Limits, boundaries, law and truth keep us alive; by reminding each participant: with respect and caring, we share our time together. With chaos and hate, the definition of “university plays god”/ there is only war: where men scream at each other, “THERE IS NO LAW, limit or boundaries to what our truth is going to do, to you”. As every war does prove true; by discarding value for hate.

University rule; has been to destroy everything they can; to prove themselves in charge; as we are  your gods now. But to do that, they ransacked, raped, ruined, ravaged, and destroyed life and earth; by changing our future into our extinction. Denying limits (no respect for life, as is genetic nature). Destroying boundaries (no respect for the planet, resources, or any life but their own). Discarding democracy (no respect for what we the people built; by playing god with our lives). Devaluing capitalism (counterfeiting is better, let the numbers lie). Devastating children (sacrifice the future). Defecating on the laws which keep us alive; (claiming to be saviors). Damning every truth, to manipulate us into war: thereby keeping the planet for themselves by releasing biological weapons, and outright genocide by creating wars.

YOU ARE REMINDED, in the real world: that there are NO “university gods”/ NO true experts, as global warming; evolution; fusion which does not exist; lawsuits in pharmaceuticals and much more: all prove is true. NO “government officials/ FDA/ or medical professionals of any type exist without bias or bribes. Every single one is merely, “a former classmate”/ who everyone in your school KNEW; “is not god”.

Unlike “the university experts”; who claimed endlessly on TV, no proof of global warming (proven false/ trillions spent); fusion is real (proven false/ trillions spent); dump trillions of tons of poison onto, into, around, and nothing will go wrong (HELL coming); plastics are great, dump it in the oceans (starvation certified); weapons of mass destruction are our saviors (supported by fools, without a brain); the list is very long: the claims are built from fantasy, delusion, or imagination. Because the expert exists, behind closed doors: to claim money, and keep it; for those in power. To claim, “they know”/ when it is only an illusion, hidden by the fact: no real evidence or truth by the laws which support life are required. “just a university cloak”.

As with all religion (we believe/ no proof or truth needed); the university worshipers demand answers, shouting we need to know/ tell us what we need to know. OR, we won’t pay you anymore; and you must get a “real job”. So answers are found, and belief is added in; so as to remove the guilt of claiming to know. Transferring that “to you”; and all are happy until the real world commands fear. Fear is an enemy at all levels; because it removes your ability to think for yourselves. Thought is, the essence of life; and that means trouble is ahead; as people turn to obedience (keep us safe)/ belief (let us be what we want)/ and fear (do not stray from the herd; or be eaten). As is the life of all prey animals.

TRUTH is the essence of all survival; truth is all you can depend upon for life; which makes truth the basis of all FAITH (life says), instead of belief; as is want.

And then comes the atheist: “YOU can’t tell me NOTHING”/ I am all there is to life; and I don’t need nothing else; but a “dirt nap” at the end of it. You can’t make me fear. But if I believe anything: it is, I will own you as a slave, by the power “devil” means to me.

The agnostic: I DON’T CARE, you can’t stop me; from getting all I can get for me. Life is a game, I will win! Or, life is a game, and I seek revenge.

The cult: we are, “the superior ones”/ our leader is god.

The zealot: “our book” is god; nothing else matters, including you.

The terrorists: we are god, and you are devils/ therefore I seek to kill you, and all you stand for. Because you did not submit, to worshiping, fearing, and obeying us.

The tyrant: I am god, fear me or I will make you cry.

The traitor: behind closed doors, where none but the rats live; we slither and seek to attack, anything I want, for food.

The universities: it is “the easy life” for me; and I will protect that with every lie, every fear, every purpose that keeps it true.

Do NOT be blindly obedient to your television or other. DO NOT trust without the evidence to prove what is true beyond a doubt. DO NOT risk your child; even when their scientists claim “we know”. They do not; as asbestos proves (thirty years later)/ or smoking proves (40 years later). They know very little; but imagine an entire universe; as is proven by archaeology (two sticks, and they have a village/ two bones, an army or more). As proven by the constant failure of imagination/ the betrayal of constant theft/ the extinction posed by endless threats. WAKE UP, and quit being their cult. DEMAND EVIDENCE, and prove it with a real world court; whereby the value of the evidence can be sustained with real life truth. Not guesses or games; but “the law of life” proves this is real. The curse of a computer is: with this, they literally can, and are trying to exterminate this world/ as reality pushes experimentation over the edge, of our own extinction. How is that, “a benefit”?

The critical foundation of change, relies upon understanding the cost of being wrong/ and the realities of why you are in this position in the first place. Both of those begin with media worshiping university as god/ and presenting experts to guide you into hell. As is the construction called global warming/ where ANY excuse NOT to change for the planet and life is viewed as “good enough for me”. Bribes do harm life/ the power to insert bribes and control, thereby manipulating humanity into believing “stupid and disgraced”; is the road to hell.

