mental health

mental health

There are, three distinct realities to the base line of mental health: LOVE, is the essence of all things valued, and it begins with friendship through respect, and its reward as is hope. SURVIVAL comes next; with “I am too busy for friends or family”/ I must do what I must do; as is “living on the edge”. Marriage is often confronted in this scenario with: “I NEED sex, to relax, and prepare myself for another day”, to be happy with my life: don’t make me feel alone. For most that does include:  no, I don’t have the strength, to deal with your needs too/ after all, I am working myself to death; and you benefit. The common cause: “I want more”/ which leads to I have no strength, time, or commitment for anything else; not even sex. Spend more/ work more; a never ending cycle in nearly all divorce. Led by the constant curse of TV, etc; as in “just buy on credit”/ oh, no; what have you or we done; the lies begin. Conversation is a primary element of survival, as it indicates a participation, which allows for the minimum response that is: “I am trying, to be friends with you”. IT, should be taught in every grade of schooling. HATE is the only other alternative: these have given up on life, or hide themselves from it in disguises, and found it too hard to benefit from another human being; or life of any kind. Revenge is often a response. Beware of those who do not care/ beware of those who pretend to care/ beware of those who hide you away from the others. A LIAR; does not respect you/ and is attempting to get whatever it is they want; by manipulating you.

the constant curse of media is: manipulation, temptation, propagation of lies, theft, betrayal, violence, bribes, and all things without value; reminds people “everyone is an actor/ you can’t trust nobody”. And instead of every stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet/ every stranger is an enemy, who hasn’t treated you badly yet:  a judge to measure and ridicule you;  WHY give them the chance? The curse of society, the (cost of air conditioning; run inside) is: it blindly works to insure you need not spend ANY effort on meeting other people/ simply cast them away. And the people say: air conditioning brings us closer, as I talk to those trapped inside with me from the heat! but alas, few talk; because you have to listen in order to have a conversation.  THAT FACT, is the primary cause of why children to not bond to their parents, later in life; the parents do not listen/ they often command, as is you have nothing to say. Parents do not bond with their children, later in life; because their children are not listening either. Gifts such as “new dinnerware” should not be bought, without including the parents approval; surprises are not necessary; be kind. Which includes buying what they would appreciate; if its not money, then “a night out with friends” is a great gift/ or happy conversation is always welcome: that kind of thing. Keeps you remembered. Making decisions for someone else of any age, is not welcomed; even if you believe they must accept it, need it, etc. EVERYONE has to live their own life, with their own decisions, so that they create their own identity: which does not include your decision for them. Participate, be kind: but DON’T take control, UNLESS it really is necessary, “we all agree”.

To keep mental health very simple:  want is the cause of all depression (I didn’t get what I wanted), suicide (hope for what I want is gone), lies (give me what I want; or I will take it with manipulation), and more/ as the foundation upon which you decide your behaviors. Pride is, “to make life a game”/ which means I want to win/ but you cannot win unless you make someone else a loser. That fact identifies the primary urges of your own truth; and discovers whether you love or hate. Power the decision to make someone else cry (I am the superior one, that matters), abuse someone else to prove “I win, do what I say”/ to use someone else making them a slave “do what I say, or face the consequences”. All prove behavior is a series of tests; to identify the boundaries and limits of your own truth/ as a reality of whether “an animal (lost)/ a human (mercy perhaps)/ a hate (destroyed by chaos)/ or a love (a treasure found) will result”; beyond time.  And the people say: you can’t prove life exists beyond time; “just look inside the coffin”. But reality replies:  EVERY MIRACLE OF LIFE AND PLANET, proves a truth of construction by thought, that is our Creation on this earth. Because nothing here is by chaos, or by accident; as everything about your own body proves is true. YOU cannot build a foot, create a body, build an eye, construct the “software” of a mind, regulate motion or temperature, control a hand or heart.  NATURE BUILDS IT ALL, OR YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORK OR LIVE WITH.  and yet the greatest fools who have ever lived, allow the greatest curse that has ever been conceived to mutilate genetics and inject chaos into life itself;  as genetics (this builds the body of life) IS NATURE.  Making you and humanity; a blatant failure of fools, in worship of the cult that is university plays god. Which will end with your extinction; because THAT is what YOU chose. Nonetheless, be realistic with your life, hopes, happiness, money, and so on. After all: in the real world, you expect people to know enough, “NOT to jump off a building playing superman; as universities do, in their fantasies and delusions, thereby choosing to destroy life”/ and in the real world, they expect that from you as well.

Thought is not aligned with the body (the tool of motion) or mind (the tool of measurement)/ rather it is a relationship governed by heart and soul; as is love. Each of those “is a creation”. Built upon your own order, discipline, respect, and balance of understanding what it is, “that you accept as your own contribution to life”. Without love we die inside, therefore any degree of HONEST RESPECTFUL participation is a value to life and living. Anger, is a relationship with survival and fair play/ fix those and anger disappears. Hate is the sewer of a human who lost his or her soul/ only the heart can find it back as a decision made in time; but without the acceptance of respect, you will fail. When you retire from want; you open the door to life itself, and participate within the definitions of harmony and fair play. When you retire from pride; you discard the game of “human animals”/ and throw aside all winning and losing; as a worthless trivia of no value. When you remove yourself from those who demand power; a life within truth decides will appear, and only truth then matters to the living, and the life, you have chosen to be.       Elemental purity begins.

