Extreme competition, is the basis of war/ as I want more, becomes the scream of all who have little. To combat them: banks exist: to control governments/ to control courts/ to control all who believe they have more to lose/ than they have to win. Banks create slavery/ banks shape society/ banks form the groups who take control; by those who invest. As most investment comes from one group/ it is then that group, who finds favor.

This has been altered by the extreme theft of universities particularly in America. Being responsible for all politicians/ all foundations of corruption and control by organized crime; as is seen most distinctly in healthcare. By the manipulation of media, and its absolute arrogance; as is the open want: to shape and manipulate the population into “whatever university wants”. Extreme temptations, and no disciplines: provide slaves due to credit dysentery. Extreme college debts; produce slavery/ and the university diploma orchestrates: “religious indoctrination as a cult”: by instructing every student: EITHER YOU WILL mimic and memorize whatever you are told/ OR, you will fail, and be thrown into the street.

Power then appears: as pride proves it will not be displaced from all the things “these few” want from life and world. Which becomes: as history proves throughout all groups: just like the Nazi’s, “nobody is important or valued but us”. Just like America and its genocide over the Indian nations; and so many more. The university diploma is a sword: “we will kill you with words, media, and laws created for that purpose; by controlling the courts/ and discarding democracy through those courts; as is being done. But their power exists only in the fact: their betrayal of this USA: by counterfeiting assets; and creating extreme debts: have been used to create an army against those already here. To reduce them to reality: only bankruptcy of the nation, will do. TRUTH must win! IF WE THE PEOPLE control the bankruptcy for ourselves/ it need not be extreme. But make no mistake; it will be painful. The alternative is extinction; believe it or not/ the evidence is certain.

It is noted: that university tragedies all begin with “the expert: those who claim they know/ but it is imagination, fantasies, and delusions that they offer; with pure arrogance and deceit”. The university professional worker; is different than the expert/ because a worker, MUST deal with reality instead of toys, trophies, or trinkets to play with; as spoiled little children do.


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