theology speaks


And the people say: “what could he know”/ the university is god. But as with all things you trust, liars/ thieves/ cheats/ traitors/ terrorists and more are all sneaking in from every side to corrupt what you believe into what they can control. Simple things which are in error, yet accepted are primary targets; such as E=MCsq. Einsteins formula. Which states that mass times speed “as a constant Csq, equals energy. But mass times speed is the formula for kinetic energy, without a constant; but same formula.

Energy is not the result of movement, but why it moves: a very different reality that produces force, rather than uses force. Nonetheless, they gamble your world on the notion that given enough speed; an energy will be released beyond anything ever seen on earth; “just like the sun”. But they say: with pure fantasies, and nothing more; that the sun works by their delusions and claims of an element which does not exist: instead of the truth which is, the sun burns as a nuclear fire, and nothing more or less. But because atoms are the fuel source; igniting atoms on fire, on a planet made out of fuel: is to demand this earth becomes a sun. The universities say as well: that they need NOT worry about the consequences, because even if it is a nuclear fire, there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will extinguish itself. While I remind them; the foundation of an atom is energy contained and balanced to sustain itself; as is the energy does not escape without cause. In order to balance an outward energy as seen in the atomic bomb/ THERE MUST be an inward “dark energy” retaining that opposing force by balancing the energies as one. The solar gravity is due to the nuclear fire releasing that bond. While the energy of an atom is contained in its nucleus spin; at speeds beyond light.

AS to life and death; when we construct the conclusion of why does energy exist at all/ or more distinctly, what is force: the critical question is recognized by the following. What happens when an immovable object is struck by an unstoppable object, traveling at any speed you desire? While our common knowledge asserts: one or both will explode, stress fracture, elastic collisions, or heat released; are all fundamentals of order, disciplined response, or balanced construction of atoms in motion. But if there were no atoms/ then there would be no result as assembled by the reality of atoms. Which does give us an immovable object/ which can encounter an unstoppable one. There is no conservation of energy; which is the result of atomic order; because there is no order. Neither in the blackness of space, a pre-big bang conception; is there discipline or balance; but the components required for both do exist: or this universe cannot result. So the question is: what constructs “the black”(can’t see through it) will become mass/ and what constructs the energy will be the result of convection: temperature movement based upon attraction of heat versus cold/ even in minor degrees. ANY MOVEMENT, in a volume of space, that constructs the consequence of an immovable object, encountering an unstoppable force. Piles it all together in just one accumulation of objects. Whereas that movement either pushing or pulling of alternate materials must continue on, because it is directional stability; or more easily understood as “the invisible wind of elemental space”. That energy is contained within the shape of its directional dimension. Your existence beyond death, is dependent upon that definition of where can life continue to exist. The objects stop, like your body; because they cannot transfer the energy, but combine into primal (unorganized, by thought) mass instead. While the invisible wind, cannot stop, because like a sieve; it finds a way through the accumulation of mass, to continue on its own: extreme speed (refocused/ reformed, energy), finds a way. But once dislodged from the particle of material it had carried: there is no physical connection, to be identified with; and it becomes the basis of energy itself.

Or more distinctly; as is consistent with a black hole: the energy being taken in, is dislodged from organized mass, and functionally remains compressed like a gas; until an escape crevasse exists; as does occur whenever another form of planetary mass has collided with the black hole. At the center point of that black hole, this energy gathers; until its force is so extreme; a pulse of energy (pulsar) can escape. There is a difference between primordial energy, and organized energy as is today; but not in the cause of energy itself.

In terms of life: where the foundation of existence is not ultimately, a mass; but an energy to be controlled. The critical equation then becomes: what is, and what is the process, or potential of thought?

While you may in fact believe anything you want. You cannot escape a nuclear fire once it is ignited: this planet is made out of fuel. NO GOING BACK. The speed of light squared: is simply “take two flashlights; turn on and let them face each other: at the intersection of those beams; where they meet”; light is interfering with an opposing light, or is squared. Not energy formed.