As to me, and my mental health: the foundation of discipline is simple, do not want/ never accept any portion of pride/ power is of only very minimal value, and only when truth demands love must intervene; “which is very rare”. As to my reality of mental existence: the foundation of time demands order/ the disciplines of body demand balance/ elemental respect aligns only with truth; but the spiritual world conceives of a destiny I would never have expected with male. the cost of that is: while male no longer believes in your value as humanity on earth, after a lifetime buried under the cost of your failures, the disease of your university elite. My reality is shifting toward female, because the spiritual world needs me, “to mother you”; instead of abandoning you. That elemental change is granted: “by whatever miracles do change”/ Because the foundation of love, the acceptance of life, the purity of purpose, and the value of respect are all formed from the destiny of our spiritual existence. A reality given to those, who have inherited the choice:  “I accept the gift of life”/  rather than remaining, in the death of time. Such is, the critical construction of me.

In the elemental truth of life: there are some rules you should know. “if you follow a rat down its hole, you might find a snake instead; and unless there is an exit in which case you lose. The reality of your decision is now your ass is sticking up in the entrance, and vulnerable to any attack that might come.” Or more distinctly: let the law work for you, instead of fighting with corruption. Demand the law is your weapon, and if collusion and conspiracy to deny justice has already corrupted the court: then fight to change the court. Because when fighting with the criminals; you will find them without fair play, or mercy. Throughout all the world, the one thing corruption, power, and pride; and the rest do NOT WANT: is to have someone shining a light on what they do. Even though the public will not fight for you/ very few with you; they will understand all mental health is about “fair play”: both in you, and someone else.

There are, “lessons in life”/ as reality teaches them instead of: “university knows”; as pure imagination designs. No truth, is a constant failure.

Life lessons include:

