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Making Water video (6min).

Shaping destiny, requires foundations to be formed; or you fail. In order to do that, you must anchor yourself to the laws that cultivate life/ rather than destroy it. There is no belief in “the law”/ as want is not relevant: only truth matters to law, or the foundations which support existence itself. Consequently the acceptance of truth as our guide is elementally; the path into eternity. Every decision you make, forms a truth about your life. Decisions mark the freedom, to place your own “stamp” on that form of action or reaction/ as does give time its function and placement of realities which then choose our fate here on earth.

By the investigation of truth, our truth, as humanity on earth: it is fundamentally true, and without doubt/ extinction comes quickly. Even if GOD does not allow the ignition of a nuclear fire/ within ten years, the world will die anyway; as hate spews forth in an endless cascade of consequences, that you either have followed, or allowed your universities to create, into hell comes now. That is entirely your fault (another billion to feed, in 4-5 years; you are eating the “seeds” for next years crop now; the life you harvest, will fail; and still, you don’t care, because media hasn’t told you what you think. “university is god; but except for stealing, lying, cheating, and betrayal; by the evidence:  what good are they?” Satan”?), as every human decision is: the value of your heart/ the relationship of your soul to life itself. All failed; choosing the cult of university worship instead of life, truth, value, hope, love, respect, or anything beyond the state of an abyss: called, want/ pride/ or power. To your shame: you have all but destroyed life in the seas/ caused the extinction of endless species/ overpopulated humanity into the grave/ built weapons of mass destruction/ have no respect at all for life as nature created/ ravaged and raped every resource/ and done everything humanly possible to create chaos: as is the god of university found as the extreme lie called, evolution. What a valueless lump of soiled, putrid, diseased sewage; and yet you fell in/ because the universities claim to be god. Yet all the evidence is: NO BALANCE means no life exists/ the universities have none. ARROGANCE (the mark of, devil), is the basis and foundation of all want, pride, and power; therefore “the lies, greed, theft, rape, and more; fill our world due to arrogance”. While this planet is filled with the arrogant; who more so than “a university diploma”; as they have infiltrated every form of power, propagated lies to control, indoctrinated people into belief, rather than realities, mutilated nature itself, cursed the living and killed the future; all in the name of “playing god”.  How, is that not “satan”?

And the people say: THEY PROVIDE MEDICINES to save our lives. But I say, as the evidence does prove: without balancing that fact/ the end result is an earth in chaos. Without a link to reality and truth, those medicines are simply the tools for swindlers and thieves to extort money and control over you. Consequently “your gods”/ are far less than you believe; nature heals you most. But as has always been true, even nature cannot keep this earth alive: “with too many humans”/ weapons of mass destruction will insure it; because even if you hide in a hole/ without the life you require for food, clean water, and much more; there is only horror ahead. The universities should do experiments on creatures that are NOT us; hoping they learn something that keeps US alive. Yet even if they do/ that means you stole the place of a child; and have become the enemy of living on this earth. Nonetheless 99.9 percent and more of all their experiments; are in worship of evolution: their descent into intentional chaos, for all of nature; claiming nothing but accidents built the bodies of life on earth/ so consequences don’t matter. Nothing is less true.

And the people say: they made our lives better! But the evidence is, apart from the consequences of medicine; very little of anything, is the result of a university diploma. Individuals produce knowledge, and if they have understanding as in the laws which govern life and earth; they may or may not provide solutions that humanity will then use. AFTER an individual does that; a university is used to expand the training necessary to do what has been provided/ or with experimentation; they increase the efficiency a bit. As is the case of all trade unions: they give a tiny bit in secrets, but take a lifetime more.  Work, Which would be done outside the universities in most all of society, as the realities of working to address these problems continue. Because school children rarely contribute (they are children); and indoctrinated into the religious cult of university knows: NEVER question/ BELIEVE, MEMORIZE, AND MIMIC. There is space junk; the inclusion of “university welfare”, to keep the makers of weapons of mass destruction on the payroll; until chaos takes control. But their actual contribution to life on earth is minimal at best; while tiny bits of information collected from trillions of dollars spent; can be considered interesting/ it is clearly not valued, by real life. GPS while useful, is as it was intended to be: the means to destroy even more; when the weapons are used. Communications are useful; but media has become the propaganda search, for complete mind control of nations/ as is found in the recent “covid: FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ OBEY YOU FOOL, or we will make plans to kill you slowly, by the removal of all rights, all freedom, all ability to seek what you need to survive. While they took trillions, are cursing all of nature; and are pretending with your blessing; “we are gods now”. To your shame.

