all life


The destitute share a single sentiment: “this is hell”/ but they are wrong; as the invasion of “university knows/ university plays god” produces the real thing. The destruction of order/ balance/ and discipline; by the removal of all respect for life, planet, and GOD our CREATOR. In exchange for your worship of universities; they grant to you Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ Apocalypse (war beyond your imagination)/ Hades (eternal torment, as you asked for WAR, with GOD )/ AND every other prophecy of a failed world due to arrogance, apathy, fantasy, delusion, failure, fool, liar, cheat, thief, traitor, terrorist, devil worshipers, and even Satan (destroyer of this world). As reality proves: last chance to change the future of what universities did do, with the aid of every cult worshiper they cultivated from child. To your shame.

There is hope: CHANGE YOURSELVES, AND IDENTIFY YOURSELVES AS FIGHTING FOR LIFE AND WORLD; BY UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS TRUE/ BY ACKNOWLEDGING THE COST OF BEING WRONG. Do it in a world court investigation of the facts; without altering the evidence; show everything/ anything that is constructed by what is true. Because less will not convince a cult; that they are/ their leader is wrong. After all, believers are believers; and all they need is whatever they want to believe is their truth. Reality be damned.

Truth survives even into eternity; because it cannot be changed, it is, whatever it is! Simple as that. Time grants that we may change our truth; until dead; when it is “set in stone” so to speak.

I have written for you this foundation for a new beginning. Believe it or not: the spiritual woman who joined me, even more so; than as I joined her. Has participated in that new beginning, to create foundations upon which you can survive: by understanding what is true, and letting truth itself decide. Believe nothing, as belief is only want; and want is the foundation of every lie. Instead have FAITH IN THE TRUTH, and let that search lead you into the identity of both heart & your soul: where love truly begins. Hope allows for world law, instead of life ending war. Hope allows for “the animal herd of universities formed this”; to end. Hope creates the substance by which miracles return to “OUR CREATOR” did this; because we know, the level of thought in true evidence here by those miracles; are more than anything on this earth could have done. Without doubt or question; never an accident, and certainly not chaos (as that means to reduce whatever exists to its most simple form) a living body of anything, is MORE than that. And you know that to be true.

As to me, I literally am a messenger; delivering the message, without true change; this world will soon be extinct; change or die.

As for the spiritual woman who joined me in this elevation from destitution back to life: she is in control of me/ but never tells me what she is going to do. With or without my consent; its complicated, and strictly for female/ not for male. I guess that is why I cannot know; but only a guess. The end result is: I asked “female existence in eternity” for help (men will only turn to war, as history proves true, that is their answer)/ and this is what I received, from female“; for the sake of female on earth. I really have no clue, what that will mean to me; other than she continually pushes me into the female world. And I have no choice/ that is not complicated: it is just the demand to change (more, than I ever conceived of possible or desired).  BUT, like all of humanity:  “life itself, as well as living” has changed reality. YOU face a world that cannot survive by the changes universities have made; YOU WILL be extinct or change.  I on the other end of life, spiritually live in a female dimension; as my own new reality/ and she lives in this dimension of time, through me. We are “welded together”; and must find balance or true change.  That is complicated.  And the world says: “he is nuts/ cannot be”! So I say to the world of humanity:   your life, and your body, and your world, is a pure gift to you/ none of which you created on your own, as “nature provides” all possibilities. YOU know not, what is beyond that gift. Instead, you believe in fools and their religion such as evolution to your shame. As for me, I have searched for truth, beyond self; and found an education.

As for female on earth: it means you must rise to fight for this world with law; or you will be consumed from it, by the collapse of everything living on earth. Not really a hard choice; but you are glued down, by cult worship; and must choose between life or death; by standing up, for all that is true. Fight in a courtroom; to prove as best we can: what is the price of being wrong. The reality of the evidence, as best we can: regarding every threat of our own extinction. Or you fail life and earth! Simple as that.

In case, you don’t know: WAR IS, let us discard all forms of law and justice; so that we can simply take whatever we want by force or chaos. Destroying those we take it from, so they cannot seek revenge, or enforcing all forms of slavery; to insure they cannot take it back later. THEN, we will have MORE for ourselves.

LAW IS: you cannot do any of that, because it is not fair, to life or world. The foundation of peace and harmony: is justice. Never war. But the end result of “rats and vermin” among us is: when threatened with realities that harm us all, we truly must defend ourselves.

WAR begins; because leaders hide their failure in war/ and society goes along, because they know; their own future is bleak. So instead of changing: a few murderers inflict force to create chaos/ and both fear & revenge take over.

LAW STOPS WAR; when the reality of “a soldiers bill of rights”; that establish, we the people have chosen and supported; the military as our defense. Rather than at the whim or discretion of a leader; to command whatever he or she will want; to cover over their truth. To create that: every soldier NEEDS the legal right to refuse “going over the line” to attack/ rather than defend. While that is the simplistic truth of society. The reality requires: “you” shall protect the soldiers who do not attack you/ and their families; granting what is needed. Until reality shifts to describe justice for all. Insuring: retaliation shall be met, “with you on trial” enforced by a world of nations, who made this choice.