NO, the physics/ university world does NOT like my “constructions of intelligence”; as that acceptance, “would put them out of business”/ ending their power, pride, arrogance accepted, and control of money, people, and trophies/ trinkets/ and toys. Same is true of genetics: mutilating nature into chaos, as is what they do/ IS a coffin to life; and they don’t want to hear it. Nor is the reality of failure identified by the evidence sustained in truth, accepted: because it denies, and destroys their claimed right to continue as a cult and its worshipers; who claim, the concept of; to be “the superior ones”. As is the evidence of a cult, and its propaganda teams communicating: “demanding NEVER question your leaders/ they are too smart, for you”. But like male leaders of every kind; which simply take control by power over you: they then DO turn to war; when that power is questioned. To prove superiority with violence: to prove, NEVER question your leaders/  rather than obey the laws of justice and fair play: which would convict them.

When the cult no longer “simply believes in their leaders”/ the organization itself dies; and reality takes control, reviewing and investigating what else did we believe that was wrong? Beginning the discussion of what we now need to do; to survive the cost of what has already been done. Media fails so extensively as well: because they have “welded themselves” to the university alone has a brain: effectively creating the cult, for “university plays god”, and its followers. Consequently they too would lose their control; and instead of believing begin to assess the true and critical damage to life and world as a relationship to their future.

NO, that does not make me superior; but the basis of knowledge needed to resurrect this living world from the clutches of HELL AND HORRRORS; is absolutely required for this earth to survive. Although taught in an endless introduction to all things required to be learn, in order to identify truth by its reality: I cannot truly say, where the critical understanding comes from. Like me, it simply exists.

Time is, how we shape our destiny into the future; as a relationship to being alive beyond the definitions of body. While body measures and refines the distinctions of truth / life surrounds us with the conceptions of thought, that in turn create the essence of being alive. Without thought, the body is nothing “even if perfect”. Thought gives life its meaning, while energy gives life its motion to be free. But there is no happiness without love, and that means literally: unless we choose that freely, we can never attain the value called being ALIVE.

The world says; “I won’t care about nothing/ but body and time”/ as is animal, “just like the rest”. But life says: in a world filled with miracles of existence, created by love shaping the truth of being more than we need to be: our hope as living examples of that Creation, is beyond being human. To escape death, by completing the value of love as formed by heart. To construct the exit beyond death: requires soul, an honest and true relationship with your Creator. To conceive of eternity, we must include energy as our environmental crutch; as nothing is truly free, and nobody gets absolutely everything they could want. So we leave want behind, and accept what truth will allow. Truth remembers: that energy transforms itself, rather than simply dies/ unless it dissipates into nothing can be completed or formed, with this. Therefore gone. However energy does transform itself, into a myriad of things; that do have value and purpose beyond “self”. Therefore we seek in that destiny, the active relationship with love, that thought can bring into our lives; through the existence of what we value as trust in desire, the building of hope. Every purpose beyond time must be pure, or it will fail; because energy as is consistent with the creation of dimension; does not accept lies. It is, what it is.

So we do ask the question: what is thought, that it can be life? Shaped by love into being ALIVE?

The answer is: the energy dimension forming a distinct body of life beyond time/ which is transformed by our own decisions into the love that is our own essence conceived as, “I AM, alive”. Thought is a freedom, governed by hope; shared by desire; and completed by trust in truth. Anything less is “intellectual”/ and of very little value.


There is no greater treason, than those who destroy or gamble with the future of life or planet. There is no greater terrorist, than those who intentionally inject chaos into nature; or attempt to burn every life with fire on earth. There is no greater thief, than those who counterfeit and in-debt an entire nation; reducing their securities to nothing is left. There is no greater fraud, than those who claim “we know”/ but fail the test of truth, as the evidence does prove. There is no greater cheat, than those who indoctrinate and control the children; deliberately causing them to fail life, and even eternity. There is no greater manipulator for evil, than those who scar the earth with fantasies and lies/ the delusions of people who play god.

Destiny forms in the valley between “heart and soul”. Fate dies in the abyss of hate and destruction. The difference is desire, and the direction you choose with your time as life.

So the question is: how does RESPECT identify, where you belong? Answer: respect is like a vehicle that transports life to life/ and death to death.

So the question is: if life is a description of energy, rather than body or its chemistry/ then HOW, does that energy remain as a composite, that is “the shape of life”? Answer: the effect of energy in motion is to push or pull; as a consequence known by time. But the energy itself, is a reality balanced between an action and a reaction with order. Let us consider this sustainable energy; by example: as a rock in time; with massive potential energy, locked by time into a single position without movement. The sun burns that energy out of the rock, by attacking its order/ throwing it out of balance/ unable to sustain discipline: the spin energy of atoms bashes into other atoms, and a frictional effect called heat and radiation result. Or more distinctly in terms of a life: even though you cannot see the release of energy, you can see and feel, the effect. Conception allows us to interpret that with cause and effect. Energy contained by order, can be released with discipline by laws governing that order. So the question is: HOW dies discipline exist with the balance of life governing that law; to reveal a living organism? Thought enters here, as the basis of life itself; but the discussion stops here, and will not extend.