The universities stole the future of every child; simple as that: they assassinated them all, every single one/ and yet the cult of failures and fools; worships anyway, because you believe you, are more important than any child; screaming MORE/ GIVE ME MORE/ TO HELL, with all the rest: DAMN YOU, GIVE ME MORE. Well don’t worry, eternity is waiting; and cannot be bought.

The universities stole american democracy/ replacing it bit by bit, until it became the worthless sludge at the bottom of a septic tank; groaning if only a few quadrillion dollars of real inflation was enough. Too bad, it is not. The universities stole your life/ they stole your currency, to further their toys and trophies, they threaten your world, killed your children/ discarded your infrastructure/ taught fantasy and foolishness is all you need/ manipulated with mass hypnosis/ enslaved you and your children: by bringing the world itself to the brink of absolute chaos. As the truth of consequences begins to bear the cost of your reality now. To your shame; you failed life and planet/ and let them produce chaos: because you chose to worship greed, selfishness, and live in the abyss of want/ NOT life.

So, I quit fighting for you. CHOOSE BETTER OR DIE forever.

And the people say: we won’t fear because of you/ and yet you cower in cowardice “if a single person claiming university; whispers boo”. To your shame. While as always I have replied: none of this has anything to do with me/ only the evidence of your own truth will decide. And for forty plus years: HUMANITY ran away to hide/ failing life and planet [with only a very tiny few choosing slightly less].

And I say to the people of this earth, as from the beginning:  DON’T BELIEVE:   GO SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH OF YOUR OWN REALITY/ PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ IDENTIFY THE FOUNDATIONS OF FAILURE, THAT BROUGHT YOU TO THE EDGE OF HELL/ AND MAKE CHANGES, in yourselves; THAT WILL MATTER. Because as always; one second too late/ and your options or freedom to choose; is as dead, as you.

While the majority slink away to hide in fears/ NEVER to read or think of this again (hiding in the closet of a burning house; won’t save you). The true zealots of university worship are all found screaming: WE DON’T have to listen to you, or anything we don’t want to listen too/ BECAUSE WE ARE THE BELIEVERS, “and we have our books, to prove we can’t all be wrong”. After all, what is religion for; if it cannot be exactly what you want it to be?

ANSWER the question: WHAT is religion for, if it is not controlled by whatever you want? While you contemplate the truth; you are submerged in lies, liars, failures, fools, thieves, betrayal, tragedies coming, the disgrace of being human, as is the catastrophe that is: “university knows”.

On this july 4, 2021 in this USA; the cost and consequence of “the two year old children  as are in charge”/ as is the constant of “university knows”; proves endlessly, they have no connection to reality, and fantasy is their choice; as a road to ruin. Or more distinctly the realities of our lives are being formed by a tiny few individuals; who have our destruction intended. And the leaders all say: “that can’t be so”/ because after all, they lead and led us all to the door of chaos: and being indoctrinated into the cult of university knows everything; the brain is dead.

So let’s review: as in the case of the 9/11 attack on this USA; the reality of a very tiny few, who took control of what did not seem to be a weapon at the time. After the second impact; everybody knew: the communication went out, LAND THE PLANE or be shot down/ and the last one was found. The people on the last plane stolen: knew, “by a phone call”; they had no choice!  Cost the nation and the world trillions of dollars/ millions of lives lost, killed, mutilated by war, or affected severely/ resources lost, and more. Because a very tiny few people decided they wanted to do us harm; and then spent years planning how best to inflict the most damage possible; as would be “covid; the curse of the damned; on you”. As just one example. So the failures say: “terrorists”; we must suspect them all/ and depend upon the universities to save us; because we trust them. But alas, the greatest pool of terrorists in the history of time: is found in the universities. Genetically crucifying life/ trying to ignite a nuclear fire on a planet made entirely out of fuel/ destroying resources/ building barriers to avoid saving this planet/ polluting everything in the name of money, power, pride, and pure greed. Their work which you believe is to save you: merely threatens you instead, as biological warfare now comes into the hands of millions. Their work in physics: is to destroy an entire planet, because they want to be gods; not just men or women: TRUE THREATS instead. Their work in computers threatens to invade and control everything; as reality proves the cost of letting the few build weapons that are then run by computers: makes us all a target to their whim. Almost nothing of “university knows”; has value/ because like every weapon that could protect you/ can also be used to attack you. The critical decision is: love or hate? Love builds life into peace, harmony, and happiness/ hate moves in secret against you, planting fears, demanding beliefs (so you don’t find truth), ordering obedience so that you are a massive herd being forced down the road into your own slaughtering house; “as did the Nazi”.  Which brings us to trusting: and the reality of experimentation on children such as is “st jude”!  Nobody watching the reality of it, and failure begins; even where not intended;  hate will exist. An investigation of the reality,: FROM the patients point of view; is required. Because the parent, will sign their child up for anything (I WANT what I want); regardless of what that means in torture or less. Because it is HARD; and as such, the rest must decide if this is, in fact: worth the price to life. Carefully weeding OUT; what is not fair, to a child, or the rest!