THE CRITICAL CONCLUSION: either stop the war/ or you are at war with us all: NOBODY is likely to win. YES, there are weapons of mass destruction/ and endless insanity. Now or never, because they will be released if you do not! Because, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY; men are men. Inform the military of every nation: RELEASE NOTHING. Because this world is about to change, for life/ NOT war. So says the world.

Life is a destiny, shaped by the values we hold most dear. Eternity is an energy contained and created by thought; which holds true to your own chosen identity of life itself. Love and hate are separated into; the same distinction as is “life, as love or death by chaos”. Discipline states: order must align with the truth of your desire/ balanced by its purpose, to become the home you chose for yourself. The creation of family is defined by your love; as is the essence of eternity itself. As for me: life is not about “male or female”, but the eloquence of truth in love, as only trust can define. Therefore life is not “a playground”, but a decision. My decision is simple: this world and all its life, are too precious to lose, without a fight, as best I can. That was rewarded with “help”/ even though it took a turn completely unexpected; the value of that help was absolutely necessary. And the purpose of that help has always been true, to the decision; “we” will not lose this world to anything less than the best we could do. It is, “her turn to try”; to find a key beyond your greed, fantasies, and apathy; which will open the door to RESPECT. As is inherent, in every MIRACLE that is life and earth. Simple as that.

LOVE, IS THE singular effect of a value which opens your heart, to receive the gift of life itself. SOUL is the critical discovery that respect opens the door to love. DESTINY shapes the future of your love, as it extends beyond self, to become the identity that is true to life itself. DESIRE grants hope, just as hope grants the passion to accept life eternal has value. TRUST binds us, but truth keeps us alive. Therefrom we begin in the journey beyond time; as our participation equals, our commitment to the values that love brings into eternity from and with: you. “the eternal home”, is a reality designed for love/ if your love fails, then you no longer have a home. And eternity “would be sad”. The consequence of that is: you must pass the test of truth, to identify “the best you can be”. Thereby letting truth decide if you can, or cannot live here. Mercy provides “the levels of love” that are granted expression and experiences beyond time; by taking you far enough away from purity, to keep purity alive. And the people say: HOW do we know, there is an eternal life? The foundation answer is: every miracle that exists, is the result of love. Even if: corruption of that love may follow. JESUS grants, the conception of thought, and thought engages truth, to prove discipline, order, balance, respect, love, values, hope, and happiness gave us this time; to choose for ourselves, what life can be.

LIFE knows: that we all have decisions to make; every single one. Those decisions identify and shape our lives in ways, and with consequences far beyond what you might believe could possibly come true. Such are the decisions before you now: with life under attack, by those who believe they can play god, but can only play Satan (destroyer of a world) instead. The differences are made clear/ the cost of being wrong is extinction/ the reality of making no decision at all; the acceptance of tragedy for all life and earth. Which makes my own decisions, and their consequences; an acceptable cost to pay: as I did my part, and I did my work, and I now leave it to your own decision. Life or death: this world needs you/ because those so arrogant as to play god with life and world; CANNOT stop themselves. It is up to you, your decision will participate in your eternity. Believe it, or not.

Reality understands: hope is the treasury, of what I accept as my own true value of existence. Without understanding I do have something inside to contribute to life and living as a friend/ hope will die. Those who “create an enemy” to avoid their own reality; create a battlefield as well, and that makes everyone else an enemy, a conspirator, or marked by the uniform of our group. No love exists in war/ everything is survival or death. No value exists in war/ everything is for or against life; by whatever definitions you call self, or nation. The group you belong too; is all that matters. Therefore “genocide” to the others; is how we survive. DO YOU “see the difference”/ the realities of choice? As with all things, the universities sewage dump on life and reality serves only one purpose: to annihilate life on earth. Their claim and propagation to dismember groups by mixing the various human subspecies; will result in the Apocalypse (bloodshed beyond extreme). Because now the claim will be: WE CAN TRUST NO ONE/ KILL them all. As reality proves, too many competitors; destroys the survival of all/ therefore someone does have to die, or we all will die. The earth is full, and they cannot be forced simply to leave: there is little or nothing left/ and if they move into the little that is left: all other forms of life will become extinct. And then only cannibalizing is left. Because reality, by its own truth: is more powerful, than any fantasy or delusion the universities imagine.

The most critical reality of that is: WHY should my children suffer/ BECAUSE YOU came here? Why should my friends or family, not come first; we built what you want to take! And on the other side, they scream: WE DID NOT ask to be born/ but we are here now; and deserve an opportunity to live and be happy just like you. THIS EARTH is for us all, NOT just you; give us what we need/ or we war. So exceptions are made, and realities shift until the day, “when one group or the other screams “SURPRISE”.