  1. no relationship exists, unless respect forms that relationship as true.
  2. No bonding will occur, unless respect identifies truth, and truth allows for trust (as is bonded) to form.
  3. No elemental search for truth exists within the animals who have taken over a human form; merely lusting for sex, and little more.
  4. Truth identifies the journey, that understanding miracles exist will create.
  5. Every lie is a failure of your life/ a want extending over the abyss you have no created with that lie. Abyss means: no end to it, that you will desire for living.
  6. Every young male, is a fountain of hope; desiring a young woman to fill it with the happiness of being found. Every young woman, is a foundation for happiness, only a young man can build upon with an honest desire for love.
  7. Every male learns, that women lie, cheat, steal, tempt, manipulate, and demand what they want is all that matters. Every female learns the same about men. Making the reality of relationships beyond youth; the cost of who has come before.
  8. Every believer; believes what they want to believe is true; discarding the rest. Every faithful person understands; only what can be proven true has value to life and living/ as truth is what keeps us alive, by participating in the laws which govern life itself. The difference is profound; even if some belief is true. EVERYTHING of life beyond time originates with the miracles which do surround us all.
  9. Every work grants something/ but not all of it brings a reward. To succeed in life, is to honor work as our own contribution to living/ our own respect, for what is needed for life, society, and planet to survive; just like you. We all must work; even if the reward is not a trophy.
  10. Mental health is a decision not to want! Because want is an abyss, that turns happiness into what you do not have/ that you did want from life or living. That is commonly “happiness”; which is an expression of how we do share, and care for each other, with love, respect, and truth. While you cannot change the other/ you can, do the best you can do for life, truth, love, respect, and our existence in this world.
  11. Disciplines, are the embodiment of who we desire to be, or become; as life shapes itself based upon our willingness to accept the limits and boundaries clearly in our own best interest; as a foundation of living, life, money, body, friendships, etc. disciplines shape relationships as time goes by; because reality will prove for example: if you save your money/ and your partner spends his or hers; there will be trouble. There are many of these issues in life shared.
  12. Order provides for us the basis of law, which forms into the justice we are willing to participate in/ and the understanding of what fair play; truly is. The anarchy of university destroys everything; in order to rule over life and planet: is an insurgency against all truth by law. A rebellion deliberately intending to reduce the population: so they know; their purpose is: “ BEG ME, TO SAVE YOU, from us; the university gods who have the power to make you SCREAM”.
  13. The key to mental health in a relationship is truth & respect, with the addition of “time shared, proves I do care”. While time is not always possible: if you share the work, time and energy, does become possible. Respect each other, and you will find a way. Live for each other, and become the blessing each does need.
  14. The key to mental health in a state described as living alone: understands, nothing you do is more important than realizing “LET LIFE decide”/ not you. As is the removal of all things; “I want/ I need/ I hope/ I,I,I,,,,,,,,,I AM the important one/ LISTEN TO ME; me,me,me,,,,,,,ME; damn it, I am the important one. Everything is not better in a relationship. Everything is not better with sex. Everything is not better with “whatever it is you have convinced yourself to want”. Loneliness begins with isolation/ therefore participate as best you can. Participation begins with, an identity that brings “truth, WITH VALUE”; to wherever you go. Search for value, and contribute there. Love establishes kindness: so be the first to extend it with honesty in your respect.
  15. The key to mental health is: never letting lies decide your life/ because they will always lead to places where you die. Sometimes forever/ sometimes only a little; but always at a cost, you truly did not need to pay. Forgive or be alone. But do remember: without honest repentance established by truth, there is nothing to forgive, as it will only return, if you open the door. The disciplines of life are simple:
    1. you can only do, what you can honestly do; and nothing more. It is foolish and unwise to believe otherwise.
    2. Without order, there is no discipline: because order is the distinction of law/ and without law there is no need for discipline.
    3. Truth shapes the future of us all. But unfortunately, we “live in a soup” of what other people do; and their truth or lies/ shapes the environment which will then determine what our choices can be.
    4. Trust is elemental to life and love; without trust, we have neither. Therefore people try to take trust, instead of earn it/ with lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, and all the rest that is not fair.
    5. Trust is a respect, and respect is to cherish the value of both heart and soul; as the treasury of life itself. Therefrom love arises from respect, and value shapes the heart into a journey which will seek soul.
    6. Heart lives or dies, because you earned its happiness. But as with trust, people try to steal that happiness from you/ and if they cannot take it; then they try to crush it so you cannot be happy either. The consequence: love is hard to find, because the “door” is often closed, by what other people have done.
    7. Soul is the expression and experience of identifying truth as your constant companion. Thereby letting truth decide the life you shall lead; even if want gets in the way. This Creation of life and world; does not exist without truth. That constant requires, that those who can “deliver the message”; change or die/ because lies, along with all the corruption that brings: will fail us all. ORDER lives in the heart, where life or death seeks its own truth.
      1. You cannot change another soul/ nor do you have that right. Unlike university plays god: it is not your right to manipulate, tempt, or in any other conception; change someone else to what you want them to be. LIFE, is an individual identity; requiring each to make their own decision for love or hate. Becoming the human animal, wanting instead; will dissipate as does time, “into nothing/ not even a memory remains”.
      2. JUSTICE is what we do, for each other, and therefrom what they do for us; as the gift we choose to give. Or deny to all. It is a choice; granted by law/ but served only through the diligent relationship required to keep this pure, “for life and world”.
      3. FAIR PLAY, is the distinction of how we choose to live. In a world filled with “liars, traitors, thieves, cheats, terrorists, and MANY more”. The cost of living a fair and deliberate life for the sake of peace and harmony. The cost of happiness, which is to forgive those who repent. The value of living; are all the result of being fair/ or giving away the future, as apathy, arrogance, disrespect, and its disgrace; all prove you are not.
      4. Love seeks love/ just as hate seeks abuse, violence, and to use. The difference is plain and simple; as is the choice.
      5. PARTICIPATION is the result of kindness. The decision to include rather than keep everything to yourself. The cost is: in this world of animals/ there is never an end to those who will ravage, ruin, rape, choose revenge over nothing, and decide if they kill, or mutilate so you cannot compete; “then its all mine”. A reality that increases with every population; as it multiplies into we cannot survive this. SO IMMIGRATE OR DIE.
      6. Stability and therefrom securities arise from a steady population count, and a sustainable resource. Both die with overpopulation/ as the competition becomes unstable, and war is inevitable. The cost of no limits or boundaries; as is claimed to be freedom. But has a consequence to all; that few will accept is true.
      7. True governing is only by law. Therefore the law decides, and not the human being in charge of our decisions. Instead the law we must make for ourselves shall decide/ and the humans will be required to obey; as the law demands will sustain life and peace on earth. Nothing less will survive your future; as you have chosen it to be.
      8. All mental health is based upon “a future”. When happiness disappears, and the cost of life is beyond what survival wants to endure. Tragedy erupts, “for one or all”. BALANCING a world in crisis; that will refuse to accept, “you did a bad thing”/ ends with war; and all its weapons. Because the future is dead, and the desire to change is negligible. Which means you cannot survive your choice.
        1. Life or death is NOT a balancing act. It is simply a reality, because life is NOT a game/ and death is not transferable to anyone else.
        2. We cannot balance hate; because hate has no elemental desire for life. Therefore it punishes life, because as an individual you failed truth.
        3. REALITY IS the balance scale of our existence. Unlike justice, it grants no human intervention or imagination, fantasy, delusion or other as is the arrogance of universities play god. REALITY IS AS TRUTH defines and creates the consequences of our decisions as a human world. It is, what it is.
        4. Truth alone survives. Truth alone can rise as an individual reality beyond self. Truth alone constricts death: to this far, and no more. Truth grants time/ or takes it away. Consequently, the value of your truth, determines what your future will become.
        5. NO human being can determine or know: what this world needs to survive. Each and every element of Creation holds the key to something else/ and you don’t know what that is, or how important it will become to all of life and existence. Playing god is death.
        6. Want can be dealt with as the reality of falling into that abyss; becomes an endless work to keep your trophies, trinkets, and toys out of the trash. So people do stop believing life is only about possessions; as is want. However; Pride, the demand: “I AM the winner/ listen to me, look at me, do what I say; etc”. Is for most, the real life WORST enemy you will ever face. Few escape it; because the foundation of want refuses to let this go. That fact stands on the edge of a descent you cannot stop; if power invades with hate.
        7. LOVE IS, the singular element of life beyond truth, that rises to become the living example of who we are, beyond self. Therefrom it is the treasury of what we deliver into this world, as our own contribution to a life cherished with respect.

The essence of all mental health; resides upon your own decision, to “struggle less with want”/ and accept life is, what it is. Or more distinctly: we can only work with what is true. Therefore you must accept what is true, in order to resolve whatever definitions of discontent you have. While there are many realities of life that are not fair to an individual life/ the foundation of mental health is: you are/ who you are. Therefore those who try to be who they are not; end with struggles and strife/ as lies fail, and imagination turns to death; as fantasy and delusion prove; no more, than your choice to play god.