The most vile creation ever to walk this earth is: “the slain university expert or elite”. Believing themselves to be gods; they contrive to play god in all facets trying to prove they are gods; by mutilating nature/ propagating university is “expert”/ and even trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; destroying atomic stability with CERN; and contriving to establish civil war, because overpopulation includes them too.

Their decision: “yes we can”/ does not include the consequences that will exist.Media shouts HURRAH; because money is involved. Even though the destruction of everything; is what they do, with their claim of knowledge. Extremely unwise; is the constant of “university knows”/ as is the evidence of our own extinction; growing daily, as with the extinction of so much other life and resource devastation of this earth. Universities exist as they are: by counterfeiting currency (claiming assets that do not exist/ debts that will never be paid). Their power is the direct result of resource destruction/ just as your abundance is the result of sacrificing the future, of every child. Their pride is in taking away; what the rest depend upon for their survival. And their superiority is based upon for example “covid: RELEASE THE DISEASE/ so we can SELL THE CURE; we made in advance.

BUT ALAS; AS WITH ALL CULTS: you cannot question your leader/ as is proven in the court, “university is god”. they CANNOT be questioned for evidence or reality/ all truth be damned: they are gods.    As is, university trained “monkey CULT as is: no see/ hear/ or think”. University indoctrinated (FEAR, BELIEVE, OBEY) children; cannot think, it is forbidden. OR, they would know: mutilating nature is death AND would know, igniting a nuclear fire, “let’s burn atoms”; is your own incineration. ALAS; NO concept of consequences! OR a distinct resolution to kill our world! As the evidence proves extinction is near.

AS WITH ALL GROUP ANALYSIS; NEVER is there an “all or nothing” reality. Every individual, makes their own individual choice/ and that does mean to assume all are good or bad is errant and wrong. But as with all realities of life: distinct evidence of intent, can be attached at a group level/ to understand: THIS IS where we look first. To understand; as best we can, what the evidence will prove true. There are valuable contributions made by universities; with people who actually work/ instead of just imagine fantasies and delusions; as with evolution. It is their god complex; that destroys value, and aligns with “Satan: destroyer of worlds”. That is a decision; which propaganda inflates to produce the cult of fools. Cult means: YOU CANNOT question your leaders/ they are gods to you. BECAUSE YOU don’t want to make the decisions required by life; for yourself. Hiding behind others to claim; “it ain’t my fault/ I didn’t make any decision”. Which is untrue: you chose to follow/ and become their army, and weapon for war. Producing the reality: it is “mostly, your fault”/ for letting them do it.

They are not gods/ they are not experts/ they are not wise/ they are not leaders of life; only death/ they are not your saviors in any way shape or form. Which does mean: just because you have a university diploma; has no meaning! BUT if you believe you know “everything”/ and are able to play god in any conception at all/ superior to all the rest, and propagating to control the brain of another; then you are surely one of those, I do “pick on/ as Satan”; by whatever degree you contribute to this now dying world. Failure is one thing/ deliberate destruction, to this entire world; is truly another.

While fools argue; “you ain’t nothing”/ reality replies, never did I say I was anything more than “human being alive” as is/ or was, the option available to all. Which simply means: more than want, pride, or power/ alive instead of animal lusting; why are not you? Nonetheless, I am NOT your decision. TRUE THREATS WHICH WILL CAUSE YOUR OWN EXTINCTION; ARE! Change or die, its your choice; for only a short time left. While I know not the day/ “as you can see the leaves changing color in the fall, and know winter is coming”. So is the evidence of extinction.

Time allows for repentance, if true. Life allows for change, if you accept the decision that is required for that change to occur. The spiritual world knows only truth; therefore, your option to change dies with you. My option to change is governed by time/ but my soul is governed by spirit; only heart is left, and destiny must seek love, by its truth; and nothing less.

The tragedy of male to female possibilities is a reality of choices that have been made/ the cost of those who came before. Even so, young men want a trophy, and sex to prove “yes I did”. When they grow tired of that; they turn to, their version of toys/ wanting playmates “like me”; and many will attempt to make women their toy as well; particularly in old age/ to their shame.

While young women want a toy, and if they can manipulate men into a toy, then they want trinkets to prove you will obey. Both fail each other, while some succeed in love/ others sink into war. But mostly; you treat each other badly; choosing want over love/ shopping for money and possessions, instead of love. Women choosing to lure men, to obtain pregnancy; and then making them pay (extortion) for that child the woman chose to have. Stealing instead of divorcing. Discarding respect, because you did not get everything you wanted. While men fight to survive each other, and make a future they can accept: which ends with I am tired, we cannot do this right now. So each looks elsewhere; when its easy.

The list of failure is very long; and it rises and falls upon the clear decision: “with money/ I get better things”. But the price of that money can be high, and the cost of better things, is an endless abyss; of expenses that must be met, as reality proves this trophy “no longer shines”.