The endless curse of man and his wars is: “to stop those, who want to stop us/ from getting what we want; or keeping what we have”. War is that simple: one group attacks to get more for us/ the other group responds, to refuse your demand. But in a world overrun with humanity: the day has come when we the world can say: no more of this/ stay within your boundaries, and do not come beyond: OR WE CHARGE YOU WITH THE DEBTS YOU CREATED FOR OTHERS. As in the case of Ukraine: the billing due, for destruction of life and property, is amassing an CITIZEN enslavement of those, FOR DECADES; within the borders called Russia. OR, more distinctly; the world CAN make you pay. The world by creating law and enforcing that law on leaders: OWNS THE DECISION, to enforce on you, the choices you, or your leaders have made. And the leaders scream: WE have sovereign rights/ but only within your own borders. And they scream: WE have weapons of mass extinction/ but only if you, and yours; are willing to be exterminated too. And they scream: WE know who you are/ and will kill YOU: but that is a threat against individuals, and if the world chooses to enforce its own laws/ then the only individuals which can truly be threatened: is an invading nation. For that cause, the world should choose and enforce: the limited size of nations/ and the shared reality of resources, will shape those boundaries.

Critical to the construction of a new world, that might survive; is the removal of the curse that is “life as a society” described below.

BUT MORE ELEMENTAL than that is the curse of humanity itself, at an individual state, on the inside. UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOURSELVES, this world is lost. Which means you must understand the dimensions of life or death; by human choices.

  1. We begin with definitions that matter; as is JUSTICE: the honesty required to accept my life is equal to yours/ as is your life is equal to mine; and we have no right to judge ANY of the rest. UNLESS hate intervenes, and the law acknowledges this must be stopped. Equal means: we own the same rights/ and we inherit the same punishment for an equal offense; as is consistent with FAIR PLAY.
  2. Fair play means: I am NOT your slave/ nor can you make me your slave by any means of intellectual traps/ resource control/ temptation of assets/ or claims of superiority. The value of my life and time; is equal, to the value of your life and time: making our work, the equivalent of time spent, that you shall not steal. The reality of resources we all need; a decision which will affect all future life. Which means: “we share sex as love/ NOT sell it for possessions or a slave”. Which means: although not the same by any means or reality of work, as different people produce different values of work. The cost of equal is “limited capitalism”; whereby rewards are not the same/ but reality, BY the evidence; KNOWS, this is fair to us all.
  3. Love means: we share life as a value cherished, by the respect exchanged over time: that is life, proving care is true.
  4. Hate means: hidden by lies, the predator lurks in the darkness if possible; to achieve its surprise. Behind the propaganda, within the manipulation, as a result of the temptations, the communicator wants control over you. Control means: the pride to demand “loser”/ the power to make you cry, beg, or scream; as they play god with your life.
  5. Duty: the demand, we are in this together/ and everybody must accept the limits and boundaries which do keep us alive. As is the primary reality: zero population growth forever, is now true.
  6. Religion: the rules by which history proves, we can help you recover your own path/ and begin again. Religion does not, guarantee eternity or any part thereof. Instead it allows the opportunity to adjust your life, by presenting stability in the rules which can make a difference to you.
  7. Respect for this CREATION is mandatory to survive/ evolution is an absolute fraud; as is proven by the realities of every life. RESPECT for JESUS is mandatory; HE did provide the definitions which clearly identify love versus hate in human existence/ making it your decision, rather than simply your fate. HE also did provide the guarantor, of a Creation that was not simply made and abandoned: but is respected as an incubator, for those who can survive beyond time.
  8. Respect for this planet is MANDATORY; as is the proof: YOU CANNOT wait for an absolute catastrophe to force you into change. Because 8 BILLION people are all reaching out for more, 24/7 around this VERY FINITE earth. YOU WILL SAVE this earth/ or it will kill you, because you didn’t care enough to even try.
  9. The foundation for survival is: NO YOU CAN’T DO OR HAVE anything you want/ that day is dead, and it won’t come back. So the choice is extinction; to all life and planet/ OR CHANGE to accept the limits and boundaries of what we can have and do; as life by the evidence of its truth aligns for our defense.
  10. The foundation of society is to become: with few resources left, and these which must be divided for the future of life on earth/ instead of the puke and vomit of “university plays god”. The reality is: 90% of all humans can be put out of work, as the cost of robotics and more continue to climb/ and the scourge of your university rampaging, pillaging, destroyers and their choices: FAIL ALL LIFE. Turning this humanity on earth around, is no easy task/ but if you don’t do it; you will be extinct. The critical choices are: as we work together, we can create value for all of us to share. We can divide and let the choices each make; be their future. We can share the resources of this earth, because we care. We can make the laws which protect life and planet for ourselves; because whosoever makes the law and enforces it: is the ruler.
  11. The foundation of happiness is: BASED upon the relationships between male and female companionship/ as this balances each, and life becomes whole. A value to both. The cost of media manipulation is: those who curse us/ manipulate, cheat, steal, betray, tempt, control, alter, change, lie, fail, and more: as reality reshapes the human dimension/ into the university cult. WHAT IS VALUED MUST BE FOUND/ AND WHAT IS VILE, AND DESTRUCTIVE to life and planet must be removed, from the face of this earth. What is hate, must be separated out; so that the rest find peace and harmony within what we can do for each other.
  12. No, you don’t want what you don’t want/ but you do want to survive; and if you won’t pay the price of that survival, you will become extinct. No, you don’t want to be equal/ you want to win and claim superiority; as is “all listen to me/ look at me”. A reality which ends with war. No you don’t want to be fair/ YOU want MORE, and with more comes the fear of “they will steal” from me; and that brings violence, abuse, or used and more. None of which survives a world no longer capable of surviving anything you want. Simple as that: CHOOSE BETTER, or die.

