Time is more than a measurement, of distance or desire; it is the acceptance of our hope, the cherished moments by our own design, the value of love, and the essence of space which gives us respect for the miracles of who we are. While time measures humanity, by its distance or desire for love or hate; these are only partial recognition’s of the fact, we are more than time creates. Value asserts, that life is a creation ascending into its individual truth/ or in contrast, it is the abyss, as the animal fails, and descends into hate or apathy, as does end life.

Love is the staircase upon which life ascends, by the moments we cherish as our relationship governs “time into joy”; as miracles are meant to be. Freedom lives in hope, but dies in apathy, and fails life itself. Therefore to be free inside, you must achieve hope within your individual chosen truth; the sign of design/ rather than the enslavement by control of others. In the greater concept of reality, is the essence of our universe; the critical cost of space, within the essence of what does life mean? How do we achieve, “the acceptance of value in me”? The fundamental truth becomes, within life there is an energy, which does not come from a “chemical translation”; but is a relationship designed beyond time. As that energy is not known outside of life, in this world. So the question is: HOW does something so element to our entire universe as is the cause of energy itself; become intrinsically a part or substance associated with our own lives? WHAT IS energy/ NOT what is mass times speed? The answer is, dimensional space has within its boundaries, the potential, to move; it is that movement itself, which we call energy on earth. Therefrom we do know, that within the concept of dimension, there is “room for life”; beyond what is given here.

If we examine the question of hope/ we do find, a long list of variations dependent upon what the individual needs or desires in that specific moment of time. When reality decides, it is a simple as “food or drink”/ when fantasies arrive, it is without a framework, so that you can become the creator of anything you want to believe could be true (very rarely it is; as defines a fantasy).

There is “the bottom side of hope”; which is I want what I want, and will take it any way I can/ the pride of pronouncing I AM the winner here/ YOU the loser/ and the power to enforce what I want, on you. All of these detract from the living and the life of a human being alive; and descend from the elemental introduction of self/ into the maze (can’t get out) of an animal.

There is “the top side of hope”; which is faith, desire that ascends into love, values strengthening all that is the essence of being alive, in the discovery of miracles “just like me”. The passions of male and female joined as one, in the beauty and grace of a respect that becomes their own intimate home. The courage of duty, and the dignity of being alive on the inside; even if none respect or desire to be with you on the outside.

Conceptually, all hope is dimensional; as it creates the environment from which you will live in this moment of time. All hope is eternal; as it is the basis of every dimension that can return to you a life/ beyond self. Therefrom we do understand: the basis of hope must be “without self”/ and as a result, hope then expands into the elevation of truth to accomplish what living can truly become.

Disciplines assign to hope, its value; and that defines the creation of your own limits and boundaries in life. Order accepts the duty, of sustaining the courage to be what you are chosen to be. But balance is our own decision; to accept the understanding of reality, and live within its truth. As truth survives, and nothing less will.

Therefore in my own conscious determination to become eternal; rather than lost/ alive rather than dead. I have searched for hope in this world, beyond the grip of what male can remain. Finding no solutions in male, to keep this living world alive (they find war instead)/ I searched for a female solution. Finding none who would help me in time/ I turned to the spiritual world, and found the female dimension; but cannot escape it, without understanding its own version of truth. I do not.

Confronted with that fact, and after now, in the 17th year; clearly never going to escape. I choose to begin the hope for what is “girl”? What does that mean to living and life? What has eternity to offer female? What is the end of male, and how does that impact the identity called self? And so on.

  • While hope can begin in this journey; the plain truth of it is, I know not “where to go/ or how to get there/ or anything else”. What I do know is; life has changed, and somehow I must find a way to change with it. As the truth of being permanently joined to a spiritual woman; offers little other choice. I really just don’t know/ other than she is, in control. OR, is this what being female had become throughout history; when female becomes joined to male? “lose control/ power decides everything”? For me, not so much power in control, as a loss of freedom, loss of self to a large degree: “turned upside down/ woman in charge”? As indicated from the beginning: she assures me, “I will learn; the complaint of woman against man”? Its complicated, but hope sustains life; and since hope for male is fading out/ I will turn to conceive of female. Even though “its a whole different world”, I do not/ am not allowed; to understand. Nope no clue how it ends, or what the journey itself is; “just lost”. Is that “female”/ alas no clue? NO, this is not an attempt to lead you or manipulate you or other/ it is simply the construction or reconstruction of me; as I attempt to create change. So go your own way/ I have my own life to rebuild as best I can.
  • A footnote: tits are “the weirdest things” I have ever known; with their own chemicals/ they are, changing me. Little, by little, by little, by little.    Men need to respect them MORE; you have no idea.