Your university gods will contend; you have not proved anything; its all theory. But they also contend evolution is the god of life; by chaos/ without a brain at all. As is consistent with those who picked up a pebble, and claim the mountain in front of them is next; “no problem at all”.

Reality knows: life is about the energy/ and life understands without thought existence does not expand into living. Energy knows: that the only possibility of atomic energy as is known by an atomic explosion; is to hold that physical energy by spin within the proton of the atom itself; at truly immense speed. Therefore we do know; that the sun burns an atom for fuel, by stripping it of the neutron; so the proton can bump into other protons thereby releasing heat and extreme radiation.

WHO is more correct: your gods of evolution, trying to ignite the atoms of an entire planet made out of fuel? OR the realities known to exist by their own truth of law.

I DID do, my job which was to present this human world with the message: either you will change NOW, or you will go extinct and be lost as a world forever.

I DID provide you the education required to change that reality of decision: which simply follows “leaders”/ to remind you as a world: this is no game, and you must not follow anymore. Because the evidence proves; your leaders failed life and planet.

I DID present information, beyond the limits and boundaries of your own experience or expectations; as was provided to me. Although “same as all the rest”; my life has been different, because I searched for whatever I could find; to fight for this world of life, so that it would not die; by the cost of humans who have no respect.

YOU ARE, now required by the illumination of evidence/ the conception of thought: to understand, no matter what you believe. The reality of our time, as is the edge of extinction itself: REQUIRES HUMAN INTERVENTION. Human is the threat/ human is the solution: WORLD TRIAL of the REAL WORLD evidence: UNLIKE covid; where media owns your brain. But with truth sustained with a search, and a need: that understands the cost of being wrong. Which demands we must learn what the consequences of being WRONG, truly are: to save ourselves. No game exists/ only reality. Information created and aligned with knowledge defined. So that as a world of living “human, best we can do”; truth decides: we may make the choices which will save this world, and all future lives, and nature; as may arrive upon it. Apathy as did bring you here by wants; is a threat. Love as is the basis for life beyond self; is service to our living world, as is needed to survive. The failure to choose for life and living; will become your extinction. NOT, because I say so; but because the evidence will prove that is true. I HAVE generated enough information to prove: your choice, or failure to choose; has consequences, either way.

Theology speaks: the distance between life and death and eternity. The animals cannot hear, as truth is beyond their realm of existence.

Which does mean, that truth is an elemental search, a journey beyond self, into the grace of being alive in the meanings of life itself.

That cost, is why humanity fails; as the common human wants only “life should be free/ or let me pay one penny, to claim the pride of saying; I am god of me”. Pride is a terrible thing, making life itself into a game; of predator and prey/ winner and loser/ judgment or revenge.

The critical price of life is: that what is true of you, becomes your fate, as the abyss of want seals you in with power/ or your destiny, as the ascension of purity in desire, gives rise to love; as soul binds us to eternity as life itself.

Want (the basis of all lies), pride (demanding life is a game/ and I am superior), and power (I own the curse: fear or hate; used against you). Are the three sorcerers which cause humanity to remain as animals/ instead of being alive in the discipline, order, and balance of truth constructed by respect.

So we ask the question, WHY: should life not be simple, and easy, and without conflict, hate, or need? The answer replies: this time is an incubator, formed as the crucible for many; that divides those who can become eternal, from those who cannot. Thereby giving to each one that arises as human; the opportunity “to do their best”, for life and love/ or, to burden themselves with choices that cannot survive; by their own decision. Establishing the reality; you will “judge yourself”.

Here we separate and divide, the concept of life itself: as a question presented by, the living body/ or a distinction of soul, which lives for the purposes of a life beyond time.