The foundation, for change in humanity is simple: STOP wanting/ making life a game/ seeking power to control the others for any cause except justice. And it will be a different world. But humanity says: “WE WANT, because more proves we are alive and must be recognized as important/ WE PRIDE, because that proves we are superior to the others/ WE POWER, because nobody is more important “than me”. Consequently to prove; we are NOT equal/ IS the primary purpose of nearly all human endeavors. So the foundation event of change is: to accept being equal. But that does not mean the same. As every group fights for itself/ and every individual within those groups; fights for more. Each blaming the other groups for why most will fail; which becomes, “if we kill, or enslave them/ then they cannot stop us, from having everything”. The most constant form of enslavement today is debt. The most constant reality of debt is: it is based upon pure fantasy of numbers without meaning.

SO WHAT is the solution for human society to construct change?

Answer: by the laws we make, we judge ourselves and our world. But by the laws we enforce, we create the future we desire most. These two things, control the world. “limited capitalism” removes the threat of money/ along with true law to control the thieves: “the currency supply shall be tied to the population count”. The purity of democracy, which is WE VOTE ON THE LAWS which control our nation and our world; to be as we decide them to be; once done; as perfect as we can make them/ they are done “forever”. And the people say: IT IS THE THREAT OF WEAPONS/ the armies of the damned, which make us fear the future, and control our fate.

So lets review what that means:

the primary cause of all insurgency is: “EITHER US OR YOU/ will pay”; and we vote you. The secondary cause of all anarchy is: “SOMEBODY HAS TO DO THE WORK”/ and we vote you. The final cause of war is: “WE WANT MORE”/ and there are just too many of us to get more; somebody has to die or move.

At this period of time; the great invasion of university has appeared, and made a difference in how many could survive. But as with all human activity, once a change is made/ you cannot take it back. The human explosion of population consumed every advance; making the extinction of species/ curse of university: an end of the world reality. Humanity screams: WE WANT MORE/ and universities lie, using deceit, fantasy, failure, betrayal, terrorism, and fear to claim “we are gods”. But the evidence proves “gods of destruction”/ not life, and thievery encircles government, and bribery shapes the future. By indoctrinating a cult worship, through the education of every child; SHALL believe what we want them to believe. Ending with extinction as its result of lies, built upon lies/ and media manipulation without end. As the sewers open, and human shit floods this world.

So the question is: HOW DO WE CHANGE THAT, before extinction rages; and we all become a vanished species of life from this universe?

Answer: three things shape the future.

  1. TO ACCEPT the limits and boundaries of what reality can and will do for us; with a true decision (LIFE COMES FIRST, AS TRUTH PROVIDES OUR CHOICE) to protect the future for life and earth. NOT gambling life or planet; with university driven anything. YOU WILL turn from “you can’t make me do this/ until the evidence is catastrophic”/ and ACCEPT: we must protect our future and our world from all who would destroy it. ALLOWING ONLY, what truth and evidence will predict: is SAFE ENOUGH, to conceive of change. NO LIES, NO THEORIES, NO COUNTERFEITING OR STEALING OR BRIBING OR CORRUPTION, NO FANTASIES, NO ANYTHING other than truth without delusions or imagination. JUST real world critical evidence, UNDERSTOOD, by “90+%”; ESTABLISHING, the cost of being WRONG. THEN by vote of the people themselves.
  2. TO ACCEPT, that world law as we the people of this planet decide that shall be with our vote: TO RULE OVER LEADERS, and make them obey the law; with our own world policing force. WHICH ONLY attacks the leaders who break our laws; by bringing them into court for trial. OR, if that fails, by whatever means is necessary; to return our world to the values of life and truth. Protecting the sanctity of this world, with justice. Controlling leaders, WILL control armies. Controlling and removing weapons of mass destruction peacefully WILL control invasion. Controlling the destruction of our planet WILL present a future to each child, who can survive.
  3. TO IDENTIFY, and ACCEPT: the foundation of our existence is, as this earth can provide. Extreme human overpopulation, is a tragedy; and must be curbed with zero population growth; here and throughout the world, demanded now. Every attempt to rectify the tragedy and chaos of “university knows”; shall be done. Every attempt to educate and define what humanity needs to know, shall be done. Every attempt to make each individual group responsible for what it does or does not do: shall be enforced. Because the earth if full; NOBODY gets to move, unless your “individual group” has met the challenge of obeying “world law”/ and human population control.

The definition of life, now questions the reality of men; the cost of their wars/ the cost of their resource ravaging/ the cost of their failure to respect/ the insanity of their fate, that is born from “Yes, we can”. To consider the destiny of “LIFE NEEDS more than that/ or we go extinct, as a planet and world of life”.

The worst that any life can be: is hate/ your decision, to escape the values of living, by enforcing the plotting, planning, and revenge of both violence and deceit. While it is true; “life is not fair to all”/ the cost of life is, others will choose; the body and the place we do inherit by being born of humanity. Being born has a value, and it is more than the cost of what the living will make you endure. Even so: JUSTICE AND RESPECT, identify the beginning of love, and it is love that makes eternity worth the price of admission. Which is to accept love (I seek only the best we can be, as life shared because we care); decides by truth, through the elemental foundation of respect and its value in you.