To achieve better for life and planet: you must end the reality of money rules/ and choose life rules instead. Reality demands: we walk together, BUT NOT “as is a herd of animals/ ready to stampede; afraid of predators”! Walking together in life, becomes alive when we search for values we can all share with honest equality creating an atmosphere of caring. To achieve that: we remove the extreme competition by ending over population of humanity/ accepting limits and boundaries as needed. We remove extreme competition: with limited capitalism; thereby ending excessive wealth which then controls us. We remove private control of communication: by accepting the task of editor for ourselves/ thereby ending the power to manipulate; because the masses shall hear only what is true and needed for life to succeed. Proving what the evidence will allow/ and providing what we need to know; so that no great cost of being wrong; can succeed. We choose for ALL life and planet first. We choose for love, and educate for living in peace and harmony to the best of our ability. We become a value/ rather than a curse to all those searching for a future that includes living beyond your trash. As is rebuilding, renewing, reusing, replacing, recycling, RESPECTING; and more of the same.

While our planet has resources: FOR ONE LAST renewal! The reality is, beyond that; we will have very little to work with/ because its all in the trash; as you do know is true.

The consequence of that is: while work is available to all in repairing the damage done/ and revitalizing a planet with a future that is possible. The cost of very limited resources is: there will be little work left/ because there will be few resources to use. That ends with war/ UNLESS you are wise enough to choose a world, that achieves happiness and stability through respect. By letting truth decide, and confronting reality with wisdom as aided through hope and courage to achieve: love guides us now.

While the animals will never understand/ and hate will war against that with fervor. The cost of being wrong is extinction; and there will be no going back. So the end conclusion is: EITHER BECOME AS YOU WERE INTENDED TO BE, WITH THIS CREATION! OR, you will be leaving it forever behind, as you go into hell and beyond. YOUR CHOICE/ proven by you are; your own enemy, fighting against life. By choosing university as your god. So says reality: & the evidence which does prove that true.

NO, I am not your leader; etcetera! I am the messenger, required to tell you: CHANGE OR DIE. My job, as male is done. But realities chosen along this path, became female in charge of me; and the cost of that feels a bit like the biblical story of Jonah in the whale [surrounded and enclosed by female, being in charge: with no possibility of escape. Displacing male, with you will learn]. Being taken to where I am required to go/ period; NO exceptions/ NO excuses/ NO turning back; no escape only a miracle will do. Reality, by female decides. An apparent reference to the prophecy of Revelation 12: “the woman standing on the moon (something seen since the beginning/ but foreign to female=male)”.  I know not, how any of this ends for me; simple as that. It is honestly “a true surprise”; the constant reminder, I don’t know.

Apparently there is something left/ beyond male; that has to be done for this world, only female can do. WHY, or HOW; changing me could be the solution to that problem; is way beyond my realm of understanding.

The liars, traitors, failures, thieves, cheats, whores, bastards, and fools control humanity on earth. Each serpent gaining access to that power, by slithering through “university expertise” to claim they are the superior ones. Plotting, planning, manipulating, tempting, destroying, polluting, denying reality to mutilate and destroy both life and planet; with “their expertise”. Such is the truth of our existence; as leaders deny reality, and serve their purpose which is “to play god” with life and planet/ by paying for nothing. By controlling the slaves they forced into servitude, by destroying all other options and resources: BEG or die.

So, we are faced with one single truth: EITHER you confront them with a world court, to determine for ourselves what is true/ and what is, the cost of being wrong. Or we all go extinct/ because reality will not allow this to survive.

PRIDE however screams: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ and we will never surrender our want; to reality. POWER adds in; “if we kill you/ then the issues of our fate, will die with you”. But truth replies: even if you do/ reality will not be defeated by your lies. Truth is, what it is; and will take control; when the tipping point has been crossed.

Believe it or not, weapons of mass destruction are being pointed at you; by pride will not surrender power/ let the world die instead. As is the cost of leaders, and the universities who gave them an option. LAW IS GOVERNMENT/ THEREFORE GOVERNMENT IS LAW; and nothing more or less. Which will then prove every leader is an employee; and not more. Because without an army, they are simply “one of us”. WE ARE, “the army of every nation”. But to enforce that, the serpents who plot and plan against us in every army; to retain power for themselves must be found. Reality MUST be known/ and TRUTH MUST SERVE LIFE AND PLANET/ not leaders who want to prove they are gods. Pride is a terrible enemy, even the worst human existence has ever known throughout time; because it makes life a game/ and if a game then winner or loser exists. Take that away, and life is life/ reality is reality/ and truth decides who will live or die.

Power then says: NOBODY steals our throne/ let the dead, who believed “the university expert”; continue their march to HELL.

While truth says: only the truly insane, WANT to crucify themselves.