People restructure their lives with love or hate; because isolation proves to be a tragedy waiting to occur. Love seeks friendship, truth, and life with respect. While hate proves, I can make you cry; even if this living, is my own fault; you damn loser you/ proves I win.

So the elemental question of your eternity is governed by the choice you make of love or hate/ and how you intend to support that choice: by either respect as is needed in love/ or disrespect as is constant in hate. The universities choose disrespect, and prove that as an enemy of life and planet every single day. Mutilating nature/ attempting to destroy the planet itself/ and sacrifice every child: while the human animals all beg for more bribes. If that is your choice you have died.

If you have love, and hope in eternity as a value to be treasured beyond simply self/ then respect is the path, heart is the journey, and soul represents the environment called thought; wherein eternity does reside. While it is true, humanity can be insane, and unkind; in all manner of ways; the elemental truth of you must be “the best I can”/ so as to remove all blame from you. Discover self, and intensify the truth of your own identity; so you can survive. Because YOUR truth; as best you can: is all you get to take, beyond the grave.

There are always, “the liars, traitors, thieves, and more”; just do the best you can/ resolving to remain the truth that is my own decision as a living miracle, granted the time to become “me”.

The summary elements of mental health are:

  1. love, hate, or survival determine our path through life and death.
  2. Human animal illustrates all that want/ pride/ and power contrive, plot, or plan to do. It is the animal that defines sexual perversion and misbehavior.
  3. A human being alive in the grace and respect of miracles built this entire world, and let me experience it/ let me express of myself, what I desire, what I value, and where my heart shall live. A gift beyond imagination/ a reality defined by my own identity.
  4. Love shapes us, into the life we then build, as the life of our destiny becomes a participant in the future we chose.
  5. Hate shapes you, into the death of what you could not control, thereby chaos enters in, and violence erupts, as the rotting of life inside begins. Hate is commonly a road built from want, pride, and power/ as the animal takes control, and nothing matters but “me”.
  6. Survival is the demand of time, and time has no real mercy/ just as is truth, it is, what it is. The cost of survival is need. The cost of need is human animals want to control you/ so they make living a game/ and then control your need, to produce “livestock” for themselves to eat.
  7. Want is an abyss, as “more is not enough”/ want is the foundation of all lies, as you will not lie; unless you want. Want of chemicals in sex; turns a human, into a predator. Want of more; turns an animal into a tragedy.
  8. Pride is the sinister truth, that I can take yours too; therefore greed surfaces and escapes in pride/ to produce selfishness, and the games begin to descend into chaos for society. Which always brings war.
  9. Power stands on the edge of hate, and fights to stay alive by blaming you. Therefore the cost of power is abuse, use, perversions, revenge, and more. Falling off the edge, makes you judge/ and judge gives you the right “to destroy a life, called worthless to me”. Hate proves: “I will not care”{ superiority begins, and searches to prove that is so}. The descent proves too much for many: and they search to make you pay, because they lost their lives, their future, their hope too. EVEN if it is, their own fault.
  10. Addiction is the escape from my own reality/ therefore it is the accent to accept power. But alas, as with all chemicals, it does not last/ and the game begins to consume time, as reality demands your need to survive, will still exist.
  11. Suicide is: the real world truth, none accept me/ none notice me/ none can fill the gap, that is my need for love/ none choose me, or respect me, or want me beyond what they can take. I am alone, and the isolation causes me to fail. Even though, your life may be no different than the rest: the cost or cause of suicide is want. The reality, as with depressions: you did not get what you wanted; so you cry, and throw a temper tantrum: instead of search for life. You die a murderer (of you)/ that is no small truth.
  12. People lead because they scream, “look at me/ listen to me/ I am the superior one”. People follow, because they hide from decisions; so as to claim “failure is NOT my fault”. People follow: screaming MAKE ME RICH, but excessive wealth is; you made many your slave, demanding they shall do your work. So the quest is: to enslave yourselves/ as fools do.

Mental health is the decision, not to be influenced by want, pride, or power/ as is the cost of being in time, without direction. Love and hate are the directions of life/ they are opposites, and do not exist together except in human decisions that then alter your existence in time, as either for peace and harmony/ or for chaos and violence. Justice and fair play assert, these are choices we make, rather than lives we must live by some predetermined essence applied to our living.

The elemental truth of our reality in this time is: no matter what you believe or “think”/ the cost of being mentally healthy, is now to accept “what will be, will be”: because humanity is governed by whatever the people who fantasize they are “university” want. They invade to change society by manipulation. They are an insurgency against life itself, by mutilating nature. They are a war, and a battleground; against the laws that govern both life and planet. They are anarchists; refusing law to claim they are “better/ and know more”. They are traitors corrupting everything we require to survive. They are conspirators; plotting and planning how shall we make “our slaves, obey”. They have colluded to destroy the foundations of democracy, justice, and fair play; to assume the role of government/ by destroying government, so they can rule. While counterfeiting currency to pay for the bribes and raising of armies, and manipulation of reality in order to force people into adversity; thereby war. NONE OF WHICH, can matter to you/ because like me, whenever the herd (group) follows the leader: believes in the leader/ wants what they want, regardless of the cost. You cannot change their cult worship, and that means: they will, do whatever they want as a herd/ because a herd does not exist, without a leader. Those who “step out of line” and assume they can be “human alive”; are ridiculed and forced out/ and if that is not enough, the purpose of religion is to assemble the claim: WE KNOW, therefore we are gods; the superior ones, who can protect the herd, by killing you/ or less. Making religion either “good or bad”; dependent upon the truth.

