For the vast majority, “your parents”; give to you the first part of your life, family gives to you the second part, society grants to you the third part; and various decisions of your own, will form the basis of what will then become your life in time. Each who sustains their living to “old age”/ will look back, to recognize this is, “what I chose to shape or do with my time”. Some will shout “winner”/ some will whisper “loser”/ some will be happy and some will be sad; this is now “closing the end”, of what I did do. Every choice is an identity you created. Every truth is a reality you participated in. Every love that blessed life or planet, is a reality of respect. Every hate or curse that you created, is a level of chaos that you chose to inflict on the rest.

Unfortunately, people inflict chaos on others: as young women manipulating young men to get what they want/ or young men manipulating young women to get what they want: causing life long elements of change, “for good or bad”. Because pride says: “all is fair in love and war”/ while you KNOW, nothing is fair in war, and only truth is fair in love. If life and living were fair, we would be a blessing to this world and ourselves; as love shaping life. But pride, power, and want create strife, and strife leads to chaos, where arrogance demands the judgment “I will play god”. Instead of RESPECT the GOD who CREATED you. The curse of university, seeps through the sewage it created; to infect and control the living by sucking out your soul. To every adult who failed to care; your eternal shame.

Today you get to look back on the last 70 years or so, and recognize: this is what you did do. This life/ this planet/ this future; are all about what you DID DO. As reality proves we now face our own extinction, along with the world you are “intentionally crucified”, with the terrorism of university leads. Your identity will not escape its truth. CHANGE, WORK FOR LIFE AND PLANET AND CHILD; or face the consequences of YOUR TRUTH, in full.

in this America; a nation filled with deception (university exists to manipulate), cunning as in predator (come in we will treat you kindly/ as a prelude to healthcare extortion), lies (democracy rules), cheating (we will sell you one thing on tv/ and charge you for another), stealing (numbers do not steal with hidden inflation/ people do), traitors (the court has no place for the constitution; just never respond to it), fools (just like the days of old, when people believed they could turn lead into gold/ the new version is we can turn hydrogen into helium; same/ same), failures (never fight a fire, with reality/ just collect the money), terrorists (mutilate all of nature), whores (with money we rule the world/ even if it is all lies), liars (tv continually sells counterfeit US coins; even though the constitution declares that punishable; your leaders want NO connection with reality), cult worshipers (university is god/ they can even play with the same fire as is on the sun; right here on earth; ain’t they great/ hell what could go wrong), and religious cowardice (I don’t have to do nothing/ GOD does it all; even though university is your god). The constant is, a deliberate intent to overtake and destroy; by intellectual traps; never question just believe/ with fear as is covid, do what we tell you or you die/ obey and sacrifice your money, jobs, future, family, nation, child, whatever to remove all money; and give you no choice. As then becomes “the beggar nation who needs their government officials to save them”/ as would be the hallmark of “university knows”.

Survival is based upon three things: happiness (we wish to survive, justice grants truth decides)/ truth (I can survive by law, justified with fair play)/ and hope (I will survive, because it is my own choice, to participate by sharing, caring, respect, based within love_).

These three govern nearly all of marriage and the essence of romance; because without them, the desire called love will die. Happiness is governed by freedom, and freedom exists in value; not by yes I can/ but because our relationship will benefit if I do/ or don’t do; as reality will prove true. With freedom, the proof of “yes I chose you”/ becomes real. With freedom the distinction: this is my choice too, does exist as real. With freedom the search for happiness includes “the best I can be for me”. With happiness, the freedoms of life will always seek to include you; to whatever degree you wish, that reality allows.

Truth is the elemental proof of value, a relationship defined by trust; as is the rise of our hope as one. Truth grants the future is by our design; as much as we can do, and life allows that decision to be done. Truth is a respect, justified by the relationship we share as one. Respect designs our home, and in that home what our lives will become through the decision that we do care for each other; as equals bearing the same load as true partners do. Fair play exerts a value from living; that understands, “each has only one life in time”. Therefore I do have rights beyond this relationship that will prove; we do not own each other/ not even in marriage. Because the value of life; is determined by love. If that love fails to hold us together as one; then the relationship of life and time and living must adjust.

Hope comes to those who work, with the respect that needs no other to know what true happiness is. Therefore married, with or without a contract. Hope knows that entrapment has a price/ temptation has a price/ used and abused has a price/ isolation has a price/ enslaved has a price/ lies have a price, as do all other criminal definitions. We cannot hope, unless the truth of our lives together will justify that. We will hope, when trust elevates our existence into one life shared by that love we know; is our own. Hope treasures truth, as our relationship with miracles, conceives of life beyond time. Hope gives rise to a life beyond self, where destiny is formed by the dignity of love, and its desire for truth. Hope identifies the discovery of who we are/ as a participation in who we can become; beyond simply self.