But alas: in this America, the facists growl at their restraint, as covid did prove: WITH VIOLENCE we are the rulers. The communists have gathered all power into the hands of a very tiny few/ reducing freedom, to enforce you WILL beg. The socialists believe; by robbing and ruining the people who built the nation; “the poor should, and will rule”/ building up to civil war. The pacifist who believes; “all we have to do, is take away every weapon”/ as history proves never works; but they never learn. The patriot who believes we must go back to when I was happy; which is now dead, by the realities of choices made; overpopulation proves that. The anarchists who believe; ending law grants freedom/ but all it does is open the door for hate, which proves violence, “the war lord”/ is the only law you have left. And the claim of capitalist exists only for fools; as reality proves your numbers are worthless, your businesses have been plundered, and your future claims are dead/ because your currency was inflated “ten thousand percent or more”. By producing the claim of assets/ that don’t exist, except for numbers, hidden deliberately by media; that prove, US currency is purely fantasy and delusion. MEDIA knew, “I told them decades ago/ including wall street; soon after US supreme court gave all control of media into the hands of a very tiny few/ who then controlled every reporter, with real world threat. REBELLION EXISTS; as university, the foundation for every job in the hierarchy of who decides; proves treason. Bribes from wall street, to gifts on the street; to close your eyes. to finish making you: THE BEGGAR, universities want you to be/ as all power to make any decision is funneled into their hands.

While the serpents hiding behind closed doors; hidden by “university is god”/ claims all title to your property (to make you like Palestine: EVICTED; WITH MONEY that is not real) , destroys your entire infrastructure (you will war_), denies access to your industry (you will war_), cultivates ruin among all your business with covid and more (you will war_), destroys access to a job with “a university diploma only”(you will war_),  constructs an end to education without worshiping the cult (you will war/ DO what you are told_), propagates ANYTHING it wants as is the denial of real world threat (you will war/ and soon be extinct_), fails truth and justice by denying law or rebelling against government called democracy (you will war_)/ as in we the people DO OWN the final authority over this nation by our vote for law. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me. By destroying YOUR HOPE FOR A FUTURE; this human planet will war itself into extinction. While the serpent of university delusions want that; because extinction looms/ and they cannot stop it without extreme bloodshed. The reality is: not only did they not save themselves/ but bought their own ticket to HADES (where eternal terror never stops).

As is the biblical lesson of Adam and Eve: “the serpent (what lies hidden behind closed doors, plotting and planning to do you harm)”; searches for whatever you trust. To invade, and create chaos; in order to force you to believe “they are your saviors instead”. As for me: I, from the beginning have told you DO NOT trust; fight for the reality of truth by the evidence/ and then form your own decision, by letting the cost of being wrong; force you to let truth survive, by the investigation of facts. Don’t believe, unlike the university propaganda of experts: PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, with real world court [nobody gets to play/ there are penalties].

The rule of government leaders; ends with overpopulation and no more resources; AS IS THE MALE SOUTION OF WAR. PRIOR to that moment of no resources; are the decisions we make together as one world. THE LAWS we make to govern ourselves, our world, our nation, and every university on earth; WITH THE REALITY WE PROVIDE, by establishing what is true for WE THE PEOPLE, by our own vote. There is no other way to survive, or keep this planet alive. And that depends entirely upon whether the animals, will turn into humans instead.

The cost of being human is: that time allows us to modify our decisions, as we experience and express our own true desires, purposes, or wants. Pride is an enemy constantly prowling for an excuse to bring hate into your life. Want is an enemy constantly suggesting “lies and liars”; whether you or them; thereby gossip is warranted, and lives are changed. Power then surfaces as a reality of purpose beyond the grip of truth, whereby all that matters “is you”.

But the end result of that; fails love/ and when love fails, so does forgiveness. Without forgiveness, we are alone: simple as that, because people are not perfect, and neither are you. Love lifts each one who embraces it, with joy. Thereby we know, love visits us. It is a constant companion, for only a tiny few. For all the rest, we must chase its dimension. Love expands our world, from self and selfishness/ into the greater truth; beyond the limits of just “I/you”. Hate restricts your existence to simply self, isolation, or revenge. Both are a decision which demands the direction of your life, and your hope: shall be so.

The critical conception is: do you choose for love? Because if you do not, you will choose either as an animal (want: nothing matters but me), pride (yes I can), and power (you can’t stop me)/ or as hate (I can make you cry).

The value of husband and wife is: I find in you someone who will always respect me, and if I fail; then someone who will bring me back to life as love; with the balance of that respect, as life allows it to be. Ultimately, sex codifies what a happy couple, believes is fair. But the reality of so many couples is: “I take what I want”; and believe you should be happy too. It is not so; and until each constructs a value that proves I do care/ by accepting the decision to share, the hope you will be happy too: you have not done enough (as best you can, is fair). The essence of marriage is: we brought each other together as one, in order to face this world together. But if you are lost, in an unending battle to get more/ or work more/ or find more; as want, pride or power; makes people do. Your marriage gets lost too, and love fails; because it has left the treasury of why we are together, behind. Time is a precious thing, not only does it remind us of old age, and the realities we will leave this behind. It brings isolation with it, for the majority; and that proves how valued you are to me: when we share time, as life, as one. Distance is not a game, you cannot measure love: it is a participant/ not a possession. Which literally does mean: married or not, “my heart, my soul, and my identity are possessions only I can own”. Which literally means: each day I give these to you, as a witness of my love shared, because I chose to care; “for you, most of all”. These are the things of marriage; if it is not your marriage, you do have the choice to change. You do have the choice: to seek evidence when needed/ and reserve judgment for only the truth can decide; not you. Truth has no judgment; it is, what it is. Law alone may judge; and all should remember the biblical commandment “judge not/ lest thou shalt be judged”. As a testimony, to a life well lived.

