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The only way, healthcare becomes fair: is to have public ownership of buildings and “machinery”, hiring of people supported by public owned education, and manufacture of the drugs, etc being used. Private ownership of any of these things insures failure; let a doctor be for healing, a nurse be for helping, and a public accepting the real world costs of what we need; without the descent into chaos.

one trillion dollars is equal too= 100 million workers, each paying ten thousand dollars; after taxes.

in a real democracy you are the owners; you get the bill! In this failed communist state (only the university diploma decides); they merely inflate the currency, and do not pay the debts; claiming gdp that does not exist beyond fantasy. BUT then you don’t care, right? Because you ain’t going to pay, right? BUT CONSIDER THE TRUTH OF ISRAEL:  “disguised corporations” bought up every property that went up for sale in the land of Palestine, silently (tell no one) for 30 years; renting it back to those people cheap; and they loved it, “this is great”. UNTIL THE DAY when the ships docked, and a flood of Jews came demanding they owned the property now, with tanks and machines guns and deeds. “YOU, are next”!  While Israel; was bought with “real world money; the result of world war 2″/ America is being sold for lies, and inflated counterfeit currency by those who betray us all. To hide their failure, and all the universities have stolen. the question, why: did so many Palestinians sell at the end? Because it was EASIER; to sell, and let the corporations put on new roofs, and more. “inflation” causing rising prices to do the work; would add in, as all shouted: “just like Americans, NOT in my lifetime”. but the majority, were wrong. Imagine that!


Today, I find in the mail (5 months later), from insurance: total claims for 2022 processed, for my one hour operation a broken fibula (small lower leg bone) due to falling on icy steps. On 5/31/22 charge is now $64,649.47.   Patient review on 6/16/22:  the charge is now $66,404.04; and not even a phone call, visit, etc.  The latest charge in May: doctor called on phone to have me come in for a final x-ray. To which I said no/ the price is too high. I was billed $1,164.00 for that phone call!  AND IF NOT FOR MEDICARE;  would it not have been the same:  as is either fraud to medicare/ or, if younger deliberate extortion to consume and enslave; “all you got”.  I add for reality: the doctor was surprised at the billing when I told him the amount “in may”. So, be careful where you look; as all forms of coding in that bill are deliberate attempts to hide the truth of reality.

To H &R accounts 5320 22nd avenue box 672 Moline IL 61266-0672

from James Frank Osterbur


RE: ACCT #1642404 LETTER #16729981

amount in question: $142.90

while I did not pickup this mail, until the 13th of this month. Make no mistake, I am responding to it in a timely manner.

Your claim is: owed from a broken tibia repair; by placing a steel plate onto the broken bone and using 8 screws to retain its position thereon. With the seemingly appropriate amount of work, to accomplish that end. Roughly an hour surgery.

Since you have obtained an amount of money consistent with extortion in that regard; of “work done”. I am now, being of useful body now: interested in exactly what you did do for this specific charge/ and why you believe the charge being assigned to me would be considered fair? Be very specific, and identify any code used by “consumer language” so nobody can be confused as to what you mean.

Once you have accomplished this work: then a valid and true conception of the elements being used to obtain money from me; will expect to be identified; and we will then begin the question of who owes who.

If you move to attack me in any conceivable way/ I could find that a legal cause for court. But you are lucky, as I have discarded much over the last couple years do to the insanity of this nation: so we will see, just how far you are willing to push.

REGARDING: “final notice”

from: Carle foundation hospital

payment processing center

box 1138

Chicago IL 60690-1138

return to: box 1117 Charlotte NC 28201-1117 payment processing center; Carle foundation hospital.


dated: 9/ 8/ 2022

RE: outstanding balance of $13. 38

from; service, broken leg 3-17-22 surgery 3-13-22

While I do believe; this was paid outright by check; which it would seem you have lost in the beginning. Time has pasted, and it no longer matters. It is now an alternate consideration of facts. INSTEAD OF; simply allowing you to claim any amount you wish/ the reality of justice is to be enforced; and the concept of “fair play” is to be recognized as the purpose of law in democracy itself; between citizens. NOT a dispute: between doctor and patient/ rather a dispute between reality and extortion. A development that is tied directly: to your own physical participation of time, talent, and risk. Versus the reality of what is fair for me to charge; regarding my own participation’s in time, talent, and risk; with regard to any other citizen as might use services created by me. That of course includes “cost of facilities and upkeep; cost of goods/ debt collection/ and other staffing needs; maintenance and replacement of equipment and so on: which have already been determined and is included in this billing/ which must be divided out. So that a clear and critically true accounting is created; from which the question of justice can be refined to include: what is fair.