Today the real world cost of “its a man’s world”; is you have ransacked and raped/ ruined and violated/ disrespected and denied/ deceived and destroyed/ cursed and violated/ condemned and judged worthless, this whole earth. Nothing less can describe the last fifty+ years of human time; as we turn to view the destruction seen in the evidence of your time under the direction of “university knows”. Which has now turned: to become “university is god”/ as it seeks the end of nature, by destroying it with chaos (in worship of their god of lies; called evolution). In collusion with their attack on nature/ men choose to violate and destroy every chain of life, every habitat on earth, every source of drinking water, global warming, and much more.

EVEN attempts to ignite a nuclear fire, “lets burn atoms”; just like the sun/ as their proof “we can play god”: by depending upon sheer fantasy and delusion. GAMBLING with all life and earth; “lost in an instant of ignition/ can’t go back”:  as only the truly insane would do!

As is the evidence of their work/ their reality of leadership: the cost of their decisions. Making the human population rise, just another certainty: EXTINCTION COMES quickly now. As every food source is violated, mutilated, and cursed as life to be lost.

Are women better? Since they do not lead, no true measure of what they would do is available. However the realities of life and living point distinctly too, the foundation of evidence in where they do own a decision: they are no better. In contrast to that is the one thing they are better at: searching for law to protect life and earth/ because they have no other real choice. Whereas men choose as their last resort: WAR. So the final days of life and earth; will be decided by whether women and their partnership with men: YOU MUST WORK TOGETHER HONESTLY AND WITH RESPECT; can find law to resolve the tragedies of failure that “its a man’s world” has brought. OR, the sewer of war that is the constant of history, will prove: weapons of mass destruction/ are the end of this world; because men chose them, as “their savior”.

As every MAN knows: you need to make your own decisions/ because the end result of your time, is the reality of what you chose as your truth. Blame no one else: your decision/ is your decision.

“in the dead sea” of university knows/ “the rotting corpse” of university is god: & the endless hate, that is university as Satan on earth. We know, that a failure of body is a failure to survive. Therefore the world bows down to universities; and the claim of medicine is “they are gods/ do whatever they say”; as the herd shouts, never question the leader.

But as is the constant of life: anything that can do you good/ can also be used to create endless harm. Such is the case of computers: as they continue to create both Armageddon (NATURE in chaos)/ and the intent to bring the same fire here as is on the sun “Hades (beyond HELL_)”.

It is known, “that a single molecule of poison extracted from the chemistry of one life”/ can end a human life. So the cost of changing anything living/ or anything chemical/ or anything aligned with atomic energy: is we all can die. Because like AIDS; you cannot simply put back into the “geneticist; genie bottle”/ what they release onto this world. The man considered responsible for releasing AIDS onto this world was known to have visited a place in Africa/ where genetically altered monkeys who survived: were then released back into the wild. So they could interact and alter “life as we know it”. Eating one/ or interacting with one/ or coming into contact with anything “genetically altered”; as would be EBOLA (oh gee, where could that have come from)_ ends with: “we cannot undo/ what these people have done”. And they are literally “with CRISPR” altering all of nature itself/ and throwing this back into the world; to induce change; by mutilating nature itself. COVID allowed for the collection of trillions of dollars/ and the release of endless mutilation; as now the factory line of genetic alterations begin. To the shame of this entire world; for allowing that to be so.

I have little to do with you this day; because forty plus years have provided the truth: you cannot escape the herd, you so desperately want to be. Animals cannot complete or accomplish thought/ and therefore your chance to escape that entanglement of media propaganda, and university delusions; is limited by the fantasy of their imagination. Which always turns to the 3 common sorcerer’s of death: which are want/ pride/ and power. Want (lets lie)/ pride (life is a game of winners/ with revenge for losers)/ and power (Yes, I can/ because you cannot stop me). And of course the universities greatest defeat: called weapons of mass destruction. OR, lets kill ourselves too!

Today, Russia threatens/ but far more are waiting to do the same. While the media blitzkrieg of the past “weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”/ proves HELL IS, your only result. The consequence is very simple: placed outside the sources of information that might deter the release of these weapons/ ‘ONLY THE LEADER” gets to decide. One is released: earthquake sensory gauges indicate/ A BOMB explodes; and all the rest are released. Including all the chemicals in storage throughout large cities. Including biological warfare; the diseases so horrific, nothing survives at all. BECAUSE THAT, IS WHAT YOUR UNIVERSITIES AND LEADERS, CHOSE TO DO. NOT saviors/ enemies, or more distinctly “SATAN falls to earth”. The universities are merely the ladder of death, by which you choose to decapitate yourselves in the headlong descent; of what can only release hate. TO YOUR eternal shame.