The living body shapes our time, by the values we submit to be: are the reasons we choose to live. Every life of time, is a body granted by the choices humans have made; or been forced to accept; because free will is a participant in your own decision shall decide. Therefore the question of WHY did I not get the same as the others/ or as this one did: functionally returns as, these are the choices of your ancestors, in their fight to survive and enjoy living. Some were raped/ some were bought/ some were diseased/ some suffered catastrophe’s/ some starved, and some simply threw away life and living because they knew not how to deal with reality. Nonetheless, free will and the kaleidoscope of genetic chances; grant individuality, as it is/ not by a choice you would have made. Literally making all lives equal: your choice, did not matter. Your gifts, had nothing to do with you.

So we then turn to soul, and question: if life so simple as the results have nothing to do with me? Obviously no! Because the concept of thought enters inside as the primary elevation or descent of purpose and desire; which drives both life and living forward into what we will chose for our time/ or eternity. So the question is: WHAT, does soul truly mean? The fundamental answer: it is your relationship with Creation/ and thereby GOD . But given that, we do recognize; very few earn or want these things, and turn away. So the question changes into: WHAT bridges the gap, between being human animals/ and being human alive, shaped by truth and respect?

The answer is heart: which means to shape ourselves, by the direction of our own desire. To assemble what has value. To choose duty, honor, courage, hope, discipline, order, balance, purpose, and desire; as best we can. To construct the discovery of life, by elevating love. To conceive of love, as the basis from which we get home; and the essence of family as change invades life and living to separate us as the heart we have earned. Heart then comes to mean: as I have given rise to “myself”/ I have chosen to cherish, the value of love, as has been my gift. The creation of myself, and the destiny I have shared; because I chose to care. In all these “I’s”; the critical truth is: whereas heart shapes “I”/ we also shape heart; and the balance of what has been created will be determined by those who give, or gave back. Because love is a potential, that lives within the decisions we choose to share. Therefrom life knows, “we fight and love, as if one heart” guides and lifts and lives, within us both.

People will argue: THAT cannot be, because none are valued so much as to be worthy of that/ and those who have tried, only learned how to cry.

The critical truth is: such is the reality of most lives called human/ because want, pride, and power intervene, and cause greed, selfishness, violence, and hate to rule over life instead of love. But life itself has no such barriers to love; it is what it is. When finding truth by love, the value of living by truth and respect, will ascend into the creation of heart and soul, in you. That is your choice, but it does demand courage, or you will fail.

So we ask of life itself: are only the very best of being human alive, in love, truth, and trust; worthy of “eternity”?

Life answers: within the miracles of this planet, and all the lives within its grip/ is the reality of love did this, by the realities of thought. As is so distinctly proven by the evidence of complexity/ granting to none, the curse of evolution; as is lies/ liar/ and hate.

Here we divide as truth or lie! Because if you cannot know the value of being alive, in a relationship purely and distinctly the result of decisions made; which benefit you greatly. Then you will fall into the trap of intellectual fools, who train you to be the slaves of their cult.

The curse of the dead has invaded this world; as evolution leads you to mutilate, and destroy; life, as is genetic nature itself. Making this humanity; by its leadership of this time; the worst of the worst of the worst who have ever been in time. When asking the question who leads: the answer always returns to “universities play god”. As the evidence does prove: their decisions destroy life, and remove the possibility of survival itself.

Therefore we discard the foolish, the dead skeletons (a framework of life, cannibalized)/ the nightmare of failure, that is a university playing god! Turning only to those who remain among the living; as is with respect and value for the miracles life and planet truly are.

We then begin:

To conceive of life, we must accept the distance between life and living/ versus the elemental definitions of “a rock”. Even though both are recognized as an existence; they are not the same. Therefore existence is a reality, that may or may not be alive. That foundation recognizes how much more valuable you are; than what existence itself, could be. We then construct the question: DOES a rock, know it exists? Answer: time is the balancing of energies/ the critical quest to achieve stability and order, in the disciplines of what law can prove. Therefrom we do construct; an elemental existence, where energy by the definitions of time, action and reaction; will decide fate.

But the question extends: IS there knowledge in the construction of energy as time? Which does illuminate an alternate conception: which is the construction of energy itself/ because discipline demands a relationship (+/-) must form, before an action or reaction will take place. We now begin: to form the basis of energy, as is NOT “e=mc,sq which is merely the formula for kinetic energy with speed as a constant. But energy as it exists, instead of energy as a result of motion or the potential of motion. More distinctly: what causes motion, that does not already exist? The answer to that is expansion or contraction; the force applied, “to make this bigger/ or smaller”, than it is.