While the fools say “love or hate” are practically the same thing! The reality is they are exact opposites in every conceivable way: which means they can never occupy the same space. While they are fundamentally simple to tell apart; hate fueled by want, pride, and power learn to be skillful LIARS, THIEVES, CHEATS, TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, and more. While love asserts we must trust and build/ hate invades to plant destruction. Rather like weeds in the garden; let the wrong one survive, and it will try to take over the entire garden [ask a gardener if “I am tired of pulling weeds” will work]; as is the case in American government; where university delusions, deceit, theft, failure, and the disease of LIAR; rule. Confronted, they all scream: “the university is god”/ as that controls their every decision: we then look back, to see the true weed in our garden is a universities diploma. The people say: “we are protected by media/ they tell us everything we need to know”/ but reality proves, they are merely the propaganda weapon of university; and fail life, world, and nation; by the hands of a very tiny few powerful people who do OWN all communication: to then tell the editor what he or she will allow; this nation to know. FAIL, and you will never work in media again! Which means: we must choose redress as our means of fighting for this democracy. The law that is justified and necessary; builds life, hope, and happiness with peace and truth and values search for what we can trust; as best we can. Therefore law is a foundation of love. Whereas hate forms into war, as each animal breathes vengeance on the others; and decides to simply take whatever they want; as is power. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

First amendment redress of grievances, is the law/ and it is the power of we the people in this American democracy: to remind our employees, THAT YOU ARE NOT “the government” / WE ARE. That you swore to us an oath, which means punishment exists: that you would NOT swerve from, or discard the principles of our democracy; which are formed in the preamble of the US constitution; and in the foundation documents which are the declaration of independence/ and “virginia bill of rights”. As did form the unity among citizens; which then became the fight for what would become this USA.

REDRESS IS: THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE: TO CALL FOR A TRUE PUBLIC EXAMINATION OF THE FACTS, IN A COURTROOM OF LAW: TO DETERMINE FOR OURSELVES, if we have been betrayed/ or if we need to take charge for ourselves/ or if we need new laws and new methods to govern ourselves; and or whatever can be done within the values preset, as the foundation of our unity as a nation. WE ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION AS A NATION AND A WORLD AND ALL LIFE ON EARTH; EVEN BY THOSE WHO INTEND TO IGNITE AN ENERGY SOURCE HERE ON EARTH “JUST LIKE THE SUN”/ and if a tiny bit wrong “same fire/ same result” means we BURN IN THEIR HELL. HOW IS THAT NOT, a true matter for redress: TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISION IN THIS MATTER/ because there is no place to hide, nor even the slightest possibility of running away from the truth of what it means: when they are proven to be WRONG. NOT EVEN FOR THIS ENTIRE EARTH, NOR ANY LIFE OR LIFE FORM THAT EXISTS HERE. THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG IS EXTINCTION, AND IT IS FOR ALL THIS EARTH. Their claim/ their defense: “not enough gravity here, so the nuclear fire (the only thing a tomak reactor can do) will just extinguish itself”.   www.iter.org is merely the biggest, of many.    THEY BET YOUR WORLD/ YOUR LIFE; on a one time only event: which then decides life or death of our planet, by fire!   YOU going to let them be WRONG?  NO, second chances, ONE TIME ONLY; LIFE OR DEATH;   depends upon a nuclear fire “just extinguishing itself”/  as is their claim.