The payment is now disputed: and will require you to provide all documentation necessary to appear in court; by the demand, “either leave me alone, establishing a written: removal of all claim of debt; by sending an apology describing your error/ or take me to court to resolve who owes who”. It is not a hard concept: as is more specifically YOU ARE NOT allowed by law; to refer me to collections/ or in any way defame or commit libelous statements to be generated. NOR are you allowed to take any form of action against me; in the situation of my healthcare; regardless of your claim. Discrimination due to billing; is not allowed, the legal right to challenge your claim is true. To obtain that legal right to enforce debt: you must prove what is true in a courtroom WITH A JURY. At a location that is realistic to my own needs; as I do have tinnitus, and am unable to travel or stay wherever noise attacks my life. As it is with all disabilities; you chose this/ your claim of debt includes providing access to defend myself; not me.

Your legal right: is to claim and then prove, that I owe you for anything with regard to this operation or any participation therefrom. You do have the option of a courtroom: that is your legal job to establish; as you make the claim of money owed, and actions to be taken. Be aware: that I will be charging you in accordance with whatever claim of debts you make against me; as is consistent with reality. No claim of lawyer fees or court costs/ no claim by me. But if on the other hand you choose to declare in advance: the price of losing/ that will be applied to you as well; same is same.

Should you disregard this legal warning: the opportunity to take you to court arises, and with regard to lawyer issues proving a complete disregard for the practice of law: realities of conduct do apply, and the quest for consequences will occur. Obey the law, CHOOSE.

I demand full documentation; of all claims, x-rays, insurance payments, debts, declaration of codes in “jury language”, and so on: to be provided to me in a timely manner; at your expense. YOUR CLAIM/ your cost, your right: until proven otherwise. As is the reality of all business in society: ANYONE, can claim a debt is owed/ but legally that cannot be enforced if contested as I am doing now: without a courtroom, establishing the evidence of why this debt exists. When excessive as is this debt to me, for a simple broken bone; screw on a metal plate: the evidence must prove a right/ rather than merely a claim. Documentation of critical training; as a participant in that billing must respect both you and me: within the terms of reality. NO legal accountability is allowed through an email: it is not verified as legally sufficient. No phone call will be accepted: written verification of your choices; as is suitable in court; is required. The time line, to legally dispute an extortion; has not been met.

THIS IS: PLAINLY A BILLING DISPUTE; that encounters no claim of failure with regards to healthcare in this dispute. I am critically better off, “than with a broken leg”. Which does discard all medical expertise from court; strictly billing. INSTEAD of hiding in “irrelevant words and coding”: the constant is WHAT: do “I owe you for this work, done for me”? To achieve that balance: a clear and accurate accounting of what it is, physically or other: that you did do for me, is required (minute by minute; if necessary). Which does then substantiates your claim for money, as is a debt owed by me. Any claim otherwise, opens the door to conceptions of value/ realities of society; not in evidence at this time. In alliance with that fact: the issues of a class action lawsuit are prevalent here. For full disclosure: “I am NOT a lawyer, and never went to law school”/ therefore should class action be taken; people will be hired.

James F. Osterbur

9/ 20/ 22

AND YOU, REFUSE TO FIGHT;  how dare you!  As a nation; you deserve what you get/ even if as an individual you do not. Because you believe, “hasn’t hurt me yet”. Discarding the fact: currency inflation/ discarding debts to the future (let the children pay) is how America pays. Which always ends with depression, because reality was thrown away too. extortion simply means: a tiny few hold all the currency/ and your democracy has died; unless you take it back. Since they now have access to all the resources left, with a world filled with hungry people looking for security: the army of the rich will invade, and every form of privacy being breached; will find any who charge them with tyranny. So its war, and the devastation of everything/ the loss of final resources, and much more. Leaving the only way out as “we the people”; by using redress of grievances as is the law:  will control this bankruptcy for ourselves. In a courtroom, where we are the judge. Nothing less will let this nation survive; because that is where universities chose to take you; and they don’t believe you can do it. AS no cult, is allowed to question its leaders. Now don’t you worry: just because “your university saviors” released a biological weapon called covid on you/ so they could collect trillions of dollars, and complete freedom to annihilate all of nature in worship of their god of evolution; they claim is chaos. that is no reason to believe they are ready to commit genocide on you:  “just yet”. after all, what good is life, without slaves?