EVERY decision has a consequence; which means the effect will multiply beyond self, or even “into self”, as the construction of your own identity. Every reality of life, forces a decision that constructs the values of your heart, and confines you to the disciplines and order, which then balance the purpose of your life. Every search for love, begins with hope, and the desire to be more than you are, as a life shared; because we cared/ not simply “I”.

Disciplines shape us, but order conceives of our future; time and its truth however control the reality. To balance, means to accept: “nothing is self centered”/ because all life lives among the rest. Or you are isolated, within a valley; and must climb in order to sustain an ascent beyond what is selfish. Every valley on earth, finds life is easier here. The consequence of that is, people find contentment and stay; “I have enough”/ the rest is not worth my time or effort. But the cost of that is, a life shaped by time, instead of love. It is love that makes life truly worth living. But the end result of that is: people fight to “find a mate; someone to make me less lonely or afraid”/ and they fail the truth, “we cannot own each other”. Which then becomes, I want you to be more for me (I am the superior one; the everything one; etc)/ and the cost of that pride (I am the winner here); is nothing left for you, I want more. Power sneaks in as: “I will take what I want”/ and relationships dissolve, because respect dies. You care nothing for me now!

The mid life crisis is: “this is the best I am ever going to be/ this is everything of importance, I will ever have”/ people are leaving me, and my life is changing in ways I do not want. The cost of that is, a search that demands of a relationship: you must give me MORE. But few are willing, and most will remove themselves even more; because they too, are facing the same as you; and fighting to retain “more”. That creates a divide, and without truth (by the evidence) or forgiveness (I care for you/ I share with you; more than this); relationships end. The best we can be: is to recognize the value of our lives shared, is greater than the fears of what can and will be lost. Fear is a tragedy waiting to happen. Love is a treasury, that proves our hearts have won.

GOSSIP is a tragedy to the lives of many; I have seen it/ experienced it, numerous times. A failure beyond measure for most, because it takes the imagination, “to wherever you allow that to go”. Imagination is the product of “want/ pride/ and power”; as your contribution becomes: “I know”, what you only believe to be true”. The cost of belief is: you do not know; and the result of that is; decisions made based upon “imagination”. Truth proves by realities born in evidence which cannot be denied; an opportunity to experience or express “our version” of the law, that guides these things as a consequence to our own decision. You do not get to decide what is true for another human being: you only get to decide what is true to you. But if you let anything but the evidence that is FAR BEYOND “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”/ you will fail, life an self. Lies and liars and failures and thieves, whores and traitors and terrorists and fools; should never lead.

Even so, the value of thought is: participation within truth. Therefore when truth is pure enough, the treasury of life/ rather than self; opens to reveal an opportunity to learn; of life instead of time. Of love instead of survival. Of beauty, instead of constructions in miracles; as can be altered by hate. Love is a treasury/ hate is a thief: the difference is, “who are you”?

Of truth, the one thing hidden is: “when confronted or defined by; something beautiful (pretty, is different; it is an image; that must attain, a treasury in depth, and value; to become beautiful. If not, it will only remain an image, shaped by time)”. No matter what that is. It is VERY easy to get lost, in beautiful (the depth of life inside)/ or even pretty: because “heart, mind, and soul” are participating in the blessing, of what miracles can do, or be. Therefore understand this: “get your bearings first/ anchor yourself in reality/ and then, remember nothing in this life is free”. Because freedom, can be either “good or bad”. The cost of that is: beautiful is a freedom that shapes everything we desire/ but we must let truth decide, how much or how little we can participate therein.

In the value of “male to female” is, or should be beautiful; the quest is not to “invade and control as an owner might”. Instead the decision to be fair, offers the value of “my heart” as a witness, to all I will share; or the honesty of how I will care. These are the anchors in reality, the definitions that search for our future as one life respected equally, by both. Disciplines are required, order is mandatory, but balance is the discovery of your purpose and mine. We balance each other with work; we balance each other with sexual honesty and “fair play”; we balance each other with, I AM, here for you/ our lives are as one.

It is never good to be lost! The price of being alive within each other, is to understand: when we care, I am as you have made me to be/ just as you are the essence of how I care and share. Unfortunately, there are many who cannot accept the realities of this conception; because fear will overtake them. The fear of letting go, “we are as one, in love”; is frightening if that love turns out to be a lie/ it can kill you. But in truth we share our destiny, and become as one. With lies, that trust will die; and hearts will “break”. So beware the lie/ discard the game of pride (trophies simply end in the trash; or you throw your life away to get them, or keep them)/ and never believe we are not equal. EQUAL, leads to trust/ trust leads to life, beyond self; as is the essence of eternity.