The critical conception of force, is then vastly elemental, to the existence of time; and the relationships we share as time in existence. So we do start on an atomic basis; throughout this universe, as an existence; same. But the force of expansion and contraction conceives of the laws which make them possible; and realities shift in order, as energy allows. Without the truth of balance; the disciplines required to achieve it: nothing survives. Therefore truth identifies the essence of knowledge, and constructs the path most significant; in how to attain that knowledge within yourself.

More is not for you.

We then turn, into the decisions of humanity.

Critical to the discussion of what a human existence can do: is want! Want relays the decision, “that I” want to do something other than what reality itself, intends to do/ thereby I take control over the laws which govern this participation in time, by the various forces being involved to assume, “that I” can do better/ and get more for me/ or even for you; by enforcing “my will”.

This is the basic division between: desire (respect, as truth allows; gives me benefits, I cherish)/ and want (by my own will, I make my life better/ demanding the benefits I then cherish as MINE: WINNER). So we divide again; to form pride in the demonstration of want; that is, “I” make the decisions here. Instead of law and reality define what we can inherit as the desire which shapes, our future. Pride establishes: I AM the person in charge/ I am, the superior one, who can change the direction of laws and reality; to serve me better. The consequence of those actions however present the reactions, which a change in the direction of law will produce. The end result is: when you fail, as most pride does in one form or another/ power will rise as the answer to your problems now. Proving I AM, the superior one by enforcing you will pay, instead of me.

In contrast to the cost of want, pride, and power/ desire is considered to be a failure, because it does not give to me what I want/ right now. To enforce “right now”; lies form, plots are created, planning exists to establish the traps needed to change reality; and power conceives of taking “the easy way” out; or to get what you want.

In opposition to the claims of want, pride, and power is the reality of law builds our future; by establishing what truth will cultivate by respect, into the building blocks which form peace into harmony/ and life into love builds a home. The evidence of want over time is war. The evidence of love over time, is family. But family is not always “what we want our lives, or relationships to be”/ the consequence is: “we want what we want”/ therefore we will make decisions to get what we want, for ourselves. Desire however constructs love as a building process, which cannot be overrun with want. Therefore to change the process of building a home/ into the process for getting whatever you want: is to destroy the path of value/ in exchange for the road, so common to all animals; which is want, and want alone. So love is abandoned, and isolation results.

lets turn the page, and conceive of life itself, rather than humanity involved.

Critical to every experience or expression is energy; the cost and consequence of movement is vital to the understanding of life in time. But the question is: HOW important is energy to the essence of life itself? Does life exist, without the construction of energy is involved? The answer is no, it does not. Therefore energy expressed; is the shape of movement which results in life. But life is, the construction of an environment, wherein energy is controlled, and reshaped as a decision enabled by that control. This requires thought, as nothing less will do. Here the intellectual will cry; “an action or reaction/ chemistry damn it”. But these are not decisions, and they do not enable a direction other than that allowed by laws governing the expression of that energy: not you. Therefore we arrive at the destiny of a decision, that is called “you”.

YOU exist, as a relationship formed from truth and its consequences which will then govern your life in time. So the question is: IF truth and its consequences govern me/ THEN how am I free to be whatever I want to be? Life says: your decision initiates what will become your truth. Therefrom the consequences which you have chosen to be established; are the realities of your life. That is mediated and transformed into the compilation of what living is: by those surrounding us, who make their own decisions too. The cost of that is: hate arrives. But the blessing of that is: love is identified as well. Creating the two unique directions, that are then your decision to follow. They DO NOT travel the same path/ nor do they result in the same kind of life or destiny. It is YOUR CHOICE, which direction you will take. The consequences of love or hate, are only influenced by survival as compensating for your choice. Therefore mercy visits those; who had to choose between, “life or death”; by disrupting the law. Mercy is a distinction of “without judgment”.

So we come to judgment; as a valid reference to the quest: WHAT must we understand, about living this life/ and its inevitable death, ending time?

More distinctly: who can survive, the life they built, as their own identity? More distinctly: how do we know, although time ends/ if life, as the energy we control as our reference, to living itself: can go on?