TO DISCARD ALL OF THAT; is to accept the individual decision, that makes you alive upon this earth. We are not assembled or created “as a herd”/ that is an aberration. We are, the elemental essence of our own choice: which is “too love”/ OR, in the alternative, to hate. One or the other, as everything else is simply survival. And survival means life, rather than time, which is a measurement of all things “you”. Accept ETERNITY, truly is, the only thing that matters. The elemental evidence of miracles as do surround us all: ARE sufficient cause to accept, the essence of life itself, is FAR MORE, than merely time or body. As that proof of life, is built upon thought; and thought is not a conception of time. But begins in the Creation of energies, which we control. Energy does not die, unless dissipated by realities of choice: beyond the law which controls them. Energy merely transforms, as Creation allows for us to do. Simply know: WE ARE NOT “saviors of ourselves”. WE ARE, the designers of our own destiny, by the choices we make that are true. Therefore do the best you can; and be at peace with what cannot be done. YOU/ we, are not “savior” to the world. We, merely do: the best we can do. THAT IS TRUTH, and if you let truth decide: OUR CREATOR, will find soul in you.

Want is an abyss, it never really ends because no matter what you want/ something else will come to replace it, as that is the essence of want; to never have enough. Which leads to lies, as the desire for more exceeds your grasp, and the decision is “if I lie/ then I will have more”. It is not so, as lies end in chaos. Ending happiness, is to end the value of life itself.

Pride makes life into a game, reducing the experience or expressions of living into “winner or loser”/ which ends with war. The chaos of men, coming back to haunt them; “with truth and its consequences”. Life is not a game, which makes pride the enemy. Life is a creation of our own participation in what we are given as truth, and how we shape that into the influences which then control our lives; beyond what this world can do to our lives.

Power shapes life into either: for the benefits of love or the realities of war as is hate. Love builds/ hate destroys/ power is used to identify which you choose. The cost of power is “yes you can”/ which ends the question of “what does truth or its consequences allow for us to do, where justice and its peace will live? Or as hate it is; how do we conceive of “master and slave/ ruler and ruled”; to make that come true. The television show “fear factor”; is the moderated version of “master and slave”. Its deliberate decision is to limit the humiliation of contestants/ so that you do not stop, their decision to bring chaos into another living persons life: with their trash; the curse of the dead inside. The current war in Ukraine illustrates “ruler and ruled”; as reality proves the leader who has everything he or she wants/ when facing death: chooses to claim I am the superior one, and history must write this as so. History is for fools.

Love is a destiny worth living for/ just as hope is a journey worth the price of making it true in me or you. Love in time is limited, by the realities of jealousy/ the cost of competition. When you clearly have more of what the others truly do want, they are jealous, if they feel they cannot compete to have the same; so they lie/ lies turn into ridicule/ and ridicule brings the excuses that form a mob for hate. Do you see “the want” in that statement; because it is the deciding factor, which begins the descent. Do do not want, recognize that life is life: not what you want, but the existence of what it is: a decision to choose the direction of your life, and then live within the identity you have chosen. Any deviation from that is caused by want, making want “the religious formed, devil inside”.

Hate like evolution is chaos forms this; a bath in the lies of hate, that try to consume you from the start. Every lie begins with want/ because if you do want this more than truth will allow: then want is that “little voice”: which tells you what you think/ just like the television or university expert. If you accept a “little voice inside”/ then you are listening to whatever humanity has indoctrinated you to believe; throughout your time on earth. Or more simply they have control over you; by the expectation “this is right/ or how you should think”. But this is humanity, and it looks just like the humans throughout all of history; with a few new toys to destroy life with. Things like “fear factor tv”; when it comes to the humiliation part: is absolutely no different than the emperors group: who would shit on the people underneath them in the roman coliseum/ while the people who watched laughed and ridiculed. Those who got raped.

Mental insanity is fear unbounded, in one form or another, pride or power has interfered/ while depression is “I cannot have what I want”; another version of being possessed by the things you want. The foundation of peace and harmony is law: law is the acceptance of limits and boundaries as truth and reality dictate they must be. Thereby living within order, discipline, and balance, without want (which refuses truth/ to desire more, than reality allows). Possessions possess you: with endless demands/ making life into a game. Fear is a learned response to “I DON’T want this”/ it is followed in most with Belief; as is “I want what I want/ therefore I will close the prison door and lock myself in: SO NOTHING can get to me”. But alas, you cannot stay inside forever: so humanity makes rules, and by obeying those rules, they believe they are now safe.  Unfortunately, those who now believe “they are gods, because the rules made them better”/ usually also believe they can now judge you, as someone who is not following their rules, and that is why you fail/ or fail society/ or must be judged as less, or without value at all.  A tragedy to all; because rules are not life/ they are rules for living, and life remains on the inside; where only truth matters. The alternative to rules, is to confront reality, identify truth, and make the decisions honestly, within the boundaries and limits of law;  that will then build your life. Happiness results, from being alive in the peace and harmony of what can be justified as fair play; where we share the existence of life, by caring for the lives we share our desire for truth and trust, by respect; with.