The critical truth of male to female relationships is: that so much manipulation, and lies go on; between both sexes. That the relationship we do have is governed by the cost of those who have come before. Causing endless harm, unjustified pregnancy, critical destruction of happiness, true failures in life and hope and reality. All because you chose to accept: “all is fair in love and war”/ EVEN THOUGH, we all know that is not true. Not even a little bit. Because war is failure/ and love accepts truth as a path into trust; where we bond as one. You cannot have a combination. You can only achieve one direction for your lives shared: love OR hate/ it is never both. Lies mean hate/ love means truth: simple as that. But do understand; truth is the definition of what happens between us/ and it goes beyond that only to prove the direction of your heart. Reality is reality; sharing tears that are not real, is a disguise. Sharing tears to manipulate the other; seeks to trap. Sharing time only or deliberately, for the purpose of sex; is lust, not friendship. You cannot buy happiness, you must earn it together as if one. You cannot buy peace, you must let truth decide in order to find harmony. You cannot know of love, unless you let your own heart sing; with the joy that is real. Therefore treat each other with kindness (as hate will fall)/ treat each other with respect, so that manipulation will end/ treat each other with value, so that reality will benefit each heart, and souls shared will find a way; to be as one.

People are not always what they seem to be; many times hidden under layers of “stay away from me/ I trust no one”. Because the cost of life, searches for a friend/ and for a living as well. Hate searches for sex: the lust of I want your body (chemicals for me)/ but to hell, I have nothing to do, with you.

Love searches for love, and as intimacy grows; tenderness will prove true also. The value of a friend, goes beyond sex. The value of true “miracles arrive”; proves the quest of each heart (male to female), has found soul; by an intensity far beyond simply sex. Disciplines show us, the future with you/ while order describes what living will be like. To balance each other requires respect, but respect does not survive without truth; and trust cannot arrive to teach you soul. Unless life serves you both.

The extreme chaos of “university knows/ university leads/ university decides/ university mutilates/ university gambles/ university exposes life to HORRORS beyond imagination/ university communicates/ university governs/ university controls religion/ university indoctrinates with education/ university organizes criminal extortion in healthcare/ university fails economics/ university fantasies, deludes, and destroys life and earth with imagination”. Is a tragedy born out as the evidence proven true of threats which will cause our extinction if not dealt with.

UNLIKE the constant human disease: “yes we can”, by the decision of want, pride, or power. The cost of their delusions is extinction. The cost of their pride is the surrender of society. The cost of their imagination is the future has died. The cost of your belief is: YOU let them do it, to life and planet. TRUTH GIVES LIFE LAWS THAT KEEP LIFE ON EARTH FROM DYING. Your universities attack every form of limit and boundaries consistent with law or living or life or planet; and claim they can do better. While the human herd of religious “university is god” contamination; forms their cult of delusion leads now. To your shame, as a living world; governed by men.

The dignity of life, is self worth: the values we bring to our existence/ to those we live with, as our contribution to their lives and their world, within the honesty of love, and the expressions which truth will verify. We cannot be more than that; which means this is “our elemental heart”. It is shaped by your disciplines/ defined by the order of your desire/ constructed by the balance of what you accept is true, and worthy of love, life, or respect as the experience GOD desired for us to have. Shaping each love, with the heart you bring to that experience, expression, or truth. Liars want to steal that, so they can abuse others, and hide their hate in your truth.

The dignity of time, is the demonstration of what the herd wants you to be; therefore the greater selfishness, and greed you support/ the greater curse of pride you win/ the more power, to make the others pay your price: is defined as “the human animal” who wins. None of that is heart; but it is conversation, and the gossip it incurs gives the herd its bond; as they then can play the game of “Imagination”. What fantasies or delusions can we make of this, or the ones who failed to attain what we value in time. Lust takes control here, as chemicals construct a value beyond self: as is “I” can gain happiness here. But when that fails (as all chemicals do_), hate takes control; abuse follows, and violence is not far behind.

The heart separates us, on one side: “we need conversation to sustain the company of others”/ therefore gossip is desirable to nearly one hundred percent. But beyond conversation which only grants “a crowd”; is the reality of feeling alone even in that crowd; as they are not friends, nor do they contribute to the values of time. Heart hears the beauty of life, and responds with kindness. Gossip creates an enemy of life, thereby something to define however you desire that human, or even creature; to be. Having an enemy means: you need not contribute anything to this relationship: you are justified by your own definitions. But heart lives only in the elegance, of a life shaped by grace; which remembers I too, am not perfect. Therefore with one beat at a time, I will grant forgiveness, and express whatever love I can.