Theology recognizes: we did not build ourselves/ nor did we harness the power of energy, to sustain our lives or our living or our direction in time, as formed by the substance of our thought. Thought controls energy by its formation as an environment of our existence. Or more simply “our lives exist as energy driven by thought”. Thought is its substance of merit/ while energy exists as a creation which houses that merit; as a base level, or fundamental definition of what force can do or sustain. The energy is elemental to survival/ but it is thought which translates energy into life. Therefore life is thought, while living is the importance of energy to that thought.

The consequence of this is: a dead body represents time, not life/ therefore it is “just a carcass, to be regenerated”. Chemicals are not found in the energy of life: that would make us dependent upon time itself; as is our relationship with atoms.

So the question is: HOW do we experience the energy of life/rather or in addition to the energies which establish time? Are they not joined together as a human body? Indeed they are. But the energy of life forms before the energies of motion are set into place. Granting the experience and expressions of time, are found in conjunction with the force which produces that energy. Or, more simply: the quest of living is to search for the creation of that force, which then gave to energy as motion, a foundation for humanity.

What is human? “more than any other living thing”/ a human exists within soul. Soul is a connection to our Creator; that we must search for in order to receive it. Or more distinctly, the ascension of thought as is the distinction of life; remains connected by the essence of Creation/ to that one, who gave us LIFE ITSELF. OUR CREATOR/ or OUR GOD; if you prefer. It is literally that connection in thought, which grants the force of energy which gives us a life formed by choice. The opportunity to return to its originator; as a guest in HIS HOUSE. Human Death, is the return of that energy, to its Creator/ if allowed. The spiritual world (the elevation of truth/ the choices of you) decides that destiny/ or reshapes your fate, to what you chose.

Why is that so? The answer is: while the human body is based upon chance and choices, as nature allows. The human soul is a gift, to each one, that allows your body to inform your life; of the consequences you chose. That elemental gift, shapes your own decisions for truth and love/ or hate and violence.

Enough for now.

With exception too: NO religious rule/ NO religious claim/ NO religious group/ NO religious icon/ NO claim of “gods child”/ NO claim of perfection or money or lack of it/ NO assertion of a right will save you from yourself. YOU are the judge of you/ and by the truth of your own life; eternity as love/ eternity as hate/ or simple dissipation into nothing is determined by you. As is the foundation of real life freedom to choose.

That does not mean the disciplines of religion cannot help you/ they can, when you need to restart or rebuild your life. As to the claim of biblical: JESUS IS your savior”. The reality of that statement is: in a time of love collapsing due to men/ JESUS did come and prove the difference between love and hate: that then did change this world. Reviving the reality of life is a choice; you will make/ “instead of them”. JESUS is also the guarantor, by HIS LIFE; that we are not “simply created, & forgotten”. The possibilities of life beyond time are distinct, as miracles prove true. Elevating the acceptance: everything we see, is a reality of the love which created us all.

IT IS, fair to warn you, the spiritual world cannot be bribed, or lied too, or turned into a game, or any other form of human behavior that is not consistent with value, truth, or respect. Those who try, are found begging/ pleading, in poverty and are lost; “it is a huge crowd”. Be aware: YOU CANNOT help them; they chose want, an abyss, they could not escape/ they chose pride; but life is not a game, and they lost truth/ the chose power, in a world owned by GOD “. Move on, or they will suck out your life, and leave you empty. Failing to go: INTO your own future: they made their choice, and you are not their savior! You, KNOW your own truth; you cannot escape it; simple as that/ truth will be told. The cost: truth is truth, it cannot be changed; regardless if you want it to be or not/ truth is simply what truth is; unless mercy allows time to cover it up, with choices that are pure enough to present forgiveness.

The greatest sin possible: is to destroy a life, that did or would have belonged to GOD in eternity. By destroying that love, you earn an eternity in HADES; basically conceived as “living in the fire of the sun/ terrors beyond your belief or even acceptance”; forever. All other sin is gauged according to the damage you have done. If your only contribution to life was as an animal; as an animal you will disappear from this world/ from life; vanished “into thin air” so to speak. MERCY is an alternate venue: NOT a participant in GOD’S WORLD! But delegated to those who are like you; who based their lives upon some degree of love, that did have a value; at least to some. The greater the degree of “corruption”/ the greater the distance from the purity of GOD.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody is judged or loved due to intellect or its lack of. Nobody is judged due to body; that is only relevant to time, not to eternity; so it matters very little. LOVE as best you can; because the reality of eternity is built upon the peace and harmony of those who live as one. Purity is best, but it will not be found here. Never judge, let the law be justified and fair; so that life can be found as precious, for all.