Religion is, the acceptance: that these are the rules, and the values we all agree, shall serve us best. A cult is: when people surrender their right and need to choose for themselves: to become a “packed herd”/ always afraid of being attacked. So they let the leader decide, and question nothing: because they don’t want to be blamed for what went wrong. As is the current “university knows/ university plays god”; all worship the university.

Life is life, it is not a game or a possession/ it is a participation in the fabric of what keeps us all alive. Finding your place, as truth allows it to be, is elementally your own identity as shaped by your own decisions: neither good or bad/ it is whatever it is. Death in contrast is the end of discipline, order, and balance; to enter into chaos/ the reality of truth, that is our contribution to the living we have left behind. The spiritual world eliminates the lies, so that only what is true will survive; the rest are “like chaff, thrown away”. Pride is an enemy, get rid of it. Power is a fool; discard it. Want is the foundation of every lie; therefore an abyss only fools enter. The rotting corpse proves: “mass is not coming into eternity: it belongs only to time”/ a discard. Christian religion forgets: “their prayer should be, we believe in the resurrection of HIS body”; as required proof of life beyond the grave. “Son of  GOD” is different, than you or me.  “HIS” was a body broken, beaten, stabbed, and disrespected: a reminder of the evidence of HATE!   Nonetheless: we know that life is involved with energy, or more distinctly the fundamental essence of energy which give it force and  flow. Flow goes only in one direction/ as does love or hate. WHICH do you choose? Reality insists: that time pushes us forward, the result of that is “being human” has weight which will not rise to ascend beyond itself.  To participate beyond self, and become alive: you must discard being human “as an animal”/ and become alive in the destination of miracles. Or more distinctly, if you become alive by the essence of truth participating in thought; the spiritual world can pull you in. BUT BEWARE:  only truth survives/ and because it is a dimension of its own: there are choices you must make. FEAR will make you “schizophrenic (forever lost)”; unless you find courage. The wrong decision/ or even the right one; can leave you trapped, in a world you cannot control. “its complicated”. After an initial “complication”/ I learned all I needed to know to enter the spiritual world; that bridges the gap between time and eternity. Spending “life” there, I came to the great divide: where death separates us from time. Finding I was not yet allowed to go:  I turned back, to live “for life and planet”; by searching for, finding, and asking of the spiritual dimension that is female; WHAT, would or could you do instead of male?  “life changed; and became complicated”.  Yet it was, exactly what I needed: to balance male with female, for life and planet. The cost of that however:  “without understanding truth: as applied to this particular female dimension of law”/ I cannot escape it. Without “a right to be here”/ as it is otherwise as truth demands:  entirely female only: I have no rights of my own. Causing the complication:  “owned, rather than free”.  So, use caution: the spiritual world, knows only truth, it destroys the rest: which is also a quandary, “because I am trapped (no you cannot) as male in a female world”.  I don’t know how it ends; but love is pure enough, to be sustained: so I survive. “its complicated”.  There is also: YES YOU WILL; “learn exactly what it means to be female”/ because the end result is:  if not released from this dimension, by realities not of my own/ I am forever here to stay. It is not a choice; the choice was made in finding; and then, “opening the door”.  Regardless: male and female are equal/ but very different; and I was able to complete my work; by opening that door.  Male was certain “only war is left”/ and that ends with extinction:  so ABSOLUTELY NOT, by my participation. So, here I am.  NO, female leadership assures me: I AM the only male ever allowed in/ and the only opening was sealed shut in my presence. NO, that is not a game; it is the simple truth. “female is female/ just as male is male”: the exception exists as “the end of our world looms large” with extinction.  As is proven by the evidence! Mental health, “is the distance, between the stability of an anchor/ and the search for joy, love, and survival”. To achieve it; the battle is, to understand: only truth, not want; can accomplish anything of value. Women are an anchor, a home against losing even a life, in the journey of men seeking the energy found by living. The reality is; because energy is life, we must identify with motion. But without a home, there is only the destiny called a freedom “without life, defined by joy”.Without motion, isolation sets in, and both life and reality become; “a love that cannot be reached”. The human animal is constantly captivated by “trophies, trinkets, and toys”; but each of these ends in the trash. To be, and remain alive; respect always, comes first.  In terms of my own mental health: the simple truth here is, “what have I got to gain: by telling you of a spiritual woman; or any part of that”? The simple answer: is nothing.

Love is bound together by trust/ trust exists because of truth; therefore lies bury love beneath the disrespect that formed it. Desire is built upon respect, and does not survive, if that respect is taken away. Therefore sexuality is based upon the desire to share what I have, with you; because you cared for me. Love creates happiness, by entering within the dimensional awareness, that is “the miracle of life itself”/ and all we have been given in respect of that fact. Those who lose respect for miracles, can only want; and want is the foundation for every lie. Because if you want it/ or you don’t want it; whatever that is, you will then lie; when reality says no. Making want, the basis of all or most failures in relationships such as marriage. Pride enters in to measure and judge/ power turns to abuse, use, rape, and worse. Which literally does make life a very simple decision:  do you choose truth and love, the basis for building peace and harmony/  OR, do you choose hate and violence, the basis for war, fantasy, and failure?  CHOOSE: because everything else is merely survival, as confronted by the need, “without this”, I will truly die.

There is peace in law, harmony in truth; the value being the distance between life and living is smaller, and in that window to the world: the essence of spiritual awakening begins. The foundation of love, establishes a venue: what is the purpose and desire of your heart? Respect illuminates a path to soul. The question of gender is isolated within time, as distinct and unchangeable; because each is a dimension separated from the other.

