News:  make the doctors and pharmaceutical providers pay for the opioid crisis/ they are responsible.

In case you don’t see it:  the pyramid scheme established by university leadership in government. To create “we CAN have anything we want”/ because the numbers don’t matter. It’s all in a bank account they won’t spend. Money, nor debts matter UNLESS you want to spend it or collect it as a resource. The scheme having infected the whole world of leadership, becoming a cancer to all of humanity:  means, wherever the bubble breaks, the whole world SHALL become instantly involved. Which means: no more games. Either world war “cause your mad”/ OR, we the people fighting for our lives with law, thereby controlling by agreement through law. Your leaders, who are all indoctrinated into the “university knows religion”;  CANNOT save you. They brought you here, to the edge of complete chaos; as is “their evolutionary god”. Making their religion:  all hail destruction!

TRUTH something your universities cast aside “like worms”:  is required. You can’t harvest that without questioning your gods at the university, and making them tell you in plain language; exactly what they do, and do not know. The cancer of fools in charge, who worship fantasies and delusions: is to your own shame as well. That does NOT make them all bad/ this just focuses on the reality of indoctrination by the same group:  whose only purposes are greed, selfishness, power, pride, temptations, control, and manipulations. That ain’t enough to survive reality.

Or more simply: when asking what did the universities actually do for you? The answer is:  remove reality from education, to focus on “just be like us, accept a lifetime of debt (It don’t matter)/ the rest are worthless”.

Intensify war:  making entire cities disappear. Threatening an entire world, with what cannot be undone.

Discarding the future entirely [we don’t need no damn resources; we are gods], to insure no child escapes the reality called HELL.

Establishing extinction across the planet, and throughout the seas; by the destruction of habitat/ and the endless consumption of everything life itself needs to survive in time.

Mutilating nature itself, so that HORROR is all we have left.

Risking the entire food supply/ destroying chains of life/ annihilating the pollinators, which give us diversity/ and dumping so much toxic waste upon the planet itself, that we are insured:  no drinking water will be left, for anyone on earth.  Because if yours fail:  you have no choice but to take ours. With only three days without water, THE WAR that erupts will have an intensity about it: that insures the biblical “blood as high as a horse’s bridle” will come.

Then we have the horror stories: of people literally trying to destroy the planet itself, with lies; to hide the fact they are trying to exterminate us all. The most obvious being:  literally trying to ignite a nuclear fire [same as the sun] here on earth. A fire that burns atoms! A fire the universities claim will just extinguish itself:  BUT WHEN IT DOESN’T, our planet does become a sun/ ejecting the atmosphere/ raising a pillar of fire from this planet that will extend past the moon; as it engulfs us all.  A one time experiment;  because wrong means:  ALL LIFE DIES, including you and me.

And yet with the propaganda machine called media watching over the lies, to insure none can communicate ANY VALUE CALLED COMMON SENSE OR REALITY OR TRUTH BY THE EVIDENCE. The source of “satan (an arrogance so grim; this entire world, nor all its life: simply doesn’t matter)” remains in charge. With cult worshipers to insure:  “their gods at university CANNOT be questioned”. Cause they are gods, and they have a book!

The two things you actually worship them for: the nuclear bomb “our savior”/ and healthcare, which is now organized crime “TAKING EVERYTHING” (for a damn cut, or a little pain); and threatens to consume the entire world with overpopulation. “ain’t that great”!

SHAME ON YOU, how dare you threaten a world, destroy every child/ how dare you do nothing to protect life and this entire creation:  claiming “its  GOD’S  job”. Or, I don’t have to do NOTHING/ eternity and LIFE;  is all free. So long as you buy the insurance policy. Obviously “whichever one you like (unless it’s not mine)”;  so says the world.

The reality of a worldwide crisis means: there is literally nothing anyone can realistically do to prepare. We are 8 BILLION people! Other than to decide ONLY WHAT IS TRUE MATTERS/ only what is functionally dedicated to the reality of LIFE COMES FIRST FOR THIS WHOLE PLANET; instead of just me.