And the people say: YOU, can’t tell us nothing/ because you are a nobody. IF you were somebody; THEN, you would be called “great”/ and everything and everyone would listen: you are nobody.

And yet, the greatest testimony of love ever told: began as a baby/ was established by going to the small towns and outlying villages to avoid the murderers. And had to die, before the undeniable proof of “hate versus love” would be fully known. Requiring those who were participants in his life: to communicate that message of truth, and eternity.

I am “nobody (same as the rest)”; and feel no need to be more to you! That is not my job. My job was to create the message of: Change humanity/ or life on earth will go extinct. Every other door was closed; leaving only this one/ which I used as best I could. But in contrast to that; I have become, what I would describe as, “I just don’t know”. The spiritual world of female, has control; nope, just don’t know why or what now, or how eternity has changed for me. Just don’t know. Regardless, I did “my job”.

YES, I KNOW; that is just fuel for the fire, “to burn me out of existence”(we don’t have to believe anything)/ IF, I were to “become somebody”. Because you; as a vast majority; don’t want to know anything beyond, “we want what we want; give us what we want”. That fact is not my decision: I am required to “begin the separation”.

But I am not here for you! Simple as that; my only concern are those who love, respect, and honor truth enough, to become participants in eternity as a foundation built on the purity as best we can: of love, truth, trust, and respect; will allow. Their decision, to conceive of life itself/ rather than time as an animal; is entirely their decision. Not mine or yours. Stay away from those who belong to the GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE; as reality does explain to you; “kill or damage one of those”/ and you will truly wish you had never been born. THEIR decision has nothing to do with you; leave them alone. Play only with the “human animals”, and you will remain safe from HADES.

And the people say: YOU, know nothing!

But let’s review: YOUR UNIVERSITIES, are mutilating all of nature/ mutilating your entire food supply: YOUR FORMER CLASSMATES, ALL CLAIMING A DIPLOMA MAKES THEM “gods”/ and ‘THE universities KNOW; EVERYTHING.  YET reality proves:  dumping trillions of tons of poison on the ground, in around above and below the water supplies/ 8 billion people or more; who all want endlessly/ destroying every resource, sacrificing every child/ global warming, far worse than you can imagine/ ozone loss/ CERN deliberately destroying atomic order and balance/ people trying to ignite a nuclear fire; and lying as much as they can; so as not to allow you to spoil their game [to be gods who prove they can play with the same energy released by the sun]/ endless counterfeiting of currency (across the globe by quadrillions), lies, deceit, bribery, corruption, collusion, conspiracy to deny reality and its truth/ weapons of mass destruction/ collapse of all ocean life/ destruction of every chain we depend upon for our survival/ elimination of all habitat/ the atmosphere WILL detach from the planet, and not a tree around to hold it back/ greenhouse gases overtaking life/ ozone loss will add to the endless radiation produced by men; and your skin will die/ altering disease and the release of biological weapons as is covid/ claims of vaccine, which will mutilate you. Endless chemical concoctions, which brings endless medical visits/ which produce only slavery. And more. But you refuse to know any of it, or change; so who is insane now? Me, or you?

NO, I AIN’T YOUR SAVIOR! As from the beginning, “I am a messenger”. Bringing the message: if you won’t change yourselves, and accept the limits and boundaries which protect life and planet, it keeps you alive/ justice and fair play, keep you from war/ reality and the evidence decide; because anything less is want; and want is the basis of every lie. Pride reduces life to a game. And power simply demands to make you cry; or it is law, enforced to build life into a future. NONE of these things are a game. CHANGE OR DIE, is your last warning; because the evidence proves your time on earth, now “hangs on a thread”. As EVERYTHING the universities have changed; now comes with cost. AS the reality of their claim, “we are gods”/ becomes the reality you cannot escape.

And all the USA people say: “NOT in my lifetime/ I don’t want it;  I WANT WHAT I WANT”. As ignorance and the refusal to accept ANY duty/ while drowning in greed, selfishness, and apathy continue the insurgency against an entire nation. While letting nearly every property title, be thrown away to foreigners, liars, traitors, thieves, terrorists, and  more. Robbing the young of their future; while you hold endless numbers that have no meaning other than the fantasy of your delusions. to your shame!


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