It is, a constant of life, that humanity chooses the easy way; and then wanders why the future has been destroyed. Never once putting anything back/ never once appreciating anything of value/ never once respecting the world, or life, or any participant in life or reality of world. Causing war, causing strife, causing poverty, causing the pain and suffering throughout all of history. And the easiest decision is to be lazy/ the easiest decision is to make someone else do your work/ the easiest decision is to steal and pretend “its their fault”/ the easiest decision “just have more children”; and so on. Which ends in starvation, lack of resources, competition that drives people insane. Which simply means: they want, what they can no longer have/ but refuse to surrender their wants. Religion calls it greed.

Pride is a horrifying detail to that reality, as people fight to claim superiority; thereby attaining a trophy, trinket, or toy the others want, but you deny; claiming its all mine! That ends with revenge in many, and revenge ends with plotting, planning, temptation, manipulation, control, propaganda, cult worship (give me what I want), traitor, terrorist, and more. Because before there is war, there is the competition to take more; called selfishness.

Then we have power: which in justifiable portions can protect us all with the law. But in 99% throughout history, those who achieve power; use it to corrupt, violate, destroy, deny, play god, and all things that build into hate.

So the critical task of leadership is: to assemble the laws, which deny all these things; in order for society and nations or world: to live in peace, harmony, and respect by the law grants the value of what we built for our future.

As throughout history: the leaders fail/ the people fail/ the purposes fail/ the desire for life is denied by corruption, conspiracy, and collusion. And as with America: the pit of want, that proves this is an abyss/ the destroyer of life itself; opens up, and the people fall in, as parasites invading the earth, to kill it for their food. Be damned to the future; WE WANT what we want/ and we won’t pay; NOT IN OUR LIFETIME. Let the children eat our shit, “and like it”.

But as always; that fails/ tragedy and chaos ensue/ failure, greed, fantasies, selfishness, fool, traitor, thief, liar, cheat, terrorist, whore, even SATAN (destroyer of a world); has come to visit us, as a nation and a world; facing our own extinction.

So the question is: what now? And all the people will soon say, “just touch it a little bit; and make it return back to what we want”. But that cannot be so; because as an insurgent army, you raped/ pillaged/ ruined/ destroyed/ refused reality/ cursed/ confiscated and counterfeited/ worshiped the cult of university plays god with life and world; becoming their slaves without a brain. As is the cost of every cult. And the cult says: “we want that back/ BECAUSE THEY GAVE US BRIBES; and we didn’t have to pay nothing. Because they lied, cheated, stole, cursed, and chose an abhorrent reality instead of life or earth. The leaders cursed/ the courts chose to whore/ the government is run by fools, with a university degree/ and imagination leads life into the abyss of extinction itself. While the people scream: “we are gods/ we know everything”. Proving a cult has no brain.

Nonetheless, I live in this time, and reality forces me to hope for you; even though, reality creates or denies: a 99% probability you can survive. HOPE is required, or life will fail; from that one single thing.

So hope it is; and we begin to search for solutions to the vile creations, of: “university leads”. First and foremost among them is: the universities do not lead anymore/ their option to control anything, including their own existence is taken away; and reality will search for truth. Thereby submitting too: a true cleanup of the sewer, and its entire disgrace.

We turn to insuring they do not escape trial: by focusing on the money of government/ realities of debt/ cost of life and being WRONG/ questions of purpose/ decisions to manipulate/ the treason of genetic mutilation/ the terrorism of “the lie called fusion”; and ten thousand other failures of, university is god.