Our future as life on earth depends entirely upon identifying exactly what is wrong/ and how did this happen: with complete certainty. So that we can all join as we the people to insure by law; this is never going to happen again. That takes time. That takes dedication to life comes first; along with endless forgiveness/ rather than hate. That takes a courtroom, where we judge for ourselves, what is or is not true/ and the consequences of being wrong.

Money, is a minor issue of life;  all the numbers, are merely your promises, “that you never intended to keep anyway”/ but you did want to enforce on the others, as did they to you. So it is properly called:  “lies/ traitors/ thieves/ cheats/ and terrorists”; one and all, as in nearly so. What does matter is food, water, and the necessities to keep this world alive:  money is NOT one of those things. Which means literally, the result of your tribulation will be:   FOR LIFE/ or for war to end life! Simple as that, one direction or the other WILL be your cause. And that cause will determine your decisions; one and all!

Humanity itself created all these problems. THEREFORE it is humanity itself, that must provide the solutions; to curb your own failure, fantasy, and disease of university rot, & ruin. This is more than a choice/ IT IS YOUR CHOICE. It is your failure, “a refusal to care”; or it is your work and your decision to do what can be done for all life on earth!  Eternity will remember; believe it or not/ because only truth will decide! Only truth survives in eternity. Your life exists because of its relationship to thought (without recognition of freedoms, you are not). Thought exists because of energy, and energy merely transforms itself; which means it does not die, it changes/ unless dissipated into nothing. So the question is: can you survive the change?

Oh wait, I know:  “you believe in evolution/ CHAOS, will make everything GREAT”; unimaginable odds that no one would gamble on with their own money: will create life.  By shopping, “just take it all off the shelf/ for free”; no tools, no utilities, no knowledge, no order, no life, no thought; as in absolutely nothing of value:  creates LIFE. A complexity so extreme, and so technical in all aspects, along with every chain, and every environmental resources to keep that life alive in the order required for survival:  just a fantasy. Cause your gods at the university say so!  Apparently, they stole your brain/ and soaked theirs in sewage. Alas,  “too bad”; after all, what could a soul be worth anyway!

But we should never forget the rest:  after all, it takes determination, to create horrendous disease, by altering it with antibiotics/ mutilating it into a weapon with genetics/ literally putting the food supply in every sense; at risk of complete collapse/ using toxic poisons to infiltrate and contaminate the entire drinking supply in America, and perhaps the world. Causing the collapse of ocean life/ and redistributing immense amounts of weight. Warming the planet so nothing will survive. Consuming the oxygen content of our atmosphere with fossil fuels, and yes adding pollution. Insuring that media tells you nothing/ and the courtroom knows only one thing for sure:  let us accept treason will decide. Not to worry though “you got your fantasies”; how could that go wrong? Well until the ignition of atoms on fire changes our earth into a sun. Who wouldn’t vote for that! WHY?  The answer is:  pride has glued a mirror to your face, and all there is “is you”.

Lest we forget:  “all you can hear is, I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT;  AND I WANT TEN THOUSAND TIMES MORE THAN THAT;  because I want it, and there is nothing else in this world I will care about.  Because that “is you”; and you certainly don’t want ANYTHING, that suggests you don’t get what you want, or must pay for what you stole. So congratulations:  you do get what you deserve, “only you, can change you”. The fight inside, will be serious: when the fantasy dies! Or someone will have to come back from absolute selfishness, and find a way to say:  WE MUST change or this whole world will die, and make you listen. Although every indication is:  you just won’t care, evidence don’t matter, truth is useless to you; and you definitely won’t listen to me!  Go ahead prove me wrong, I dare you to accept LIFE comes first/ NOT just yours;  but LIFE ON EARTH.  I am done demanding sanity from you;  cult members cannot be changed, they believe whatever they believe; and truth never matters/ nor does reality.  Unless the cult worship dies. I am done fighting with you! Goodbye then. Do, whatever it is you will do: decides life on earth!  NOT   GOD   / but humanity itself; because you chose to be without respect! You chose, to lose your brain; and worship university fools.  PRAY FOR YOURSELVES, “eternity is forever”; believe it or not makes no difference at all. True is true.

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Jim Osterbur

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