It is known, that opposites attract; that action or reaction is the means to bind each other as one. The fundamental of male is: “to push out, and expand life on the outside”. The fundamental of female is: “to pull in, and intensify life on the inside”. The critical means of passion rely upon these principles, “of what I can do, that you cannot”; as we share what only we can do as one. This is a functional aspect of atomic structure; and the basis of all that is time.

Therefore when we ask: what is value, the answer is, participation ends isolation.

Mental health, “is the distance, between the stability of an anchor/ and the search for joy, love, and survival”. To achieve it; the battle is, to understand: only truth, not want; can accomplish anything of value. Women are an anchor, a home against losing even a life, in the journey of men seeking the energy found by living. The reality is; because energy is life, we must identify with motion. But without a home, there is only the destiny called a freedom “without life, defined by joy”. Without motion, isolation sets in, and both life and reality become; “a love that cannot be reached”. The human animal is constantly captivated by “trophies, trinkets, and toys”; but each of these ends in the trash. To be, and remain alive; respect always, comes first.

Value asks; what is a life without participation from the opposite sex? The answer: as is mine, becomes “we must search inside for GOD “. LIFE, is a participant in body, just as you are a participant in body; by your relationship with time, and its existence or expression of, a body in motion. The experience of value, is shaped by love. In contrast; the consequence of fear, when sustained: brings hate or surrender. Therefore we must not fear, as best we can.

My life was altered, from trusting female, thereby searching and accepting the desire for romance; as is the blessing of life itself. Into a distrust of female wants, pride, and thirst for power to control. The cost of that was: “removing myself, from every possibility of love”/ because the reality proved to be tears; when all I could offer, was a short amount of time. The reality of my work: to establish a message of “change or this world will die”; controlled me. I could not stay; although for the first ten years, I believed “it was a job, that would not take beyond that”. Alas, I was wrong; as greed (want demanding more) beyond measure controlled you. Pride (selfishness expanding) proved you would not hear any evidence, not for any cause or reason or reality; not even loss of nature or world to atomic fire. And power (I will control you); proved to steal love, and replace it with want. So, the end result of it: “we both lost, both female and I”. Because the end result is: the tears are real (I cannot stay), when honest desire cannot be met (without a world, even love is “human lost”). Not a choice, a reality of need. Therefore do understand; that isolation instead of participation; is a consequence of all that is want, pride, and power. The cost of failure, the cost of fantasies, the cost of imagination is all I need, the cost of disrespect, and the violation of all that is to be cherished; because of love.

Never believe; instead accept only the evidence of your heart, not the images of your mind; which lead only to gossip; a tragedy in MANY lives. Never forget: “their life/ their eternity/ their choice; does not entitle you to judgment, as is a road to “HADES”. Measurement/ judgments; are only for the law, or they can curse you. As to life choices: “there were” women who desired me/ but after “the 15th or so”; I’m pregnant, intercourse or not. None of which were true, but maybe one;  created by a trap, which I fell into. Which the young woman ended immediately; “changing her mind;”/ but not the reality of the choice; which then complicated life. My response was: “can’t, it will end badly/ can’t, I must leave/ can’t, the tears of woman, are too severe/ can’t my life must remain free. Won’t life is too precious, to make someone cry; when I cannot stay. And since I fall into love “easy”; it was simply better to walk away. So, if your attempts to find a mate are unsuccessful; it is entirely possible (as with me), that really did not have anything to do with you! Its just life, and the consequences we create.

And here I am again; “trapped in a spiritually female world”. This time by choice: after standing in front of that door for a significant amount of time; I answered the question, “its female, how dangerous could it be; and opened it”? Answer: not exactly dangerous, as men define that to be; but they aren’t men. Just a cost of life, and choices/ realities, desires, purposes, caring, sharing, respect, and so on. Vulnerable is, a part of love. Without it, you stand alone.  I was reminded of that, on a trip once:  clearly introduced to the reality; not vulnerable to love, is becoming, not vulnerable to  GOD  either: I stopped. True of time, is the cost of “romance”; but, just so its clear; I know nothing of the relationship between male and female in eternity. never taught/ never told. Even so: my one goal in life, to complete this work:  “change this human world, or you will go extinct”; has been accomplished. For that, it was truly the right decision to make; I am grateful. Regardless of the cost.

While at 69 “in 3 weeks”; the end result of living is: “you just can’t have what desire would allow: if more important realities come first”. I am happy with my choice, “to do the best I could, with the job given to me”. LIFE IS, more important than I. Even if the work fails; MY CHOICE, was to do the best I could. I did my job/ YOUR job was to communicate that message. Even if you believe you could do better/ you did not, with very few exceptions; even try. Did nothing, to aid or abet life or planet; choosing apathy or fears, instead.  At that birthday or thereabouts:  “my seventeenth year”  begins; in the spiritual world of female; “good, bad, or indifferent”.  its complicated, and it was a true surprise.

I suppose, that it was inevitable; to encounter the female dimension/ as being turned back from “the end of time for male”; leaves only the opposite view of life, which is female.