HEAVEN IS: “LIFE AMONG THE MIRACLES”/ AS IS, this earth, and your life; even if the cost of being human, is the cost of living among humans: IT IS STILL, life among the miracles. While UNIVERSITY RULES, as is this USA and more; your “experts”/ claim the evolution of chaos, and the curse of accidents; built life, by destroying everything chaos could touch. Claim “this looks like that”/ is enough to shout: “we are experts (as our imagination proves)”; fantasies live.

THIS IS, basically a repeat of the biblical story of Adam and Eve/ and the serpent. While the garden of Eden is “life as intended by OUR CREATOR”. The serpent represents the universities. They came like a serpent, who manipulated the realities of existence; promising “great things”;  to suggest “man is god”/ and don’t need no help from life or GOD . Cause they are gods themselves; as is the claim of university. Destroying the evidence of miracles, in the herd who shouted (be our leader) by then pulling humanity into evolution; the death of all that is real and valued by life. That fall, WILL be horrendous!

For nearly fifty years: media holds your soul in their hand/ cultivating “university is god”. BELIEVE the expert. FEAR the fool who does not believe what we “THE UNIVERSITY PRIESTS of media” tell you to believe. OBEY what you are told; and of course let “COVID” and things like that completely disembowel all opposition. Removing the final obstacle, to the universities now own this world; and will play god, until death consumes this earth, and all its life.

So, lets return to the bible story, of Adam and Eve: as a relationship to our current day. “the serpents bribe was: you will know good and evil/ and be like GOD”. And these two people say: YES, we want that/ and having been caught doing what they were told not to do; man blames woman/ a constant of time. Particularly evident in “the Burke”: the middle east reality of men cannot or will not control themselves; which ends in rape, ravaging, and ruin if all that is female is not hidden from view. A curse, upon the entire male population; because there are not enough men/ to refuse the animals among them.

But this story repeats: as universities claim, “they have the knowledge, of both good and evil”/ as is the distinction of choices that can change life and world”. As has already been done: as reality sees “threats of extinction” now surround us all. The cost of “knowing what the universities know”: without ANY comprehension of the consequences that prove; you were WRONG.

The biblical story divides the garden into 4 sectors; only one is rich “with things”; which means the other three are without. Cain and Able are then born; and reality finds Cain is a predator, jealousy overwhelms/ while Able is a human being alive, enjoined with the miracles of life; which sustain our world. The story of war, begins here. So the critical choice is: “love or hate” decides the fate of this world. SAME, is true today; as the battle for life/ is confronted by those who want the war: that is, WE WANT ALL WE CAN GET, and will take it/ TO HELL with you!  UNABLE to conceive of the cost, or truth, of what that will mean: in the reality of their own lives too!

The reality is simple: in a life, that can die because you didn’t care enough/ or would not share enough. Men kill to survive, and keep their own family alive: knowing their hate has no value. To achieve the “courage” required: the road to hate, is filled with the violence of fear/ and the male animal says, “all I must do, is make them fear me”; and that will make me brave enough, “to take what I need”. Therefore violence makes ME, great; IF they believe in the fear that knows, how mean a male can be. So war is about fear/ and the violence that produces that fear; and all that is brave is reduced to “our army will defeat your army”/ until it is clear, that did not happen. Hate is a surrender to violence and revenge; even if, your war of jealousy, is against life itself.

In contrast, love requires courage to accept: “we can do, what we can do; as best we can”/ and then must accept the costs of being wrong, as a reality of fact we could not escape. However, if love guides us in truth/ then the laws which govern our existence will be obeyed; and the realities of what we do, shall build the future we will not only survive, but enjoy as peace and harmony, by the blessings of love. Consequently love, truth, law, evidence, justice, respect, and reality form the path that is sustainable without surrendering to hate.

The discipline of peace is simple: let all be treated fairly, as is “a job, within the baseline realities of what is fair/ to all who need a job”. The discipline of harmony is simple: let all understand, this is a finite world, and those who throw our world away, are the enemy of our future/ the cause of its wars. But that includes the order of population control, as is the constant of failure throughout history: “it is a finite world”/ and reality must rule life or there will be no justice.

The balancing of life and reality is consumed by those who want to lead, believing they have won, they nearly always turn to power; because humanity wants more/ fights to gain more/ destroying peace and harmony with selfishness and greed. Thereby causing grief, failure, fantasies, and disrespect. So the winners gather together to take control over government/ and assemble in the courts; their hidden agenda of corruption, collusion, and conspiracy to control everything as they want it to be. Which means: “we want slaves”/ let them all, be our slaves; unless we want to play god with them. Bribing whoever we wish/ killing whoever we wish/ imprisoning whoever we wish/ and destroying the bridge by which they can escape from the consequences of pride, power, and want. WORLD LAW ALONE, BRINGS BALANCE; and a world with a future.

REAL BALANCE is formed by the control over money; which limits the bribes/ thereby limiting the rise of an army. That is done with “limited capitalism: we all by vote decide what those limits will be”. Currency is controlled by “constitutional law”: placing the number of the currency available/ as so much per person, and no more. Currency among nations is controlled by real world elements: such as based upon the gold standard/ so as to keep it real.

