billing, carle


To: carle

from: James F. Osterbur

medical record 043xxxx

dated: 3/2/ 2022

re: the billing incurred from a one hour operation to fix the broken fibula in my lower leg: in the amount for a fraudulent claim that was $39,334.47. an amount we both know cannot be justified.

However the reality of this nation/ this society of cowards, hiding in the bushes; while waiting for someone else to fix their problems. Is more than I will tolerate anymore. The potential for a class action lawsuit was offered/ and refused. That ends the matter.

I will not tolerate one single penny with regards to a penalty or interest in this matter: or I will look at a lawsuit of my own/ that asserts and forms: under the whistle blower law: defrauding the government, as in medicare. The demand for government: TO INVESTIGATE and define whether this is criminal extortion of “we the people”/ claiming in part; to help the less fortunate; while clearly collecting, and then spending millions or billions to expand.

IF, you wish to go to trial/ then I will be constructing the cost of my own healthcare, as I entered your business for an x-ray, and told go home and wait/ which then became eleven days before an operation on my broken leg was done. At your price of a few years ago: of ten thousand dollars a day, for a bed to lie upon; plus “expenses, at whatever I choose”. I will be suggesting to the jury; “fair for you/ is fair for me”. NO intent for trial exists: THEREFORE DO NOT charge me penalty or interest/ or claim any form of discrimination against me. As I will take a dim view of that; and may proceed as the law allows.

YOU will now bill me accordingly: to renew exactly what it is you are going to charge and insist that I pay. If you stay within the parameters I have set out/ I will return a check that will cash. If not; the question of where this goes/ shall return to me: for a different point of view.


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