It is the reality of my life; that having attained “the best a man could be”/ allowed me to search beyond self, for what is woman; and can she save this earth from the collapse of what men chose to do? Once through the opening in that wall, it was sealed shut in my presence; to my surprise. The essence being: so long as I reside in time, it is my responsibility to fight for this earth and all its life. Therefore I searched, in the spiritual recognition, of where only women are allowed to be. Never expecting to stay.

The summary of that is: while male only conceives of war, as his last resort/ women are required to find their salvation or protection from law; thereby the law must rule for them, or trouble will be constant. That fact proves; the future belongs to women shall rule; “by truth and justice” or life on earth will fail. Even though, they are a very long way from perfect: different is an absolute necessity for life and earth to survive. Reality has proven true: ONLY the balance that is between male and female serves justice and fair play, as is the elemental rise of peace and harmony. It is required, to assemble peace and survival. Just as the elemental change in me, was a return to law alone can save this earth/ a balance of being “where only women belong”. A reality of my own destiny changed; which I do not understand. The quest of life is to find “truth, hope, happiness, love, respect, value, freedom, equality, opportunity, trust, courage, and even eternity”. That begins: “where miracles, as are life”, prove this is no accident, and it is no possibility of man or woman. It is, what it is, and truth proves that is a level of thought beyond our own comprehension or reality.

Only hate knows less.

I was married for two years, about 48 years ago. We began that journey by finding love begins; but it ended with separation as time proved, we would become “bad for each other”. Only truth can rise as both heart and soul joined in recognition of respect/ but only the desire called love is “the elevator” of that rise. Therefore truth must become pure, and desire must become “perfect” to achieve a new dimension to life inside. My ex-wife “peered over the edge at love beyond self”/ but turned back, due to fear that she would lose control over her wants for life and living. I on the other hand having seen her try, would not accept “anyone, could turn back from love”. So, the more I tried to pull her up/ the more she tried to pull me down; to the life and living “same as the rest”. We both lost much/ and we both looked at the life we had changed each other into: and separated, because love was not enough. The living, of want/ fear/ and then failures; interfered.

I allowed truth to be tainted with “I cannot leave her behind; like this”. That was wrong for both of us: truth must always decide. We both lost much, “with compromise/ which then became excuses or lies”. While she could not leave the love behind that she wanted; but would not change to accept, as her own contribution to building that home, truth and value must decide. The result is: fear is an enemy, and you cannot remove someone from their fears, even if they want to come. Want is an enemy as well, as it represents an abyss; which cannot be covered over to remove. Therefore want always stands over the abyss, because unless you remove the want itself/ there is no end to it. Desire is the foundation of love, which means desire shapes the love we share, as our gift of caring for each other. Desire turns to passion, and passion lives in hope. Thereby we come to the path we create within ourselves to define love by the creation of a dimension called heart. Heart identifies you, by the truth of what you will care for as valued/ what you will share for as love/ why you choose respect, and belong to the definitions of trust.

There is no point to fear: it points to pain and death; but pain heals or you die/ death comes for us all; so it cannot be avoided and must then be accepted. The fear of what is unknown in death: is moderated with the acceptance of miracles. Because miracles prove, “our lives, on the inside; are not limited as self”/ therefore we, as a living example of love built this/ I am alive, search for soul (our relationship with GOD, our CREATOR.

I suppose we should finish that: with the qualification of, “when pain does not result in death or healing does not occur”/ then the elements of a living death begins as you find yourself trapped in a reality that cannot be changed. Even so, it does no good to fear that; unless it stops you from doing something honest, that could have been avoided. Otherwise what will be, will simply be; and no amount of fear will change it. Violence is an alternate to that statement; the people of hate want to make you fear/ as that allows them to consume your love from you; even though they cannot keep it. They simply don’t want you to have it either. Do the best you can. If it helps, their decision will cause them eternal chaos; as every tear they caused comes back in the realities of horror, to make them cry for what they have done. IF you belong to GOD. If not, then reality suggests, “just predator and prey, as the animals decide for themselves”.

As to me; the end of marriage; which was entered into due to a variety of lies and costs of not wanting to surrender the love we did have: that is a cost as well. Created a variety of consequences; I can only speak for me. “inner doors shut/ barriers erected/ no admittance to or for anyone : no trust for women”. A fight to return to where I had been; resulted in, “you chose to walk away”/ and must rebuild. Which required work, and the endless cleaning out; of what went wrong! I will however suggest: that it was “the work, the endless misdirection; my ex-wife put into me”/ that allowed me to identify the path needed to find the spiritual dimension of female. Which became a balance, that allowed me to finish and redirect this work to a point of possibilities “life on earth could survive”. For which I am very grateful. Life is, “what you make of it”. That added too: when my nephew died, “family changed as well”. That ended in decisions that caused ear damage/ which changed my life, and all that would have occurred had it not been for ear damage. But, that too: “aided and abetted” the search for understanding and knowledge; which became this work.

Of various things not defined: some people both small children and older; some times take on the character of pets or animals as a mental collapse nears. This is a decision to become something known to have value, something known to be loved and cared for and respected, something to be touched with love rather than cursed with hate or isolated and left alone. The decision to “declare yourself a cat” for instance; would define someone who needed to be treated like a cat, “when the cat” is allowed to sit in your lap/ be touched by your hand in friendship/ warmed and treated with care. As that is what people need at times too. it is the tears outside, which cry, “treat me like your pet”. When or if it fails, all trust will disappear; for everyone.  Which then makes hate an opportunity to walk away from love, or even survival. The strong survive.