REAL BALANCE is formed by control over the courts: we the people, WILL judge the judge/ removing any who fail to retain justice for all/ and fair play throughout society, as is necessary to sustain peace and harmony. Every judge/ every lawyer/ every case/ everything: shall be graded, and if you fail to meet the expectations of the people. These shall go to trial, and the people determine for themselves: if you shall ever work in a courtroom again/ or in fact, be taken into prison, for the crimes against society you caused.

REAL BALANCE is formed, when the news allowed to be communicated to the masses: IS NOTHING BUT THE EVIDENCE OF OUR REALITY, as distinctly established by the cost of being wrong/ in the direction this is taking for our future. Such as mutilating all of nature/ trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ destroying every resource/ poisoning every water supply/ endless population rise/ “and a thousand more tragedies coming”. The curse of media, is the death of life itself/ as their only contribution of this day is: WORSHIP THE SATAN OF UNIVERSITY/ YOU DAMN PIECE OF SHIT YOU. FEAR THEM/ BELIEVE THEM/ OBEY THEM; AND; the fact, you, and this whole earth, will die/ makes no difference to greed, power, or pride. WAR with your media, and remove the death grip they have on your throat. FIND TRUTH, BY THE EVIDENCE; and never simply believe “the expert of imagination/ as is universities” again.

REAL BALANCE is formed with truth, and truth knows: YOU CANNOT make the children pay for what you want. THEIR LIVES are not to be sacrificed as your slaves. THEIR PLANET/ THEIR RESOURCES are not to be sacrificed; because you want more, as the evidence proves is EXTREME GREED and SELFISHNESS without the slightest sense of justice involved. To your eternal shame, failures, and the disease of your leadership.

REAL BALANCE is formed; when male and female do not consider each other as the prey to be captured, manipulated, tempted, or attacked. Being alive as a human shaped for life, by the elegant definitions of love and sexual attraction; REQUIRES YOU, to respect each other, in the essence of love; as is built upon the realities of truth. Thereby accumulating the values of trust, which then become hope in the ascension of “WE ARE ALIVE”, a quality of life, beyond self; that understands the construction of joy.

REAL BALANCE is formed, by the realities of our truth/ as will always understand the consequences of being WRONG. And make decisions that are based within the foundation of : life comes first/ nothing less is allowed. That fact discards “the university expert/ and its media curse”: to assemble change by the truth we can literally depend upon as trusted by the laws of evidence we do know are real. The constant rotting corpse of university driven fantasy, delusion, imagination, failure, foolishness, greed, selfishness, betrayal, terrorism, propaganda, disrespect, the vile putrid disease of “the expert”, and all the rest that is “university”; is to be REMOVED. Never to return, without proven truth: NO theory, NO gambling, NO evolution, NO MUTILATION, NO DESTROYING ATOMIC ORDER; NO NOTHING the universities do; is allowed; etcetera. Never again, shall they play god with life or planet or any form of reality: NONE of it, is allowed. And that reduces them to ONLY real world work, WITH value for life and planet. “currently, a less than one percent reality of what they do”.

REAL BALANCE is formed when you let reality decide by respect/ and make people accept: there is NO delusion of more; sacrifice the others/ NO fantasies of more you may take, the counterfeiting is done/ NO imagination which allows playing games with life or planet or gambling with anything; needed for life or society or earth. IN OTHER WORDS: YOU WILL do what life and planet need you to do/ and limit yourselves to repairing all the damage you chose to do/ OR let the others do; because you just didn’t care enough, “to say a single word; demanding respect for life or planet or even work and self”. All of it lost, to the curse of a cult that crushes humanity into slaves; as is “university knows”.

REAL BALANCE SHAPES LIFE: That fact applies to sex as well. There are four distinct varieties of sex: animal lust, only the chemicals matter/ you do not. Therefore it is functionally about the power to control. Which is a description of all deviant sex. Male sex, only so the penis can play; “its a game (yes I can/ yes I win)”/ so you need to play too, “a little (what is good for me/ is all you need)”. Therefore it is about pride and the elements of want (lies are good enough; all I need). Female sex, I have a purpose here, do not use or abuse me; “just give me what I want: a life serviced by you (somebody has to do the work)”. Therefore that too is about pride, but with safety and securities, for me. Even children for me, which you must pay for. And love decides, how we share our lives, our bodies, and our future as the grace of GOD intended. A value beyond self, that brings: being alive into the respect that cherishes “heart”, by serving each other with hope, truth, and trust.