WAKE UP OR BURN. FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD AND YOUR NATION AND YOUR CHILD; even your own life. Because that is literally being threatened by “university is god”/ the demand of imagination is all we need.That equals a 4 million times more expansion:  A NUCLEAR BOMB, THAT TURNS INTO FIRE;  BECAUSE IT WILL CREATE ITS OWN;  SELF-SUSTAINING    PLASMA!

Fusion as defined by “university”; has already been proven false/ by the 189 lasers built in San Francisco; at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. a machine using each laser to focus on one tiny spot of hydrogen: to create BY THEIR CLAIM;  180 million degrees/ at enormous pressure;  500,000 PSI in that spot. They failed in every year 2012 experiment (nearly a trillion dollars, and a world;  lost).  SO THEY TURNED TO A TOMAK:  TO BURN PLASMA/ AND THE MACHINES GET BIGGER, TO PROVE THEY WON’T BE STOPPED:    until ignition, decides the fate of this planet:   as on the sun: “one million mile long flames/ radiation release so extreme it microwaves rock, into dust”.

Their claim is:  that making plasma “an element lose its grip on order, disciplines, and balance: which keep our planet alive”;  TO CREATE FIRE, THE BURNING OF A BOND THAT HOLDS AN ATOM TOGETHER;  IS “safe”. A chemical fire burns the molecular bond that holds elements together! THEY REFUSE to relinquish “fusion as a myth; because you are believers, and removing that makes you suspicious; and away goes their trillions of dollars, power and pride, and want to play god”. SO THEY LIE!  FORCE THEM TO PROVE experiments at Lawrence livermore labs were wrong.  FORCE THEM to confront the reality of an atom is:  extreme amounts of contained energy are not “just magic/ as is the university claim”. BUT ARE INSTEAD THE SPIN OF AN ATOMIC NUCLEUS, at speed beyond light. BECAUSE WE DO KNOW, energy can be contained in this manner/ AND WE DON’T KNOW, how such extreme amounts of energy can be contained in any other way!  Which means: if you ignite that spin, a 4 million times more energy than chemical will be released;  and then it creates its own plasma.  making this an unending FIRE.  just like the sun.   MAKE THEM PROVE IT IS NOT SO/  YOU OWE IT, TO LIFE, AND WORLD, AND YOUR CREATOR.  Because there is no going back, from this university plays god;  delusion.


Reality is what we need; truth not an imagination; values with justice, not fools in charge, laws that work/ not rules that enslave. ETCETERA, and more.

The failure of boundaries and limits (no definable rights); by the cost of continual university attack/ has produced a government that can no longer function; because it is not governed by boundaries and limits (ours[discipline],  yours [order], ours [balance]; as life allows). Instead the universities attacked every form of boundary/ every limit/ every religion: claiming freedom [no you don’t have to pay] and rights [sure you can take anything you want; we will raid the others for you] OR, realities which do not exist, except in fantasies [whatever we want\] and imagination [I will dream it, and you be my slave]. All paid for by “debts don’t matter, slaves do that”/ counterfeiting is king, so long as we give bribes to our own army/ and discarding the future to prove, and to insist: every child is dead!  Universities; Are now attacking every job/ have attacked communications, in a wide variety of ways to gain control/ attacked diversity as in (you are the same, as them, not me/ nobody gets to be different, but me)/ attacked food, water, rights, democracy itself/ life/ nature/ planet/ oceans/ habitat/ sea life (everything, NOTHING is sacred) and are attacking disease to make it into their own specific weapon of choice (as is covid) against the rest of the world itself. “just the beginning, the end of peace on earth”. The curse of failure, is the delusion of fools. Because where reality and truth do not decide; rarely found in any university diploma/ the consequence is, life, planet, and everything we need to survive will die. As all lies do; taking with it “the believers” who just wanted everything they could get; for free. After all, “just because you worked for it, and we did not”; doesn’t mean you don’t owe us. The boundary:  human population control is no longer an option, it must exist/ because this earth has reached its limit for “life rather than war”. If you have no option/ then you cannot work. If you have no resource/ then you will not work, but war. If we do not share; we die. BUT UNLESS there is true population control throughout this world; nothing else will matter:  WAR with weapons of mass destruction will come soon. Simple as that.  And all the people say, “we want what we want”: thereby, you choose to die. Current world human population expansion:  is roughly 400,000 more mouths to feed: EACH DAY. Discarding the very chains of life, which keep us alive/ dumping trillions of tons of poisons “everywhere”/ discounting all of life itself, never realizing “we eat other life, so that we can get those complex chemicals they produce, to keep us alive”. And you have no clue, which part of the living chain of life; is absolutely key to our survival: even for you. endless chemical compounds which attack life genetics in everything; pollution; and more. Even you, can understand what that means.  Yet humanity says:  “I DON’T have to do NOTHING; BUT WHAT I WANT”.  Thereby joining: The constant of university, as their cult:  as proven by the evidence, that is, or as they left behind: the failure to all life and planet. By those busy playing gods, claiming to know everything; so only they can decide. The cost of university leadership:  has proven “liar/ traitor/ terrorist/ thief/ failure/ fool/ cheat;  horror story as is the attack on life and earth. To prove they can be gods (we DON’T have to do nothing); which is as it has always been, by every invading horde:  “the scream of war; we are superior/ therefore you are worthless”. Their weapons however are hidden by cult worship, the blind believer knows nothing. Having taken control over all forms of communication, the propaganda campaigns have been effective:  “NO, you can’t think for yourself/ JUST BELIEVE, OBEY, AND FEAR if you fail”. As is “covid’s going to get you”. And the people say, “the universities are god/ NOT you”! But I remind them:  YOU are allowing nature to be mutilated and destroyed with your obedience to evolutionary chaos/ yet you know, “you cannot build an eye, or a muscle, or a brain, or skin, or a body of any kind” yet you let the university cult destroy it by playing god. WOULD YOU allow someone you didn’t even know; to throw trash or anything they could find into the engine or transmission of your vehicle?  NO, you would not, even you know that is foolish and blind and stupid:  yet that is exactly what your university diplomas do: every single day, around this world!  YOU allow the university cult to shout “we will ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun”/ yet, we can see the sun, feel it, get burned by it; million mile long flames, with 12 million mile long solar flares:  and yet you believe “the universities can do it”.  BLIND BELIEF, WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST SUBSTANCE OF TRUTH:  instead the present a package of lies, easily proven wrong; to anyone who can think.  But alas: that is not you, the cult worshiping believer in “university is god”. EXTINCTION IS COMING;   prove that is not so.