That requires as a nation we decide what the limits are; because you don’t get to say “let the children pay” anymore. Let reality enforce: you SHALL NOT risk the vast majority to save a tiny few/ as is consistent with nature. Let social security be a percentage of income as a nation; dissolving all other forms and types of pensions; ONLY THIS ONE. No medicare (pensioners choose; your money your decision for each other) or medicaid (a job guaranteed with a living wage/ nothing more) or other. Establish “time to die”/ as does nature; because the end result is, overpopulation has no friends.

NONE should die of little things, repairable things that are fair to all. NONE should be entitled to “major things”/ as is, we do all have to die; or the children cannot live. NONE of healthcare, should be determined by money; all are equal as life. Therefore insurance ends, because it has failed; and produced what now occurs. NO counterfeiting of money, or debts incurred by government: CHOOSE. Public education from the “fifth grade on” in medical awareness and realities useful to aiding life itself. NO MORE was is decided by leaders: defend only/ which moves the money spent; to life instead of death.

Government is not the answer to healthcare/ insurance is not the answer to healthcare. Insurance allowed: “since I won’t pay/ I WANT, the most expensive doctor and place possible; to do me”. Which is catastrophic; as proven by the extortion of this day. The answer is: we create the collection of health insurance; through a bid process among insurance companies, where the public picks for a specific area/ who will or will not provide that service. Repeated every 4 years along with the election process. Testing will establish the size and responsibilities of “insurance like companies”/ who are now responsible to the citizens instead of a corporate boardroom or investors. You are the investor/ and you will hire, replace, or fire them every four years. Full disclosure is required.

We will decide the schooling needed by any healthcare professional/ and we will decide, who can and cannot educate, and how many will be educated to insure a fair competition; that extends to the price of what we pay. We will pay for that schooling as a public decision; and those who graduate, will work for us an equal and equitable amount of time. Beyond that window; private enterprise shall allow the public to decide who shall or shall not do their work, for health or care.

To: carle

from: James F. Osterbur

medical record 043xxxx

dated: 3/2/ 2022

re: the billing incurred from a one hour operation to fix the broken fibula in my lower leg: in the amount for a fraudulent claim that was $39,334.47. an amount we both know cannot be justified.

However the reality of this nation/ this society of cowards, hiding in the bushes; while waiting for someone else to fix their problems. Is more than I will tolerate anymore. The potential for a class action lawsuit was offered/ and refused. That ends the matter.

I will not tolerate one single penny with regards to a penalty or interest in this matter: or I will look at a lawsuit of my own/ that asserts and forms: under the whistle blower law: defrauding the government, as in medicare. The demand for government: TO INVESTIGATE and define whether this is criminal extortion of “we the people”/ claiming in part; to help the less fortunate; while clearly collecting, and then spending millions or billions to expand.

IF, you wish to go to trial/ then I will be constructing the cost of my own healthcare, as I entered your business for an x-ray, and told go home and wait/ which then became eleven days before an operation on my broken leg was done. At your price of a few years ago: of ten thousand dollars a day, for a bed to lie upon; plus “expenses, at whatever I choose”. I will be suggesting to the jury; “fair for you/ is fair for me”. NO intent for trial exists: THEREFORE DO NOT charge me penalty or interest/ or claim any form of discrimination against me. As I will take a dim view of that; and may proceed as the law allows.

YOU will now bill me accordingly: to renew exactly what it is you are going to charge and insist that I pay. If you stay within the parameters I have set out/ I will return a check that will cash. If not; the question of where this goes/ shall return to me: for a different point of view.

the reality of healthcare, is just like the reality of a university diploma:  “people make up their numbers/ not resources: people decide how much you owe/ not reality beyond wants.  unless capitalism is real/ and in this USA it is not. the end result of that is: as with ALL university debts;  discard them/ and return to capitalism:  which means you have to earn what you charge, in a diligent justified manner, that will then expel the extortion of taking all you can get.  or more simply: if no one pays what you ask/ THEN THE PRICE GOES DOWN, or you are out of business. a university diploma: is only worth, what it brings in terms of income or  value/ it is not a fixed rate, the price depends upon what the student earned with your input.  just like healthcare is not a fixed rate/ but depends upon what you can justify as a participant being FAIR, in that billing. equals/ none superior.


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