The foundations of sexual behavior are critical to each and every relationship: as some “want considerable sex”/ and others desire only little. Opposites do not attract here; and finding out before committing to a lifetime; is fundamentally necessary. Either way is “a human choice”/ but if it is not yours, only contention, irritation, and failure can come. The foundation of sexual choices are different, in different people; these are choices, but they do not have to be yours. However, when faced with life with or without “You”/ that facet of your future together should be understood, and agreed upon before you begin. The reality of sexual needs are a constant among most people, and as a married couple; you do need to participate as best you can/ as realistically as you can: because caring is sharing. The reality of sexual consequences happen; regardless of desire or intent/ accidents or choices do happen. The end result of that is: if one gets a sexually transmitted disease that is fully dangerous for the other/ then let that one have sex with another who does have the same disease; if they choose it. Because life is life, and you only get one time/ one body; to go through it; as best you can. In that same reference is: if the other “needs some degree of sex” to remain happy or feeling alive/ and you cannot, or will not: then let them find another, but hopefully share your life, if that is what you both do choose. The one constant of human existence is: “this is my body/ not your possession: I WILL choose, for me.” Marriage seeks to destroy that with rules; that do help to sustain we are in this together; and should never be overlooked. But it is elemental, that life is determined by the choices you make; and when someone else makes those choices for you; freedom dies, at least a little. Freedom, creates happiness/ and happiness is a foundation of our love. NEVER believe “life or sex is free”/ it is not: there are consequences. And there are consequences “to being there when it is needed”; because that does open the door, to more than you intended to give. Because that can or does swallow or betray, other choices you would make. Nothing is simple, when it comes to sex; because it does open the door, where needs, wants, and fears and more; are all hiding/ ready or not. Always consider and know the cost “for a lifetime”/ before making a decision that affects “lives”; which had no say. Children have needs too; as does every human life! Be honest, and accept your decision; is the best you did do. Remember, “the mental state”; because healing one problem, could open the door to even greater threats; as the value of parents or others gets involved. “the list is long”. Understand, balance, and agree too, “if you can”; prior to commitments which cannot be changed/ shall occur.

In its most simple sense: marriage is about giving each other control over “your body”/ together we share. If you share honestly, you will need no other. If you care openly, all will know that is true. To give to each other “control of what is precious to me”/ and they respect it, as valued, and cherished because “this is us”: heart will find a way, to beat as one.

And all the people say: “we don’t want that/ we want what we want”: EVERYTHING “LIKE gods” on earth. “for one single penny; so as to say, we earned it”; with endless pride/ drowning in power.

And all the people say: “YOU can’t predict the future/ WE will listen to NOTHING, until reality forces us”. NOT one damn penny shall we spend to defend life or planet or child: because we are gods, “fanatic believers” in the universities are our saviors.

While I finish “the second degree” of my work: which is to remind you all, including those given the duty to communicate this message/ that too late really is, simply “too late”.

As for me: I have come to recognize, that while men are the architects of their wars/ the reality of lives working from life towards death. It is female that represents the foundation of every new life on earth/ the miracles which surround us, are based upon the contribution of female; with only the slightest contribution by male. Which does mean: their path into truth, is a path from the humanity of time, into the creation of life itself. Unless they destroy that respect within themselves. So, the change in my direction; removes me from your wars to destroy life on earth. The search for “female truth”; has found a cause to accept the price. Exactly what that means, “I do not know”; NOT exactly against men/ as women are certainly NOT “perfect either”/ by any measure of reality. But it is fair to say, I no longer wish to participate, among those who create decisions, and wage wars: that are proven to be: an enemy of life and planet and child. You are your own worst enemies, In America; living among the liars, traitors, terrorists, thieves, cheats, whores, and so on: as is proven by “healthcare/ lawyer/ leader/ media/ educator/ fool/ etc. a reality of your own decisions, to worship and become the cult of “university satan”. The worst that a human can be is hate. But the second worst that humanity can become is a believer: wherein NOTHING matters, but what you want to believe. Not truth/ not reality/ not evidence/ not the cost of being wrong/ not theft, or child, or poisoning the earth, or global warming, or cannibalism, or mutilation of life, or even trying to ignite atoms on fire just like the sun. which proves “utterly without a brain”/ locked in the cage of your own purpose, which is a prison built by you; to lock you in. So the others cannot touch. Alas, you locked out truth as well; and will face extinction soon. Because that is what you chose, and that is what the evidence already proven true will demand. YOU CHOSE to live like parasites (eating the host/ earth and nature; which keeps you alive)/ as a cult worshiping evolution. No greater fool has lived. YOU CHOSE to sacrifice your children and consume their future: for the trophies, toys, and trinkets, you threw away onto your garbage mountains. YOU CHOSE to be greedy, selfish, proud beyond measure, and establish power; to make all of life on earth “cry”. I would not “be you” for anything; no respect, no honesty, no truth, no life beyond time/ discarded love within time; for nothing more than pride. Simple as that. Go ahead, remain silent; after all, what could a dying world really mean; “to you”! ANSWER: you killed the Creation built, by the GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE/ even destroying the value of JESUS, as HE who reminded humanity; there is a choice between love and hate/ which you make for yourself.

everything an overpopulation of humanity does, now matters; such as taking a plane ride; represents millions of tons;  “The total fuel consumption and CO2 emissions estimated for 2018 by combining aircraft regression functions with the OAG flight movements data set is 257 Mt of fuel and 812 Mt CO2, respectively. Of those emissions, 98.9% were from jet aircraft. This estimate includes all validated commercial passenger flights recorded by OAG as well as a small number of freighter flights (see 2.2.1 Flight movements data2.2.5 FEAT reduced order model implementation). The International Air Transport Association (IATA, 2019) reports CO2 emissions of 905 Mt for 2018. However, the IATA”. that, does not include oxygen consumption/ unlike most claims the “biosphere 2” project; proved what the oxygen release of plants really is.

the question is: at what point “does the camels back, of earth/ break”; because we cannot undo, what should never have been done.

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