One tiny reality is a very simple example of fundamental change: the district of columbia, should be given back to the states which donated them; providing “same as the rest for all”. Leaving only 5 sq miles or less for the federal district. Eminent domain works both ways; simply do it and be done. This shows: “leadership; cannot do it/ because they want everything, and believe its just an imagination away”.  As university led, fools do.

The Afghanistan war is another in the long line of constant failure; another grave filled with the disease of university leadership, at all levels. Leaving means, the women in particular are going to pay/ others as well: empathy knows that. Because hate wants fear/ and fear is used to create slaves, for any and all purposes as hate will then decide. Fools and failure go looking for trouble; a wise defender waits, where he or she controls the situation. YOUR CHOICE WAS; to separate that nation into the parts that were changed to show what could be done. Armies or leaders shout, “there ain’t no place left here for you; which is war”;  and the contrast of what hate will be doing instead. You failed; primarily because want is an animal, and prey animals move in herds; believing its dangerous without a leader. But it is also dangerous being alone. So the difference is: to remove the camouflage from the predator/ he must stand out “from a distance” alone instead. He then starves, and dies; when he can’t get close enough to attack. So the correct method of leaving or changing society:  is to remove the women, to a few cities that can be defended with reasonable care. Telling the men of those cities, what you are doing: but insisting they get out. When separated from the women:  the reality of choices/ the true cost of war; will begin! For both sides of men. Let the women tell them what must be fixed before they return.  Because being prepared as a group defending itself; will happen, even with women;  if fear does not rule. Robotic defenders will prove useful: INTERNATIONAL air attacks will prove the boundary line, AS NEEDED if you do not fail. No men allowed inside the cities, “the army here, is identified”: UNTIL changes are made.  Until fear is vanquished, GIVE preferential treatment to all men and boys who aid women in getting to their CITY of safety.  WARN THEM;  IF, the women are not allowed to come, to these cities; there will be consequences “from the air”. Compassion for their reality, proves:  “it is the least you can do”/ but it will be enough; if you do; set the boundary lines accordingly. DON’T forget to arm the women with weapons; to defend a city, and insure they know how. MILITARY women from other nations: should do the training. Let men ask for themselves, what they need to survive.

 Fear is the enemy: accept the price as needed, to make life better.  As in the attack of “covid, here”;  the primary purpose of  “the universities”, through media was:  MAKE THEM FEAR!

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