When people are masochistic, and brutalize themselves: even after treatment is started; it means they want the level of chemical saturation, the body allows when experiencing true pain. Or more simply: they are, “the true drug addicts”/ and want that drug; which occurred with pain. You must say: NO, I WILL NOT/ to escape it. If you fail that, your body will fail you.

People who are schizophrenic: have entered the spiritual world (the crossover, between life and death), and in fear attempted to escape. But that is not possible without truth. The spiritual world is not an open door/ instead it closes, and you cannot open it; unless you know what is true of this specific reality; as identified herein. Fear is a terrible thing. But in time; you do have the option to change; and that means, refining your ability to identify what is true; so that fear need not contaminate your life. NONE enter the spiritual world without asking to enter: therefore you did ask, and the invitation was accepted; and reality is reality. only truth survives/ unless you are “fully documented” in the truth of self, especially; the cost will be high. BUT if you survive; the opportunity to learn becomes real.

It is elemental and sure; that mental health is about the relationship you share with this world. Equally certain is, your mental health is determined by the relationships you hold; with those who respect you/ and with those, whom you respect as well.

These two things identify what has grace and beauty to you; and without either of these life loses its passions; and you become depressed. Passions lift us, into a future we desire. Passions are the journey into life/ or away from it; by all those who seek the definitions of love. Love honors life/ hate destroys life, by injecting chaos, or worse; as is the constant of “universities play god”.

Primary to the devaluing of life and love; is the competition from over population of humanity. Survival is not a game, it is a reality; which does not play. Bringing to life and society, only truth provides the path to a better or disciplined life with order. Balance is offered by the grace of gender differences/ the beauty of being alive, as the heart overcomes the competition, to be “justice for all”.

With justice; the value of life is recognized/ and the power or pride of money is dismissed. Consequently want hates it, pride views justice as the enemy, and power uses violence to prove; “you cannot”. To insure that: people steal, threaten, betray, cheat, conspire, collude, and corrupt each other. 

But justice has a death sentence; as human population destroys all hope of a future for any living thing on earth. The cost of “university plays god”.

Reality demands: you should understand, that life is a participant in energy. That energy which is your life, within a body of time: departs at the time of your death. IF YOU do not go with it, “into eternity”/ then you are left behind as an animal would be; to dissipate into nothing is left here at all. It is a short phase of “ghosting”, with no power to correct anything; as is the truth of death itself, or, “this is, who you are”.

The spiritual world is no game, only truth survives: THAT is a critical lesson to you/ as only YOUR truth will survive the spiritual world. It is a passage point between time and eternity, a series of doors/ thereby decisions; from which to choose. When invited into, and then confronted by the spiritual world; there was a moment of “feeling dead”/ but life picked me back up in time, and told me to continue on. So I did, but returned to the spirit world, only when fully prepared.

YOU cannot escape “the door/ decision” you make; truth will not allow it/ unless you complete the education and define its truth. Beyond that is eternity; but none can cross the divide without an invitation/ I was told “not yet”/ go back. Which turned me in the opposite direction; which is female. She is in charge of me; fully since “the war”, when I declared “they will never learn or care”/ let me stop. Cannot escape; because female yet remains a mystery. How it ends for me, I do not know/ I really don’t! How it ends for you, is depicted by the evidence of your reality; and that points only to extinction, without true change in humanity. Simple as that.

I suppose, that you should learn: there is no going back on the truth of your decision. Which means for me: if I don’t understand female, I can never escape its influence/ trapped in a dimension of energy, that is strictly NEVER male. A cost resulting from “this world at the crisis point of extinction”. It is clear, female cannot be understood, “without being female”/ and of course if I were to become female; then I belong to that world, not male. If I do not change; then I am trapped between “time and death; a spiritual distinction that surrenders the spiritual female in charge of her dimension to “time within me”/ and I within her. Its complicated.

Which makes death to you, a very different story; than what you commonly believe. So the question is:  “does your life in time matter most/ OR does the potential of evidence, that my education is proven, beyond and different than  yours: matter to you? BELIEF is: accepting whatever “we want to believe” is true/ regardless of reality or truth or evidence or other/ belief is merely, “I want what I want”; and ends there.  FAITH is the acceptance of miracles, which then becomes the reality of truth, will be trusted; and JESUS will be acknowledged as both teacher and leader, with RESPECT; as is a given truth, without question: required by your CREATOR.

And the people say: _______________!                      no excuse:  CHOOSE.

A WARNING to you:  even though I tell people “pay attention, don’t accept a risk too great/ a reality you will not want to pay”. most fail to listen/ and then MOST return back to me; and say “THIS is all your fault/ YOU should have made me or us do it: you knew better”.  and of course “you should pay”.  BUT I GUARANTEE, I won’t listen to any of that, not a single word:  YOU CHOSE. Or if you failed to choose, that too: is a decision that you have made; NOT me. YOUR LIFE/ YOUR DECISION/ YOUR CONSEQUENCES, good or bad. Simple as that; says male. 

But female remains silent at this time; “because being a mother, is more complex, than just choose”. Like it, or not: life requires love, based within truth and respect/ OR, in contrast; death, no longer matters/ TOO late now.  So, she will choose; not me. “Simple as that”.  

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