While that represents a true construction pursuant to a valid and true spiritual decision, “world of male” reality. For clarity, I was never “tired of male; we were best friends”. But fighting for this world, became useless; when it was clear men cannot save it; which included me. Which ended my need to work or remain here in time. “until female, made a decision”, & took control; extending hope, to perhaps female can save life on earth. A reality reconstructed to be: with true equal participation, by building the law of justice and peace on earth; both male and female can achieve a different world. NOT as a decision of male, but as a reality of change in direction; provides “an alternate view”: spiritual conceptions exist only in truth. Truth does not need your approval, acceptance, or belief; it is simply what it is; a relationship justified by the consequence of “a lost world”.

Which does leave the singular question of me: IF, no longer “elementally male”/ THEN what? Not female either/ THEN what? Distinctly not gay, transvestite or other; irrelevant! So, what is life now? My only answer: “a passenger, in a vehicle” no longer under my control. Going, I know not where? Describes it best. Time will be required to prove, what is to be true. It feels like “no man’s land”; caught in the middle between two distinctly different armies. For peace or war; has not yet been decided. Its complicated.

That fact however; does construct the potential for those “called gay”; who end their relationship with male or female participation/ by turning back in the opposite way. Tired of it, want something better/ refuse to go on; etc. NOT the same as me; because it is not at a spiritual level of truth. But nonetheless, a decision to abandon time as “male or female”; and the only alternative to that is “convince yourself, now you are, the opposite”. Decisions do not constitute true change; unless the evidence supports; no other conclusion is valid.

That would mean: NO, not born to it/ but forced to it, by the consequences of what life and people did “to you/ or you did to them”. Thereby hiding from reality; in a want to disguise life, by the purpose of change/ or power/ or pride. Into or away from “the enemy”. Or in contrast to that; a blatant, “you can’t have this, confrontation of the enemy”/ who say, “not in a million years”; which is exactly the purpose of “the glitter”.  Thereby, a game of power and pride.

Those who believe they live under threat from an insurgent army; make decisions they would not otherwise make. Those who believe they cannot pay a debt they owe in any other way/ fall into a trap, most will not escape. Those who are trapped by life, in the perilous journey, that is: I cannot survive this way/ do “seek to save themselves” as best they can. The consequence of it is simply: “their life/ their eternity/ their decision: not yours”. Those who believe, “I am better off with someone same as me”; are fighting with a loss they cannot or will not forgive. The end result is: you fail to understand, even though the pain is real, your decisions influenced the result. There is plenty of guilt/ there is plenty of hate, selfishness, greed, want, pride, power, etc; to go around; but do not forget your own.

As to the common thread of male to female relationships: the constant seems to be, “want controls/ pride removes/ power is a thirst”. Or more distinctly: demanding more, ends with life spent for “toys, trinkets, and trophies”; instead of love, caring, and sharing time as is the only “proof of life valued” we can achieve. While pride forces our living into a game, we must play to survive; the quest of love should never stray from our time in this world. The consequence of power is: NEVER believe the liar/ always be vigilant around the intellectual (they build traps; plot and plan for control)/ discard the “expert (we imagine everything, is whatever we want the delusion to be)”. But do remember the professional worker & the honest male or female; as they find in the reality of living: the lessons of life and nature and planet, that have kept us all alive throughout human time.

One of the biggest mistakes people make: is to refuse the invitation to expand your world, and accept what other people can and do provide to you. Try to be open: BUT do not be stupid. Learn where safety lets you decide; instead of being forced: accept only truth, as best you can.  Accept your own decision:  it is your own truth.

I will offer you some very simple advice: to male, DO NOT “play with your penis”/ INSTEAD, love the reality of female, and accept the duty required of you, to honor her presence in your life. Simple as that, do what you can do; don’t be lazy; and marriage will go well.

To female: DO RESPECT male, and instead of wanting more, demanding more, pursuing more; through the male who is with you. DO your part, and share the work, consider male precious, and cherish his purpose in loving you; as is consistent with truth. Abandon “let women roar”/ and remember the path into love, is nourished by those who care, and share with what they can.

In the critical truth of human “male to female sexuality”; the value is placed within the expressions of love. That begins with a kiss that experiences, “this is a journey, we can only take together as equals, by cherishing the value of life itself”. It proceeds, with the truth of caring, the relationship of sharing what we can share in respect for each other. And it arises at soul; only when each heart joins, as if “just one”. These are elements of participation, beyond self.

DON’T accept “vasectomy as an answer”; it removes the chemicals of sex/ and that ends the joy of it in male; making it “a hot sticky work”. NO, I do not have a vasectomy; but I am aware of the cost. Causing an equal loss to female; unless she then finds sex, somewhere else. I do not know the cost to female for “contraception”. But I do know: without zero population rise, from now on: this world is doomed to extinction. So, something must be done; and since only women can bring forth a child: men must help by paying as is appropriate and real.

a tragedy, NOT a solution: this exists as a reality, because pride in female refuses to admit marital  “intercourse is over”/ while pride in male refuses to admit: “intercourse is over/ causing strife for both”. Both allowing the cost of their own failures, to engulf the lives of others: by perpetrating the lies. CAN’T laugh at me now: to your shame! believers believe regardless of reality/ and do not share that failure; due to shame; you chosevasectomy means: the chemistry that makes sex pleasurable/ is removed

I remind you again: that although a million men cannot have a single baby/ a million women “can have a million babies”; with even one man; and fertility clinics.  Which literally proves beyond doubt: that Vasectomies solve nothing.

