find the feeling of life. In contrast the penis of male is little more than a toy; which rises and falls with the chemistry of semen. UNLESS you abandon that want, and understand, its purpose is to sustain a value of caring, the presence of sharing, that brings joy to woman; by your decision to love her as if your own self. That produces a value beyond toy, and makes it a key to life beyond self; for both.

The question of life; is much like the reality of our earth as compared to this solar system/ the vastness of space, or mass; cannot compare to life itself. We are so much more, than anyone can truly imagine. Yet fools, traitors, terrorists, and even Satan (an arrogance, particularly of universities playing god/ trying to destroy it all. Lies, failures, delusions, and imagination without a brain are all found here); as is a constant reminder of all we have to lose. Of the cult who intends to destroy us all.

Let no one tell you “you are little more than a grain of sand in a vast universe”! You are not, instead you are the core substance of experience and expressions that give an entire universe value. Unfortunately, some choose animal (now, right now, is all that matters)/ some choose hate (nothing matters but me)/ and only a few choose the honesty of love (a destiny to be cherished); which is the treasure worth living for.

The body of time is an animal; which houses the life inside. But only thought ascends into the treasury of values, that create the composition of an eternity for the living. Laws govern that, limits and boundaries protect that, truth identifies the future which can be built, or built upon. In each case; the body of time is left behind. Only the soul can rise.

Being alive reminds us, of the gifts we have been given. The miracle of body, the gift of time, the peace and harmony of our living for most. The fact, we do nothing but inherit our body and our life here on earth. From the framework of hands and feet, to the endless chemical compositions of a body living in harmony, and taking what it needs as an independent organism that keeps life itself, alive inside a miracle of existence. All of it points to love, and extreme compositions in thought; that allowed for this to become real.

Hate on the opposite side of existence: discards all that is a miracle, to demand “they will inject chaos into genetic nature”/ and change it all, so none can live. Even one, suggesting to me: “its all good/ in a billion years or so evolution will build something else”; lacking even the intelligence to be insane. Utterly captured by the cult, and disease, of university knows.

We stand on the edge of our own extinction: because that is what the evidence does prove/ and yet fear grips your heart; and you run away as cowards. Because you believe the universities: can defeat you. You run away as cowards from the courtroom; because you believe the university educated lawyers can defeat you/ and cause great harm. You run away from reality; because you want to be rich/ even though that means you must make many more very poor; so you can be rich. Causing harm to life and society.

Fear will not save you. Believing in anything you want, will not save you. Obeying the universities who brought you here to the edge of extermination; will not save you. Never questioning media as your source of “real world education”; is a fools game, you cannot win. Discarding religion is a fantasy, and a delusion; because reality has proven they own the rules society has deemed important/ and has proven over time, that this will help you rebuild or define your own existence in time.

TRUTH MUST LEAD, or you die as a world. Simple as that! Truth cannot be discovered “in bits and pieces” from anyone/ but must be assembled as a world: within a courtroom, to be the best it can be. So that all can understand and accept what the truth actually is; as best we can. Nothing less can buy you a single day/ as this world begins to tumble into its abyss: time has run out. Work for life/ or die by the apathy and disgrace, of your own disrespect.


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