  1. Money is a promise to pay; obviously in this America the universities proved “we won’t pay NOTHING”/ and counterfeited everything they could touch; as liars do.
  2. Returning to a promise is true: requires a full accounting, where reality by the evidence decides. Then the people make their own decision; by we the people; vote. About what comes next, and why; by remembering UNLESS YOU HAVE RESOURCES/ there is no work/ there is no life/ there is no future. Promises are dead; begin again.
  3. The foundation of society is government, because government is the power to stop the invader from taking whatever they want. And there are always invaders, failures, fools, liars, traitors, etc. so if you are to create a truly peaceful society, with harmony as our goal: HATE MUST BE EVICTED. Isolated unto themselves. Hate hides behind the curtain/ anger which is different, stands screaming at the crowd: understand the difference; and if they have joined or not.
  4. The foundation of peace is justice/ the foundation of harmony is fair play. The cost of both is deliberately constructed by law. Therefore whosoever makes the laws of society; becomes its ruler. WE THE PEOPLE must then make the laws which govern us; by our vote. One hundred ‘one page laws”; so that all understand them; making each able to defend oneself is realistic. DON’T let the dead & damned, confuse you; fight for clarity, and use the ten commandments as a guide/ amendments to the US constitution if you prefer. Any insignificant issue or interpretation is ironed out in the court; and if necessary, brought to the public once a year for their own vote/ if they choose it. The judge is graded in every trial; and will be replaced at the whim of the people; by their vote. LAW DEFINES US, as a nation/ and WORLD LAW (WE THE WORLD)_creates THE LAW, as a world that chooses, to end all weapons of mass destruction.
  5. The foundation of “social security” is healthcare. But that healthcare is not a debt to be passed along to the children. YOU want it/ YOU pay for it. As a function: WE THE PEOPLE own the facilities and more. While the people who work for us, are paid as workers, just like the rest. WE THE PEOPLE own the schooling; select the cost; needed to accomplish that goal; and that means we create the competition/ NOT a university elite. We decide how much “the teacher” gets. And as with all university like teaching: they will earn a percentage of what their students receive as pay. IF what they learned, in fact what they learned in that school; made a real and true contribution to their work.
  6. The foundation of economics as is the backbone of human society: demands we all need a job/ we all need this earth to survive/ we all need the chains of life to be kept intact/ we cannot allow or gamble with ANYTHING we need for our survival; or allow any other to curse or sacrifice those assets “with their imagination or any other cause”. WE WILL do what life needs for us to do; as in replanting forests, cleaning the oceans/ recycling; AND RENEWING EVERYTHING YOU TRASHED; as is the blatant curse of fools in worship of the disease called university.
  7. Education means: WHAT WE NEED FOR LIFE/ WHAT WE NEED TO SUSTAIN AND PROTECT THIS EARTH/ WHAT WE NEED TO DEFEND THIS NATION AND ITS DEMOCRACY/ WHAT WE NEED TO SUSTAIN JUSTICE/ WHAT HAPPINESS CAN BRING AND HOW TO ACHIEVE IT. Or more distinctly: discard everything the universities have taught into the trash/ and begin again with reality, searching the evidence for truth, and identifying the values of living, the values of gender, and the values of hope by accepting respect, truth, and honesty, will teach us how. While love searches for desire, and grants joy.The reason marriage fails: is because respect dies. Respect is the casualty of want/ want is the failure that becomes pride/ and pride is the basis of all that power tries to be; which is the primary cause of hate. The consequence of knowing that establishes “the decision is yours”. Without respect you have no relationship; it will fail. Respect includes: you did not help me/ you did not care. Without a relationship you have no love; therefore sex will fail. Without the value of happiness, life becomes depressed; as want overtakes/ and realities turn to all “I want/ that I cannot have”. Which starts the whole process of destroying respect once again. So want is the cause of human failure. Pride is the cause of war, and all its costs both small and great. While power will nearly always turn to hate “something or someone”; so that playing god has a purpose. The elemental curse: you can choose want/ but the price is, love will be lost: and the descent of society, into greed, selfishness, lust, and more; will begin! The elemental curse of sex is: male is content with the chemical release, which requires little time for most/ and that causes female to feel used, abused, and unwanted; except for or as, a toy. Which then causes female to search for whatever can make her want; become content; in this exchange. Life becomes a game, pride takes control. The price, respect dies/ and lust takes control. Beyond or before marriage: hate wants sex to “fix him”/ and demands MORE (the chemicals are abandoning me), or abuse grows (it must be your fault). He is a curse, and hate will grow; because disrespect (you have no value: your body is found worthless to me), is evident, and that brings judgment. If trash/ then I can treat you anyway I want. This is the primary cause “I blame you”/ regardless of the evidence or truth: of nearly all abuse, which opens the door to even greater violence. Sex in youth is: “testing the equipment”/ but opening the door, to every fear society can bring. Every fear of pregnancy female can bring. Every form of human anxiety both can bring; ending with “life has changed”/ and some will add: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. Which ends respect, sometimes forever.Let honesty lead you; wherever lies appear, it is a clear and certain reality; disrespect will follow. IF, you fail to let truth decide/ THEN trouble or chaos will come. Stop lying to yourself; let the evidence be clear. Communicate truth, and demand answers of value. The value of life and world CANNOT be found within the university walls; they are the dregs of society, forming the liars (evolution), fools (fusion), failures (resource destruction), and disease (covid is a biological weapon used to produce trillions of dollars/ and “free to mutilate all of nature responses) of all that hate can produce. YOU believed, without a shred of evidence beyond the media screaming 24/7 FEAR damn you FEAR/ BELIEVE damn you BELIEVE/ OBEY, damn you OBEY; the universities are your god! Shame on you for your doubt; as the cult of Satan on earth expands, and finishes your execution; as extinction looms.
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