Respect each other, it is your duty! Respect the body of male and female; understanding, there is only one owner/ and it is not your mate: it is you. Respect the realities of life, it is neither a game/ nor a toy. Be disciplined as is best for life and body/ be orderly as   GOD  did intend for you to be/  be balanced by the intersect of male and female; because it is “our best selves”. While marriage does not resolve “endless issues”; apart from survival, it is not for that purpose. “marriage”, is the elemental drive, to attain the beauty and significance of being ALIVE; by the choice we have searched as one; in the essence of heart. Thereby multiplying our chances of real world/ real life, as love. It is clear; few attain that goal. Which means; being alone may be better than you think.

Even so:  the greatest treasury of life, is love; and those who attain it; will never doubt that is so. The unfortunate cost of love however is: that another human being gets to possess “a part of your heart”/ and if they fail, they will take that away. Leaving you with less; a personal tragedy that needs to remember love honestly, “to return to life, and the shared companion that is love”. Nope, not just you; love is a spiritual reality, shaped by the values treasured in you. When you give part of you away, in that love shared: you give the spiritual side of love to the other. Which can leave you feeling empty: fight hard, this is your life/ that was your decision. Don’t simply blame the other; two must choose/ as is you chose. NO gender is good or bad; they both lead lives of want, pride, and power; with very few exceptions. NEVER give away “the very best of you”:   ONLY TO    GOD   and not for any other cause or decision.  Be aware:  belief does not identify   GOD.  you can believe anything you want; which includes “not true”.  TRUTH alone teaches the evidence that is real; and for all of humanity, that evidence begins with the miracles of life and planet which surround us all.

it is university satan”/ that tries to take it all away; even mutilating nature/ deliberately trying to destroy:  all and every chance for you to survive. Commanding you by cult worship, defining you by manipulation with media, enforcing compliance with the claim of a medical savior.

And yet my own experience is: while some degree of help may be required; and you should be thankful for. The medical profession itself; is just as deadly, as not: doctors are just people, who DO make mistakes. SOME People; are even so greedy , they will give you surgery, just to collect the money. An hour equals thousands of dollars! But people don’t want to know that; they just want to believe. Which can be a fatal error. Nonetheless;  AS with the cost of a broken leg: one hour outpatient surgery, = a charge of $39,445.57 cents. Which is a criminal extortion, against society itself.  The cult of, “university is god”, US worshipers:  IS so completely overrun with cowardice; not a single one joined the effort to say, “this is bad/ and must be changed”.

And the world says to me: ____________________________; because after all, WHAT, could I possibly know.

I reply: life is critically about truth, love, trust, hope, courage, respect, value; and what is beyond time. While living is whatever you choose to desire, or want; with your life in time. The difference is: desire leads to happiness through love/ while want leads to pride, power, and the realities of “animal (time rules)”, instead of “I am alive (life lives)”.

While want is the foundation of all lies (you don’t lie, unless you want something). Pride is the “back to back” twin brother/ to fear. Pride demands “fear me”/ while fear demands “fear you”. These morph as pride becomes a thirst for power to prove “fear me’/ while fear becomes belief, and believe becomes a rule to conquer fear “with what I want”. Gossip follows both, as the reality to shift focus “from me to you”/ is coupled with ridicule or bullying or whatever focuses on you. The animal wants more of what it wants; simple as that.

The human being alive desires; to participate equally in what has value, as preparation for a future that gives us hope, truth, choices, respect, and the values of a life conceived by love. Courage is a decision to accept the potential of death, goes with this duty; “as best we can”. Truth is the decision to avoid or discard want, and let the evidence decide. Love identifies the value of “us”/ a participation beyond self. Trust honors the work, that brings truth into our lives, and then shapes our future as if we were one; not two. Hope cherishes the miracles of life, as proof; we are more than we understand; is true. Respect serves us both, as reality proves I did cherish you, and your work/ your choices for me .

These things serve to remind us all: that beauty is not an image before the eyes/ but a reality of heart. Heart perceives of truth, even when “the script” we read seems errant and without substance; as is the image before your eyes. Heart hears, when the eyes cannot see; and that shows the difference between who you are/ and what you claim to be. We cannot journey together, unless heart rules your life. But do understand this: even beauty is limited by the environment of our time. The boundaries of what we can do, and what we would do; are very different: when reality forces the choice we must make. Life and planet come first.

As to what could I know? The answer is dependent upon the journey I have taken; the realities of truth that lead my life. So the question to you is: let the evidence decide/ or not?

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