Reality says: “just like you, and world extinction”; the train has pulled out of the station, and you are onboard, want too or not. Unless you can find a solution for yourselves, it will take you over the cliff of no return. I too, “am on the train to change”/ growing tits prove that point; and I already know, there is no going back. What a female life is, particularly in eternity; not a clue/ IF that is to be the result of this; or not. Still no clue. So I question what is it (not male), that hope should be for me? Still no clue; but I will consider the cost of my life in time; to be well worth whatever life or living should become/ if this living world survives. But alas; you show no sign of truth to survive. I will hope for you anyway, because less than hope is depression; and that has no value at all. As to me, I will hope: that whatever this shall become, shares love, grants passions with value, shapes the honesty of perfection, and lives life with truth, as respect for “the GOD who CREATED me” expands into eternity. A reality that is more than expected or conceived of “by male”. Perhaps there will be joy? I do not know; “its complicated”.

I do, wish you well; but unless you participate honestly, in the work of investigation and communication we cannot let these be wrong; of saving this world; there really isn’t anything else I can do. THAT IS, your choice; and I cannot make it for you; we, as humanity itself, shall save this world; or let it die. Because enough of you do know: reality proves the truth, our own decision is now critical. There comes a point when; “no more games/ no more experimenting/ no more theories/ no more hiding from reality”. Like it or not, we must move toward LAW SHALL RULE, our world. Men do that with war, but reality proves: that solution has ended, and will only result in extinction. World law is your answer. Or more simply START SOMEWHERE, And BUILD.

YOU ARE in such danger of complete extinction; that I will relent a little, and provide: it is the collapse of that space which grants “dark energy/ pull”; and it is the expansion of that space which grants kinetic energy/ push”. Which causes the question to center its direction; entirely upon what does define a dimensional border, and how does that construct a sequence which enables movement to occur? That is all.

WE ARE dependent upon life and planet. WE ARE dependent upon what nature gives to our bodies and living experience or expression of life. WE ARE dependent upon nature and the elemental relationship we share with food, water, and resource. WE ARE dependent upon the chains of life which provide the sanctuary of our existence. WE ARE dependent upon the balance of energy. WE ARE dependent upon all the realities which keep our bodies and our planet alive; so that we may then decide the greatest decision of our time: which is WHO do you choose to be? Governed by love or hate; we do all make this choice. Either as love or hate/ but if not, then hiding in whatever we surrender our lives to hide or run away from. But the cost of living is dying, and the cost of dying is an eternity awaits. So the people who want no cost to their choices say: “eternity cannot exist”. While the people who are scared say, “I believe eternity will be whatever I want”. While reality says: only truth will decide, while only love can provide mercy; as nothing less survives beyond time. Truth is truth, and the energy of life itself, is not motion but the relationship we share with directing motion (body) by our own “thought decision”. Therefore we are dependent in time, upon two distinct realities: without the body working as is death, there is no motion. But without thought to function as its control; even if the body is technically operating; it has no value. The mind only measures, to operate the machinery of body; thought is a greater process of participation as is evident by conceptions beyond our time; which does include “THE MIRACLES” of life.

Of realities dependent upon time, we are confronted by the decisions which encapsulate our lives into the four finite truths, from which we are born into the identity we inherit from/ or as, our existence.

Those truths are:

  1. whether we will love or hate.
  2. What constructs the desire for life, and why does it have value to you.
  3. Where does hope live in you, and how will you sustain it.
  4. Why is energy important, as it presents the relationship of eternity to what you chose?

We examine love, as a destiny shaped by the home we do wish to create, both within ourselves, and as a family (together we travel, in living life) who shares the destiny we choose to create, by the care we apply to our existence, and theirs. Love is not a sexual act! Love is beyond the disciplines of time, where order balances itself; by conceiving of the truth; we can become as one. Order decides what is love/ respect decides, who has earned our trust.

We examine hate; as the fate which comes “want it or not”/ from the realities of your decision: to use, abuse, violate, tempt, manipulate, control, deceive, betray, terrorize, or in any way discard peace, harmony, and justice; for the life that is “playing, or believing you can be god”. Violence attempts to prove that is so, and war escalates that decision into a descent called chaos. Where law is discarded, so that hate can rule.

We examine desire: as the basis or foundation upon which our lives turn either in the direction of love or hate/ as is, dependent upon your decision alone. That decision creates the path you will take: either into the elements of ascension that conceive of love/ OR the elements of descent, that become the realities of your hate. Therefore it is the decision that matters and directs your life; into the eternity you chose to accept.

We examine decision: as the definition of you, by which your entire identity will become known. Every decision creates another dimension to your identity. Every dimensional trait consumes the boundary of what restrains us from the energies that limit our involvement in that environment. Dimensions form the law, which then isolate and identify what can be called true.

We examine value: by understanding life, is an essence of energy, formed by thought, which confronts the future, by becoming a reality distinctly aligned with life or chaos. Life directs us, into the creation of laws which serve to complete the desire of love; which encapsulates peace, harmony, justice, fair play, equality, and hope as its primary source of purpose. Whereas chaos (the university religion) is at its core the destruction of all boundaries which serve to produce the law, are to be abandoned or destroyed; thereby entering into the maximum energy possible, in order to “play god with life”. Alas CHAOS, does not grant a decision by you; and you who choose it, have entered terror. There is no escape, you chose.

We examine hope: what is life, that we desire it, how do we become an eternal life? Life and desire are focused into what we call “heart” in this time. Therefore as we assist the dimensions of heart in creating a home for our world (which is experience and expression) to exist within. We become the creators of our future, by conceiving of what our eternity could, or would become; if we were allowed to choose it. This elemental struggle to construct a value worth living for; is then consistent with “the law we serve, that conforms too, and identifies our love”. So the question is: having found love, and having assembled the choice to love by the laws which grant that love to exist within the limits and boundaries of where, and how we can survive. The elemental task of serving an eternal life, with our hope; as the value we will add to that existence: turns to soul, as the destiny we do, or must seek. The search for life itself, then begins within the understanding of miracles; and the truth, within that conception, there is “A CREATOR”. The journey of time, then becomes a quest to realize and connect to that Creation, as we begin the path back to our beginning.

We examine energy, as the home within which we must inhabit; as the difference between what is called life/ and what is known to be death. ENERGY creates the basis of life. LIFE creates the basis of energy. BOTH are combined to achieve a living recognized as self; as is the assertion called thought.

So the question of energy is a question of boundaries and limits that are governed by law. Because chaos supports no life, only terrors. As a consequence we know: that our choice for the law to protect us, and truth to sustain us, is limited by the trust we accept is to be valued beyond self. Or more distinctly; we do live, within the dimension of energy as time controls body. Once the body is dead: we are released into that dimension of energy, neither time nor body can control. Therefore we exist beyond self, by the laws which control energy, that we must present as our choice. More significantly: the spiritual realm, supports the confrontation of your thoughts, as the reality of your truths invade the question that is your heart. These are dimensional cavities constructed by your truth, in the assembling of your eternity.

So the question begins: what is a dimension? The answer is: a dimension identifies the limits and boundaries of what you chose/ and unless your ability to control thought exceeds the laws which construct that dimension: it is, there that you shall stay. Once you pass through the door; only your own truth, by the critical relationships we share with thought, can allow you to escape. Eternity itself, is not functionally a dimension/ but exists more distinctly as a law. Obey the law, and life goes on. Deny the law, and energy in the chaos you created; will destroy you. Making your decision, “the life or death, of your eternity”.

The three sorcerers: want (foundation of lies)/ pride (turning life, into a game) / and power (I can make you cry, or play god with your life)”: will determine your future in death/ just as they do in time. If they control you, your fate is limited to “dispersal; the evacuation/ end, of all that is life. MERCY; the reliance upon what is love within you to construct an alternative to eternal life; which is to enter the environment of those who are like you; and remain there until you decide to end living. HADES; the demand for war is answered, and you lose”.

I tell you true: DISCARD, “want/ pride/ and power”; returning to truth, love, and respect!

Sorcerer means: an action or reaction, that forces you to focus on “one single thing”; by blinding you to the rest of the world; requiring a decision, that you must then make. An action or reaction means the result of energy; which asks the question: IS there some degree of life within energy? The answer is yes, but it is limited, and bound by the chains of reality. YOUR want, adds the lies/ YOUR pride demands winner or loser/ YOUR thirst for power gives the freedom, to interfere with you.

I suppose; let us conceptualize force/ the body of reality, which then shapes the existence of energy, as is, the realization a force exists.

We therefore know, that energy itself, is a state of existence/ rather than a force within itself. It is the consequence, rather than the decision to move in one direction or the other. As such action and reaction are simultaneous examples of what exists within the energy expressed. OR, more distinctly, the conception of a body of force; proceeds the description of energy in motion. Therefore the potential of force is realized when energy flows. That brings us to a mass, that does have the potential called energy; but without a decision/ or a consequence; to release the force; no energy will be exerted. Human body existence is built upon the same mechanisms then, as are time and its relationship to the laws of energy. Human life existence is built upon the force which inhabits the potential that is movement chosen by you. Life gives us the potential to release energy as motion/ death proves we have no opportunity or potential now, to release that energy in time; as is called death. So the question is: “did we use all the entire force, of our existence up? IS it all gone, and that is why we die?” The answer is no; instead your option to use the force to produce a decision for motion; is no longer yours to choose.

So the question is: WHY, was our option to make a decision for living in time, taken away? While that is a theological question, which isolates and creates a cause; based upon what we do know. Reality proves: that has no meaning whatsoever here, and is discarded. Because the only truth that matters is: death is real/ and your time on earth has ended. Constructing the question: EVEN if we no longer hold the decision to move, within ourselves! Is life, the recognition of an option to exist, within the basis force, or formations of thought (as a decision reveals); still alive/ even if time for us, is not? The critical question is: DOES LIFE exist as motion/ OR, does LIFE EXIST as thought, the recognition of existence? Motion confronts time as a measurement of distance/ life does not. Life only recognizes existence as a reality called truth. Therefore truth constructs life, and life responds to truth; within the basis of law.


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